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150 N. McPherson Church Road Fayetteville, NC 28303 (910) 484-0163 / 1-800-882-9419

Dated: Time: In response to the Offer to Purchase the real property commonly known as , made by , Purchaser(s), dated Seller(s): . : , the following counteroffer is hereby submitted by

RIGHT TO ACCEPT OTHER OFFERS: Seller reserves the right to accept any other offer prior to Purchaser’s written acceptance of this counteroffer. ACCEPTANCE AND EXPIRATION: Acceptance of this counteroffer shall occur when the executed copy of this counteroffer is personally received by Seller or by (Listing Agent); if a copy of the Purchaser’s written acceptance is not received by Seller or his/her Listing Agent by (date and time), this counteroffer shall expire.

EXCEPT AS HEREIN EXPRESSLY SET OUT all other terms of the original offer are acceptable. SELLER SELLER

Dated: Time: THE UNDERSIGNED PURCHASER(S) (accepts) (rejects) the above counteroffer. PURCHASER PURCHASER Dated: Time:

RECEIPT OF RESPONSE to counteroffer is hereby acknowledged. SELLER (AGENT) DATE: TIME: SELLER (AGENT) DATE: TIME: Company Form 8

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