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Student Information:

Kimi Van Spronsen

Azusa Pacific University
Course: EDUC 526 Capstone Experience in Digital Teaching and Learning
Professor: Matthew Hixson
Title of Portfolio: Matrix Radio
Date Proposal Submitted: 02/14/2014
Type of Project:
This unit will provide students with an in-depth analysis of matrix equations
and applications at the 10
and 11
grade level. Students will begin the unit by
exploring and looking at the basics of matrix equations and using them to solve
linear equation through determinants and inverses along with using Gauss Jordan
and Gaussian elimination. After students have acquired their new knowledge the
second half of the unit focuses on them curating their information and presenting it
by creating a Radio Broadcast show. Students will critique and edit their
information and seek out the best way to share not only their information but
different ways they found to apply the information to the world around them.
Goals of the Portfolio:
The goal of this portfolio is to have the students be able to find and create
their own matrices and perform basic matrix operations to solve problems.
Student Learning Outcomes of the Portfolio:
At the completion of this unit, students will be able to..
1) Perform Elementary Row operations
2) Write matrices in Row Echelon and reduced Row Echelon Form
3) Add and Multiply Matrices
4) Find the Inverse of a Matrix
5) Find minors and Cofactors of a square matrices
Week 1:

Day 1: The teacher will show a short video clip introducing the unit on Matrices and
helping students recall prior knowledge from Algebra 2 on matrices. After a short
lecture on the fundamentals of matrices students will create a verbal vocabulary
cards using VoiceThread to identify each of the key definitions that will come up
throughout the unit. This will also mark the beginning of the students blog posts.
Throughout the unit for homework students will be required to create and keep a
blog, through Blogger, on the material they have covered. When they have
completed their VoiceThread vocabulary cards this will serve as the first post on
their blog. Students will be a group of 5 students and are required to comment on
each member of their groups blog posts a minimum of once a week.

Day 2: Students will listen to the teacher on a lecture on how to solve systems of
linear equations using matrices and EROs, the lecture will include a one minute
video clip summarizing the material. Using Notability students will take notes and
add pictures and recorded audio clips to their notes. They will then post this on
their blog along with a one paragraph written summary of solving linear systems.

Day 3: Students will be placed into groups of 3. Using notability and Google Docs
students will work collaboratively on a set of practice problems solving linear
systems using matrices. The completed Google Doc will then be posted on their blog

Day 4: As a class the teacher and students will go through the practice problems on
the day before and students will have the opportunity to ask any questions. The
teacher will be able to quickly assess the students understanding and provide
additional help to fill in gaps in understanding. Students will watch short video clip
on Inverses and matrix operations. The teacher will explain that not all matrices are
invertible and will introduce the class to the concept of finding an inverse. Student
will write 2 paragraphs on what they learned concerning invertible matrices and
post it on their Blog.

Day 5: Students will create a Popplet showing the structure of solving a matrix,
finding its inverse, and matrix. They will add in a problem for each branch of the
Popplet by taking a picture This will provide them with a visual representation of
how the information covered throughout the week is connected.

Week 2:

Day 1: The teacher will introduce the concept of determinants to students and give
a lecture on how to find the determinant of a square matrix. For the lecture the
teacher will use Educreations to model for the students a project that will be
completing later in the week. Students will write a summary of the lecture material
and post it to their blogs along with a link to the Educreations Video made by the
teacher during class.

Day 2: Students will download the iBook entitled Agents Assemble. Throughout
the next two days students will walk through the book completing the different
assignments as they progress through the book. (Similar to a WebQuest) Students
will utilize Google Drive, Notability, and the LMS Edmodo as they become secret
agents in an attempt to save the chocolate from utter destruction by using Matrix
Cryptography to break secret codes and create codes of their own. (I have attached a
PDF version of the iBook at the conclusion of this unit plan)

Day 3: Students will continue to work on their Cryptography Quest. They will
assemble and submit their Cryptography Secret Agent report and then post a link to
their completed project on their blog.

Day 4: The teacher will show a short video clip showing other applications of
matrices outside of cryptography that was covered the previous two days. Students
will learn how to find the area of triangles using matrices and determinants.
Students will work in partners to create a Skitch drawing showing the use of a
matrix to find the area of triangle and post the Skitch Poster Problem on their blog
with a summary of matrix applications.

Day 5: Students will be divided into groups of 3 and will be given 3 different
problems on topics from the unit. As a group they will work to solve the problem
and then create a 5 minute Educreations video solving and explaining how to solve
the problems they received. They will post the finished link to Edmodo for their
classmates to review and also post the link to their blogs.

Week 3:

Day 1: Students will review everything they have learned in the past two weeks
concerning matrices by finding Khan Academy and YouTube videos that
demonstrate each of the different concepts. Students will find 5 different videos
with at least one from each site on finding the inverse of a square matrix, finding the
determinant of a matrix, solving a linear system with matrices and an application of
using a matrix in a real world situation. Students will then post the links to the
videos they found on their blog along with a 3 sentence summary of each video

Day 2: Students will list out all of the key vocabulary associated with matrices
(determinant, square, inverse etc) and narrate their definitions using Voice Thread.
Students will be in groups of 4 and will write a collaborative summary of solving
systems of linear equations using matrices along with each key topic discussed
throughout the matrix unit using Google Docs. Each group will then post their
summaries to the classs Google Plus Community and will comment on a minimum
of 2 other groups posts. Each student in the group will be assigned a role of Director,
Music Producer, Script Writer, and Actor for their radio broadcast which is due on
day 4.

Day 3: Working in their groups students will begin planning and structuring their
Radio Broadcast show. Using the Popplet app students will outline and map out
their goals for the show along with identifying the connections between matrices
and inverses. The Music Producer will be in charge of creating the music and
composing the matrix song for the show using Garage Band. The Script Writer and
Director will work together to write out the script for the show and ensure that each
area of content is covered and discussed. The student in the actor role will assist and
the Script Writer will write out a line-by-line script using Google Docs. During the
preparation process the actor will use Notability to solve and show detailed
explanations of each problem that will be discussed throughout the show and then
share this with their group for feedback.

Day 4: Each group will review their scrip, problems and music and begin filming
their radio broadcast using iMovie. Students will work together to edit their radio
broadcast to include all the main ideas and findings on matrices.

Day 5: Students will continue to film and edit their radio broadcasts.
Students will submit their finished product to the class YouTube site along with
completing the Project Form in Google Forms that includes links to their script and
problems used during the show.

1. 1 iPad per student
2. Wifi Connection
3. Notability App
4. iMovie App
5. Garage Band App
6. Blogger
7. Google Plus Community
8. Edmodo
9. VoiceThread App
10. Educreations App
11. Google Drive
12. Google Docs
13. Popplet App
14. Skitch App
15. iPad Stylus
16. iBook Matrix Cryptography
17. YouTube
18. Khan Academy
19. PreCalculus with Limits textbook(Larson)
20. Projector
21. Speakers
22. Microphones
23. Headphones
24. Air Server
25. Practice Worksheets