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Presque Isle Ashland Masardis Easton Mars Hill Blaine Monticello Moro Plt. Mount Chase

Eagle Lake

Question 1
Repeal of Maine’s same-sex marriage law

Yes 53%

No 47%

Strongly Yes Yes Tie Strongly No No No figures available

Houlton Hodgdon

Haynesville Dennistown Plt. Jackman Millinocket Beaver Cove Greenville The Forks Plt. Carrabassett Valley Wellington Bingham Embden Magalloway Plt. Upton Farmington Vienna Waterville Bethel Rumford Sidney Augusta Hallowell Gardiner Windsor Belfast Camden Jefferson Rockland Vinalhaven Baldwin Brunswick Falmouth Yarmouth Portland Cape Elizabeth Old Orchard Beach Biddeford Kennebunkport Wells Ogunquit York Yes No 65% and above Corinna Newport Skowhegan Frankfort Bucksport Ellsworth Blue Hill Bangor Otis Winn Lincoln Howland DoverFoxcroft Charleston Old Town Orono Bancroft Mattawamkeag

Orient Weston Danforth Vanceboro Topsfield

Waite Alexander Great Crawford Pond Wesley Aurora

Baileyville Calais Perry Charlotte Lubec Cutler

East Machias Jonesboro Addison Jonesport

Milbridge Gouldsboro Bar Harbor Swan’s Island Isle au Haut

Stow Oxford Fryeburg Lewiston


65% and above 64% and below Tie


64% and below


Question 1 snapshot

Question 1, which asked voters to repeal the state's new same-sex marriage law, was foremost in drawing nearly 60 percent of registered voters to the polls Tuesday. Those favoring repeal were more widespread across the state, while the opposition tended to carry more urban and coastal areas.

PRECINCTS REPORTED: 597 OF 605 (99%); VOTERS: 567,057 of 969,912 registered voters participated (58.5%) SOURCE: Bangor Daily News election results; ESRI CONSULTANT: Margaret Chernosky, Bangor High School, ESRI BANGOR DAILY NEWS GRAPHIC BY JULIE HARRIS, ERIC ZELZ

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