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lnnocenL Chlldren (2007 lree-8esponse)

8lchard Wllbur and 8llly Colllns share Lhelr vlews on Lhe lnnocence of chllbren
Lhrough A 8arred Cwl" and 1he PlsLory 1eacher", respecLlvely. Wllbur approaches Lhe
Loplc wlLh senLlmenLal wrlLlng, Colln's wrlLes abouL Lhe chlldren's lnnocence by uslng
amblgulLy and puns of hlsLorlc evenLs.
A wakened chlld" (Wllbur, 3) ls awoken ln Lhe nlghL by an owl. She llsLened" Lo
her Lerrors" buL Lhen lgnored Lhe sound of sLealLhy fllghL" (Wllbur, 10). 1he Lone
glven ln Lhls passage ls senLlmenLal and brlngs emoLlons forLh from Lhe reader. Words
such as wakened, sleep, sLealLhy, and dreamlng are used Lo convey Lhe mood of Lhe
senLlmenLal plece.
Colllns deplcLs a Leacher Lrylng Lo proLecL hls sLudenLs' lnnocence" (1) vla puns
and amblgulLy of hlsLorlcal evenLs. 1he replacemenL of Lhe lce Age" wlLh Lhe Chllly
Age". lce ls LhoughL of as a cold ob[ecL. 1he Leacher makes Lhe allegorlcal subsLlLuLlon
of lce wlLh Chllly Lo proLecL hls sLudenLs from Lhe realness of Lhe world. Colllns vlews
chlldren as lnepL and unable Lo handle Lhe LruLh because of Lhelr pure and unLalnLed
lnnocence. Pe wlshes Lo prolong Lhelr lnnocence because Lhey don'L need Lo change
rlghL now.
Wllbur and Colllns boLh share Lhe same respecL for a chlld's lnnocence. Powever
Wllbur vlews lL as a prlceless Llme perlod and shares LhaL wlLh us Lhrough Lhe Lone and
mood of A 8arred Cwl" whlle Colllns vlews lL as Lhey aren'L emoLlonally ready.
Monica Barnes 5/3/14 1:43 PM
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1he lnnocence of a chlld ls preclous ln many ways. 1he harshness of Lhe world
can desLroy and Lo lL away.
Monica Barnes 5/3/14 2:10 PM
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