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Autobiography/Philosophy Statement

Your autobiography/philosophy statement is a single document, one page, one side only. The purpose
of this statement is to:
Create a document that reflects your unique background and teaching philosophy
Introduce you to district/school administrators and prospective partner teacher(s)
Provide you with a document you can modify for future job applications

Not to exceed one single-sided page
Both the Autobiography and the Philosophy should be on the same page
You will provide the Office of Field Experiences with an electronic copy

The autobiography portion should help administrators and prospective partner teacher(s)
begin to know you as an individual and as a developing professional. Youll want to
include such information as:
Educational experiences, including previous field placements
Volunteer experiences
Interests, clubs, organizations
Military service
Whatever else makes you unique

The philosophy portion should reflect your central beliefs about teaching and learning. You
may want to ask yourself such questions as, What do I believe about...
Learners and learner development
Instructional strategies
Classroom management
Student expectations
Students with special needs
Use these questions as prompts only. Feel free to address whatever is important to you.

Some tips:
Be specific
Use appropriate languagenot inflated or clichd, not too informal, but clear and direct
Proofread, proofread, proofread