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A Collection of Various writings from http://www.ehow.com
A Collection of Various writings from http://www.ehow.com

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Published by: Chhurliana on Nov 07, 2009
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Good role models are an important part of life. They can guide, motivate, help shape, and aid a person of
any age and under any circumstance. Unfortunately, bad role models, which can accomplish just as much
bad as good role models can good, are just as prevalent - perhaps even more so! But you can help change
this. Read on for some great tips on how you can become a good role model!

Step 1

Be a Good Person - Good people are liked, admired, and loved. Bad people are abhorred, despised, and
avoided. The basic foundational quality for being a good role model is to be a good person; a person who is
thoughtful, considerate, respectful, and just plain good! Good people radiate warmth and positivity; let the
goodness in you shine!

Step 2

Always Do the Right Thing - Let your conscience and innate sense of right and wrong guide you througout
your everday life. Unless you have brain damage or some mental block, you have a God-given sense of
what is right and wrong. Always strive to do what is right, and frown on what is wrong. Doing this will not
only enable you to sleep well at night but will also highlight you as being a person of substance and value -
a good role model!

Step 3

Admit Your Mistakes - Owning up to your mistakes and errors in judgment will solidify your status as a
good role model. A good role model is a person who is fallible - a person who is not perfect. Fallible people
make mistakes from time to time; they can trip up and fall just as easily as the next person. Admit your
mistakes, dust yourself off, and get back to being a good person - a good role model!

Step 4

Never Stop Growing - Never stop growing and trying to better or further yourself. Don't get cocky or
complacent and start thinking that you have reached a certain level in life and can lay back and coast. Being
a good role model entails always taking stock of yourself and making adjustments and advances. Push
yourself towards greater heights and always be open to change!

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