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A Collection of Various writings from http://www.ehow.com
A Collection of Various writings from http://www.ehow.com

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Published by: Chhurliana on Nov 07, 2009
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A leader is not born, a leader is created. Every great leader has become the master of self discipline and self
control. Setting a goal and achieving it by leading others to success along the way.

Step 1

Set your goal. In order to achieve your goal you are going to need to do each of the following steps. At this
point you will become a leader.

Step 2

Communicate with your team what your goal is and how you plan to achieve it. Listen to your team,
some of them may have very solid ideas on achieving your goal.

A good leader listens as well as talks to his or her team.

Step 3

Follow through in what you say you will do. If you cannot follow through, designate it to someone else
and return the favor at a later time.

Step 4

In order to achieve your goal you have to keep the momentum going. Never give up. Find a new way to
do it. As the old saying goes, "there's more than one way to skin a cat" (no offense intended to cat lovers
here). If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

Step 5

Praise and criticize constructively. This is your team, if someone makes you mad or messes up, find a
positive way to tell them so. Take them aside, keep it private and get through the situation with minimal

Praise in front of everyone. It is always good for others to see and hear you praise those who deserve it.
This will go far to keep the momentum going.

Step 6

Know what each person is good at. Assign tasks accordingly. If one person is great at planning but not as
good at completing a task, divide it up between several of your employees. Be an especially good sport
about this if you are the one that is not as good at something.

Step 7

Be their leader first and their friend second. Expect high quality from your friends and they will give it to

Step 8

Keep a positive attitude and be willing to put your share of the time in on said project too.

Step 9

Celebrate when the task is accomplished. Whether it be a pizza party or a barbecue take an afternoon to
celebrate that your task is complete and enjoy some time with your friends.

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