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The estate is situated in the City of London borough in Central London. It was built during
the 60s and 70s on an area previously devastated by WWII bombings. It is a perfect eample
of the !rutalist style of architecture" with its domineering concrete structures and regimented
bloc#s. $owever" the estate is also home to beautiful green areas and water features" which
offer a place of haven within the hustle and bustle of the city. I am enamoured with this style
of architecture and use of simple materials li#e concrete to create something etraordinary
and beautiful. The contrast of the plant life and water to the man made structures also inspired
me. I feel this also lin#s to the fashion industry in terms of slow vs fast fashion. The !arbican
estate is li#e the slow fashion alternative within the fast industry of the city. The estate has a
variety of geometric forms and shapes from which I too# influence. The use of circles and
half circles is particularly popular" which was an interesting silhouette to use especially with
%ll the boys are &cto's alchemical homunculus. (ince alchemy is a spiritual topic which is
different from the shallow inspiration from photography or art wor#. The conscious and
subconscious approach is the indispensable process from ancient literature in alchemy to
relative design development. Interpreting the elusive concept in tet to actual thing is
conducted by understanding the balanced way in alchemy" no matter the change from metal
to gold or the creation of philosopher)s stone. %ll the process they devised which proceeded
by separation and reunification such as li*uefaction" which transform solid to li*uid in
alchemy. (omething was devoured and reformed theoretically. +The interpretation of dreams
is a great art.+
,evelopment drawings inspired by C-ech .ilm surrealist / 0an (van#ma1er. %ccording to the
central statement / +let no man belong to another that can belong to himself+ by alchemist
2aracelsus" a new creature was form by random s#etches" one of them was renamed as