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Erika Velazco

Ms. Alapin
English 220
5 May 2014
Erikas Education Manifesto
My education manifesto is based on an education hierarchy as a person is growing; the
first and most important education is learned at home, then education is learned individually,
following is education learned from the world, environment, and school. My education manifesto
is based on an education hierarchy that results in constructing a person. A human being is
educated through several stages of my hierarchy and by more than one concept at a time. For
example, I have been educated by all the stages and concepts provided. The first education I
received was from my parents and then as I began growing I initiated learning on my own. A few
years later, I was educated by the environment and then when I began school I was educated by
the teachers at school. Of course, education does not stop its continuous. I am always learning
and from each of the concepts previously mentioned. My educational manifesto is that one must
value education and learn; receive a helpful, honest, meaningful, and significant education. My
educational manifesto includes my personal views and intentions on education, my education,
and my vision of education for the next generation.
The most important education is taught at home; which is taught by parents, guardians,
family members, or others. Like me, Gandhi believed, The education that children naturally
imbibe in a well-ordered house is impossible to obtain in hostels, I therefore kept my children
with me (Gandhi: 153). The education provided by people surrounding a baby begins by trying
to educate the baby to the best of their ability. Usually a person tries to teach the baby how to
become what in our perception is a good person. Every person has their own ideas and beliefs on
how they would like to educate their children. The baby is educated to become a loving,
respectful, disciplined, well-mannered, well-behaved, hard-working, skillful, helpful, honest, and
trustworthy person. Usually, parents educate their children about values, morals, customs,
beliefs, traditions, and religion. Parents are the primary educators of the choices the child makes
and educates the child to act in an appropriate manner.
There are a number of people that believe the home education could be better from the
school education. My opinion is that both types of educations are needed. Gandhi assumed,
Nevertheless I am of opinion that if I had insisted on their being educated somehow at public
schools, they would have been deprived of the training that can be had only at the school of
experience, or from constant contact with the parents (Gandhi: 153). I dont think that children
are necessarily deprived, but think children are educated different by parents versus schools.
There are people that dont have the luxury to be educated at home by parents, guardians, or
family members, but that doesnt mean they arent learning. According to Gandhi, A student of
the history of civilization may have some measure of the difference between disciplined home
education and school education , and so of the effect of produced on children through changes
introduced by parents in their lives (Gandhi: 154). The parents educate the children, but
education happens all around a person including learning on his or her own. Alternatively, An
adult does everything for the child instead of letting the child act as he should (Montessori:
197). The child must become educated and began to discover on his or her own.
The next education is learned individually, in which a person learns on his or her own.
Education is learned by a human being from the first day he or she is born through the rest of his
or her life. Conversely, the first education the baby receives is from the people who surround the
baby. As soon as the baby develops his or her instincts, the baby begins to learn on his or her
own. Its important to let the baby begin to discover by his or herself. Established by Montessori,
An adult can assist in shaping the environment, but it is the child that perfects his own being
(Montessori: 195). From the toddler stage to young adult the child becomes educated on his or
her own based on everything surrounding the child. In effect the baby begins to discover the
world around him or her, then as a toddler, adolescent, and finally as an adult. As a child and an
adult, he or she becomes educated through experiences, maturity, discovery, work, mistakes, and
achievements. Montessori explains, A child is also a worker and a producer. Although he
cannot share in the work of adults, he has its own difficult and important task to perform, that of
producing a man (Montessori: 193).
In the childhood stage, the child is educated by several concepts; educated by the people
who surround him or her; by what he or she wants, from the environment, world, society, and the
teachers in school. Acquired by Montessori, A child grows through exercise. His constructive
efforts constitute real work which takes place in an external environment (Montessori: 194).
Human beings then become educated from the world, society, and the environment. An adult
leaves the young adult stage to become an educated adult lacking the education from school.
Adults were once educated by people who surrounded them and later in life are also educated
based on the world or society. Based on Montessori, The end of education was to subject the
child to an adult, who substituted himself for nature and replaces the laws of the life with his
own desires and intents (Montessori: 212). An adult becomes educated to become a better
human being in society. Not only does an adult become educated to be a better human being, but
a better person, and live a happy life.
An adult is educated to survive and how he or she will act in the world. In addition to
educating a person to survive, society teaches a person to work become practical and realistic.
Society educates a person about the good and bad in the world. In addition, society educates a
person about the perception of good and evil or science and God. Society educates a person to
act or behave in an appropriate manner based on our perception of good. Additionally, society
educates a person what is good and healthy for a person. Furthermore, society educates a person
to see or miss opportunities. Montessori believes, Countless experiences have brought to light a
truth that is of great importance for education and society. It is clear that if men had a nature
different from the one we know, they would have a different form of social organization. But if
such normalization of adult society is to be brought about, it must be done through education
(Montessori: 207).
Subsequently, a human being is educated in school by teachers. Montessori reveals a
concept, Our concept of the education of children thus differs not only from those who do
everything for a child themselves but also from those who think that they can leave the child in a
purely passive environment (Montessori: 198). School educates a person to obtain a better
future for the person and his or her family. In the first years of school, teachers educate children
to act and behave in an appropriate manner. Years later, teachers educate students to be
responsible, mature, disciplined, respectful, committed, and capable. Schoolteachers educate
students to the best of their ability; teaching information they know or information that is useful.
They educate students to express themselves and be open-minded. Teachers educate students
from one grade and prepare them for the next.
Teachers educate students with effective material on several subjects. In high school,
aside from educating students on several subjects, the main goal is to prepare them for college.
Teachers educate students in several ways; through planning, presenting, activities, projects,
assessments, and more. Educators make students realize about the struggles and difficulties in
life and in school. The source of big projects is to educate students about the importance of
realizing that nothing is easy in life and certainly not obtaining an education. Subsequently,
school teachers must educate students to be skillful, competitive, constructive, effective, helpful,
independent, dedicated, hard-working and to strive for success. Schoolteachers also educate
students to the most current education, to keep moving forward in education, and coincide with
the world. The main purpose of being educated by school is to obtain a better life, lifestyle,
usually economically. In college, teachers educate students on various subjects and prepare
students for what comes next in most cases employment.
In adulthood, people are educated and given the opportunity to be what they want to be or
do in life. Society educates people to become better people. School educates people to obtain a
better life and employment. The significance of each concept of education is that one concept
does not educate what the other does. For example, the education from parents is not the same
education a person receives from the world, society, or school. Every education is distinct and all
are needed to obtain a better life.
My education is significantly important to me. I will be the first in my immediate family
to obtain a diploma higher than high school. I will be the first in my immediate family to obtain a
bachelors degree, which pushes me to work harder. I have learned to value my education,
because it has not been easy to obtain. My view for education is for people to learn to cherish it
and not perceive it like a business. I view education as completely necessary today in America,
which can result in good or bad outcomes. Education being a necessity in America can have a
bad outcome for the people who cant afford an education and must struggle to obtain one. A few
years ago, a high school education provided an opportunity to a, middle class job, but today
those people are having difficulties and dont have the skills necessary to obtain a job in, high-
growth industries. On the contrary, since there is rapid technology change there are more post
industrial jobs in America which is an effect in a good outcome. My intentions are to obtain an
improved education to help me develop a better life for my family and myself. My intention in
education is to finish my degree in Elementary Education this year. My intentions are to develop
the skills and obtain the tools necessary to educate others. In complete agreement with Dalai
Lama, When educating the minds of our youths, we must not forget to educate their hearts
(Dalai Lama).
Every human being is given the right to be educated. Every person can choose what he or
she wants or does not want to learn. Education is extremely worthy in America today. An
education is a must have and the more education a person has the better the outcome. In America
today, education should be free. No one should have to pay unaffordable amounts of money to
obtain an education. There shouldnt be exceeding amounts of money in obtaining an education,
especially since a large amount of people cant afford one. There are several means to pay for
school, but since America is incredibly dependent on education there should be additional
means. Producing additional educational means can give every person an opportunity for an
education. I have realized that today in America most people try to obtain further education
mainly based on money. What happened to obtaining degrees or careers in what people loved
and wanted to do? Most university students I have spoken to mention they are pursuing careers
that pay more money and not what interests them. Today, education in America is now based on
wealth. I share the same opinion with Anne Sullivan, The immediate future is going to be tragic
for all of us unless we find a way of making the vast educational resource of this country serve
the true purpose of EDUCATION, TRUTH AND JUSTICE (Sullivan Macy).
My education is extremely valuable to me. I have worked so hard in education until this
day that I have truly learned to appreciate it. I continue to strive for success in my education. I
value my education because it has been a big sacrifice; not only regarding money but time and
not just for me but my family as well. I have been in school for quite some time and that hasnt
been the big sacrifice. The sacrifice that I am currently facing is leaving my daughter to attend
school. I am very fortunate to have obtained a high school education, an associates degree, and
being this far as being in a university. My goal is to continue moving forward with my education
and obtain a Bachelors degree at the end of the year. I owe it to myself but especially to my
family who have stood by my side and supported me through my educational journey. If it
werent for my family, I couldnt afford to be in the educational situation that I am today.
I have been satisfied with the education I have received until today. Even though I am
satisfied with the education I have received, there are areas in which I feel education was
missing. The areas missing in my education is regarding mathematics. Mathematics is something
that could be educated at home, but I didnt receive mathematics at home. In my early school
years, I didnt receive the appropriate skills for mathematics, which have always been a struggle
for me. I feel that if I would have received the proper techniques, mathematics wouldnt be
consequently complex for me. Mathematics has not stopped me from continuing my education,
but I have struggled and continue struggling with math. As a result, I have needed to take various
mathematical courses and some repeated in order to be complete. I connect with Sullivan, Keep
on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger until
you have accomplished a purpose-not the one you began perhaps, but one youll be glad to
remember (Anne Sullivan).
Conversely, Ive had several educators that have been praiseworthy in my education. I
learned more from those professors who took the time to build a student-teacher relationship. I
think a student-teacher relationship is especially important in an education; not only does the
student feel the need to learn, but can liberally communicate with the teacher. Acquiring a
student-teacher relationship has been a huge part of my education. I have obtained a more
valuable education from the professors who have showed me they actually care about my
education. Another important element in my education has been professors who relate real life
situations to school. Associating school to life situations has prepared me for real life. I find
more value in the teachers that connect the education from school to the education received out
of school, and educate me on how to apply those skills in my life.
Mentioned previously, the significance of each concept of education is that one concept
does not educate what the other does and thats why its important to be educated by all. Every
education is distinct and all are needed to obtain a better life. My vision for the next generation is
for everyone to obtain an opportunity to receive an education. I would love to envision the love
for education and not envision it for the money. My vision for future education is to attain good
educators. America needs teachers who will educate discipline, appreciation, and respect.
America needs educators who offer support and guidance. Students need to realize and
appreciate the value of an education as it costs time and money. The next generation needs to
learn respect, as I feel it is slowly disappearing. The next generation needs to strive for success
and never give up. Anne Sullivan speaks the truth, People seldom see the halting and painful
steps by which the most insignificant success is achieved (Anne Sullivan).

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