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News Release
May 6, 2014
Reference: Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares, 0917!"04"9

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Hopes that a comprehensive rehabilitation and reconstruction bill
would come next

Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares today welcomed the passing of House Bill 353 or the
Free SMS isaster !lert "ill as it hurdled the third and final reading at the Senate.

#$e are happy with this de%elopment and we hope that &res. Benigno Simeon !'uino (((
will classify the "ill as urgent "ecause this legislation can sa%e li%es)* said the senior deputy
minority leader.

Citing the e+planatory note of the "ill Bayan Muna filed in the ,5
Congress and on the
first day of the ,-
Congress last year) the progressi%e solon said that #on a%erage) ,. tropical
cyclones or storms enter the &hilippine !rea of Responsi"ility in a typical year and of these)
usually - to . ma/e landfall.*

#$hen 0ropical storms 1ndoy and &epeng struc/ almost three years ago) lea%ing
hundreds dead and missing) thousands of families displaced and millions affected) the country
"itterly mourned the ineptitude of the go%ernment to respond to calamities and pro%ide needed
assistance to the %ictims. 0his was magnified e%en more when 2olanda struc/ in No%em"er last
year)* he added.

#0he tragic loss of li%es during typhoon season is almost a yearly spectacle) which the
world can only watch in awe and dis"elief as we suffer yet again. isaster3prone countries such
as Cu"a and 4apan ha%e shown how preparedness and efficient alert mechanisms could pre%ent
in5uries and loss of li%es)* he said.

#$ith the passing of this "ill we hope that the administration would also prioriti6e a
comprehensi%e reha"ilitation and reconstruction "ill for those already affected "y disasters)*
ended Rep. Colmenares. 777
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