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4 November 2009

Dear Attorney:

We are pollrurethane company based in Hanover, Germany seeking for lega1

opinlon in the process of placing a l-ien on a Property/asset. of a debtor in
your jurisdictj-on. We do not know what the requiremenls are, and what. is
needed for us to engage your services in this regard.

However we are aware of the need to reLain the services of an attorney

firstly, that will help us t.o facilitate the processes. A court judgmlnt may
be required to enforce any lien on a debtor asset,, especially when Lhe
debtor's consent is required Lo proceed with a l_ien.
Once you indicaLe your willingness to handle this case of breach of
contract, we shaIl provide al-1 necessary evidence/proof of transaction that
wil-l enable us prove our case.
NotwithsLanding the debtor's position we intend to proceed. with this case,
there is need for your services if your schedule will permit you to work
with us. If the process of your in-t.ake reguire a cal-l in or f ax in please
Treat as urgent.

Hannover Poly Products

Gallbergweg 2I
59918 Hanover
Te1/Fax : 49 -5I1-2L4-7 053
To11 Free Local: 0800-183-0755
E - Mai 1 - ni kol auskre j- ge r@hannoverpoly -produc t s . com

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