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1 Kiss and Tell Adair Cherry Cherry Adair Jake DolanMarnie Wright N/A Contemporary To Read Yes T-FLAC 2 No N/A Human Human N/A N/A N/A N/A Suspense
Marnie Wright has seen more than her fair share of testosterone, having grown up with four overprotective brothers. But now a longhaired mountain man named Jake Dolan has invaded Marnie's
peaceful day of soul-searching at her grandmother's old cabin. Sure, she was trespassing on his property, but did he have to pull a gun on her? After being stashed in his secret underground lair-
complete with security monitors and a huge arsenal-Marnie realizes that the guy is military, "top secret" military. Yet he also has the most beautiful mouth she has ever seen.
The last thing Jake wants in his dangerous life is a woman. He doesn't like them and doesn't need them. Still, a man would have to be dead not to fall for the sexy-as-sin Marnie Wright. But how
can Jake have feelings for someone who may be killed just for being close to him? His days, after all, are numbered. . . . Military
2 Tropical Heat Adair Cherry Cherry Adair SamPeltonElizabeth Goodall N/A 2010 Contemporary To Read Yes T-FLAC 11.5 Yes Html Human Human N/A N/A N/A N/A Suspense
When Dr. Elizabeth Goodall is kidnapped and held captive in the African jungle, her only hope for rescue is counterterrorist operative Sam Pelton. But to escape from a brutal warlord, they must
confront a powerful attraction that could prove more treacherous than the wilds of the jungle…
3 Dark and Dangerous Adams Jeanne Jeanne AdamsCaine Bradley Dana Markham N/A 2008 208 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Word Human Human N/A N/A N/A FBI Agent N/A USA Suspense
Dana Markham is up against a cold-blooded killer who knows her all too well: Donovan Walker. Wanted for drug trafficking, armed and dangerous—he‘s also her ex-husband. What she knows
about him could land him behind bars forever…or put her and her young son in an early grave if Donovan finds them first. Dana‘s one chance lies with a man she barely knows at all. Tall and
darkly sensual, Caine Bradley is an undercover FBI agent who‘s been posing as Walker‘s henchman. Compelled to work with Caine to lure her ex out of hiding, Dana must fight against her own
raw, urgent needs. But is he who he says he is? Her passionate desire for him could be her salvation—or her greatest mistake…
Crazy ex-
4 Kiss of MidnightAdrian Lara Lara Adrian Lucan Thorne Gabrielle Maxwell N/A 317 Contemporary Read 10.04.2013 Yes Midnight Breeds 1 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A Black hair N/A N/A Breed Warrior N/A Paranormal
He watches her from across the crowded dance club, a sensual black-haired stranger who stirs Gabrielle Maxwell‘s deepest fantasies. But nothing about this night—or this man—is what it
seems. For when Gabrielle witnesses a murder outside the club, reality shifts into something dark and deadly. In that shattering instant she is thrust into a realm she never knew existed—a
realm where vampires stalk the shadows and a blood war is set to ignite.
Lucan Thorne despises the violence carried out by his lawless brethren. A vampire himself, Lucan is a Breed warrior, sworn to protect his kind—and the unwitting humans existing alongside
them—from the mounting threat of the Rogues. Lucan cannot risk binding himself to a mortal woman, but when Gabrielle is targeted by his enemies, he has no choice but to bring her into the
dark underworld he commands.
Here, in the arms of the Breed‘s formidable leader, Gabrielle will confront an extraordinary destiny of danger, seduction, and the darkest pleasures of all. . . .
5 Kiss of CrimsonAdrian Lara Lara Adrian Dante Tess Culver N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 2 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior Veternarian N/A Paranormal
He comes to her more dead than alive, a towering black-clad stranger riddled with bullets and rapidly losing blood. As she struggles to save him, veterinarian Tess Culver is unaware that the man
calling himself Dante is no man at all, but one of the Breed, vampire warriors engaged in a desperate battle. In a single erotically charged moment Tess is plunged into his world—a shifting,
shadowed place where bands of Rogue vampires stalk the night, cutting a swath of terror.
Haunted by visions of a dark future, Dante lives and fights like there is no tomorrow. Tess is a complication he does not need—but now, with his brethren under attack, he must shield Tess from
a growing threat that includes Dante himself. For with one reckless, irresistible kiss, she has become an inextricable part of his underworld realm…and his touch awakens her to hidden gifts,
desires, and hungers she never knew she possessed. Bonded by blood, Dante and Tess must work together to thwart deadly enemies, even as they discover a passion that transcends the
boundaries of life itself….
6 Midnight Awakening Adrian Lara Lara Adrian Tegan Elise ChaseN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 3 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A Psychic N/A Breed Warrior N/A Paranormal
With a dagger in her hand and vengeance on her mind, Darkhaven beauty Elise Chase prowls Bostons streets in search of retribution against the Rogue vampires who took from her everything
she cherished. Using an extraordinary psychic gift, she tracks her prey, well aware that the power she possesses is destroying her. She must learn to harness this gift, and for that she can turn
to only one man the deadliest of the Breed warriors, Tegan.
No stranger to loss, Tegan knows Elises pain. He knows fury, but when he slays his enemies it is with ice in his veins. He is perfect in his self-control, until Elise seeks his aid in her personal
war. An unholy alliance is forged a bond that will link them by blood and vow and plunge them into a tempest of danger, desire, and the darkest passions of the heart. . . .
7 Midnight RisingAdrian Lara Lara Adrian Rio Dylan Alexander N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 4 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior Journalist N/A Paranormal
In a world of shadows and dark, cosuming hungers, desire is the deadliest weapon...
For journalist Dylan Alexander, it began with the discovery of a hidden tomb, thrusting her into the center of a gathering storm of violence and secrets. But nothing is as dangerous as the
scarred, lethally seductive man who rises from the shadows to draw her into his world of dark desire and endless night.
Fueled by pain and rage over a shattering betrayal, the warrior Rio has pledged his life to the war against the Rogues. He will let nothing stand in his way—least of all a mortal woman with the
power to expose the entire vampire race. For an ancient evil has been awakened, and a stunning darkness is on the rise. Suddenly Dylan is powerless to resist Rio‘s touch, even as she
uncovers a shocking link to her own past. And now she must choose: Leave Rio‘s midnight realm, or risk it all for the man who has shown her true passion and the infinite pleasures of the heart.
. . .
8 Veil of MidnightAdrian Lara Lara Adrian Nikolai Renata N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 5 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A Psychic N/A Breed Warrior Bodyguard N/A Paranormal
Bound by blood, addicted to danger, they'll enter the darkest—and most erotic—place of all.
A warrior trained in bullets and blades, Renata cannot be bested by any man—vampire or mortal. But her most powerful weapon is her extraordinary psychic ability—a gift both rare and deadly.
Now a stranger threatens her hard-won independence—a golden-haired vampire who lures her into a realm of darkness…and pleasure beyond imagining.
A combat-loving adrenaline junkie, Nikolai dispenses his own justice to enemies of the Breed—and his latest quarry is a ruthless assassin. One woman stands in his way: the seductive, cool-as-
ice bodyguard, Renata. But Renata‘s powers are put to the test when a loved one, a child, is threatened and she‘s forced to turn to Niko for help. As the two join forces, as desire fans the flames
of a deeper hunger, Renata‘s life is under siege by a man who offers the exquisite pleasure of a blood bond—and a passion that could save or doom them both forever.…
9 Ashes of Midnight Adrian Lara Lara Adrian Andreas Reichen Claire RothN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 6 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior N/A Paranormal
A woman driven by blood. A man thirsting for vengeance.
A place where darkness and desire meet...
As night falls, Claire Roth flees, driven from her home by a fiery threat that seems to come from hell itself. Then, from out of the flames and ash, a vampire warrior emerges. He is Andreas
Reichen, her onetime lover, now a stranger consumed by vengeance. Caught in the cross fire, Claire cannot escape his savage fury or the hunger that plunges her into his world of eternal
darkness and unending pleasure.
Nothing will stop Andreas from destroying the vampire responsible for slaughtering his Breed brethren . . . even if he must use his former lover as a pawn in his deadly mission. Blood-bonded to
his treacherous adversary, Claire can lead Andreas to the enemy he seeks, but it is a journey fraught with danger and deep, unbidden desires. For Claire is the one woman Andreas should not
crave, and the only one he's ever loved. A dangerous seduction begins one that blurs the lines between predator and prey, and stokes the flames of a white-hot passion that may consume all in
its path. . . .
10 Shades of Midnight Adrian Lara Lara Adrian Kade Alexandra Maguire N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 7 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior Bush Pilot N/A Alaska Paranormal
In a frozen wilderness steeped in darkness, the lines between good and evil, lover and enemy, are never black or white but drawn in Shades of Midnight.
Something inhuman is stalking the frigid Alaskan wilds, leaving unspeakable carnage in its wake. For bush pilot Alexandra Maguire, the killings stir memories of a horrific event she witnessed as
a child and evoke in her the inexplicable sense of otherness she has long felt within herself but never fully understood . . . until a darkly seductive stranger with secrets of his own enters her
Sent from Boston on a mission to investigate the savage attacks and stop the slaughter, vampire warrior Kade has his own reasons for returning to the frigid, forbidding place of his birth. Haunted
by a secret shame, Kade soon realizes the stunning truth of the threat he faces - a threat that will jeopardize the fragile bond he has formed with the courageous, determined young woman who
arouses his deepest passions and most primal hungers. But in bringing Alex into his world of blood and darkness, Kade must confront both his own personal demons and the even greater evil
that could destroy all he holds dear.
11 Taken by Midnight Adrian Lara Lara Adrian Brock Jenna Darrow N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 8 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior Former State Trooper N/A
Boston, USA Paranormal
In the frozen Alaskan wilderness, former state trooper Jenna Darrow survives an unspeakable breach of body and soul. But with her narrow escape comes an even greater challenge. For strange
changes are taking place within her, as she struggles to understandvand control a new hunger. To do so, she will seek shelter in the Boston compound of the Order, an ancient race of vampire
warriors whose very existence is shrouded in mystery. Perhaps the most mysterious of them all is Brock, a brooding, dark-eyed alpha male whose hands hold the power to comfort, heal . . . and
As she recovers under Brock‘s care, Jenna finds herself drawn to the Order‘s mission: to stop a ruthless enemy and its army of assassins from subjecting Earth to a reign of terror. Yet in spite of
their resolve, a purely physical relationship without strings soon binds Brock and Jenna together with a desire fiercer than life and stronger than death itself until a secret from Brock‘s past and
Jenna‘s own mortality challenges their forbidden love to the ultimate trial by fire.
12 Deeper than Midnight Adrian Lara Lara Adrian Hunter Corinne Bishop N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 9 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior N/A Paranormal
young woman living a life of privilege as the adopted daughter of a wealthy family. Her world changed in an instant when she was stolen away and held prisoner by the malevolent vampire Dragos.
After many years of captivity and torment, Corinne is rescued by the Order, a cadre of vampire warriors embroiled in a war against Dragos and his followers. Her innocence taken, Corinne has
lost a piece of her heart as well the one thing that gave her hope during her imprisonment, and the only thing that matters to her now that she is free. Assigned to safeguard Corinne on her trip
home is a formidable golden-eyed Breed male called Hunter. Once Dragos‘s most deadly assassin, Hunter now works for the Order, and he‘s hell-bent on making Dragos pay for his manifold
sins. Bonded to Corinne by their mutual desire, Hunter will have to decide how far he‘ll go to end Dragos‘s reign of evil even if carrying out his mission means shattering Corinne‘s tender heart.
13 A Taste of Midnight Adrian Lara Lara Adrian Brannoc Danika MacConn N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 9.5 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A Henchman N/A Scotland Paranormal
In this spellbinding eBook novella of otherworldly desire, a woman whose destiny was born from a blood kiss discovers that second chances do come . . . even for immortals.
A shimmering holiday gala lights up an ancient castle in the Scottish Highlands, but beautiful widowed Breedmate Danika MacConn feels alone in the crowd. Even among the friends and
festivity of the Darkhaven celebration, she can't forget her lost love, a fallen warrior of the Order. Her brief return to her mate's homeland has become treacherous after rejecting the advances of a
dangerous Edinburgh crime boss with a taste for blood sport. As Danika seeks to expose the vampire and his dark trade, she discovers an unexpected ally in his forbidding, enigmatic
henchman, Brannoc, a man who exudes heat, danger, and dark menace--and seems somehow achingly familiar. Bran has his own reasons for wanting to keep Dani out of his employer's
business . . . and his own secrets he means to keep buried. The last thing he needs is to get tangled up with a woman who tempts the wildest part of his Breed nature--especially when that
woman is Danika MacConn, the one woman capable of bringing him to his knees.
14 Darker After Midnight Adrian Lara Lara Adrian Sterling Chase Tavia Fairchild N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 10 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior N/A Paranormal
The climactic novel in Lara Adrian's "New York Times" bestselling Midnight Breed series--and her hardcover debut--"Darker After Midnight" invites readers to enter a thrillingly sensual world where
danger meets desire.
In the dark of night, a blood war escalates within the hidden world of the Breed. After existing in secret for many long centuries, maintaining a fragile peace with the humans who walk beside
them unaware, a single act of retaliation has put the entire vampire nation at risk of discovery. It falls to the Order--a cadre of Breed warriors pledged to protect their own and humankind alike--to
stop Dragos, the power-mad vampire at the center of the conflict, before his push for domination can explode into catastrophe.
At the center of the Order's quest is Sterling Chase, once a morally rigid enforcer of Breed law, now a warrior fallen from grace, whose biggest battle is the one he wages against his own savage
nature. With addiction beckoning him toward eternal darkness, Chase's path to redemption has never seemed more out of reach. But when his eyes meet those of Tavia Fairchild, a beautiful
witness who identifies him at the scene of a mission gone terribly wrong, Chase finds himself drawn to the woman--and convinced she is something much more than she seems.
Pulled into a vortex of intrigue and danger she can neither resist nor understand, Tavia is uncertain whom to trust. And while everything sane and logical warns her against getting close to Chase,
she cannot deny that the handsome, deeply haunted male stirs something primal and ravenous within her. But even as she surrenders to her cravings, nothing can prepare her for the shattering
truth of who--and what--she truly is.
As the Order's enemy mobilizes for the battle of the ages, Dragos and his Minions unleashing a hell on Earth like nothing ever seen before, Chase and Tavia are thrust into the heart of the
violence. With time running out and the streets running red with the blood of innocent lives, both Breed and human, together Chase and Tavia must find a way to defeat Dragos once and for all--or
die trying.
15 Edge of Dawn Adrian Lara Lara Adrian Kellan Archer Mira N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 11 Yes PDF & Word Vampire Vampire N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior Squad Captain for the Order N/A Paranormal
In this pulse-pounding and thrillingly sensual novel, New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian returns to the mesmerizing world of the Midnight Breed, following new characters into a dark
future where an uneasy peace can unravel into war—and a great betrayal can mask an all-consuming love.
Twenty years after the terror of First Dawn—when mankind learned that vampires lived secretly among them—the threat of violence reigns as the two species struggle to coexist. The only group
preserving the fragile harmony is the Order, an elite cadre of Breed warriors dedicated to protecting humans and vampires alike. And in this precarious world of torn loyalties and shattered trust,
Mira, a fiery squad captain, finds that every fight bears an intensely personal cost.
Raised among the Order, Mira has always believed in the warrior‘s code of swift—and even lethal—justice. But the one thing she desires more than the Order‘s hard-won acceptance is Kellan
Archer, a sexy but troubled Breed fighter. In love with him since childhood, Mira once broke through his tough exterior during an unexpected night of rapture, but the next day he mysteriously
disappeared, never to return.
Kellan didn‘t think he would ever see Mira again—or have to confront the truth of why he left. After abandoning the Order years ago, he now leads a band of human rebels intent on carrying out
their own vigilante rule of law. Yet a high-profile kidnapping assignment brings him face-to-face with the past he sought to avoid, and the striking woman he has tried desperately to forget. And as
tensions mount and the risk of bloodshed grows, Kellan and Mira must take sides—between the competing missions that dominate their lives, and the electrifying passion that claims their
hearts. Reunited after years apart
16 Crave the NightAdrian Lara Lara Adrian Nathan Jordana N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight Breeds 12 No N/A Vampire Vampire N/A N/A N/A Breed Warrior Socialite N/A Paranormal
Born and raised to be an emotionless killing machine, Nathan is one of the most lethal Breed vampires in existence. A key member of the Order—an elite group of warriors charged with
protecting both mortals and vampires—Nathan executes each mission with flawless precision and a total lack of mercy. Now he must pursue a powerful, hidden enemy. But Nathan‘s hard
discipline and training are no match for the fierce pull he feels toward a young woman he has no right to desire—a woman of wealth and high social standing who has long been promised to
another Breed male, and who may also prove to be the key to rooting out Nathan‘s elusive quarry.
Jordana lives a life of glittering privilege as a member of a prominent Breed family in Boston. Surrounded by fine things and fawning admirers, Jordana wants for nothing—until she crosses paths
with a dark, intense warrior from the Order and finds herself swept into an impulsive, sizzling kiss that neither of them will forget. As much as she tries to deny her deep feelings for Nathan,
Jordana cannot resist the craving to be near him, to break through his forbidding walls and see the man he truly is. But getting close to Nathan will thrust Jordana into a treacherous new world,
forcing her to risk all she has and all she knows about herself and her past. And loving this seductive man could be the most dangerous temptation of all.
17 Dragon ActuallyAiken G.A. G.A. Aiken Fearghus the Destroyer Annwyl the Bloody N/A 2008 312 Contemporary To Read Yes Dragon Kin 1 Yes PDF Dragon Human N/A N/A N/A Dragon Warrior Warrior N/A Paranormal
It's not always easy being a female warrior with a nickname like Annwyl the Bloody. Men tend to either cower in fear - a lot - or else salute. It's true that Annwyl has a knack for decapitating
legions of her ruthless brother's soldiers without pausing for breath. But just once it would be nice to be able to really talk to a man, the way, she can talk to Fearghus the Destroyer.
Too bad that Fearghus is a dragon, of the large, scaly and deadly type. With him, Annwyl feels safe - a far cry from the feelings aroused by the hard-bodied, arrogant knight Fearghus has
arranged to help train her for battle. With her days spent fighting a man who fill her with fierce, heady desire, and her nights spent in the company of a magical creature who could smite a village
just by exhaling, Annwyl is sure life couldn't get any stranger. She's wrong...
18 Little Women Alcott Louisa MayLouisa May Alcott Historical Read No N/A N/A No N/A N/A N/A In picturesque nineteenth-century New England, tomboyish Jo, beautiful Meg, fragile Beth, and romantic Amy come of age while their father is off to war.
19 Beg for Mercy Alden Jami Jami Alden Cole Williams Megan Flynn N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Dead Wrong 1 Yes PDF & Word Human Human N/A N/A N/A Detective N/A Seattle, USA Suspense
He lurks in the shadows, waiting and watching . . . And once he has you, all you can do is. . .
Megan Flynn thought she was falling in love. Cole Williams wasn't just handsome and passionate, he was one of the good guys. Or so she thought, until he arrested her brother-the only family
she has left-for a murder she knows he couldn't have possibly committed. Now, with her heart broken and her brother's life hanging in the balance, Megan will risk everything to prove his
innocence. Even if that means throwing herself into the path of a sadistic killer with a hauntingly familiar MO.
Seattle Detective Cole Williams had given up on making Megan see reason where her brother is concerned. But when she insinuates herself into the most shockingly brutal case Cole has ever
worked, he can't stand idly by. Plunged into a secret world where the city's elite indulge their darkest desires, Cole will do whatever it takes to bring down a madman who has made Megan his
most coveted prey.
20 Caught Alden Jami Jami Alden Ethan Taggart Toni Crawford N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Gemini Men 1 Yes ePub Human Human N/A N/A N/A Private security agent PI N/A Suspense
Ex-military. Tall. Chiselled. Intelligent and arrogant. And so hot he's on fire. That's Ethan Taggart. Male to the max. Toni Crawford, computer genius turned PI, can't stop looking at him and
Ethan's returning the favour. Nice and slow. Those piercing blue eyes of his are about to melt her down but...nothing doing. Toni has to stay cool. Focus on the assignment: the teenage daughter
of a multimillionaire just vanished in plain sight. Chasing down leads, investigating every freaky angle, pushing past the boundaries of a hellish underworld of sex and drugs, Ethan and Toni are
forced to work closely to stalk an unseen enemy with a taste for cruel games. Risking their lives to save the missing girl is only half the battle. Their blazingly sensual attraction grows every
second, until there's no turning back. Their passion is about to explode...and Ethan and Toni soon find that danger breeds the hottest desire of all...
21 Kept Alden Jami Jami Alden Derek Taggart Alyssa MilesN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Gemini Men 2 Yes ePub Human Human N/A N/A N/A Private security agent High profile socialite N/A Suspense
Ethan and Derek Taggart: they're the men of Gemini, and when it comes to sheet-scorching undercover work, nobody does it better. The only one they answer to is big brother Danny - that is,
until the right women come along to grab the reins and crack the whip as hard as the Taggart men like it...Security is Derek Taggart's game, and he plays it straight - no margin for error, no time
to fool around...except with one hot little number who changes everything. He takes her home when she needs a ride - one she'll never forget. The problem is Derek can't forget her, a total about-
face for a guy who keeps his enemies closer than his lovers. Then he finds out the sexy dynamo is Alyssa Miles, notorious party girl and darling of the gossip rags. It's time to walk away and
never look back, which would be a hell of a lot easier if his agency didn't desperately need the high-profile gig her family's offering: a minor detail that consists mainly of Derek watching Alyssa
24/7. Keeping an eagle eye on every inch of Alyssa's nubile body isn't exactly a hardship - the problem is keeping his hands off and his brain on when things go dangerously wrong...
22 Unleashed Alden Jami Jami Alden Danny Taggart Caroline Medford N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Gemini Men 3 Yes ePub Human Human N/A N/A N/A Private security agent N/A Suspense
He's the oldest of the three Taggart brothers. And the boldest. Tall, dark and rippling with muscle, Danny Taggart takes no prisoners. But when his latest case puts him up close and personal
with the woman who once left him raw and aching, he's shell-shocked. Caroline Medford is still hotter than hell. But she's also got her pretty grip on the truths that have shaped him into the soul-
ravaged warrior he is today. Burned once, Danny's plan is to satisfy his craving for Caroline and walk away. Yet once he has her warm and willing beneath him, he can't get deep enough - or
close enough. Not even when danger threatens to destroy everything he's ever fought for. Including the only woman he's ever loved...
23 Taking Shots Aleo Toni Toni Aleo Shea AlderEleanor "Elli" Fisher N/A 2011 326 Contemporary To Read Yes Assassins 1 Yes PDF Human Human N/A N/A N/A NHL Hockey Player for the Assassin N/A Romance
Elli Fisher has never thought she was good enough, let it be her job, her weight, her love life, nothing. That is until she meets Shea Adler. After doing a promotional shoot for the NHL team, the
Assassins, she meets the hunky hockey player who shoots a puck, shattering her world.
Shea Adler was tired of the life he was living outside of the rink. The girls, the money blowing, the drinking, everything had to stop and it all did when he met Eleanor Fisher. He had never met
anyone like her. She was feisty, witty, shy, and simply gorgeous. When he laid eyes on her, it was as if he was taking the hardest hit of his life into the boards, and he had to have her. Elli is a
little skeptical of Shea, but he knows that they were meant to be together, and he needed her in his life.
Can Elli throw her insecurities out the window and love Shea with everything inside of her, or will she let a past relationship, and her family ruin any chance of her being happy.
Shy, quiet
24 Trying to ScoreAleo Toni Toni Aleo Lucas Brooks Fallon Parker N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Assassins 2 Yes Epub Human Human N/A N/A N/A NHL Hockey Player for the Assassin N/A Romance
Fallon Parker‘s dream has always been to turn her family‘s wine company into a runaway success and eventually start a cellar of her own. Since graduating from college, she has worked
relentlessly to make that dream a reality, especially after taking a chance on love—and losing. By the time Fallon becomes an official sponsor of the Nashville Assassins, she feels like all her
hard work is finally paying off. And then the man who broke her heart skates back into her life.
On the ice, Lucas Brooks is the NHL‘s leading scorer—at least when he‘s not in the box. Off the ice, he‘s a mess, with all his anger and misery bottled up inside. He threw away the most
important person in his life and has regretted it ever since. But when Lucas returns to Nashville in a trade, he‘s determined to convince Fallon that he‘s a changed man. The attraction is still
there. The tension is electrifying. But the odds are stacked against them—especially after Lucas finds out that Fallon has been keeping a devastating secret. Reunited after years apart
25 Cowboy Jackpot Christmas AlexanderRandi Randi Alexander Boone Hancock Gigi Colberg-Staub N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Cowboy Jackpot 1 Yes Epub Human Human N/A N/A N/A Bull Rider College Student N/A Romance
A lucky first kiss in front of a Las Vegas slot machine pays off big for bull rider Boone Hancock and New York college student Gigi Colberg-Staub. As they celebrate their win, an intense
attraction develops, and they spend a hot, sensual night in each other‘s arms. When Boone inadvertently reveals his true objective, Gigi walks out of his life. Boone quickly recognizes his
mistake and acknowledges his deep feelings for her. He's willing to take a chance on love, but is it too late to win her back?
26 Cowboy Jackpot Valentine's Day AlexanderRandi Randi Alexander Dallas Burns Kira MorrowN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Cowboy Jackpot 2 Yes Epub Human Human N/A N/A N/A Rodeo Rider Accountant N/A Romance
A fortuitous spin of a Las Vegas roulette wheel links New York accountant Kira Morrow and rodeo bareback rider Dallas Burns. The heat that has flared between them since their first meeting
threatens to burn out of control as they share sinful nights and hot days. As their mutual distrust resurfaces, the flames quickly die. Only when Kira walks out of his life forever does Dallas
realize he needs to stop letting past hurts prevent him from opening his heart to love. Is it too late to repair the damage he‘s done and reclaim the heart of the woman he‘s fallen for?
27 Three for Me? AlexanderRG RG AlexanderSimon Charli
Eric ;
Rafael Contemporary Read 16.01.2014 4 Yes Three for Me 1 Yes PDF Human Human Human Erotica Menage, Group, Voyeurism
Three men, a tomboy-and one erotic game that could change everything.
Simon, Eric, Rafael, Lee-and Charli. It-s never mattered that Charli is the only girl in the crowd. She's always been a tomboy, anyway. Just one of the guys.
Between work and Couch Potato Thursdays, life is pretty full. Sure, no man alive can get through the friend gauntlet, but thanks to her boys and her toys, she's got plenty of fantasy material. It's
a win-win situation. Until Lee has a destination wedding in Cozumel-and Charli's -best man- duties take a kinky turn.
Through what looks to be foul play by Lee's new brides, Charli finds herself on a decidedly decadent shore excursion, playing -The Race Erotic-. With each sexy challenge, it becomes clearer
that down deep, she desires not one, not two, but all three of her remaining single buddies.
They're the only family she's ever known. She can't imagine living without them. Will she have to choose? Or will the final score be three to one?
Warning: Naughty costumes, kinky toys, a boy, a girl-two more boys, all doing unspeakably dirty things to each other.
28 An Orgy Family Style Allen Donna Donna Allen Contemporary Read No N/A N/A Yes Text Erotica Taboo, Incest Man screws sister, daughter, mother, then has threesome with wife and his sister. Meanwhile wife is screwing sons. And sons are screwing daughter. None available
29 What Price Paradise Allred Katherine Katherine Allred Tate McCullom Abby Grayson N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A No N/A Human Human N/A N/A N/A N/A Romance
All his life Tate McCullom has been taught to be responsible, and he is the very model of what a respectable man should be. Until the night he gets drunk and sleeps with a woman he barely
Now, six weeks later, she's pregnant, alone, and broke. Once again, Tate must take responsibility for his actions, and makes plans to marry his child's mother. There's only one problem...he has
to tell his fiancée.
Abby Grayson hasn't had an easy life. As the daughter of the town whore, people either avoid her or think she's like her mother. For Abby, it's a struggle just to fill her belly and keep a roof over
her head.
Loneliness and a secret yearning for this man she thought she'd never have led her to spend the night with Tate. But the last thing she needs is a baby when she can barely take care of herself.
Desperate, but too proud to ask for help, she finally agrees to accept a job from Tate - the job of being his wife. Now she has almost everything she's ever dreamed of.
Unfortunately, only one thing will gain her Tate's love - his realization that the night he spent with her was no drunken accident. It was a last-ditch attempt to win the woman he really wanted. Unrequited love
30 The Unwanted Wife Anders Natasha Natasha Anders Alessandro de Lucci Theresa de Lucci N/A 2012 119 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF Human Human N/A N/A N/A N/A Romance
All Alessandro de Lucci wants from his wife is a son but after a year and a half of unhappiness and disillusionment, all Theresa de Lucci wants from her ice cold husband is a divorce. Unfortunate
timing, since Theresa is about to discover that she's finally pregnant and Alessandro is about to discover that he isn't willing to lose Theresa.
Marriage of
31 Exposure AndersenSusan Susan Andersen Elvis Donnelly Emma Sands N/A 1996 242 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF Human Human N/A N/A N/A Sheriff N/A Romance
A tragic childhood and a doomed marriage have forced Emma Sands to do what she does best -- run. Now, she and her young daughter have arrived in Washington State's Port Flannery, a
remote fishing village where no one knows who she is...or where she is going.Big-city cop turned small-town sheriff Elvis Donnelly is six and a half feet of bruising muscle and solid hurt. The
victim of a violent boyhood and a brutal bomb blast, all he wants is to forget the past...until it suddenly comes calling.
When Elvis and Emma meet, the attraction instant -- and the passion all-consuming. But in a town of prying eyes, these two outsiders are soon sharing more than the heat of desire...they're
sharing a fight for their lives.
32 Annie's Song AndersonCatherine Catherine Anderson Alex Montgomery Annie Trimble N/A Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF & Word
Annie Trimble lives in a solitary world that no one enters or understands. As delicate and beautiful as the tender blossoms of the Oregon spring, she is shunned by a town that misinterprets her
affliction. But cruelty cannot destroy the love Annie holds in her heart. Alex Montgomery is horrified to learn his wild younger brother forced himself on a helpless "idiot girl." Tormented by guilt,
Alex agrees to marry her and raise the babe she carries as his own. But he never dreams he will grow to cherish his lovely, mute, misjudged Annie—her childlike innocence, her womanly charms
and the wondrous way she views her world. And he becomes determined to break through the wall of silence surrounding her;to heal...and to healed by Annie's sweet song of love.
33 Masks AndersonEvangelineEvangeline Anderson Mark Jacobs Chloe N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Html
Chloe's identical twin sister Zoe wants a favor. She needs Chloe to dress up in her work clothes and meet an important client, pretending to be her. There's just one problem. Zoe isn't an
investment banker as she's led everyone to believe - she's a dominatrix and her work clothes include a leather bustier, thigh-high boots and a feathered mask. There are three rules, according to
Zoe - don't lose control of the situation, don't have sex with the client, and never take off the mask. Shy, retiring Chloe has no idea how to go about dominating anyone. But that won't be a
problem for long because the "client," Mark Jacobs, is a hot alpha male in a black leather mask of his own who prefers to take the lead when it comes to sex. Soon Chloe is breaking all the
rules for one night of forbidden passion but when she decides to take off her mask and asks Mark to do the same, she has no idea that the black leather he wears conceals a dark secret that
may change her life forever.
34 Haven of Obedience AndersonMarina Marina Anderson Simon Natalie Bowan N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A No N/A
Twenty-something Londoner Natalie Bowen is envied by many, but her personal life is a disaster. Men can't cope with her career success and Natalie thinks she'll never find real happiness.
When she hears about an exclusive weekend retreat called the Haven, a place that specializes in introducing visitors to pleasures they could never have imagined, she is shocked at the
idea—yet unable to resist finding out more. Natalie decides it's time to put her fears behind her. Once at the Haven, she meets the enigmatic and disciplined Simon, a man who is used to getting
what he wants. Natalie may very well have met her match.
35 Mystic CowboyAndersonSarah M Sarah M Anderson Rebel Runs Fast Madeline Mitchell N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Men of the White Sandy1 Yes Epub
One good man could drive her all kinds of crazy.
Men of the White Sandy, Book 1
Just who does Rebel Runs Fast think he is? Dr. Madeline Mitchell, the new doctor on the White Sandy Lakota Indian Reservation, knows there‘s a good answer to that question. Somewhere.
Sure, the Lakota medicine man is every cowboy-and-Indian fantasy she ever had, but he sends patients to sweat lodges instead of clinical trials, talks them out of flu vaccines. Even more
irritating, he makes her heart race.
Rebel swore off the white man's world—and its women—years ago. Madeline doesn't speak the language, understand the customs, or believe he's anything more than a charlatan. Yet she
stays, determined to help his people. And he keeps finding excuses to spend more time at the clinic.
When he discovers her in the throes of dangerous heat stroke, Rebel‘s efforts to cool her down sets fire to a passion neither thought they wanted. But when the people start falling violently ill, the
cultural gap stretches the connection between their hearts to the breaking point…
Warning: This book contains smoking-hot skinny dipping, emotional and emotionally satisfying sex, and a shirtless cowboy who is also an Indian.
36 Edge of Survival AndersonToni Toni AndersonDaniel Fox Cameran Young N/A 2011 165 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF N/A N/A N/A N/A Suspense
Dr. Cameran Young knew her assignment wouldn't be easy. As lead biologist on the Environment Impact Assessment team, her findings would determine the future of a large mining project in
the northern Canadian bush. She expected rough conditions and hostile miners--but she didn't expect to find a dead body her first day on the job.
Former SAS Sergeant Daniel Fox forged a career as a helicopter pilot, working as far from the rest of the human race as possible. The thrill of flying makes his civilian life bearable, and he lives
by his mantra: don't get involved. But when he's charged with transporting the biologist to her research vessel, he can't help but get involved in the murder investigation--and with Cameran, who
awakens emotions he's desperate to suppress.
In the harsh and rugged wilderness, Daniel and Cameran must battle their intense and growing attraction while keeping ahead of a killer who will stop at nothing to silence her...
37 Take Me Andre Bella Bella Andre Travis Carson Lily Ellis N/A 2005 288 Contemporary Read 30.07.2013 Yes Take Me 1 Yes PDF Human Human
An appetite for sensual pleasures must never be denied...Lily Ellis has curves -- soft, beautiful curves. The kind of voluptuous body she fears Travis Carson, the man she's always loved from afar,
would never crave. But Lily is about to be proven wrong. Her adventure begins when the demure San Francisco interior decorator agrees to model a plus-size dress for her fashion designer sister.
Watching this sensual beauty move down the runway, Travis can't believe it's the same Lily he's always known -- and always rejected. In a whirlwind of electric attraction, Lily is soon moaning
Travis's name in his bed, not just in her wild fantasies. But Lily is all too aware that she's nothing like his past lovers. Determined to beat Travis at his own game by guarding her true feelings,
Lily partners with him on a business deal that takes them all the way to Italy. In the seductive warmth of the Tuscan sun, Lily plays a game of desire with the hot-blooded Travis. Will she be
burned by an all-consuming ecstasy or will Travis open his heart to the sexy, exciting, and lasting love she has to offer?
Plus size
Cruel hero
38 Authors in Ecstasy Andre Bella Bella Andre Charlie Candace N/A 2003 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Candace, a newcomer to writing erotica, is thrilled when Charlie, a veteran of the industry, agrees to be her mentor. But neither of them ever expected that Charlie's lesson plan for how to write
erotica—new positions, using toys, varying locations, and role playing—would spiral from verbal instruction into hot, hands-on education. Unfortunately, Candace's deception about the new
romance she's writing—-where Charlie plays the starring role—-is about to threaten their one chance at true love.
39 One Perfect Night Andre Bella Bella Andre Noah Bryant Colbie Michaels N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Can he convince her they are destined to be together in one perfect night?
One touch... One kiss
The first time Noah Bryant meets Colbie Michaels they collide at the top of a snowy mountain in California and sparks fly. Swamped by sudden emotion – and a desire she can't control – Colbie
panics. Before he can get her phone number or last name, she's gone. When they serendipitously meet again in Seattle one week later, Noah is certain Colbie is his destiny, and he can't make
the mistake of losing her again.
One night... One forever love
Colbie wants to believe in a happily-ever-after, but experience tells her falling for Noah is more likely to lead to a broken heart. But how can she resist him as he sets out to prove that they're
destined to be together? Especially when he's intent on fulfilling every last one of her secret desires and he‘s willing to keep proving it to her every day...and every sweet and sinful night.
40 Wild Heat Andre Bella Bella Andre Logan CainMaya Jackson N/A 2009 Contemporary To Read Yes Hot Shots: Men of Fire 1 Yes ePub
HE'S A HOTSHOT FIREFIGHTER ADDICTED TO RISK. SHE'S THE SULTRY BEAUTY HE NEVER SAW COMING. Maya Jackson doesn't sleep with strangers. Until the night grief sent her to
the nearest bar and into the arms of the most explosive lover she's ever had. Six months later, the dedicated arson investigator is coming face to face with him again. Gorgeous, grinning Logan
Cain. Her biggest mistake. Now her number-one suspect in a string of deadly wildfires. Risking his life on a daily basis is what gets Logan up in the morning. As leader of the elite Tahoe Pines
Hotshot Crew, he won't back down from a blaze-or from beautiful, lethal Maya Jackson. She may have seduced him with her tears and her passion, but it'll be a cold day in hell before Logan lets
down his guard again. Until Maya's life is threatened. With his natural-born hero instincts kicking in, Logan vows to protect the woman sworn to bring him down. And as desire reignites, nothing-
not the killer fire or the killer hot on their trail-can douse the flames....
41 Stranded Temptation Angel April April Angel Max Cara N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A No N/A
Stranded together, their passions will run wild. Kara has a deep dislike for her boss, Max. She also wants him so badly it's making her nuts. He's a workaholic, a robot man. And he's never
shown the least bit of interest in her or anything else that wasn't recorded in the corporate minutes. But when their plane crashes on the way to a meeting, leaving them stranded on a deserted
island…just the two of them, all alone with all that ocean around them…Kara decides it's time to start living. And by living, she means using Max for all the hot sex she's been denied. Max wants
Kara-has wanted her for a long time. Unable to come out and cross the line between professional and personal, he makes her accompany him on business trips just to have her around. When
they crash land and Kara shows him how much she wants him, he decides to quit being so professional and take the woman of his dreams. After all, what happens in the middle of nowhere,
stays in the middle of nowhere. Until they're rescued. Back in the real world, things aren't as easy. Kara is afraid to start a relationship with a man who completely ignored her until she took off
her clothes, and Max is afraid she'll never be able to trust him. But when someone makes it clear that Kara's in danger, Max has more to protect than Kara's feelings. And now that he has her,
he's not about to let her go.
42 Wicked Valentine Angel April April Angel Maxwell Stone Sabrina N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Who knew being wicked could be this fun?
Maxwell Stone has wanted Sabrina for over a year. But Nina‘s the ultimate professional and has no intention of getting involved. That is, until the night she gets a little tipsy and finds herself
begging for his touch.
After an intense night of making Nina‘s sexual fantasies come true, Max finds he doesn‘t want to let her go. Nina wants Maxwell too, but she won‘t put her job on the line for any man. She loves
the passion they shared, but when she‘s invited to the Wicked Valentine Ball, she decides it‘s time to put Max out of her mind. Of course, the last thing she expects is for him to be her escort.
And she doesn‘t expect to find someone else trying to keep them apart. Permanently…
43 Conquest EarthAnjou Angelique Angelique Anjou Galen Bree Denton N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
A banished prince from far, far away--one minor computer glitch--the most bizarre courtship and mating ceremony ever conceived--and Bree Denton's life would never be the same. The planet that
was supposed to be there wasn't. The star system that was supposed to be unoccupied was. The lead scout/construct ship set down amongst hostiles who seemed determined to keep it--but
there was a silver lining--the loveliest female Galen had ever set eyes on! And Galen was determined to have the beautiful creature his robot had tagged for his own. Rating: Carnal/erotic--Forced
seduction, public sex, frank language, adult situations, and graphic sexual encounters.
44 Chasing Beautiful Ann Pamela Pamela Ann Blake Knightly Sienna Richards N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Chasing 1 Yes Epub
What would you do if you had two hot men fight over you?
Sienna Richards decided to study and pursue her dreams in London. Life was starting to look up when out of nowhere, her boyfriend Kyle decided to end things. She vowed never to love again.
But what she didn't see coming was the revelation of feelings her friend Blake had in store for her.
Blake a handsome British mogul-in-training and a good friend who‘s been lusting after her since they met or Kyle—childhood best friend, high school sweetheart, and her first love—but broke her
This is Sienna‘s journey in finding herself and learning about forgiveness, heartaches and most of all, love.
45 Chasing Imperfection Ann Pamela Pamela Ann Blake Knightly Sienna Richards N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Chasing 2 Yes Epub
This is the second book of the Chasing Series. I advise that you read the first book (Chasing Beautiful) before purchasing this. Thank you! –P.A
After the demise of their relationship, Blake and Sienna tried to live their own lives—the way they see fit—to recover from their break-up.
Blake Knightly was beyond livid when Sienna left him. Bitter and bruised, he immediately went back to his playboy lifestyle and sought the only cure he knew how.
When Sienna finally started seeing Kyle in a different light, fate stepped in and scrambled her life once more. When an unexpected shocking tragedy happened, Blake and Sienna were suddenly
in each other‘s orbit. The moment she saw Blake after a long time of not seeing him, she was torn from the emotions Blake evoked in her.
Will she finally choose between Kyle and Blake?
How will they even try to move past the LIES, BETRAYAL and JEALOUSY?
Could they fight off the magnetic attraction or will they submit and surrender to it?
Let the crazy nonsensical chasing begin.
****CONTAINS sexual content, adult situation and language only intended for mature readers 18 and above.****
46 Lust Anthony T.C. T.C. Anthony Alexander Mason Evangeline Chase N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Three Stages of Love 1 No N/A
Evangeline Chase is standing at the edge of a crossroad. After choosing to be blissfully ignorant for far too long and willfully ignoring what her life has been lacking, fate is about to intervene.
When Alexander Mason, a striking and powerful venture capitalist, is introduced as her new boss, Eva is overwhelmed by an intoxicating cocktail of hormones and lust that leaves her struggling
to maintain her composure and more importantly, control of her life. With an undeniable urge to dominate her new boss, her own lust-filled fantasies lead to a transformation that shakes her to
her core. But when Alexander challenges Eva to satisfy her carnal urges, she is forced to choose between her career, her desires, and an unconventional and lustful relationship. Consumed by
fear and forced to maintain control at all costs, Eva must decide if having it all is worth risking her career, her world, and possibly, love. Three Stages of Love: Lust is the first book in a
suspenseful new erotic romance series that explores the questions that young women have while embarking on their journey through life and love. Eva‘s transformation from prim and proper to
fun and dominating proves to be one of the most erotically intriguing personal makeovers around. Her passion for her career and life goals ultimately gives way to uninhibited encounters that leave
her intoxicated and yearning for more. Eva‘s emotional battle between her heart and mind leave her juggling with a desire to have it all and a profound fear of losing everything. Written to illustrate
the average, driven woman‘s point of view, Three Stages of Love: Lust tackles the everyday fears and desires that young women have in an intoxicatingly erotic way. A gripping, palpitation-
inducing romance full of underlying themes that are extraordinarily relevant to modern women, this enthralling erotic novel by T. C. Anthony is a must-read for women of all backgrounds.
47 Attraction Anthony T.C. T.C. Anthony Alexander Mason Evangeline Chase N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Three Stages of Love 2 No N/A
Evangeline Chase is in the darkest corner of life and struggling to find any light at all. A business woman, a daughter, and a friend, Eva is also a control freak who can‘t be sexually satisfied and
wants nothing to do with love…or used to. That was before she was swept away in lust and love‘s embrace while experiencing a total loss of control. Alexander Mason is the knight Eva‘s always
wanted, yet the man she sacrificed because she couldn‘t handle losing control over the chaos of emotions he caused in her. Eva fears living a life scorned by her self-instigated loss. Left with a
cavernous void that can only be fulfilled by the man who gave her the most erotic moments, euphoric orgasms, and touching love she has ever known, Eva is willing to do anything to give
Alexander control of her, her love, and definitely her body. But if Alexander returns hurt and shunned by Eva, will she willingly accept all of his conditions and rules, or will they battle in and out of
the bedroom for control and ultimate fulfillment? Three Stages of Love: Attraction is the exciting next entry into the erotic romance series; featuring a strong heroine, Three Stages of Love:
Attraction explores the hesitation felt with losing control and the wonderful reward obtained by embracing the uncontrollable. Bringing back the same palpitation-inducing romance that made
Three Stages of Love: Lust an instant classic, this remarkable follow up novel uses its desires, insecurities, and explosively sexy scenes to draw readers into its erotic love story.
48 Attachment Anthony T.C. T.C. Anthony Alexander Mason Evangeline Chase N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Three Stages of Love 3 No N/A None available
49 Obsidian Armentrout Jennifer L Jennifer L Armentrout Daemon Black Katy N/A 2011 239 Contemporary To Read Yes Lux 1 Yes PDF Alien
Starting over sucks.
When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I'd pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring.... until I spotted my hot
neighbor, with his looming height and eerie green eyes. Things were looking up.
And then he opened his mouth.
Daemon is infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy. We do not get along. At all. But when a stranger attacks me and Daemon literally freezes time with a wave of his hand, well,
something...unexpected happens.
The hot alien living next door marks me.
You heard me. Alien. Turns out Daemon and his sister have a galaxy of enemies wanting to steal their abilities, and Daemon's touch has me lit up like the Vegas Strip. The only way I'm getting
out of this alive is by sticking close to Daemon until my alien mojo fades.
If I don't kill him first, that is.
50 Onyx Armentrout Jennifer L Jennifer L Armentrout Daemon Black Katy N/A 2012 255 Contemporary To Read Yes Lux 2 Yes PDF
Being connected to Daemon Black sucks…
Thanks to his alien mojo, Daemon‘s determined to prove what he feels for me is more than a product of our bizarro connection. So I‘ve sworn him off, even though he‘s running more hot than cold
these days. But we‘ve got bigger problems.
Something worse than the Arum has come to town…
The Department of Defense are here. If they ever find out what Daemon can do and that we're linked, I‘m a goner. So is he. And there's this new boy in school who‘s got a secret of his own. He
knows what‘s happened to me and he can help, but to do so, I have to lie to Daemon and stay away from him. Like that's possible. Against all common sense, I'm falling for Daemon. Hard.
But then everything changes…
I‘ve seen someone who shouldn‘t be alive. And I have to tell Daemon, even though I know he‘s never going to stop searching until he gets the truth. What happened to his brother? Who betrayed
him? And what does the DOD want from them—from me?
No one is who they seem. And not everyone will survive the lies…
51 Opal Armentrout Jennifer L Jennifer L Armentrout Daemon Black Katy N/A 2012 242 Contemporary To Read Yes Lux 3 Yes PDF
No one is like Daemon Black.
When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn‘t fooling around. Doubting him isn‘t something I‘ll do again, and now that we‘ve made it through the rough patches, well... There‘s a lot of
spontaneous combustion going on.
But even he can‘t protect his family from the danger of trying to free those they love.
After everything, I‘m no longer the same Katy. I‘m different... And I‘m not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret
organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I‘m capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely
source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won‘t turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.
Together we‘re stronger... and they know it.
52 Blood Kiss ArmstrongMechele Mechele Armstrong Nick Sarah N/A 2005 171 Contemporary To Read Yes Blood Lines 1 Yes PDF Vampire
Sarah never thought vampires were real until her roommate was killed, drained of all blood. Now, she can't stop dreaming about the killer, each dream more vivid and horrible than the last. Then
she meets Nick, and while the attraction is instantaneous, so is the danger. Nothing has warmed Nick's vampire blood and heart more in a century than Sarah. But Nick pursues the same killer
she dreams of every night, having turned Marcus into a vampire years before. Now he must kill his protégé. Even as their passion flares, Marcus closes in on the woman in his head. Can Nick
thwart Marcus' attempts to make Sarah his final Blood Kiss?
53 Last Bitten Ashe Lauren Lauren Ashe Nia Contemporary To Read Yes Emerald Night 1 Yes Epub
A night gone wrong...
Amidst the grinding bodies of the hottest club in Seattle--Johnny's, twenty year old Nia finds herself in the arms of a mysterious green eyed-stranger. Will she give into him? The most erotic kiss
of her life may just turn into the kiss of death. Nia is in for one heck of a ride--a run for her life under accusations of her best friend's attempted murder.
The Emerald Night holds more than just a boring latte.
Publisher's Note: Due to mature adult themes and adult language, this short novel is not suitable for minors under the age of 17.
54 Embrace the Night Ashley Amanda Amanda Ashley N/A 1998 Contemporary Read 2012 No N/A N/A No N/A Vampire Human N/A N/A N/A N/A
A creature doomed to wander the earth in eternal darkness, he searches the ages for someone to share the endless night of his existence, for that one woman who will recognize the man within
the monster. An angel of purity and sunlight, she fears the mysterious stranger whose eyes promise endless ecstasy even as he whispers dark secrets she dares not believe. They are two
people longing for fulfillment, braving the danger of a love like no other. Alone, they face desolation and despair; together, they will share undying passion, defy eternity, and embrace the night.
55 The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie Ashley Jennifer Jennifer Ashley Ian Elizabeth N/A 2009 204 Historical Read 02.04.2014 4 Yes Highland Pleasures 1 Yes PDF Human Human N/A
Big, muscular, broad shoulders, wide
chest, dark reddish brown hair, hard face,
amber coloured eyes flecked with gold and
ringed with green, Scottish accent, high
cheekbones, square jaw, 27 years old
Delicate, curly hair, blue eyes, 29 years
old N/A
Eccentric, photographic memory,
extremely intelligent, blunt, straight
forward, autistic
Sweet, curious, caring, sharp mind,
tenacious N/A English Lord
companion N/A
England ;
Paris, France ;
Scotland Country Cold, rainy Suspense
Beth is engaged to a man. Ian knows what a terrible character the man has and informs Beth, and minutes later asks her to marry him. Beth refuses, investigates, discovers what Ian said to be
true and jilts her fiance and goes to Paris. Ian follows her to Paris. He is intent on having her for life. Inspector Fellows is investigating the murder of Lily, a prostitute stabbed in London and
rumored to last be seen by Ian. He follows Ian to Paris. He tries to convince Beth to spy on Ian and the MacKenzies for him but she refuses. Ian convinces Beth to marry him and takes her
home to Scotland. Beth has heard about Hart's house in High Holbourne and his mistress and the murder that occurred there years ago. Fellows suspects that Ian murdered both women and is
out to get him and the rest of the brothers. Beth decides to investigate so that Ian can finally put it to rest because Ian thinks Hart did it and Hart thinks Ian did it and both are keeping quiet to
protect the other. She discovers that Hart's mistress is obsessively in love with Hart and would do anything for him. She takes Fellows and goes to the House in High Holborne. Hart is already
there and Ian & Cam have followed in search of Beth. During the course of their argument while Ian leaves Beth at the carriage Beth follows them back in and discovers someone fleeing. Hart's
mistress is trying to escape before Hart and them discover that she killed Lily but Beth gets in her way and she stabs BEth and drags her along. Beth convinces her to take her to a Church
which happens to be the same Church of her deceased husband, hoping Ian will be able to find her. When Ian, Cam, Hart and Fellows arrive at the Church, Angelique stabs herself. Beth is
injured very badly and Ian thinks she's going to die. She survives and informs them that Angie killed Lily to protect Hart because she thought Hart killed Sally and that she was going to reveal it.
Meanwhile, Lily actually killed Sally because they were lovers and Sally dumped her and planned to run off with the money she was going to blackmail Hart for. Also, Beth discovered that
Fellows is the half brother of the MacKenzies and therefore he hates them so, because they were so priveleged while he and his mother spent most their lives close to starving. They accept him
into the family although he is reluctant. Beth and Ian get remarried with a proper ceremony in Scotland.
The year is 1881. Meet the Mackenzie family--rich, powerful, dangerous, eccentric. A lady couldn't be seen with them without ruin. Rumors surround them--of tragic violence, of their mistresses,
of their dark appetites, of scandals that set England and Scotland abuzz.
The youngest brother, Ian, known as the Mad Mackenzie, spent most of his young life in an asylum, and everyone agrees he is decidedly odd. He's also hard and handsome and has a penchant
for Ming pottery and beautiful women.
Beth Ackerley, widow, has recently come into a fortune. She has decided that she wants no more drama in her life. She was raised in drama--an alcoholic father who drove them into the
workhouse, a frail mother she had to nurse until her death, a fussy old lady she became constant companion to. No, she wants to take her money and find peace, to travel, to learn art, to sit
back and fondly remember her brief but happy marriage to her late husband.
And then Ian Mackenzie decides he wants her.
The first of a new historical series. Best of the 3 I've read so far.
56 Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage Ashley Jennifer Jennifer Ashley Roland "Mac" Ferdinand Mackenzie Isabella Mackenzie N/A 2010 169 Historical Read 10.04.2014 3 Yes Highland Pleasures 2 Yes PDF Human Human N/A
Big, muscular, broad shoulders, wide
chest, reddish brown hair, copper coloured
eyes, 30 years old, tall, square lean cheek
Curly red hair, green eyes, slim and curvy,
25 years old, beautiful, pointed chin N/A Humouress, fun-loving, scandalous, kind, generous, protective Sweet, caring, spitfire, tenacious, strong personality N/A English Lord; Horse Breeder Lady N/A
England ;
Scotland Country Cool Suspense
Mac & Isabella met and fell in love 6 years ago and were married the night they married. It is now 6 years later and they are separated but both have remained faithful to each other during their
separation. They haven't spoken since their separation 3 years ago but now Isabella approaches Mac as she has discovered that someone is forging paintings in his name. Mac is in London to
claim Isabella and get their marriage back on track. As the story progresses we learn that Mac met Isabella on the night of her come out ball when he was dared by his friends to crash the ball
and steal a kiss from her. Instead Mac took her away and eloped with her that very night. They were extremely in love but Mac was intense, completely focused on her or out carousing with his
friends or vanishing to paint for months on end without letting her know he was leaving (because he thought she needed time away from him without asking if that's what she wanted) and he was
ALWAYS drunk. He'd come back and they'd be extacticly happy and then as time passed they'd begin arguing until he vanished again and it went on and on. On one such disappearance,
Isabella miscarried and he wasn't there. When Ian finally tracked him down, he came home and vomitted at her side when she required comfort and instead expected her to comfort him. He left
and told her to call for him when she was ready but she didn't. Instead she sent a letter with Ian requesting a separation. In the present day, Mac is trying to convince ISabella that he has
changed and that they belong together. The forger, who happens to be Mac's doppleganger, burns down his house and so he moves in with Isabella. He took a wager against his friends that he
could paint erotic pictures and if he loses he will be forced to sing with the salvation army. But he hasn't painted a decent picture since Isabella left and he stopped drinking. Isabella agrees to
be his model. They become lovers. The forger tries to abduct Isabella but Mac rescues her. Then a woman turns up whose very ill with a baby claiming that the baby is Mac's but its the forger's.
MAc and Isabella adopt the baby. They Isabella's father becomes bankrupt (he disowned her when she married Mac & hasn't seen or spoken to her family since). While Mac tries to find a way
to save her father without destroying his pride, her father dies of aplopxy that night and Mac and Isabella go to her mother and sister and help them with everything. The forger then tries to
accost the nanny they hired for the baby and Mac goes in search of him with Fellows. Mac doesn't return home but is shot instead by Payne and taken to Payne's place because he wants
Isabella to come to him. ISabella summons Cam and Fellows and they go searching for Mac and find him. There is a struggle between Isabella, Payne and Mac and Fellows shoots Payne
dead. MAc asks Isabella to marry him again and they live happily ever after.
Only one man could match a lady like this—scandal for scandal.
Six years ago, eighteen-year-old Lady Isabella Scranton scandalized all of London by eloping the night of her come-out ball with the notorious rake, Lord Mac Mackenzie. After three turbulent
years of marriage, she scandalized London once again—this time by leaving him.
Now Mac has resurfaced, every bit as charismatic, and with one goal: to seduce Isabella back into his life and his bed even if it means acting like a real gentleman. But when Isabella rises to the
challenge of posing nude for Mac's erotic paintings, her pent-up hunger for the decadent rake is exposed as well, and she finds herself unable to resist the smooth strokes of an artist at work.
But someone's been watching them—dangerously close. This ingenious forger with designs on Mac's paintings also sets his sights on Isabella herself. Deciding to become Isabella's protector,
Mac vows to never leave her side, whether his independent and proud lady likes it or not.
57 The Many Sins of Lord Cameron Ashley Jennifer Jennifer Ashley Cameron Ainsley Douglas N/A Historical Read 03.09.2013 4 Yes Highland Pleasures 3 Yes Word Human Human N/A N/A N/A N/A Suspense
He is a man of simple tastes and complex pleasures...Cameron Mackenzie is a man who loves only horses and women—in that order—or so his mistresses say. Ainsley Douglas is a woman
with a strong sense of justice and the desire to help others—even if that means sneaking around a rakish man's bedchamber. Which is exactly where Cam finds her—six years after he caught
her the first time. Only then, she convinced Cam she was seeking a liaison, but couldn't go through with it because of her husband. Now a widow, she's on a mission to retrieve letters that could
prove embarrassing to the queen. Cam has no interest in Ainsley's subterfuge, but he vows to finish what they started those many years ago. One game, one kiss at a time, he plans to seduce
her. And what starts out as a lusty diversion may break Cam's own rules—and heal the scars of a dark and damaging past...
58 The Duke's Perfect Wife Ashley Jennifer Jennifer Ashley Hart Eleanor N/A Historical Read 07.09.2013 4 Yes Highland Pleasures 4 Yes PDF & Word Human Human N/A N/A N/A N/A Suspense
Lady Eleanor Ramsay is the only one who knows the truth about Hart Mackenzie. Once his fiancee, she is the sole woman to whom he could ever pour out his heart.
Hart has it all--a dukedom, wealth, power, influence, whatever he desires. Every woman wants him--his seductive skills are legendary. But Hart has sacrificed much to keep his brothers safe, first
from their brutal father, and then from the world. He's also suffered loss--his wife, his infant son, and the woman he loved with all his heart though he realized it too late.
Now, Eleanor has reappeared on Hart's doorstep, with scandalous nude photographs of Hart taken long ago. Intrigued by the challenge in her blue eyes--and aroused by her charming, no-
nonsense determination--Hart wonders if his young love has come to ruin him . . . or save him.
59 Pride Mates Ashley Jennifer Jennifer Ashley LiamMorrissey KimFraser N/A 245 Contemporary Read 26.01.2013 Yes Shifters Unbound 1 Yes PDF Shapeshifter Human N/A N/A N/A N/A Paranormal
To most, they are animals even when in human form. They are to be collared and kept on the fringes of society, scorned because they are feared, hated for their extraordinary powers. And
attorney Kim Fraser has to go right into the heart of their lair.
It is her job to defend those in need. But there is absolutely nothing defenseless about Liam Morrissey. His soft Irish lilt and feline grace can t disguise his sheer strength. Nor can the silver chain
at his throat, designed to control the aggression of his kind, completely reassure her that this man has been tamed.
Yet when a feral shifter begins to stalk them both, Liam is the only one she trusts with her life. She'll let him claim her for her protection, for her pride, and for a passion that knows no bounds.
60 The PropositionAshley Katie Katie Ashley Aidan Fitzgerald Emma Harrison N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Proposition 1 Yes PDF & Word
With her thirtieth birthday looming, Emma Harrison finds her biological clock clanging and the elusive knight in shining armor yet to appear. She‘s running out of options, especially after her gay
best friend backs out from being her sperm donor. Of course, there‘s always a sperm bank, but Emma fears a donor mix-up might impregnate her with the spawn of Satan.
Resident company womanizer, Aidan Fitzgerald, is used to always getting what he wants, especially in the bedroom. When Emma spurns his advances at the company Christmas party, he's
determined to have her no matter what it takes. After Aidan learns of Emma's predicament, he is quick to offer a proposition that will benefit them both. He will father Emma's child, but she must
conceive it with him naturally. Not one for hook-ups or casual sex, Emma is reluctant to take him up on his offer, but his charm, coupled with her intense desire for motherhood, wins out.
Soon their baby-making sessions become more than just physical. Aidan can't seem to walk away from her while Emma begins to wonder if Aidan could be the one. But can Aidan leave his past
behind to become the man Emma needs him to be?
61 The Proposal Ashley Katie Katie Ashley Aidan Fitzgerald Emma Harrison N/A 2013 227 Contemporary To Read Yes The Proposition 2 Yes PDF
In the weeks following Aidan‘s betrayal, Emma has tried her best to move on. Ignoring his countless texts, voice mails, and flowers, she isn‘t sure she wants to be won back by him. But Aidan
isn‘t going down without a fight—especially not until Emma lets him reveal the secret of his past that caused him to be so commitment phobic.
But fate intervenes when premature labor forces Emma on strict bed rest for two weeks. Aidan steps forward with a shocking proposal. To prove his love and commitment for her and their unborn
son, he will take a leave of absence from work to care for her around the clock. Vowing to guard her heart, Emma reluctantly agrees.
While she is touched by Aidan‘s attentiveness and tender loving care, Emma is thrown for a loop by the amorous attentions of ER doctor, Alpesh ―Pesh‖ Nadeen. Pesh is everything Emma could
ever want—successful, stable, and ready to settle down and be a husband and father. Pesh wants nothing more than to win Emma‘s heart, but she is not sure she‘s able to give it.
Her heart may still belong to the very man who broke it—the one who is so desperately trying to win her back
62 Lady Luck Ashley Kristen Kristen AshleyTy Walker Lexie BerryN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Colorado Mountain 3 Yes PDF & Word
Ty Walker was wrongly imprisoned and for the five years he was inside, he honed his plan so when he gets out, he has nothing but vengeance on his mind.
But then he walks straight to stylish, leggy, beautiful, goofy Lexie Berry and he suddenly has something else to think about. He knows within seconds he wants her and within days he can love
her but with the filth that was flung at him clinging; he also knows he can‘t have her.
Since birth, Lexie Berry has been Lady Luck‘s favorite toy and because of that, Lexie is cautious. But within a day, she senses Ty is something special. With her luck, however, she can‘t trust
it. Then she finds out what was done to Ty and she‘s willing to do anything to make it right.
Even what Ty will never forgive her for doing.
Ty clings to vengeance and Lexie goes all out to give him back the time he lost. But Ty is battling demons within and they‘re up against dirty cops and criminals who will stop at nothing to sway
Lady Luck against them. All Ty and Lexie have is hope Lady Luck will finally swing their way.
63 Mystery Man Ashley Kristen Kristen AshleyCabe "Hawk" Delgado Gwendolyn Kidd N/A 2011 261 Contemporary Read 04.10.2013 Yes DreamMan 1 Yes PDF Human Human
While drinking cosmopolitans, Gwendolyn Kidd meets the man of her dreams. Then she takes him home. Then she wakes up alone. But her fear that she lost her dream man turns into a
relationship with a mystery man when, night after night in the dead of night, he comes back for more. Hoping it will blossom into something real, she lets him.
But she doesn‘t even know his name.
Gwen‘s struggling with the decision to end their crazy non-relationship when her sister-from-hell, Ginger‘s best friend pays a visit and warns Gwen that if she and her sister don't get smart, they'll
both get d-e-a-d, dead. Gwen has no clue what‘s going on but she‘s used to Ginger‘s antics and decides to lay the problem on her sister‘s biker boyfriend's doorstep. Bad choice. She hits the
Denver Underground radar with a big, loud ping.
This means Gwen‘s Mystery Man, Cabe ―Hawk‖ Delgado has to step in to keep her safe. But when Hawk gets a dose of Gwen in the daylight, he makes the decision that he finally wants real
with Gwen. However when Gwen gets a dose of badass, bossy, straight-talker Hawk in the daylight, she decides she‘s done.
Thus begins the head-to-head of the Commando vs. Cosmo Girl as Hawk woos Gwen in his own unique way, Gwen survives firebombs, drive-bys, kidnappings, hot pursuits by biker hotties and
gorgeous police detectives and discovers the heartbreaking reason why Hawk kept her at arm‘s length.
And as all this happens, Gwen finds that her sister‘s troubles are serious trouble and she must decide who to keep alive: her sister-from-hell or the man of her dreams.
64 Knight Ashley Kristen Kristen AshleyKnight Sebring Anya GageN/A Contemporary Read 04.08.2013 Yes Unfinished Hero 1 Yes PDF & Word
Anya Gage has learned that to get anything good in life, you have to work for it. She has no expectations, no dreams.
Then she finds herself at a party where she doesn‘t want to be and she meets Knight.
Knight Sebring knows who he is, what he wants and what he likes. And he gets it. But he never expected something as sweet as Anya Gage to wander into his bedroom during a party he did
not expect to be having to borrow his phone.
Knight tries to leave Anya to the life she deserves of white picket fences and a man who watches football on Sundays – good, normal and clean. But when Anya comes to his nightclub and finds
herself in a situation, he knows someone has to look after her, he can‘t fight it anymore and he decides that man will be him.
Knight teaches Anya that, just as with the bad, in life you should also expect the good. And he teaches her this by giving it to her.
But Knight has a dark past and just as he desires Anya for exactly who she is, he fears when she finds out exactly the man he has become and always intends to be, she‘ll leave him for good,
normal and clean.
WARNING: This book is an ADULT EROTIC romance featuring an anti-hero. This novel contains explicit sex scenes and language. The hero in this novel lives a life by his own code with no
apologies. He is not your "normal" hero. If you do not enjoy the above, this novel may not be for you.
65 Winter Garden AshworthAdele Adele Ashworth Thomas Blackwood Madeleine DuMais N/A Historical To Read Yes Winter Garden 2 Yes Epub
Though a celebrated French beauty in 1849, Madeleine DuMais's cleverness is her greatest asset --- and one she puts to good use as a spy for the British. When her expertise is needed in the
south of England to break up a smuggling ring, Madeleine willingly puts her life on hold to help the crown ...
Arriving in the quaint resort town of Winter Garden, Madeleine meets her partner in subterfuge. Thomas Blackwood is unlike any man she has ever met. His quiet confidence and mysterious
intensity send shivers of pleasure coursing through her ... shivers that slowly melt into a desperate passion. As duty gives way to desire, surrender holds its reward. And Madeleine will never
recover from the touch of Thomas's hands on her body --- and the touch of his heart on her soul ...
66 Seal the Deal Aster Kate Kate Aster Mick Riley Lacey Owens N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Meet Lieutenant Commander Mick Riley, a member of the fabled SEAL Team Six. Fresh from a mission and stationed at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, sparks fly when Mick meets
thirty-year-old Lacey Owens at the funeral of his elderly mentor. Yet Lacey is the type of woman Mick wants to avoid—the kind that gets him thinking about settling down, spawning young, and
finding lower-mortality employment.
Lacey has her own reasons for avoiding Mick. Tired of living in the shadow of her financial mogul sister, this real estate agent has tossed ethics aside to succeed in today's beleaguered housing
market. Her no-fail plan to land lucrative waterfront listings? Crashing the funerals of wealthy corpses with the hope their heirs will need to sell their homes. But when Mick plants himself in
between Lacey and a multi-million-dollar real estate listing, Lacey could find herself in hot water—or scorching-hot passion.
67 Make Mine a Double Austin Nicole Nicole Austin
Lockhart Kaylie Ward
r 2011 125 Contemporary Read 21.03.2014 4 Yes Fantasy 2 Yes PDF Human Human Human
6 Feet tall, deeply tanned, muscular, silky
black hair, dark chocolate brown hair,
square jaw, athletic body, slight dimples in
his cheeks
5 foot 3 inches, light blond hair cut in a
choppy style, heart shaped face, delicate
features, wide pouty lips, light baby blue
Soft brown eyes, short spiky dark blond
hair, broad brows, straight nose, sharply
angled jaw, sensual mouth, lower lip
slightly plumper than the curving upper lip,
cleft in his chin, tanned, hairless,
musculine body
Brooding, silent type, alpha male attitude,
bold Independent, open, friendly, confident Calm, cool, laid back Artist
Temp for
the DA's
Barister at
coffee shop Strategist Sunset Beach, Florida, USA Erotica Menage, MMF
Kaylie's ex cleaned her out and left her with a pile of debt and now she's been evicted from her home. She asks her friend to put her up and her friend suggests the neighbours' and good friends'
house, Max and Breydon while they're abroad. Brayden and Max are flying around the world fucking countless women in search of a third to complete them, MAx's idea. At this encounter, Max
almost fucks a woman bareback and Brayden storms off and says he's done and that he's going home. Brayden catches a plane and goes home and climbs naked into bed not realising that
Kaylie is there. When Brayden wakes in the morning Kaylie has him tied to the bed and he is hot for her and they both get off by dry humping. Max has followed Brayden home and is watching.
They then set out to convince Kaylie that she is meant to be with them and finally do.
No doubt about it, Kaylie Ward's a loser magnet. So she swears off men. But give her some tequila to wash away those man troubles and she's more than ready for a hot ménage fantasy.
Somehow, dream and reality collide when she wakes up with two naked hunks in bed with her-not that she's complaining.
Best friends, business partners, lovers-Max Lockhart and Brayden Sinclair share everything, including women. Like a bad country song, they went looking for love in all the wrong places, only to
find it waiting for them at home, in their bed no less.
Kaylie's plans for the future revolve around having a "normal" life. Going after it means living with a broken heart, unless she can keep her double order of beefcake and have a real family too. Lots of steamy sex, menage, mm action. Very very hot.
68 Melting Ice Austin Nicole Nicole Austin SamWestervelt Syndra Banks N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Seals on Fire 5 Yes Epub
Syndra Banks should be thrilled by an invitation to join SEAL team Arapahoe in Key West for a wild good time. Instead the text summons from Ice pisses her off. Why? Because he calls and
she goes running, without fail, every damn time. And now she doesn‘t have a choice. If Syn wants to get her personal life moving forward she has to see him again in person to break it off.
Thanks to his smokin‘ hot lover, Master Chief Sam Westervelt is losing his edge. Syn is melting the ice that runs in his veins, turning it into a river of molten lust. His discipline is shot and he‘s
daydreaming about intense, steamy sex while on missions, putting his entire team at risk. But he has a surefire plan all figured out if he can just toe the line a little longer.
Sometimes getting what you want is as simple as reaching out, grabbing hold and not letting go.
69 Short Smut Authors Various Various Authors Various Various Various Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
AnthologySix stories from today's erotic authors will warm your body and arouse your heart. Featuring tales of domination/submission, erotic abandon and perverse intimacy, Short Smut offers a
range of fantasies for the discerning erotic reader.
Featuring Skye Warren, Lindsey Bedder, Theo Fenraven, AJ Rose, Virginia Flowers, and Antoinette M—.
Warning: Contains BDSM, rough sex, group sex, anal, M/F, M/M.
70 Butterfly Unpinned Bacchi, Dee Laura, Bonnie Laura, Bonnie Bacchi, Dee Bryan Lapahie Butterfly N/A 2009 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Slavery was her refuge--now it's time to fly free. Navajo woodworker Bryan Lapahie can't believe his luck. He's been hired to create sculptures for a wealthy photographer's wildly opulent mansion.
Once inside, he finds his new boss is a man of many possessions--and an appetite for BDSM so extreme it makes Bryan's own Dominant tendencies look tame.
Of the four submissives enslaved at the mansion, it is quiet Butterfly who captures his interest. Her vulnerable beauty stirs his fantasies--and awakens his protective instincts.
Butterfly wanted only two things: to feel protected, and to satisfy her craving for hardcore kink. She found both--with the wrong guy. She'd almost forgotten how to be a normal person until a man
with flowing dark hair enters the mansion. Suddenly, her safe haven is looking more and more like a prison, and all she can think about is breaking free--with Bryan.
To rescue her, Bryan is more than willing to lay everything on the line. But simply walking away isn't as easy as it seems....
Warning: Extreme masochistic tortures and degradation as well as joyful BDSM acts between loving partners.
Erotica/BDSM Erotica
71 The Sabbides Secret Baby Baird JacquelineJacqueline Baird Jed Sabbides Phoebe Brown N/A 2010 Contemporary Read 15.08.2013 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Naive Phoebe Brown fell for Mediterranean magnate Jed Sabbides after he wined, dined and bedded her with a fervor that made her feel cherished. But when Phoebe happily announced she was
pregnant, Jed was appalled. Didn't she understand--she was only a pleasing distraction? Sadly Phoebe lost the man she loved, and her baby....So it is with disbelief that, years later, Jed
discovers Phoebe has a little boy...who looks just like him
72 Power Trip Baker Miranda Miranda Baker Calvin Davis Audrey Fallon N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Double Helix 1 Yes Epub
"When opposites attract, sparks fly. "
"Double Helix, Book 1"
Calvin Davis is super-charged with electricity. A potential danger to everyone around him, he must release the energy building up inside, either by edgy electrical sex play or filling fuel cells for
his power company. Cal lives his life under the radar and off the grid, finding new subs at the Lair and doing his dead-level best not to touch them, or anyone, with bare skin.
Geneticist Audrey Fallon lives in the shadow of her talented brother, keenly feeling the lack of her own super power, until one night with Cal reveals her unique ability to withstand erotic electrical
torment. Although she doesn t see herself as kinky, she s willing to experiment if it means learning more about her new-found abilities and the tightly controlled Dom.
Cal can t believe the only woman he can touch is vanilla, and he s determined to prove she enjoys kink. Audrey is equally determined to turn the tables and prove he doesn t always have to be in
control. But when Audrey s genetic research reveals dangerous clues to the origin of their powers, losing control takes on new meaning as Cal must push every limit especially his own to save
Warning: This book contains electric sex, super-powered kink, two scientists conducting shocking experiments, and enough thunder and lightning to fill a sex dungeon with smoke
73 One Night for Love Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Neville Wyatt Lily N/A Historical To Read Yes Bedwyn 0.1 Yes PDF
One reckless man . . . One passionate woman.
Enter the world of Mary Balogh---the glittering ballrooms and vast country estates of Regency-era England, where romance, with all its mystery, magic, and surprises, comes vibrantly alive.
It was a perfect morning in May . . .
Neville Wyatt, Earl of Kilbourne, awaited his bride at the altar---when a ragged beggar woman raced down the aisle instead. The cream of the ton saw him stare, shocked, then declare that this
was his wife! One night of passion was all he remembered as he beheld Lily, the woman he'd wed, loved, and lost on the battlefield in Portugal. Now he said he'd honor his commitment to her---
regardless of the gulf that lay between them.
Then Lily spoke her mind . . .
She said she wanted only to start a new life---wanted only a husband who truly loved her. She had to leave him to learn how to meet his world on her terms. So Lily agreed to earn her keep as
his aunt's companion and study the genteel arts. Soon she was the toast of the ton, every inch a countess fit for the earl, who vowed to prove to his remarkable wife that what he felt for her was
far more than desire, that what he wanted from her was much more than . . . One Night for Love.
74 A Summer to Remember Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Kit Butler Lauren Edgeworth N/A Historical Read 2012 4 Yes Bedwyn 0.2 Yes PDF
Kit Butler is cool, dangerous, one of London's mostinfamous bachelors---marriage is the last thing on his mind. But Kit's family has other plans. Desperate to thwart his father's matchmaking, Kit
needs a Enter Miss Lauren Edgeworth.
A year after being abandoned at the altar, Lauren has determined that marriage is not for her. When these two fiercely independent souls meet, sparks fly---and a deal is hatched. Lauren will
masquerade as Kit's intended if he agrees to provide a passionate, adventurous, unforgettable summer. When summer ends, she will break off the engagement, rendering herself unmarriageable
and leaving them both free. Everything is going perfectly---until Kit does the unthinkable: He begins to fall in love. A summer to remember is not enough for him. But how can he convince Lauren
to be his...for better, for worse, for the rest of their lives?
75 Slightly MarriedBalogh Mary Mary Balogh Aidan Bedwyn Eve N/A Historical To Read Yes Bedwyn 1 Yes PDF
Meet the Bedwyns…six brothers and sisters—men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality…Enter their dazzling world of high society and breathtaking seduction…where
each will seek love, fight temptation, and court scandal…and where Aidan Bedwyn, the marriage-shy second son, discovers that matrimony may be the most seductive act of all.…
Like all the Bedwyn men, Aidan has a reputation for cool arrogance. But this proud nobleman also possesses a loyal, passionate heart—and it is this fierce loyalty that has brought Colonel Lord
Aidan to Ringwood Manor to honor a dying soldier's request. Having promised to comfort and protect the man's sister, Aidan never expected to find a headstrong, fiercely independent woman
who wants no part of his protection…nor did he expect the feelings this beguiling creature would ignite in his guarded heart. And when a relative threatens to turn Eve out of her home, Aidan
gallantly makes her an offer she can't refuse: marry him…if only to save her home. And now, as all of London breathlessly awaits the transformation of the new Lady Aidan Bedwyn, the strangest
thing happens: With one touch, one searing embrace, Aidan and Eve's ―business arrangement‖ is about to be transformed…into something slightly surprising.
76 Slightly WickedBalogh Mary Mary Balogh Rannulf Bedwyn Judith Law N/A Historical To Read Yes Bedwyn 2 Yes PDF
Meet the Bedwyns�six brothers and sisters�men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality�Enter their dazzling world of high society and breathtaking
seduction�where each will seek love, fight temptation, and court scandal�and where Rannulf Bedwyn, the rebellious third son, enters into a liaison that is rather risqué, somewhat
naughty, and�Slightly Wicked.
With his laughing eyes and wild, rakish good looks, Lord Rannulf Bedwyn is a hard man to resist. To Judith Law, a woman in need of rescue when her stagecoach overturns, Rannulf is simply
her savior, a heroic stranger she will reward with one night of reckless passion before she must become a companion to her wealthy aunt. Imagine Judith's shock when the same stranger turns
out to be among England's most eligible bachelors�and when he arrives at Harewood Grange to woo her cousin. Certainly, they had made no vows, no promises, but Rannulf never did forget
his uninhibited lover�nor did she forget that one delicious night. And as scandal sets the household abuzz, Rannulf proposes a solution�but when Judith refuses to have him�in love or
wedlock�Rannulf has only one choice: to wage a campaign of pure pleasure to capture the heart of the woman who has already won his.
77 Slightly Scandalous Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Joshua Moore Freyja Bedwyn N/A Historical To Read Yes Bedwyn 3 Yes PDF
Meet the Bedwyns: six brothers and sisters, men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality.
Enter their dazzling world of high society and breathtaking seduction, where each will seek love, fight temptation, and court scandal, and where Freyja Bedwyn, the wild-hearted daughter, meets
her match in a man as passionate, reckless, and scandalous as she.
Growing up with four unruly brothers has made Freyja Bedwyn far bolder than most society ladies. From feisty manner to long, tumbling hair, Lady Freyja is pure fire, a woman who seeks both
adventure and freedom.
Adventure soon finds her on a visit to Bath, when a handsome stranger bursts into Freyja's room and entreats her to hide him. His name is Joshua Moore, Marquess of Hallmere, a man with a
hell-raising reputation of his own who is quickly intrigued by the independent beauty. So intrigued, in fact, that he makes her a surprising request: to pose as his fiancée and help thwart his
family's matchmaking schemes. For two people determined to be free, it's the perfect plan, until passion blindsides them both. For as Joshua sets out to achieve his complete seduction of
Freyja, a woman who has sworn off love is in danger of losing the one thing she never expected to give again: her heart.
78 Slightly Tempted Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Gervase Ashford Morgan Bedwyn N/A Historical Read 2012 4 Yes Bedwyn 4 No N/A
Meet the Bedwyns - six brothers and sisters - men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality.
Enter their dazzling world of high society and breathtaking seduction, where each will seek love, fight temptation, and court scandal, and where Morgan Bedwyn, the willful youngest daughter,
discovers that true love is a temptation no woman can, or should, resist.
Young. Ravishing. Exquisitely marriageable. From the moment he spies Lady Morgan Bedwyn across the glittering ballroom, Gervase Ashford, Earl of Rosthorn, knows he has found the perfect
instrument of his revenge. But wedlock is not on the mind of the continent's most notorious rake. Nor is it of interest to the fiercely independent Lady Morgan herself, until one night of shocking
intimacy erupts in a scandal that could make Gervase's vengeance all the sweeter. There is only one thing standing in his way: Morgan, who has achieved the impossible, she's melted his coolly
guarded heart. For Gervase, only the marriage bed will do, but Morgan simply will not have him. Thus begins a sizzling courtship where two wary hearts are about to be undone by the most
scandalous passion of all: glorious, all-consuming love.
79 Slightly Sinful Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Alleyne Bedwyn Rachel YorkN/A Historical Read 2012 4 Yes Bedwyn 5 Yes PDF
Meet the Bedwyns - six brothers and sisters - men and women of passion and privilege, daring and sensuality....Enter their dazzling world of high society and breathtaking seduction...where
each will seek love, fight temptation, and court scandal...and where Alleyne Bedwyn, the passionate middle son, is cut off from his past, only to find his future with a sinfully beautiful woman he
will risk everything to love.
As the fires of war raged around him, Lord Alleyne Bedwyn was thrown from his horse and left for dead, only to awaken in the bedchamber of a ladies' brothel. Suddenly the dark, handsome
diplomat has no memory of who he is or how he got there, yet of one thing he is certain: The angel who nurses him back to health is the woman he vows to make his own. But like him, Rachel
York is not who she seems. A lovely young woman caught up in a desperate circumstance, she must devise a scheme to regain her stolen fortune. The dashing soldier she rescued from near-
death could be her savior in disguise. There is just one condition: she must pose as his wife, a masquerade that will embroil them in a sinful scandal, where a man and a woman court
impropriety with each daring step...with every taboo kiss that can turn passionate strangers into the truest of lovers.
80 Slightly Dangerous Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Wulfric Bedwyn Christine Derrick N/A Historical Read 2012 4 Yes Bedwyn 6 Yes PDF
All of London is abuzz over the imminent arrival of Wulfric Bedwyn, the reclusive, cold-as-ice Duke of Bewcastle, at the most glittering social event of the season. Some whisper of a tragic love
affair. Others say he is so aloof and passionless that not even the greatest beauty could capture his attention. But on this dazzling afternoon, one woman did catch the duke's eye, and she was
the only female in the room who wasn't even trying. Christine Derrick is intrigued by the handsome duke, all the more so when he invites her to become his mistress.
What red-blooded woman wouldn't enjoy a tumble in the bedsheets with a consummate lover, with no strings and no questions asked. An infuriating lady with very definite views on men, morals,
and marriage, Christine confounds Wulfric at every turn. Yet even as the lone wolf of the Bedwyn clan vows to seduce her any way he can, something strange and wonderful is happening. Now,
for a man who thought he'd never lose his heart, nothing less than love will do.
With her trademark wit, riveting storytelling, and sizzling sexual sparks, Mary Balogh once again brings together two polar opposites: an irresistible, high-and-mighty aristocrat and the impulsive,
pleasure-loving woman who shows him what true passion is all about. A man and a woman so wrong for each other, it can result only in the perfect match.
81 Indiscreet Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Historical To Read Yes Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 Yes PDF
Mary Balogh transports readers to Regency England, a lush era that she has brought to life time and again in the pages of her bestselling novels. She captures the pageantry and drama, the
manners and morals of a time when women often paid the price of passion, and the rarest of all privileges was true love. When the indiscreet attentions of a handsome lord bring a young widow
close to ruin, she comes face-to-face with a past she has fought to escape. Original.
82 Unforgiven Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Kenneth Woodfall Moira Hayes N/A Historical To Read Yes Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 Yes PDF
The Woodfall and Hayes families have been bitter rivals for nearly a century. Now after eight years, Kenneth returns home and realizes his undying love for Miss Moira Hayes.For her, he is willing
to forget the past. But can she...?
83 Irresistable Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Nathaniel Gascoigne Sophia Armitage N/A Historical To Read Yes Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3 Yes PDF
Sophia Armitage was a friend, indeed. She had agreed to help Sir Nathaniel Gascoigne find a husband for his cousin, Lavinia, in the glittering city of London—only half hoping that she'd find one
herself. Sophia knew the odds were against her. Men simply did not seem attracted to her—not that way. Even her late husband had treated Sophia more as a companion than a lover. But then
something shocking happened in London—Sophia found herself in the arms of Nathaniel himself! Not only did this act of indiscretion threaten their lifelong friendship, it revealed the depth of
passion that defied everything Sophia believed about herself.
84 First Comes Marriage Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Elliott Wallace Vanessa Huxtable N/A Historical Read 2012 4 Yes Huxtable Quintet 1 No N/A
Against the scandal and seduction of Regency England, New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh introduces an extraordinary family�the fiery, sensual Huxtables. Vanessa is the
second daughter, proud and daring, a young widow who has her own reason for pursuing the most eligible bachelor in London. One that has nothing to do with love. Or does it?
The arrival of Elliott Wallace, the irresistibly eligible Viscount Lyngate, has thrown the country village of Throckbridge into a tizzy. Desperate to rescue her eldest sister from a loveless union,
Vanessa Huxtable Dew offers herself instead. In need of a wife, Elliott takes the audacious widow up on her unconventional proposal while he pursues an urgent mission of his own. But a strange
thing happens on the way to the wedding night. Two strangers with absolutely nothing in common can�t keep their hands off each other. Now, as intrigue swirls around a past
secret�one with a stunning connection to the Huxtables�Elliott and Vanessa are uncovering the glorious pleasures of the marriage bed�and discovering that when it comes to wedded
bliss, love can�t be far behind
85 More Than a Mistress Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham Jane Ingleby N/A Historical To Read Yes Mistress 1 Yes PDF
She raced onto the green, desperate to stop a duel. In the melee, Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham, was shot. To his astonishment, Tresham found himself hiring the servant as his nurse. Jane
Ingleby was far too bold for her own good. Her blue eyes were the sort a man could drown in-were it not for her impudence. She questioned his every move, breached his secrets, touched his
soul. When he offered to set her up in his London town house, love was the last thing on his mind....
Jane tried to pretend it was strictly business, an arrangement she was forced to accept in order to conceal a dangerous secret. Surely there was nothing more perilous than being the lover of
such a man. Yet as she got past his devilish facade and saw the noble heart within, she knew the greatest jeopardy of all, a passion that drove her to risk everything on one perfect month with
the improper gentleman who thought love was for fools.
86 No Man's Mistress Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Ferdinand Dudley Viola Thornhill N/A Historical To Read Yes Mistress 2 Yes PDF
The dark, devastating stranger rode into the village fair and wagered twenty pounds at the throwing booth — for a chance to win the daisies in Viola Thornhill‘s hair. The Gypsy fortune teller had
warned: ―Beware of a tall, dark, handsome stranger. He can destroy you — if you do not first snare his heart.‖
Recklessly Viola flirted, then danced with him around the Maypole. And then came his delicate, delicious kiss. Viola did not regret that she had let down her guard — until the next morning,
when he appeared at her door to claim her beloved Pinewood Manor.
Lord Ferdinand Dudley won her home in a game of cards!
Viola hated him for trying to take everything, including her soul. She was mistress of Pinewood Manor. Yet Dudley refused to leave, even as his conscience rebelled at compromising this
beautiful innocent whose only proof of ownership was a dead earl‘s promise. Dudley held the deed, but at what cost?
Each day under the same roof brought its share of temptation, intimacy, and guilt. But Viola knew it was a battle she could not afford to lose. Marriage was out of the question, and she would be
no man‘s mistress. Even as Dudley‘s unnerving presence, his knowing smile, threatened to melt her resolve.
Against his better judgment, Lord Ferdinand Dudley was beguiled. This maddening beauty had stirred him as no woman had before. And he was bound and determined to make her his own.
87 A Precious Jewel Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Gerald Stapleton Priscilla Wentworth N/A Historical To Read Yes Stapleton-Downes 2 Yes PDF
Luck is a Lady
Once Miss Priscilla Wentworth had been a well-bred young lady. That was before family tragedy left her without shelter from poverty and want. Now Priscilla supposed she should count herself
lucky that a gentleman like Sir Gerald Stapleton wanted her to be his most favored favorite-someone who was worthy of being his mistress. But Priscilla was not foolish enough to think that
lucky in lust meant lucky in love-just as Sir Gerald did not dream that Priscilla could be anything more to him than a plaything of passion.
But though both Priscilla and Sir Gerald knew the ways of the world all too well, they knew all too little about the ways of the heart..
88 Dark Angel Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Earl of Thornell Jennifer Winward N/A Historical To Read Yes Stapleton-Downes 3 Yes PDF
Betrothed to the impeccably upright and honorable Lord Lionel Kersey, Jennifer Winward is baffled--and dismayed--by her attraction to the licentious Earl of Thornell, Regency England's most
notorious rake.
89 Lord Carew's Bride Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Historical To Read Yes Stapleton-Downes 4 Yes PDF
Never had she felt so torn--there were plans she had made, things she wanted to do, but now, faced with this charming rogue, all these things seemed distant. And as she looked into his
mesmerizing eyes, she felt herself slipping deeper under his delicious spell--and closer to her own desire.
90 The Famous Heroine Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Cora Downes Historical To Read Yes Stapleton-Downes 5 Yes PDF
Cora Downes was only a merchant's daughter. But when she saved a duke's son from drowning, her reward was entry into London high society. Then when she saved a highborn lady's poodles
from disaster, she became belle of every ball. But nothing could save her from the threat of heartbreak--nothing, perhaps, except a most unlikely love.
91 The Plumed Bonnet Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Alistair Munro Stephanie Gray N/A Historical To Read Yes Stapleton-Downes 6 Yes PDF
Alistair Munro, the Duke of Bridgwater, is looking for love outside the bounds of polite society. And that‘s what he expects to receive when he rescues a seemingly disreputable girl in a colorful
bonnet off the side of the road. Yet Stephanie Gray, a former governess, has recently come into money and is eager for a proper match with a well-born man. Sure that he‘s sullied her name,
Alistair offers marriage to make amends. And in this unlikely union, Stephanie and Alistair make a welcome discovery—that sometimes it‘s possible to marry first, then fall in love.
92 A Christmas Bride Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Historical To Read Yes Stapleton-Downes 7 Yes PDF
A wealthy man makes a promise to his aging father that he will wed a titled and proper young lady by Christmas, but it is a beautiful widow who ends up capturing his undivided attention. Caught
up in an irresistible passion and scandalous liaison, the two believe they are destined to remain apart. This is the season, however, when miracles do occur.
93 Christmas BelleBalogh Mary Mary Balogh Jack FrazerIsabella N/A Historical To Read Yes Steward-Frazer 2 Yes PDF
Once they were lovers. Isabella was a fledgling actress, struggling to survive. Jack Frazer was a youth as innocent as he was handsome, consumed by love for this girl he could never make his
Their year together was bliss; their parting bitter with jealousy and anger. But that had been long ago. Now Isabella is the premier star of the London stage. And Jack is the city's supreme rake, a
jaded libertine currently courting an exquisite if inexperienced young lady on orders from his titled grandmother. Both Isabella and Jack are utterly changed -- so what danger can there be if they
meet again? But as they soon discover, there are painful wounds that never heal -- and burning passions that refuse to die...
94 Dancing with Clara Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Fredrick Sullivan Clara Danford N/A Historical To Read Yes Sullivan 2 Yes PDF
Miss Clara Danford had no illusions about Fredrick Sullivan. She knew that this magnificently handsome gentleman was a rake whose women were legion and whose gambling debts were
staggering. she also knew why he wished to wed her. It was not for the beauty and grace she did not have, but for her fortune, which would rescue the dazzling wastrel from ruin. Should she
refuse and lose her one chance to have such a splendid mate? Or should she accept a proposal made with lips that lied as skillfully as they kissed? One thing was sure. Clara might have no
illusions to lose--but she would have to be careful not to lose her heart.......
95 Tempting Harriet Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Lord TenbyLady Harriet Wingham N/A Historical To Read Yes Sullivan 3 Yes PDF
She had resisted scandalous seduction once before, but now Lady Harriet Wingham was wealthy, experienced, and widowed. Lord Tenby still wanted Harriet as his mistress, but she doubted
that she could surrender her body without losing her heart. The author of The Precious Jewel and other novels and the winner of the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award presents her
newest Regency romance.
96 Heartless Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Lucas Kendrick Lady Anna Marlowe N/A Historical To Read Yes The Kendrick & Marlowe Siblings 1 Yes PDF
Life has taught Lucas Kendrick, Duke of Harndon, that a heart is a decided liability. Betrayed by his brother, rejected by his fiancée, Luke fled to Paris, where he became the most sought-after
bachelor in fashionable society.
Ten years later, fate has brought him back home, to the rescue of the very people who had once shunned him. Luke is amused by the advice that a wife will make his takeover of both the title
and the family estate smoother, but amusement turns to desire once he sets eyes upon Lady Anna Marlowe.
Unbeknownst to Luke, Anna is also no stranger to pain, but her suffering can't be so easily overcome, not when her tormentor stalks her to the very doors of Bowden Abbey. Luke and Anna,
each made fragile by the past, must learn to trust both each other and their love if they are to have any chance for a future together
97 Silent Melody Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Lord Ashley Kendrick Lady Emily Marlowe N/A Historical To Read Yes The Kendrick & Marlowe Siblings 2 Yes PDF
Lady Emily Marlowe was beautiful, wild, and unspoiled. She could not hear or speak, though she listened with her eyes and answered with her smile. She was betrothed to a man who would
have her as a pretty possession, a captive listener. But there was only one man for her—the dark and reckless Lord Ashley Kendrick, the childhood amour who inspired her fantasies—then left
for India and found another love.
Seven years and countless dreams later, he returned to her, and love was born with a dance, a minuet that stirred her soul, a song so passionate it has no words.
98 Simply Unforgettable Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Lucius Marshall Frances Allard N/A Historical To Read Yes The Simply Quartet 1 Yes PDF
They meet in a ferocious snowstorm. She is a young teacher with a secret past. He is the black-caped stranger who comes to her rescue. Stranded together in a country inn, Lucius Marshall
and Frances Allard share a night of glorious, unforgettable passion. But Frances knows her place. Due to begin her teaching position at Miss Martin's School in Bath, Frances must try to forget
that one extraordinary night. But when fate once again throws them together, Lucius's passionate, single-minded pursuit will force Frances to give up all her secrets --- except one --- to win the
heart of the man she already loves.
99 Simply Love Balogh Mary Mary Balogh SydnamButler Anne Jewell N/A Historical To Read Yes The Simply Quartet 2 Yes PDF
Anne first spied him in the deepening dusk of a Wales evening --- a lone figure of breathtaking strength, his handsome face branded by a secret pain. For teacher and single mother Anne Jewell,
Sydnam Butler is a man whose sorrows --- and passions --- run deeper than she could have ever imagined. As steward of a remote seaside manor, Sydnam lives a reclusive existence. Yet he
senses in Anne a kindred soul, and between these two wary hearts, desire stirs. Unable to resist the passion that has rescued them both, Anne and Sydnam share an afternoon of exquisite
lovemaking. As scandal looms, suddenly the unwed mother and the war-scarred veteran must make a decision that could forever alter their lives ...
100 Simply Magic Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Peter Edgeworth Susanna Osbourne N/A Historical To Read Yes The Simply Quartet 3 Yes PDF
On a splendid August afternoon Susanna Osbourne is introduced to the most handsome man she has ever seen . . . and instantly feels the icy chill of recognition. Peter Edgeworth, Viscount
Whitleaf, is utterly charming—and seemingly unaware that they have met before. With his knowing smile and seductive gaze, Peter acts the rake; but he stirs something in Susanna she has
never felt before, a yearning that both frightens and dazzles her. Instantly she knows: this brash nobleman poses a threat to her heart . . . and to the secrets she guards so desperately.
From the moment they meet, Peter is drawn to Susanna‘s independence, dazzled by her sharp wit—he simply must have her. But the more he pursues, the more Susanna withdraws . . . until a
sensual game of thrust-and-parry culminates in a glorious afternoon of passion. Now more determined than ever to keep her by his side, Peter begins to suspect that a tragic history still haunts
Susanna. And as he moves closer to the truth, Peter is certain of one thing: he will defy the mysteries of her past for a future with this exquisite creature—all Susanna must do is trust him with
the most precious secret of all. . . .
101 The Trysting Place Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Lord Edmond Waite Lady Felicity Wren N/A Historical To Read Yes Waite 1 Yes PDF
A Most Dangerous Game
Lady Felicity Wren came to London for one purpose. After a marriage in name only to a man old enough to be her father, she was now a young, beautiful and wealthy widow; free at last to enjoy
the happiness that her misalliance had denied her. And her first step toward this goal was to find the handsomest and most sophisticated lord in all the realm to be her new mate.
She found him in the elegant person of Lord Edmond Waite. From the moment she met him, she wanted him, and he made it clear he wanted her as well.
But there was one cruel complication. While Felicity wanted Lord Waite as a husband, he wanted her as a mistress—and to win this war between decency and desire, Felicity had to risk losing
all in the arms of another man...
102 A Counterfeit Betrothal Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Lord Francis Sutton Lady Sophia Bryant N/A Historical To Read Yes Waite 2 Yes PDF
Lady Sophia Bryant had no intention of ever marrying. However, her own parents had been estranged for some fourteen years, and her one desire was to bring them together again in love. Surely,
if she were to announce her betrothal—even a false one—they would be forced to see each other at last.
Lord Francis Sutton was perfect for such deceit. Devilishly handsome and a notorious rake, he was always agreeable to games of passion, especially those in which he had nothing to fear and
nothing to lose. The trap was set...if only Lady Sophia could keep her foolish heart from falling prey to her brilliant snares...
103 The Notorious Rake Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Lord Edmund Waite Lady Mary Gregg N/A Historical To Read Yes Waite 3 Yes PDF
The Lady and the Libertine
Lord Edmund Waite was everything that Lady Mary Gregg despised in a man. He was lewd, lascivious, mocking—the most notorious and successful rake in the realm. Happily, Mary had
nothing to fear from this lord of libertines. A bluestocking like her could never tempt a man whose taste ran to pretty playthings for his pleasures.
How startled Mary was to find herself the object of Lord Waite's determined desires. But even more surprising was her reaction to his shocking advances. How could she remain a lady with this
man who knew so well how to make her feel like a woman?
104 A Masked Deception Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Richard Adair, Earl of Brampton Margaret Wells N/A 1999 Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
The handsome, dashing, wealthy Richard Adair, the seventh Earl of Brampton, was caught in a most devilishly difficult tug-of-war. Claiming his hand was shy and demure Margaret Wells, who
became his bride in an icily arranged marriage designed to produce an heir in a boringly proper alliance. Claiming his heart was a nameless charmer who concealed her face behind a mask and
displayed her body in a daring gown as she made the Earl give himself over to a scandalously improper passion. Both of them desperately wanted Richard Adair - and both dreaded to think what
would happen should he discover that they were one and the same two-faced lady ...
105 A Waltz Among the Stars Balogh Mary Mary Balogh 1992 Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Five of the most beloved and highly-acclaimed Regency authors present this collection of delightful tales that captures all the romance and intrigue of the most passionate of holidays--St.
Valentine's Day. This anthology of spirited ladies, dashing gentlemen, notorious rakes, and scandalous lovers will be savored all year long. Original.
A task for cupid by Carol Proctor
A waltz among the stars by Mary Balogh
The light within by Carla Kelly
The midsummer valentine by Sandra Heath
The legacy by Edith Layton
106 An Unacceptable Offer Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Michael Templeton, Viscount Fairfax Miss Jane Matthews N/A Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Michael Templeton, Viscount Fairfax, had actually proposed to Miss Jane Matthews. She knew what everyone expected, and she was as surprised as anyone when she found herself saying
"no" to the bewildered lord. Would she be able to withstand his determined pursuit? A Regency romance original.
107 An Unlikely Duchess Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Duke of Mitford Josephine Middleton N/A Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Josephine Middleton runs away from her husband to the lustful Duke of Mitford. But even if she can entrust her virtue to the Duke, she might not be able to trust herself. A Regency romance
108 Beyond the Sunrise Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Robert Blake Jeanne Morisette N/A 1992 Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
French noblewoman Jeanne Morisette had first met Englishman Robert Blake when they were teenagers, but when they meet again as adults, their countries are at war and they are serving as
109 Daring Masquerade Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Katherine 1989 Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
After her brutal forced marriage, Katherine vowed no man would ever again possess her. Then she met Nicholas Seyton and Sir Harry Tate. She knew little about either--except that each taught
her a different lesson in love and forced her into a more difficult choice than ever before.
110 Lady with a Black Umbrella Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Viscount Kincade Lady Daisy Morrison N/A 1989 Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Sister knows best
Lady Daisy Morrison, at twenty-five, considered herself too old to marry. But she vowed that her young sister Rose would achieve the ultimate in wedded bliss.
Certainly Rose had everything in her favor. Stunning beauty. Vast wealth. Sweet innocence. And above all, Daisy at her side to win her the premier prize in the London marriage mart.
When Daisy met the Viscount Kincade, she knew she had found Rose's perfect match...if only Daisy could keep this eminently attractive gentleman's attention fixed on Rose and not her…and if
only Daisy had enough sisterly affection not to fall in love with him...
111 Longing Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Alexander, Marquess of Craille Sian JonesN/A 1994 Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Sian Jones had been to Britain's finest schools, but manners and French lessons did not erase the stigma of being a lord's illegitimate daughter. Perhaps she would have been content among
Welsh ironworkers, her mother's people, had not Alexander, Marquess of Craille, arrived to run the mine he inherited.
112 No Roomat the Inn Balogh Mary Mary Balogh 1993 Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
In this collection of five Christmas-themed stories, beloved author Mary Balogh brings together tales of love, marriage, friendship, loneliness, and healing.
Includes four Balogh holiday classics, The Star of Bethlehem, The Best Gift, Playing House, and No Room At the Inn, as well as A Family Christmas, which is only available in this anthology.
113 Rakes & Rogues Balogh Mary Mary Balogh 1993 Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Open the pages of this superb book and enter the world of the bad boys of romance. Here are five exquisitely sexy stories by such beloved, highly acclaimed authors as Melinda McRae, Anita
Mills, Mary Jo Putney, and Maura Seger. Here are sly Romeos, devious dandies, sexy scoundrels, and darkly forbidding heroes--all outlaws of the heart.
114 Snow Angels Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Earl of Wetherby Lady Rosamund Hunter N/A Historical To Read Yes PDF
Young and beautiful Lady Rosamund Hunter had known the tenderness of love in her all-too-brief marriage to a much older, kind and gentle husband. Yet she had never been touched by the fires
of the heart.
The handsome dashing Earl of Wetherby was supremely well-versed in the pleasures of love. Yet even the most exquisitely enchanting of his partners in passion had left him unmoved.
The reserved Rosamund and the rakish Earl had a great deal to teach each other - if only they could persuade the other to learn..
115 The Forbidden Daffodils Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Historical To Read Yes PDF
Five stories by Mary Balogh, Karen Harper, Patricia Oliver, Margaret Evans Porter, and Patricia Rice, set in England and America throughout the 19th century, full of passion and promise,
scandal and heartache, these exquisite tales reveal the delicate beauty of the flowering of love. Original
116 The Incurable Matchmaker Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Marquess of Kenwood Diana IgramN/A Historical To Read Yes PDF
It was well known that Diana Ingram was as impeccably virtuous as she was exquisitely beautiful. It was just as well known that the handsome and charming Marquess of Kenwood was the
most insatiable and successful seducer in all of aristocratic society.
117 The Last WaltzBalogh Mary Mary Balogh Sir Gerard Percy Lady Christina N/A Historical To Read Yes PDF
Lady Christina was still in mourning, though it had been well over a year. And while she hadn't loved her late husband, she had grown accustomed to his money and his Puritan ways. But all this
would change at the arrival of the dreaded Sir Gerard Percy, the new master of Thornwood....
The moment Christina saw Gerard, she remembered her disdain for him. True, she had loved him once. But things had changed since then. Now the earl was a here to find a bride. To gather his
guests together for a house party at Thornwood. But how dare he suggest a Christmas ball at such short notice! And didn't he know that waltzing was indeed a sin? But at the ball, when Gerard
asks Christina for her hand in the last dance, she has no choice but to accept. For she cannot rightfully refuse the master of Thornwood...or her heart....
118 The Obedient Bride Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Lord Geoffrey Astor Arabella Wilson N/A Historical To Read Yes PDF
Miss Arabella Wilson knows perfectly well that the handsome Lord Geoffrey Astor is marrying her only out of a sense of duty. She resigns herself to this bargain and expects no more--until she
commits the most scandalous of sins: she falls in love with her own husband.
119 The Secret Pearl Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Fleur N/A Historical To Read Yes PDF
He first spies her in the shadows outside a London theatre, a ravishing creature forced to barter her body to survive.
To the woman known simply as Fleur, the well-dressed gentleman with the mesmerizing eyes is an unlikely savior. And when she takes the stranger to her bed, she never expects to see him
again. But then Fleur accepts a position as governess to a young girl…and is stunned to discover that her midnight lover is a powerful nobleman. As two wary hearts ignite–and the threat of
scandal hovers over them–one question remains: will she be mistress or wife?
120 The Temporary Wife Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Historical To Read Yes PDF
A beautiful lady agrees to a marriage proposal from an arrogant lord bent on enraging his hated father. But even though he would provide her in return with the money she and her family so
desperately needed, this mockery of a marriage is not so simple as it seems. For when he takes her in his arms, it is not only their contract that threatens to be broken, but her heart as well....
121 Thief of DreamsBalogh Mary Mary Balogh Historical To Read Yes PDF
On the eve of her twenty-first birthday ball, Cassandra would finally be free. Free from mourning her father's death, and free to begin a new life as Countess of Worthing. Cass had no intention of
marrying --- not yet. Instead, she planned to rule her land and bask in her independence.
Then the dashing Nigel Wetherby arrives at the ball --- an uninvited guest on Cassandra's most magical day. To young Cass, he is the sweetest of passions. But Nigel has plans of his own.
Plans that could break her heart, and defy their love. At once, he is both her worst nightmare --- and her dream come true ...
122 Truly Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Geraint Penderyn Marged Evans N/A Historical To Read Yes PDF
Once branded the bastard child of the Earl of Wyvern, Geraint Penderyn returns home to Tegfan after a 10-year absence to find toll gates across public roads and many of his farmers living in
squalor. As a ragged impoverished boy, he had been one with the villagers. Now, as the new Earl, he's met with hostility and resentment, especially from his childhood sweetheart, Marged
Evans. To make things right with his people (and to win back Marged), he masquerades as a "Rebecca," one of the bewigged, white-cloaked leaders of the 1842 riots against Welsh toll roads.
Disguised as a man, Marged rides as one of Rebecca's "daughters," and, as to be expected, falls in love with the man behind the mask.
123 Ungrateful Governess Balogh Mary Mary Balogh Earl of Rutherford Jessica Moore Historical To Read Yes PDF
The Earl of Rutherford was handsome, rich and as adept at giving pleasure as he was avid in pursuing it. He was certain his conquest of Jessica Moore--a mere governess--would be swift and
satisfying. But what he did not know was that Jessica planned to teach him a lesson in manners.
124 Rush Banks Maya Maya Banks Gabe Hamilton Mia Crestwell N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Breathless 1 Yes PDF
Gabe, Jace, and Ash: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They‘re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Gabe, it‘s making one particular fantasy
come true with a woman who was forbidden fruit. Now she‘s ripe for the picking...
When Gabe Hamilton saw Mia Crestwell walk into the ballroom for his hotel‘s grand opening, he knew he was going to hell for what he had planned. After all, Mia is his best friend‘s little sister.
Except she‘s not so little anymore. And Gabe has waited a long time to act on his desires.
Gabe has starred in Mia‘s fantasies more than once, ever since she was a teenager with a huge crush on her brother‘s best friend. So what if Gabe‘s fourteen years older? Mia knows he‘s way
out of her league, but her attraction has only grown stronger with time. She‘s an adult now, and there‘s no reason not to act on her most secret desires.
As Gabe pulls her into his provocative world, she realizes there‘s a lot she doesn‘t know about him or how exacting his demands can be. Their relationship is intense and obsessive, but as they
cross the line from secret sexual odyssey to something deeper, their affair runs the risk of being exposed—and vulnerable to a betrayal far more intimate than either expected.
125 Fever Banks Maya Maya Banks Jace Crestwell Bethany N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Breathless 2 Yes PDF
Jace, Ash, and Gabe: three of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the country. They‘re accustomed to getting anything they want. Anything at all. For Jace, it‘s a woman whose allure takes
him completely by surprise...
Jace Crestwell, Ash McIntyre, and Gabe Hamilton have been best friends and successful business partners for years. They‘re powerful, they‘re imposing, they‘re irresistibly sexy, and Jace and
Ash share everything—including their women.
When they meet Bethany, Jace begins to feel things he‘s never experienced before: jealousy, and a powerful obsession that threatens him, overwhelms him—and excites him beyond control.
Jace isn‘t sharing Bethany—with anyone. He‘s determined to be the only man in her life, and it‘s jeopardizing a lifelong friendship with Ash. Bethany will be his and his alone. Even if it means
turning his back on his best friend.
126 Colter's WomanBanks Maya Maya Banks Adam Holly
Ryan Contemporary To Read Yes Colter's Legacy 1 Yes PDF
Adam, Ethan and Ryan aren't looking for women. They're looking for a woman. One woman to share their lives and their beds. They don't want a casual romp in the hay, they want the woman
who will complete them and they're losing hope of finding her. That is until Adam finds Holly lying in the snow just yards from their cabin. He knows she's different the minute he holds her in his
arms. But before Adam gets his hopes up, he knows he has to gauge his brothers reactions. Soon its evident that she's the one. There are a few problems, however, like convincing her she
belongs with them and keeping her safe from the man who wants her dead.
Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, menage a quatre, violence.
127 Colter's Lady Banks Maya Maya Banks Seth ColterLily WestonVarious Contemporary To Read Yes Colter's Legacy 2 Yes PDF
Can their love give her the strength to overcome the tragedy in her past?
Colters' Legacy, Book 2
When police officer Seth Colter sees the delicate, shabbily dressed beauty in line at the soup kitchen where he's serving, he's gut shot over the idea of her being on the streets cold and alone.
More baffling is the dark, possessive instinct that tells him she belongs to him.
For Lily Weston, home is a secluded nook in a back alley until Seth offers her a place to stay. She's wary of his offer, but even one night out of the cold is too much temptation to resist.
Seth is convinced Lily is his. The problem is, when his brothers lay eyes on her, the same primitive instinct comes roaring to the surface. The Colters never imagined they'd follow the
unconventional path of their fathers, but they can't ignore their mutual need to offer Lily their protection and their love. But before Lily and the brothers can forge a future together, they must heal
the deep wounds of her past.
Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, multiple partners, menage a quatre, violence.
128 The Darkest Hour Banks Maya Maya Banks Ethan KellyRachel Kelly N/A Contemporary To Read Yes KGI 1 Yes PDF
The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super elite, top secret, family-run business.
Qualifications: High intelligence, rock hard body, military background.
Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the US government can‘t…
It‘s been one year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly last saw his wife Rachel alive. Overwhelmed by grief and guilt over his failures as a husband, Ethan shuts himself off from everything and
His brothers have tried to bring Ethan into the KGI fold, tried to break through the barriers he‘s built around himself, but Ethan refuses to respond… until he receives anonymous information
claiming Rachel is alive.
To save her, Ethan will have to dodge bullets, cross a jungle, and risk falling captive to a deadly drug cartel that threatens his own demise. And even if he succeeds, he‘ll have to force Rachel to
recover memories she can‘t and doesn‘t want to relive—the minute by minute terror of her darkest hour—for their love, and their lives, may depend on it.
129 No Place to RunBanks Maya Maya Banks SamKelly Sophie Lundgren N/A Contemporary To Read Yes KGI 2 Yes PDF
Sam Kelly was her first love.
The last person Sam Kelly expected to pull wounded from the lake was Sophie Lundgren. Once they shared a brief, intense affair while Sam was undercoverand then she vanished.She‘s spent
the last months on the run, knowing that any mistake would cost her life and that of her unborn child—Sam‘s child. Now she‘s resurfaced with a warning for Sam: this time, he‘s the one in
Now he‘s her last chance.
Sam has too many questions to let her slip away again—like why she disappeared in the first place. This time he vows not to be seduced. But one look in her eyes, and the passion burns again,
and Sam knows he‘ll do anything to keep her and his child safe. However, Sophie‘s dark past is more dangerous than he imagines, and the only way for either to survive it is to outrun it.
130 Shades of GrayBanks Maya Maya Banks Cole P.J. N/A Contemporary To Read Yes KGI 6 Yes PDF
The Kelly Group International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family-run business.
Qualifications: High intelligence, rock-hard body, military background.
Mission: Hostage/kidnap victim recovery. Intelligence gathering. Handling jobs the U.S. government can't...
P.J. and Cole were sharpshooting rivals on the same KGI team and enjoyed a spirited, uncomplicated camaraderie. Until the night they gave in to their desires and suddenly took their
relationship one step further. In the aftermath of their one-night stand, they're called out on a mission that goes terribly wrong, and P.J. walks away from KGI, resolved not to drag her teammates
into the murky shadows she's poised to delve into.
Six months later, Cole hasn't given up his search for P.J., and he's determined to bring her back home where she belongs. Bent on vengeance, P.J. has plunged into a serpentine game of
payback that will make her question everything she's ever believed in. But Cole-and the rest of their team-refuse to let her go it alone. Even if it means sacrificing their loyalty to KGI, and their
131 In Bed with a Highlander Banks Maya Maya Banks Ewan McCabe Mairin N/A Contemporary To Read Yes McCabe Trilogy 1 Yes PDF
Maya Banks' beguiling new trilogy features three unforgettable brothers risking everything to save their clan and their legacy—and to surrender their hearts to love.
Ewan McCabe, the eldest, is a warrior determined to vanquish his enemy. Now, with the time ripe for battle, his men are ready and Ewan is poised to take back what is his—until a blue-eyed,
raven-haired temptress is thrust upon him. Mairin may be the salvation of Ewan's clan, but for a man who dreams only of revenge, matters of the heart are strange territory to conquer.
The illegitimate daughter of the king, Mairin possesses prized property that has made her a pawn—and wary of love. Her worst fears are realized when she is rescued from peril only to be forced
into marriage by her charismatic and commanding savior, Ewan McCabe. But her attraction to her ruggedly powerful new husband makes her crave his surprisingly tender touch; her body comes
alive under his sensual mastery. And as war draws near, Mairin's strength, spirit, and passion challenge Ewan to conquer his demons—and embrace a love that means more than revenge and
132 Seduction of a Highland Lass Banks Maya Maya Banks Alaric McCabe Keeley McDonald N/A Contemporary To Read Yes McCabe Trilogy 2 Yes PDF
A warrior is caught between family loyalty and forbidden love in book two of bestselling author Maya Banks‘s sensual new trilogy featuring three indomitable Highlanders.
Fiercely loyal to his elder brother, Alaric McCabe leads his clan in the fight for their birthright. Now he is prepared to wed for duty, as well. But on his way to claim the hand of Rionna McDonald,
daughter of a neighboring chieftain, he is ambushed and left for dead. Miraculously, his life is saved by the soft touch of a Highland angel, a courageous beauty who will put to the test his fealty
to his clan, his honor, and his deepest desires.
An outcast from her own clan, Keeley McDonald was betrayed by those she loved and trusted. When the wounded warrior falls from his horse, she is drawn to his strong, lean body. The wicked
glint in his green eyes ignites a passion that will follow them back to Alaric‘s keep, where their forbidden love draws them deeper into the pleasures of the flesh. But as conspiracy and danger
circle closer, Alaric must make an impossible choice: Will he betray his blood ties for the woman he loves?
133 Sweet AddictionBanks Maya Maya Banks Cole Ren N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Sweet 6 Yes PDF
He awakened a need within her…
Cole is successful beyond his dreams. He can have any woman he wants, but there‘s only one he can‘t stop thinking about. His childhood sweetheart, Renita. He‘s never forgotten his first taste
of innocent love and the desire that consumed them—or the pain he brought upon her…
But now she belongs to another…
Her long ago brush with submission awakened a longing in Ren that drove her to walk the darker edge of desire. She‘s become a beautiful woman at ease with her sexuality and unapologetic
about her need for a dominant man. When Cole finds her again, he‘s gutted that she belongs to another. Ren‘s current master agrees to give her to Cole for a short time, but then she must return
to his keeping. And though Cole agrees to this bargain, he knows he will never be able to let Ren go again…
134 Dreaming Barnett Jill Jill Barnett Richard Earl of Downe Letitia Olive Hornsby N/A Historical To Read Yes Bewitching & Dreaming2 Yes PDF
Ever since she was a spirited hellion of a child, Letitia Olive Hornsby has been certain that Richard, the dashing and disreputable son of the Earl of Downe, is the white knight of her dreams. So
certain, in fact, that Letty, now fully grown and unexpected beautiful, plans to save Richard from himself ... by marrying him.
With Letty meddling his affairs, Richard is driven nearly mad --- with desire. When fate makes them prisoners of a ring of dangerous smugglers, Richard discovers in his mischievous cellmate a
pure, romantic, questing spirit that sparks a flame in his own shadowed heart. If only they can escape, a wondrous passion can blaze free ... and they can find a lifetime's adventures in each
others arms.
135 Imagine Barnett Jill Jill Barnett Hank WyattMaggie Smith N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Html
After years in prison for a murder he never committed, escaped convict Hank Wyatt knew how to survive. But he didn't know if he could last an hour marooned on a deserted tropical island with a
beautiful blonde and three orphaned children. Now, looking out for number one doesn't seem to be enough ...
San Francisco attorney Maggie Smith felt like having a good cry. Thoroughly modern, wealthy, and bright, she's suddenly been cast in the role of mother and forced to battle wits and hearts with
the most arrogant man she's ever met! Fate has thrown this makeshift family Robinson together and kismet tossed in a touch of magic ... the chance for a love more powerful than they could
ever imagine ... only a wish away!
136 Graceful Submission Barron Melinda Melinda Barron Drake Dawson Grace Kinison N/A Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Plus-sized Grace Kinison lives a dull life. She's a teacher and aspiring author who does nothing but work and then write on her novel. That is, until she becomes a cyber submissive.
Grace has agreed to help her childhood friend's husband plan her surprise birthday party. Grace thinks her fellow party planner, Toffer Shelley, is a writer on a TV show. What she doesn't know is
that he's the show's sexy star, Drake Dawson. He's a Dom, and he wants to work his magic on her.
When Grace runs into trouble at work, her cyber relationship turns into the real thing after she travels to Hollywood to meet Toffer. She's thrilled to be meeting her Master, until she realizes that
he's the most gorgeous man in Hollywood.
But Toffer won't let Grace judge him by his looks. He takes her on a sexual journey full of bondage and submission, which give her strength to overcome challenges in her own work. "Graceful
It's their third Halloween together, and Toffer and Grace are in England. They're staying in an old castle complete with a moat and a maze. Grace thinks her Master is taking her to a fancy
restaurant in London so they can be alone together on Halloween. Hidden underneath her beautiful new dress is the sexy corset her Master bought in London a few days earlier.
The trick is on Grace, though, when her Master takes her to the maze and tells her to strip down to her corset. A costume party is going on just hundreds of feet away, and Toffer plans on giving
Grace a head start, then hunting her through the maze. If he catches her, she's awarded the trick, and he gets to have his way with her in the maze. There's always the chance that anyonecould
walk up and see Grace being topped. If she makes it to the middle without him catching her, she gets the treat: dinner and dessert.
Only Toffer's not playing fair -- the treat's also a trick. But with what he has in mind, even if Grace loses, she wins.
"Publisher's Note: This book is a nontraditional love story that contains sexual content that may be offensive to some readers: Anal sex; strong BDSM theme and content (bondage,
domination/submission, spanking, punishment); and multiple partners"
137 Wrongfully Accused Barrons Ana Ana Barrons Gabriel Hugo Kate Franklin N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Detective Gabriel Hugo has never been able to forget Kate Franklin. Eight years ago he let down his barriers and made love to her, but guilt and regret tore them apart.
Now she's the prime suspect in the murder of her second husband, an ambitious congressman. The FBI wants Gabe to use his connection to Kate to prove her guilt. Unfortunately his desire for
Kate is as intense and forbidden as ever.
Kate is shocked to be a suspect and that the lead detective is the man she always wanted. Eight years ago Gabe hadn't been willing to hear that she was in love with him, and nothing has
changed. But when the attacks on Kate's life begin can she trust Gabe to prove her innocence and keep her safe?
138 The Murder Game Barton Beverly Beverly BartonGriffin Powell Nicole Baxter N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Griffin Powell 8 Yes PDF
NEW GAME...The game is simple--he is the Hunter. They are the Prey. He gives them a chance to escape. To run. To hide. To outsmart him. But eventually, he catches them. And that's when
the game gets really terrifying... NEW RULES...Private investigator Griffin Powell and FBI agent Nicole Baxter know a lot about serial killers--they took one down together. But this new killer is
as sadistic as they've ever seen. He likes his little games, and he especially likes forcing Nic and Griff to play along. Every unsolvable clue, every posed victim, every taunting phone call--it's all
part of his twisted, elaborate plan. And then the Hunter calls, wanting to know if they're really ready to play... BUT WINNER STILL KILLS ALL...There's a new game now, and it's much more
deadly than the first. A brutal psychopath needs a worthy adversary. He won't stop until he can hunt the most precious prey of all--Nicole. And with his partner in a killer's sights, Griff is playing
for the biggest stakes of his life.
139 This Side of Heaven Barton Beverly Beverly BartonNate Hodges Cyn Porter N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 1 Yes Word
DANGEROUS PASSION. Hot. Demanding. Inescapable. The power of destiny had joined Nate Hodges and Cyn Porter together, but the savagery of man seemed fated to tear them apart. A
warrior who walked alone, Nate could never mean anything but danger for any woman who dared to love him. Yet Cyn, touched by tragedy herself, realized this soul-scarred soldier needed her
strength. Though stalked by a madman bent on revenge, Nate succumbed to the pull of a passion older than time. Cyn, the brown-eyed beauty of his dreams - his impossible love - brought him
peace. She was his very soul. But he knew with heart-shattering certainty that he could be her death...
140 The Outcast Barton Beverly Beverly BartonReece Landry Elizabeth Mallory N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 3 Yes Word
For months clairvoyant Elizabeth Mallory had been tormented by visions of a desperate stranger. Now that man was here, on her isolated Georgia mountain. Wounded and on the run, he needed
refuge. And Elizabeth needed him. Reece Landry, she sensed, was the answer to her lonely prayers. Why, Reece wondered, wasn't this woman frightened by him - a hunted fugitive? Hell, he
was afraid - of her, of how she made him feel. Reece's hard-knocks life had taught him not to trust anyone. He knew he would be a fool to take a chance on Elizabeth - but a bigger fool if he
141 Gabriel Hawk's Lady Barton Beverly Beverly BartonGabriel Hawk Rorie DeanN/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 9 Yes PDF
Gabriel Hawk was every mother's worst nightmare and every daughter's secret fantasy. Unless that daughter was Rorie Dean! Unfortunately, the dark, brooding man with a heart of stone and a
body that yelled sex was Rorie's only chance of finding her nephew...And Rorie would face any danger to rescue the boy. But days trekking through the jungle, dodging bullets and chasing a trail
of lies were nothing compared to the look in Gabriel's eyes or the passion she found in his arms. Was it just the moment - or was it love?
142 Keeping Annie Safe Barton Beverly Beverly BartonDane Carmichael Annie Harden N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 10 Yes Word
Dane Carmichael was the last of a dying breed - a gentleman through and through. And he was the only man who could keep Annie Harden safe. From the moment he laid eyes on stubborn,
beautiful Annie, he knew she would be his… Annie had never encountered a man so strong, so dominating, so absolutely infuriating as Dane. And never had she needed a man more. With a
killer on her trail, Annie turned to Dane's sheltering embrace. But give herself to Dane heart and soul? Never! But then, never was a very long time...
143 Murdock's Last Stand Barton Beverly Beverly BartonAloysius Murdock Catherine Price N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 11 Yes PDF
Honor was the only reason well-muscled former mercenary Aloysius Murdock agreed to be Catherine Price's bodyguard. For Murdock owed Catherine's father his life. But once Murdock laid
eyes on his best friend's beautiful daughter, he realized he would do anything for her...Catherine knew better than to succumb to the passion Murdock clearly offered, for she believed in love - and
Murdock had given up on love long ago. Still, something in his heated gaze made her believe that the battle-worn bachelor needed her. Maybe just as much as she needed him...
144 Egan Cassidy's Kid Barton Beverly Beverly BartonEgan Cassidy Maggie Douglas N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 12 Yes Word
Years ago, rock-solid mercenary Egan Cassidy had spent a night of sensual ecstasy with Maggie Douglas. Now, their son?a child he never knew existed?was being used as ammunition by a
vendetta-seeking madman...and Egan was the target. But running to his son s rescue put him face-to-face with the one woman who d tempted him into vulnerability. He would have to withstand
Maggie s allure this time. He was a soldier of for-tune?not a husband. But when Egan delivered mother and child to safety s embrace, could he let his newfound family leave his loving arms?
145 Whitelaw's Wedding Barton Beverly Beverly BartonHunter Whitelaw Manda Munroe N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 14 Yes PDF
He was the man she had once offered her innocence to. The man who had heartlessly turned her away, claiming she was too young for him. Now Hunter Whitelaw, world-weary security agent
with a body built for sin, was the man Manda Munroe would marry...Hunter claimed their marriage was only a means to lure her stalker out. But when the brooding bodyguard discovered his bride
was just as passionate — and just as innocent — as ever, his hard heart was shaken to the core. For now Hunter knew with the certainty of a man aching with long-held desire that Manda was
bound to be only his!
146 Sweet Caroline's Keeper Barton Beverly Beverly BartonDavid WolfeCaroline McGuire N/A Contemporary Read 19.01.2014 Yes The Protectors 15 Yes PDF
He was there the night her father was murdered, though Caroline McGuire never knew it. And he watched her grow into womanhood, her silent, secret protector. But bodyguard David Wolfe was
forced out of hiding when he discovered a killer on Caroline's trail. Now, as he stood by her side, he was helpless to shield her from his passion.For sweet Caroline was no longer an orphaned
child in need of safekeeping, but a vulnerable, beautiful woman aching for love. A love the rugged loner longed to give her -- if only he could. For claiming Caroline would mean revealing his secret
role in her sheltered life. But would the truth tear them apart forever?
147 Jack's Christmas Mission Barton Beverly Beverly BartonJack Parker Peggy Jo Riley N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 16 Yes PDF
The last thing Peggy Jo Riley wanted this holiday was a hard-boiled charmer in her house 24/7. But if she wanted to stay alive, she needed Jack Parker. And once she was in Jack's well-
muscled arms, she realized just how much she needed him...Up until the moment he'd seen desire flicker in her pretty eyes, bodyguard Jack Parker had thought Peggy Jo Riley was just another
assignment. But the vulnerability he'd glimpsed under this cool beauty's armor made him ache to do a whole lot more for Peggy Jo. Like kiss her till she gave him her trust. And love her till she
gave him her heart...
148 On Her Guard Barton Beverly Beverly Barton Ellen Denby Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 18 Yes PDF
Steamy romantic suspense gets no better than in this brand-new single title from the talented Ms. Barton. As the head of one of the strongest protection agencies in the world, Ellen Denby
believed she was invincible. Until she came face-to-face with the one man who made her remember what it was like to feel. To love...
149 Grace Under Fire Barton Beverly Beverly BartonJed Tyree Grace Beaumont N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 20 Yes PDF
With over 1.7 million copies in print, The Protectors remains one of the most popular ongoing miniseries among romance readers today. In this brand-new tale, Jed Tyree is hired to protect
Southern social beauty Grace Beaumont...and finds danger alongside unexpected love. Beverly Barton is famous for her sultry Southern romances and her irresistibly sexy alpha heroes. A born
romantic, she fell in love with The Beauty and the Beast at an early age--and has remained mesmerized by love stories ever since With numerous award nominations and books that consistently
top the bestseller charts, Beverly considers her writing career a dream come true.
150 Downright Dangerous Barton Beverly Beverly BartonRafe DevlinElsa LeoneN/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 21 Yes PDF
She had always been the good girl, putting her family first, never thinking of herself. But now Elsa Leone was a woman on a mission, and her well-meaning attempt to put an end to crime in her
town had earned her enemies. Deadly enemies. nter Rafe Devlin, top-notch bodyguard and just about as bad as a man can be. Or so he said. But the moment Elsa saw the tender lover beneath
the hard-bodied protector, she knew the stakes had just gotten higher. Because if letting Rafe into her lonely life was trouble, loving him was downright dangerous...
151 Keeping Baby Secret Barton Beverly Beverly BartonFrank Latimer Leenie N/A Contemporary Read 19.01.2014 Yes The Protectors 22 Yes PDF
They shared a brief, passionate affair, before Agent Frank Latimer moved on to his next mission. Leenie hadn't expected anything more from Frank than those beautiful encounters they shared.
Until she gave birth to his child, and wondered about the wisdom of keeping his baby secret. Especially when her son was kidnapped! Frank would have punished Leenie for keeping the truth
about his son from him, if he weren't hell-bent on bringing his boy home. And he would. Once he did, he planned on letting independent Leenie know just what he thought about her betrayal.
Right after he put out the other fire that still raged passionately between them...
152 Dangerous Deception Barton Beverly Beverly BartonDomingo Shea Lausanne Raney N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 27 Yes PDF
For Lausanne Raney, romance meant nothing but trouble. Once it cost her her freedom and her baby girl. Now she's got a respectable life...but desperately needs money to find her child. When
she accepts an unusual offer from her wealthy employer's daughter, she finds herself under deadly suspicion--and the unwanted protection of security agent Domingo Shea. Bad enough the
courageously honest ex-Navy SEAL doesn't completely trust Lausanne any more than she does him. But worse still, the instant electric attraction between them is impossible to resist. And the
deeper their investigation goes, the more Lausanne struggles to convince Dom to leave her--for both their sakes. But with a ruthless killer lying in wait, there will soon be no safe place for her or
Dom to hide...
153 His Only Obsession Barton Beverly Beverly BartonWill Pierce Gwen Arnell N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Protectors 28 Yes PDF
After her father's disappearance, Gwen Arnell was desperate to find him-- even follow his route to a legendary island. She would do anything to shield him from harm, but who would protect her
from the sensual private investigator who'd just become her unlikely rescuer? Ex-CIA agent Will Pierce came to Puerto Nuevo for a missing-persons case and didn't expect a beautiful partner.
The paradise teemed with unseen perils, and Gwen could be the key to both their missions. As mortal danger found them, Will realized just how far he'd go for a love that had become his most
passionate obsession-- .
154 A Time to Die Barton Beverly Beverly BartonDeke Bronson Lexie Murrough N/A Contemporary Read 12.10.2013 Yes The Protectors 29 Yes PDF
Ten years ago, Black Ops commando Deke Bronson's bullet left up-and-coming journalist Lexie Murrough paralyzed. It's taken years of painful physical therapy to bring Lexie back from the
brink. And Deke is just grateful that she has no memory of his part in the incident that left her injured and him emotionally scarred. He's tried to put the past behind him, leaving the military and
joining the Dundee Agency, but he's never been able to forgive himself....When Lexie, now head of an international charity organization, begins receiving terrifying threats from the son of the
dictator killed during that long-ago operation, it's Deke who's assigned to keep her safe from harm. Maybe it's fate's way of giving him another chance, but falling for Lexie isn't supposed to be
part of the deal. And what if she finally discovers the truth?
155 Dying for You Barton Beverly Beverly BartonSawyer McNamara Lucie EvansN/A Contemporary Read 16.09.2013 Yes The Protectors 30 Yes PDF
It was the job of her dreams...but it became her worst nightmare....All private security agent Lucie Evans wanted was a fresh start - and the chance to show Sawyer McNamara, her ex-boss, that
she no longer craved his absolution for a crime she didn't commit. So when the offer of a trip to South America as the personal bodyguard to a billionaire heiress came up, Lucie jumped at the
prospect of leaving the Dundee Agency behind. Then the nightmare began. Kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity, suddenly Lucie's only hope of survival rested with the one man she never
wanted to see again....Sawyer had spent years convincing himself that all he felt for Lucie was contempt - but with her life at stake, he was forced to face his true feelings. Though it may be a
case of too little, too late. Because Lucie's captor wouldn't rest until she was silenced...once and for all.
156 Royce Barton Kathi S Kathi S BartonRoyce Hunter Kasey YorkN/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Hunter Series 1 Yes Epub
Royce Hunter is wealthy, happy, and a confirmed bachelor. He runs his family's multi-billion dollar corporation, lives life in the fast lane, and has a family that mostly irritates him, but he loves
very much; including his mom. One day he is stopped from entering his own building by a security guard, Kasey York, who insists that he get badged in. He knew then that somehow his life
would never be the same.
Kasey doesn‘t have the time or the energy to deal with an overbearing man like Royce Hunter, who is clearly out of her league. Her mother is dying, her aunt needs special care, and she needs
to move on with her life, but Royce won't leave her alone.
A hot and passionate night of unprotected sex brings out the worst in Royce as he implies that she's out to trap him.
When she finds out she‘s going to have a baby…neither of them are thrilled.
Royce and Kasey have a love that extends over time and could make them very happy…if they don‘t kill each other first.
157 Curtis Barton Kathi S Kathi S BartonCurtis Kylie Washington N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Hunter Series 2 Yes Epub
Kylie Washington‘s business is failing and there isn‘t much she can do about it. Short of living in her car and eating scraps for the rest of her life she has to take the Hunter‘s offer. She has her
father to think of, he made the paper what it was.
Curtis has loved Kylie his entire life—but she loves Daniel. Stepping back from the beauty has been the hardest thing he‘s ever done. But he will help her and her father even if he has to beat her
butt to make it happen.
But someone else wants the Washington building too. There is something inside that he wants bad enough to kill for—even his own father. Vaughan isn‘t going to take ‗no‘ for an answer and if
Kylie does say it he had already decided to kill her and take it anyway.
Kylie and Curtis fight each other at every turn. When one says ‗no‘ the other says ‗yes‘. That is until Vaughan LaMancusa steps into the picture and they work together to keep their families
safe. But will it be enough? Will they live happily ever after?
158 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Baum L. Frank L. Frank Baum Children's Books Read No N/A
Over a century after its initial publication, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is still captivating the hearts of countless readers. Come adventure with Dorothy and her three friends: the Scarecrow, the
Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion, as they follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City for an audience with the Great Oz, the mightiest Wizard in the land, and the only one that can
return Dorothy to her home in Kansas.
This edition, fully annotated, faithfully reproduces L. Frank Baum‘s original novel straight from the source, and free from modern edits. You‘ll be able to immerse yourself in the story just as Baum
wrote it over one hundred years ago, while at the same time you'll enjoy interesting facts and footnotes that expand this great story and provide a basis for Baum‘s magical world.
159 When Blood Calls Beck JK JK Beck Lucius Dragos Sara Constantine N/A Contemporary To Read Yes PDF Vampire Human
Attorney Sara Constantine is thrilled with her promotion; until she finds out that she must now prosecute vampires and werewolves. The first defendant she‘ll be trying to put away? Lucius
Dragos, the sexy stranger with whom she recently shared an explosive night of ecstasy.
When Lucius kisses a beautiful woman sitting next to him at the bar, he‘s hoping only to avoid the perceptive gaze of the man he‘s planning to kill. But what starts as a simple kiss ignites into
an all-consuming passion. Charged with murder, Luke knows that Sara is determined to see him locked away unless he can convince her that he‘s not a monster. And that might mean making
the ultimate sacrifice.
160 Front Man Bell Adora Adora Bell Jack CarterSara N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Front Man 1 Yes Epub
Jack Carter has it made. Rich, famous, adored by millions...but deep down, the ghosts of his past just won't let him go.
Sara has been in love with Jack Carter since he first exploded on to the music scene. Now she has the chance to meet the man of her dreams. She's about to learn that her idol isn't all that he
When these two meet, sparks are going to fly....
This erotic romance contains red hot love scenes and plenty of sexual tension. Intended for mature readers.
161 One Night in Paris Bell Adora Adora Bell Jack CarterSara N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Front Man 2 Yes Epub
The thrilling follow-up to the top-selling 'Front Man'! Fate brought Jack and Sara together; now will scandal rip them apart?
Jack Carter, front man with the hit band Compass, is haunted by the ghosts of his past. Now they threaten to ruin the life he's made for himself. Yet there is one ray of hope for the troubled
star...the girl who rocks his world. This sizzling series contains scenes of a very sexual nature and is intended for a mature audience.
Please Note: Front Man: One Night In Paris is the second part of a series. While it can be read as a stand-alone story, the parts are best enjoyed in order. This story is approx 15,000 words
162 Shadow of the Wolf Bell Dana Marie Dana Marie Bell Christopher Beckett Alannah Evans N/A Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Christopher Beckett is tired of being alone. His wolf is howling for his mate, and Chris knows it is only a matter of time before his needs override everything else in his life. He casts the spell all
the Becketts have used to call their mates to them. What he wants is a woman of an older lineage, of power to equal his own. And she has to accept the one aspect that sets him apart from
almost every other wizard: his wolf. What Chris gets is Alannah Evans, a powerful witch of the Evans Coven. The petite, dark haired woman has no problems with the wolf. What she does have a
problem with is the fact that Chris is a wizard. Since wizards and witches don't get along very well, neither should they, but the sparks flying between them can't be denied. Chris isn't taking no
for an answer. When it becomes clear that an old enemy has targeted them both Chris will wind up engaging his enemy in a duel that could cost him his life. Or worse: Lana.
163 The Monster's Concubine Bellucci Bree Bree Bellucci Elijah Savannah N/A Contemporary Read 23.09.2013 Yes Contract of Eternal Submission 1 Yes PDF & Word
A chance encounter with Dr. Elijah Preston, sends Savannah's hormones raging out of control. The man is unfairly good-looking and seethes of masculine sexuality, a stark contrast to the boys
she's used to dealing with. However, her new boss is hiding a dark secret and Savannah soon realizes that he plans to dominate much more than just her thoughts and desires. They enter a
world of dark sadistic sexual fantasy that may be more than she can handle.
164 The Monster's Breeding Slave Bellucci Bree Bree Bellucci Elijah Savannah N/A Contemporary Read 23.09.2013 Yes Contract of Eternal Submission 2 Yes PDF & Word
Savannah is in too deep now, she knows too much about Elijah and his dark underworld. She has no choice but to sign his Contract of Submission, to be his sex slave and to submit to his every
desire no matter how degrading or depraved the acts may be. Savannah relishes in the sick pleasure she gets from being completely dominated by him, never before has she been so satisfied
sexually. She is his property to command but now that he owns her does he plan to be as faithful?
165 The Monster's Defiled Sex Slave Bellucci Bree Bree Bellucci Elijah Savannah N/A Contemporary Read 23.09.2013 Yes Contract of Eternal Submission 3 Yes PDF & Word
Savannah can't get enough of the beast god's sex, she craves the things he does to her, and she's way too attached. She is willing to do whatever he asks of her, and she ends up doing things
she never imagined - all to be dominated by his monster cock. Things take a turn when Savannah finds a nasty text from someone claiming to be one of Elijah's lovers, how will he explain this?
166 A Lady's Pleasure Bernard Renee Renee Bernard Drake Sotherton MerriamEverett N/A Historical To Read Yes PDF
Seeking revenge, she discovers how delicious a case of mistaken identity can be...
Merriam Everett has always been regarded as a shy, docile creature. But for one night, Merriam the Mouse has become a temptress who will recklessly take her pleasure with the arrogant earl
who once slighted her, and then leave him aching with lust. A fine plan, if Merriam had not just seduced the wrong rogue!
Drake Sotherton left England amid dark speculation and has returned to seek vengeance against Julian Clay, the man he believes murdered his wife. Convinced that the masked beauty who
seduced him is Julian's pawn, Drake tracks her down and proposes that she become his mistress for the Season. Every sensual desire, every secret longing will be explored...and fulfilled.
But keeping his enemy close is a dangerous game. Merriam is an irresistible mix of innocence and abandon, and each encounter proves more soul-searing than the last. With a passion this
wild, this wonderful, one Season will never be enough....
167 Beginning AgainBird Peggy Peggy Bird Collins Liz FairchildN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Second Chance 1 Yes Epub
When Liz Fairchild's husband leaves her for a younger man, she decides it's time to start over. So she sells her house, takes her generous community property settlement and opens an art
gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. A little sweat equity, some interesting art to exhibit, assistance from a surprising source and she's ready to open.
Enter Collins, an up and coming sculptor who also happens to be young, sexy and determined to bulldoze his way into Liz's gallery, her life and her bedroom. He succeeds on all levels. His art
is a hit in her gallery; his "to do" list for the bedroom eye-opening and his attention to her like nothing she's ever known.
But something isn't quite right. He disappears for hours at a time, returning from "business" looking unhappy and acting withdrawn. What's he keeping from Liz? Is it another woman? Another
gallery? A family?
And does she want to get closer to this man or run as fast as she can to keep herself from being hurt?
168 Loving Again Bird Peggy Peggy Bird SamRichardson Amanda St. Claire N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Second Chance 2 Yes Epub
One spring evening, at an art gallery opening, Portland police detective Sam Richardson meets Amanda St. Claire, a talented, young glass artist. He's immediately attracted to her. Trouble is,
they're introduced by Amanda's boyfriend, restaurant and club owner Tom Webster.
Then, Webster is murdered and Amanda's accused of killing him. Amanda and Sam grow closer as they try to clear her name. Strange things begin to happen. Another glass artist publicly
accuses her of stealing his ideas. She's stalked while out running errands. The sensor on the back door to her basement keeps going off, as if someone is trying to get into her house. Her studio
is repeatedly broken into.
Then, two more people are killed and the evidence points, again, to Amanda as the killer. And this time, Sam's life is threatened, too. On her own Amanda comes up with a plan to protect him. A
plan that means she will have to shut him out of her life. But she can't let anything happen to him, not after everything he did for her.
Even if it means losing the only man she's ever loved.
"Sensuality Level" Hot
169 Together AgainBird Peggy Peggy Bird Tony Alessandro Margo Keyes N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Second Chance 3 Yes Epub
Deputy DA Margo Keyes is looking forward to this trip with as much enthusiasm as she‘d have for a root canal. There‘s the Philly summer heat, the high school reunion she‘d rather avoid, and
the speech she‘d be giving as a last-minute stand-in for her boss. Mostly there‘s facing high school crush Tony Alessandro. When she‘d last seen the Philly cop, he‘d danced her out of his
sister‘s wedding reception to a dark room where he‘d kissed her senseless. If his nephew hadn‘t interrupted they‘d have…well, who knows?
Tony had disappeared on some family errand. She went home to Portland, Oregon the next day. She hadn‘t heard from him since.
However, her homecoming turns out better than expected. The reunion and the speech work out. Even better, when she and Tony pick up where they left off in that dark room, the only heat that‘s
unbearable is what they generate in bed.
Margo returns to Portland wondering if she and Tony have started something she might not be ready for, relieved she‘s put a whole continent between them to give her breathing room to sort it.
Then his work with a federal task force investigating industrial espionage brings him to Portland. And an accidental swap of messenger bags on her flight home puts her in the middle of the
Tony wants her out of the way of the bad guys and focused on him. She wants to use a secret from her past to wrap up the case. And maybe avoid having to think about what‘s happening
between them.
They can‘t both win. Or can they?
170 Besieged Black Jaid Jaid Black Peggy Brannigan Contemporary To Read Yes Death Row 0.5 Yes LIT
Besieged is the prequel to the Death Row series. While studying the indigenous people of Alaska for her anthropology dissertation, Peggy Brannigan is hunted down and kidnapped in the arctic
by a mysterious Nordic male determined to keep her as a breeding mate.
171 The Hunter Black Jaid Jaid Black Kerick RileyNellie Kan N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Death Row 1 Yes LIT
The United Americas of Earth:2250 A.D. On the eve of his execution, Death Row inmate Kerick Riley overpowers the guard and escapes the violent penal colony that has been his prison for over
fifteen years. On the run to find the answers he seeks, the grim-faced, grey-eyed Kerick has two things on his mind: revenge and woman...Scientist Nellie Kan has spent the last several years
researching a frightening disorder that has developed in certain populations of humans. On the verge of developing a serum, Dr. Kan is kidnapped by an escaped Death Row inmate and claimed
as his personal sexual property. Is her captor the key to the answer she seeks, or a lunatic who will destroy them both?In this installment: Kerick recaptures Nellie in a reunion you won't soon
forget; Elijah, Xavier, and Kerick plot the demise of the Hierarchy; Kieran begins to suspect there is more to the woman he claimed than meets the eye.Publisher's Note: DEATH ROW is a three-
part erotic suspense serial consisting of the following titles: The Fugitive, The Hunter, and The Avenger. It is necessary to read the previous installment before attempting to read this one.
172 The Fugitive Black Jaid Jaid Black Kerick RileyNellie Kan N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Death Row 2 Yes LIT
The United Americas of Earth:2249 A.D. On the eve of his execution, Death Row inmate Kerick Riley overpowers the guard and escapes the violent penal colony that has been his prison for over
fifteen years. On the run to find the answers he seeks, the grim-faced, gray-eyed Kerick has two things on his mind: revenge and woman...Scientist Nellie Kan has spent the last several years
researching a frightening disorder that has developed in certain populations of humans. On the verge of developing a serum, Dr. Kan is kidnapped by an escaped Death Row inmate and claimed
as his personal sexual property. Is her captor the key to the answer she seeks, or a lunatic who will destroy them both?"Raw, suspense and action filled, hot enough to burn your fingers. This
one will particularly appeal to female fantasies of being sexually dominated. Jaid Black in her finest hour." - Pandora's Box on the Death Row serial
173 The Avenger Black Jaid Jaid Black Kerick RileyNellie Kan N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Death Row 3 Yes LIT
The United Americas of Earth: 2250 A.D. On the eve of his execution, Death Row inmate Kerick Riley overpowers the guard and escapes the violent penal colony that has been his prison for over
fifteen years. On the run to find the answers he seeks, the grim-faced, grey-eyed Kerick has two things on his mind: revenge and woman...Scientist Nellie Kan has spent the last several years
researching a frightening disorder that has developed in certain populations of humans. On the verge of developing a serum, Dr. Kan is kidnapped by an escaped Death Row inmate and claimed
as his personal sexual property. Is her captor the key to the answer she seeks, or a lunatic who will destroy them both?In this installment: Kieran discovers the horrible truth that could destroy
his shot at happily-ever-after; Elijah gets the shock of a lifetime when he sees his captive's face for the first time; Kerick escalates his assault on the Hierarchy; Nellie continues her work on a
serum for sub-humans; Xavier sets out on his own in a gripping conclusion not soon forgotten.Publisher's Note: DEATH ROW is a three-part erotic suspense serial consisting of the following
titles: The Fugitive, The Hunter, and The Avenger. It is necessary to read the previous installments before attempting to read this one.
174 The Mastering Black Jaid Jaid Black Kerick RileyNellie Kan N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Death Row 4 Yes LIT
The United Americas of Earth: 2250 A.D. On the eve of his execution, Death Row inmate Kerick Riley overpowers the guard and escapes the violent penal colony that has been his prison for over
fifteen years. On the run to find the answers he seeks, the grim-faced, grey-eyed Kerick has two things on his mind: revenge and woman...Scientist Nellie Kan has spent the last several years
researching a frightening disorder that has developed in certain populations of humans. On the verge of developing a serum, Dr. Kan is kidnapped by an escaped Death Row inmate and claimed
as his personal sexual property. Is her captor the key to the answer she seeks, or a lunatic who will destroy them both?In this installment: Kieran discovers the horrible truth that could destroy
his shot at happily-ever-after; Elijah gets the shock of a lifetime when he sees his captive's face for the first time; Kerick escalates his assault on the Hierarchy; Nellie continues her work on a
serum for sub-humans; Xavier sets out on his own in a gripping conclusion not soon forgotten.Publisher's Note: DEATH ROW is a three-part erotic suspense serial consisting of the following
titles: The Fugitive, The Hunter, and The Avenger. It is necessary to read the previous installments before attempting to read this one.
175 Death Row:The Trilogy Black Jaid Jaid Black Kerick RileyNellie Kan N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Death Row 1-3 Yes LIT
The United Americas of Earth: 2249 A.D. On the eve of his execution, Death Row inmate Kerick Riley overpowers the guard and escapes the violent penal colony that has been his prison for over
fifteen years. On the run to find the answers he seeks, the grim-faced, gray-eyed Kerick has two things on his mind: revenge and woman. Scientist Nellie Kan has spent the last several years
researching a frightening disease that has manifested itself in certain populations of humans. On the verge of developing a serum, Dr. Kan is kidnapped by an escaped Death Row inmate and
claimed as his personal sexual property. Is her captor the key to the answer she seeks...or a lunatic who will destroy them both?
176 Politically Incorrect: Stalked Black Jaid Jaid Black Regina Rose Contemporary To Read Yes Politically Incorrect 1 Yes LIT
Politically Incorrect: Stalked Jaid Black Regina Rose is a pop idol princess living in the lap of luxury. Up until now, the only pain she's ever felt has been the heartbreak of a teenage crush. She's
never even been kissed. That is, until an obsessed fan gets his hands on her. Her "most devoted fan," who plans to do a lot more than kiss her. He's already made it clear he's never letting her
go. "Reader Advisory: Descriptions of nonconsensual sex could be potentially triggering for some readers.
177 The Empress' New Clothes Black Jaid Jaid Black Zor Kyra N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an 1 Yes LIT
Modern day Earth woman Kyra Summers is kidnapped and wed by a seven-foot tall, thickly muscled warrior claiming to be her Sacred Mate. Life on his home planet Tryston takes some getting
used to, as the laws of the world cater to erotic hedonism and leave females at the sexual subjugation of the barbarians who claim them. No one said love with an alien would come easily. Enjoy
Kyra's spicy escapades as she adjusts to life and love in another dimension.
178 Seized Black Jaid Jaid Black Dak Geris N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an 1.5 Yes LIT
There is only one person on earth who ever mattered to Geris Jackson and that one person is her best friend Kyra Summers (The Empress' New Clothes). When Kyra is kidnapped, Geris fears
nobody will believe her tale about the giants with the glowing blue eyes who snatched her best friend away, so she sets out to find Kyra herself. Suffering disappointment after disappointment,
Geris begins to give up hope. She gets the surprise of a lifetime when one of the giants who stole her best friend hunts her down and claims her for his own. "SEIZED definitely lives up to
expectations. Well- written and full of spicy hot sex, the book easily returns to the cultures and events that captured our attention in the first book, while expanding on Dak and Geris' romance
enough to make the story both new and intriguing." - Ann Leveille, Sensual Romance Reviews
179 No Mercy Black Jaid Jaid Black Rem Giselle N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an 2 Yes LIT
Giselle McKenzie trembled inexplicably as the sound of a low growl reverberated throughout the threads of her consciousness. She knew it couldn't have emitted from her date, the man sitting
across from her in the quaint restaurant. Yet every time he placed his hand over hers, she heard that eerie, primitive growl... "We travel through worlds and cultures, seeing bizarre customs
(always related to sex or gender behavior) in each new village. No Mercy was a great story, and a wonderful expansion into the Trek Mi Q'an universe. The sex is hot. Very hot, though there is a
plot (and a good one) wending through the story. Again, Jaid Black at her finest." - Ann Leveille for The Best Reviews
180 Enslaved Black Jaid Jaid Black Kil Marty N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an 3 Yes LIT
His glowing blue eyes summoned the primitive weapon from her grasp. Shuddering with fear, she realized she had just lost the only thing standing between her freedom and becoming...
Enslaved. "ENSLAVED, the third story in Jaid Black's entertaining and sinfully erotic Trek Mi Q'an series, is outstanding. Kil has been an intriguing character since his first appearance in the
series, and I was extremely pleased that his story lives up to all my expectations. His lifemate, Marty, is humorous and outrageous and just the heroine to tame him. Once again Jaid Black has
blended humor, science fiction, fantasy and eroticism into a pleasing whole. I... can hardly wait for the next installment in the series." -Terrie Figueroa, Romance Reviews Today
181 No Escape Black Jaid Jaid Black Cam Kara N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an 4 Yes LIT
EROTIC ROMANCE EBOOK burned in Adobe and MS Reader formats: Kara Q'ana Tal has been promised in marriage to Cam K'al Ra since she was a few months old. Determined to
experience freedom rather than marriage, Kara flees from Cam and seeks refuge within the matriarchal planet of Galis. With the blessing of Kara's father, the emperor, Cam sets out to track his
wayward bride down, determined to claim her for all time. Book 4: No Escape, tells us the story of Zor & Kyra's daughter from book 1.
182 Strictly Taboo Black Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an 4.5 No N/A
Three sexy, original stories of men who are totally off-limits. From the author of the sizzling One Dark Night—three highly charged tales of unexpected desire, from the faraway past deep into the
distant future… Here are three beautiful, daring women who find themselves succumbing to the forbidden, overpowering passion ignited by their arch enemies. Set in three different worlds-the
past, the present, and the future-these stories will take readers way beyond their wildest imagination and into their most sensuous fantasies.
183 No Fear Black Jaid Jaid Black Jek Brynda N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an 5 Yes LIT
Book 5 in the Trek Mi Q'an series. Mousy, modern day librarian Brynda Mitchell doesn't lead a very exciting life...yet. Book 5 of the Trek Mi Q'an Series, No Fear, tells us the story of Jek Q'an Ri
and the capture of his Sacred Mate.
184 Dementia Black Jaid Jaid Black General Zaab Dee N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an 5.5 Yes LIT
Dee Ellison is catapulted from Earth and ends up in a mysterious alien world populated by an all-male race of ape men. Hoards of ape men who keep humanoid females captive — as sex slaves.
More terrifying yet, the alpha male of the most powerful Hoard is hot on Dee's trail…Note: Though this story is connected to No Fear, it can be read as a stand-alone. The Trek series should be
read in the following order: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 4.5, Book 5, Book 1.5, Book 5.5. We apologize for any confusion, however, we cannot change the name of a title after it has
been released!
185 Naughty NancyBlack Jaid Jaid Black Vorik Nancy N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an Related 1 Yes LIT
Tired of her boring, sedate life, Nancy Lombardo decided to turn over a new leaf. Come what may, she has determined to show the world a newer, stronger Nancy. Goodbye Miss Mouse and
hello Warrior Woman!
She was equipped for anything, or so she thought. But nothing in her wildest dreams could have prepared Nancy for what was to come on Halloween night.
Note: Strictly Taboo is an anthology of 3 stories, all written by Jaid Black. The first story, "Barbarian," is a Viking historical. The second story, "Nemesis" is a contemporary novella, and was
nominated for the Henry Miller Award for the best literary sex scene written in the English language. The final novella, "Naughty Nancy," tells the story of Nancy Lombardo and Vorik F'al Vader,
the son of Jana Q'ana Tal. Vorik's story foreshadows what is to come in the Trek Mi Q'an serial.
186 Devilish Dot Black Jaid Jaid Black Vaidd Dot N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an Related 2 Yes LIT
Book 6.5 in the Trek Mi Q'an Series. Dorothy "Dot" Araiza is a sex-toy maker by trade. One would think she has an active social life, but on the contrary, her existence is a rather boring, staid
one. Dot dreams of finding her happily-ever-after, of being swept off her feet by Prince Charming-not to mention getting laid after eight pathetic years One lightning storm later, all Dot's fevered
fantasies will come true. But Prince Charming isn't quite what she'd been expecting...
187 Never a Slave Black Jaid Jaid Black Julian Jameson Kylkka N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Trek Mi Q'an Related 3 Yes LIT
Never A Slave Jaid Black " Part of the Trek Mi Q'an series." Lord Julian Jameson went into the woods to relax-to beat his chest and celebrate his masculinity in an environment free of women. In
the blink of an eye he was on Galis, an alien planet where women rule. Gorgeous women with insatiable libidos. Naked and in chains, Julian is furious and humiliated-a condition that does not
improve when he is auctioned off as a sex slave to Klykka Gy'at Li, High Mystik. But Julian is no woman's slave. Not now. Not ever.
188 Hunters Right Black Jaid Jaid Black Nikolas Ericsson Ronda Tipton N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Vikings Underground 2 Yes LIT
Corporal Ronda Tipton is the sole survivor of an Army helicopter crash in the Arctic Circle. Struggling to stay alive, and in desperate need of shelter, Ronda happens upon a hidden civilization of
Taken as prisoner and forced to be sold on the bridal auction block to the highest bidder, Ronda's struggle for survival becomes a fight for escape. But Nikolas Ericsson, the fierce rebel warlord of
New Sweden, has no intention of letting her get away from him.
189 Adam& Evil Black Jaid Jaid Black Samuel Ian Adam Julia Cameron N/A Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Julia Cameron wants to settle down with a sensitive, New Age soul of a man, one not afraid to show his emotions. Her father's prot g, the dominant and coldly calculating Samuel Ian Adam, is
everything she doesn't want in a husband. When a plane crash leaves Julia stranded on a deserted island with the man her father wants her to marry, she discovers that there's more to the
business powerhouse than meets the eye...and an intensity to Sam simmering just below the surface.
190 Breeding Ground Black Jaid Jaid Black Alexandria Frazier Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Commander Alexandria Frazier headed up NASA's first deep-space mission to search for other habitable planets in distant galaxies. Where only two years passed by for the crew of the
Methuselah, fifteen hundred years had ticked by on Earth. Alex and her crew were prepared for that eventuality. What they weren't prepared for was a nuclear war and the resulting catastrophic
meteor shower that sent them hurling into Earth's very distant, eerie future.Welcome to earth in the year 100,000,007 A.D.Prepare to scream.
191 Deep, Dark & Dangerous Black Jaid Jaid Black Otar Madalyn Simon N/A Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
A star in a world of wealth and privilege....
Fed up with Hollywood backstabbing, famous movie actress Madalyn Simon decided to escape the spotlight. Her new back-to-basics existence in an Alaskan cabin did take getting used to, but
at least she was in control of her own destiny -- or so she thought. While snowmobiling on the frigid coast with her sister, the pair is taken hostage by a band of rough men who want them -- for
reasons beyond imagining.
A captive in a world of inescapable seductions....
They are neo-Vikings from a hidden underworld, in search of women Outsiders to breed for the New Sweden clan. Their sexy leader, Otar, wants only one woman: Madalyn. Overpowered by his
masculine strength and unmasked desire, Madalyn must become Otar's wife or face the marriage auction block. Now, in a world beyond dreams and as real as the hot flesh of her enticing
warrior-husband, Madalyn discovers the power of an all-consuming passion -- as the fires of revolution threaten all she has come to love....
192 God of Fire Black Jaid Jaid Black Historical To Read Yes LIT
He came to her in a dream. He foretold to her of a husband. She would travel over a thousand years back through time to be claimed by a notorious Viking warrior. The warrior would give her
pleasure she'd never dreamed possible. He would claim her. Brand her. Possess her. She could never leave him...But then again, whoever said she wanted to?
193 Playing Easy to Get Black Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes LIT Anthology by Sherrilyn Kenyon / Kresley Cole / Jaid Black
194 Sins of the Father Black Jaid Jaid Black James Douglas Mahoney III Candy Morgan N/A Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Candy Morgan has always felt badly about the fact that her father duped and then fired his former protégée, James Douglas Mahoney III. Worse yet, she knows that JD has always believed her
to be a part of the conspiracy to get rid of him.
When JD comes to power during a hostile takeover of Morgan Chemicals, Candy realizes he will want revenge against her family so she prepares herself to be ousted from the company. But
much to her surprise, JD doesn't oust her. Instead, he wants his vendetta against the Morgans settled in an entirely different fashion, in a way Candy never could have imagined in her wildest,
most wicked dream...
195 The Hunger Black Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Count Dario Giovanni swore he would do anything to save his sister from the evil countess who enslaved her. He couldn't have imagined in his most depraved nightmare just how hellish
"anything" would become. Damned to walk the earth alone, his only comfort the dream woman who haunts him during slumber, he is the guardian between hell and earth.
Four hundred years later, the evil vampire rises again. Dario vows to kill her at any cost. And to hunt down the human female who turns out to be more than an elusive dream.
Reader advisory: The legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the "Blood Countess", is not for the weak of stomach or faint of heart.
196 The Hunted Black Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Besieged By Jaid Black While studying the indigenous people of Alaska for her anthropology dissertation, Peggy Brannigan is hunted down and kidnapped in the arctic by a mysterious Nordic
male determined to keep her as a breeding mate. Trackers By J.W. McKenna Anthropology graduate student Amy Dellacroix is kidnapped by a group of wealthy men who like to hunt for
sport...the naked prey they hunt is women.
197 The ObsessionBlack Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Neil Macalister, a conservative and oh-so-proper lecturer of mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, thought he was happy with his sensible, ordinary life. But from the moment he laid eyes
on Valentina Jason-Elliot, a sexually liberated woman ten years his junior, he became obsessed with having her.Neil quickly discovers there aren't any lengths he won't go to in order to capture
the object of his desire, for he's determined to have Valentina bound to the heart and in the flesh.
198 The PossessionBlack Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Kris Torrence wants to experience sexual submission to a man once in her lifetime. Having a reputation for being a sedate, boring professor, nobody at her university job suspects anything when
she signs up to work for a five-day excursion at an exclusive gentlemen's resort catering to wealthy men seeking submissive sex slaves. Jack McKenna has been Dr. Kris Torrence's longtime
nemesis. When he sees a naked woman walking around the resort whose long, dark red hair reminds him of the uptight professor who will have nothing to do with him, he decides to buy her.
When he sees her face for the first time, Jack and Kris will both get the shock of a lifetime... "The Possession is an outstanding example of what a truly romantic erotic romance should be. Rich
characterizations, engaging dialogue, and an explosive passion meld together to create a highly entertaining story." - Terrie Figueroa, Romance Reviews Today "This was my first Jaid Black
story but I definitely plan on getting others... Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. The Possession is a well written, highly erotic story of 2 people who decide to do something different to
shake up their lives and find love along the way." - Diane Mason, Sime~Gen, Inc.
199 Tremors Black Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Marie Robb went to Europe to find herself, but she ended up finding more than she bargained for in the process.
When a flat tire on a deserted back road puts her at the mercy of a mysterious, reclusive man, she must decide between following the dictates of her heart and body or heeding the advice of the
The same villagers that say Fredrik Sorebo is nothing but a monster.
200 Vanished Black Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Lynne Temple is driving through the Appalachian mountains toward her new life. She's made grand plans to start fresh after her divorce, including settling into a new town. An overturned semi on
the West Virginia turnpike forces Lynne to use a temporary detour through a remote rural area high up in the mountains... A detour from which she will vanish without a trace.
201 Warlord Black Jaid Jaid Black Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
In the year 1052…
Euan Donald rules the Highlands with an iron fist. When a rival clan chieftain fails to deliver his betrothed to him, Euan decides to take matters into his own hands and acquire a bride the old
fashioned way—he‘ll go steal one.
Present day…
Janet Duval is in Scotland on business. One minute she‘s leaving the local pub after having dinner and drinks with a friend, and the next she finds herself being chased—1000 years in the
past—by a heavily muscled, grim-faced warrior hell-bent on possessing her.
202 Their Virgin Captive Black Shayla Shayla Black Gavin Hannah
Dex Contemporary To Read Yes Masters of Menage 1 Yes Epub
Brothers Gavin, Slade, and Dex, fall hard for Gavin‘s new secretary, beautiful Hannah Craig. The oil executives know they must give her time to get to know them before she can choose one . . .
who will seduce the virgin and keep her for his own. But when a dangerous predator begins stalking the small-town beauty, they work together to protect her, abducting Hannah and spiriting her
to an isolated hideaway. Once alone with her, none of them can contain their burning desire. Though Slade and Dex don‘t mind sharing, Gavin‘s tragic past has put distance between him and his
brothers. Now, they‘re hoping that not only will Hannah love them back . . . but maybe mend their fractured family.
After overcoming her initial fears, the men teach her wild pleasure she‘s never imagined. She grows closer to each, their devotion melting her inhibitions. Hannah finds herself embracing love with
all three men—and hoping she can heal Gavin‘s wounded soul. But her new found happiness turns to terror when her stalker finds her. Will Gavin, Slade and Dex lose their woman to a menace
that threatens everything they hold dear, or will they finally unite to make Hannah theirs forever?\
203 Their Virgin Concubine Black Shayla Shayla Black Contemporary To Read Yes Masters of Menage 3 Yes Epub
The country of Bezakistan – renowned for its wealth and the beauty of its deserts
Piper Glen is thrilled when Rafe and Kade al Mussad ask her to visit their country on a business trip. Madly attracted to both, the virginal secretary knows that neither of her intensely handsome
bosses desires her. But every night she dreams of having them both in her bed, fulfilling her every need.
Rafe and Kade have finally found the perfect woman in Piper. Sweet and funny. Intelligent and strong. Before they can reveal their feelings, the brothers must fulfill an ancient tradition. Every
sheikh must steal his bride and share her with his brothers. They have thirty days to convince Piper to love them all forever.
The country of Bezakistan – notorious for its danger…
Sheikh Talib al Mussad knows his villainous cousin seeks to take his throne. If Talib and his brothers fail to convince the beautiful Piper to love them, all will be lost. After meeting Piper, he
knows he would risk everything to possess her heart.
Khalil al Bashir has long coveted his cousin‘s rule. Without a bride to seal their birthright, his every wish will come true. If Piper falls for them, he will lose everything but Piper can‘t love them if
she‘s dead…
204 Their Virgin Princess Black Shayla Shayla Black Contemporary To Read Yes Masters of Menage 4 Yes Epub
A broken woman…
Alea Binte al Mussad, Princess of Bezakistan, was abducted from her university, mentally tortured and forced to witness the worst of humanity. She was rescued, but not before fear and her
shattered soul made her retreat into herself. Two years later, she‘s living behind the palace‘s locked gates and the walls she‘s built surrounding her heart. Alea is comforted by the joyous family
around her, but inside feels so alone—except when she‘s with the steady trio of guards who relentlessly keep her safe. And tempt her with a passion she isn‘t sure she‘ll survive.
Three stalwart warriors determined to claim her…
Dane Mitchell, Cooper Evans, and Landon Nix wanted Alea from the moment they laid eyes on her. Held back by their duty and her fragility, they worship the Princess from afar, determined to
claim her if the chance ever comes. When Alea learns that someone may still be hunting her, she plots to escape both danger and her guards‘ simmering, overwhelming passion. Dane, Coop,
and Lan aren‘t about to let her go. When they find themselves in paradise and all boundaries are stripped away, the ice begins to melt around Alea‘s heart. But when reality comes crashing in,
will she learn to accept love before a killer strikes again?
205 Wicked Ties Black Shayla Shayla Black Jack Cole Morgan O'Malley N/A Contemporary Read 05.02.2013 3 Yes Wicked Lovers 1 Yes PDF
She didn‘t know what she wanted until he made her beg for it...
Morgan O‘Malley has seen a lot of kinky things as the hostess of a cable sex talk show. But she‘s never met a man like Jack Cole before. A self-proclaimed dominant, he‘s as alpha as a male
can get–and good for Morgan to have around when an obsessed stalker ratchets up his attempts to get to her.
Though Jack is a bodyguard, Morgan feels anything but safe in his presence. Because slowly and seductively, Jack is bringing her deepest fantasies to the surface. And when he bends her to
his will, what‘s more shocking than her surrender is how much she enjoys it–and starts to crave his masterful touch. A willing player in Jack‘s games, Morgan knows that his motives aren‘t pure,
but she has no idea how personal they are…
206 Decadent Black Shayla Shayla Black Deke Trenton Kimber Egington Luc Contemporary To Read Yes Wicked Lovers 2 Yes PDF
Two men are better than one…
How can a virgin seeking happily-ever-after with a hot pop star who has a penchant for threesomes win her fantasy man? Kimber Edgington desperately needs a plan to convince Jesse McCall,
who‘s been her friend and secret crush since they spent a summer together as teenagers, that they are meant for each other. But all the tabloid stories about his sexual escapades make her
feel oh-so inadequate.
Determined to prove she‘s woman enough for Jesse, Kimber turns to bodyguard Deke Trenton for sexual education. Bold and brash, Deke warns Kimber that playing with him is playing with fire.
But he can‘t bear to imagine the innocent beauty in someone else‘s arms. So Deke and his super-sexy friend, Luc, take Kimber under their wings and dangerously close to the edge of ecstasy.
Though she‘s saved herself for Jesse, Kimber soon learns, he‘s not the man adept at stoking her aching, endless need. That‘s Deke, and he can‘t resist when Kimber begs for more–and more…
207 Surrender to MeBlack Shayla Shayla Black Hunter Kata N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Wicked Lovers 4 Yes Word
A secret fantasy.
Hunter had everything until a bullet put his career as a Navy SEAL on hold. Restless and uncertain about his future, he accepts an intriguing proposition: share an acquaintance‘s girlfriend and
fulfill her fantasy of a ménage. It should have been just a night of sexual adventure between three consenting adults. But Kata is like no other girl Hunter has ever met. By turns audacious and
sexy, then vulnerable and aloof, she‘s a heartbreaker he‘s determined to master. But he needs more than one night. And he wants to do it alone.
An uncontrollable obsession.
Kata never expected to leave her comfortable relationship and explore something so dangerously forbidden with a stranger. Hard as she tries to resist, the guilty pleasure overwhelms her, and
she surrenders herself, inch by inch, to the hardcore man who wants her for himself. Consumed by blazing desire, they‘re soon threatened by the shadows of the past. And now to keep Kata
safe, Hunter makes her a bold proposition of his own. Saying yes will destroy her heart. But saying no could cost Kata her life.
208 Belong to Me Black Shayla Shayla Black Logan Edgington Tara Jacobs N/A Contemporary Read 01.01.2013 3 Yes Wicked Lovers 5 Yes PDF
She‘s undercover and in over her head…
When FBI analyst Tara Jacobs‘ fellow agent and best friend goes missing while investigating a sex ring, Tara goes undercover as a submissive in a Dallas BDSM club called Dominion. But no
man can top a woman with Tara‘s moxie convincingly enough—until an edgy, dangerous Dom takes control of the scene and sets her heart racing with a single, commanding glance. Too bad
he‘s also the man who stole her innocence years ago—and the one to whom she will never submit.
He‘s got everything under control…until he falls for her again.
Navy SEAL Logan Edgington once left the woman he loved to save her life. He knows Tara will never forgive him, but he has no doubt that he possesses the knowledge to master her fears and
the strength to guide her through an unfamiliar world of pleasure and pain. He alone can protect her on a dangerous mission that reveals both wicked depravities and terrible secrets. Logan
relishes the exquisite torture of holding her again, feeling her uninhibited response. No matter how much Tara insists their fling will end after this mission, he‘s determined that she will be his
again—and this time, he‘ll never let her go.
209 Dangerous Boys and Their Toys Black Shayla Shayla Black R.A. ThornBrenna Sheridan Cameron Martinez Contemporary Read 02.02.2013 3 Yes PDF
Trading orgasms for information isn't their usual way of doing business, but when a missing criminal-turned-star-witness and fifty grand are on the line, bounty hunter R. A. Thorn and Detective
Cameron Martinez are prepared to put their bodies to the task and give gorgeous Brenna Sheridan everything she needs. An exchange they never anticipated becomes an experience none can
forget-or walk away from. Sexual hunger sizzles the threesome, but the stakes and danger rise as a mafia bad-ass stalks Brenna. Soon, their "deal" is no longer about information-or sex.
Emotions bind Brenna, Cam and Thorn together more tightly than they ever imagined as the men protect-and serve-the beloved woman neither can live without. "Reader advisory: Book contains
some scenes of same-gender sex.
210 Four Play Black Shayla Shayla Black Chase Zoe Various Contemporary Read 12.02.2013 3 Yes PDF
In Pillow Talk by Maya Banks, Zoe is a woman in a committed relationship with her boyfriend Chase. Then one night, Chase reveals his number-one fantasy, which involves his two best buddies.
Is Zoe game? She sure is, because it opens the door for a secret fantasy all her own. In Shayla Black's Her Fantasy Men, a girly-girl named Kelsey plays football, craves action movies, and
loves knocking back a cold beer with her three best friends-all male. Yet she's never seemed sexually interested in any one of these hot guys. So what does Kelsey want? A fantasy come true
for all four of them.
211 Caught up in Him Blakely Lauren Lauren BlakelyBryan Katerina "Kat" Harper N/A 2013 18 Contemporary Read 23.04.2014 3 Yes Caught up in Love 0.25 Yes PDF Human Human N/A
22, Brown hair, forest green eyes flecked
with gold 17, dark brown hair, gorgeous, brown eyes N/A Sweet, funny, decent, laid back Fun, artistic, movie buff, playful, smart N/A Working Student N/A
New York, USA City Summer YA
This is a very brief introduction of Kat and Bryan when they were younger and spent a summer together and she fell in love with him, but he broke up with her just before they could consumate
their relationship. He didn't give a reason.
Seventeen-year-old Kat Harper has always dreamed of silver-screen kisses, the kind of love you see in the movies.
That‘s exactly what she gets the summer before college when she meets her brother‘s best friend Bryan.
He‘s five years older, but that doesn‘t stop them from falling into a summer romance so perfect it could have been scripted by Hollywood. They kiss in the back row of the movie theater, on the
beach at night, even on the quiet streets of her hometown when no one‘s looking.
Surely, he‘s falling as hard for her as she is for him, right? But Bryan breaks her heart and leaves with barely an explanation, forcing Kat to move on from her first love... until five years later, when
he walks back into her life. Now she has to face the truth that she's never gotten over him. Is it possible he hasn‘t stopped thinking about her too? Nice, sweet Brother's best friend
212 Caught up in Her Blakely Lauren Lauren BlakelyBryan Katerina "Kat" Harper N/A 2013 46 Contemporary Read 23.04.2014 4 Yes Caught up in Love 0.5 Yes PDF Human Human N/A
22, Brown hair, forest green eyes flecked
with gold 17, dark brown hair, gorgeous, brown eyes N/A Sweet, funny, decent, laid back Fun, artistic, movie buff, playful, smart N/A Working Student N/A
New York, USA City Summer YA This is the beginning of Kat and Bryan's story from his point of view. And we find out why he broke up with her. To go work in Paris and regrets in still 5 years later.
Bryan Leighton never expected to fall madly in love with his best friend‘s sister. But that‘s exactly what happened that fateful summer when she walked into his life. It was a sweet romance so
perfect it could have been scripted by Hollywood. But can a first love survive past the first summer?
I‘m not going to say it was love at first sight when I met her. I don‘t believe in that. Because love isn‘t about falling for someone‘s looks. Though she was beautiful in every single way, from her
dark, wavy hair to her gorgeous brown eyes, to the soft curves of her body. But that‘s not why I fell so hard for her that summer. She took my breath away for reasons that had nothing to do with
her looks. It was the the movies, the conversations, the walks through the small town, the nights on the beach with the waves rolling in, the way I could hold her hand and feel as if the world had
simply melted away and we were all that was left. So, there was no love-at-first-sight. That would come later, and if it happened first it would take away all the reasons that stayed with me for the
next five years. Even though you‘re not supposed to fall for your best friend‘s little sister. But that didn't stop me...
**CAUGHT UP IN HER is part of the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling CAUGHT UP IN LOVE series. Each book can be read as a standalone, though you will likely enjoy the other
books in the series.** Glad to know why he dumped her. But seems like a flimsy reason. How did he know a long distance relationship couldn't work if he didn‘t try it. Not that I'm a fan of long-distant relationships. Brother's best friend
213 Caught up in UsBlakely Lauren Lauren BlakelyBryan Katerina "Kat" Harper N/A 2013 109 Contemporary Read 24.04.2014 3 Yes Caught up in Love 1 Yes PDF Human Human N/A
28, brown hair, forest green eyes flecked
with gold 23, dark brown hair, gorgeous, brown eyes N/A Sweet, funny, decent, laid back Fun, artistic, movie buff, playful, smart N/A CEO of own business, Made Here
Post Grad
Owner of
My Favorite
Jewellery N/A
New York, USA
Paris, France city Summer Romance
The continuation of Kat and Bryan's story five years later. They haven't seen each other in five years. She's currently doing a mentorship program for her MBA and he is choosen as her mentor.
They work together, solve some of his business problems and build her business up. All while falling in love again. But trying to hide it due to the problems regarding an employee at his firm
having an affair with an under-age girl and because the mentorship program doesn't all mentor and student relationships. All works out in the end and he asks her to marry him.
A second chance at first love...
Five years ago, Kat Harper fell into a dizzying summer romance with her brother's best friend Bryan. It was a mad, crazy love full of kisses all through the night -- but he broke her heart and she
had to move on. Five years later, Kat is finishing her graduate degree and building her business as a jewelry designer, when Bryan, head of his own successful company, walks back into her life.
Bryan has been assigned to Kat as her new business mentor and the rules are clear. No hanky panky permitted. Kat can handle that because she's totally over him... right? Except, he still
makes her laugh, and he remembers all the things she likes. Not to mention that he's even more handsome now than he was then. Then there's the spark between them -- the simply undeniable
chemistry, and the tender ways he shows he still cares for her. Can they resist each other the second time around or will first love trump all?
One irritating thing about this series : books 0.25, 0.5, 1 is that is isn't a continuity or just a his POV or her POV. Book .25 was her POV and should have stopped when he broke up with her.
Book .5 should have simply been his POV but included part of her POV as well that we'd already read in book .25. And now in the full length novel, we're again reading what we read in book .25
and the full length novel so far has only her POV which is a bummer! 20 pages in and only her POV. Why, why, why???? On page 35 and back to reading pages from book .25 - read this
already!!! Want to know what happens now. Had to force myself to finish. It dragged and became boring. But overall a sweet if immature feeling story Brother's best friend
214 Destined to Play Bloome Indigo Indigo BloomeJeremy Quinn Alexandra Blake N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Avalon Trilogy 1 Yes Epub
It′s simple. No sight. No questions. 48 hours. Dr. Alexandra Blake is about to give a series of prestigious lectures, but the butterflies in her stomach are for a far more exciting reason ...After the
lecture she is meeting up with Jeremy Quinn, esteemed doctor and dangerous ex-lover - the only person with whom she has ever let her guard down completely. After a few glasses of
champagne in his luxurious penthouse suite, Jeremy presents her with an intriguing offer: stay with him for the next forty-eight hours and accept two extraordinary conditions, the first of which
leaves her utterly at his mercy, and he will give her an experience more sensual and extreme than any game they have ever played before.
This scorching novel is an erotic exploration of trust and betrayal, experimentation and control, lust and love. Forget Fifty Shades of Grey, this daring debut will leave you breathless for more ...
215 Destined to Feel Bloome Indigo Indigo BloomeJeremy Quinn Alexandra Blake N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Avalon Trilogy 2 Yes Epub
Life was going well for psychologist Alexandra Blake. Her career has taken off and she has been exploring her darkest sexual fantasies with her lover Jeremy Quinn. But her bliss is rudely
interrupted when she is abducted in London, caught up in a dangerous struggle between unscrupulous corporations. Her captors want her to help them with their sexual experiments - pushing
the boundaries of convention in the search for a drug to stimulate the female libido. But at what cost? How far will Alexandra be willing to go to satisfy her curiosity, both professional and
personal? What will she have to do to escape, and - more importantly - does she want to?
216 Destined to FlyBloome Indigo Indigo BloomeJeremy Quinn Alexandra Blake N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Avalon Trilogy 3 Yes Epub
The final instalment in the intensely erotic Avalon series that started with Destined to Play. The compelling and thrilling climax to Alexandra Blake's sensual journey. Alexandra has returned to
the world after her captivity and is left with a heady mix of emotions. Strangly empowered, her feelings of pleasure and exhilaration are tinged with fear, but now she must reconcile the decisions
of her past and how they may determine her future. Alexandra knows it is she alone who holds the key to the answers so desperately sought by both her lover, Jeremy Quinn, and her captors. In
order to unlock the secrets within her, she must embark upon a quest to explore long-forgotten sexual rituals and despite believing that she has experienced everything possible in her erotic
adventures, she discovers that there is still so much more to learn. At last she will learn what freedom truly means and understand the real purpose of the role she was always destined to play.
217 Broken DesiresBoone Azure Azure Boone Daniel Sofia N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Broken 1 Yes Epub
Sofia follows a dare and sets an appointment with the hot gynecologist she's crushing on. After an embarrassing series of events, she feigns a diabetes attack, leaves his office and prays she
never sees him again. Two days later, she meets him in the supermarket and he asks her to dinner.
Daniel deals with his dark past by pleasuring women. Very selective with who he chooses for his erotic games, his next available choice, Sofia, doesn't measure up to the kind of woman he
needs. But with his options near zero, he decides to take a chance, and soon discovers that pleasuring Sofia opens a door to a rewarding new desire.
218 Blind Love Bowen Jasmine Jasmine Bowen Caius Emily N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Caius is a normal red blooded male, with superstar traits. His movies are a smash hit, his body is toned and insatiable, and his smile is enough to send any woman over the edge. But like
everyone, he has a secret: Caius is blind, and only a handful of persons are aware of his disability.
When he gets nominated for an Oscar, he must figure out how to accept the award without knowing the theatre layout, nor his seating arrangement. He calls his best friend, Emily, in to assist
him, but with an ulterior motive. As each year goes on, Caius' love for Emily burns white hot. As a Hollywood superstar, he can have any woman in the world… except, it seems, for the one he
219 Duke Most Wanted Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Graham Sophie Blake N/A Historical To Read Yes Heiress Brides 3 Yes PDF & Word
Sophie Blake‘s grandfather willed his fortune to the first of his granddaughters to marry a duke. Since her cousin, Deirdre, will seal the deal any day now, the quiet, bookish Sophie can sit back
and enjoy her time with the only man she truly adores: Graham. No matter that the part charmer, part scoundrel has absolutely no designs on her! Sophie is content to engage Graham in lively
conversation, beat him at cards. . .and probe at the darkness hiding behind his rakish smile. Then Graham unexpectedly gains a title, an estate in near ruins and a mountain of debt. If there is
any chance of survival he must find a rich wife—quickly. As his hunt for a bride begins, Sophie realizes that she isn‘t even in the running. Suddenly no longer content to be a wallflower, Sophie
gets a stunning make-over and becomes the belle of the ball. Lots of heads are turning…including Graham‘s. But this beauty has secrets of her own. Will she be his salvation or seal his fate?
220 The Rogue Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Ethan Damont Jane Pennington N/A Historical To Read Yes Liar's Club 5 Yes PDF & Word
Ethan Damont's legendary gambling skills have earned him a place at the gaming tables of London's most exclusive homes. He has used his dubious place in Society to aid The Liar's Club. But
his latest favor to the group has not only put his life in danger-it has thrown him together with the woman who tempts him to forgo his rakish ways. Lady Jane Pennington is the ravishing niece of
a suspected traitor. Now it's Ethan's job to discover if the woman he finds irresistible is naïve to her uncle's deceit-or guilty of treason against the Crown...Jane can barely wait for the Season to
end-until she meets Ethan Damont. After a humiliating first encounter, Jane expects a scoundrel like Ethan to joke at her expense. Instead, he behaves like a perfect gentleman. But just as Jane
finds herself overcome by her desire for Ethan, he takes her captive. Suddenly, she is pulled into a dangerous world where it's impossible to know who is friend-and who is foe. Will Ethan prove to
be her undoing...or the love she has always longed for?
221 To Wed a Scandalous Spy Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Nathaniel Stonewell Willa Trent N/A Historical Read 2012 Yes Royal Four 1 No N/A
Lovely, high born Willa Trent was an orphan, raised by a local, somewhat odd family in the country, who want nothing but the best for their girl. So when she drags the unconscious man she
accidentally hit with a slingshot home, they arrange a hasty marriage and pack the couple off with best wishes. Armed with a groggy husband and a new future, Willa's pie-eyed optimism has no
limits...until she discovers the secret, dangerous world of Nathaniel Stonewell, Earl of Reardon, a.k.a. "Lord Treason."
Though Nathaniel is reviled by most of England for his devious plot against the Crown, he is, in reality, a member of an elite cadre of secret royal defenders on a daring undercover mission. He
must keep his secrets at all cost, especially from Willa. And yet, he is enchanted...though he stubbornly refuses to surrender to his passion. Far better, he tells himself, to turn his back on love
than risk everything for it. Luckily, his bride has other plans...
222 Seducing the Spy Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Stanton Horne Alicia Lawrence N/A Historical To Read Yes Royal Four 4 Yes PDF & Word
Elite spies, secret defenders of the king, The Royal Four are unsurpassed in courage, honor, and daring. Known to his brothers-in-arms as The Falcon, Lord Wyndham is the most secretive and
aloof of the four. But when The Falcon meets the impetuous Lady Alicia, he discovers a soul mate whose hidden fire matches his own…SEDUCING THE SPYLady Alicia Lawrence was cast out
of polite society and branded a liar for a youthful mistake. When she overhears details of a conspiracy that could affect her country's fate, she turns to the one person who might believe her--
Stanton Horne, Lord Wyndham. Posing as Wyndham's mistress in order to root out the enemy, Alicia is drawn into an uneasy partnership…and a wildly seductive liaison. Lord Wyndham's
uncanny ability to detect lies has made him a valuable member of the Royal Four, but in matters of romance it has proven a distinct liability. Alicia is the only woman whose thoughts he cannot
read…and the only one whose sensual touch quenches every secret desire. As the mission grows more dangerous and more personal, and each encounter with Alicia more fiery than the last,
this daring spy must face his greatest challenge yet--learn to trust the passion in his heart…
223 Devil in my BedBradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Aidan de Quincy Madeleine Chandler N/A Historical To Read Yes Runaway Brides 1 Yes PDF
The three-year-old girl sitting on the steps of Brown‘s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen insists that one of its members is her papa. Aidan de Quincy feels obligated to help the wee thing, even
though she certainly isn‘t his—or is she? To find answers, Aidan must first track down the lovely widow he swore to forget when their passionate affair came to a painful end. It doesn‘t help that
Madeleine Chandler is as sensual and enticing as ever…For three years, Madeleine had dreamed of seeing Aidan on her doorstep. The secret that once forced her to leave him now compels her
to pretend that this sweet child is hers—a lie Aidan will surely never forgive. Yet the contented days and exquisite nights that follow are worth the heartbreak she knows must come. The truth will
out—and when it does, there will be the devil to pay…
224 Scoundrel in my Dreams Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley John Redgrave Laurel Clarke N/A Historical To Read Yes Runaway Brides 3 Yes PDF & Word
The child is his: Jack, or rather, Lord John Redgrave knows it the instant he glimpses the blue-eyed girl who was abandoned on the steps of his gentleman‘s club. Her mother came to his room
one dark night more than three years ago—and spurned his proposal the very next day. But when Jack visits Amaryllis Clarke to demand an explanation, he receives the shock of his life. For it
wasn‘t proud, worldly Amaryllis with whom he spent that soul-stirring night. It was her infatuated younger sister, Laurel. Laurel was only seventeen when she gave her innocence to Jack—and
paid a steep price. She might be overjoyed about her reunion with little Melody, but Laurel won‘t surrender to her desires again. Jack, meanwhile, has no wish to give up the daughter he never
knew he had. Nor will he part with the sensual woman who makes him feel alive with longing. He intends to use any means possible to convince Laurel to stay. After all, all‘s fair in matters of
seduction—especially to a scoundrel in love…
225 The Pretender Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Simon Montague Rain Agatha Cunnington N/A Historical Read 08.01.2013 Yes The Liars Club 1 No N/A
Rule #1: Never fall in love.
She had a secret she'd do anything to hide.
Agatha Cunnington, a headstrong beauty from the country, has come to London in search of her missing brother James. The only clue she has is a cryptic letter signed The Griffin. Agatha
decides to disguise herself as a respectable married woman so that she can go about the city unnoticed. But for her charade to work she needs a suitable "husband," preferably someone tall,
elegant, and rakish-someone like Simon Montague Rain.
He had a secret he'd do anything to hide.
Simon Montague Rain, also known as The Magician, is a member of The Liar's Club, a renegade group of rogues and thieves in the service of the Crown. When someone begins murdering
members of the undercover cabal one by one, Simon is given the mission to bring in The Griffin, one of his comrades who is suspected of betraying his brothers. Simon goes undercover and
infiltrates the home of "Mrs." Agatha Applequist who he believes is the Griffin's mistress. Before Simon knows what's happened, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to Agatha's soft, feminine
charms-and he is tempted beyond reason to break the first rule of The Liar's Club: never fall in love.
226 The Imposter Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Dalton Montmorecy Clara Simpson N/A Historical Read 2012 Yes The Liars Club 2 No N/A
It isn't easy moving about Society dressed like a dandy-especially when one is a ruthless spy. But that's precisely the latest mission for Liar's Club agent Dalton Montmorecy. Dalton is posing
as Sir Thorogood, the elusive cartoonist whose scathing political caricatures have all of London abuzz. The true identity of Sir Thorogood is a mystery, and Dalton hopes that impersonating him
will flush out the real menace before his cartoons do further damage to the Crown. Now, if Dalton could only find a way to get the irksome, yet oddly appealing widow, Clara Simpson, off his
When Clara meets Sir Thorogood at a ball, she's certain he is an impostor-because she's the true Sir Thorogood. Secretly penning the cartoons under the frothy nom de plume, Clara hopes to
save enough money so that she can leave her in-laws and find a new residence. Now she is determined to reveal an imposter's identity-and that means doing some undercover work herself. But
pretending to be someone you're not has a funny way of making a woman do things she wouldn't ordinarily dream of-even if it drives her straight into the arms of her devilishly handsome
227 The Charmer Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Collis Tremayne Rose LaceyN/A Historical Read 2012 4 Yes The Liars Club 4 No N/A
Who is the charmer?
Collis Tremayne could make any female swoon; yet no one would guess the hidden desperation that drove him to become the most skilled spy in service to the Crown. All that stand in his way
is...Rose Lacey, the first female Lair and a confounding chit who manages to outsmart him with cunning and courage. She is the only woman he cannot melt with his smile. With every breath, he
wishes he had never laid eyes on her. And with every flash of her green eyes, he craves to possess her...
Rose Lacey fought hard to meet the challenges of becoming a spy for the infamous Liar's Club. And if it weren't for Collis Tremayne, who manages to make her blood boil with his arrogance and
leave her breathless with white-hot longing, she'd achieve her dream. Now, they must work together on a secret mission to uncover a dangerous plot--one in which the very safety of England
hangs in the balance. Armed with wit and wiles, they must face deadly intrigue, clever enemies, and if they can manage not to murder one another--the intoxicating lure of unbidden passion...
228 Surrender to a Wicked Spy Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Dane Olivia Calwell N/A Historical Read 2012 Yes The Royal Four 2 No N/A
They are known simply as The Royal Four but there's nothing simple about the elite band of spies who serve the King in secrecy. Their missions are dangerous, their love lives are scandalous
and each man in the Royal Four has his own secrets. This is the story of the spy known as The Lion
SURRENDER TO A WICKED SPY Olivia Calwell's new husband, Dane, is everything she could have ever hoped for in a man. The handsome Lord Greenleigh is charming, debonair, even a bit
mysterious and just thinking of their wedding night makes Olivia blush with pleasure. Yet she can't help but wonder what exactly Dane does all day. His hushed meetings with strangers, his odd
comings and goings; it is all enough to drive Olivia mad! Could her beloved husband be involved in something dangerous? Could he even be spying for France?
Spy Dane Calwell knows the new Lady Greenleigh is poised, well educated, and utterly captivating. But he's just discovered that Olivia is also the most curious creature he has ever met! Most
wives don't give a whit what their husbands do all day. Why must Olivia ask so many questions and meddle in matters that do not concern her? Truth be told, Dane finds Olivia's amateur
sleuthing enchanting, even a little sexy. But when Olivia gets too close to the mission at hand, Dane must try to stop her before it's too late or risk losing his beautiful wife forever
229 One Night with a Spy Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Marcus Ramsay Julia Barrowby N/A Historical Read 2012 Yes The Royal Four 3 No N/A
For years, Lady Julia Barrowby has acted the part of an old man's ornamental bride, never revealing that she has secretly helped the ailing Lord Barrowby in his work with the Royal Four. Now
that her husband has died, Julia believes his place in the Four is hers by right. But convincing the remaining members will not be easy, especially with Marcus Ramsay, Lord Dryden, distracting
her at every turn. Somehow, the mysterious Marcus seems to see into her very soul, effortlessly satisfying all her secret, forbidden longings
Marcus stood next in line to be chosen for the Four, and he is not willing to be displaced by a woman, no matter how intriguing or beautiful she may be. Under orders to investigate Julia, Marcus
discovers her diary, overflowing with years of loneliness and yearning. Fulfilling Julia's fantasies is the perfect way to get closer to her, but seducing this fascinating creature is fast becoming
more than a means to an end--it is his soul's deepest desire�
230 Desperately Seeking a Duke Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Rafe Marbrook Phoebe Millbury N/A Historical Read 2012 Yes Heiress Brides 1 No N/A
The only way for vicar's daughter Phoebe Millbury to inherit a family fortune is to find herself a duke just as her late grandfather demanded in his will. But Phoebe, who's still trying to make good
after a romantic scandal, also has her two cousins to contend with. They're all competing for the same money, maybe even the same men. ..until Phoebe meets her match in the terribly
handsome and charming Rafe Marbrook.
When she receives a marriage proposal from the Marquis of Brookhaven, Phoebe is thrilled to learn that Rafe is headed for dukedom and accepts his offer. There's only one problem: It's from
Rafe's older, less captivating brother, Calder. Now Phoebe finds herself on the verge of yet another scandal as she faces a desperate choice: Marry Calder for his money or follow her own heart?
Each way can only lead to trouble
231 Fallen Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Julian Rowley Izzy N/A Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF & Word
Her wicked dreams...When Izzy went to bed, she never expected to awaken to disgrace. Of course, it felt wonderful ... warm hands on her flesh, rough stubbled skin on her cheek. It all seemed
some wonderful dream. But that hardly mattered to the ton. To them, she was ruined, for Lord Eppingham Julian Rowley had been discovered in her bed, and she'd claimed him as her own. Why
had she done it? Why had she brought ruination to her name and dishonor to her family --- dishonor that could only be erased by marriage? She had not wanted to trap the handsome rake in
wedlock. Though she might fall forever into his golden-brown eyes, marriage to any man was not something she sought. Nor had she acted from any true fear of the ton's disdain. It had been
something in Julian's touch, his kiss. Something had called out for her to guard him, to place herself in the way of his ruin. If to save this man meant to be fallen, so be it. And in saving him, she
just might save herself.
232 Rogue In My Arms Bradley Celeste Celeste Bradley Colin Lambert Prudence Filby N/A Historical Read 2012 Yes Runaway Brides 2 No N/A
When Sir Colin Lambert learns that the little girl left on the steps of his gentleman‘s club belongs to one of its members, he‘s filled with hope. Could Melody be the daughter of the beautiful,
impulsive actress who broke his heart? Colin is determined to find out with the help of his lost love‘s former seamstress, Miss Prudence Filby. But soon, Pru‘s disarming manner and seductive
voice are stirring all manner of doubts in his mind—as well as some delicious fantasies…
Pru‘s only motivation in helping Colin is to reclaim the wages she‘s owed. Or at least, it was, before days and nights traveling together draw them into a heated, thrilling intimacy. But as soon as
Pru discovers his noble status, she suspects she‘s been a fool. To a man of his standing, she can hardly be more than a dalliance, even if their scorching passion makes her long to take center
stage in his life—and in his arms…
233 Most Wanted Brashear Jean Jean Brashear Jesse Montalvo Delilah Butler N/A Contemporary Read 04.01.2013 3 Yes Deep in the Heart 4 No N/A
Her moment of glory
Austin police detective Delilah Butler was only fifteen when a crazed drifter held her and her mother at gunpoint. During those dark hours twelve years ago, she survived by clinging to the comfort
of the hostage negotiator's voice. Delilah never met FBI agent Jesse Montalvo…until now. On the merits of hard work and talent, she's been assigned to hunt down a serial killer, and Jesse is the
agent in charge of the case.
His worst nightmare
Because Delilah was injured and her mother killed before her eyes that terrifying night, Jesse has never forgiven himself for not protecting Delilah more. He still wants to protect her—and that
doesn't mean sending her undercover to lure a murderer. In a cruel irony, Delilah becomes a hostage again. Only, now the stakes are higher for Jesse. Now he's negotiating to save the woman
he loves.
234 Love in Vein Brite Poppy Z Poppy Z Brite Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Be warned. If you found Love in Vein too disturbingly dark, too exquisitely explicit, too deliciously erotic in the secrets it revealed -- you're going to adore Love in Vein II. Poppy Z. Brite has done
it again with a provocative new collection even more dangerously seductive, more boldly erotic than her first. It is not for everyone. But it may be what you need.
235 The Unsung Hero Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 1 Yes PDF
After a near-fatal head injury, navy SEAL lieutenant Tom Paoletti catches a terrifying glimpse of an international terrorist in his New England hometown. When he calls for help, the navy
dismisses the danger as injury-induced imaginings. In a desperate, last-ditch effort to prevent disaster, Tom creates his own makeshift counterterrorist team, assembling his most loyal officers,
two elderly war veterans, a couple of misfit teenagers, and Dr. Kelly Ashton-the sweet "girl next door" who has grown into a remarkable woman. The town's infamous bad boy, Tom has always
longed for Kelly. Now he has one final chance for happiness, one last chance to win her heart, and one desperate chance to save the day . . .
236 The Defiant Hero Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann John Nilsson Meg MooreN/A Contemporary Read 2012 Yes Troubleshooters 2 Yes PDF
In The Unsung Hero, award-winning author Suzanne Brockmann dazzled readers with her remarkable cast of tough and tender U.S. Navy SEALs. Now her daring men in uniform return for THE
DEFIANT HERO—a thrilling novel of steadfast courage, intimate passions, and the profound risks that are taken in the name of love. . . .
"The United States refuses to negotiate with terrorists." Meg Moore remembered the warning from her job as a translator in a European embassy. Those same words will spell out a death
sentence for her daughter and grandmother who have been kidnapped by a lethal group called the Extremists. Meg will do anything to meet their unspeakable demands; anything—even kill—to
save her child.
When Navy SEAL Lieutenant, junior grade, John Nilsson is summoned to Washington, D.C., by the FBI to help negotiate a hostage situation, the last person he expects to see holding a foreign
ambassador at gunpoint is Meg. He hasn't seen her in years, but he's never forgotten how it feels to hold her in his arms. John could lose his career if he helps her escape. She will lose her life if
he doesn't. . . .
237 Over the Edge Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 3 Yes PDF
"Suzanne Brockmann has taken romantic suspense by storm with her action-packed thrillers. Now she has written the most gripping novel of her career-an unforgettable story of an explosive
hostage situation in which two people are caught between the call of duty and the lure of destiny.
Her passion is flying. As one of the best helicopter pilots in the naval reserves, Lieutenant Teri Howe is strong, dedicated, and highly skilled-until a past mistake surfaces, jeopardizing everything
she's worked for.
Rock steady Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok has made a career of tackling difficult challenges. So it's no surprise when he comes to Teri's aid, knowing that his personal code of honor-and
perhaps his heart-will be at risk. But when a jet carrying an American senator's daughter is hijacked, Stan's unflinching determination and Teri's steadfast courage are put to the ultimate test. The
rescue mission will be daring and dangerous. But somewhere between peril and resolution, the line between friends and lovers begins to blur, pushing both their lives "over the edge." . . .
238 Out of Control Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Ken "Wildcard" Karmody Savannah von Hopf N/A Contemporary Read 2012 Yes Troubleshooters 4 Yes PDF
Savannah von Hopf has no choice. To save her uncle's life, she goes in search of Ken "WildCard" Karmody, a guy she barely knew in college who is now a military operative. She must convince
him to help her deliver a cache of ransom money into the hands of terrorists halfway around the world. What she doesn't expect is to end up in WildCard's arms before she can even ask for his
WildCard has always had a soft spot for beautiful women. But when he discovers Savannah's hidden agenda, he is determined to end the affair. But Savannah is bound for Indonesia with or
without his protection, and he can't just walk away. When her plan goes horribly wrong, they are trapped in the forsaken jungle of a hostile country, stalked by a lethal enemy. As time is running
out, they scramble to escape, risking their lives to stop a nightmare from spinning even further out of control. . . .
239 Into the Night Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Mike Muldoon Joan DaCosta N/A Contemporary Read 2012 Yes Troubleshooters 5 Yes PDF
It was supposed to be a ―dog and pony show‖—an elaborate demonstration of SEAL rescue techniques—to celebrate a presidential visit to a California naval base. Professional, no-nonsense
White House staffer Joan DaCosta arrives early to scope out the area. Assigned to be her SEAL liaison is Lt. (jg) Mike Muldoon, a born leader—strong, decisive, tough, and fearless.
Against her better judgment, Joan finds herself drawn to the handsome young officer. Skilled at being ―one of the guys‖ in the mostly male world of politics, she is dismayed when Muldoon
breaks through her defenses. While tension mounts between them, fueling their growing attraction, a far more sinister danger is lurking, as terrorists plot a daring attack against the president. To
protect their commander in chief, Joan and Muldoon must not only risk their hearts—but their very lives. . . .
240 Gone too Far Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann SamStarrett Alyssa Locke N/A Contemporary Read 2012 Yes Troubleshooters 6 Yes PDF
After arriving at his ex-wife's home to discover his daughter missing and the body of a murdered woman on the floor, U.S. Navy SEAL Sam Starrett joins forces with FBI agent Alyssa Locke to
find a killer…
241 Flashpoint Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Jimmy NashTess BaileyN/A Contemporary Read 24.01.2013 Yes Troubleshooters 7 Yes PDF
Having joined a covert special operations company after his release from the CIA, Jimmy Nash journeys to Kazbekistan to obtain critical intelligence linked to national security and meets his
match in fellow operative Tess Bailey, with whom he must resist ..
242 Hot Target Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 8 Yes PDF
Like most men of action, Navy SEAL Chief Cosmo Richter never learned how to take a vacation. So when he finds himself facing a month‘s leave, he offers his services to Troubleshooters
Incorporated. Founded by a former SEAL, the private-sector security firm is a major player in the ongoing war against terrorism, known for carrying out covert missions too volatile for official U.S.
military action. But the first case Richter takes on is anything but under the radar.
High-profile maverick movie producer Jane Mercedes Chadwick hasn‘t quite completed her newest film, but she‘s already courting controversy. The World War II epic frankly portrays the
homosexuality of a real-life hero–and the storm of advance media buzz surrounding it has drawn the fury of extremist groups. But despite a relentless campaign of angry E-mails, phone calls,
and smear tactics, Chadwick won‘t be pressured into abandoning the project. Then the harassment turns to death threats.
While the FBI appears on the scene, nervous Hollywood associates call in Troubleshooters, and now Chadwick has an army of round-the-clock bodyguards, whether she likes it or not. And she
definitely doesn‘t. But her stubbornness doesn‘t make FBI agent Jules Cassidy‘s job any easier. The fiercely independent filmmaker presents yet another emotional obstacle that Cassidy
doesn‘t need–he‘s already in the midst of a personal tug-of-war with his ex-lover, while fighting a growing attraction to Chadwick‘s brother.
Determined to succeed–and survive–on her own terms, Chadwick will face off with enemies and allies alike. But she doesn‘t count on the bond she forms with the quiet, capable Cosmo Richter.
Yet even as their feelings bring them closer, the noose of deadly terror all around them draws tighter. And when all hell erupts, desire and desperate choices will collide on a killing ground that
may trap them both in the crossfire.
243 Breaking Point Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Max Bhagat Gina Vitagliano N/A Contemporary Read 2012 Yes Troubleshooters 9 Yes PDF
Uncommon valor in the line of duty and unconditional devotion in the name of love are the salient qualities of the daring men and women who risk it all in the heart-pounding thrillers of New York
Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann. Crafted with precision and power, her characters come alive with a depth of emotion few writers have achieved. Now, with Breaking Point,
Brockmann breaks even further through the pack and delivers a stunning payload.
As commander of the nation's most elite FBI counterterrorism unit, agent Max Bhagat leads by hard-driving example: pushing himself to the limit and beyond, taking no excuses, and putting
absolutely nothing ahead of his work. That includes his deep feelings for Gina Vitagliano, the woman who won his admiration and his heart with her courage under fire. But when the shocking
news reaches him that Gina has been killed in a terrorist bombing, nothing can keep Max from making a full investigation-and retribution-his top priority.
At the scene of the attack, however, Max gets an even bigger shock. Gina is still very much alive-but facing a fate even worse than death. Along with Molly Anderson, a fellow overseas relief
worker, Gina has fallen into the hands of a killer who is bent on using both women to bait a deadly trap. His quarry? Grady Morant, a.k.a "Jones," a notorious ex-Special Forces operative turned
smuggler who made some very deadly enemies in the jungles of Southeast Asia . . . and has been running ever since. But with Molly's life on the line, Jones is willing to forfeit his own to save
the woman he loves.
Together with Max's top agent Jules Cassidy as their only backup, the unlikely allies plunge into a global hot zone of violence and corruption to make a deal with the devil. Not even Jones knows
which ghosts from his past want him dead. But there's one thing he's sure of-there's very little his bloodthirsty enemies aren't willing to do.
Count on the intense action and raw honesty that Suzanne Brockmann consistently delivers, as she goes for broke in Breaking Point-and never looks back. "From the Hardcover edition."
244 Into the Storm Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 10 Yes PDF
In a remote, frozen corner of New Hampshire, a Navy SEAL team and the elite security experts of Troubleshooters, Incorporated are going head-to-head as fierce but friendly rivals in a raid-and-
rescue training exercise. Despite the frigid winter temperatures, tension smolders between veteran SEAL Petty Officer Mark �Jenk� Jenkins and former cop turned Troubleshooter
Lindsey Fontaine after an impulsive night goes awry. And then, suddenly, Tracy Shapiro, the Troubleshooters� new receptionist, vanishes while playing the role of hostage during a mock
rescue operation.
Teaming up with the FBI to launch a manhunt in the treacherous wilderness, Jenk and Lindsey must put aside their feelings as a record snowstorm approaches, dramatically reducing any hope
of finding Tracy alive. The trail is colder than the biting New England climate until a lucky break leads to a horrifying discovery�a brutally murdered young woman wearing the jacket Tracy
wore when she disappeared. Suddenly there is a chilling certainty that Tracy has fallen prey to a serial killer�one who knows the backwoods terrain and who doesn�t play by the rules of
In a race against time, a raging blizzard, and a cunning opponent, Jenk and Lindsey are put to the ultimate test. Rising everything, they must finally come together in a desperate attempt to save
Tracy�and each other.
245 Force of NatureBrockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Ric Alvarado Annie Dugan N/A Contemporary Read 2012 Yes Troubleshooters 11 Yes PDF
Hard-driving suspense and intense passion are the hallmarks of bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann's pulse-pounding thrillers. In her tales of daring, danger, courage, and desire, men and
women of action fight fiercely, love deeply, and time after time raise the bar for adventure to new heights. Brockmann's latest novel is no exception. Florida private investigator and ex-cop Ric
Alvarado's life is spiraling out of control. His beautiful new girl Friday, Annie Dugan, is far more interested in fieldwork than filing, and despite Ric's best efforts to ignore the attraction, sparks are
flying between them. Then one of Ric's clients turns femme fatale and tries to gun down an innocent man. Thanks to quick thinking and even quicker reflexes, Ric comes to the rescue, only to
learn he's done a very good deed for some very bad people. Suddenly Ric finds himself deep undercover with Annie, working for notorious crime boss Gordon Burns. One mistake from Ric's
painfully inexperienced partner and they're both dead. FBI agent Jules Cassidy's life isn't in much better shape. For years the FBI has been trying to prove Gordon Burns's ties to terrorist activity.
Now, thanks to Ric and Annie, Jules has found a way into the lion's den. But in the course of his investigation he comes face-to-face with Robin Chadwick, the charismatic but self-destructive
and closeted movie star for whom Jules feels a powerful attraction. Robin's in town promoting his latest film and Gordon Burns is a star-struck movie buff. With Robin and Jules's help, Ric and
Annie are soon entrenched in Burns' organization, surrounded by killers who may already have executed an FBI infiltrator. Before long the couple realizes that many more lives besides their own
will be at stake if they make a false move. As the heat between them reaches dangerous levels, so do the risks they're willing to take-in the line of duty, for the sake of loyalty, and in the name of
something that runs even deeper.
246 All Through the Night Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 12 Yes PDF
It's Christmastime in Boston, and this year the silver bells will be wedding bells as FBI agent Jules Cassidy ties the knot with the man of his dreams, Hollywood heartthrob Robin Chadwick.
The pair plan a quiet, intimate ceremony, to be witnessed by family and close friends from the FBI, SEAL Team Sixteen, and Troubleshooters, Incorporated, including Sam Starrett and Alyssa
Locke. But the holiday season brings more to the happy couple than they expect.
A waterfall coming through their kitchen ceiling, a bat colony in the attic, old family tensions . . . even an international incident can't dampen their spirits. But add to that a parade of unexpected
guests, including a reporter looking for a scoop, an ex-lover hell-bent on causing trouble, and a dangerous stalker, and suddenly the wedding is poised to unravel in chaos.
But nothing will stop Jules and Robin from getting their happy ending, because along with a guest list featuring the most elite counterterrorism force in the world, they have their own secret
weapon—true love.
247 When Tony Met Adam Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 12.5 Yes PDF
Tony Vlachic, a ruggedly handsome Navy SEAL, has kept his sexuality a secret for years under the threat of ―Don‘t Ask, Don‘t Tell.‖ That is, until he meets Adam Wyndham, a charismatic yet
troubled film star. Tony knows that by approaching Adam in front of his teammates he‘s jeopardizing his military career. And Adam, nursing a broken heart, has no interest in a relationship. Still,
neither man can deny their instant attraction.
Tony didn‘t become a SEAL by accepting rejection, and his pursuit of Adam leads to one unforgettable night. But the next morning, Tony is ordered to ship out to Afghanistan, and he‘s forced to
leave Adam with too much left unsaid. As Tony enters a dangerous war zone, Adam, back in Los Angeles, struggles with the demons of his past, while dealing with the very real possibility that
Tony could be killed in action. Half a world apart, both men must face their feelings for each other—and decide if what they‘ve found is worth risking everything in the name of love.
BONUS: This eBook includes an excerpt from Suzanne Brockmann's Hot Target.
248 Into the Fire Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 13 Yes PDF
Vinh Murphy -- ex-Marine and onetime operative for the elite security firm Troubleshooters Incorporated -- has been MIA ever since his wife, Angelina, was caught in a crossfire and killed during
what should have been a routine bodyguard assignment. Overcome with grief, Murphy blames the neo-Nazi group known as the Freedom Network for her death. Now, years later, Freedom
Network leader Tim Ebersole has been murdered -- and the FBI suspects Murphy may have pulled the trigger. To prevent further bloodshed, Murphy's friends at Troubleshooters scramble to find
him and convince him to surrender peacefully.
Murphy himself can't be sure what he did or didn't do during the years he spent mourning and lost in an alcohol-induced fog. He does know he occasionally sought solace from Hannah Whitfield,
a former police officer and the very friend who'd introduced him to his beloved late wife.
But Hannah, still grappling with the deafness that resulted from an injury sustained while on duty, was fighting her own battles. For years Hannah had feelings for Murphy, and one painful night
their suffering brought them together in a way neither expected -- and both regretted.
But finally, Murphy is ready to rejoin the living. As always, he finds himself knocking on Hannah's door, and as always, his longtime friend welcomes him back into her home. Yet even as Murphy
slowly rebuilds his splintered life, he continues to fight his growing feelings for Hannah. Then he learned of Ebersole's murder and comes to believe that the Freedom Network has targeted him --
and Hannah -- to avenge their leader's death.
Now Murphy must face the terrifying prospect of losing to violence another woman he loves.
As the Troubleshooters desperately search for him, Murphy races toward a deadly confrontation with the Freedom Network and the ultimate choice: surrender his life in the hopes that Hannah
will be spared, or risk everything to salvage whatever future they may have together.
249 Dark of Night Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 14 Yes PDF
Taking on the world�s deadliest criminals is what the elite security force Troubleshooters Incorporated does best. But now they face a new and powerful threat from their most lethal enemy
yet�a shadowy government outfit known only as The Agency.
For years, operative James Nash has performed ultra-covert �Black Ops� missions for The Agency, but when he decide to walk away from their dirty work, his corrupt bosses
aren�t about to let him go. After Nash is nearly assassinated, Troubleshooters team leader Lawrence Decker launches a skillful deception to neutralize the threat and protect his friend. With
the FBI�s help, Decker fakes Nash�s death, then brings him to a safe house with his fiancée, Tess Bailey, to recover from his injuries and strategize their next move.
Only a handful of people know that Nash is still alive�and fellow Troubleshooters Dave Malkoff, Sophia Ghaffari, and receptionist Tracy Shapiro aren�t among them. Believing that Nash
is dead and that Decker has begun a romantic relationship with Tess, Sophia settles for second best and begins a love affair with Dave, who has adored her for years. But Tracy puts two and two
together, discovering the truth about Nashâ��much to Deckerâ��s dismay. Â
As passions flare, Decker struggles to keep his scheme afloat, and to keep Nash alive. But when he finds himself targeted for death, the game turns even more perilous, and Sophia, Tracy, and
Dave are swept into the deadly play. Under fire and racing to unmask their relentless adversary, the Troubleshooters know that the closer they get, the greater the risks. But sacrifices and
consequences come with the territory. Forced to choose between love and loyalty, they are no longer just solving a crime�they�re fighting for survival.
250 Hot Pursuit Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 15 Yes PDF
Alyssa Locke is no stranger to dealing with danger. As team leader of the nation's number one personal security company, Troubleshooters Inc., she's seen more than her share of action,
survived plenty of close calls, and holds her own with the best of them-and against the worst of them. Guarding lives is her game, and no one plays it better. But her toughest challenge will be
protecting herself from a serial killer she's been after for years-known only as "The Dentist"-who is determined to make her his ultimate trophy.
The assignment was supposed to be an easy one: teach self-defense techniques to a newly elected assemblywoman and her chief of staff after a political controversy generates a blizzard of
hate mail-including death threats-from hotheads and cranks. But as soon as she mobilizes her squad of moonlighting Navy SEALs in New York City, Alyssa begins butting heads with the hard-
case cop who thinks that the Troubleshooters are chasing shadows.
Until they discover a dead body. And then another. Now Alyssa really has her hands full-bodyguarding two independent, busy women, managing a murder investigation, and trying to find time for
her husband, Troubleshooters operative Sam Starrett, and their infant son. Meanwhile, it wouldn't be a Troubleshooters operation without romantic sparks and heated rivalries-and any time the
SEALs of Team Sixteen are involved, there are plenty of both.
But then, while investigating a suspect, Alyssa is ambushed and suddenly finds herself imprisoned by The Dentist. Cut off from everyone she loves and relies on, Alyssa must call upon all of her
strength and skill to survive this final confrontation with the sadistic monster, meanwhile trusting that her Troubleshooter teammates, led by her beloved Sam, will reach her before it's too late.
251 Breaking the Rules Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 16 Yes PDF
Izzy Zanella wasn‘t looking for another reason to butt heads with his Navy SEAL teammate, and nemesis, Danny Gillman. But then he met Danny‘s beautiful younger sister, Eden. When she
needed it most, he offered her a place to stay, a shoulder to cry on—and more. And when she got pregnant with another man‘s child, he offered her marriage. But Eden‘s devastating miscarriage
shattered their life together—and made the intense bad blood between Izzy and Danny even worse.
Now Eden‘s back, and she‘s on a mission to rescue her teen brother, Ben, from their abusive stepfather. Even if she and Izzy can prove that their broken marriage is still in one piece, winning
legal custody of Ben is a long shot. But they‘re not alone: Danny and his girlfriend, Jenn, offer to help, and he and Izzy agree to bury the past and fight for Ben‘s future.
As they plan their strategy, Izzy and Eden grapple with the raw passion that still crackles between them—while Danny and Jenn confront new depths in their own rocky relationship. But events
take a terrifying turn after Ben befriends a girl fleeing a child prostitution ring. When the young runaway seeks refuge with Eden and Izzy, her pursuers kidnap Ben—and a deadly standoff begins.
Now they must all pull together like never before and strike back, swift and hard, to protect their unconventional little family and everything they hold most precious.
252 Beginnings & Ends Brockmann Suzanne Suzanne Brockmann Contemporary To Read Yes Troubleshooters 16.1 Yes PDF
After years of playing the tormented actor Joe Laughlin on the hit television show Shadowland, Hollywood star Robin Chadwick Cassidy is ready for a change. Joe‘s character embodies the real
demons of Robin‘s past—his struggle with his sexuality, his battle with alcoholism—and portraying the part has taken a heavy toll on his personal life. Robin‘s husband, FBI agent Jules Cassidy,
has noticed the strain and will do whatever he can to make Robin happy. And what Robin has in mind will forever transform his career, his marriage, and his family.
Includes a thrilling excerpt from Suzanne Brockmann‘s novel Hot Target, featuring Jules Cassidy.
―Openly gay FBI agent Jules Cassidy [is] one of the most charming and original characters in popular fiction today.‖—Library Journal
253 The Passionate One BrockwayConnie Connie Brockway Ashton Merrick Rihannon Russell N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The McClairens 1 Yes PDF
No woman could resist the pleasures he offered....They are the Merricks, two brothers and a sister, restless, daring, proud. English by birth, they came to Scotland with their father to occupy
McClairen lands. And there each would find a love as wild and glorious as the Highland isle they claimed as their own. Fia, the only daughter, is the ravishing one. Raine, the second son, is the
reckless one. Ashton is the eldest son. This is his story. . . . The Passionate One He was a notorious rogue with a reputation for hell-raising and heartbreaking. But family secrets forced Ashton
Merrick to do his ruthless father's bidding--and escort Rhiannon Russell back to McClairen's Isle. Ash suspected that his father intended to make the innocent beauty his fourth wife. But he didn't
expect the passions she would ignite in his own wary heart.
254 The Reckless One BrockwayConnie Connie Brockway Raine Merrick N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The McClairens 2 Yes PDF
Raine: The Reckless One...there was sin in his smile and wildness in his soul....Raine Merrick's wild, reckless spirit had earned him time in a French prison. When a mysterious beauty gains
his freedom only to betray him, Raine Merrick sets out for his father's castle on McClairen's Isle, seeking the treasure hidden within. But strange surprises await him in the Highlands. He never
expected to find his deceitful angel masquerading as an honored guest. Or to want her with all the searing passion in his sinner's soul.
255 The Ravishing One BrockwayConnie Connie Brockway Thomas McClairen Fia MerrickN/A Contemporary To Read Yes The McClairens 3 Yes Html
His desire for her turned abduction into seduction....She is the toast of London society. But Fia Merrick gives her heart to no one, for love is a weakness she cannot afford. Once she would have
given her soul to Thomas McClairen, until he shattered her innocent dreams. Now he is back, a convict returned to England in disguise to abduct Fia to Scotland, to McClairen's Isle. There, as
Fia seeks her revenge in seduction, a passion is ignited that defies the past and cannot be denied...
256 Driven BrombergK. K. Bromberg Colton Donovan Rylee Thomas N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Driven Trilogy 1 No N/A
Rylee Thomas is used to being in control. But she‘s about to meet the one man that just might make her enjoy losing it…I am the exception to the rule. In a world full of willing women, I‘m a
challenge to the roguish and achingly handsome Colton Donavan. A man used to getting exactly what he wants in all aspects of life. He‘s the reckless bad boy constantly skating that razor thin
edge toward out of control, on and off of the track. Colton crashes into my life like a tornado: sapping my control, testing my vulnerabilities beyond their limits, and unintentionally penetrating the
protective wall around my healing heart. Tearing apart the world I rebuilt so carefully with structure, predictability, and discipline. I can‘t give him what he wants and he can‘t give me what I need.
But after a glimpse beneath his refined exterior into the dark secrets of his damaged soul, can I bring myself to walk away? Our sexual chemistry is undeniable. Our individual need for complete
control is irrefutable. But when our worlds collide, is the chemistry enough to bring us together or will our untold secrets and battle of wills force us apart?
257 Fueled BrombergK. K. Bromberg Colton Donovan Rylee Thomas N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Driven Trilogy 2 No N/A
What happens when the one person you never expected suddenly happens to be the one you‘ll fight the hardest to keep? Colton stole my heart. He wasn't supposed to, and I sure as hell didn't
want him to, but he crashed into my life, ignited feelings within me that I thought had died forever, and fueled a passion that I never knew could exist. Rylee fell out of that damn storage closet
and into my life. Now I don't think I'll ever be the same. She's seen glimpses of the darkness within me, and yet she's still here. Still fighting for me. She is without a doubt the saint, and I am
most definitely the sinner. How is it the one thing neither of us wanted—neither of us anticipated that fateful night—has us fighting so hard to keep? He steals my breath, stops my heart, and
brings me back to life again all in a split second of time. But how can I love a man who won't let me in? Who continually pushes me away to prevent me from seeing the damaged secrets in his
past? My heart has fallen, but patience and forgiveness can only go so far.
How can I desire a woman who unnerves me, defies me, and forces me to see that in the deep, black abyss of my soul there's someone worthy of her love? A place and person I swore I'd never
be again. Her selfless heart and sexy body deserve so much more than I'll ever be capable of giving her. I know I can't be what she needs, so why can't I just let her go? We are driven by need
and fueled with desire, but is that enough for us to crash into love?
258 Crashed BrombergK. K. Bromberg Colton Donovan Rylee Thomas N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Driven Trilogy 3 No N/A
When life crashes down around us, how hard are we willing to fight for the one thing we can‘t live without, each other?
Life is full of moments.
Big moments.
Little moments.
And none of them are inconsequential.
Every single moment prepares you for that one instance that defines your life. You must overcome all your fears, confront the demons that chase you, and cleanse the poison that clings to your
soul or you risk the chance of losing everything.
Mine started the minute Rylee fell out of that damn storage closet. She made me feel. Made me whole when all I thought I could ever be was incomplete. Became the lifeline I never knew I
needed. Hell yes, she‘s worth the fight…but how do you fight for someone you know you don‘t deserve?
Love is full of ups and downs.
Heart stopping highs.
Soul shattering lows.
And none of them are insignificant.
Love is a racecourse of unexpected twists and turns that must be negotiated. You have to break down walls, learn to trust, and heal from your past in order to win. But sometimes it‘s the
expected that‘s the hardest to hold on to.
Colton has healed and completed me, stolen my heart, and made me realize our love‘s not predictable nor perfect—it‘s bent. And bent‘s okay. But when outside factors put our relationship to the
test, what lengths will I have to go to prove to him that he‘s worth the fight?
Whoever said love is patient and love is kind, never met the two of us. We know our love is worth it—have acknowledged that we were meant to be—but when our pasts crash into our future, will
the repercussions make us stronger or break us apart?
259 Jane Eyre Bronte Charlotte Charlotte Bronte Mr Rochester Jane Eyre N/A Historical Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF & Word
Orphaned into the household of her Aunt Reed at Gateshead, subject to the cruel regime at Lowood charity school, Jane Eyre nonetheless emerges unbroken in spirit and integrity. She takes up
the post of governess at Thornfield, falls in love with Mr. Rochester, and discovers the impediment to their lawful marriage in a story that transcends melodrama to portray a woman's passionate
search for a wider and richer life than Victorian society traditionally allowed. With a heroine full of yearning, the dangerous secrets she encounters, and the choices she finally makes, Charlotte
Bronte's innovative and enduring romantic novel continues to engage and provoke readers.
260 Desperate Seduction Brooks Alyssa Alyssa BrooksBlake Claire N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Desperate Seduction Alyssa Brooks Where's Mr. Right when you so desperately need him? Diagnosed with premature menopause, Claire's life takes a sharp turn, and suddenly nothing matters
more to her than getting pregnant. The trouble is, not only is she single, she's a virgin. At twenty-eight she's always been the nerdy, shy type. But now she's about to do something very bold-
she's about to submit. Blake has always possessed a secret attraction to Claire, but figured her too timid for the likes of him. He can't believe it when Claire shows up at his door with the
proposition. They may be best friends, but Claire doesn't know everything about his preference for sexual dominance in the bedroom or the toys hidden in his closet. He'll only agree to
father her child if she proves she's the submissive mate for him. As matters of the heart go, they fit together like matching puzzle pieces, but when sex comes into play, will it be delight or a
261 Naughty Tonight Brooks Alyssa Alyssa BrooksJackson Hanley KimThomas N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Because best friends make the best lovers…
If it kills her, Kim Thomas is making a move tonight. In love with Jackson Hanley, her best friend since high school, Kim is determined to spark his attention by stepping out of her tomboy
self…and making him want her.
Want her he does, and Jackson can no longer avoid the succulent little lady he catches dancing on a table—minus her shirt. A thorough paddling could be in order… For tonight, naughty Kim is
going to learn more about her best friend than she ever bargained for.
262 Her Perfect Earl Brooks Bethany Bethany Brooks Earl of Ashford Esmerelda Fortune N/A Historical Read 07.01.2013 3 No N/A
Esmerelda Fortune would never have accepted the position of governess to the Earl of Ashforth's infamous brood of five children were it not for the lure of the Corinna--the ancient manuscript in
the widower's possession, which Esmie desperately needs to complete her studies. Besides, her employer will only need her for the three months until his wedding.
263 Slave Brooks Cheryl Cheryl BrooksCat Jacinth N/A Futuristic Read 05.10.2013 Yes Cat Star Chronicles 1 Yes PDF
I found him in the slave market on Orpheseus Prime, and even on such a god-forsaken planet as that one, their treatment of him seemed extreme. He may be the last of a species whose sexual
talents were the envy of the galaxy...Cat is an enslaved warrior from a race with a feline gene that gives him awesome beauty, fearsome strength, and sensuality and sexual prowess unmatched
by any other males in the universe. Even filthy, chained, and beaten, he gives off an aura of power and virility and his feline gene gives him a special aura. Jacinth is an intergalactic trader on a
rescue mission and she needs a man she can trust with her life. She has spent years pursuing her kidnapped sister from planet to planet. Now her quest leads her to a place where all the
women are slaves. "Jack" needs a slave of her own-one who can masquerade as her master. Enmeshed in a tangle of deception, lust, and love, they must elude a race of violent killers and
together forge a bond stronger than any chains...
264 The Millionaire's Prospective Wife Brooks Helen Helen BrooksNick Morgan Cory N/A Contemporary Read 14.01.2013 No N/A
Nick Morgan was way out of Cory's league. Wealthy, suave and devastatingly handsome, he was a legendary playboy who had women falling at his feet. If and when he decided to marry, surely
his chosen wife would be blond and beautiful--not plain and sweet looking like Cory?
But, it seemed, Nick had set his sights on conquering Cory and was determined to have her at any cost. But, she had to wonder, was it really her that he wanted, or her innocence?
265 Demon Angel Brooks Meljean Meljean Brooks Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardian Series 1 Yes PDF
All hell breaks loose in Meljean Brook's erotic, supernatural debut novel.
Lilith, a demon, has spent 2,000 years tempting men and guaranteeing their eventual damnation. That is, until she meets her greatest temptation: the man whose life mission has been to kill her.
266 Demon Moon Brooks Meljean Meljean Brooks Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardian Series 2 Yes PDF
National bestselling author Meljean Brook returns to the sensual netherworld of Demon Angel for a startling romance of eternal love threatened by the consuming darkness of a Demon Moon...
No one would call vampire Colin Ames-Beaumont kind, but one would call him unnaturally beautiful. For two centuries his tainted blood has kept him isolated from other vampires, sustained only
by his beauty and vanity -- bitter comforts. since a curse erased his mirror reflection, replacing it with a terrifying glimpse of Chaos.
Savitri Murray's insatiable curiosity has gotten her into trouble before but she's always escaped unscathed. Then Colin comes along. In the midst of Heaven, he gives her a taste of ecstasy -- and
of Chaos, Deadly creatures from that realm herald the return of an imprisoned Nosferatu horde, and Colin and Savi's bond is their only protection -- and their only passion
267 Demon Night Brooks Meljean Meljean Brooks Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardian Series 3 Yes PDF
Meljean Brook returns to explore the seductive corners of the dark, as a forbidden attraction tempts danger under the canopy of the Demon Night.
Charlie Newcomb worked hard to get her life back together. But all that is shaken when she's set upon by three vampires desperate to transform her beauty into something evil. Because Charlie
is the vital link to something they want--and need: Charlie's flesh-and-blood sister, a medical scientist whose knowledge could be invaluable to the predators.
But to get to her, they must first get to Charlie, who's now under the intimate protection of Ethan McCabe. As her Guardian, Ethan is attracted to her vulnerabilities--as well as her strengths. The
closer he gets, the more protecting her becomes not just his duty, but his desire. Will it be enough to save Charlie when the demon night falls?
268 Demon Bound Brooks Meljean Meljean Brooks Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardian Series 4 Yes PDF
Novice Guardian Jake Hawkins has a power that could help Alice Grey out of her deal with a demon. But in helping her, he never expects to fall in love. Now fleeing for their lives, they‘re about to
discover a secret that will change their universe forever.
Alice Grey has been a Guardian for over a century. When she was a human, she made a bargain with the demon Teqon. She agreed that she would give him the heart of the head Guardian
Michael. This bargain has been haunting her all this time and now Teqon is asking that fulfill her debt. Jake Hawkins, a novice Guardian has trouble controlling his gift of teleportation. He teams
up with Alice to help her find a loop-hole in her bargain with Teqon.
269 Demon ForgedBrooks Meljean Meljean Brooks Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardian Series 5 Yes PDF
Four centuries ago, Guardians Irena and Alejandro would have succumbed to the need burning between them -- if a demon and a monstrous bargain hadn't shattered the possibility of love. Torn
apart by her shame, Irena avoided Alejandro for centuries -- until a vampire's call for help threw her into his arms again.
Alejandro can control fire, but he's never been able to control -- or quench -- the flames between him and Irena. And he knows that Irena, hardened by her hatred for demonkind, will never accept
that he now works at a demon's behest. But even as he fights for a second chance, a shocking betrayal and a deadly prophecy shake the foundations of the Guardian universe, and all Hell
threatens to break loose...
270 Demon Blood Brooks Meljean Meljean Brooks Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardian Series 6 Yes PDF
Long before she was transformed into a Guardian and trained to fight demons, Rosalia knew darkness all too well. Raised by a demon, Rosalia learned to guard her heart -- and her soul -- until
she found a man worthy of her love. Once, she thought that man would be the powerful vampire, Deacon…until he betrayed the Guardians.
After losing everything to the lies of a demon, Deacon lives only for revenge -- and is taken aback when Rosalia offers to help. A vampire who has nothing -- who is nothing -- isn‘t worthy of her
attention. But Rosalia wants to do more than just look, and the explosive need between them can‘t be held in check. And when Deacon‘s vengeful quest creates a dangerous alliance of their
enemies, she will be his only hope…
271 Demon MarkedBrooks Meljean Meljean Brooks Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardian Series 7 Yes PDF
In this stunning and sexy addition to the world of the Guardians, a man seeks revenge against the half-demon he once loved...
Nicholas St. Croix is familiar with the evil of demons. After his father's death, he was raised by the demon who had taken over his mother's body. Six years ago, his "mother" was responsible for
the disappearance of the woman he loved, and Nicholas swore he'd find her--even if he had to go to Hell and back. Except she finds him first--and with one tormented kiss, he knows that she,
too, is a demon. Now he is determined to take his revenge.
Ash is a half-demon with no memory of her past or how she got to Hell. All she knows is that Nicholas St. Croix holds the key to her identity. And though he's clearly drawn to her, Nicholas
makes no secret of his distrust of her. Yet one kiss at a time, he breaks down her defenses as they battle an array of demons and Guardians. But is Ash's greatest enemy the man at her side?
272 Fanta C Brown Sandra Sandra BrownThad Randolph Elizabeth Burke N/A Contemporary Read Yes Mason Sisters 1 Yes Epub
Elizabeth Burke's days are filled with the business of running an elegant boutique and caring for her two small children. But her nights are long and empty since the death of her husband two
years before, and she spends them dreaming of the love and romance that might have been. Then Thad Randolph steps into her life...a man right out of her most intimate fantasies. Tender, funny
and deeply sensual, Fanta C is Sandra Brown at her best.
273 Texas! Lucky Brown Sandra Sandra Brown Contemporary Read Yes Texas Trilogy 1 Yes Epub
The first book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown‘s beloved Texas! trilogy introduces readers to a close-knit family struggling to go on without its patriarch—and to a man in
pursuit of an elusive woman who may hold his future in her hands.

Charismatic and easy on the eyes, Lucky Tyler is a born rebel. His romantic conquests have earned him his nickname, while his temper gives him his reputation as the family hothead. One
night, he gets in a fight over a woman in distress, followed by a night of passion neither of them will soon forget. But the lady in question has a knack for disappearing. When news breaks of a
suspicious fire at Tyler Drilling, Lucky is the prime suspect. Now the mystery woman is more than just the object of his obsession. She‘s his alibi.
Devon Haines has tried her best to escape Lucky. Yet his bold pursuit and self-assurance are irresistible. In order to clear him of criminal charges, she must reveal her darkest secret;
withholding her help could cost him everything he holds dear. Either way, she risks losing him forever.
274 Texas! Chase Brown Sandra Sandra BrownChase Tyler Marcie JohnN/A Contemporary Read Yes Texas Trilogy 2 Yes PDF
Chase Tyler has been the object of Marcie Johns‘s desire since grade school. But when it came time to settle down, the handsome, laconic cowboy chose another woman to be his bride. Life
was good for Chase�until things took an abrupt and tragic turn. Ravaged by grief, Chase has become a lost and embittered soul, a man without purpose, compassion, or hope.
Then fate intercedes, reuniting Chase and Marcie, who was an unwitting player in Chase‘s unfathomable family tragedy. Guilt weighs heavily on Marcie, but she‘s also convinced that only the
strength of her love can pull Chase back from the abyss. She‘s willing to risk everything on a daring plan to rescue his business, save his life, and bring them together at last.
275 Texas! Sage Brown Sandra Sandra BrownSage TylerHarlan BoydN/A Contemporary Read Yes Texas Trilogy 3 Yes Epub
The youngest heir to her family‘s oil fortune, Sage has always been the unbridled spitfire in the Tyler clan. Now, fresh out of college, she‘s looking to settle down at last with her safe, upper-crust
fiancé. Then into her life saunters Harlan Boyd, a rootless drifter recently hired for a Tyler Drilling Company project. Harlan‘s just the sort of man Sage should avoid, but there‘s something
irresistible about the laconic cowboy that intrigues her.
When a financial crisis threatens to wreck Tyler Drilling for good, Sage and Harlan must channel their simmering chemistry into the task of saving the family business. But can she trust a man
who shares her maverick spirit�and harbors long-held secrets of his own?
276 A Whole New Light Brown Sandra Sandra BrownWorth Lansing Cyn McCallN/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub
Cyn McCall desperately wanted something to happen, to shake up her life and turn it around --- but when Worth Lansing tempted her to share a weekend in Acapulco, did she dare go? Her
husband Tim had died more than two years before, and Worth, his business partner and Dallas's most notorious bachelor, was her buddy, her best friend. He insisted they'd just lie on the beach
and relax. How could she know they'd been booked into a hotel for lovers . . . and a suite with one king-size bed?
Cyn vowed to make the best of things, but the heat and the hibiscus and Worth's tanned, muscled body tantalized her, lit a fire inside her she'd thought had died forever with Tim. When Worth
took her dancing, he was enticed by her fragrance, seduced by the silken skin of her bare back --- and filled with guilt. Cyn was his best friend's widow, yet Worth wanted her with reckless,
dangerous desire. He had reawakened her passions, but could Cyn forgive herself for wanting his love?
277 Adam's Fall Brown Sandra Sandra BrownAdam Lilah MasonN/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub
For the past few years, Lilah Mason has watched her sister find love, get married, and have children, while she's been more than content to channel her energies into her career. A physical
therapist with an unsinkable spirit and unwavering compassion, she's one of the best in the field. But when Lilah takes on a demanding new case, her patient's life isn't the only one transformed.
Her new patient, Adam, challenges her methods and authority at every turn. Yet Lilah is determined to help him recover the life he's lost. What she can't see, until it's much too late, is that while
she's winning Adam's battle, she's losing her heart... And as professional duty and her passionate yearnings clash, she must choose the course right for them both.
278 Breakfast in BedBrown Sandra Sandra BrownCarter Madison Sloan Fairchild N/A Contemporary Read Yes PDF
Hurt one too many times in the past, Sloan Fairchild isn't interested in love. Instead, she pours all her energy into running her elegant bed-and-breakfast inn. But when her best friend asks her to
house her fiancé for a month, Sloan opens the doors of Fairchild House to Carter Madison...and meets a man who turns her world--and her concept of herself--upside down.
Sloan tries to ignore the feelings this handsome man stirs in her...tries to stop herself from dreaming dreams that can never be. Yet when Carter reveals his own desire, Sloan will find herself
facing a heart-wrenching decision: to love for the moment, to walk away forever, or to fight to have it all.
279 Charade Brown Sandra Sandra BrownAlex PierceCat Delaney N/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub
A medical miracle gave TV personality Cat Delaney more than a new heart. It gave her a second chance at life.
After leaving Hollywood to host a San Antonio TV show spotlighting children with special needs, Cat fights to gain respect as a newscaster. She meets Alex Pierce, an ex-cop turned crime
writer, who regards her as a woman, not as a heart patient.
When fatal "accidents" begin killing the other heart recipients, Alex may -or may not- be her most important ally.
With her new world turning sinister and a mysterious stalker shadowing her every move, Cat is caught in a dark maze of betrayal and secrets...and perhaps sees too late the mask hiding a
killer's face.
280 Chill Factor Brown Sandra Sandra BrownBen Tierney Lily Martin N/A Contemporary Read Yes PDF
Five women are missing from the sleepy mountain town of Cleary, North Carolina, and a blue ribbon has been left near where each woman was last seen. Lilly Martin has returned to Cleary to
close the sale of her cabin. But when her car skids and strikes a stranger, Ben Tierney, as he emerges from the woods, they've no choice but to wait out a brutal blizzard in the cabin. And as the
hours of their confinement mount, Lilly wonders if the greater threat to her safety isn't the storm, but the stranger beside her....
281 Heaven's PriceBrown Sandra Sandra BrownSean Garett Blair Simpson N/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub
Blair Simpson has embraced a life most people merely dreamed about. Devoting her nights as well as her days to dancing--in the chorus line of Broadway musicals and occasional TV
commercials--she had never considered another career. Now an injury has sent her to a small town for six long months of recuperation. All around her are couples who are raising families and
building dreams together. And there she meets a man who forces her to come to terms with a part of herself she has long denied.
From her first encounter with her new landlord, Sean Garett, the powerful sexual attraction between them catches her off guard. For the first time she's unable to lose herself in her dancing, as
Sean's passion and tenderness urge her to open her life to him. More than anything, Sean wants to build a future with fiery, raven-haired Blair. But Blair's own passion for dance has ruled her for
so long, she may not be able to break its hold--even if it costs her the love she had thought she'd never find.
282 Honor Bound Brown Sandra Sandra BrownLucas Greywolf Aislinn Andrews N/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub
Aislinn Andrews met Lucas Greywolf under unusual circumstances--she caught the escaped convict raiding her refrigerator. But was he a troublemaker who aroused dissidence among Arizona's
Native Americans...or a hero who'd gone to prison for a crime he hadn't committed? It didn't really matter now, since Lucas Greywolf had taken her hostage. He was going home to the reservation
of his birth, honor bound to pay last respects to his dying grandfather. And Aislinn was his ticket home.
Through their journey across the hot Arizona desert, Aislinn was alternately intrigued and infuriated by this rebel with a cause. This defiant, determined man made no secret of his hatred for her
kind: the Anglos who betrayed his people.
Yet among his people, Aislinn saw another side to Lucas Greywolf as she was swept into a world where sacred tradition clashed with despair and poverty, where family, heritage, and honor was
all that remained. Transformed by his world, by his strength, by her growing love for this complicated, proud man, she gave in to her heart's demands, knowing that Lucas would soon return to
prison. Neither anticipated the gift he'd leave behind.
283 Led Astray Brown Sandra Sandra BrownCage Hendren Jenny Fletcher N/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub
Cage Hendren had chased, and caught, more than his share of women, but he loved only one -- the quiet and serious Jenny Fletcher.
A natural born hell-raiser, danger followed him like a shadow. But tragedy struck too close to home when his brother was killed in Central America, leaving behind his broken-hearted fiancee --
the one woman Cage had always wanted. He was about to make the biggest play of all -- one that could cost him much more than his heart.
284 Riley in the Morning Brown Sandra Sandra BrownJon Riley Brin Cassidy N/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub
One of romance‘s best-loved authors, Sandra Brown creates love stories whose ―larger-than-life heroes and heroines make you believe all the warm, wonderful, wild things in life‖ (Rendezvous).
Now the New York Times bestselling author delivers a poignant, funny, and irresistibly sensual novel about one night in the life of a man and a woman that will change their future forever.
Television producer Brin Cassidy was throwing the biggest dinner party of her life. And with everything in utter chaos, who should show up unannounced on her doorstep but her handsome
estranged husband, Jon Riley.
Brin had not only worked with the popular star of Riley in the Morning, she had fallen in love with and married him. She knew she owed Riley an explanation for why she walked out. But did he
have to come on this of all nights?
Temperamental, charismatic, and devastatingly blue-eyed, Riley was a man who knew what he wanted, and he wasn‘t leaving until he got it. But the sensuous and strong-willed beauty he still
called his wife was every bit his match.
From dusk until dawn the two will experience a second honeymoon of passion, seduction, and deep revelation that will determine if there is any future for Riley in the morning.
285 Slow Heat in Heaven Brown Sandra Sandra Brown Contemporary To Read Yes Word
The adopted daughter of the most powerful man in town, Schyler Crandall left Heaven, Louisiana, a broken-hearted girl. Now a crisis has brought her home to a family in conflict, a logging empire
on the brink of disaster, and seething secrets that make Heaven hotter than hell.
Still there are her beautiful younger sister, Tricia, with her cruel lies. . .Ken, Tricia's handsome husband, who married the wrong sister. . .Jigger, the pimp and ruffian with plans of his own. . .and
Cash, proud, mysterious, and complex. It is dangerous for Schyler to even be near him, yet she must dare to confront the past -- if there is to be any peace in Heaven.
286 The Rana LookBrown Sandra Sandra BrownTrent Gamblin Rana Ramsey N/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub Tired of being treated as a commodity, Rana Ramsey, a top fashion model, decides to assume a new identity in a small Texas town, where she meets handsome quarterback, Trent Gamblin…
287 Thursday's Child Brown Sandra Sandra BrownSpencer Raft Allison Leamon N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Allison Leamon knew that pretending to be her identical twin sister was a bad idea. For although the two redheads looked exactly alike, they couldn‘t be more different. How could a no-nonsense
scientist like Allison possibly fool anyone into thinking that she was the bubbly, vivacious Annie? Trading her sensible shoes for strappy sandals, her eyeglasses for contacts, and her lab smock
for a chiffon dress, Allison was determined to try her best. Her first challenge was a dinner date with Annie‘s fiancé, Davis. But what Allison didn‘t expect was the presence of Davis‘s best friend.
Allison was far too logical to believe in love at first sight, but there was nothing logical about the way she was responding to Spencer Raft. The dark-haired, blue-eyed mystery man had an
assurance that Allison found positively maddening. And by the end of the evening, she couldn‘t help feeling that Spencer had been attracted to a carefully constructed illusion. She was certain
that the handsome adventurer wouldn‘t give her a second look if he knew her as she really was. But Spencer Raft was a man of many talents — and seeing below the surface of things was one
of them. He sensed the flesh-and-blood woman beneath the elaborate charade, and after years of wandering the world in search of excitement, he knew he had finally found what he had been
looking for. But first this incurable romantic had to convince an intractable skeptic that there was more to love than what she could study in a laboratory. And what better way than to propose a
passionate experiment of his own? On board his yacht, Spencer and Allison would fulfill their wildest fantasies and deepest desires; but when their blissful idyll was over, would it all prove to be
no more than a pleasant interlude — or the real thing?
288 Where There's Smoke Brown Sandra Sandra BrownKey Tackett Lara MalloryN/A Contemporary Read Yes Epub
No one knows why Dr. Lara Mallory came back home to Eden Pass, Texas to open up her medical practice after all these years. But everyone remembers her role in the well-publicized scandal
that caused the downfall of White House hopeful Senator Clark Tackett. So when the iron-fisted matriarch of Tackett Oil uses every weapon in her arsenal to drive her out of town, Lara refuses to
go quietly. Yet in this corruption-riddled town, nothing is as it seems. An explosive secret lurks beneath the surface, threatening Lara at every turn. Her unlikely ally: Key, the hell-raising
youngest Tackett son. Thrown together, they're on a dangerous quest to expose the one secret that can destroy the Tackett empire-and anyone who dares to challenge its power.
289 Royal Betrayal Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Capturing the Crown 4 Yes Html
She was the king's private physician. Until the explosion tore through the royal palace, leaving Zara Smith with disturbing visions and no memory. A risky place to be in a sovereignty rife with
intrigue and danger in the form of one roguishly sexy doctor with an irresistible bedside manner.... Famed medical consultant Walker Shaw was thrilled when his new patient turned out to be the
passionate blue blood with whom he'd shared an unforgettable night seven years before. Walker was determined to reignite Lady Zara's memories of their connection and prove to his once and
future lover that dreams could come true....
290 Night Mischief Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Dark Enchantments 3 Yes Html
What good could come of a bargain with the devil?
Burdened by her responsibility to the Order of the Cadre, Lady Dawn Maybank never imagines that a thoughtlessly spoken spell could conjure up her worst nightmare--a demon of vengeance. Or
that this demon, Galen McManus, will propose a trade that could finally earn Dawn the respect she's sought her entire life. Because in exchange for the Demon Stone, a long-lost diamond for
which her father has been searching his whole life, Dawn will spend five nights in the sinfully handsome demon's bed.
Little does Dawn know that Galen's real objective is to weave his own brand of cosmic justice. But then the sinister net the arrogant demon has woven traps his most unsuspecting victim yet--
himself. And for the most unlikely of reasons...
291 Prince Charming for One Night Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Love in 60 Seconds 4 Yes Html
Diamonds and millionaires and fairy tales, oh my!
Conner Rothchild nearly blew his cover when a Las Vegas showgirl flashed a familiar diamond ring during her steamy striptease. But before the suave millionaire could entice Vera LaRue into
fessing up about his stolen family heirloom, she was hauled off to the slammer!
Spellbound by the tart-tongued stripper, Conner charged to Vera's rescue and sprung her from jail. She wasn't fooled by his Prince Charming come-ons, yet agreed to masquerade as Cinderella
to nab the elusive thief. In the heat of the night, the fairy-tale ruse fueled fantasies of forever. But when the clock struck twelve, would their forbidden liaison be thwarted by unspeakable evil...?
292 Red Heat Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Nikolai Kirill Romanoff Julie Severin N/A Contemporary Read 06.06.2013 Yes Men in Uniform 1 Yes PDF
The Cold War was never this cold…
CIA analyst Julie Severin hates anything to do with Russia—the country that killed her cold war spy father. She also has a phobia about large bodies of water. Needless to say, she is horrified
when she is ordered at the last minute to join an international team of scientists going deep under the frigid waters of the Arctic on an ancient Russian rust bucket of a submarine. Her mission:
to recover a tiny data card hidden somewhere on the sub by a murdered CIA mole…and while she‘s at it, acquire the sub‘s arrogant but annoyingly attractive commander as the asset‘s
When Julie‘s life is suddenly threatened by an enemy agent hunting the same hidden microcard, she must turn to her nemesis for help. But the killer handsome Russian captain is hiding his own
shocking secrets…
Or this hot…
Daring rogue submarine driver Captain Nikolai Kirill Romanoff is having the worst year of his life. Unfairly disgraced and demoted to driving the oldest, most dilapidated excuse for a diesel
submarine in the entire Russian Navy, Nikolai‘s youthful KGB past has come back to haunt him in a way he never anticipated: a compulsory undercover mission that will require all his
considerable skill as an operative , a submariner…and as a man. Nikolai, his crew, and nine innocent scientists are now hovering at the bottom of the Bering Strait in a 2000 sq foot tin coffin,
under attack from an unknown enemy, and he must extract information vital to their survival from a beautiful American spy—by any means necessary.
As Nikolai and Julie frantically join forces to save the floundering vessel from a treacherous blitz attack that threatens to send them all to a watery grave, the two former adversaries find
themselves fighting a losing battle against a sizzling attraction that far surpasses international borders, ancient hurts, and a ruthless common enemy.
293 Top-Secret Bride Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Mission Impassioned 3 Yes Html
Lazlo Group agent Witt von Kreus had spent his life battling injustice. But his purpose was suddenly lost in the heated caress of a woman he'd just met--Marina Bond. She was an SIS agent,
involved in a dangerous undercover op that seemed to lead back to the Lazlo Group. Once their kiss ended and the bullets started to fly, Witt knew the only way to protect Marina and her
mission was to keep her close...bound to him...with a ring.
294 Shoot to Thrill Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Passion for Danger 1 Yes Html
A sexy black-ops hero and a beautiful ER nurse must fight for their lives-and for a love they never thought possible.
A disillusioned black-ops hero is kidnapped by his ruthless former employers and forced to go on a suicide mission back to the scene of his worst betrayal—-but an innocent woman is caught in
the trap and sent with him, forcing him to choose: her life, or his vengeance.
KYLE ―KICK‖ JACKSON is a bona fide bad-ass. The product of a rough childhood and a youth spent proving how tough he was, Kick was the perfect CIA black-ops operative. Right up until the
fateful mission that left his best friend dead and Kick in the hospital for months. They were betrayed…from the inside. Now his former bosses will stop at nothing, including kidnapping, to get him
back to complete his mission.
Unfortunately, there is a complication. A big one.
LORRAINE ―RAINIE‖ MARTIN is a fiercely dedicated ER nurse—-a vocation decided upon when her parents were killed in a brutal carjacking. But the impenetrable fortress of safety she has
erected around herself and her heart do no good when she finds herself stranded in the unforgiving desert, dependent on a dangerous man without mercy for her very survival…and the only way
home is to confront her worst fears
295 If Looks Could Chill Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Passion for Danger 2 Yes Html
A kick-ass Yankee cop and her special-ops Cajun guide search the Louisiana swamp for a deadly virus, but succumb to a fever of a very different sort.
Mysterious deaths stalk the bayou. No-nonsense Louisiana State trooper Tara Reeves reluctantly enlists the aid of Marc Lafayette, a too-sexy-for-his-own-good Cajun heartbreaker, to guide her
on her search for evidence so she can bring down those responsible. But the source of the deaths is more dangerous than Tara could ever imagine. A foreign terrorist cell, plotting an attack on
U.S. soil, is testing a deadly biological weapon in the remote wilderness of the swamp.
But the terrorists aren‘t the only ones with secrets…
What Tara doesn‘t know is that her sexy guide is part of a covert special ops team sent to destroy the terrorist threat, and Marc is not happy about having to babysit a nosy cop—even one as
temptingly beautiful as Tara. But as they search the Louisiana swamp for a deadly virus, they succumb to a fever of a very different sort. Both of them know that love and work don‘t mix, a
harrowing showdown with the enemy will make their steamy passion boil over…and change their lives forever.
296 A Kiss To Kill Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Passion for Danger 3 Yes Html
Eight months ago, Dr. Gina Cappozi and CIA black ops commando Captain Gregg van Halen were lovers until Gregg committed the ultimate betrayal. Left in the hands of terrorists and to do the
unspeakable or die, Gina vowed to kill the man she once loved.
She knows that Gregg lives in the shadow world of violence and darkness. She knows that he‘s watching her every move. What she doesn‘t know is that Gregg isn‘t the only one following her–or
that he still cherishes her.
When Gina‘s burning need for revenge leads her back to the one place she can easily lure Gregg–his bed–she rediscovers another, more irresistible need. Now, with the threat of enemies at
every turn, Gina and Gregg realize that the power of betrayal and revenge is nothing compared to the power of love.
297 Killer Temptation Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Seduction Summer 1 Yes Html
This assignment in Fiji was supposed to be Zoe Conrad's ticket to a new life of excitement and adventure. But immediately stumbling over a body was a whole lot more excitement than she'd
bargained for.Then the dead man turned out to be very much alive-- and she found herself giving in, almost against her will, to his slow, sensual seduction. And yet...millionaire hotel owner Sean
"Breeze" Guthrie's killer smile couldn't quite conceal the darkness in his eyes. Was he really capable of the crimes he was accused of? Was she falling-- and falling hard--for a murderer?
298 Catch Me If You Can Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Html
Simon "Beau" Beaulieux oozed sensuality -- from his bedroom eyes to his broad shoulders to his lilting Louisiana drawl. Kit Colfax knew the parish sheriff always got what he wanted, but to
protect her future she couldn't let him have his way... or her.
Kit sought to put Beau's thieving cousin behind bars. Beau sought to stop her. And painful experience had taught Kit how powerful men operated... and manipulated. Well, not this lady. Not this
time. Sure, Beau made her FEEL as she never had before. Made her WANT to trust him as he so unwaveringly trusted in his cousin's innocence. But was that a lover talking, or a deceiver bent
on saving his family... whoever paid the price?
299 Enemy Husband Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Html
She was a trained thief for the FBI. He was in charge of the FBI's elite ANSIR squad, responsible for preventing the theft of top secret government assets. Bitter enemies within the Bureau,
Special Agents Kansas Hawthorne and Stewart Rio weren't prepared for their next mission: to pose as married crooks in order to steal a deadly nuclear trigger. But acting in love could prove to
be mission possible when the passion between them starts feeling all too real....
300 Forbidden Enchantment Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Html
A passionate kiss was the last thing Elizabeth Hamilton expected to share with Magnolia Cove's fire chief--minutes after meeting him! And that was before she suspected the mysterious man
was really none other than Sullivan Fouquet, legendary eighteenth-century pirate, back from the dead and bent on vengeance.
Sully had returned to his old haunts with one goal--to witness the completion of a centuries-old voodoo curse upon his sworn enemy. But then Elizabeth asked for his help in a serious family
Could Sully give up his chance for revenge...and instead take his chance at the love of a lifetime?
301 Ghost of a Chance Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Never fall in love with a dead man…
She had to stop imagining things…
Sure, Clara Fergussen loves pirates. And the sultry atmosphere of the South Carolina sea islands certainly inspires all sorts of fantasies. But when the sexy buccaneer Clara dreamed of her first
night on Frenchman‘s Island suddenly walks in and declares himself to be 200 year-old Tyree St. James, the notorious Blackbeard of Magnolia Cove, she knows she‘s losing it badly. There are
no such things as ghosts…
Are there?
All Tyree wants is to spend the last week of his two century curse in peace and quiet. But the sudden appearance of a young, beautiful travel writer on his remote estate puts him in mind of all
he will miss about life on earth. Unfortunately, falling in love won‘t change his imminent, permanent demise.
That would take a miracle…
302 Hard Case Cowboy Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Html
After a lifetime of losing his mother, his rodeo career and nearly his sanity, Redhawk Jackson was finally a winner. Irish Heaven ranch had become a part of his heart and soul. But when Irish
beauty Rhiannon O'Brannoch showed up at the Arizona ranch, Hawk's future came into question. The brooding foreman didn't need Rhiannon messing things up regardless of how tempting she
was. Despite the sizzling attraction between them, they worked together to overcome the hardships of this rural terrain. In the end, could he give up his soul's desire for the woman of his
303 Rebel Prince Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes Html
She thinks he is simply out of this world.
Little does she know just how right she is…
Practical, sensible science teacher Serenity Woodson is on a mission to prove her beloved aunt Tildy‘s new friend is not a prince from another galaxy, as he so boldly claims. I mean really.
Extraterrestrials on earth? Please. The man is a con artist, plain and simple, out to steal Tildy‘s priceless necklace. But what turns out to be far more alarming is what he actually does succeed
in stealing–Seri‘s heart.
The thing is, Seri is right. Adventurous Prince Carch Sunstryker‘s mission is in fact to retrieve the precious necklace that his grandfather foolishly left in the care of an earth woman, and return it
to his home planet. If he doesn‘t succeed, his whole family will die. But when the necklace disappears for real, he and Seri are forced to work together to find it. And the closer they get, the more
the earth moves for both of them….
304 Sins of the Father Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
From the back cover-Redemption... Like a leather-clad warrior astride a Harley, FBI agent Roman Santangelo roared into town with a mission: solve the years-old mystery of his father's death--
and seek forgiveness from old flame RaeAnn Martin. One would satisfy his need for justice; the other would wreak havoc with his heart... RaeAnn was eager to help the man forerly known as
Renegade with his quest, but not yet ready to forgive. His crusade for justice and redemption opened up old wounds--and stirred desires they both knew were dangerous to indulge. As they
unraveled the tangled mysteries of long ago, could they ever rekindle their once-in-a-lifetime love?
305 Sweet RevengeBruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
He was looking for a killer. What he found was a woman who turned his lonely world upside down-and touched him as no other woman had ever done.
Auri 'Creole' Levalois is a man on a mission. Determined to put his foster-brother's killer behind bars, he has taken a leave of absence from New Orleans PD to hunt the man down. Following his
last, desperate lead, Creole sets up a surveillance on the girlfriend of one of the bad guy's minions. Muse Summerville's thin file says the sultry blonde is hot as the Louisiana summer, and has a
penchant for men-the more dangerous the better. But to Creole's cop instincts, something about her doesn't quite add up.
Grace Summerville's identical twin sister has vanished without a trace. Grace has left her cozy Charleston home and high school counselor job, and rushed to New Orleans' notorious French
Quarter, where she has installed herself in Muse's apartment. This disappearing act is typical for Muse, who is far too much like their good-for-nothing, drifter father for Grace's comfort. But this
time Grace is really worried. Especially when she discovers a dark, mysterious Cajun man watching her from the neighboring balcony-watching her with the feral interest of a predator. Is he
somehow involved in Muse's disappearance? Or is he after something much more dangerous to a good girl like Grace...?
He was looking for a killer. What he found was a woman who turned his lonely world upside down-and touched him as no other woman had ever done.
Auri 'Creole' Levalois is a man on a mission. Determined to put his foster-brother's killer behind bars, he has taken a leave of absence from New Orleans PD to hunt the man down. Following his
last, desperate lead, Creole sets up a surveillance on the girlfriend of one of the bad guy's minions. Muse Summerville's thin file says the sultry blonde is hot as the Louisiana summer, and has a
penchant for men-the more dangerous the better. But to Creole's cop instincts, something about her doesn't quite add up.
Grace Summerville's identical twin sister has vanished without a trace. Grace has left her cozy Charleston home and high school counselor job, and rushed to New Orleans' notorious French
Quarter, where she has installed herself in Muse's apartment. This disappearing act is typical for Muse, who is far too much like their good-for-nothing, drifter father for Grace's comfort. But this
time Grace is really worried. Especially when she discovers a dark, mysterious Cajun man watching her from the neighboring balcony-watching her with the feral interest of a predator. Is he
somehow involved in Muse's disappearance? Or is he after something much more dangerous to a good girl like Grace...?
306 Sweet Suspicion Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Muse Summerville was the only living witness whose testimony could put a notorious crime boss behind bars. Remi Beaulieux was the FBI special agent assigned to her safety. The FBI had
rules about that sort of thing. But in the twenty-four hours since he'd laid eyes on her, Remi had broken every last one of them.
For years Muse had hidden behind her reputation as a party girl. But sharing every moment of every day—and every sultry second of every night—with her sexy protector was making it hard to hide
anything. Suddenly her life wasn't the only thing on the line.
307 Warrior's Bride Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
In the space of twenty-four incredible hours, Katarina 'Rini' Herelius finds herself hopelessly in love with an exotic mystery-man with no name or face, and pregnant with his child. More than
anything she wants to keep him and her baby, but life has a way of playing the cruelest tricks . . .
The last thing in the world Coleton Lonetree expects to find at the Cardinal Ranch Powwow is the love of his life. But when he takes the guilelessly sensual tourist woman into his arms and
kisses her, he knows exactly what has been missing from his empty existence-a woman like her. He is determined to make her his for all time, and stakes his claim in the most elemental of
When she fails to show up for their rendezvous the next day, he is devastated. Despite his desolation over her disappearance, the successful lawyer dreams of the woman from the powwow for
seven long months. That is, until he finds her, large with his child, at a colleague attorney's office. He believes she is arranging to turn his baby over to strangers for adoption.
This is one abandonment he will fight to his last breath.
He proposes a marriage of convenience. Rini agrees, on the condition that they have separate beds. But neither can deny their overpowering attraction, a passion that sizzles between them with
every look or accidental touch. Over the coming months they realize what they feel for each other is so much more than merely physical, but are terrified to acknowledge it, even in their
innermost secret thoughts.
Slowly, they learn to trust.
308 White Hot Bruhns Nina Nina Bruhns Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Clint Walker is on the run across the icy Alaskan Bering Sea. The Chinese operatives tracking him will do anything to retrieve the stolen military plans in Clint's
possession--and kill him for their trouble. Desperate to safeguard the documents, he stows aboard a cargo ship--and comes face to face with the most beautiful--and determined--ship's
commander he's ever encountered...
Captain Samantha Richardson won't let anything--or anyone--stand in the way of her career...especially now with her whole future riding on this latest run. Yet the sight of her brash stowaway's
enticing bedroom eyes and his hard, muscular body has Sam fantasizing about indulging in a small indiscretion, just this once. After all, Clint Walker is her ideal man: hot, intriguing, and
But when Clint and Sam give in to their simmering passion, they emerge to face an exploding danger that threatens to put an all too permanent end to their growing feelings...and their lives.
309 Truth or Dare Burke Misty Misty Burke Contemporary To Read Yes Epub
Truth or Dare, which would you choose?
It‘s been ten years since her high school graduation and Angie can‘t believe she‘s accepted their dare. How‘s she supposed to go over to Mr. Tall-blond-and-boinkable‘s house in the middle of the
night and admit to having had a school-girl crush on the hunky ex-football star?
Humiliation, truly, knows no bounds.
Eric awakens in the middle of the night to find a lady sitting on his front doorstep with a six pack of beer in her lap. After a closer look, he remembers her as the sweet little girl with braces from
high school…but now all he can see was a luscious woman that always followed through with her dares.
Maybe they should play a game of their own.
Truth or Dare…
310 Hurt Me So Good Burkhart Joely Sue Joely Sue Burkhart Contemporary To Read Yes The Connaghers 2 Yes PDF
One sub to please the Master…in any way he wishes.
Victor Connagher is no stranger to the Dallas BDSM scene. As CEO of a risqué cable channel that caters to adventurous adults, he ensures the lifestyle is portrayed in a positive light. He even
supports a local bondage club. Yet behind the cool, confident mask, Victor lives in fear.
Once, and only once, he lost control of his inner Dom—and it cost him his fiancée. Now, no one knows how hard he works to keep his darker appetite for pain buried. No matter how much his
saucy, confident associate producer makes his fingers itch to once again take up his riding crop.
Shiloh Holmes is a sub, but she‘s no doormat. She‘s always suspected Victor has the skills to feed her insatiable need for pain, and now she‘s found the perfect way to crack his formidable
control. Develop a new reality show, America‘s Next Top sub…and dare him to compete.
Week after week, as Shiloh fearlessly challenges the real Victor to come out of hiding, he realizes his past mistake was only a blow to his pride. If he loses Shiloh, he could lose his heart.
Warning: Explicit sex, BDSM, reality television, a very reluctant Dom, an audacious sub willing to do anything to win for him, and one very wicked riding crop.
311 The Secret Garden Burnett Frances Hodgson Frances Hodgson Burnett Children's Books Read No N/A
What secrets lie behind the doors at Misselthwaite Manor? Recently arrived at her uncle's estate, orphaned Mary Lennox is spoiled, sickly, and certain she won't enjoy living there. Then she
discovers the arched doorway into an overgrown garden, shut up since the death of her aunt ten years earlier. Mary soon begins transforming it into a thing of beauty--unaware that she is
changing too.But Misselthwaite hides another secret, as mary discovers one night. High in a dark room, away from the rest of the house, lies her young cousin, Colin, who believes he is an
incurable invalid, destined to die young. His tantrums are so frightful, no one can reason with him. If only, Mary hopes, she can get Colin to love the secret garden as much as she does, its
magic will work wonders on him.
312 Summer Heat Burton Jaci Jaci Burton Contemporary To Read Yes A Stormfor All Seasons1 Yes PDF
A Storm for All Seasons - Summer Heat By Jaci Burton Aidan Storm is part of a unique New Orleans family whose magical connection with the weather goes back many years. Aidan uses his
powers only when it suits his purposes. Wielding the magic of summer heat can be advantageous when heating up the sheets with his girl-du-jour. Until he meets Melissa Cross. She fires him
up hotter than a Louisiana heat wave and if he doesn't watch his heart he might suffer a meltdown. Melissa Cross is a staid Bostonian feeling like a fish out of water working alongside Aidan
Storm and his peculiar family. When strange things start happening whenever she's with Aidan, she wonders what kind of magic he possesses. After all, it isn't every day it rains in the bedroom!
It isn't long before Aidan heats up Melissa's summer and melts her frosty heart
313 Riding Temptation Burton Jaci Jaci Burton Contemporary To Read Yes The Wild Riders 2 Yes PDF
He?s a biker working undercover for the Feds. She has reasons of her own for joining the Wild Riders. Together, they?re burning up the asphalt and tearing headlong into danger and passion?
The guys always thought of Jessie as their kid sister, except Diaz Delgado. The past few years he?s been watching her?and Jessie?s glad somebody is. Delgado?s dark good looks and killer
body have tempted her since day one. Diaz?s unbrotherly urges have been hard to fight but the last thing he wants is to hurt Jessie. But when they both go undercover with killer survivalists, he
knows it?ll be hard to keep his distance?especially when the mission takes a risky turn. Now Diaz has no choice but to open himself up to the one woman strong enough to take him on.
314 Riding the EdgeBurton Jaci Jaci Burton Contemporary To Read Yes The Wild Riders 4 Yes PDF
They ride into town straddling 73 cubic inches of throbbing horsepower, and hook up with the kind of women made for high speed handling...
#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh revisits her sultry Southern landscape with a story of a good girl gone bad. But she's not the only one going down that road...
Jaci Burton, the national bestselling author of Riding Wild and Riding Temptation, lets loose in a story of a hot biker hired to keep an eye on the reckless daughter of a Nevada senator. She's
hooked up with a rival biker gang--a dangerous move that makes the wild beauty more vulnerable than she imagined...
315 Riding the Night Burton Jaci Jaci Burton AJ Teresa Pax Contemporary To Read Yes The Wild Riders 5 Yes PDF
AJ and Pax are a team of motorcycle riders working as undercover agents for a government agency. While on vacation they encounter AJ's old girlfriend Teresa and promise to clear her brother of
a murder charge…
316 Burning Alive Butcher Shannon KShannon K Butcher Contemporary To Read Yes Sentinel Wars 1 Yes PDF
First in an all-new paranormal romance series
Caution : readers may feel the heat coming off the pages.
They are the Sentinels...
Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes-the Synestryn. Now, one warrior must
fight his own desire if he is to discover the power that lies within his one true love...
Helen Day is haunted by visions of herself surrounded by flames, as a dark-haired man watches her burn. So when she sees the man of her nightmares staring at her from across a diner, she
attempts to flee-but instead ends up in the man's arms. There, she awakens a force more powerful and enticing than she could ever imagine. For the man is actually Theronai warrior Drake,
whose own pain is driven away by Helen's presence.
Together, they may become more than lovers-they may become a weapon of light that could tip the balance of the war and save Drake's people...
317 Finding the Lost Butcher Shannon KShannon K Butcher Contemporary To Read Yes Sentinel Wars 2 Yes PDF
They are the Sentinels: three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes–the Synestryn.
Now a young woman must put faith in a warrior whose power frightens her even as it draws her in.
Andra Madison knows that monsters are real. She‘s been fighting them ever since her family was victimized by the Synestryn eight years ago. Now she‘s devoted to finding children who‘ve been
abducted by the Synestryn. When she gets a call about a lost little boy, she tracks him to a warehouse on the outskirts of town, where she‘s aided by a trio of human men…or so she thinks.
Paul has been searching for centuries for a woman like Andra. To find her, he strikes a bargain with a bloodhunter that could cost him his life. Now his desire for Andra threatens to destroy his
much-needed control. Against her wishes, Andra agrees to join Paul on a journey fraught with danger–one that leads directly to the Synestryn.
318 Running ScaredButcher Shannon KShannon K Butcher Contemporary To Read Yes Sentinel Wars 3 Yes PDF
They are the Sentinels. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes: the Synestryn.
Now one Sentinel's survival determines the fate of them all.
Lexi Johns has one purpose: to free her best friend from the hands of the Sentinels. And Zach, the Sentinel she has been running from for months, has one goal: to convince her that their
destinies are entwined. For the magic that Zach has absorbed could destroy him if he doesn't find the woman who can channel it for him. And he knows Lexi is the one.
From an early age, Lexi has been taught to fear the Sentinels. And now she is an agent of a group out to destroy them. So when Zach finds her, it is Lexi's chance to strike at the heart of the
Sentinels. But, as Lexi sees Zach's courage, selflessness, and honor, she begins to doubt her beliefs — and is faced with an unbearable choice.
319 Living Nightmare Butcher Shannon KShannon K Butcher Contemporary To Read Yes Sentinel Wars 4 Yes PDF
For nine years, the Sentinel Nika has had one goal-to save her younger sister from the Synestryn who hold her captive. Now, the psychic bond Nika forged with her sibling on that terrible night is
fading, and time is running out. But the one man who can unlock the power inside her may be the greatest danger to her.
320 Blood Hunt Butcher Shannon KShannon K Butcher Contemporary To Read Yes Sentinel Wars 5 Yes PDF
Hope appeared out of nowhere, naked and alone, a woman without a past. The only thing she knows is that she is imbued with a strange power. It's in her blood. And two men want to posses it.
One is Logan, a Sanguiner demon-fighter who needs Hope's essence to survive. The other is Krag, a Synestryn lord whose desire is to enslave Hope, and drain her of the lifeforce. When Hope
and Logan both fall prey to Krag, a powerful desire grows between them. But is it enough to thwart their captor's diabolical plan and his demon warriors, and survive a vampire's destiny written in
321 Dying Wish Butcher Shannon KShannon K Butcher Contemporary To Read Yes Sentinel Wars 6 Yes PDF
Jackie Patton has been rescued by the Theronai from her captivity and torture at the hands of the Synestryn, only to learn that she's a potential match for the Theronai warriors who need a
woman to literally save their lives.
Forced to choose, she unexpectedly selects Iain, a cold-hearted warrior who doesn't want to be saved. Iain is convinced that it's too late-that his soul is already as dead as his former betrothed,
killed by the Synestryn. Still, he is the only one she wants. But is Iain indeed beyond saving?
322 Cowboy Sandwich Butler Reece Reece Butler Contemporary To Read Yes Cowboy Sandwich 1 Yes PDF
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]
Determined to take charge of her life, Candy abandons her inhibitions and heads West. Adam and Bryan, co-owners of a remote Montana cattle ranch, are eager for luscious female heat after
three cold months in the saddle. Candy's first step toward freedom is one glorious night of wild sex. The men prove what four hands, two mouths and hard-driving muscles can do in a few
determined hours.
But meeting her deep, dark fantasies requires more time. They invite her back to the Double R, promising games of Virgin and Pirates, Harem Girl and Sheiks. With hard-working days and
deliciously wicked nights, the last few weeks of the winter pass quickly.
Ranch life, and her men, are everything Candy wants. But she can't live a fantasy forever, hoping they'll ask her to stay. Unless they return her love, she must claim her independence and
escape before her heart breaks.
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.
323 Cowboy Double-Decker Butler Reece Reece Butler Contemporary To Read Yes Cowboy Sandwich 2 Yes PDF
[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/F/M]
Hot cowboy Bryan Raman loves Adam Richardson‘s wife, Candy, but it‘s time he found his own. He‘s searched the last two months for an adoring woman who‘ll devote herself to both him and
the Double R, and relish sharing their bed as part of a polyamory family.
When an erotically-challenged single mother ends up in his hotel room, he‘s delighted to teach her what a Montana cowboy can do to make her scream with ecstasy. Michalea Jones is too
uppity to marry but, wanting to teach her more, he invites her to the ranch for a few weeks. No strings, but if she wants to share, Adam is eager to help Bryan meet needs she never knew she
Kaela craves their touch and is desperate for roots and a sense of permanence. But though she loves him, Bryan won‘t give her what she needs: his trust and his heart.
324 Edge of CravingByrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Rhys Alia Buchanan N/A Contemporary Read 12.06.2013 Yes Primal Instinct 0.5 Yes PDF
Since the moment he'd first laid eyes on Alia Buchanan, the warrior known only as Rhys had been obsessed with her. She consumed his waking moments. Tormented his dreams. But, as one
of the few remaining descendants of a European dragon clan, Rhys knew there could never be a future for a monster like him...with an angel like Alia. Until her father is murdered and Alia's life is
in mortal danger. Now, Alia and Rhys must unite to find some ancient crosses that hold an unknown power before their enemies do. And once those are in hand, Rhys must figure out what to do
with them...and his forbidden attraction to the women he'd sworn to protect.
325 Edge of HungerByrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Ian Buchanan Molly Stratton N/A Contemporary Read 14.06.2013 Yes Primal Instinct 1 Yes PDF
Ian Buchanan has always felt the unknown—the deep, impenetrable darkness that lives within him. Yet he is determined to lead a "normal" life, ignoring the unsettling dreams in which he
succumbs to his wildest desires.... Until psychic Molly Stratton tracks him down, claiming to share his sensual nightmares.
The petite Molly even has the bite marks to prove it. And she's also received a message from Ian's deceased mother: an enemy is near. And it's time for the creature inside Ian to finally awaken.
A creature with an insatiable hunger that must be controlled before it overtakes them both...
326 Edge of DangerByrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Michael Quinn Saige Buchanan N/A Contemporary Read 17.06.2013 Yes Primal Instinct 2 Yes PDF
Saige Buchanan travels the world studying her dark past, guided by a strange gift that enables physical objects to tell her their secrets. Yet nothing can protect her from her family's sadistic
enemies. Until - in her hour of greatest need - she encounters a mysterious, impossibly sexy shape-shifter.
Sent to find the woman whose darkness has yet to awaken, Michael Quinn battles his primal hunger for Saige. He alone can help her lay claim to her full powers. Yet in doing so, he will destroy
her innocence, and mark her as his forever....
327 Edge of Desire Byrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Contemporary To Read Yes Primal Instinct 3 Yes PDF
Sheriff Riley Buchanan is a good man...but a man possessed. Plagued by vicious and uncontrollable impulses, he lives in fear of surrendering to real love. Even after years apart, he still craves
one woman, Hope Summers, above all others, and will do anything to protect her from harm--even tempt fate.
Hope is a woman with her own secrets. For months she has eluded her abusive ex-husband, a ruthless creature who won't rest until Hope and her kind are destroyed. Hope's fantasies are still
haunted by Riley, the one man who might help her, and the man whose searing touch she cannot forget. But surrendering to their long-denied passion could mean the destruction of everything
they hold dear....
328 Touch of Seduction Byrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Contemporary To Read Yes Primal Instinct 4 Yes PDF
Sold into slavery as a child to a cruel taskmaster, tiger-shifter Aiden Shrader trusts no one. Not even his own kind. Yet as a member of the Watchmen—the organization of shape-shifters
who keep watch over the ancient nonhuman races—Aiden is fiercely protective of the helpless. Never more so than when he's asked to guard a little girl with witches' blood—and her
beautiful human aunt. A woman who arouses all of Aiden's primal urges…urges he must resist.
To small-town schoolteacher Olivia Harcourt, the massive tiger-shifter with the glowing amber eyes is as much a dark mystery as the enemy stalking her. Yet Aiden is her only hope of surviving.
Until their intense passion unleashes her own inner tigress with a ferocity that will make the evil Casus rue the day they messed with her family…and will take Aiden by seductive surprise.
329 Touch of Surrender Byrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Kierland Scott Morgan Cantrell N/A Contemporary Read 31.01.2014 Yes Primal Instinct 5 Yes PDF
With his auburn hair and lean build, Kierland Scott looks more man than lycan. But his wolf instincts are aroused by the gray-eyed Morgan Cantrell. Not because of her beauty, but because of
her long-ago betrayal, a fateful choice that made their love impossible.
Now, however, the two Watchmen must team up, leaving the placid Lake Country for the forests of Scandinavia. To rescue Kierland's brother, they must track a vampire—and use their
combined shape-shifting sensitivities in a battle that will take them beyond death. As the two learn to seek together, they begin to understand the history that has driven them apart. But they will
have to overcome death itself, if their shared passion is to have a chance.
330 Touch of Temptation Byrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Contemporary To Read Yes Primal Instinct 6 Yes PDF
Kellan Scott, the Lycan shape-shifter, has vowed to redeem his playboy past…even allowing himself to be captured by his enemies to save a woman he's never met. Once imprisoned,
stealing into Chloe Harcourt's cell is the easy part—withstanding her irresistible beauty is next to impossible.
Chloe has struggled to keep her unusual powers over other people's emotions in check, never trusting that any man could truly love her for herself. Until her mesmerizing rescuer awakens a
primal craving for contact.
Their all-consuming passion is their strongest weapon against their sadistic captor. But Kellan's biggest battle may still lie ahead: to convince Chloe he's worthy of her undying love…or die
331 Rush of Darkness Byrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Seth McConnell Raine Spenser N/A Contemporary Read 05.02.2014 Yes Primal Instinct 7 Yes PDF
Raine Spenser is on the brink. Held prisoner because of her abilities, Raine—a powerful psychic as well as vampire desperately needed a savior. But the last one she expected was the green-
eyed soldier who‘d once hunted her kind. Since her rescue, she‘s tried to forget Seth McConnell, unable to cope with the strange, simmering attraction that draws her to the compelling human.
But their goals—find the Kraven who held Raine captive and destroy him—are the same. The ever-growing web of danger surrounding them draws these two unlikely allies closer together, and
anger slowly turns into an explosive passion they‘re finding harder and harder to deny....
332 Rush of Pleasure Byrd RhyannonRhyannon Byrd Contemporary To Read Yes Primal Instinct 8 Yes PDF
Dangerous passion and primal instincts…
With his sinister good looks, Noah Winston is the one man—a human with Casus ties—who Willow Broussard has never been able to resist. Once enemies, then lovers, Noah broke her heart.
Yet the powerful witch and paranormal private investigator can't turn him away when he needs her help in protecting his family, him—and the world—against their enemy….
As Noah and Willow work together, the secrets of their turbulent past are slowly exposed, each startling revelation drawing them closer. But when the enemy finally makes a move, Noah will
need more than witchcraft and magic to survive. He'll need his friends, one hell of a plan and the undying devotion of a tenacious witch whose love is eternal ….
333 Called by BloodByrne Evie Evie Byrne Alexander Faustin Helena McAllister N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Faustin Bros 1 Yes PDF & Word
Think it's glamorous being a vampire? Think again. The Faustin Bros., Book 1 Alexander Faustin is ready to settle down. He travels from NYC to sunny Colorado to find his destined bride. His
delicate mission: to explain to her that vamps exist, that he happens to be one himself, and that he'd like her to be one, too. But the moment he lays eyes on Helena MacAllister, talk is the last
thing on his mind. It's not like Helena to make out with a stranger on her front porch, much less invite him into her bed. Somehow Alex makes her feel safe, even while he's dismantling her
defenses. But in the wake of an accident, her faith in him is shattered. She learns her dream lover is a monster. When a vampire betrays and terrifies his beloved, what can he offer her to make it
up? Pancakes, of course. It's a start, at least. And Alex has to think of the next step quick, because if Helena won't take him back, he'll never love again.
334 The Power Byrne Rhonda Rhonda Byrne Nonfiction To Read Yes PDF
The Secret revealed the law of attraction. Now Rhonda Byrne reveals the greatest power in the universe – The Power to have anything you want. In this book you will come to understand
that all it takes is just one thing to change your relationships, money, health, happiness, career, and your entire life. Every discovery, invention, and human creation comes from The Power.
Perfect health, incredible relationships, a career you love, a life filled with happiness, and the money you need to be, do, and have everything you want, all come from The Power. The life of your
dreams has always been closer to you than you realized, because The Power – to have everything good in your life – is inside you. To create anything, to change anything, all it
takes is just one thing… THE POWER. m/mm/f/m/m
335 The Secret Byrne Rhonda Rhonda Byrne Nonfiction Read Yes PDF
Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come
together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it.
In this book, you'll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life -- money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. You'll begin to understand the
hidden, untapped power that's within you, and this revelation can bring joy to every aspect of your life.
The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers -- men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to
light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.
336 Educating Caroline Cabot Patricia Patricia Cabot Historical To Read Yes PDF
Lady Caroline Linford is horrified to discover...
her fiancé, the Marquis of Winchilsea, in the arms of another woman. Unfortunately, Victorian society considers such masculine peccadilloes a trifle; canceling their imminent wedding would be
unthinkable. But Caroline's wish is for the man she is to marry to desire only her... and she seeks lessons in the art of romance from the best teacher: London's most notorious rake.
Braden Granville may be a famous lover...
but he has no intention of taking part in Caroline's scheme — until he learns she has something he wants: the name of his own unfaithful fiancée's lover. As their passionate tutelage begins,
sparks fly — and the lines between teacher and student fall away. Now there is just one last lesson to learn: on the subject of true love, the heart chooses its own unpredictable ways.
337 Heart of Stone Cade Cathryn Cathryn CadeStone Masterson Rose Thorne N/A Futuristic To Read Yes The Frontiera 1 Yes Epub
He's an ex-space pirate who's changed his wicked ways ... or has he?
On the wild planet of Frontiera, Rose Thorne is out to save her brother. But when she holds his disreputable boss at gunpoint, Stone Masterson shows her just how ruthless he can be ... and
how tender. With space pirates on the loose, is she safe in his arms, or is she just another pawn in his struggle to rule this new planet?
338 Rock Hard LoveCameronDH DH Cameron James Turner Simone Navarro N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Rock Hard 1 Yes Epub
Simone Navarro is your average small town girl-next-door starting out at a major talent agency in Los Angeles and one of the agency's most temperamental clients isn't happy.
James Turner is the bad boy lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Battery, the world's hottest heavy metal band and the kind of guy Simone is sure she can't stand.
When they meet, however, sparks fly and James pursues Simone with the same raw passion he pours into his music. His aggressive pursuit has Simone weak in the knees and scared out of
her wits...but she can't deny the feelings beginning to stir within her for the sexy rock star.
Rock Hard Love is the story of two people from two very different worlds whose torrid love affair has its own consequences for the unlikely couple. Soon though, even their deepest feelings can't
shelter them from those that conspire against them. Can the lovers defy the odds or will the forces that drive their passion also tear them apart?
At nearly 30,000 words, Rock Hard Love is a satisfying erotic romance full of deep passion, torrid sex and dire conflict sure to leave you wanting for more.
339 Out of Body CameronStella Stella Cameron Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Born of an ancient family of clairvoyants, Marley Millet finds that her psychic gift is both unsettling and incredibly dangerous. She never wants to "travel" again--but the choice is not hers to
make.After glimpsing the fates of two missing New Orleans jazz singers, Marley knows she has no choice and must speak up before more women disappear. Flinty cop-turned-writer Gray
Fisher, who interviewed both chanteuses before they vanished, takes a special interest in Marley's incredible story--and in Marley.
Scouring the wild clubs of the French Quarter, Marley and Gray make an unlikely and uneasy team. But their determination is matched only by the heat between them...and the evil they have
340 The Courtship Dance Camp Candace Candace Camp Sinclair Francesca Haughston N/A Historical To Read Yes Matchmakers 4 Yes Html
Lady Francesca Haughston had given up on romance for herself, finding passion instead in making desirable matches for others. So it seemed only fair, when she learned she had been deceived
into breaking her own long-ago engagement to Sinclair, Duke of Rochford, that she now help him find the perfect wife.Of course, Francesca was certain any spark of passion between them had
long since died--her own treatment of him had seen to that. The way Sinclair gazed at her or swept her suddenly into his arms...well, that was merely practice for when a younger, more suitable
woman caught his eye. But soon Francesca found his lessons in love scandalously irresistible--and a temptation that could endanger them both.
341 The Pride of Lions Canham Marsha Marsha Canham Historical To Read Yes Highlands 1 Yes PDF
They were torn between pride and passion. . .
It was a boastful wager, a bold flirtation meant to win a proposal from the most eligible officer in His Majesty's Royal Dragoons. How was the spoiled and pampered Catherine Augustine
Ashbrooke to know the handsome stranger with the brooding midnight eyes would see through her plot and make her the pawn in a dangerous game of his own?
United by a reckless game of chance. . .
Alexander Cameron may have won the highborn English beauty in a duel, but not even the lure of long-forgotten desires could keep him from his meeting with destiny. He had no choice but to
carry his reluctant bride off to the Highlands, to a world of ancient blood feuds and a brewing rebellion--a world where fiery passion and breathtaking courage would prove that even legendary
warriors could lose their hearts.
Bestselling, award-winning author Marsha Canham sweeps us into the turbulence and romance of Scotland's quest for freedom in a saga of two born enemies whose lives and destinies are
irrevocably bound to the fate of an empire.
342 The Blood of Roses Canham Marsha Marsha Canham Historical To Read Yes Highlands 2 Yes PDF
In a novel that sizzles with passionate intrigue and breathtaking romance, Marsha Canham whisks the reader back to war-torn Scotland as a legendary warrior fights for the two things most
precious to any man: his country and the woman he loves.
343 Passion Next Door Cara Carnes Carnes Cara
Berges Autumn Scott N/A 2010 44 Contemporary Read 21.03.2014 3 Yes The Pleasure Brigade 1 Yes PDF Human Human
Short black hair, dimples in cheeks, tall,
Hazel brown eyes, auburn hair with red
highlights, bold, dominant
submissive wanting to experience the
BDSM lifestyle
Co-owner of The
Pleasure Brigade
Job in
Marketing New York, USA City Erotica BDSM, Group
Autumn listens in on her neighbour fucking a different woman every month on the 25th and makes herself to it. This time her neighbour comes over and spanks her for disturbing him and informs
her that next time she will be his and his friends plaything. She enjoys a night of blissful sex with four sexy dominant men. And afterwards Kade says he'd like to do it again but just the two of
Once a month, Autumn Scott indulges in her voyeuristic fantasy thanks to a very sexy, very loud neighbor, who has no idea his encounters fuel her lust. Until she gets caught. Now Autumn finds
herself exploring her ultimate fantasy-submission. But the stakes are raised when Kade presents her with a twist to his usual play. He wants to add three friends to the game. Together the four
men indulge her naughtiest desires and prove the pleasure she'd experienced before was only the beginning. Nice. Many men focused on one woman's pleasure. Very nice.
344 Passion's ClaimCara Carnes Carnes Cara
Berges Autumn Scott N/A 2011 69 Contemporary Read 21.03.2014 3 Yes The Pleasure Brigade 2 Yes PDF Human Human
Short black hair, dimples in cheeks, tall,
Hazel brown eyes, auburn hair with red
highlights, Very rich Dom with trust issues
submissive wanting to experience the
BDSM lifestyle
Co-owner of The
Pleasure Brigade
Job in
Marketing 40 miles out fromAustin, Texas, USAQ Country Warm Erotica BDSM, Group
Autumn is invited to a weekend of play at the Bridage by her neighbour Kade, and sent and round house ticket from York to Texas to join him and his friends with whom she's already spent and
erotic weekend. It the Brigade's resort she discovers that Kade didn't invite but his friends did. They prep her for sex with Kade. The next day, after a night of passionate fucking with Kade, she
is taken to the Training Dungeon for a scene. During the first part of the scene Lorenzo and Chase fuck her. Then Kade cleans her up in the bathroom and goes off scene. As punishment
Lance calls Stryker in to take Kade's place and Kade snaps and says she's his and they leave. Kade and her are going to try to be a couple.
Come play with me.
Autumn Scott succumbs to temptation and journeys to The Brigade, a private BDSM resort, for another naughty weekend with sexy neighbor Kade Berges. She expects a chance to further
explore her fantasies, but finds herself wanting more when Kade and his three friends push her boundaries and welcome her into their world.
Kade Berges hadn't intended to share more than a few nights of passion with his insatiable New York neighbor, but thanks to meddling friends, he finds himself unwilling to accept anything less
than Autumn's full submission. Whether she's ready remains to be seen. Nice. Many men focused on one woman's pleasure. Very nice. Mild BDSM.
345 The Chase Carew Opal Opal Carew Contemporary To Read Yes His to Command 1 Yes Epub
Strong, independent, smart, Kate is a modern business woman who knows exactly how to run her well organized world. But underneath her professional exterior lurks a secret she's been
running from for years...a secret desire to be dominated that both exhilarates her and terrifies her. When an old lover, Matt Pearce, unexpectedly shows up, Kate is bombarded by sensual
memories of their affair. Matt was the first and only man to give her a taste of domination, and she's never been able to forget. But though she's spent years trying to forget him, this time she
may not be able to get away.
346 The Capture Carew Opal Opal Carew Contemporary To Read Yes His to Command 2 Yes Epub
When Kate's mysterious business meeting takes a terrible turn, she finds herself face-to-face once more with Matt, the man who's haunted her dreams and memories with his sensual
domination. And when a snowstorm strands the pair inside his mansion, they are forced to re-examine their past and the destruction of their relationship. But as night falls, painful truths begin to
surface, and Kate is forced to face her own fears and secret longings.
347 The RevelationCarew Opal Opal Carew Contemporary To Read Yes His to Command 3 Yes Epub
After acknowledging her role in their breakup, Kate knows that Matt would have never intentionally harmed her. Frustrated by her own weakness and self-deception, she takes steps to begin
exploring her submissive side with him. As they test the boundaries of their passion, Matt and Kate realize how perfectly they come together and the depths of their feelings for each other. But in
the harsh light of day, uncertainties and secrets once more plague the couple, and for Matt, one secret in particular could destroy his entire future with the woman he loves.
348 The Arrangement Carew Opal Opal Carew Contemporary To Read Yes His to Command 4 Yes Epub
Deciding to give into her deepest desires, Kate agrees to spend a week learning to accept her submissive nature under Matt's seductive tutelage. With his careful domination, she can‘t help but
surrender to him completely. However, when a woman from his past arrives, Kate must finally decide whether she can really trust Matt with her body…and her heart.
349 The SubmissionCarew Opal Opal Carew Contemporary To Read Yes His to Command 5 Yes Epub
Shocked by Ileana's appearance at Matt's doorstep, Kate can't help but worry that Matt's not the man she thought he was. But even with proof that he's lied to her about his relationship with
Ileana, she can't help but submit to his seductive touch. Deciding to fight for their relationship, Kate falls deeper in love with the man who once held her heart. However, Ileana is just the tip of the
iceberg...because Matt has a destructive secret that threatens to tear them both apart.
350 Beauty Like the Night Carlyle Liz Liz Carlyle Historical To Read Yes Rutledge Family 1 Yes PDF & Word
The daughter of London's wickedest widow, Helene de Severs has struggled to overcome her heritage. Renowned within Europe's emerging psychiatric field, Helene has a gift for healing children.
When fate sends her back to England, the country she left in disgrace, Helene is confident she has learned to govern her own reckless emotions.
Ruthlessly, Treyhern has dragged his notorious family from the brink of ruin. But a disastrous marriage has left him with a traumatized child, and his rebellious brother is just one step ahead of
the bailiffs. When his dissolute father drops dead while debauching the governess, Treyhern's infamous temper is truly tested.
But the forceful earl means to straighten everyone out - as soon as he has hired a reputable governess. Yet the moment she steps from his carriage, Treyhern's cold reserve is melted by a rush
of desire he had long thought dead. With her elegant clothing and mountain of luggage, the woman is not who he expected. Or is she? Sometimes the workings of the mind are as dangerous as
those of the heart. And soon, danger is truly everywhere...
351 No True Gentleman Carlyle Liz Liz Carlyle Historical To Read Yes Rutledge Family 2 Yes PDF & Word
No True Gentleman
Lady Catherine Wodeway knows that no true gentleman would presume to kiss a lady senseless without a proper introduction -- not even to save her life. yet somehow, Maximilian de Rohan's
dark good looks, brooding manner, and mysterious past make it all too easy for Catherine to forget that she's a lady.
Although Max is stunned by Catherine's beauty, honesty, and charm, he knows that getting mixed up with a noblewoman can end badly, especially when her brother is a murder suspect. But
when Catherine stumbles onto the key to Max's murder investigation and unwittingly places herself in the killer's hands he will risk everything to pull her out of danger and into the arms of love.
352 The Devil You Know Carlyle Liz Liz Carlyle Historical To Read Yes Rutledge Family 3 Yes PDF & Word
The Devil You Know
Frederica d'Avillez is sure she will never marry. She's had a disastrous London season, and now her longtime beau has thrown her over for a more eligible miss. But if Freddie can't have a
husband, she's hell-bent on experiencing at least one night of unforgettable passion. Where better than in the arms of the dashing rogue Bentley "Hell-Bent" Rutledge? So what if he's a rake,
scoundrel, and all-round devil?
Scandal trails in Bentley's wake and fair maidens usually steer well clear of him -- and vice versa. But when the opportunity presents itself, Bentley can't resist Freddie's exotic beauty. When
their wild, reckless passion has dire consequences, Bentley is forced to choose between honor and freedom. And Freddie soon realizes that Bentley's devil-may-care façade is just that -- for she
has unwittingly unleashed his dark secrets...and secret desires.
353 Touching Ghost Carlyse Regina Regina Carlyse Contemporary To Read Yes Seals on Fire 6 Yes Epub
What a sweet little blast from his past! Ren ―Ghost‖ Ramsey hadn‘t planned on taking a trip back in time while Stateside with SEAL Team Arapaho but that‘s what he gets when sweet Sadie
Ballew buys a plane ticket to Key West and makes an offer he can‘t refuse. Back in small town Oklahoma, he‘d been the local bad boy complete with a chip on his shoulder and she‘d been the
only person who‘d loved him despite it all. She‘d been a girl then but things are a hell of a lot different now and Ren wants nothing more than to burn up the sheets with the sassy lady.
Ren was a man now. And what a man! Now a SEAL known as Ghost, a complete badass, infiltrator and spy, Sadie sees only the boy she‘d loved and lost all those many years ago. His little R
& R is just the excuse she needs to see if she‘s woman enough to heat things up between them and claim him for her own…once and for all. Is she up for the challenge? Hoorah! Sadie is a
woman who exactly what she wants… Ren in her bed and in her life.
354 Losing It Carmack Cora Cora Carmack Bliss Edwards Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Virginity. Bliss Edwards is about to graduate from college and still has hers. Sick of being the only virgin among her friends, she decides the best way to deal with the problem is to lose it as
quickly and simply as possible-- a one-night stand. But her plan turns out to be anything but simple when she freaks out and leaves a gorgeous guy alone and naked in her bed with an excuse
that no one with half-a-brain would ever believe. And as if if that weren't embarrassing enough, when she arrives for her first class of her last college semester, she recognizes her new theatre
professor. She'd left him naked in her bed about 8 hours earlier.
355 Unexpected TopCarr CassandraCassandra Carr Len HoldenCissy Holden N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Ball & Chain 2 Yes Epub
Sometimes a wife has to go to extreme measures to save her marriage. When Cissy Holden doesn't feel appreciated, she takes matters into her own hands--literally--and introduces her wayward
husband Len to the concept of a Female-Led Relationship (FLR). Will Len be on board with FLR, or has Cissy just made the biggest mistake of her life?
356 Alice in Wonderland Carroll Lewis Lewis Carroll Children's Books Read No N/A
Newly formatted text for the Kindle
Now includes all of the original Illustrations from the original publication, specially formatted for the Kindle
Carefully crafted index, allowing easy navigation of the story
One of the best known story of all time, this edition brings illustrations not seen since the original publication since 1865.
This edition includes text and images specially formatted for the Kindle.
357 New York Carter Eve Eve Carter Contemporary To Read Yes Deceived 1 Yes Epub
Deceived Part 1 - New York (120 pages)
When Chloe Swanson, an innocent mid-western college graduate, lands her dream job in New York City, she doesn't realize what kind of a ride she's in for.
It doesn't take long before her boss, the charming and sharp businessman Patrick Collins, deceives her into being part of his plan to land the biggest account of his life.
However, he never expected that he would fall for her. Suddenly, he finds himself trapped between a ruthless billionaire client, who has her own eyes set on Patrick, and his deep affection for the
beautiful Chloe.
What follows is a sensual and passionate journey of self-discovery, as Chloe faces the harsh reality of jealousy, love and money in the big city.
Stimulating, amusing and highly arousing, Deceived is a romance that will excite and titillate your senses.
358 Paris Carter Eve Eve Carter Contemporary To Read Yes Deceived 2 Yes Epub
Heartbroken and deceived, Chloe Swanson, looking for a distraction to mend her broken heart, accepts a job offer, helping a friend to open an art gallery in Paris, France.
Her trip to Paris launches an avalanche of adventures, that leaves little to the imagination. Will Chloe ever forgive Patrick Collins for breaking her heart, or will Paris, The City of Love, provide her
with new opportunities?
Stimulating, amusing and highly arousing, Deceived is a romance that will excite and titillate your senses.
359 Hard as Rock Carter Mina Mina Carter Contemporary To Read Yes Paranormal Protection Agency 1 Yes PDF
Iliona's had a rough day, so the last thing she wants is a whiny ex on her doorstep throwing accusations about which of her co-workers she's screwing. When he starts throwing punches and one
of her hunky gargoyle co-workers rushes to her rescue, Iliona is more interested in what exactly he's been doing on the ledge outside her bedroom window...and whether he's interested in more
than watching...
360 Between a Rock & A Hard Place Carter Mina Mina Carter Contemporary To Read Yes Paranormal Protection Agency 2 Yes Epub
There's nothing like a bit of Gargoyle lovin'... Unless it's double the lovin'
Iliona is used to dealing with all kinds of paranormals thanks to her job with the Paranormal Protection Agency. Even so, an office break in by a banshee nearly has her heading for the pearly
gates, and she needs a little 'me time' with her live-in, live on the building lover, a gargoyle named Cal.
But Cal's got some plans of his own. Plans that involve Iliona, a candle-lit room and some up close and personal time with himself and his 'twin' Granite.
Two sets of hands, two ridged tongues, two hot bodies...Being caught between a rock and a hard place has never been so hot.
361 Protect & ServeCarter Mina Mina Carter Contemporary To Read Yes Paranormal Protection Agency 3 Yes Epub
Eloise is a woman on a mission. She needs to find a date for the annual hospital ball, and fast. The trouble is she's not only man-free but, after her bastard of an ex has a nasty little curse hurled
her way, no human guy will touch her with a barge-pole—not after one of her dates ends up with green acne, another with a nose like Pinocchio…the list goes on.
Out of options, Eloise ends up at the offices of the Paranormal Protection Agency. She's not sure what to expect, but she certainly doesn't expect Jared Stone. No one expects Stone…
362 Seduced by Santa Carter Mina Mina Carter Contemporary To Read Yes Paranormal Protection Agency 4 Yes Epub
A woman determined to spread the Christmas spirit...
Former socialite turned community centre worker Candice Kane loves Christmas. In the run down area she works in, economics and rising unemployment mean that there isn't a lot of Christmas
spirit to go around. Determined to do something about it, for the last couple of years she's arranged a Christmas Party, complete with a visit from Santa for the neighbourhood kids. This year
though, a break in and damage from vandals means the party could be cancelled...
A Santa who hates Christmas...
Rhod is...was a Santa. For years he joined the other men in his family delivering presents, until the attitude and ungratefulness of the rich children he delivered to made him hang up his red suit.
Working for the Paranormal Protection Agency, he's convinced himself that he's happier without being the big guy anymore.
When he and his partner rescue Candy from an attack in a deserted alley, all Rhod's decisions are put to the test. Can he hold out against a woman with Christmas spirit in her heart, or will he
lose his own in the process?
363 Close Protection Carter Mina Mina Carter Contemporary To Read Yes Paranormal Protection Agency 5 Yes Epub
Ashlee Bishop is a bar owner. She was a happy bar owner until a bunch of pixies turned up demanding protection money. As a garden-variety human, she knows she doesn't have the ability to
deal with the pixies, so she calls in the Paranormal Protection Agency to sort the problem out.
What she doesn't expect is for the pixies to come back before the agency can get to the bar, or the hot as hell werewolf who shows and starts teaching pixies how to fly. The hard way.
She certainly doesn't expect to be able to command his wolf...or to have to when the shit hits the fan.
364 Doms of Dark Haven: Met Her Match Cartwright Sierra Sierra Cartwright Torin Carter Mira AraceliN/A 20 70 Contemporary To Read Yes Hawkeye 2.5 Yes PDF & Word Erotica BDSM
Met Her Match (A Hawkeye Story) by Sierra Cartwright
Genre: BDSM Erotic Contemporary
Series: Hawkeye; Previous Book: Bend Me Over Highly trained Mira Araceli can hold her own in the toughest parts of the world, but not, it seems, against her secret crush, Torin Carter. She'd
fallen for her Hawkeye instructor years before, and to him, she'd been just another recruit; fresh, green, idealistic. Torin, with his dark Irish good looks and fierce temper, doesn't want a partner,
any partner, and especially not Mira. But assignments are assignments, and he takes his responsibilities seriously. So when the beautifully submissive Mira crawls into his bedroom, a leather
belt between her teeth, he calls on all his resolve to send her away. Unsatisfied, Mira ups the stakes and finds another dom to play with at Dark Haven. Beyond furious, Torin storms into Master
Xavier's club and claims his rights to dominate Mira. For the first time in her life, she's met her match.
365 The Desperate Game Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Zach Guinevere Jones N/A Futuristic To Read Yes Guinevere Jones 1 Yes Html
Guinevere is drawn to Zach, and he is not the man of her dreams. His method of getting her cooperation leaves her with only one revenge, she eats her way through his expense account.
A murder on Guinevere's life draws them closer together.
366 The Chilling Deception Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Futuristic To Read Yes Guinevere Jones 2 Yes Html
GUINEVERE JONES -- Besides being brainy, brave, and beautiful, she had an uncanny way with people. From the moment she found the gold gun in the mauve-and-black marble executive
washroom, she knew Mr. Vandyke was in serious trouble.
ZACHARIAH JUSTIS -- Only the promise of a wild weekend cavorting with Guinevere in the wintry San Juan Islands convinced him to come along to provide security for Vandyke Development.
But it was business before pleasure when events brought them face-to-face with chilling danger and a dead man determined to avenge the past.
367 The Sinister Touch Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Futuristic To Read Yes Guinevere Jones 3 Yes Html
Were They Dealing with a Demonic Cult or a Devilishly Clever Killer?
GUINEVERE JONES - Being a good neighbor was easy when the window across the way framed a handsome young handsome young artist. But when she became witness to sudden violence
in his apartment, it was only a hint of the trouble to come.
ZACHARIAH JUSTIS - He was up to his ears with an enchanting new client when a twitch of jealousy, the ticking of biological clocks, and a confrontation with mortal danger made him rethink his
relationship to Guinevere Jones.
A slashed canvas, a pentagram streaked by a bolt of lightning, chilling blood rites - they lead Guinevere and Zac into the dark heart of mystery where art, magic, and money weave a dangerous
368 The Fatal Fortune Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Futuristic To Read Yes Guinevere Jones 4 Yes Html
Gazing into her crystal, the psychic predicted money, but not murder.
GUINEVERE JONES -- Fortune-telling seemed a harmless game. But when it became clear that Madame Zoltana was making big profits by playing on her clients' fears. Gwen knew she had to
stop the cruel scam.
ZACHARIAH JUSTIS -- Success meant calling in an office decorator and hosting a catered affair -- until a close call with death convinced him that real success meant survival -- and calling Gwen
his very own.
A young woman's dark secret, a diary, a crystal bowl -- they put the daring duo on the trail of a cunning charlatan -- a blackmailer and killer out to destroy every trace of the past.
369 Bridal Jitters Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Harmony 0.5 Yes Html
Virginia Burch, a psychic archeologist, can't believe her luck when she meets Sam Gage, a ghost hunter and owner of prime real estate in the Old Quarters of Cadence, above the Dead City. He
offers her his space to live and start up her business. What follows is an even more intriguing proposal-to become his wife. Strictly for professional reasons, of course. Their marriage of
convenience would lead to a very lucrative business partnership, Gage & Burch Consulting. Until something throws a wrench into the plan: the undeniable sensual energy that naturally exists
between them-and a love so strong that it could wake the ghosts below.
370 After Dark Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Harmony 1 Yes Html
LIfe is tough enough these days for Lydia Smith, licensed Para-archaeologist. Seriously stressed-out from a nasty incident in an alien tomb, she is obliged to work part-time in Shrimpton's
House of Ancient Horrors, a very low-budget museum. she has a plan to get her career back on track, but it isn't going well. Stuff keeps happening.
Take the dead body that she discovered in one of the sarcophagus exhibits. Who needed that? Finding out that her new client, Emmett London, is one of the most dangerous men in the city isn't
helping matters either. And that's just today's list of setbacks. Here in the shadows of the Dead City of Old Cadence, things don't really heat up until After Dark.
371 After Glow Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Harmony 2 Yes Html
Life is complicated for Lydia Smith. She's working at that tacky, third-rate museum, Shrimpton's House of Ancient Horrors, trying to salvage her career in para-archaeology - and dating the most
dangerous man in town. Just when she thinks she might be getting things under control, she stumbles over a dead body and discovers that her lover has a secret past that could get him killed.
Just to top it off, there's trouble brewing underground in the eerie, glowing green passageways of the Dead City.
Of course, all of these problems pale in comparison to the most pressing issue: Lydia has been invited to the Restoration Ball and she hasn't got a thing to wear.
372 Ghost Hunter Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Harmony 3 Yes Html
Where deadly energy ghosts lurk in the ruins of an ancient alien civilization. Where dust bunnies prove to be loyal pets. And where a ghost hunter will discover that a woman's heart is the most
dangerous adversary of all...
Local Guild boss and powerful ghost-hunter Cooper Boone is everything botanist Elly St. Claire could ask for-the handsome, strong, and silent type. Maybe too silent. For when Guild secrets
threaten her career at the college, Ely has to call off their marriage-and leave small-town life behind...
But starting over in the thriving metropolis of Cadence City isn't easy, especially when one of Elly's new friends disappears in the eerie catacombs beneath the streets. Cooper turns up just in
time to help Elly investigate. And as the mystery deepens and dangerous ghost myths and legends come to light, Cooper makes it clear he intends to stick around-and this time he's holding
nothing back...
373 Silver Master Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Harmony 4 Yes Html
Cadence City matchmaker and para-resonator Celinda Ingram meets her match in security specialist Davis Oakes. On the hunt for the powerful relic that Celinda supposedly bought as a toy for
her pet dust bunny, Davis must use all of his unique psychic abilities to try and wrest the ruby red object from the suspicious duo, keep his desire for Celinda in check-and keep them all safe
from those who will do anything to possess the relic.
374 Dark Light Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Harmony 5 Yes Html
Tabloid reporter Sierra McIntyre wants a scoop when she interviews Ghost Hunter Guild boss John Fontana about the disappearances of retired, homeless hunters. She doesn?t want to trust the
physically and psychically powerful man, but her intuition?and her dust bunny companion?give her the green light. To uncover the conspiracy within his own organization, Fontana
proposes?marriage. And though it?s purely a business arrangement, there?s nothing pure about the attraction that sizzles between them.
375 Obsidian Prey Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Harmony 6 Yes Html
The world of Harmony has its own special glow, thanks to the aliens who left behind powerful amber and twisting underground catacombs. Sparks fly, senses are rezzed, and passion can take
you by surprise...
Three months ago, amber tuner and independent prospector Lyra Dore made the find of the decade in an underground rain forest: amethyst ruins. But the very man she was dating stole her claim
-- and her heart. At least she has her artistically talented dust bunny, Vincent, to comfort her...
Amber Inc. CEO Cruz Sweetwater never meant to hurt Lyra. His affinity for obsidian amber gives him the ability to sense that she is his true love. But the ruins have mysterious powers, putting
everyone involved with the project in danger. Only by trusting their psychic instincts will Cruz and Lyra survive -- and surrender to the desire that binds them.
376 Zinnia Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Futuristic To Read Yes St Helen's 2 Yes Html
Ever since a false tabloid story ruined her reputation and her interior design business, Zinnia Spring has been labeled the �Scarlet Lady� of St. Helen�s. Now, headstrong Zinnia
makes a living using her psychic abilities�a highly prized skill that attracts the attention of another planetary outcast, Nick Chastain. The rough-edged casino owner craves what he
doesn�t have� respectability�and he enlists Zinnia to help find his father�s journal and dig up answers to his own mysterious past. Zinnia doesn�t have to be psychic to
know what else Nick wants; soon they�re reaching the electrifying heights of ecstasy�and danger. For when a ruthless killer crosses their search, it will take everything in their power to
keep their feet on terra firma and survive a deadly trap!
377 Orchid Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Futuristic To Read Yes St Helen's 3 Yes Html
Atop psychic for exclusive Psynergy Inc., Orchid Adams has her hands full with a baffling murder—which doesn’t exactly allow time for husband hunting. Is it even possible
there’s a man on St. Helen’s who measures up to her dreams of wedded bliss? Take her new client, Rafe Stonebraker: primitive and elemental, an unlicensed P.I. with some
serious secrets, Rafe is hardly marriage material. So why does his powerful presence have Orchid imagining the most outrageous affair? Rafe is embroiled in solving a strange theft while
thwarting a hostile takeover of Stonebraker Shipping; he needs a wife—and fast—to salvage his credibility. Orchid Adams doesn’t fit the profile he had in mind, but she fits in
his arms. Will their electrifying connection end up getting them burned?
378 A Negotiated Surrender Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Html
After the sale of Chapman Inc. to York Instruments, Calla is aware that Slade York expects her to continue working in the same capacity under his employ.
Slade is intrigued with Calla so much so that he blackmails her to stay with the company for a while.
From there it's battle of wills especially in the bedroom.
379 Amaryllis Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Lucas Trent Amaryllis Lark N/A Futuristic To Read Yes Html
A gifted psychic detective on the abandoned Earth colony of St. Helen's, Amaryllis Lark follows a high-profile murder investigation and finds herself in the middle of a steamy love affair with
business head Lucas Trent.
380 Bargain with the Devil Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Hunter Manning Stacy RylanN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Hunter Manning seeks revenge on Paul Rylan who destroyed his father several years ago. His revenge is in seducing Paul's son's Eric's wife hoping to destroy their marriage.
Stacy Rylan offers herself in an immediate marriage to stop the threat.
381 Conflict of Interest Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Beautiful Kali Havelock was all business. As VP of Interaction Automation, Inc., she was determined to outsmart the competition and corner the rights to the most advanced industrial robots...
robots invented by the impossibly brilliant, outrageously handsome - and stubborn - Lang Sterling.
Kali was a master of manipulation, but was it possible she'd miscalculated? She was about to offer him a fortune--the deal of a lifetime. She'd thought her "rabbit" would be all ears. But Lang was
hell-bent on having his pleasure...and proving that Kali was functioning like a passionless well-programmed robot, while the wizard of robotics himself operated on the most primitive principles of
382 Gentle Pirate Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Simon Kendrick has been brought in to reorganize the company Kirsten Mallory works at and shows his intimidating nature in their first interview. But Kirsten isn't afraid to lose her job and as a
professional librarian has written up exactly what her department does for the company.
383 Power Play Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Talia Haywood was searching for an old family friend. The last place he worked, Talia met Kane Sebastian. Talia resorts to blackmail to get his help.
Kane Sebastian, a sexy man who has become successful because of his hard work ethic finds Talia very interesting. Sparks fly. Both do whatever they have to to keep the other person close to
384 Relentless Adversary Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Locke Channing was the hired gun given to Kelly Winfield to investigate the shady dealings at Forrester Stereo and video. Kelly has a secret to hide and Locke discovers. She can't hide from him
and he plays both employee and seducer. She hopes Locke will fall into the employer-employee relationship and soon be gone. Locke has no intention of failing to clean up the fraud at Forrester
Stereo. Nor does he intend to fail at seducing Kelly. Locke and Kelly find a common interest in fencing, as they battle wits and kisses. Locke continues to baffle Kelly with his rocket fast shift
from computer nerd to woman-hungry male in one blink. Maybe it's his warlock green-silver eyes. Kelly knows the risk to her secret and her heart as she and Locke solve the computer problem.
All too soon he finds out Kelly's been doing a little computer tampering herself. His solution shocks and tempts Kelly. Can she agree to his terms and still resist this stranger she hopes will not
break her heart. After all she certainly doesn't believe in love at first sight. Does she?
385 Spellbound Castle Jayne Jayne Castle Contemporary To Read Yes Html
"Who would have thought there was so much soft excitement under that sophisticated veneer?" he whispered. "What other secrets are you hiding, sweet witch?"
Secrets...the word clicked in Lacey Holbrook's mind and reason flooded back. Yes, she had secrets. Why else had she conjured Jed Merlin back from the past. Why else had she insisted on
turning the bohemian maverick into a urbane gentleman? He was essential to her plans. Yes, she had secrets. Dangerous secrets. And she must not forget their urgency just because he had
walked back into her life, bewitched her with kisses, and touched her with a magic she was almost powerless to resist.
386 Beauty FromPain Cates Georgia Georgia CatesJack McLachlan Laurelyn Prescott N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Beauty 1 No N/A
They agreed on three months...but their love knew no boundaries. Jack McLachlan is a winemaking magnate and easily one of Australia‘s most eligible bachelors. His success and wealth make
him no stranger to the complications of romantic relationships and that‘s why he goes to extreme measures to avoid the hassle. He prefers simplicity in the form of a beautiful female companion
with no strings attached. He arranges relationships like business deals and they‘re always the same. No long term relationships. No real names. It‘s his game and his rules. He‘s content to play
as usual, but when Laurelyn Prescott enters his life, his strategy must change because this player is like none he's ever encountered. His world is turned on its head after he begins a three
month affair with the beautiful American musician. Nothing goes according to plan and as he breaks more and more of his own rules for her, she‘s exceptionally close to becoming something he
never thought possible. His ultimate game changer. Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content and language.
387 Beauty FromSurrender Cates Georgia Georgia CatesJack McLachlan Laurelyn Prescott N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Beauty 2 No N/A
How do you move on when he‘s every song you sing? After Laurelyn Prescott walks away from the love of her life, she returns to Nashville to pursue the only dream she has left. Determined to
find a distraction from the pain of losing Jack Henry, she immerses herself in her music. But with her old life comes old acquaintances and new expectations. When Laurelyn refuses her record
producer‘s outrageous demands, she finds herself without a career—until an unforeseen opportunity presents itself. From there it‘s a rocket ride straight to the top where Laurelyn finds the
success she‘s always dreamed of. Will it be enough to bring her the happiness she so deserves, or will the absence of Jack Henry leave her wanting more? Jack Henry McLachlan never
expected to fall in love with Laurelyn Prescott—but he did. After he foolishly let her slip through his fingers, he spends three months searching for her, but their reunion doesn‘t come easy. The
woman he finds isn‘t the same one who drifted away without a goodbye. No longer an insecure girl on an Australian adventure, this Laurelyn is a successful musician with a promising career. Her
dreams are becoming a reality, and Jack is terrified his American girl won‘t have a place for him in her new life. With only a month to convince her otherwise, will it be enough time to make her
visualize a life beyond the glitz and glamour, a life that includes him?
388 Untitled Cates Georgia Georgia CatesJack McLachlan Laurelyn Prescott N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Beauty 3 No N/A Release in 2014
389 More Than I Wanted Catori Ava Ava Catori Austin Kate Tanner N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Secret Desires 1 Yes Epub
Kate Tanner sees everything she wants in Austin. After falling for a charming and handsome military man, Kate realizes he may not return her feelings.
Will Austin fall in love with Kate, or has he hardened from past hurts? Just as he starts to warm up, things are turned upside down. Kate and Austin have to decide if their feelings are worth
fighting for, or if walking away will be beneficial to them both.
With the threat of being separated, can Kate and Austin find a way to make things work? Having Austin in her life is more than Kate ever wanted, but she's learning he's all that she needs.
390 All That I Need Catori Ava Ava Catori Austin Kate Tanner N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Secret Desires 2 Yes Epub
Kate and Austin never expected their dreams to be challenged so soon. They thought they were on their way to happily ever after, but instead were forced to confront Austin‘s Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder, along with other hurdles. Light exposed the cracks that would challenge their marriage and test them in ways they could never expect.
How much can one woman take? With Austin‘s ever shifting change in personality, he isn‘t the same man she met and fell in love with. Kate is forced to dig deep and decide how much she‘s
willing to sacrifice. Austin was all she ever wanted, but her needs are changing.
All That I Need is an emotionally charged read that looks at Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, along with depression, and insecurities in relationships.
391 Jonesin' for Action Cayto SamanthaSamantha Cayto Contemporary To Read Yes Seals on Fire 3 Yes Epub
Losing half a leg hasn't slowed down Aiden Jones. He can't deploy as a SEAL anymore, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying life as he always has. The one challenge left is to take a woman
to bed. It's not his ability he questions, but his appeal. Can a woman overlook his damaged leg?
Marissa Nelson tends bar while working on her dissertation. Cautious by nature, hooking up with customers isn't her style, but Aiden tempts her to break the rules. More than the sum of his
parts, he's a man who can rock her world.
392 Slow Burn ChambersVJ VJ Chambers Contemporary To Read Yes Assassins 1 Yes Epub
Beautiful Disaster meets Nikita.
Leigh Thorn is hiding out in a backwoods college because her father put her in danger, and if the wrong people find her, she‘s dead. She‘d rather snort lines than think about that. She‘d rather do
shots of marshmallow-flavored vodka until she can‘t remember.
When Griffin Fawkes arrives with the news that her father‘s dead, she isn‘t sure if she cares. He wasn‘t much of a father anyway. The only silver lining here is that Griffin‘s jaw-droppingly
gorgeous, and Leigh wants him bad.
Griffin owes his life to Leigh's father. The man begged him to keep his daughter safe. But Griffin didn't expect a cocaine-fueled party girl who barely seems to care about her own safety. It seems
like she'd rather destroy herself than anything else.
Even worse, he didn't expect he'd care about her. He knows he's too damaged to ever really be with a woman. The best he can do is to make sure she‘s safe from whoever could hurt her.
Including herself. Including himself.
Of course, fighting off men with guns is starting to seem easier than keeping his hands off Leigh.
393 Duty and Pleasure Chantale W Lynn W Lynn Chantale Nathan Shauna N/A Contemporary Read 02.02.2014 No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Pressures from work have kept Nathan from seeing his girlfriend the last two weeks, and he knows she‘s not pleased. When he finds her in his office wearing a smirk and little else, he can only
hope she‘s there to show him the error of his ways.
Shauna understands that Nathan‘s job is important to him, but so is she. She hopes a private session in his office will remind him of the passion they share. There‘s more to life than
duty...there‘s pleasure.
394 Tangled Chase Emma Emma ChaseAndrew Evans (Drew) Katherine Brooks (Kate) N/A Contemporary Read 21.08.2013 Yes Tangled 1 Yes PDF & Word
Drew Evans is a winner. Handsome and arrogant, he makes multimillion dollar business deals and seduces New York's most beautiful women with just a smile. He has loyal friends and an
indulgent family. So why has he been shuttered in his apartment for seven days, miserable and depressed? He'll tell you he has the flu. But we all know that's not really true. Katherine Brooks is
brilliant, beautiful and ambitious. She refuses to let anything - or anyone - derail her path to success. When Kate is hired as the new associate at Drew's father's investment banking firm, every
aspect of the dashing playboy's life is thrown into a tailspin. The professional competition she brings is unnerving, his attraction to her is distracting, his failure to entice her into his bed is
exasperating. Then, just when Drew is on the cusp of having everything he wants, his overblown confidence threatens to ruin it all. Will he be able untangle his feelings of lust and tenderness,
frustration and fulfillment? Will he rise to the most important challenge of his life? Can Drew Evans win at love? Tangled is not your mother's romance novel. It is an outrageous, passionate, witty
narrative about a man who knows a lot about women…just not as much as he thinks he knows. As he tells his story, Drew learns the one thing he never wanted in life, is the only thing he can't
live without.
395 The Lion's Daughter Chase Loretta Loretta Chase Historical To Read Yes Scoundrels 1 Yes PDF
Esme Brentmore doesn't care that revenge isn't a suitable job for a woman. She's determined to avenge the murder of her beloved father, an enigmatic English aristocrat who lived in self-imposed
exile. Honor demands that Esme let nothing and nobody stand in her way. That includes the handsome wastrel who's become entangled in her life, whose charm does not make up for his lazy
and irresponsible character.
Having gambled away his entire family fortune, Varian St. George, Lord Edenmont, now lives by his wits and winning ways. A man who has always taken the path of least resistance ---
preferably in soft beds with willing women --- he does not want to become embroiled in a mad quest with a hot-tempered and heavily armed redhead.
But forced to travel together through an exotic land, the mismatched pair soon discovers that friction can produce some very dangerous sparks ...
396 Captives of the Night Chase Loretta Loretta Chase Historical To Read Yes Scoundrels 2 Yes PDF
When the intriguing Comte d'Esmond enters a room, women swoon and men gnash their teeth. The count is fully accustomed to this reaction and brilliant at exploiting it. What he isn't prepared
for is Leila Beaumont. One look from her tawny eyes is dangerously captivating. How ... troublesome. Esmond can't afford the distraction of an entanglement, however passionate it promises to
be. He's supposed to be working --- for the government! --- and his employers want Leila's corrupt and treacherous husband brought to justice. When the spouse, unsurprisingly and conveniently,
gets himself murdered, all Esmond has to do is clear Leila of suspicion and proceed to the next assignment.
But not being hanged for her husband's murder isn't enough for Leila. She wants to learn the truth --- all of it --- from Esmond, a man who's been lying all his life.
397 Lord of Scoundrels Chase Loretta Loretta ChaseSebastian Ballister Jessica Trent N/A Historical Read 01.09.2013 Yes Scoundrels 3 Yes PDF
Tough-minded Jessica Trent's sole intention is to free her nitwit brother from the destructive influence of Sebastian Ballister, the notorious Marquess of Dain. She never expects to desire the
arrogant, amoral cad. And when Dain's reciprocal passion places them in a scandalously compromising, and public, position, Jessica is left with no choice but to seek satisfaction ...
Damn the minx for tempting him, kissing him ... and then forcing him to salvage her reputation! Lord Dain can't wait to put the infuriating bluestocking in her place --- and in some amorous
position, And if that means marriage, so be it! --- though Sebastian is less than certain he can continue to remain aloof ... and steel his heart to the sensuous, headstrong lady's considerable
398 The Last HellionChase Loretta Loretta Chase Historical To Read Yes Scoundrels 4 Yes PDF
A ferocious conflict of wills...
Vere Mallory, the Duke of Ainswood, has everything--he's titled, he's rich, he's devastatingly good looking--and he seems determined to throw it all away. Disreputable, reckless, and wild, the last
of the Mallory hellions is racing headlong to self-destruction...until a mind numbingly beautiful blonde Amazon knocks him off his feet--literally.
An incendiary passion...
Lydia Grenville is dedicated to protecting London's downtrodden. Dissolute noblemen like Ainswood are part of the problem, not the solution. She would like him to get his big, gorgeous carcass
out of her way so that she can carry on with her work. The problem is, Ainswood can no more resist a challenge, especially in female form, than he can resist the trouble she seems to attract.
If they can only weather their personal firestorm...
they might survive the real danger that threatens all they hold dear.
399 Scandal Wears Satin Chase Loretta Loretta Chase Historical To Read Yes PDF & Word
From the Journals of Sophia Noirot: A dress is a weapon. It must dazzle his eye, raise his temperature . . . and empty his purse.
A blue-eyed innocent on the outside and a shark on the inside, dressmaker Sophy Noirot could sell sand to Bedouins. Selling Maison Noirot's beautiful designs to aristocratic ladies is a little
harder, especially since a recent family scandal has made an enemy of one of society's fashion leaders. Turning scandal to the shop's advantage requires every iota of Sophy's skills, leaving her
little patience for a big, reckless rake like the Earl of Longmore. The gorgeous lummox can't keep more than one idea in his head at a time, and his idea is taking off all of Sophy's clothes.
But when Longmore's sister, Noirot's wealthiest, favorite customer, runs away, Sophy can't let him bumble after her on his own. In hot pursuit with the one man who tempts her beyond reason,
she finds desire has never slipped on so smoothly . . .
400 Eternally Child Maureen Maureen ChildKieran Julie Carpenter N/A Contemporary Read 17.01.2013 Yes Guardians 1 Yes PDF
He was a Guardian. An immortal fighter of evil. The sexy, sword-wielding stranger standing before Julie Carpenter claimed he was out to destroy a demon and that she was its next target. As he
whisked her away to his fortresslike mansion high in the Hollywood hills, she could only hope "Kieran" was not the true danger.
For centuries Kieran had heard the legend of Destined Mates...but he never believed until now. He could read Julie's thoughts, sense her deepest desires. And he knew she wanted him just as
he knew joining with her would make him strong enough to defeat any demon from hell. But the cost might be losing the woman who was his true salvation.
401 Nevermore Child Maureen Maureen Child Contemporary To Read Yes Guardians 2 Yes Epub
Reborn moments after Queen Isabella of Spain ordered her lover's death, Santos accepted eternal life in exchange for protecting humanity. For centuries, he's kept himself secluded in a hillside
mansion. But all that changes one night when he takes in a woman who claims to have seen him in a vision. A dire prediction has convinced Erin Brady she will be murdered on her thirtieth
birthday--and that Santos is the only man who can help her. Unwittingly drawn to the beauty who can read his thoughts and heart like no one ever has, Santos realizes she is his Destined Mate.
And with the threat of her imminent extinction ticking like a time bomb, Santos suddenly has something worth dying...and worth living for.
402 Vanished Child Maureen Maureen Child Contemporary To Read Yes Guardians 3 Yes Epub
Forever fated to defend humanity against demons, immortal Guardian Rogan Butler has given up all hope of finding peace. But when a beautiful American unexpectedly appears, with all her self-
assurance and charm, the winds of danger--and a soul-deep recognition--reawaken the warrior's long-buried desire....Alison Blair came to Ireland duty-bound to tell Rogan of a sinister
premonition, only to be rebuffed. Then evil strikes when her sister mysteriously disappears, and only Rogan can protect Aly from a fate worse than death. Can this brooding warrior be her
Destined Mate--the key to a forgotten past, and to her future?
403 Haunted Childs Lisa Lisa Childs David Ariel Cooper N/A Contemporary Read 13.01.2013 Yes Witch Hunt 1 No N/A
Was he her savior or her worst nightmare?
Ariel Cooper is about to marry her soul mate, but she has a secret. She can see ghosts. For years Ariel's resented her gift, believing it a curse. She's been hiding it from her powerful, brooding
fiance, David, afraid that he wouldn't understand. But now she has to tell him.
Twenty years ago, she and her two sisters were separated to protect them from a man who had vowed revenge on the women in her family. And someone has resumed the hunt. Ariel knows she
must warn her sisters before it's too late--the killer is closing in and his power is growing stronger. With David's help, they begin the search. But the closer Ariel comes to finding her sisters, the
more secretive he becomes. Can she trust the man she plans to spend eternity with? Or has he been waiting for the perfect moment to destroy her?
404 Triplet Secret Babies Christenberry Judy Judy Christenberry Contemporary To Read Yes Maitland Maternity Clinic: Triplets, Quads & Quints 5 Yes Html
Austin, Texas
But the identity of the father is hush-hush. Although expectant mother Briana McCallum has fiercely guarded her secret, rumor has it that she had met someone on a trip out of town almost eight
months ago. Could the undisclosed daddy be Maitland Maternity newcomer Hunter Callaghan? Folks report that when the handsome new doctor "met" his pregnant new co-worker, there was an
undeniably familiar gleam in his eyes--and Hunter has been seen showing fatherly and husbandly concern for the unborn babies and their lovely mother....
405 Executive PerksClaire Angela Angela ClaireAaron Winston Virginia Beckett N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Virginia Beckett had always known she‘d run the family business. Ivy League degrees and a flawless pedigree prepared her for it. So when businessman Aaron Winston buys a stake in her
company and threatens to launch a takeover, she plans to fight him off with every Wall Street lawyer she can buy. Fight his corporate advances, that is. His personal ones, she‘s not so sure
Aaron Winston plays hardball. How else could an orphan from the Bronx end up with a successful business and boast-worthy bank account? He doesn‘t plan on letting one corporate princess‘s
disdain for his methods get in the way of the deal, no matter how sexy she is. Although he wouldn‘t mind removing that silver spoon and putting her luscious mouth to better use.
When a dead body ups the ante in their corporate war, Aaron and Virginia join forces in a trek that leads the unlikely lovers from fast-paced Manhattan to bucolic Connecticut to an isolated island
off the coast of Oregon. Through it all, they learn nothing is more deadly than desire.
406 The Billionaire's Contract Claire Ava Ava Claire Jacob Whitmore Leila Montgomery N/A Contemporary To Read Yes His Submissive 1 Yes Epub
Recent college grad Leila Montgomery has her sights set on Whitmore and Creighton, a PR agency for the rich and famous. While she's interviewing for a position she's overqualified for, she's
determined to get her foot in the door by any means necessary--but she didn't count on accidentally mouthing off to the enigmatic billionaire at the helm of the company, Jacob Whitmore.
After a hot tryst in the stairwell, he makes Leila a proposition--be his personal assistant and private submissive. Saying no could cost her dream job and a place among the wealthy and elite. But
saying yes could cost so much more...
The Billionaire's Contract is part one of the His Submissive series.
407 The Billionaire's Touch Claire Ava Ava Claire Jacob Whitmore Leila Montgomery N/A Contemporary To Read Yes His Submissive 2 Yes Epub
When Leila Montgomery said yes to being billionaire Jacob Whitmore's assistant and submissive, she had no idea she was in for a whole new wardrobe worth thousands of dollars, private jets,
and a first assignment in Venice, Italy. When an old flame of Jacob's comes back into the picture, Leila will have to face the fact that she's fallen hard for her dominating boss.
When Leila Montgomery said yes to being billionaire Jacob Whitmore's assistant and submissive, she had no idea she was in for a whole new wardrobe worth thousands of dollars, private jets,
and a first assignment in Venice, Italy.
She barely has time to catch her breath, especially when he's near, making her heart race and her temperature rise. Still, she can't help but think about his track record and wonder if he'll tire of
her like all the rest.
But when an old flame of Jacob's comes back into the picture, Leila will have to face the fact that she's fallen hard for her dominating boss.
The Billionaire's Touch is part two of the His Submissive series.
408 The Billionaire's Passion Claire Ava Ava Claire Jacob Whitmore Leila Montgomery N/A Contemporary To Read Yes His Submissive 3 Yes Epub
Leila must decide if Jacob's passion and their undeniable attraction is worth it when tested outside the bedroom--and if she's ready to truly submit to his dark desires...
Venice, a closet full of designer clothing, and a handsome billionaire in her bed: Leila Montgomery can hardly believe her life isn't a dream. But being attached to Jacob Whitmore doesn't come
without its risks--like making powerful enemies intent on ensuring Jacob and Leila's arrangement is a short lived one.
Leila must decide if Jacob's passion and their undeniable attraction is worth it when tested outside the bedroom--and if she's ready to truly submit to his dark desires...
409 The Billionaire's Heart Claire Ava Ava Claire Jacob Whitmore Leila Montgomery N/A Contemporary To Read Yes His Submissive 4 Yes Epub
Leila Montgomery is finally ready to admit that she loves Jacob Whitmore, just in time for his ex, actress Rachel Laraby, to slither back onto the scene. When Rachel reveals that she knows
about the contracts, Leila makes a deal with her to protect Jacob.
When Jacob learns about Leila's deception, he fires her, putting an end to their blossoming romance. But Leila won't give up his heart without a fight...
410 The Billionaire's Girlfriend Claire Ava Ava Claire Jacob Whitmore Leila Montgomery N/A Contemporary To Read Yes His Submissive 5 Yes Epub
As far as Leila Montgomery is concerned, nothing compares to being billionaire Jacob Whitmore's girlfriend. But her new life is filled with more than glitz, glamour, and the love of a man that
leaves her breathless in and out of the bedroom. Leila can barely do everyday things without being stalked by men with cameras and blogs and articles are filled with comments along the lines
of, "Why her?"
When a new star client reminds Leila that all that glitters is not gold and the heavy price of fame, will Jacob and Leila's new love survive?
411 Edge of Sight Claire Roxanne St Roxanne St Claire Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardians Angelinos 1 Yes PDF
The killer she can't escape . . .
The heartbreak she can't forget . . .
The one man who can stop them both.
When Samantha Fairchild witnesses a murder in the wine cellar of the restaurant where she works, the Harvard-bound law student becomes the next target of a professional assassin. Desperate
for protection the authorities won't provide, Sam seeks help from Vivi Angelino, an investigative reporter who recruits her brother, Zach, to protect Samantha. A Special Forces vet with the scars
to prove he's equally fearless and flawed, Zach takes the job, despite the fact that he and Sam once shared a lusty interlude that ended when he left for war and disappeared from her life. Now,
as they crack a conspiracy that leads to Boston's darkest corners, Sam and Zach must face their fears, desires, and doubts, before a hired killer gets a second shot...
412 Shiver of Fear Claire Roxanne St Roxanne St Claire Contemporary To Read Yes The Guardians Angelinos 2 Yes PDF
The legacy that haunts her . . .
The mystery she must solve . . .
A man who threatens to reveal her secrets . . .
and break her heart.
Burned by a failed marriage, former FBI agent Marc Rossi wants back in the investigation game with no emotional strings attached. Taking an assignment for his enterprising Angelino cousins,
he heads to Northern Ireland to pry a key piece of evidence from a missing socialite--any way he can. But when the ice queen turns out to be warm, beautiful, and on a secret mission of her own,
the job becomes a passionate reminder of what happens when duty and desire mix. The daughter of an infamous fugitive, Devyn Sterling has survived betrayal only to find that her mother has
mysteriously disappeared. When her search uncovers secrets, lies, and threats, Devyn and Marc must trust each other when every instinct says they can't . . . and a terrorist wants to make
sure they won't live to try
413 Extreme Exposure Clare Pamela Pamela Clare Contemporary To Read Yes I-Team 1 Yes Epub
Novels such as Carnal Gift and Sweet Release made Pamela Clare's rising star shine. Now, she turns her "impressive" talents to a novel of modern romance - and breathless intrigue...
It's been years since her child's father dumped her, and since then Kara McMillan has kept men at bay - although every day she aches more for a lover's touch. But to get that, the hard-boiled
journalist must become vulnerable - a feeling she vowed never to have again.
With his dangerous good looks, charm, and power, Senator Reece Sheridan could have just about any woman he sets his piercing eyes on. But he's intrigued by only one. This Kara, this gutsy
investigative reporter, has a sensuality that arouses him to no end. If she's a firebrand in print, he guesses, she must be just as fiery in bed...
But this is no fling. A sudden political scandal - and attempts on Kara's life - could very well drive them apart. Or maybe, just maybe, adversity could draw them into a bond even more intense
than their steamy sexual embraces.
414 Hard Evidence Clare Pamela Pamela Clare Contemporary To Read Yes I-Team 2 Yes Epub
After the murder of a teenage girl, a mysterious man in a black leather jacket was seen lurking near the crime scene. Investigative reporter Tessa Novak has him in her sights as the culprit…
That man was Julian Darcangelo, an undercover FBI agent working with the Denver police. He‘s closing in on the trail of a human trafficker and killer. Tessa‘s accusations could blow his cover,
and he wants her off the investigation.
But just as Tessa has made Julian a target of interest, she is now a target of the killer. And as they are forced to trust each other, their physical attraction escalates as intensely as the threat
from a ruthless murderer who wants to see both of them dead…
415 Unlawful Contact Clare Pamela Pamela Clare Contemporary To Read Yes I-Team 3 Yes Epub
Taken hostage by a convicted murderer while reporting at a prison, Sophie Alton has no idea that the man holding the gun to her head is the bad boy who was her first love in high school.
Condemned to life without parole, Marc Hunter finds himself with no choice but to break out of prison after his younger sister disappears with her baby.
Though he regrets what he has to put Sophie through, he can‘t let anything get in the way of his stopping the corrupt officials who are set on destroying what‘s left of his family. But being near
Sophie rekindles memories for both of them. As the passion between them heats up, so does the conspiracy to put both of them in their graves.
416 Naked Edge Clare Pamela Pamela Clare Contemporary To Read Yes I-Team 4 Yes PDF
What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink?
The day Navajo journalist Katherine James met Gabriel Rossiter, the earth literally moved beneath her feet. Nearly killed in a rockslide while hiking, she found her life in the tall park ranger's
hands. Although she can't forget him she thinks she'll never see him again. She is crushed when she recognizes her rescuer among the law enforcement officers raiding a sweat lodge ceremony
one night, throwing her and her friends off Mesa Butte, land they consider sacred.
Gabe long ago swore he would never again lose himself to a woman not even one with long dark hair and big eyes that seem to see right through him. But from the moment he first sees Kat, the
attraction he feels is undeniable. Appalled by what he has been ordered to do, he's determined to get to the bottom of recent events at Mesa Butte and to keep Kat safe.
But asking questions can be dangerous almost as dangerous as risking one's heart. And soon Kat and Gabe's passion for the truth and each other makes them targets for those who would do
anything, even kill, to keep Native Americans off their sacred land.
417 Deadly Shadows Clark Jaycee Jaycee Clark Contemporary To Read Yes Kinncaid Brothers 1 Yes Epub
A small, friendly Colorado town, nestled in the breathtaking Rockies, cloaks a malevolence, an evil that stalks women.
Jesslyn Black, a writer, is content living her now-single, childless life. If she keeps to herself, she can‘t get hurt. Haunted by the past, Jesslyn never again wants to experience the soul-shredding
pain of losing loved ones.
But a murder changes that.
Aiden Kinncaid is running from his own secret loss. As the CEO of Kinncaid Enterprises, he travels to this remote Colorado resort town to oversee the opening of the new Highland Hotel. Though
he‘s not interested in any kind of relationship, he finds himself drawn to this temperamental, brown-eyed beauty. And her rough-edged attitude is a challenge to him.
But whether or not either sought a relationship—they‘ve found one. Aiden wants to protect Jesslyn even if she claims she can take care of herself, and she finds she can‘t stop thinking about
Aiden, even when he annoys her. Will they get their second chance at love and life before the killer eliminates one problem he doesn‘t need?
418 Deadly Ties Clark Jaycee Jaycee Clark Contemporary To Read Yes Kinncaid Brothers 2 Yes Epub
Some bonds are love, and some bonds are deadly. . . .
Taylor Reese is done with men, except for her son, Ryan. Dr. Gavin Kinncaid realizes Ms. Reese is the only woman he's ever wanted to strangle, but fate and passion soon twist their feelings
into something other than antagonism, first into passion and then into love. But someone plots to rip this new happy family apart, spilling pain and death in their wake.
419 Deadly Obsession Clark Jaycee Jaycee Clark Contemporary To Read Yes Kinncaid Brothers 3 Yes Epub
RT Bookclub TOP PICK She's his angel.his love.his obsession.. He knew she wasn't dead, and he's finally found her. Christian Bills has created a new life for her self with the help of the wealthy
and powerful Kinncaid family. For almost nine years, she's been hiding, but dark secrets from her past threaten to rip her safe world apart. Brayden Kinncaid doesn't know what's wrong with
Christian. He's known her for years and only recently discovered his feelings for her go beyond friendship. The changes in the once strong-willed woman are startling. Her haunted gray eyes and
darting looks lead him to believe something is drastically wrong. No matter how hard he pushes her, she won't confide in him. But when Christian is attacked, Brayden vows to discover what she
is hiding-before it is too late. Rating: Contains violence and graphic sexual content.
420 Deadly Games Clark Jaycee Jaycee Clark Contemporary To Read Yes Kinncaid Brothers 4 Yes Epub
The stakes are higher ... the risks are steeper ... the chances more fatal.... Rori Maitland has lived her life the way she's wanted it. After retiring from MI6, she's her own woman, few friends, no
husband and that is the way she bloody well prefers it. After all, her job is hardly normal. Ian Kinncaid, master of disguise, has been estranged from his family for well over a decade. With his
deep cover blown, he now needs a safe place to put the little girl he saved from the Prague underground. But the shadows cloak enemies and trust comes at too high a cost. When Rori's latest
mark goes awry and she finds herself helping the intense man--instead of killing him--she's thrown into a world she'd hoped to leave behind. Now Ian and Rori must work together before someone
marks them both for death and kills everyone they both hold dear. Rating: Contains violence and graphic sexual content.
421 Deadly SecretsClark Jaycee Jaycee Clark Contemporary To Read Yes Kinncaid Brothers 5 Yes Epub
Secrets can hurt . . .
Bitter and resigned to a life alone, Quinlan Kinncaid swore he‘d never marry—until the eccentric Ella Ferguson barged headlong into his life. But before he can trust his own feelings and build a
new life with Ella, she‘s gone, and he‘s left with a secret so big he can‘t even bear to tell his own family.
Some secrets can destroy . . .
Ella Ferguson is as independent as she is beautiful, and though she knows rich boys never last in the long run, she doesn‘t see the harm in a fling with Quinlan. After their amorous weekend
threatens to become a lifelong commitment, she runs, figuring it‘s better to put Quin and her past behind her. Then Ella discovers a secret of her own, and telling Quin may rip both their worlds
And some secrets can kill . . .
What neither of them realize is that a malevolent man knows Ella‘s secret, and he‘ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Afraid for her life and more alone than ever, Ella must learn to forgive
herself before she can beg the forgiveness of the one man who can save her. Now it‘s up to Quinlan to overcome his stubborn pride in time to save Ella and the only thing that matters.
422 Angel Eyes Clark Jaycee Jaycee Clark Rogan Duran Cora O'Donnell N/A Contemporary Read 23.04.2013 Yes PDF
He searches, waits and watches for the perfect one. Psychic Cora O'Donnell doesn't care what the majority of people think about her. She's got her successful new age shop, Mystic Moons, and
now dark, strange dreams keeping her busy. Rogan Duran, ex special ops, is tracking a killer he swore he'd find if it took him the rest of his life. What he doesn't plan on is a woman he thinks is
weird. Rogan tells himself he's just sticking around to keep Cora safe. Cora doesn't want anything to do with the know-it-all, she just wants her peace back, and no amount of yoga is giving it to
her. But she can't argue with one fact. There is a killer out there and not only can she sense him, she's got what he wants.eyes a pale hypnotic blue. She knows sooner or later she'll be the next
woman the killer goes after. The one with Angel Eyes.
423 Wallbanger Clayton Alice Alice Clayton Simon Parker Caroline Reynolds N/A Contemporary Read 01.02.2013 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Caroline Reynolds has a fantastic new apartment in San Francisco, a KitchenAid mixer, and no O (and we're not talking Oprah here, folks). She has a flourishing design career, an office
overlooking the bay, a killer zucchini bread recipe, and no O. She has Clive (the best cat ever), great friends, a great rack, and no O. Adding insult to O-less, since her move, she has an
oversexed neighbor with the loudest late-night wallbanging she's ever heard. Each moan, spank, and-was that a meow?-punctuates the fact that not only is she losing sleep, she still has, yep,
you guessed it, no O. Enter Simon Parker. (No, really, Simon, please enter.) When the wallbanging threatens to literally bounce her out of bed, Caroline, clad in sexual frustration and a pink
baby-doll nightie, confronts her heard-but-never-seen neighbor. Their late-night hallway encounter has, well, mixed results. Ahem. With walls this thin, the tension's gonna be thick…
424 The Warlord Wants Forever Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Nikolai Wroth Myst the Coveted N/A Contemporary Read 20.01.2014 Yes Immortals After Dark 1 Yes PDF & Word
Nikolai Wroth, once a ruthless human warlord in the 1700s and now a general in the rebel vampire army, needs to find his Bride, the one woman who can render him truly alive. As a turned
human, he doesn‘t enjoy a heartbeat or breaths and is consequently weaker than fully blooded vampires. He wants his Bride for the power she will bring him and can hardly believe it when his
heart beats for Myst the Coveted, a mad, fey, mythological creature. Myst is known throughout the world as the most beautiful Valkyrie, part chillingly fierce warrior, part beguiling seductress
who can ―make you want her even as she‘s killing you.‖ She has devoted her life to protecting an ancient, powerful jewel and to fighting the vampires, and she now sees a way to torment one—for
with Wroth‘s heartbeat comes consuming sexual desire that can only be slaked by her. She eludes him for five years, but he has finally chased her to ground and stolen the jewel which
commands her, giving him absolute power over her. While he possesses it, he can make her do anything, and he plans to in order for her to experience first hand the agonizing, unending lust
she‘d purposely subjected him to for half a decade. Yet when Wroth realizes he wants more from her and frees her, will she come back to him?
425 A Hunger Like No Other Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Lachlain Macrieve Emmaline Troy N/A Contemporary Read 28.03.2013 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 2 Yes PDF & Word
After enduring years of torture from the vampire horde, Lachlain MacRieve, leader of the Lykae Clan, is enraged to find the predestined mate he's waited millennia for is a vampire. Or partly one.
This Emmaline is a small, ethereal half Valkyrie/half vampire, who somehow begins to soothe the fury burning within him. Sheltered Emmaline Troy finally sets out to uncover the truth about her
deceased parents—until a powerful Lykae claims her as his mate and forces her back to his ancestral Scottish castle. There, her fear of the Lykae—and their notorious dark desires—ebbs as he
begins a slow, wicked seduction to sate her own dark cravings.
Yet when an ancient evil from her past resurfaces, will their desire deepen into a love that can bring a proud warrior to his knees and turn a gentle beauty into the fighter she was born to be?
426 No Rest For The Wicked Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Sebastian Wroth Kaderin the Cold Hearted N/A Contemporary Read 21.01.2014 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 3 Yes PDF & Word
A vampire soldier weary of life...Centuries ago, Sebastian Wroth was turned into a vampire—a nightmare in his mind—against his will. Burdened with hatred and alone for ages, he sees little
reason to live. Until an exquisite, fey creature comes to kill him, inadvertently saving him instead. A valkyrie assassin despatched to destroy him...When Kaderin the Cold Hearted lost her two
beloved sisters to a vampire attack long ago, a benevolent force deadened her sorrow—accidentally extinguishing all of her emotions. Yet whenever she encounters Sebastian, her
feelings—particularly lust—emerge multiplied. For the first time, she's unable to complete a kill. Competitiors in a legendary hunt...The prize of the month-long contest is powerful enough to
change history, and Kaderin will do anything to win it for her sisters. Wanting only to win her, forever, Sebastian competes as well, taking every opportunity—as they travel to ancient tombs and
through catacombs, seeking relics around the world—to use her new feelings to seduce her. But when forced to choose between the vampire she's falling for and reuniting her family, how can
Kaderin live without either?
427 Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Bowen MacRieve Mariketa the Awaited N/A Contemporary Read 22.01.2014 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 4 Yes PDF & Word
Her breathless kiss haunts him...Bowen MacRieve of the Lykae clan was nearly destroyed when he lost the one woman meant for him. The ruthless warrior grew even colder, never taking
another to his bed—until a smoldering encounter with his enemy, Mariketa the Awaited, reawakens his darkest desires. When sinister forces unite against her, the Highlander finds himself using
all his strength and skill to keep her alive. His slow, hot touch is irresistable...Temporarily stripped of her powers, Mari is forced to take refuge with her sworn adversary. It's rumored that no one
can tempt Bowen's hardened heart, but soon passion burns between them. Though a future together is impossible, she fears he has no intention of letting her go. No deed is too wicked for her
seduction...If they defeat the evil that surrounds them, can Mari deny Bowen when he demands her body and soul—or will she risk everything for her fierce protector?
428 Dark Needs At Night's Edge Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Conrad Wroth Neomi Laress N/A Contemporary Read 29.03.2013 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 5 Yes PDF & Word
Néomi Laress, a famous ballerina from a past century, became a phantom the night she was murdered. Imbued with otherworldly powers but invisible to the living, she haunts her beloved home,
scaring away trespassers—until she encounters a ruthless immortal even more terrifying than Néomi herself. To prevent him from harming others, Conrad Wroth's brothers imprison him in an
abandoned manor. But there, a female only he can see seems determined to drive him further into madness. The exquisite creature torments him with desire, leaving his body racked with lust
and his soul torn as he finds himself coveting her for his own. Yet even if Conrad can win Néomi, evil still surrounds her. Once he returns to the brutality of his past to protect her, will he
succumb to the dark needs seething inside him?
429 Dark Desires After Dusk Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Cadeon Woede Holly Ashwin N/A Contemporary Read 30.03.2013 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 6 Yes PDF & Word
Cadeon Woede will stop at nothing to atone for the one wrong that will haunt him forever. But once he secures the key to his redemption, the halfling Holly Ashwin, Cade finds that the woman he
thought he could use for his own ends and then forget haunts him as much as his past. Raised as a human, Holly never knew that some frightening legends are real until she encounters a brutal
demon who inexplicably guards her like a treasure. Thrust into a sensual new world of myth and power, with him as her protector, she begins to crave the demon's wicked touch. Yet just when
he earns Holly's trust, will Cade be forced to betray the only woman who can sate his wildest needs -- and claim his heart?
430 Kiss Of A Demon King Cole Kresley Kresley Cole RydstromWoede Sabine, Sorceress of Illusions N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Immortals After Dark 7 Yes PDF & Word
HIS OBSESSION...Sabine, Sorceress of Illusions: the evil beauty who surrenders her body, but not her heart. HER DOWNFALL...Rydstrom Woede: the ruthless warrior who vows to keep her at
all costs. THEY WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO WANT EACH OTHER THIS MUCH...With each smoldering encounter, their shared hunger only increases. If they can defeat the sinister enemy
that stands between them, will Sabine make the ultimate sacrifice for her demon? Or will the proud king lay down his crown and arms to save his sorceress?
431 Untouchable Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Murdoch Wroth Daniela N/A Contemporary Read 24.01.2014 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 8 Yes PDF & Word
Murdoch Wroth will stop at nothing to claim Daniela—the delicate Valkyrie who makes his heart beat for the first time in three hundred years. Yet the exquisite Danii is part ice fey, and her
freezing skin can‘t be touched by anyone but her own kind without inflicting pain beyond measure. Can they conquer an agony of frustration and slake the overwhelming desire burning between
432 Pleasure Of A Dark Prince Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Garreth MacRieve Lucia the Huntress N/A Contemporary Read 18.01.2014 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 9 Yes PDF & Word
A DANGEROUS BEAUTY...Lucia the Huntress: as mysterious as she is exquisite, she harbors secrets that threaten to destroy her—and those she loves.
AN UNCONTROLLED NEED...Garreth MacRieve, Prince of the Lykae: the brutal Highland warrior who burns to finally claim this maddeningly sensual creature as his own.
THAT LEAD TO A PLEASURE SO WICKED...From the shadows, Garreth has long watched over Lucia. Now, the only way to keep the proud huntress safe from harm is to convince her to
accept him as her guardian. To do this, Garreth will ruthlessly exploit Lucia's greatest weakness—her wanton desire for him.
433 Demon FromThe Dark Cole Kresley Kresley Cole MalkomSlaine Carrow Graie N/A Contemporary Read 27.01.2014 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 10 Yes PDF & Word
A DANGEROUS DEMON SHE CAN'T RESIST...Malkom Slaine: tormented by his sordid past and racked by vampiric hungers, he's pushed to the brink by the green-eyed beauty under his
guard. A MADDENING WITCH HE ACHES TO CLAIM...Carrow Graie: hiding her own sorrows, she lives only for the next party or prank. Until she meets a tortured warrior worth saving.
TRAPPED TOGETHER IN A SAVAGE PRISON...In order for Malkom and Carrow to survive, he must unleash both the demon and vampire inside him. When Malkom becomes the nightmare his
own people feared, will he lose the woman he craves body and soul?
434 Dreams Of A Dark Warrior Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Declan Chase (Aiden) Regin N/A Contemporary Read 31.03.2013 5 Yes Immortals After Dark 11 Yes PDF & Word
Murdered before he could wed Regin the Radiant, warlord Aidan the Fierce seeks his beloved through eternity, reborn again and again into new identities, yet with no memory of his past lives.
When Regin encounters Declan Chase, a brutal Celtic soldier, she recognizes her proud warlord reincarnated. But Declan takes her captive, intending retribution against all immortals—unaware
that he belongs to their world. Yet every reincarnation comes with a price, for Aidan is doomed to die when he remembers his past. To save herself from Declan‘s torments, will Regin rekindle
memories of the passion they once shared—even if it means once again losing the only man she could ever love?
435 Lothaire Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Lothaire Elizabeth Pierce N/A Contemporary Read 05.07.2013 5 Yes Immortals After Dark 12 Yes PDF & Word
Driven by his insatiable need for revenge, Lothaire, the Lore‘s most ruthless vampire, plots to seize the Horde‘s crown. But bloodlust and torture have left him on the brink of madness—until he
finds Elizabeth Peirce, the key to his victory. He captures the unique young mortal, intending to offer up her very soul in exchange for power, yet Elizabeth soothes his tormented mind and
awakens within him emotions Lothaire believed he could no longer experience. Growing up in desperate poverty, Ellie Peirce yearned for a better life, never imagining she‘d be convicted of
murder—or that an evil immortal would abduct her from death row. But Lothaire is no savior, as he himself plans to sacrifice Ellie in one month‘s time. And yet the vampire seems to ache for her
touch, showering her with wealth and sexual pleasure. In a bid to save her soul, Ellie surrenders her body to the wicked vampire, while vowing to protect her heart. Elizabeth tempts Lothaire
beyond reason, as only his fated mate could. As the month draws to a close, he must choose between a millennia-old blood vendetta and his irresistible prisoner. Will Lothaire succumb to the
miseries of his past . . . or risk everything for a future with her?
436 MacRieve Cole Kresley Kresley Cole UilleamMacRieve Chloe ToddN/A Contemporary Read 28.01.2014 4 Yes Immortals After Dark 13 Yes PDF
A BEAST IN TORMENT...Uilleam MacRieve believed he‘d laid to rest the ghosts of his boyhood. But when a brutal torture revives those ancient agonies and destroys his Lykae instinct, the
proud Scot craves the oblivion of death. Until he finds her—a young human so full of spirit and courage that she pulls him back from the brink. A BEAUTY IN CHAINS...Seized for the auction
block, Chloe Todd is forced to enter a terrifying new world of monsters and lore as a bound slave. When offered up to creatures of the dark, she fears she won‘t last the night. Until she‘s claimed
by him—a tormented immortal with heartbreaking eyes, whose touch sets her blood on fire. A FULL MOON ON THE RISE...With enemies circling, MacRieve spirits Chloe away to the isolated
Highland keep of his youth. But once he takes her to his bed, his sensual mate becomes something more than human, evoking his savage past and testing his sanity. On the cusp of the full
moon, can he conquer his worst nightmare to save Chloe . . . from himself?
437 If You Desire Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Hugh MacCarrick Jane Weyland N/A Historical Read 05.12.2013 4 Yes MacCarrick Brothers 2 Yes PDF
How much temptation can a Highlander resist? Fierce Scottish brothers shadowed by a dark curse face steamy new adventures in the second book in Kresley Cole's thrilling new trilogy.
He tried to run....
In his youth, Hugh MacCarrick foolishly fell in love with a beautiful English lass who delighted in teasing him with her flirtatious ways. Yet he knew he could never marry her because he was
shadowed by an accursed family legacy. To avoid temptation, Hugh left home, ultimately becoming an assassin.
She tried to forget him....
Jane Weyland was devastated when the Highlander she believed would marry her abandoned her instead. Years later, when Hugh MacCarrick is summoned to protect her from her father's
enemies, her heartache has turned to fury -- but her desire for him has not waned.
Will passion overwhelm them?
In hiding, Jane torments Hugh with seductive play. He struggles to resist her because of deadly secrets that could endanger her further. But Hugh is no longer a gentle young man -- and toying
with the fever-pitched desires of a hardened warrior will either get Jane burned...or enflame a love that never died.
438 If You Deceive Cole Kresley Kresley Cole Etan MacCarrick Madeleine van Rowen N/A Historical Read 30.05.2013 5 Yes MacCarrick Brothers 3 Yes Word
Burning vengeance...
Ethan MacCarrick was a heartbreakingly handsome rake until a powerful nobleman ordered him brutally beaten and his face scarred for a crime he didn't commit. Ethan's reprisal -- bankrupting
the nobleman and forcing his exile -- does little to appease his wrath. Ten years later, a haughty, mysterious beauty enchants Ethan -- the daughter of his enemy. At last, Ethan will have the
revenge he's craved; he'll promise her marriage, seduce her, then cast her aside.
Bitter hardships...
When Madeleine van Rowen's family was suddenly plunged into destitution and dishonor, she steeled herself against further heartache. She never weakened, never trusted, until a towering,
scarred Highlander relentlessly pursues her, breaking down her defenses.
At what price forgiveness?
The passion between them burns hotter than Ethan's fury, and soon he finds he can't let her go. But when Madeleine uncovers the truth about him, can Ethan convince her to accept all he now
offers -- when he once destroyed everything she had?
439 How to Dance with a Duke Collins Manda Manda Collins Historical To Read Yes PDF
What‘s a wallflower to do when she‘s suddenly in need of a husband? Use all the pluck and moxie she can muster to get what she wants…
Miss Cecily Hurston would much rather explore the antiquities of Egypt than the uncharted territory of marriage. But the rules of her father‘s exclusive academic society forbid her entrance
unless she weds one of its members. To clear her ailing father‘s name of a scandalous rumor, Cecily needs to gain admission into the Egyptian Club—and is willing to marry any old dullard to do
Lucas Dalton, Duke of Winterson, is anything but dull. He‘s a dashing and decorated war hero determined to help Cecily—even if that means looking the other way when she claims the dance
card of Amelia Snow, this season‘s most sought-after beauty. But Lucas has a reason for wanting Cecily to join the Egyptian Club: His brother went missing during one of Lord Hurston‘s
expeditions to Egypt. An alliance with the explorer‘s bluestocking daughter could bring Lucas closer to the truth about what happened…or it could lead him to a more dangerous love than either
he or Cecily could have imagined…
440 Panties in a Wad Cooper Laura Laura Cooper Contemporary To Read Yes PDF & Word
Laura Cooper isn‘t having a good weekend. As a matter of fact, she seems to be in the middle of some sort of emotional breakdown. Husband Chris has convinced her that they need to attend
the Annual Blastwords Erotic Writers Conference in Las Vegas. The problem is that Laura doesn‘t feel that she is a true erotic writer. All she does is write down her adventures, certainly not
literary masterpieces like ―real‖ writers. Problems multiply when she goes off hinge in her ―Writers Interview‖ and ends up showing the attractive reporter her Tramp Stamp tattoo. Now she‘s sure
that she will be exposed to the public as a fake.
As always Laura finds ways to pacify herself and keep her mind off her troubles. With an entire floor of the hotel filled with erotic writers she doesn‘t have a problem finding willing colleagues in
her quest to forget her impending doom. Her favorite writer Tonya is in the room next door and has a sybian that seems to be rocking the entire floor! And after she meets the incredibly young
and gorgeous Jonah Ellrod in the hotel hot tub only the comforts of the literary genius, Sarina Cathisson can calm her. While it
seems that Laura is being successful at keeping her mind, and body, occupied, her husband Chris has come up with an entirely new marketing plan. One that involves the Blastwords Publishing
team and chains for Laura, Chris has an ulterior motive though, he wants to show Laura that he has needs too.
But will Chris‘s plan to teach Laura a lesson about her recent sexual exploits lead to divorce?
Warning: 18+ ONLY This title contains erotic situations, graphic language,
oral, bisexual, threesomes, cock sucking, gang bangs, threesomes, foursomes, orgy, swapping
―It‘s so big!‖ I muttered, drool sliding from the corners of my lips.
Chris moved behind me, after so many years of following me around indulging my sexual whims he sensed that my needs including something to satisfy my pounding *****. Already my inner
walls were convulsing with the need to be filled. His **** slid in amongst the moisture inside me without a hitch. He moved slowly, then faster as I wiggled my *** cheeks to urge him on. His
thrusts forced me deeper and deeper onto Jonah‘s chocolate ****. For one moment I giggled, dark chocolate in my mouth and white chocolate in my *****-what more could a woman ask for?
I had a renewed sense of happiness and giddiness now; I used that joy to lavish this lovely ***** in my mouth.I wanted this moment to last forever, but I felt Jonah‘s heavy balls tightening under
my chin. My own orgasm was heading through me on the fast track as well so as Chris pounded me from behind I let nature take its course. I sucked harder and with unbridled passion now.
Jonah bucked his head backwards, I felt like I was in for a rodeo as his **** thrust towards me. The hot *** sprang from the slit in his **** with an almost reckless flow, the sheer amount was
more than my mouth and throat could hold. It squirted down my face, up my nose, and oozed down my neck onto my overly large ****.
441 Love's RhythmCouper Lexxie Lexxie Couper Contemporary To Read Yes Heart of Fame 1 Yes Epub
"His music moves the world. Can his love move her heart? "
Nick Blackthorne knows all about words of love. They're the reason he's the world's biggest rock star. The irony? He turned his back on love a long time ago, lured away by the trappings of fame.
An invitation to a friend s wedding is a stark reminder of how meaningless his life has become. When he enters that church, there'ss only one woman he wants on his arm the one he walked out
on a lifetime ago. But first he has to find her, even if all she accepts from him is an apology.
Kindergarten teacher Lauren Robbins once had what every woman on the planet desires. Nick. Their passion was explosive, their romance the stuff of songs and it took fifteen years to get over
him. Then out of the blue Nick turns up at her door, and all those years denying her ache for him are shattered with a single, smoldering kiss.
But molten passion can't hide the secret she's kept for all these years. Because it's not just "her" heart on the line anymore and not just her life that'll be rocked by the revelation.
Warning: Remember your first crush on a rock star? Now add smoldering sex, a raw and undeniable passion, soul-shattering orgasms. And secrets.
442 Muscle for HireCouper Lexxie Lexxie Couper Contemporary To Read Yes Heart of Fame 2 Yes Epub
Protecting her was never going to be easy.
After sixteen years as the personal bodyguard to the world‘s biggest rock star, ex-SAS commando Aslin Rhodes excels in the role of intimidating protector, oozing threatening menace. Now that
the singer has retired, Aslin takes a new assignment as a military consultant on a blockbuster film. But just as he‘s getting comfortable in the world of Hollyweird, he faces an unexpectedly
immovable object. An American martial arts expert no taller than his chin, who promptly puts him on his arse.
Rowan Hemsworth‘s focus is two-fold—keep her famous brother grounded, and never again be a defenseless victim. She has her hands full as the fun police, keeping her brother‘s money-
sucking entourage at bay. But nothing prepared her for the British mountain of muscle who makes her knees go uncharacteristically weak.
When a string of accidents on set convinces Aslin that Rowan—not her brother—is the target, things get bloody tricky as he tries to convince the stubborn woman she needs his protection. And
accept that she belongs with him. In his arms, in his bed…and in his heart.
Warning: The strong, silent type don‘t come much more silent and strong than Aslin Rhodes. But when he does speak his British accent will drive you mad with desire. As will his menacing,
dominating power. And what he can do to a woman on the back of a motorcycle.
443 A Bad Enemy Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
She wanted the impossible--his love!
Learning that her grandfather was critically ill was a severe shock for Lisle. Then she discovered that he planned to give Jake Allard control of their family business and arrange a marriage
between her and Jake!
It would never work--Jake detested her. And yet he was willing to give the marriage a chance for convenience sake. "I want your social acumen and your body," he'd said.
But Lisle wanted more--she wanted his love. And that seemed to be reserved for another woman!
444 A Gift for a LionCraven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Stay away from Saracina.
But to the willful Joanna, used to having her own way, the words were a challenge!
Unfortunately the warning was real: her reception on the mysterious Mediterranean island was far from welcoming. She found herself held a prisoner in Leo Vargas's magnificent palazzo, her
every move watched. Escape was impossible.
And yet, did she really want to leave the devastating Lion of Saracina? The villagers had suggested she'd make a fine gift for him!
445 A Place of Storms Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Andrea tried to harden herself to her cousin Clare's appeal for help. She'd been getting her out of scrapes for too long.
Still, she couldn't just sit back and let Blaise Levallier blackmail Clare into marriage, and destroy the lives of people she loved. She could go to France and confront him. She wouldn't let him get
away with it.
It wasn't quite that simple. For Blaise wanted a wife. "Your cousin has decided not to fulfill her obligation to me," he said, "so I will take you, instead!"
446 Bartaldi's BrideCraven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Clare usually ran a mile from powerful, sensual men like Guido Bartaldi. Only, she'd agreed to live under Guido's roof as companion to his wayward ward, the young woman clearly destined to
become Guido's wife....P
Horrified at Guido's marriage plans, Clare soon decided to leave#151;and found herself all but captive in Guido's palatial villa. Then she realized it was she who'd been chosen as Bartaldi's bride!
447 Bride of Desire Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Two years ago, Allie fled an unhappy marriage for France, where she met irresistible Remy de Brizat. But they were driven apart when he discovered her secret. Allie was distraught, and her only
comfort was her discovery that she was pregnant with his baby.Now Allie has returned to France, realizing she has to tell Remy about his child. Remy offers her what she always wanted:
marriage. But though he might worship her with his body, she knows this wedding is only for the baby's sake....
448 Comparative Strangers Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
It was outrageous. He couldn't be serious!
One day Amanda was happily engaged to Nigel, a flamboyant British car rally driver, the next she was the reluctant fiancee of his stern, laconic older brother, Malory Templeton.
As if she hadn't been through enough. Hadn't finding Nigel in the arms of another woman been more than she deserved? The hard glitter in Malory's eyes told her otherwise.
Malory was a virtual stranger to her, but Amanda had no choice. Her own foolish pride had caused the crazy switch in fiances, and Malory, it seemed, was going to hold her to it.
449 Counterfeit Bride Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Nicola found he was a law unto himself.
She had agreed to masquerade as his prospective bride to help her young friend escape. She was appalled that arranged marriages still existed.
But Luis Alvarado de Montalba was not a man to be crossed. "You forced your way into my life, " he informed her when he discovered the deception, "and now you will remain in it. "
While she conceded he was entitled to his anger, it was her life and future he had taken under control. And he simply ignored her protests.
450 Dark Apollo Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Nic Xandreou thought Katie was a gold digger out to trap his brother into marriage. Camilla knew her sister better and was determined to champion her cause even if it meant a visit to Xandreou's
stronghold on the island of Karthos.
Camilla Dryden had always been the sensible one in her family, but she had walked into the lion's den, not realizing the risk she was running. Nic Xandreou wasn't accustomed to hearing the
word no. Especially from a woman.
He was a dangerously sexy man used to women who were sweet, docile and silent! Camilla was anything but. She seemed to enjoy their war of words as much as he. And, as Nic was eager to
prove, there was one place they'd be sure to agree--the bedroom!
451 Dark Paradise Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
He's been expecting sun, sand and sex
Matt Lincoln, hard-hitting television journalist possessed a sexual charisma that was almost tangible and a male ego that could almost touch the clouds. Unless Kate agreed to accompany him
on a little tryst to the Caribbean, he would seduce her stepbrother's wife.
Through bitter experience, Kate had acquired immunity to men like Matt. Now she wanted revenge. She would pretend to fall headlong into his irresistible arms. Then at just the right moment,
she'd pierce his overblown ego with her scathing rejection.
But for Kate the right moment never came.
452 Dark Summer Dawn Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
The invitation held a pointed challenge
Lisa didn't have the heart to refuse her stepsister's request. Julie had never been very good at organizing matters, and she simply couldn't handle her wedding plans alone.
But Lisa had no idea she was stepping into a viper's nest! Not only was Julie acting strange, but there was another problem: Dane Riderwood, Julie's brother.
Two years before, Lisa had fled from Dane in shame and humiliation. Now he was even more handsome, more dangerous—and more determined than ever to have Lisa on his own terms.
453 Desperate Measures Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Had fate brought them together?
Philippa Roscoe needed a large sum_ of money and she needed it fast--her father's life depended on it. Wealthy French businessman Alain de Courcy needed a wife--purely for business
Alain was only too happy to provide Philippa with the funds she required. In exchange he demanded marriage and not just in name only. There was little Philippa could do: she had to agree to his
She hadn't agreed to fall under Alain's charismatic spell. But could Philippa keep herself from falling in love or had this marriage of convenience become a desperate act ... ''
454 Escape Me Never Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
There was simply no escaping love...
Cassie Linton turned unobtrusiveness into an art. She wasn't a frustrated widow--ripe for the taking--and she went out of her way to avoid appealing to the opposite sex.
But the day she was forced to present Grant Industries with a new ad campaign for Eve Cosmetics, Rohan Grant saw right through her Operation Chameleon. And he liked what he saw.
In no time Cassie was on the run. Rohan reminded her too much of her late husband. She couldn't know that in Rohan's case escape was unnecessary--and completely out of the question!
455 His Convenient Marriage Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Miles Hunter had lived life on the edge. When he proposed marriage to Chessie, she knew it couldn't be because he loved her. They were practically strangers!
He simply needed a social hostess and someone to look after his beautiful home. Chessie knew she owed Miles a great deal. When her family had been torn apart by financial scandal, he'd
taken her in and given her a job and security. But was he now expecting her to repay his bed?
456 His Forbidden Bride Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Why won't he claim her as his bride?
This is one occasion in Andreas Stephanos's life when he cannot have what he really wants. Better not let Zoe Lambert know that he's really the heir to a shipping fortune,or allow the intense
physical desire between them to be indulged. There is a compelling reason the Greek tycoon can never bed or wed Zoe....
457 His Wedding Night Heir Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Virginal beauty Cally Maitland has become accustomed to life on the run since fleeing her marriage to British aristocrat Sir Nicholas Tempest.
But Nicholas isn't prepared to let Cally go. He has a harsh ultimatum to deliver: give him their long-overdue wedding night--and provide him with an heir!
458 In the Millionaire's Possession Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Pretty, but penniless, Helen Frayne vows to do anything to keep her ancestral home, but she doesn't realize just how far she'll have to go....
Arrogant Frenchman and millionaire property magnate Marc Delaroche wants Helen as he's never wanted a woman before. He's certain she will sell herself to keep her precious home, and he's
soon proved right when she agrees to become his wife--of convenience.
But it seems Marc has no intention of honoring his side of the bargain. He's demanding all of his marital rights!
459 Innocent on Her Wedding Night Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Laine waited for her handsome new husband, Daniel Flynn, to come to her on their wedding night--knowing that their marriage was a sham. Daniel didn't love her--he was just fulfilling a promise
he'd made to take care of her.--So Laine fled--a married woman, but still an innocent!
Two years later, broke and vulnerable, Laine has to face Daniel again. And this time Daniel will take the wedding night that should have been his.--
460 Irresistible Temptation Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
He hadn't planned to fall in love...
Declan Malone was convinced Olivia was a threat to his cousin's marriage. True, she didn't seem the type to steal another woman's husband, but there was only one way to make absolutely
sure: Declan must seduce Olivia himself!
With his looks, sex appeal and fabulous Notting Hill home, few women had been able to resist Declan -- but Olivia seemed determined to! Had Declan misjudged her and the more he wined and
dined her, the more he wanted her-for real!
461 Marriage under Suspicion Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
"Your husband loves another woman."
The note was signed "A Friend," but no friend would ever do that to another woman. Could it be true? Was Kate Lassiter's marriage falling apart? She still loved her husband, Ryan, still thrilled at
his touch, but how long was it since they'd last made love?
On the surface they had it all: successful careers, a lovely home and the perfect marriage. But if Ryan had committed the ultimate betrayal, then revenge was no answer. Kate wanted her
husband back and she was prepared to fight to keep him. Because while her marriage was under suspicion there was no way she could tell Ryan she was expecting his baby!
462 Mistress at a Price Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Another wedding, another hat...and more hours spent with a fixed smile plastered on her face. Until Cat meets Liam Hargreaves. The millionaire offers her one explosive, passionate encounter
and Cat doesn't think twice. It's an experience she'll never forget...
...or ring?
But Liam isn't a man to accept half measures: he doesn't want Cat just for one night, but all of her, always. And like the ruthless tycoon that he is, he has a plan to make sure that happens: he'll
keep Cat as his mistress for now--and she'll pay his price of marriage, later!
463 Moon of Aphrodite Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
She was the chosen bride of a Leandros
Helen's mother had almost been forced into an arranged marriage, but she'd managed to escape. Now Helen was in a similar situation: she was expected to marry Damon Leandros!
When she first came to her grandfather's Greek island, Helen intended to avoid the arrogant Damon. Soon, however, she knew she couldn't deny his powerful attraction.
Regardless, Helen's pride rankled at the though' that everyone on the island expected her to give in to the ridiculous arrangement. But as Helen discovered, pride goes before a fall....
464 Night of the Condor Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Love led her down a different path
Leigh Frazier, impatient at the separation imposed by her father, went to join her fiance. Getting to Peru was no problem. However, she discovered that getting to the archaeological dig in the
high Andes, where he was stationed, was almost impossible.
Her womanly wiles failed to persuade Rourke Martinez, a returning archaeologist, to help her, and she misguidedly set out on her own.
When Rourke rescued her, he did help her--but not to find her fiance rather to forget him in a new and dangerous embrace. For under the magical spell of the Andes, real love changed Leigh's
465 One Night with his Virgin Mistress Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Tallie has moved to London to pursue her dream, so when she's offered a gorgeous apartment to house-sit, she can't believe her luck.Millionaire Mark Benedict returns home and is shocked--
although not altogether displeased--to find Tallie in his shower! He will take Tallie to his bed and turn her from inexperienced his willing mistress!
466 One Reckless Night Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Once wasn't enough...
Zanna Westcott was a successful businesswoman witha track record for ruthless takeovers and always putting business before pleasure.
Jake Lantrell was pleasure...sheer unadulterated pleasure. Zanna'a attraction to him scared her. Jake represented everything in life she ahd tried to avoid: love, emotion, sex. And Zanna had
determined to forget her momentary indiscretion...
It wasn't easy. Jake wanted more than a one-night stand. He was determined to show Zanna that there was something missing from her life--him!
467 Past all Forgetting Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Even as Janna pleaded with Rian for mercy, she realized it was futile.
Rian hadn't forgotten anything that had passed between them seven years earlier. Not forgotten--and not forgiven. Why had he come back? What did he intend?
Rian laughed sardonically. "You always knew I'd be back, and you know why as well. Hang on to your courage, sweet witch. You're going to need every last ounce of it by the time I've done with
468 Rome's Revenge Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Rome d'Angelo could have his pick of women—only, his fiancée had already been chosen for him, by his grandfather! A family feud meant Rome was being forced into a vengeful seduction: he must
get engaged to Cory Grant, then jilt her....
Heiress Cory was used to men wanting her for her money. But Rome seemed genuinely interested in her—was this the real thing? Rome was amazed to realize he found Cory's innocence so
sexy. Maybe instead of jilting her, he should marry her!
469 Ruthless Awakening Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
The grandeur of Penvarnon House in Cornwall is where Rhianna Carlow spent her lonely childhood as the housekeeper's unwanted niece. Now she's a guest returning for a wedding at Penvarnon--
and billionaire Diaz Penvarnon is back, too, seemingly as arrogant and ruthless as ever!Diaz has one aim--to keep gold digger Rhianna away from the house. He's also the descendant of a
Spanish pirate! So he kidnaps Rhianna and she finds herself captive on his luxurious yacht...where her inexperience is no match for his merciless desire!
470 Solitaire Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Marty felt just like an alien!
Solitaire, her Uncle Jim's home in France, was to have been a haven for Marty after years of unhappiness. Instead of the expected welcome, she was greeted by a hostile stranger.
Luc Dumarais, the new owner of Solitaire, was frankly suspicious of Marty. And she, shocked and bewildered at learning of her uncle's death was at Luc's mercy.
Luc Dumarais was right out of her league. Of necessity she accepted the job he grudgingly offered, but she felt it was only the first step to disaster...
471 Summer of the Raven Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
She was trapped into a lie!
Rowan's stepmother, Antonia Winslow, was selfish and totally unscrupulous. It suited her purposes to pretend that Rowan was only sixteen years old. But it was nineteen-year-old Rowan who
suffered the backlash of the lie.
Forced by Antonia's conniving to live in the isolated household of famous painter Carne Maitland, Rowan was helplessly drawn by the force of his personality.
But what was the use of falling in love with him when Carne assumed he was merely the object of Rowan's adolescent fantasies?
472 Temple of the Moon Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
No matter what she might feel, Gabrielle knew there was no future for her in any relationship with Shaun Lennox--just the basic fulfillment of a mutual need. And for her, that was not enough.
"Shaun, listen," she said hesitantly. "You don't understand ...."
But how could she explain to the bitterly mocking Shaun? One moment he seemed to regard her as a brainless plaything, the next he was holding her at arm's length with a kind of wary
473 The BedroomBarter Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Chellie is a long way from home. Penniless and without her passport, she's stuck working in a seedy club with no means of escape - until Ash Brennan walks in. Ash offers her a way out, but
Chellie wonders why. Does he really want to protect her, or is there a price on her head...and on her body?
474 The Count's Blackmail Bargain Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
For handsome Italian count Alessio Ramontella, seducing women comes as naturally as breathing. Alessio lives his life based on two criteria: first that success and satisfaction are guaranteed,
and second that all his dealings are discreet and conducted between mutually consenting parties.
Then he meets innocent English beauty Laura Mason. She's sweet, tempting ... and off-limits. Alessio must decide: should he ruthlessly pursue Laura until she gives in?
475 The Forced Bride Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
When Emily Blake innocently kissed formidable Italian count Rafael Di Salis, she didn't know that she was bound by her late father's wishes to marry him. Emily agreed to be the count's wife
until she reached twenty-one...
Count Rafael has bided his time. He's kept his passions under iron control for two years--his bride was young and he did not want to claim her until she was woman enough to handle him. But
now she has come of age, she will be his!
476 The Innocent's Surrender Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Natasha Kirby had long been saddened by her family's feud with the Mandrakis she's caught in its savage cross fire. The family business has fallen into the hands of merciless tycoon
Alex Mandrakis. Summoned to his bedroom, Natasha is given an impossible ultimatum: "sacrifice her virginity, or he will destroy her family!"Captive on Alex's luxury yacht, Natasha finds her
trembling fear turns to traitorous shivers of desire. By rights she should despise him, but slowly she finds herself wishing that her bittersweet seduction could last forever....
477 The Marchese's Love Child Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
When Alessandro Valessi discovers the existence of his love-child, he has every intention of thrusting himself back into Polly Fairfax's life. But Polly has been determinedly going it alone - the
one thing she doesn't want or need in her life is her son's father, especially after the arrogant, aristocratic Italian hurt her so badly. But Alessandro leaves Polly no choice, for he intends to fight
her for custody of their little boy.
478 The Marriage Proposition Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
A business proposal—of marriage!
When Paige looked at Nick Destry she could hardly believe she was married to him! A successful banker, Nick was confidently sexy—but ruthless. He'd wanted a seat on the board, and he'd
married Paige to get one.
Paige decided to act as if their wedding was just a business proposition. But it was hard sharing Nick's bed. She decided he couldn't have everything his own way—if he truly wanted her, he would
have to prove it!
479 The Marriage Truce Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Jenna is happy to be her cousin's bridesmaid, but she wishes someone had warned her that the best man is going to be Ross Grantham. The man she once exchanged marriage vows with- in
the very same church! It's two years since she last saw him; two years since Ross betrayed their vows, Can they call a truce for the bride's sake?
480 The Santangeli Marriage Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Orphan Marisa was raised by the wealthy Santangeli family. Their only demand was that she marry their son....
Italian billionaire and renowned playboy Lorenzo Santangeli is expecting to receive his money's worth from his innocent wife on their wedding night. But Marisa flees--how can she share a bed
with the man who married her solely to produce an heir?
Lorenzo vows to bring his virgin bride home--you do not say no to a Santangeli! Once she's back she'll be his completely, and he is determined to enjoy every minute of it....
481 The Tycoon's Mistress Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Cressy had been astonished when Draco Viannis proposed. From the moment she met the gorgeous Greek, Cressy couldn't get him out of her mind. The passion between them was mind-
blowing -- but surely it was just a holiday affair? —
Draco had other ideas. When Cressy returned home to find her family in crisis, i... more »t seemed Draco was the only man who could help -- for a price. And the price was Cressy in his bed
once more...
482 The Virgin's Wedding Night Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
A bride for the taking Harriet Flint must marry before she's twenty-five if she is to claim her inheritance. She turns to sexy Roan Zandros, who agrees to a marriage in name only.
Their marriage vows exchanged, Roan reveals he is a billionaire whose every demand is granted.
Harriet realizes that Roan has every intention of claiming his inexperienced bride!
483 Thunder on the Reef Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
"I want you back in my life--back in my bed!"
Macy had fallen for Ross Bannister's charms before, only to be totally disillusioned when he had abandoned her for better things.
Now they had met again and she had no intention of making the same mistakes. But when Ross abducted her and took her to his island, Macy's resolve began to crumble. After all, she was still
married to the man...
484 Unguarded Moment Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Html
"He's a hatchet man," Bianca had warned
Alix was told to get rid of the man who wanted to write her famous aunt's biography.
But Liam Brant was not so easily dismissed. His writer's instinct sensed a mystery surrounding the actress, and he was prepared to use anyone and everyone to unravel it.
Alix, despising herself, succumbed to his attentions. But she knew the love could only be short-lived, for the beautiful Bianca had decided Liam was a prize she wanted. Fine, Alix thought, they
suit each other perfectly! But deep down, her aching weary heart protested ....
485 Wife Against Her Will Craven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Darcy Langton is stunned when she finds herself engaged to businessman Joel Castille--traded as part of a business merger! While Joel represents everything that she detests in a mate, he's
also the most charismatic man she's ever met.
Joel has no intentions of honoring their in-name-only agreement, and away from the boardroom Darcy is unable to resist his sensual persuasions. But when Darcy makes a shocking discovery,
Joel must win her back--or risk losing his most valuable asset forever....
486 Witch's HarvestCraven Sara Sara Craven Contemporary To Read Yes Word
"Marry me, querida. Be my wife."
Vasco da Carvalho's proposal came as a dream. Even in her wildest fantasies about the Brazilian rancher, Abigail had not dared to expect this!
Until yesterday, this exotic male has been engaged to her cousin. Now . . . well, Abigail could only interpret Vasco's actions as those of a man doing the honorable thing.
Because last night Abby had comforted him in his rage. And while she could never regret their unplanned moment of passion, how could she share a lifetime with a man who felt obligated to
marry her?
487 Crossing Boundaries Crescent Sam SamCrescent Contemporary To Read Yes Cape Falls 1 Yes Mobi
Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.
Laura Cox is twenty years old and in love with a man older than her.
Dean Riley has a broken past. He moved to Cape Falls to try and get over the death of his wife and child. He never expected to get involved with a woman. Especially, a younger woman.
Laura and Dean embark on a passionate affair. Neither was prepared for the consuming fire blazing between them. However, an outsider is about to break their budding relationship apart.
Can Dean overcome the death of his wife and learn to accept Laura as she is? What will happen to Laura when the gossip surrounding her becomes too hard to bear? Nothing is certain in the
town of Cape Falls.
488 Belonging to the Steer Brothers Crescent Sam SamCrescent Contemporary To Read Yes Cape Falls 2 Yes Epub
Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.
When Anna Myer‘s parents died in a car accident, David and Paul Steer took her in and cared for her. For years she nursed a crush for the two men, only to be rejected and pushed away.
Crushed with the rejection and believing the Steer Brothers could never love her the way she wanted, Anna left Cape Falls.
Three years passed since she left the men she loved. Anna returns with a new determination and she knows the secret that David and Paul tried to keep away from her.
There is a rumor that the Steer men share one woman. Anna wants to be that woman.
Can she prove to Paul and David she is the woman they need? Can her men overcome their fears? And after so long of being alone will she finally belong to the Steer brothers?
489 Mine to Keep Crescent Sam SamCrescent Contemporary To Read Yes Cape Falls 3 Yes Epub
Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.
Amy Grant survived much at the hands of her ex-husband. Now all she wants to do is live her life and provide a good home for her two children. When complaints from the residents of Cape Falls
force her out of a job, Amy has no choice but to turn to Gabriel Anderson.
Gabriel has felt a deep connection to the young mother ever since he saved her from a brutal attack from her husband. He opens up his home to her in the hope she will soon be his.
However, Gabriel holds a dark secret. He is a dominant man with the need to see Amy submit to him. With such a hard past behind her, will Amy be able to accept the kind of passion Gabriel
wants? Or can Gabriel finally let the darkness inside him go for the woman he loves?
Be Warned: bondage, public exhibition.
490 His to Control Crescent Sam SamCrescent Contemporary To Read Yes Cape Falls 4 Yes Epub
Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.
William moved to Cape Falls to start a new life and to open up a BDSM club, Control. He never anticipated getting embroiled in the latest scandal or falling for the delicious red head who visits
his club. He can‘t stay away.
Daisy‘s life is falling apart. Everything she has known was destroyed the moment her mother revealed the true identity of her father. Throughout her life, no one has wanted her until William
enters her life.
His dominance helps her to gain control of her own life. She falls for him hard and she is prepared to do anything, even be under his control.
But how can these two people find happiness with each other? And what will happen when jealousy from someone else, threatens to take it away?
491 Blaze's Second Chance Crescent Sam SamCrescent Contemporary To Read Yes The Sinclair Men 1 Yes Epub
Blaze Sinclair is the oldest son in the Sinclair household. He‘s strong and sexy as hell and craves the plump receptionist working in his office building. On the night of the Christmas party his life
is turned upside down, but he‘s determined to have the woman he wants.
Cassie Walker has fallen in love with her boss. She spends every day at work craving his attention. One night her life is changed forever. Broken and used, Cassie must learn to move on and
forget about the man who owns her heart.
Five years pass. With a divorce and a son under his belt, Blaze comes face to face with the only woman he‘s ever wanted.
Can she forgive Blaze and give him a second chance, or will it be too late for her to realize the best things in life are worth fighting for?
492 Riding the StormCroft Sydney Sydney Croft Contemporary Partially Yes PDF
A storm‘s rage. A woman‘s desire.
A man with the power to set them both free.
He can summon lightning at will. Emerge unscathed from the center of a tornado. Strip a woman down to her barest defenses through the sheer force of his sexuality. He‘s gorgeous, dangerous,
and the target of parameteorologist Haley Holmes‘s latest mission. Haley has been dispatched to the Louisiana bayous to investigate the phenomenon known as Remy Begnaud–a man with a
gift he never wanted: the ability to control a storm‘s fury. But even a woman trained in bizarre weather phenomena has no defense against the electrifying power of the ex—Navy SEAL...a power
his enemies would kill to control.
With her agency monitoring their every move, Haley‘s job is to seduce Remy, gain his trust–and help him harness his extraordinary gift. But who will protect her from this voracious lover who‘s
introducing her to a new world of erotic thrills—a man who grows increasingly insatiable with each new weather event? Haley knows a big storm is approaching—and with it will come unexpected
delights. But so, too, will the storm unleash her greatest fears: an enemy bent on destroying Remy. And her worst fear of all—falling in love with this magnificent man, then having to betray him.
493 Covert Seduction Croix Callie Callie Croix Reid GalvinBecca Anderson N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Navy SEAL Reid Galvin is back from hell and eager to find comfort in Becca Anderson's arms. He knows he hurt her when he cut contact during his deployment, so when his call interrupts her
date with another man, he has only himself to blame. But he can't forget what she means to him—or the sexy email she sent him—and he won't miss this chance to claim her as his own.
It's been weeks since Becca heard from the man she thought she was involved with. So when Reid wants to take up where they left off as if nothing happened, she refuses. Then he rescues her
from a first date gone very wrong, and she realizes she's not quite ready to let him go.
Reid and Becca have a lot to talk about, but since she's not listening, he's going to have to regain her trust another way—by bringing her most erotic fantasies to life. Making her surrender to
pleasure just might be his most important mission.
494 Fate InterruptedCross Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Cross Dean Jacobs Evy N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Fate Interrupted 1 No N/A
Dean Jacobs is one of Milwaukee's hottest eligible bachelors and in no mood to settle down, until she comes along. Evy, however, is focused on opening a new dessert bar with her sister but
Dean won't take no for an answer. She finally gives in to the want in her gut and - much to her surprise - discovers he isn't the player she thought he was. Just when things turn into a fairytale
sent from above, Dean's past comes back to haunt him. The only question is: will it make them stronger, or rip them apart?
495 Out of her League Cross Kaylea Kaylea Cross Rayne Hutchinson Christa Bailey N/A 2008 298 Contemporary To Read Yes Suspense Series 1 Yes PDF N/A N/A N/A N/A Suspense
Christa Bailey is one cut away from making the Olympic softball team when threats from an obsessed fan jeopardize her dream, and her safety. Forced to put her life on hold, she reluctantly
turns to ERT officer Rayne Hutchinson for help, praying the police catch her stalker before she is cut from the team or does something stupid, like fall in love with her unattainable protector. But
Christa's stalker is something far more sinister than either of them could have imagined. With her life at stake, can Rayne keep Christa safe from this patient predator?
496 Locked Cross Maya Maya Cross Contemporary To Read Yes The Alpha Group 1 No N/A
Who is Sebastian Lock? The bar Sophia Pearce is in doesn‘t look like much. The wine is bad and the decor worse. But when a sudden attack of curiosity leads her to sneak past security and
into the back room, she discovers something unimaginable. The most lavish party she‘s ever laid eyes on, in the most unlikely of places. But that‘s nothing compared to what comes next, to the
man she meets back there. Sebastian Lock. Gorgeous, commanding, and radiating charm, he is exactly the sort of silver-tongued rake Sophia has sworn to avoid. Unfortunately, he doesn‘t care
much for her promises. Every instinct tells her to run, but the chemistry between them is as inescapable as gravity. Soon, he‘s opening her eyes to a whole new world of pleasures, pleasures
she never thought she‘d enjoy. There‘s just one problem. Sebastian is more than he seems. Between the famous company he keeps and the almost paranoid secrecy of his employers, he‘s a
puzzle Sophia can‘t quite solve, and his insistence on keeping things casual forces her to confront the demons of her past. Can she learn to trust again? Or will Sebastian‘s privacy tear them
apart? Contains light BDSM, including spanking, restraint, and anal play
497 Lockout Cross Maya Maya Cross Contemporary To Read Yes The Alpha Group 2 No N/A
Who is Sebastian Lock? Sophia had never felt attraction like that before. Raw. Electric. Irresistible. Swept off her feet by the dashing, enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Lock, she was taken on a
journey of self-discovery, taken to places she never dreamed she‘d go. But things are never as simple as they appear. Sophia‘s trust is a fragile thing, and Sebastian seems insistent on testing
it. He has his own demons to battle, and nobody has brought them to the fore like she has. As their relationship deepens, and Sophia begins to break down his walls, all that greets her are more
questions. Why is Sebastian fighting so hard to keep her at a distance? Who is the girl on the background of his phone? And why does the strange tattoo on his chest seem so familiar? These
puzzles plague her, but as Sebastian‘s mysteries begin to unravel, she must face an entirely different truth. Staying in the dark may be painful, but finding the answers could be deadly.
498 Unlocked Cross Maya Maya Cross Contemporary To Read Yes The Alpha Group 3 No N/A
Who is Sebastian Lock? The heart can lead you to dangerous places. Abandoned by the man she loves, with nothing more than sweet words and riddles for an explanation, Sophia Pearce felt
like her life was crumbling before her eyes. And then they came for her. Now, things will never be the same. Confronted with the truth about Sebastian‘s identity, she‘s thrust into a high stakes
world beyond anything she could have imagined. A world that threatens much more than just her feelings. Sebastian‘s enemies will stop at nothing to get what they want, and they want her.
Their passion for one another consumes them, but as the danger mounts, and loyalties are tested, Sophia must answer one simple question. What is she willing to risk for love?
499 Agnes & the Hitman Cruise Jennifer Jennifer Cruise Contemporary To Read Yes PDF & Word
Agnes Crandall's life goes awry when a dognapper invades her kitchen one night, seriously hampering her attempts to put on a wedding that she's staked her entire net worth on. Then a hero
climbs through her bedroom window. His name is Shane, no last name, just Shane, and he has his own problems: he's got a big hit scheduled, a rival trying to take him out, and an ex-mobster
uncle asking him to protect some little kid named Agnes. When he finds out that Agnes isn't so little, his uncle has forgotten to mention a missing five million bucks he might have lost in
Agnes's house, and his last hit was a miss, Shane's life isn't looking so good, either. Then a bunch of lowlifes come looking for the money, a string of hit men show up for Agnes, and some
wedding guests gather with intent to throw more than rice. Agnes and Shane have their hands full with greed, florists, treachery, flamingos, mayhem, mothers of the bride, and--most dangerous
of all--each other. Agnes and the Hitman is the perfect combination of sugar and spice, sweet and salty--a novel of delicious proportions.
500 Bet Me Cruise Jennifer Jennifer Cruise Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Minerva Dobbs knows that happily-ever-after is a fairy tale, especially with a man who asked her to dinner to win a bet. Even if he is gorgeous and successful Calvin Morrisey. Cal knows
commitment is impossible, especially with a woman as cranky as Min Dobbs. Even if she does wear great shoes and keeps him on his toes. When they say good-bye at the end of their
evening, they cut their losses and agree never to see each other again.
But Fate has other plans, and it's not long before Min and Cal meet again. Soon, they're dealing with a jealous ex-boyfriend, Krispy Kreme donuts, a determined psychologist, chaos theory, a
freakishly intelligent cat, Chicken Marsala, and more risky propositions than either of them ever dreamed of. Including the biggest gamble of all--true love.
501 Backstage PassCunning Olivia Olivia CunningBrian Sinclair Myrna EvanN/A Contemporary Read 15.06.2013 3 Yes Sinners on Tour 1 Yes PDF
Five stunning guys, one hot woman, and a feverish romance...
For him, life is all music and no play...
When Brian Sinclair, lead songwriter and guitarist of the hottest metal band on the scene, loses his creative spark, it will take nights of downright sinful passion to release his pent-up genius...
She's the one to call the tune...
When sexy psychologist Myrna Evans goes on tour with the Sinners, every boy in the band tries to seduce her. But Brian is the only one she wants to get her hands on...
Then the two lovers' wildly shocking behavior sparks the whole band to new heights of glory... and sin...
502 Double Time Cunning Olivia Olivia Cunning Contemporary Partially Yes Sinners on Tour 5 Yes PDF
Trey Mills, the notoriously sexy Sinners rhythm guitarist, gives up his bisexual lifestyle and is swept into a hot, heady romance with Reagan Elliot, a female rock star sensation. But when Trey
encounters Reagan's sexy bisexual roommate, Ethan Conner, he can no longer deny who he is or what he wants. Reagan heartily agrees to a solution that opens up a hot new world of sexual
experience--and love--with the two men she wants the most.
503 Bought for the Billionaire Dae Lacy Lacy Dae Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Bought for Pleasure... And Pain!
She should have read the contract more carefully! When Sophia is sold in the virgin auction, she has no idea that much more than her chastity is at stake. Billionaire Miles Sinclaire demands
nothing less than her utter submission to his every twisted desire. Can she learn to take pleasure in total obedience? Or in the wicked punishment brought on by rebellion... And will her ruthless
buyer release her when the contract is finally fulfilled?
Warning: This 7,000 word sexy short story contains light BDSM, spanking & the anal training of a virgin. For adults only.
504 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Dahl Roald Roald Dahl Children's Books Read No N/A
Complete with stunning new movie art for the cover, and an eight-page full-color insert of stills from director Tim Burton's new adaptation, Dahl's treasured novel appears unabridged in this tie-in
505 Mahtilda Dahl Roald Roald Dahl Children's Books Read No N/A
Matilda is a little girl who is far too good to be true. At age five-and-a-half she's knocking off double-digit multiplication problems and blitz-reading Dickens. Even more remarkably, her classmates
love her even though she's a super-nerd and the teacher's pet. But everything is not perfect in Matilda's world. For starters she has two of the most idiotic, self-centered parents who ever lived.
Then there's the large, busty nightmare of a school principal, Mrs. ("The") Trunchbull, a former hammer-throwing champion who flings children at will and is approximately as sympathetic as a
bulldozer. Fortunately for Matilda, she has the inner resources to deal with such annoyances: astonishing intelligence, saintly patience, and an innate predilection for revenge.
She warms up with some practical jokes aimed at her hapless parents, but the true test comes when she rallies in defense of her teacher, the sweet Miss Honey, against the diabolical
Trunchbull. There is never any doubt that Matilda will carry the day. Even so, this wonderful story is far from predictable. Roald Dahl, while keeping the plot moving imaginatively, also has an
unerring ear for emotional truth. The reader cares about Matilda because in addition to all her other gifts, she has real feelings.
506 Why Not Tonight D'Alessandro Jacquie Jacquie D'Alessandro Adam Mallory N/A Contemporary Read 02.01.2013 3 No N/A
If there hadn't been a 24-hour blackout...
Mallory never would have had the nerve to seduce her photographer, and first love, Adam. Sure, she knew she was on the rebound, but it was for only one night. And for Mallory, that was going to
have to be enough....
Adam never would have believed he'd end up in Mallory's bed--just days after taking her boudoir photos for another man! But he was definitely enjoying their sensual reminiscing.... Unfortunately,
the timing was all wrong--he was leaving the country next week. Still, he couldn't say no to her tonight....
They never would have experienced the best sex of their lives! But then again, chemistry had never been their problem. After all, there was more to life than just good sex. Wasn't there?
507 Love Slave for Two_Beginnings Dalton Tymber Tymber Dalton Contemporary To Read Yes Love Slave for Two 0.5 Yes Word
Tyler Paulson came to America with a scholarship and a dream of becoming a writer. With an unsupportive mother and a father who abandoned him, he makes close friends and tries to build a
new life for himself in his adopted country. Unfortunately, a series of heartbreaking betrayals makes him doubt not only truths he once held about himself, but shatters his trust in others.
Thomas Kinsey wants to carry on his father's legacy and become an architect. His family and upbringing couldn't be more different than Tyler's, but he hides a secret he's afraid to admit for fear
of testing his strong family bonds.
Thomas knows Tyler is the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with...if he can convince Tyler to forget the ghosts in his past and have faith in their future together. Read the scorching
prequel to "Love Slave for Two!"
[Menage Amour: Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Romance, Contemporary, May-December, BDSM, Public Exhibition, M/M, M/M/M, with M/M/M/F]
508 Love Slave for Two Dalton Tymber Tymber Dalton Contemporary To Read Yes Love Slave for Two 1 Yes PDF
LOVE SLAVE FOR TWO [Siren Menage Amour; Contemporary/ Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, M/M, M/F, monogamous polyamory]
Nevvie Barton has never truly felt loved or like she belonged anywhere, ever. Abandoned by her adopted family and trapped in an abusive relationship, she takes a job with Tyler Paulson and
Thomas Kinsey as their cleaning girl.
Nevvie knows her fantasies about "the boys" will always be just that--the two handsome men are devoted, loving life-partners. Then Tyler and Thomas fall in love with Nevvie and hatch a secret
plan to seduce her and make her their permanent third.
For the first time in her life, she feels attractive and wanted. When they ask her to move in and be their personal assistant, Nevvie jumps at the chance. Her planned escape doesn't go without a
hitch, and the boys must rescue her from a brutal man who would rather kill her than let her go.
Can Tyler and Thomas heal Nevvie's wounded body and soul and prove to her that she really is their dream come true?(
509 The Reluctant Dom Dalton Tymber Tymber Dalton Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Love hurts...if you're lucky.
Kaden knows he's dying, but before he goes, he has one problem he needs to solve - he must ask his oldest friend Seth to take over as his beloved wife's Dom and Master after his death.
Seth has always seen himself as the perpetual screw-up and Kaden as the strong and steady one, so his friend's request rocks his world. Now Seth finds himself immersed in a role he's far from
comfortable with: inflicting pain to provide emotional comfort for the woman he's secretly loved for years. Can he deal with his crushing grief and learn the skills he must master in time to become
Warning: m/f/m menage, anal sex/play/toys, BDSM, bondage, D/s relationship, and the lesser-known "normality" of the world of BDSM.
510 Something NewDane Cameron Cameron Dane Rodrigo Santiago/Braden Crenshaw Abby Gaines N/A Contemporary Read 25.07.2013 4 Yes Foster Siblings 2 Yes Word
A product of foster care, survivor Abby Gaines shields her heart and doesn‘t believe in romance or love. Not even for Rodrigo Santiago and Braden Crenshaw -- the two men -- friends -- starring in
her erotic fantasies. Tough-as-nails Rodrigo wants Abby with a passion. Just being near her makes him hard. To hide his desire, Rodrigo trades barbs and challenges everything Abby says.
Rodrigo‘s secret? Recently, someone else has begun arousing heterosexual Rodrigo‘s libido too. Another man. Braden Crenshaw. Bisexual, Braden has bounced between men and women in
affairs that never last. He‘s tired of hurting people but has never believed ménage relationships can work…until Abby and Rodrigo make him start aching for something new. When Abby begins
dreaming of her parents‘ brutal double murder, the visions unearth new elements that make Abby question everything she thought she knew about the crime. Once Braden and Rodrigo discover
the nightmares haunting Abby, they vow to help her find answers whether she wants their assistance or not. Working in close quarters -- not to mention sharing a bed -- reveals everyone‘s most
secret desires. If this threesome can let down their defenses, their shared attraction just might become an all-consuming love.
511 Becoming Three Dane Cameron Cameron Dane Jace Maxwell/Jasper Simmons Sarah Tennison N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Hawkins Brothers/Quinten, Montana 6 Yes PDF & Word
Deputy Jace Maxwell looks out for Sarah Tennison, and wants her. Although the fiery feisty woman is a friend, he knows he can‘t have her. Because as much as he craves Sarah, he also lives
with a secret, fierce attraction for men. And Sarah just won't understand. Sarah has suppressed her love for Jace, knowing he only sees her as a chore. Enter cowboy Jasper Simmons. Jasper is
as sweet and gentle as Jace is hard. Sarah tries to keep both men separate in her mind, but can‘t stop fantasizing about being tangled and sweaty in bed with both of them. When Jasper finds a
dead woman nailed to a tree, he is thrown into contact with Jace. The proximity unearths an attraction neither of them had felt before. Seeing Jace with Jasper in an emotion-filled situation gets
Sarah wondering if her roommate is keeping secrets. Then Jasper admits to Sarah he once had a crush on another man, Jace suddenly kisses her in a shocking lapse of control, and suddenly
Sarah's fantasies are taking on a vivid reality. Will sweet, awkward Jasper be the key to two becoming three?
512 Laid Bare Dane Lauren Lauren Dane Todd Keenan Erin BrownBen Contemporary Read 09.02.2013 3 Yes PDF & Word
Unexpected Desire...
It's been ten years since clean-cut, sexy-as-hell police officer Todd Keenan had a white-hot fling with Erin Brown, the provocative, wild rocker chick next door. Their power exchange in the
bedroom got under his skin. But love wasn't in the cards just yet...
Now, life has thrown the pair back together. But picking up where they left off is tough, in light of a painful event from Erin's past. As Todd struggles to earn her trust, their relationship takes an
unexpected and exciting turn when Todd's best friend, Ben, ends up in their bed--and all three are quite satisfied in this relationship without a name. As the passion they share transforms Erin,
will it be enough to help her face the evil she thought she had left behind?
513 Waterfall Danes Lacy Lacy Danes Contemporary To Read Yes Dragon's Fate 1 Yes Epub
It‘s easy to fall in love. Destiny requires tooth and claw.
Dragon‘s Fate, Book 1
Curses are designed to be cruel, but the one afflicting Jordan and his brothers is almost beyond bearing. A dragon born by blood magic, he is an immortal trapped in human form, with only one
hope of finding his eternal mate. He must bite her—and pray she lives.
One dark night, he senses the wounded heartbeat of a woman in the shadows, begging him to end her life. Ever the gentleman, he chivalrously obliges her wish. Only to discover three days later
that she lives. And has married another.
Celeste always dreamed of marrying for love, but the nightmare of living in her father‘s home drives her to wed the Duke of Hudson. Yet on her wedding eve, she is compelled to follow a
mysterious man who professes to know her secret. A man with curious blue scales on his muscular arms—whose shadowed eyes reflect a dangerous mix of destiny and desire…
Product Warnings
This novel contains explicit sex, sex in water, four super-hot dragon brothers, and a curse born from magical power that has left them wondering who they are all their lives.
514 The Masked Man Daniels BJ BJ Daniels Mac Cooper Jill LawsonN/A Contemporary Read 03.01.2013 3 No N/A
A Man She'd Never Seen...
His face was concealed by a mask...yet piercing blue eyes inexorably drew Jill Lawson into his arms. What came over her, she'd never know - but a case of mistaken identity landed her in more
than a little hot water, because now she was being framed for murder. Not to mention she'd made mad, passionate love with a stranger!
A Kiss She'd Never Forget!
Trying to establish her innocence proved a lot harder than Jill imagined, especially when she was so distracted by the memory of the mystery man's kisses - kisses that were suspiciously
similar to investigator Mac Cooper's. But was Mac set up, just as Jill was? In a race against time and a cunning adversary, could Mac and Jill unmask the real killer before it was too later...?
515 Revving Her UpDaniels Joy Joy Daniels Contemporary To Read Yes Full Throttle 1 Yes Epub
Sarah Katz‘s career as a New York lawyer is in high gear—and the stress has left her hormones sputtering. With strict doctor‘s orders to relax, she books the cure: a spa vacation in the cool,
green mountains of Virginia.
When a pothole sends her Porsche to the side of the road, she finds herself stuck in small-town Rapture. She‘d love nothing more than to blow this Hicksville and be on her way…until she meets
sexy stockcar mechanic Cole Cassidy.
Coles knows exactly how to handle that fancy car, and its uptight driver. Sarah‘s not his type, but neither can deny that their attraction is firing on all cylinders. Soon he‘s introducing her to the
thrill of speed at the local track—in his car, and on it.
But Sarah‘s troubles aren‘t so easily left in the dust. Unless she forces herself to decide if she‘s willing and able to let someone else take the wheel.
Warning: Contains a false start, breakdowns of the automotive and erotic kinds, creative uses of shower massagers and silk ties, and thrill-rides in, on, and outside of a racecar.
516 Rare Vintage D'Arc Bianca Bianca D'Arc Marc LaTour Kelly N/A Contemporary Read 03.02.2013 3 Yes Brotherhood of Blood 2 Yes PDF & Word
She would give her live to save his but can he save her from himself? As the new Gal Friday at Atticus Maxwell-s winery, Kelly is grateful for the much-needed job, and delighted to be working
with her best friend Lissa. What she doesn-t need is the exasperation brought on by Marc LaTour-s constant flirting. Yet she can-t deny she is drawn to the mysterious, unsettling Master
vampire. After six hundreds years of searching, Marc has resigned himself to the fact that he-ll never find his One. Kelly is under Atticus and Lissa-s protection, and therefore off limits. Yet the
desire to possess her is too strong to resist. Curiosity leads to lust-and the surprising discovery that they indeed could be destined mates. But a dark cloud hangs heavy over them. A rival
vampire has challenged Marc for leadership-a challenge that involves a fight to the death. The cost of survival could forever poison any hope for a future together, but if they can both pass the final
test, they could find love that will last for eternity.
517 PhantomDesires D'Arc Bianca Bianca D'Arc Dmitri Belakov Carly N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Brotherhood of Blood 3 Yes PDF & Word
This time the creature under the basement is real and dead sexy...Computer expert Carly is tired, burned out and ready to downgrade her hectic lifestyle to something simpler. Her solution-pull
up stakes and move to an old farm house in the middle of Wyoming. Her new house is full of old-time charm, and it comes with an unexpected surprise. Dmitri Belakov. Dmitri, a Master
Vampire, had an agreement with the former owners of the house to let him live peacefully beneath it in his hidden lair. Now there's a new owner, and he may have to risk revealing his presence to
negotiate a new contract. He moves cautiously because if she won't deal, he'll have to kill her once she knows his secret. Carly's mind is unusually hard to influence, but he makes inroads when
she is asleep. Their shared dreams are more erotic than he ever expected, firing a hunger within him to know her feel and taste in the flesh. But doing so risks far too much. Even if Carly can't
deny the attraction arcing between them, loving him will force her to make a choice. An eternity in darkness with him-or life in the sun without him.
518 Forever Valentine D'Arc Bianca Bianca D'Arc Ian SinclairJena N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Brotherhood of Blood 5 Yes PDF & Word
A Valentine's date gone wrong marks the beginning of a love that will last for all time. Jena knows about vampires, particularly about the one who watches her every step, lest she somehow
reveal her knowledge to the mortal world. Ian Sinclair would be her executioner should she even try to share her knowledge, but she doesn't fear him. No, Ian bothers her on an even more
elemental level. He's just too sexy for his own good--and hers. Ian finds himself attracted to the all-too-mortal lady doctor, though he knows better. He's been assigned to watch her, not seduce
her, but seduction seems to be all he can think of when he looks at the gorgeous woman who works entirely too hard and has such sad eyes. He feels things he hasn't felt in centuries when
she's around, including an unreasonable jealousy when he follows her on a Valentine's date with one of her colleagues.
519 It Happened One Bite Dare Lydia Lydia Dare Historical To Read Yes Regency Vampyre Trilogy 1 Yes PDF
He'd bite her in a heartbeat, if she'd only set him free...
He's lost, trapped, doomed for all eternity...
Rich, titled, and undead, gentleman vampyre James Maitland, Lord Kettering, fears himself doomed to a cold and lonely existence—trapped for decades in an abandoned castle. Then, beautiful
Scottish witch Blaire Lindsay arrives, and things begin to heat up considerably.
Unless he can persuade her to set him free...
Feisty Blaire Lindsay laughs off the local gossip surrounding her mother's ancestral home—stories of haunting cannot scare off this battle-born witch. But when she discovers the handsome
prisoner in the bowels of the castle, Blaire has no idea that she has unleashed anything more than a man who sets her heart on fire...
520 In the Heat of the Bite Dare Lydia Lydia Dare Historical To Read Yes Regency Vampyre Trilogy 2 Yes PDF
She makes him feel more alive than he has since he died...
Chivalry is far from undead...
Matthew Halkett, Earl of Blodswell, is one of the few men in the ton who can claim to be a knight in shining armor—because that's precisely what he was before being turned into a vampyre.
When he spies a damsel in distress in the midst of a storm in Hyde Park, his natural instinct is to rush to her aid...
But not every woman needs to be rescued...
Weather-controlling witch Rhiannon Sinclair isn't caught in a storm— she's the cause of it. She's mortified to have been caught making trouble by the imposing earl, but she doesn't need any
man—never has, and is sure she never will...
But when Rhiannon encounters Matthew again, her powers go awry and his supernatural abilities run amok. Between the two of them, the ton is thrown into an uproar. There's never been a more
tempestuous scandal...
521 Never Been BitDare Lydia Lydia Dare Alec MacQuarrie Sorcha Ferguson N/A Historical Read 24.07.2013 4 Yes Regency Vampyre Trilogy 3 Yes PDF
In desperation, a man will do terrible things...
The glittering world of high society is the playground for the rich, titled, and reluctantly undead...
Alec MacQuarrie's after-life has become an endless search for pleasure in an effort to overcome his heartbreak and despair. Wandering through the seedy world of London's demimonde, he's
changed into a dark and fearsome creature even he doesn't recognize, until he stumbles into a magical lass he knew once upon a time and sees a glimpse of the life he could have had.
But the ton is no match for one incorrigible young lady...
After watching each of her coven sisters happily marry, Sorcha Ferguson is determined to capture a Lycan husband of her very own. When she encounters Alec, she decides to save her old
friend from what he's become, all while searching for her own happily-ever-after.
Over his dead body is Alec going to allow this enchanting innocent to throw herself away on an unworthy werewolf, but that leaves him responsible for her, and he's the worst monster of them all.
522 A Certain Wolfish Charm Dare Lydia Lydia Dare Historical To Read Yes Westfield Wolves 1 Yes PDF
He gets crankier and crankier as the moon gets full...
The rules of Society can be beastly-especially when you're a werewolf and it's that irritating time of the month. Simon Westfield, the Duke of Blackmoor, is rich, powerful, and sinfully handsome,
and has spent his entire life creating scandal and mayhem. It doesn't help his wolfish temper at all that Miss Lily Rutledge seems not the least bit afraid of him, and in fact, may be as untamable
as he is...
A woman whose charm is stronger than the moon...
When Lily's beloved nephew's behavior becomes inexplicably wild, she turns to Simon, the boy's cousin and guardian, for help. But Simon's idea of assistance is far different than hers, and Lily
finds herself ensconced in his house and engaged to the rogue.
They both may have bitten off more than they can chew when each begins to discover the other's darkest secrets...
523 Tall, Dark and Wolfish Dare Lydia Lydia Dare Historical To Read Yes Westfield Wolves 2 Yes PDF
He's lost the most important part of himself...
Lord Benjamin Westfield is a powerful werewolf—until one full moon when he doesn't change. His life now shattered, he rushes off to Scotland in search of the healer who can restore his inner
beast, only to find she's not at all what he expected...
She would make him whole, if she could...
Young, beautiful witch Elspeth Campbell will do anything to help anyone who calls upon her healing arts. Then Lord Benjamin shows up, and she suddenly discovers she may need him even
more than he needs her...
524 The Wolf Next Door Dare Lydia Lydia Dare Historical To Read Yes Westfield Wolves 3 Yes Rar
They can't even be in the same room together...
Ever since their failed elopement years ago, Prisca Hawthorne has taunted, insulted, and in every way tried to push him away. If only her heart didn't break every time Lord William Westfield left
But staying apart is even worse...
Lord William throws himself into drinking, gambling, and debauchery and pretends not to care about Prisca at all. But when he returns to find a rival werewolf vying for her hand, he'll stop at
nothing to claim the woman who should have been his all along.
Can Prisca forgive the unforgivable, or are the moon-crossed lovers going to be forced into a battle of wills that could be fatal?
525 Taming of the Wolf Dare Lydia Lydia Dare Historical To Read Yes Westfield Wolves 4 Yes PDF
He could never lose control...
Dashiel Thorpe, Earl of Brimsworth, has spent his life fighting the wolf within him. But when the full moon rises, Dash is helpless. A chance encounter with Caitrin Macleod on a moonlit night
inadvertently binds the two together irrevocably, and Dash's impulsiveness plunges them both into a nightmare.
She never saw him coming...
Caitrin Macleod is no quiet country lass, but a witch with remarkable abilities. But when it comes to Dashiel, she's as helpless to fight his true nature as he is. Her senses overwhelmed, she
runs back to the safety and security of her native Scotland.
But Dashiel is determined to follow her—she's the only woman who can free him from a fate worse than death. And Caitrin will ultimately have to decide whether she's running from danger, or true
526 The Wolf Who Loved Me Dare Lydia Lydia Dare Historical To Read Yes Westfield Wolves 5 Yes PDF
Regency England Has Gone to the Wolves!
Lady Madeline Hayburn Has Money Problems...
Specifically, she has so much of it that she's dogged by fortune hunters, including her bewilderingly attractive, penniless neighbor, with his wild nature and uncouth manners.
Weston Hadley Has An Identity Crisis...
Specifically, he's just turned into a wolf while Madeline was watching. Now it's up to the regal lady to tame the wild beast...if she can.
527 A Night to Surrender Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read Yes Spindle Cove 1 Yes PDF
Welcome to Spindle Cove, where the ladies with delicate constitutions come for the sea air, and men in their prime are... nowhere to be found. Or are they?
Spindle Cove is the destination of choice for certain types of well-bred young ladies: the painfully shy, young wives disenchanted with matrimony, and young girls too enchanted with the wrong
men; it is a haven for those who live there.
Victor Bramwell, the new Earl of Rycliff, knows he doesn't belong here. So far as he can tell, there's nothing in this place but spinsters... and sheep. But he has no choice, he has orders to
gather a militia. It's a simple mission, made complicated by the spirited, exquisite Susanna Finch—a woman who is determined to save her personal utopia from the invasion of Bram's makeshift
Susanna has no use for aggravating men; Bram has sworn off interfering women. The scene is set for an epic battle... but who can be named the winner when both have so much to lose?
528 Once Upon a Winter's Eve Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read Yes Spindle Cove1.5 Yes PDF
Some wallflowers bloom at night...
Violet Winterbottom is a quiet girl. She speaks six languages, but seldom raises her voice. She endured bitter heartbreak in perfect silence. The gentlemen aren't beating down her door.
Until the night of the Spindle Cove Christmas ball, when a mysterious stranger crashes into the ballroom and collapses at Violet's feet. His coarse attire and near-criminal good looks would put
any sensible young lady on her guard. He's wet, chilled, bleeding, and speaking in an unfamiliar tongue.
Only Violet understands him. And she knows he's not what he seems.
She has one night to draw forth the secrets of this dangerously handsome rogue. Is he a smuggler? A fugitive? An enemy spy? She needs answers by sunrise, but her captive would rather
seduce than confess. To learn his secrets, Violet must reveal hers and open herself to adventure, passion, and the unthinkable... Love.
Warning: The heroine packs a pistol, the hero curses in multiple languages, and together they steam up a cold winter s night.
529 A Week to be Wicked Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Colin Sandhurst Minerva Highwood N/A Historical Read 13.08.2013 4 Yes Spindle Cove 2 Yes PDF
When a devilish lord and a bluestocking set off on the road to ruin...time is not on their side.
Minerva Highwood, one of Spindle Cove's confirmed spinsters, needs to be in Scotland.
Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne, a rake of the first order, needs to be...anywhere but Spindle Cove.
These unlikely partners have one week to
• fake an elopement
• convince family and friends they're in "love"
• outrun armed robbers
• survive their worst nightmares
• travel four hundred miles without killing each other
All while sharing a very small carriage by day and an even smaller bed by night.
What they don't have time for is their growing attraction. Much less wild passion. And heaven forbid they spend precious hours baring their hearts and souls.
Suddenly one week seems like exactly enough time to find a world of trouble. And maybe...just
530 A Lady by Midnight Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read Yes Spindle Cove 3 Yes PDF
A temporary engagement, a lifetime in the making . . .
After years of fending for herself, Kate Taylor found friendship and acceptance in Spindle Cove—but she never stopped yearning for love. The very last place she'd look for it is in the arms of
Corporal Thorne. The militia commander is as stone cold as he is brutally handsome. But when mysterious strangers come searching for Kate, Thorne steps forward as her fiancé. He claims to
have only Kate's safety in mind. So why is there smoldering passion in his kiss?
Long ago, Samuel Thorne devoted his life to guarding Kate's happiness. He wants what's best for her, and he knows it's not marriage to a man like him. To outlast their temporary engagement,
he must keep his hands off her tempting body and lock her warm smiles out of his withered heart. It's the toughest battle of this hardened warrior's life . . . and the first he seems destined to
531 One Dance with a Duke Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Spencer Dumarque Amelia d'Orsay N/A Historical Read 20.07.2013 4 Yes Stud Club 1 Yes PDF
In One Dance with a Dukeâ��the first novel in Tessa Dare‘s delightful new trilogyâ��secrets and scandals tempt the irresistible rogues of the Stud Club to gamble everything for love.
A handsome and reclusive horse breeder, Spencer Dumarque, the fourth Duke of Morland, is a member of the exclusive Stud Club, an organization so select it has only ten members�yet
membership is attainable to anyone with luck. And Spencer has plenty of it, along with an obsession with a prize horse, a dark secret, and, now, a reputation as the dashing ―Duke of Midnight.‖
Each evening he selects one lady for a breathtaking midnight waltz. But none of the women catch his interest, and nobody ever bests the dukeâ��until Lady Amelia d‘Orsay tries her luck.
In a moment of desperation, the unconventional beauty claims the duke‘s dance and unwittingly steals his heart. When Amelia demands that Spencer forgive her scapegrace brother‘s debts, she
never imagines that her game of wits and words will lead to breathless passion and a steamy proposal. Still, Spencer is a man of mystery, perhaps connected to the shocking murder of the Stud
Club‘s founder. Will Amelia lose her heart in this reckless wager or win everlasting love?
532 Twice Tempted by a Rogue Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read Yes Stud Club 2 Yes PDF
The daring members of the Stud Club are reckless gamblers and no strangers to risk�until love raises the stakes in Twice Tempted by a Rogue.
Luck is a double-edged sword for brooding war hero Rhys St. Maur. His death wish went unanswered on the battlefield, while fate allowed the murder of his good friend in the elite gentlemen‘s
society known as the Stud Club. Out of options, Rhys returns to his ancestral home on the moors of Devonshire, expecting anything but a chance at redemption in the arms of a beautiful
innkeeper who dares him to take on the demons of his pastâ��and the sweet temptation of a woman‘s love.
Meredith Maddox believes in hard work, not fate, and romance isn‘t part of her plan. But when Rhys returns, battle-scarred, world-weary, and more dangerously attractive than ever, the lovely
widow is torn between determination and desire. As a deep mystery and dangerous smugglers threaten much more than their passionate reckoning, Meredith discovers that she must trust
everything to a wager her heart placed long ago.
533 Three Nights with a Scoundrel Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read Yes Stud Club 3 Yes PDF
The bastard son of a nobleman, Julian Bellamy is now polished to perfection, enthralling the ton with wit and charm while clandestinely plotting to ruin the lords, ravish the ladies, and have the
last laugh on a society that once spurned him. But after meeting Leo Chatwick, a decent man and founder of an elite gentlemen‘s club, and Lily, Leo‘s enchanting sister, Julian reconsiders his
wild ways. And when Leo‘s tragic murder demands that Julian hunt for justice, he vows to see the woman he secretly loves married to a man of her own class.
Lily, however, has a very different husband in mind. She‘s loved Julian forever, adores the man beneath the rakish façade, and wants to savor the delicious attraction they share—as his wife. His
insistence on marrying her off only reinforces her intent to prove that he is the only man for her. Obsessed with catching a killer, Julian sinks back to the gutters of his youth, forcing Lily to reach
out with a sweet, reckless passion Julian can‘t resist. Can her desire for a scoundrel save them both—or will dangerous secrets threaten more than their tender love?
534 Goddess of the Hunt Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read Yes The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy 1 Yes PDF
In this lush and seductive novel, exciting new author Tessa Dare takes desire to brazen heights.
Ever the bold adventuress, Lucy Waltham has decided to go hunting for a husband. But first she needs some target practice. So she turns to her brother's best friend, Jeremy Trescott, the Earl
of Kendall, to hone her seductive wiles on him before setting her sights on another man. But her practice kisses spark a smoldering passion - one that could send all her plans up in smoke.
Jeremy has an influential title, a vast fortune, and a painful past full of long-buried secrets. He keeps a safe distance from his own emotions, but to distract Lucy from her reckless scheming, he
must give his passions free rein. Their sensual battle of wills is as maddening as it is delicious, but the longer he succeeds in managing the headstrong temptress, the closer Jeremy comes to
losing control. When scandal breaks, can he bring himself to abandon Lucy to her ruin? Or will he risk his heart and claim her for his own?
535 Surrender of a Siren Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read Yes The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy 2 Yes PDF
New author Tessa Dare takes passion to the high seas in this steamy tale of a runaway bride and a devilishly disarming privateer.
Desperate to escape a loveless marriage and society's constraints, pampered heiress Sophia Hathaway jilts her groom, packs up her paints and sketchbook, and assumes a new identity,
posing as a governess to secure passage on the Aphrodite. She wants a life of her own: unsheltered, unconventional, uninhibited. But it's one thing to sketch her most wanton fantasies, and
quite another to face the dangerously handsome libertine who would steal both her virtue and her gold.
To any well-bred lady, Benedict "Grayâ" Grayson is trouble in snug-fitting boots. A conscienceless scoundrel who sails the seas for pleasure and profit, Gray lives for conquest - until Sophia's
perception and artistry stir his heart. Suddenly he'll brave sharks, fire, storm, and sea just to keep her at his side. She's beautiful, refined, and ripe for seduction. Could this counterfeit governess
be a rogue's redemption? Or will the runaway heiress's secrets destroy their only chance at love?
536 A Lady of Persuasion Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read Yes The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy 3 Yes PDF
Tessa Dare spins a witty, wanton tale of passion and conquest, as a reformer and a rake find unexpected love.
Only one thing could convince Sir Tobias Aldridge, an incorrigible libertine, to profess undying fidelity to a woman he's just met. Revenge. What better way to get back at an enemy than by
stealing the scoundrel's sister? Not that Toby finds it a chore, seducing a beguiling, sultry beauty freshly arrived from the West Indies. When the prize is Isabel Grayson, vengeance is doubly
Isabel is determined to marry a wealthy, powerful lord and become a lady of influence, using her rank and fortune to fight social injustice. Sir Toby, with his paltry title and infamous reputation, is
unsuitable husband material - but he makes her blood race, her heart pound, and her long-buried passions come to the surface. If she can reform the charming devil, she'll get exactly what she
craves: society's respect. But it's a dangerous gamble. For if Toby wins this battle of persuasion, Isabel could lose her heart.
537 Legend of the Werestag Dare Tessa Tessa Dare Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
To capture love, sometimes you have to grab it by the horns…
If a woman could die of humiliation, Cecily Hale would have perished three hours ago. Luke Trenton had finally returned to Swinford Manor, only to cruelly spurn her long-held love. But she
couldn‘t conveniently die of shame on the spot—oh, no. Instead she joined her friends on this ridiculous search for a legendary man-beast. Now she‘ll die here—alone in the woods, at the tusks
of a snarling boar.
Luke left for war a dashing youth and returned a man—just not the same man Cecily fell in love with. His passion for her is stronger than ever, but the ravages of battle changed him in ways she
wouldn‘t understand. Pushing her away was supposed to save her, not throw her into the path of another inhuman creature…or into the arms of another man.
For it is a man who rescues Cecily, just as the boar attacks. A mysterious, silent man who disappears into the woods, leaving her with just a glimpse—of a fleeing white deer. Could her rescuer
be the man-beast of local lore?
A dangerous myth has captured Cecily‘s imagination, putting Luke on the horns of a dilemma. Unless he summons the passion and tenderness to win her back, he could lose her forever…to the
538 Challenging Carter Davies Kate Kate Davies Carter Dani N/A Contemporary Read 15.08.2013 3 Yes The Strip 3 Yes PDF
Dani‘s been in love with Carter forever. But she‘s nothing like the women he dates—glamorous, exciting, spotlight-ready. Instead, she‘s stuck in the best-friend role and can‘t seem to find a way
out of it. Until a scheduling mix-up finds her enrolled in a strip-aerobics class. Now this buttoned-down wallflower is finding her wicked side—and liking it!
Carter can‘t understand what‘s happened to his best bud. She‘s gone from sweet to sexy in ten seconds flat—and Carter‘s lucky enough to be around for the ride of a lifetime. But he knows from
past experience that relationships don‘t last. He‘s got to get things back on track before the most important friendship in his life is damaged forever.
Problem is, Dani has no intention of going back to being just friends. It‘s about time someone challenged Carter‘s assumptions about love and friendship—and Dani‘s just the woman to do it!
Warning: This title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language.
This book has been previously published and repackaged.
539 Ride the Fire Davis Jo Jo Davis Contemporary To Read Yes Firefighters of Station 55 Yes PDF & Word
After he lost his wife and children to tragedy, Capt. Sean Tanner drowned his pain with alcohol. Now, fresh from rehab, he wants to regain the trust of his team and begin again. The last thing he
needs is to have feelings for beautiful firefighter Eve Marshall. But even as they dare to explore their growing desire, Sean learns that his family may have actually been murdered. And that a
shadow from his past has returned to finish off Sean-and anyone he loves.
540 Hidden Fire Davis Jo Jo Davis Justin Salvatore Grace McKenna N/A Contemporary Read 2012 3 No N/A
Justin Salvatore has earned his reputation as a ladies' man, but chasing women is also a way to outrun a terrible secret. Then he meets defense attorney Grace McKenna, a beautiful ice-queen
more than willing to give Julian her body, even if he can't seem to melt her heart...
But when a series of murders rocks Nashville, Julian is targeted by the killer. As he comes face to face with demons, he and Grace must race to uncover the terrible truth-or become the next
541 Under Fire Davis Jo Jo Davis Zack Corrine Shannon N/A Contemporary Read 2012 3 No N/A
Zack fights fires and saves lives, yet his own thirst for life has run dry-until he comes to the rescue of a sharp-tongued exotic dancer named Corrine Shannon who soon has the normally shy hero
burning out of control.
But just as they are consumed by flames of passion, they find themselves under fire from two relentless enemies with fifty million reasons to succeed. Can they withstand the heat while trying to
save their own lives-or will their newfound romance be extinguished as fast as it began?
542 Fade into You Dawes Kate Kate Dawes Max DaltonOlivia Rowland N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Fade Into 1 Yes PDF & Word
Olivia Rowland leaves her Midwestern life behind after graduating from college and heads off to Los Angeles to work for a Hollywood talent agent. Life in L.A. is a culture shock, but nothing
compared to the jolt she gets when Max enters her life. Max Dalton is Hollywood's youngest and brightest movie producer/director/writer. He's wealthy, successful, hot, and there's never a
shortage of women throwing themselves at him, but there's only one woman he wants, and he intends to make it happen. As Max pursues Olivia, he finds that she presents a whole new
challenge for him. When Olivia finally gives in the stage is set for a perilous, yet passionate relationship. Together they discover each other's deepest desires, and darkest secrets.
543 Fade into Me Dawes Kate Kate Dawes Max DaltonOlivia Rowland N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Fade Into 2 Yes PDF & Word
It's a bit over the top to call someone perfect, and I'm not naive enough to think that any such person exists. I was with a beautiful man who had an amazing heart, boundless ambition, and he
was crazy about me. He had protected me when I was in danger. He had brought me to the heights of passion-both physical and emotional. I'd never let my walls down that much, never shared
such intimacy with someone before. It was as close to perfection as I'd ever been. And I discovered nothing comes without risk....
544 Fade into Always Dawes Kate Kate Dawes Max DaltonOlivia Rowland N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Fade Into 3 Yes PDF & Word
When the shy and reserved Midwesterner Olivia Rowland met Max Dalton, one of the brightest and most successful writer/producer/director Hollywood had seen in years, the two set off on a wild
ride of extremes-passion, lust, fear, doubt. The two have been tested by each other and by outside forces. Olivia and Max seem to be on a path to having everything they both desire-an
unbreakable union above all. But in this conclusion to the FADE series, they will face some of the toughest challenges neither of them could have imagined.
545 Give Himthe Slip Dawson Geralyn Geralyn Dawson Contemporary To Read Yes ePub
First in the sexy new series from USA Today bestselling author Geralyn Dawson.
Maddie Kincaid thought she finally found the simple life when she moved to Brazos Bend and started her own business. She never dreamed that helping a gentle old man would force her to run
for her life, right into the arms of the infamous Luke "Sin" Callahan. He has just settled into a fishing vacation, and the last thing he needs on his line is a long-legged redhead stowaway with
secrets in her heart and killers on her trail.
Lucky for her, he's deadlier than the guys who are chasing her. Unfortunately for him, she's gorgeous, smart and determined to make it on her own. When the secrets start spilling and the nights
heat up, Luke realizes he faces a new sort of danger-losing the woman he loves. Can he win the battle for her heart? Or will she give him the slip?
546 Kiss of the Night Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Alexei Night Briana Michaels N/A Futuristic Read 02.07.2013 3 Yes Carnal Thirst 2 Yes PDF
Book 2 in the Dangerous series. Special Task Force agent Alexei Night has had a crush on Interstellar Council Representative Briana Michaels ever since the first time he saw her on the vid
comm. But their lives are worlds apart. He's a vampire. She's not. There's no possibility of a relationship between them. Yet he still dreams of her-When Briana's unpopular position supporting
vampiric rights threatens her family, Alex leaps at the chance to protect her and be with her. It's a two-week journey to her homeworld, and he'll spend it making love with the woman he can't
keep, trying to get enough of her to last an eternity. Their erotic connection is easily established but their bond doesn't overshadow the danger surrounding Briana.A hopeless romance with a
woman whose mortal life is threatened- Things can't get any worse for Alex.And then somehow-they do.
547 Bared to You Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Gideon Cross Eva N/A Contemporary Read 26.01.2013 5 Yes Crossfire 1 Yes PDF & Word
Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness… He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved
his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily…Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would
become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds…and desires.The bonds of his love transformed me, even as i prayed that the torment of our pasts didn't tear us apart...
548 Reflected in You Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Gideon Cross Eva N/A Contemporary Read 27.01.2013 5 Yes Crossfire 2 Yes PDF & Word
Gideon Cross. As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. He was a bright, scorching flame that singed me with the darkest of pleasures. I couldn't
stay away. I didn't want to. He was my addiction... my every desire... mine. My past was as violent as his, and I was just as broken. We'd never work. It was too hard, too painful... except when
it was perfect. Those moments when the driving hunger and desperate love were the most exquisite insanity. We were bound by our need. And our passion would take us beyond our limits to the
sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession...
549 Entwined with You Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Gideon Cross Eva N/A Contemporary Read 11.06.2013 4 Yes Crossfire 3 Yes PDF
From the moment I first met Gideon Cross, I recognized something in him that I needed. Something I couldn't resist. I saw the dangerous and damaged soul inside-so much like my own. I was
drawn to it. I needed him as surely as I needed my heart to beat. No one knows how much he risked for me. How much I'd been threatened, or just how dark and desperate the shadow of our
pasts would become. Entwined by our secrets, we tried to defy the odds. We made our own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of possession…
550 Misled Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes Carnal Thirst 1 Yes PDF
Special Task Force agent Derek Atkinson has a craving for luscious vamp Sable Taylor. But Sable‘s a bounty hunter, which makes him direct competition in the capture of wanted criminals.
Despite the obvious attraction between them, she won‘t give him a chance and after two years, he‘s tired of waiting for her to come around.
So he‘s got a plan to give them both what they want… each other.
Sable‘s on a dangerous mission. She‘s not who Derek thinks she is, so anything personal just isn‘t possible. But like most master vampires, Derek‘s wily and used to having his way. When he
traps her on his ship, she decides to indulge. Two straight days of mind-blowing sex should be enough, but it isn‘t, not for either of them. Her heart is involved now, but Sable can‘t let Derek get
too close. If he finds out what she‘s doing, he‘ll never forgive her.
Derek, however, refuses to let go.
Now he‘s getting shot at and asking questions she shouldn‘t answer. Sable has to reveal the truth… Derek‘s love has been misled…
551 Heat of the Night Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes DreamGuardians 2 Yes PDF
Stacey Daniels has always been attracted to the wrong type of man . . .
And she knows in her heart the virile, wounded Viking at her front doorstep will certainly be no exception. A vision from her most secret erotic fantasies--a glorious god of a man--he excites her
with his tantalizing aura of dangerous sensuality. Stacey knows in the deepest depths of her soul that submission will bring unforeseen peril into her life, and yet she is helpless to resist him--for
he is a master of decadent pleasures and sweet sensuality . . . and all she has ever wished for.
But loving Conor carries a burden that no mortal woman can bear. Though he finds solace in Stacey's passion and the warmth of her welcoming body, his true realm is one of darkest dreams,
torn by violence and strife, that is now following him into Stacey's world . . . .
552 Pleasures of the Night Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes DreamGuardians 1 Yes PDF
There are sensuous pleasures that can only be tasted in the night . . .
He comes to her in the twilight between sleep and consciousness to fulfill her secret desires. Lyssa Bates has never experienced such ecstasy, brought to her by a man whose deep, soul-
penetrating blue eyes hold the promise of tempting intimacies and decadent pleasures. But this stranger, this lover, this immortal seducer is only a dream--a phantom of her nocturnal fantasies--
until he appears, inexplicably, at her door in the flesh!
Lyssa aches for the reality of him, but there is grave danger in surrender. Because Captain Aidan Cross is on a mission, and the passion that consumes them both, body and soul, could have
dire consequences in a world of dreams . . . and in the waking one as well.
553 Don't Tempt MeDay Sylvia Sylvia Day Historical To Read Yes Georgian 4 Yes PDF
Sometimes Temptation...
A hardened mercenary as adept in bed as in battle, Simon Quinn can have any woman he wants, but he prefers those who know the rules of the game. That way it's easier to leave them
Can't Be Avoided
But Lysette Rousseau is one female he can't figure out. Beautiful, sensual, seductive, she should be the perfect match for Simon, yet something about her ties him in knots. Bold and
manipulative one time, sweetly innocent the next, she is an enigma bound to bring trouble... impossible to resist.
554 A Passion for Him Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Colin Amelia N/A Historical Read 24.02.2013 4 Yes Georgian 3 Yes PDF
He wears a mask…and he is following her. Staring at her like no other man since Colin. But Colin is dead and Amelia believes she will never again shiver with pleasure, never again sigh his
Until her masked pursuer lures her into a moonlit garden and a single, reckless kiss. Now she is obsessed with discovering his identity. Perfectly attuned to his every desire, his every thought,
she will not stop until she knows his every secret.
555 Ask for It Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Historical To Read Yes Georgian 1 Yes PDF
Fearless Surrender
Nothing incites Marcus more than the primal hunger roused by his former fiancée, Elizabeth. It's been years since she jilted him for another man, but that only means there's a lot to catch up on,
a lot to make up for, and that he's going to enjoy every sweet moment...
The same drive and passion that sent her into another man's arms is what brings Elizabeth back to Marcus. Her attraction to him is the one thing she fears, but she's run out of options.
Resisting is impossible. But does she have the courage to surrender everything?
556 Passion for the Game Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Historical To Read Yes Georgian 2 Yes PDF
Match Point
Infamous for satisfying his limitless wants and desires, Christopher is a free man again. And this time he‘s on a mission to engage, deceive and seduce the one woman as ruthless as he is when
it comes to games of passion…
Far from innocent in the ways of men, Maria is one step ahead of Christopher‘s every move. It doesn‘t mean she isn‘t enjoying every delicious look, every unbridled kiss, every moment of
abandon. But she never saw her own feelings coming into play. She never imagined the moment would come when she would meet her match—and that she would surrender to him again and
557 Pride & Pleasure Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Historical To Read Yes Historical 3 Yes Epub
Wealth has its dangers...
There are disadvantages to being an heiress, as Eliza Martin knows well. Fortune hunters flock to her, acquaintances lie and pander, and lately, someone is engineering "accidents" to propel her
to the altar. But Eliza will not be bullied, and she will get to the bottom of this plot. All she needs is a man to infiltrate her assemblage of suitors and find the culprit. Someone not easily noticed;
a proficient dancer, quiet, and even-tempered. do certain men
Thief-taker Jasper Bond is entirely too large, too handsome, and too dangerous. Who would believe that an intellectual like Eliza would be seduced by a man of action? But the combination of
her stubbornness and the mystery makes the case one Jasper can't resist. Client satisfaction is a point of pride and it's his pleasure to prove he's just the man she needs after all...
558 Seven Years to Sin Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Alistair Caulfield Jessica Sheffield N/A Historical Read 20.02.2013 3 Yes Historical 1 Yes PDF
The longer the resistance…
Seven years ago, on the eve of her wedding, proper Lady Jessica Sheffield witnessed a licentious scene no innocent young miss could imagine. Shocked, yet strangely titillated, she‘d held her
silence regarding scandalous Alistair Caulfield, and walked down the aisle as expected. But through years of serene, unremarkable marriage, Caulfield‘s image remained burned into her
imagination, fueling very illicit dreams…
…the sweeter the reward
Alistair ran far from the temptation of the prim debutante with the fire of passion in her eyes–all the way to the West Indies. As a successful merchant, he has little in common with the rakehell
youth she knew. But when newly widowed Jessica steps aboard his ship for a transatlantic passage, seven years‘ worth of denied pleasures are held in check by nothing more than a few layers
of silk–and the certainty that surrender will consume them both…
559 The Stranger I Married Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Historical To Read Yes Historical 2 Yes PDF
Gray was beautiful before, four years ago when he asked Isabel to wed him in a marriage of convenience. Now there are no words to describe him. He is no longer a boyish rogue, not by any
stretch of the imagination, but a tormented man, driven by secrets, silent about what he‘s done since he disappeared.
Isabel knew how to handle the reckless youth he‘d been, but this new husband of hers... this darkly passionate man is not tamable. Does she dare explore the places inside herself that Gray
demands to possess? Does she trust him enough to bare herself completely to a lover who is an irresistible stranger?
560 A Caress of Wings Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes Renegade Angels 1.5 Yes PDF
Author of "Bared to You" and "A Hunger So Wild "Sylvia Day takes us into a shadowy underworld, where a powerful angel breaks all the rules by falling for the mortal whose life she's saved...
Chained in the dark, Trevor Descansos endures pain and terror as vampires slowly drain the life from him. He finds mercy in Sentinel Siobhan, a beautiful avenging angel with lethal wings. She
draws Trevor from the depths of hell, wrapping him in the softness of the same feathers that she wielded like blades to cut down his tormentors. Ageless and eternal, Siobhan has seen too much
to be surprised by anything, but the mortal she finds in the pit of a vampire den shakes her to the core. Broken and near death, his ravaged masculine beauty stirs the heart she hadn't realized
she possessed. Though she's tasked with eradicating the vampire disease sweeping across her world, she nurses Trevor back to health, healing him even as he awakens a forbidden longing. But
the true test has yet to come. Siobhan faces an even darker fate than Trevor's, as she falls from grace into mortal love...
Includes a preview of the next Renegade Angels novel, "A Hunger So Wild"
561 A Dark Kiss of Rapture Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes Renegade Angels 0.5 Yes PDF
Of all the Fallen, Raze's hungers are some of the darkest and most insatiable. His brazen seductions cost him his wings, leaving him soulless and immortal, the most dangerous of seducers. He
has roamed the earth for eons, hunting the rogues of his kind and protecting the humans who provide him with blood and sex. He is content with his life and the transient pleasures that flow
through it... until one night and one woman change everything.
Kimberly McAdams is smart, beautiful, and wealthy. She can have any man she wants, but the moment she sets eyes on the lethally stunning Raze she knows he's the man she needs. As one
searingly erotic night burns into something deeper and far more vital than either of them expected, an adversary from Raze's past sees a chance for revenge. Twisted by hatred, she will take from
Raze what was taken from her—the precious gift of love.
562 A Hunger So Wild Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes Renegade Angels 2 Yes PDF
Elijah Reynolds is the most dominant of lycans, a rare Alpha whose skill on the hunt is surpassed only by his primal sexuality. When the lycans revolt due to the iron fist of angelic rule, he steps
into command, becoming both enemy and coveted ally in the conflict between vampires and angels.
Vashti is the second most powerful vampire in the world, a lethal beauty with a path of devastation in her wake. Tasked with proposing an alliance between vampires and the lycans who killed her
mate, Vash approaches Elijah, whose need to avenge a friend demands Vash‘s death even as his passion demands her surrender.
Soon, their enmity erodes beneath an all-consuming desire. Elijah has never encountered a woman whose warrior spirit and fierce sexual appetite rivals his own, while Vash is faced with the one
man strong enough to be her equal. But as war looms, each must decide where their loyalty lies—with their own kind or with the enemy lover they can no longer live without.
563 A Touch of Crimson Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes Renegade Angels 1 Yes PDF
Adrian Mitchell is a powerful angel leading an elite Special Ops unit of Seraphim. His task is to punish the Fallen-angels who have become vampires-and command a restless pack of indentured
lycans. But Adrian has suffered his own punishment for becoming involved with mortals- losing the woman he loves again and again. Now, after nearly two hundred years, he has found her-
Shadoe-her soul once more inhabiting a new body, with no memory of him. And this time, he won't let her go.
564 Adrian Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes Renegade Angels 1.1 Yes PDF Bonus material for a touch of Crimson
565 Alluring Tales_Hot Holiday Nights Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes Word
The holidays are heating up--with seven wickedly sensual stories guaranteed to spice up those chilly winter nights!
A psychology student goes online hoping to live out her steamiest fantasy--and ends up on a hot mystery date with a wickedly imaginative stud who brings out her inner pole-dancer. . .
A determined lady comes home, burning for her girlhood crush--a sexy lawman who totes a big gun. . .
A creative ad man's passion is aroused when he sees his buttoned-up coworker in a revealing new light--dressed in sizzling red satin on a giant billboard. . .
A professional dominatrix wishes upon a star, and her fantasy appears--an insatiable alpha male in biker boots who's literally out of this world. . .
A tall, dark, handsome warlock finds himself obsessed with his "familiar"--a sleek and sexy cat-woman who turns out to be the purr-fect lover. . .
She was always hot for big brother's best friend--and now her erotic dream is here in the taut and tempting flesh. . .
A pair of fugitive lovers finds themselves warm and toasty in a sultry Caribbean paradise--and ready for some red-hot fun in the sun. . .
566 Bad Boys AhoyDay Sylvia Sylvia Day Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Oh, those naughty rakes. With their wicked winks, sensual smiles, and bad boy habits, you just can't take them out in polite society. But who wants to go out when you can stay in...?
Sebastian Blake, Earl of Merrick, long ago fled the responsibilities of his title to become the infamous pirate, Captain Phoenix. But the booty he's just captured on a merchant ship is a fierce
tempered minx who claims to be a bride...his bride, married to him by proxy on behest of their fathers. He could shame his hated family and return his beautiful wife untouched, but no treasure
has ever proved more tempting to Sebastian, and making their marriage a true one-in every sense-is his one urgent desire ...
Lucien Remington's reputation as a debauched libertine who plays by no one's rules-in business or the bedroom-is well deserved. He gets what he wants, social repudiation be damned. But
society can keep from him the one thing he truly desires, the untouchable Lady Julienne La Coeur. Until she sneaks into his club dressed as a man and searching for her irresponsible brother.
Suddenly she's in Lucien's grasp, his to take, and his mind is filled with the most wickedly sinful thoughts. A gentleman would walk away from the temptation she presents. But then, Lucien has
never claimed to be a gentleman...
Hugh La Coeur never wanted to be the Earl of Montrose. Wine, women, and a hefty wager are preferable to responsibility of any kind. It's certainly preferable to spending the night in an eerie,
neglected mansion owned by a legendary madwoman. The duchess's companion, the fiercely independent Charlotte, is another matter altogether. Hugh would be happy to spend as many nights
in her bed as possible. He knows she's hiding terrible secrets, but for once in his life, Hugh has the desire to take on someone else's burden as his own, no matter what the danger...
They're mad, bad, and totally irresistible...
567 Catching Caroline Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Historical To Read Yes PDF
Jack Shaw's reputation as a wicked libertine is well deserved. He lives for the moment, indulging in temporary pleasures. Until Lady Caroline Seton sets her eyes on him and the heat of her gaze
lures him in. Now he wants more than one stolen kiss, he wants forever. But Caroline hides a dangerous secret, one that could cost him his life. Will his love be enough to save them both...?
Genres: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Historical / Regency
568 Magic & Mayhem Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Historical To Read Yes Word
An innovative ebook featuring two intertwined short stories:
Magic: When good witch Brianna James uses her magic and writes a sexy, forbidden love spell on her thirty-first birthday, on the thirty-first day of October during a full moon, and conjures up a
roguish, bad boy warlock, she has no idea that she'll experience a passion so deep and so intense it will forever turn her good girl days into bad girl nights. But, when that spell lands in the
wrong hands, be prepared for a little mayhem...
Mayhem: When Abigail Garvey steps into Conjure, the local magic shop, all she's looking for are a few props to round out her fortune teller Halloween costume. Abby isn't looking for a love spell
that turns her drop-dead gorgeous but long-oblivious neighbor into an aggressive alpha sex machine. Sure his single-minded pursuit (and follow-through!) is the stuff her wickedest fantasies are
made of, but how much of it is the real deal? And how much of it is just a little magical mayhem?
569 Snaring the Huntress Day Sylvia Sylvia Day Historical To Read Yes PDF
This e-book can be downloaded from author's website here - Snaring the Huntress
Star is an Interstellar Council judge. Her position requires her to pass sentence, hunt down the offenders, and administer punishments. She‘s considered one of the best, and if she plays her
cards right, she just might become the first of the Hunter species to ascend to the Supreme Court–her life‘s goal. When she‘s ordered to hunt down a rogue Jacian ambassador in heat, the
precedent is death. Sympathetic, but following the law she holds so dear, she pursues him with the intent to kill.
Roark has entered his mating cycle. By Council law, he should be locked in a room with his pre-assigned partner for a week of non-stop sex that will get him through his heat. But he doesn‘t
want his pre-assigned. He wants Star, the luscious blonde judge whose compassion and intelligence has won his regard. The penalty for going rogue while in heat is death, but that‘s a small
price to pay for a week of sensual pleasure with the woman he desires more than anything.
Now the huntress is the prey, and when she‘s snared by a man in heat, it‘s passion that rules, not the law. Or does it? Roark still has his sentence, and his lover Star is judge, jury… and
570 Training their Mate Day Vella Vella Day Contemporary To Read Yes Pack Wars 1 Yes Epub
Erotic Romantic Suspense, Werewolves, BDSM, MFM, menage
Liz Wharton has one goal—to kill the man who raped her mother. Had she known Harvey Couch was a werewolf, she never would have tried to take him on by herself.
Determined to put an end to the pest bent on revenge, Harvey sends his goons after her. When two wolves attack her, Liz is sure she‘s hallucinating. Good thing Trax Field is there to stop them.
Trax and Dante Field, members of the Pack, have devoted their lives to stopping bad shifters like Harvey Couch. Saving Liz would have been just an ordinary day, but when Trax finds her huddled
in an alley, bruised and shaken, he‘s convinced she‘s his mate.
To keep her safe, Trax and Dante hold her captive in their loft apartment. When they aren‘t searching for Couch, Trax and his brother spend the night training their future mate in the art of
bondage and sensual pleasures. How will they be able to convert her into embracing not only their lifestyle but also their animalistic side?
571 Claiming their Mate Day Vella Vella Day Contemporary To Read Yes Pack Wars 2 Yes Epub
Erotic Romantic Suspense, BDSM, Menage, Werewolves, MFM
Realtor Chelsea Wilson enters a vacant home she wants to show and comes face-to-face with a dead man--and a killer. Freaked out, she runs, but the killer nabs her.
Ricardo Mendez, a werewolf who runs a drug operation, doesn‘t need a witness to the murder. He viciously attacks her, but the dead man‘s brother, werewolf Kurt Wendlick and his Pack partner,
Drake Stanton stop the final assault.
When Kurt and Drake save Chelsea, they‘re certain she‘s their mate and will do anything to keep her safe. Her loving ways puts Kurt in a tailspin. He wants to claim her, but first he needs to
avenge his brother‘s murder.
What can Chelsea do to help the tormented man? Will the three ever explore the world of BSDM together?
572 Rescuing their Virgin Mate Day Vella Vella Day Contemporary To Read Yes Pack Wars 3 Yes Epub
Erotica Romantic Suspense, Menage, MFM, Werewolves, light BDSM
All Elena Sanchez wanted was to get on the plane to Costa Rica and visit her parents. Instead, when she‘s told they need to search her, she ends up being drugged and caged by a sadistic
bastard who plans on selling her virgin body to the highest bidder.
Two Pack members, Clay Demmers and Dirk Tilton, learn that Elena, Harvey Couch‘s former secretary, is a target in a human trafficking scheme. They go undercover and bid for her. As soon as
they see her, they know she‘s their mate. More determined than ever to save her, they end up buying her, but at what cost?
Elena doesn‘t know who to trust. They tell her they‘re werewolves, but is that any better than being sold into slavery to humans? With care, Clay and Dirk teach her how to embrace her
submissive ways. The problem is this good Catholic girl likes it. Will the guilt from her upbringing prevent her from having the best ménage relationship possible or can she find a way to have
573 Conquering Zeus DeLand Cerise Cerise DeLand Zeus Calderon KimStansfield N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Seals on Fire 7 Yes Epub
Getting in the party mood for a weekend away with his SEAL teammates is no easy deal for ―Zeus‖ Calderon. He‘s hung up on a woman he saved from terrorists months ago, but he should be
able to forget a gutsy blonde reporter who showed resilience and humor under fire. Shouldn‘t he?
Kim Stansfield got the instant hots for the hunky Navy SEAL who led her out of harm‘s way—and she‘s got proof Zeus feels the same about her. He‘s stubborn, but she‘s devised a plan to
conquer him.
When she shows up in Key West and surprises him on the beach, Zeus learns that once in a lifetime a man meets a woman he can‘t forget—and every day without her is no easy day.
574 Dinner, Sex & a Movie Develin Sean Sean Develin Contemporary To Read Yes Epub
Boy rock guitarist meets girl attorney. Sex ensues – but does romance stand a chance?
Jake is a twenty-something, bad-boy drifter with a dark past, a baby face and rock hard abs. Emma is a thirty-something, successful trial lawyer who chews up and spits out corporate power
brokers in her search for the perfect husband. They are completely incompatible, except in bed, where they find themselves frequently as a result of a ―random‖ encounter. But Emma‘s new boy-
toy has a deep romantic streak that has gotten through her defenses, and what started as a fling is in danger of becoming something serious. Now she faces an impossible dilemma: either she
walks away from the man who may be her true love, or she takes a chance on him, when she doesn‘t even know who he really is. Choose wrong, and she‘s in for the worst heartache of her life.
Dinner, Sex and a Movie is a five-act romantic comedy, equally ideal for a fast-paced, romantic read or a stage production.
575 The Black LyonDeverauxJude Jude Deveraux Contemporary To Read Yes Montgomery/Taggart 1 Yes PDF & Word
Darkly handsome and rich beyond imagining, the bold English conqueror was called Lyon for his-lion like fierceness. He had no match among enemies, or women ... until he met Lyonene, the
green-eyed beauty whose fiery spirit matched his own. Through a whirlwind romance and stormy marriage, she endured every peril to be by his side... until jealousy and vicious lies drove her
across the Irish Sea and into grave danger. One man could save her -- only the fierce Black Lyon had the courage to destroy the ruthless plot that had driven them apart and threatened the bond
of love they had vowed could never be broken.
576 The Velvet Promise DeverauxJude Jude Deveraux Historical To Read Yes Velvet Montgomery Annuals Quadrilogy 3 Yes PDF
All of England rejoiced on her wedding day. But Judith vowed that her husband would get only what he took from her!
At the flower-bedecked altar, the first touch of their hands ignited an all-consuming passion. Gavin Montgomery looked deep into her golden eyes and burned with desire for her...but his heart had
been pledged to another.
Humiliated and alone in a strange castle, Judith resolved to hate this husband who took her body, but rejected her love...never admitting her fear of losing him.
But destiny held another fate for Judith...a fate that would keep at last...The Velvet Promise.
577 Remembrance DeverauxJude Jude Deveraux Hayden Lane Contemporary Read 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Bestselling romance writer Hayden Lane has found her soul mate - or rather, created him: he's her latest fictional hero. And she's totally obsessed with him. Barely noticing when her real-life
fiance breaks their engagement, she visits a psychic to learn more about him - and is told that in a past life Hayden was Lady de Grey, a promiscuous woman of Edwardian England. Hayden
can't resist submitting to a hypnotist's magic. But the trick goes wrong, and instead of merely remembering her past as Lady de Grey, Hayden is living it. Now she will discover quite a different
story about a woman history considered a trollop, a spectacular, brooding man, and the rapturous love that would be hers if she dared open her heart to the most mysterious adventure of all.
578 Irrational Arousal Devon Summer Summer Devon Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
That guy you glanced at...the one you thought was so gorgeous. What do you do when you're suddenly seeing what he's seeing, feeling what he's feeling, and it's all hot, sweaty and very R-
rated? Gia's life takes a turn for the bizarre when she develops a connection with construction worker Will, and the connection is all sexual. Not only can she see and sense his fantasies, he can
visit hers too. And for two strangers, they begin to have some pretty intimate daydreams about each other. Anger, and concern about the sudden onset of shared insanity, are thrust to the
wayside when Gia and Will finally meet and find that even outside the fantasies, they can't keep their hands off each other. Some kind of weird lust is driving them-to mutually orgasmic results.
While Gia's loving it, Will just wants a normal life, but soon realizes they might never turn down the heat and return to normal again. And craziness aside, does he really want the "cure" if it
means losing Gia?
579 A Christmas Carol Dickons Charles Charles Dickons Children's Books Read No N/A
One of the best-loved and most quoted stories of ―the man who invented Christmas‖—English writer Charles Dickens—A Christmas Carol debuted in 1843 and has touched millions of hearts
Cruel miser Ebeneezer Scrooge has never met a shilling he doesn‘t like...and hardly a man he does. And he hates Christmas most of all. When Scrooge is visited by his old partner, Jacob
Marley, and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come, he learns eternal lessons of charity, kindness, and goodwill. Experience a true Victorian Christmas!
580 Scent of Darkness Dodd Christina Christina DoddJasha Wilder Ann Smith N/A Contemporary Read 14.06.2013 3 Yes Darkness Chosen 1 Yes PDF
A thousand years ago, a brutal warrior roamed the Russian steppes and struck a sinister bargain. In return for the ability to change at will info a coldhearted predator, Konstantine promised his
soul—and the soul of his descendents—to the devil. Then one day a dangerous prophecy reveals the truth: One family has been chosen to battle the darkness—or face damnation. Ann Smith
loves her dynamic boss, Jasha Wilder, but her daring plan to seduce him goes awry when she encounters a powerful wolf who, before her horrified eyes, changes into the man she adores. She
soon discovers that she can't escape her destiny, for Jasha is Konstantine's descendant, and Ann is the woman fated to break the curse that binds his soul.
581 Touch of Darkness Dodd Christina Christina DoddRurik Wilder N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Darkness Chosen 2 Yes PDF
Handsome, powerful Rurik Wilder holds the power to transform himself into a fierce bird of prey-a gift that's caused death and destruction. At last he's offered the chance to redeem himself. Only
one woman stands in his way-a beautiful writer determined to wreak revenge on the assassins who murdered her family. Assassins, it's been rumored, who have powers no human should ever
582 Into the ShadowDodd Christina Christina DoddAdrik Wilder Karen Sonnet N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Darkness Chosen 3 Yes PDF
Blessed?or cursed?with the ability to change into a sleek panther, and driven by a dark soul he?s accepted as his fate, Adrik Wilder abandons his family and his honor to pursue a life of
wickedness. He excels at every vice, including kidnapping Karen Sonnet to use for his selfish purposes. But Karen?s spirit and passion make him question the force of his family?s curse. And
when a new evil emerges, Adrik must choose whether to enact revenge on his enemies and redeem his soul, or save Karen from a fate worse than death?
583 Into the Flame Dodd Christina Christina DoddDoug Black N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Darkness Chosen 4 Yes PDF
Meet Doug Black—the Wilder brother who‘s been missing for centuries. With no idea of where he‘s from, he‘s become an angry young cop with the ability to transform into a cougar. in search of
others like him, he comes across a beautiful woman who may hold the secret to his destiny...
584 A Well Pleasured Lady Dodd Christina Christina DoddSebastian Durant Mary Fairchild N/A Historical To Read Yes Fairchild Family 1 Yes PDF
Prim, plain, desperately virtuous Lady Mary Fairchild stared at the seductive gentleman and wondered — did he remember the elements of the night they met? Surely not. In the ten years since,
she had abandoned her youthful impetuousness and transformed herself into a housekeeper — disguising her beauty beneath a servant's dour clothing determined to conquer the passions of the
past. But Sebastian Durant, Viscount Whitfield, did recognize her as a Fairchild, one of his family's bitter enemies. When he demanded her help recovering a stolen diary, she dared not refuse
him. When he proposed they masquerade as a betrothed couple, loyalty forced her to agree. And when the restraint between them shattered and pleasure became an obsession, Mary had to
trust a powerful man who could send her to the gallows ... or love her through eternity.
585 A Well Favored Gentleman Dodd Christina Christina DoddIan FairchildAlana N/A Historical To Read Yes Fairchild Family 2 Yes PDF
Where has she been? The rumors fly throughout the Scottish countryside about Lady Alanna, the beautiful and mysterious displaced mistress of Fionnaway Manor. And now she has emerged
from hiding, only to find her beloved estate besieged by greedy relatives. . .and coveted by a darkly handsome Englishman. Ian Fairchild knows that Fionnaway belongs to him alone. For years
he yearned for the cherished place where he passed his childhood. He can secure his rights to the manor only through marriage with the enigmatic Alanna, but the exquisite hellion has warned
him at knifepoint to leave her house. Now with skill and charm, Ian must penetrate the lady's defenses, and boldly lay claim to her body and spirit. But first he must prove himself worthy, and he
holds the power to enchant and delight, inflame and inspire. . .and to convince this lady her true home is in her lover's heart.
586 Trouble in High Heels Dodd Christina Christina DoddRoberto Bartolini Brandi Michaels N/A Historical To Read Yes Fortune Hunter 1 Yes ePub
When Brandi Michaels discovers her fianceé hopping a flight to Vegas to marry his girlfriend, she pawns her engagement ring, buys herself a fabulous outfit, and spends one sultry night in the
arms of a gorgeous Italian stranger named Roberto Bartolini. When Brandi becomes the mark for a killer, she has no choice but to turn to Roberto—a man who‘s destined to be either her savior
or her downfall. But one thing's for sure: She‘s not going down without a fight....
587 Tongue in ChicDodd Christina Christina DoddDevlin Fitzwilliam Meadow Szarvas N/A Historical To Read Yes Fortune Hunter 2 Yes ePub
Devlin Fitzwilliam caught Meadow Szarvas red-handed, breaking into his mansion to steal a painting. In sheer desperation, she used a case of amnesia as her excuse. But then he pulled a fast
one-and claimed she was his wife. Playing along was the only way for Meadow to get her hands on that painting. But what she doesn't realize is that Devlin has a hidden agenda too-and that
someone's keeping an eye on them both.
588 Just the Way You Are Dodd Christina Christina DoddZachariah Givens Hope Prescott N/A Historical To Read Yes Lost Texas Heart 1 Yes PDF
When Hope Prescott's parents disappeared, her carefree teenage life vanished forever. She and her three siblings were separated and sent to different foster homes around the country. Now,
seven years later, Hope is still searching for them. To support herself, she works for an answering service, and cares for her clients as if they were family. When wealthy businessman Zachariah
Givens hires Hope's service, Hope initially mistakes Zack for his butler. Tired of being coddled and attered because of his money, Zack is charmed by Hope's candor, not to mention her sexy
voice, and keeps up the charade. As their friendship turns into passion, Zack is determined to have her, even if that means the unthinkable -- marriage. But when Hope discovers his deception,
Zack knows he must solve the mystery that haunts Hope's past in order to convince her that their futures lie together....
589 Burning of FlintDohner Laurann Laurann Dohner Contemporary To Read Yes Cyborg Seduction 1 Yes PDF
Flint is tall, gorgeous and dangerous. He's a cyborg-the absolute ultimate alpha male. He takes what he wants and holds what is his. Mira is his now. He takes her aboard his ship and has her
branded with his mark. He captured her, owns her, and she will serve his every need.
Mira is instantly drawn to Flint, fascinated by his seductive appeal. The sex between them is smoking hot. Until she finds out he is a breeder, contracted to a dozen cyborg women, and she is
no more than a possession.
Mira won't share her cyborg and she belongs to no one-not even to a man who has captured her heart. She doesn't know if cyborgs feel... anything. Can Flint love her? Mira is determined to find
out, no matter how much trouble she makes for the big guy.
590 Fury Dohner Laurann Laurann Dohner Contemporary To Read Yes New Species 1 Yes PDF
Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments. Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species. One
such ―experiment‖ captures her heart and she‘ll do anything to save him—even if he hates her for it.
Fury has never known compassion or love. He‘s spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him. Now he‘s free and set on
vengeance. He vows to end her life but when she‘s finally in his grasp, harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy little human.
Fury can‘t resist Ellie—the touch of her hands, her mouth on his skin, her body wrapped around his. He‘s obsessed with the scent of his woman. And Ellie wants Fury—always has. She craves
his big, powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart.
But loving Fury is one thing…taming him is another.
591 Justice Dohner Laurann Laurann Dohner Contemporary To Read Yes New Species 2 Yes PDF
Justice North is the face of New Species. Seeing him up close makes Jessie's heart race. He's the ultimate alpha male-big, muscular, exotically beautiful...and dangerous. Of course he's off
limits. But then the sexy man purrs and all bets are off.
Jessie Dupree is a mouthy, fiery human female who brings out the animal in Justice. She wants to show him how to relax, and he's all for anything she wants to do, but Justice has sworn to
protect his people and to take a Species mate. He's torn between the woman he wants and the oath he's taken.
Jessie knows a relationship between them probably won't end well; heartbreak is inevitable. But that won't stop her from freeing the wildness inside Justice and spending every moment she can
steal wrapped around his hot body, making him roar with passion.
Reader Advisory: Each New Species book may be read as a standalone, but we suggest reading them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series.
592 Slade Dohner Laurann Laurann Dohner Contemporary To Read Yes New Species 4 Yes PDF
Book 2 in the New Species series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series.
Dr. Trisha Norbit is flat on her back in a hospital bed, pinned under a really big New Species male. Though drugged out of his mind, he promises her ecstasy and is determined to deliver—but
hospital staff intervenes. 215 is a man Trisha will never forget. But, when she meets him again at Homeland…he doesn‘t even remember her!
The nosy new doctor wants to know all about the breeding habits between humans and Species. Slade proposes a hands-on education but she‘s not interested in a one-night stand. He can‘t
offer more because he‘s haunted by the memory of a woman he once tried to claim. He‘s shocked when he realizes they are one and the same. He‘s blown it—she‘ll never give him a chance
But, when her life is in danger, he‘s the only one who can save her. As they flee through the wilderness, their desire ignites and cannot be denied. Hot sex, on the run, has consequences that
are even more dangerous and will change their lives forever.
Reader Advisory: There is a scene of an attempted rape.
593 Brawn Dohner Laurann Laurann Dohner Brawn Becca N/A Contemporary Read 28.07.2013 4 Yes New Species 5 Yes Html
One look at Brawn and Becca is wondering how he‘d look without his clothes. Brawn is instantly attracted to Becca but has sworn never to touch a human female. They just aren‘t sturdy enough
and he likes his sex a little rough. He is shocked to learn he‘ll be living with her when she refuses to leave her home. He is there to represent New Species and to learn about humans so maybe
this will be a good educational experience. He just has to keep his hands off her.
His good intentions go astray when they are kidnapped and locked together inside a cage. Brawn finds himself reliving a nightmare when he is once again subjected to breeding experiments at
the hands of New Species‘ enemies. They will use Becca to get what they want from him. Brawn will do everything he can to protect her but they only have each other to depend on while trying
to survive.
594 Wrath Dohner Laurann Laurann Dohner Contemporary To Read Yes New Species 6 Yes Html
Wrath volunteers to live and work outside Homeland, where he'll once again be confined in a small space with other males. He was subjected to horrific abuse and conditioning and forced to view
endless sex tapes of human females while chained to Mercile's perverted machines. Wrath knows he's too dangerous and emotionally damaged to ever be with a female.
Lauren has just been detained by three big, buff, well-armed men-New Species. One of them really catches her eye. He's tall, sexy and . . . her new roommate, apparently. Having never met a
man this spectacular, she decides to taste every inch of his amazing body. Wrath is definitely open to that plan. The sex is incredible and he gives her everything she needs-but he'll only go so
far. Something is holding him back.
Lauren has to make him unleash his desire and Wrath has to get past his fear if the couple wants any chance at a future together.
Publisher's Note: While each New Species book is a standalone, the greatest enjoyment will come from reading them in series order.
595 Tiger Dohner Laurann Laurann Dohner Contemporary To Read Yes New Species 7 Yes Html
Zandy‘s had too much to drink and is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She knows she‘s going to die. When her eyes open again, a beautiful man-creature is holding her in his arms. He is
just too tempting to resist—her fallen angel. She wraps herself around his body, determined to have him. Reality crashes in when he turns out to be flesh and blood. She‘s just molested a New
Tiger‘s shock quickly turns to intense passion when the small human female kisses him. She‘s trying to get his clothes off and wants to share sex with him but she‘s lying across the hood of his
Jeep and he‘s engaged in a task force operation.
Tiger has made it clear that he will never take a mate. There‘s only one small problem—they can‘t keep their hands off each other. The taste and feel of her just leaves Tiger wanting more.
596 Mate Set Dohner Laurann Laurann Dohner Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
It‘s werewolf mating season. All the males are in heat and the driving, sexual lust of their beasts is almost uncontrollable. Mika is human, in an alley, surrounded by four horny werewolves. She
knows she‘s in deep shit. A tall, handsome werewolf rescues her then demands payment. Hot, sweaty, intimate payment. Grady is a half breed whose his human mother abandoned him to his
werewolf father, so he knows human women just aren‘t safe to fall in love with. The wolf within him wants Mika as his mate, but Grady will not give in. Never. Ever. He‘s willing to fight his
emotions and his beast, no matter how much sexy Mika tempts him. But neither of them expected her Uncle Omar to assign Grady to protect her from other males—24/7, in her home, sleeping
just down the hall. Mika decides to make the best of her vacation and keep the hot wolf in her bed. Grady can‘t resist the scorching sex, but he is determined to resist the bond.
597 He Loves Lucy Donovan Susan Susan Donovan Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Marketing exec Lucy Cunningham is thrilled when her firm lands The Palm Club account. The campaign concept for Miami's hottest fitness club was Lucy's idea: take one fitness-challenged
woman, put her in front of TV cameras, and into the hands of the club's top personal trainer, Theo Redmond. And there's a big cash reward for each pound shed. It seems like a brilliant idea-until
Lucy gets picked to be the guinea pig. It's obvious she needs to drop the pounds, but the idea of letting it all hang out in front of some Malibu Ken jock has her choking on her Milk Duds before
she even begins!
After one meeting, Theo knows Lucy will be his toughest client and one of the most unforgettable women he'll ever meet. Smart-mouthed and stubborn, it's clear she isn't fond of marching to
anyone's drumbeat but her own. But she shocks Theo by rising to the challenge like a pro. And he finds his heart in jeopardy long before Lucy starts to slim down and turn heads.
As Lucy sweats her way into a whole new life, things start to heat up between her and Theo. But trust doesn't come easy for either of them. They've both been burned by romance in the past.
Now Lucy and Theo are about to discover that appearances can be deceiving-and in the end, true love lies somewhere between pizza and Pilates...
598 Love & History Dragon Cheryl Cheryl DragonScott Kasten Bridget Sanger N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Masters Wanted 1 Yes Epub
LOVE AND HISTORY by Cheryl Dragon
Masters Wanted Book One
Where are all the bedroom Doms? Sick of men pushing her limits, Bridget Sanger brings up the issue on her secret blog. Bridget is ready to give up on kinky love and focus on her career. The
blog is her last rant but it takes off. A meddling coworker tracks the blog to her and knows the perfect Dom for her.
Stuffy outside, hot inside history professor, Scott Kasten finds Bridget an intriguing challenge. History has taught him love never lasts but their kink could be forever. She never thought of Scott
like that but it turns her on all the more to see his sexual side. He's a man of his word and she trusts him with her body. The sex is amazingly intense but she wants a real relationship. . . she
won't settle!
599 How to Marry a Duke Dreiling Vicky Vicky Dreiling Historical To Read Yes How To Series 1 Yes Epub
Tristan, the Duke of Shelbourne is a man with a mission: find a wife he can tolerate as long as they both shall live. Love is not necessary--nor desired. But how to choose among a dizzying array
of wealthy-yet-witless candidates? Hire London's infamously prim and proper matchmaker. Then pretend she's not the most captivating woman he's ever met...
Helping a devilish Duke create a contest to pick his perfect mate is the kind of challenge Tessa Mansfield relishes. Her methods may be scandalous, but she's determined to find the notorious
bachelor more than a wife--she'll bring him true love. Yet when Tessa watches the women vie for the Duke's affections, she longs to win his heart herself. And after a stolen kiss confirms Tristan's
desire, Tessa knows she has broken a matchmaker's number one rule: never fall in love with the groom.
600 Barely a Lady Dreyer Eileen Eileen DreyerJack Olivia GraceN/A Historical To Read Yes Drake's Rakes 1 Yes PDF & Word
Olivia Grace has secrets that could destroy her. One of the greatest of these is the Earl of Gracechurch, who married and divorced her five years earlier. Abandoned and disgraced, Grace has
survived those years at the edge of respectability. Then she stumbles over Jack on the battlefield of Waterloo, and he becomes an even more dangerous secret. For not only is he unconscious,
he is clad in an enemy uniform. But worse, when Jack finally wakes in Olivia's care, he can't remember how he came to be on a battlefield in Belgium. In fact, he can't remember anything of the
last five years. He thinks he and Olivia are still blissfully together. To keep him from being hanged for a traitor, Olivia must pretend she and Jack are still married. To unearth the real traitors,
Olivia and Jack must unravel the truth hidden within his faulty memory. To save themselves and the friends who have given them sanctuary, they must stand against their enemies, even as they
both keep their secrets. In the end, can they risk everything to help Jack recover his lost memories, even though the truth may destroy them both?
601 Never a Gentleman Dreyer Eileen Eileen DreyerDiccan Hilliard Grace Fairchild N/A Historical Read 17.07.2013 3 Yes Drake's Rakes 2 Yes PDF & Word
Miss Grace Fairchild is under no illusions about her charms. Painfully plain, she is a soldier's daughter who has spent her life being useful, not learning the treacherous ways of the ton. She may
have been caught in a scandal with society's favorite rogue, but how can she marry him when it means losing herself? Diccan Hilliard doesn't know which of his enemies drugged him and
dumped him in Grace's bed, but he does know the outcome. He and Grace must marry. To his surprise, a wild, heady passion flares between them. Yet Diccan is trapped in a deadly game of
intrigue grace knows nothing about. Will his lies destroy Grace just as he realizes how desperately he needs her? And how can he hope for a future with her, when an old enemy has set his
murderous sights on them both?
602 Always a Temptress Dreyer Eileen Eileen DreyerHarry LidgeKate SeatonN/A Historical To Read Yes Drake's Rakes 3 Yes PDF & Word
Major Sir Harry Lidge has done his duty. After losing too many good men in battle he's ready to live a life free of care. But first he has one last mission: kidnap the most outrageous woman in
London--the same woman who betrayed him nearly a decade earlier--and find out what she's concealing before her secrets take down the crown. Surrounded by ardent admirers and a few loyal
friends, Lady Kate Seaton glides through the ton armed with nothing but couture gowns and bon mots. No one suspects that beneath her lighthearted facade lies a sorrow so scandalous she'll
do anything to keep it hidden. But only when she trusts Harry with the truth can she begin to heal. And only when Harry trusts her with his heart can he protect both his country and the woman
he loves.
603 Appertizers Drummond, Rusilko Everly, Ivan Everly, Ivan Drummond, Rusilko Ivan RusilkoJaden Thorne N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A
Recently named executive chef at one of Miami Beach‘s hottest restaurants, Jaden Thorne is determined to make her culinary mark and fulfill her professional dreams. When Jaden is given
highly coveted tickets to the ultra-exclusive Winemaker‘s Dinner, she jumps at the opportunity to meet South Florida's wealthiest and most influential food and wine enthusiasts. Jaden‘s eyes
are drawn to the VIP section even before the appetizers appear, but she soon finds herself thinking less about networking and more about the intriguingly sexy stranger eying her from across the
room. After dinner, what begins as a light-hearted flirtation unexpectedly catapults into a night of explosive passion. But when morning dawns, Jaden leaves her sleeping Mr. Oh So Sexy behind,
sure they‘ll never see each other again. Dr. Ivan Rusilko, a handsome, young physician, boasts an extensive resume‘ and a well-established position on Miami Beach‘s social scene. But
despite his success and glamour, he‘s routinely had to suffer uninspiring dates and doomed relationships. With a romantic heart, Ivan‘s not the love-‗em-and-leave-‗em type. But when he
awakens to find that the girl in the red dress has done exactly that, he resolves to find her--only if it‘s just to ask why she left without even a kiss goodbye. The Winemaker‘s Dinner is a
fictionalized erotic memoir inspired by the romantic triumphs and tragedies of Dr. Ivan Rusilko‘s real life. Weaving fact with fantasy, authors Everly Drummond and Dr. Ivan Rusilko have gifted
readers with a swoon-worthy flesh-and-blood romantic hero and the intoxicating bouquet only a heartfelt tale of passionate love can create
604 The Duke of Shadows Duran Meredith Meredith Duran Historical To Read Yes PDF
From exotic sandstone palaces...
Sick of tragedy, done with rebellion, Emmaline Martin vows to settle quietly into British Indian society. But when the pillars of privilege topple, her fiancé's betrayal leaves Emma no choice. She
must turn for help to the one man whom she should not trust, but cannot resist: Julian Sinclair, the dangerous and dazzling heir to the Duke of Auburn.
To the marble halls of London...
In London, they toast Sinclair with champagne. In India, they call him a traitor. Cynical and impatient with both worlds, Julian has never imagined that the place he might belong is in the embrace
of a woman with a reluctant laugh and haunted eyes. But in a time of terrible darkness, he and Emma will discover that love itself can be perilous -- and that a single decision can alter one's life
Destiny follows wherever you run.
A lifetime of grief later, in a cold London spring, Emma and Julian must finally confront the truth: no matter how hard one tries to deny it, some pasts cannot be disowned...and some passions
never die.
605 Deadly Fear Eden Cynthia Cynthia EdenLuke DanteMonica Davenport N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Deadly 1 Yes ePub
TWO BRILLIANT AGENTS FBI Special Agent Monica Davenport has made a career out of profiling serial killers. But getting inside the twisted minds of the cruel and the sadistic has taken its
toll: She's walled herself off from the world. Yet Monica can't ignore fellow agent Luke Dante, the only man who ever broke through her defenses. ONE DREAM TEAM Luke has the unique ability
to put victims at ease...professionally, he and Monica made a perfect team. Now they're reunited to catch a murderer who uses his victims' deepest, darkest fears for sport - but their investigative
skills aren't enough. Luke and Monica will have to face the secrets from their past, the ones that terrify them the most, if they are to have a future together. BUT CAN THEY CATCH A KILLER
606 Midnight's Master Eden Cynthia Cynthia EdenNiol LapenHolly StormN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Midnight 3 Yes PDF
In a world of shadows, desire conquers all…Tall, dark, and formidable, Niol Lapen is the last demon on earth most people would ask for a favor, yet the sexy little reporter who wanders into his
club dares to do exactly that. Holly Storm already knows too much about his kind, and Niol has no wish to help her get in deeper over her head. But working alongside her may be the only way
to stop a killer, even as it ignites a primal desire unlike anything he's known. Holly has seen firsthand what Niol is capable of, but that doesn't frighten her nearly as much as her body's instinctive
reaction to him, or the wild, fierce passion that would tempt her to follow him through hell itself. Something evil and relentless is prowling the streets of Atlanta. And as Holly's search leads her
into danger that even Niol could never have predicted, she'll uncover a secret that could rip her world apart…
607 Eternal Hunter Eden Cynthia Cynthia EdenJude Donovan Erin JeromeN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Night Watch 1 Yes PDF
Assistant DA Erin Jerome has a secret. Make that two. One: She‘s not entirely human–she‘s Other, desperately trying to keep her supernatural strength under wraps. Two: she‘s got a killer
stalking her–an Other rogue set on ―gifting‖ her bloody corpses, not to mention nights lying awake in terror. Small wonder she‘s been having bad luck with men. But the bounty hunter on her new
case isn‘t worried about any of that. Jude Donovan is a shapeshifter himself, and the new DA‘s midnight hair and addictive scent tell him all he thinks he needs to know: She‘s gorgeous, she‘s
definitely not human, and she‘s bringing out the animal in him in a really good way. He might have to track a psychotic Other stalker through half of Louisiana. But he might also get the chance
to watch Erin‘s wild side come out and play.
608 I'll be Slaying You Eden Cynthia Cynthia EdenSimon Chase Sandra "Dee" Daniels N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Night Watch 2 Yes PDF
Sandra "Dee" Daniels is a vampire's worst nightmare. Sure, she couldn't get up to five-six in the highest heels money can buy--not that she ever wears heels. But the monsters in her past and
the stake in her boot are enough to keep most bloodsuckers interested in staying undead out of Baton Rouge. But there are changes afoot on her turf. Rumors of a Born Master in town--a
vampire so powerful he can make the streets run with blood. And a new face in Dee's dive bars and alleyways--Simon Chase, a strong, sexy shadow with a haunted past of his own. Simon
knows a lot about the dark side of Dee's work. He knows even more about how to make her body spark with desire. But the hot lust shimmering between them is only the beginning. Because
Simon also knows a secret that will change Dee's life--if she can live long enough to uncover it.
609 Eternal Flame Eden Cynthia Cynthia EdenZane Wynter Jana CarterN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Night Watch 3 Yes PDF
No one that deadly should look that good. Hybrid demon Zane Wynter specializes in tracking the most lethal criminals, whether human or Other. But Jana Carter is nothing like his previous
targets. She's an Ignitor, able to conjure and control fire. She's also sexy beyond belief - and used to playing dirty. Jana knows she's being set up. She even knows who's responsible: Project
Perseus, a secretive group that plans to rid the world of paranormals by any means necessary. From Louisiana's sultry swamps to its desolate cemeteries, Jana and Zane must race to destroy
the mastermind behind Perseus before their world goes up in flames - and with it, a desire that burns too hot to resist.
610 Kaleb Edwards Nicole Nicole Edwards Contemporary To Read Yes Alluring Indulgence 1 Yes Epub
Zoey Stranford might‘ve had a crush on the sexy boy next door since middle school, but she‘s a woman now, and that crush has turned into a full blown case of lust. So why is it that at twenty
nine, her libido decides to ramp into high gear and the only thing she can focus on is the intensely sexy, scorching hot boy next door who is definitely not a boy anymore?
The only problem is that Zoey and Kaleb have been best friends for as long as she can remember. Not to mention, Kaleb and his brothers are working on buying Stranford land to build a new
resort, and she‘s more than a little hesitant about his intentions.
Kaleb Walker has had his eye on Zoey for close to twenty years, but never before has he considered taking their friendship to the next level, no matter how many fantasies he‘s had about her
over the years. That doesn‘t explain why Kaleb is hell bent on having her – in as many ways as possible.
Kaleb finds himself in a precarious situation. His brothers have nominated him to pursue Zoey‘s father about purchasing the land needed to get their new resort off the ground. Finding out that
Carl Stranford is on the brink of foreclosure and Zoey might just lose her house and the land, Kaleb now has to convince her to put aside her pride and let him help her.
It doesn‘t take long before the flames start burning bright and hot, and the two of them burn up the nights and the days as they explore each other‘s forbidden fantasies. But can their friendship
survive a business transaction or the new friends with benefits clause? Or will they realize that they‘ve been overlooking something much deeper that‘s been right in front of them all along?
Warning: This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including, but not limited to m/f/m encounters, anal sex, exhibitionism, and
voyeurism. Consider yourself warned! Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.
Erotic Romance
Mature Audience
611 Double Plush Velvet Elliott Leanore Leanore Elliott Contemporary To Read Yes Velvet 1 Yes PDF
"Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere…" Meet Bren Plush, shy, a bit heavy and tired of her dreary life— When an irresistibly hot cowboy starts coming into the diner where she
works, her world started to shift. How could she get his attention? Follow Bren through her obstacle-filled journey to win the man of her dreams and jump-start her life.
612 Vanilla on Top Ellisson CJ CJ Ellisson Tony Carmine Heather Pierce N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Walk On the Wild Side 1 Yes Epub
Discover your inner bad girl, and set her free…
Heather Pierce is done being a wallflower, both personally and professionally. Desperate to live a different life for one night, she attends a speed dating event. Maybe here, anonymous unless she
chooses otherwise, she can become someone new. When a man way out of her league sits across from her, Heather gathers her courage and takes charge of what she wants, secretly fearing
he won‘t desire the real person she‘s desperate to hide.
Top acquisitions officer and international playboy Tony Carmine is about to close the biggest deal of his career. But then he meets Heather at a speed dating event…and discovers losing control
may be exactly what he needs. Her blossoming sensuality occupies his every thought, consuming him with the need to possess the most intriguing lover he‘s ever encountered—until he walks
into the boardroom and sees Heather on the other side of the negotiating table.
613 Marital Bitch Emery JC JC Emery Contemporary To Read Yes Men with Badges 1 Yes Epub
Some people never grow up, and there are some people you never grow out of no matter how hard you try.
She‘s irrational. He‘s crass. She wanted out of South Boston. He never wanted to leave. She keeps him at a distance. He refuses to leave her side. Together, Colleen Frasier and Bradley Patrick
are ridiculous and juvenile. Apart, they‘re just plain miserable.
While Detective Bradley Patrick was keeping the streets of South Boston safe, Colleen Frasier was busy litigating late into the evening and admiring the view from her high-rise condo downtown.
Her life was perfect– sort of. She spent too much time drinking her high-priced lattes and acquiring an impressive shoe collection and before she knew it she was 35 and time for all that other
stuff she wanted, like a husband and children, was quickly passing her by. And then there‘s that longtime rift that‘s kept her and her childhood best friend, Bradley Patrick, at odds for over a
All of that changes on Colleen‘s 35th birthday when she receives a surprise marriage proposal from Brad. One night. One birthday wish. Trouble is, he brings out the worst in Colleen. She can‘t
possibly marry him, can she? She‘s never been very good at saying ―no‖ to him, either. What was supposed to end the next day with an annulment takes on a life of its own when video of the
wedding ends up on the internet and their families are overjoyed by the news. Fearing the shame of her Catholic family, Colleen has a proposal of her own: pretend the marriage is for real– and
Brad is all too willing to play the doting husband.
614 The Care & Taming of a Rogue Enoch Suzanne Suzanne Enoch Bennett Wolfe Phillipa Eddison N/A Historical Read 12.01.2013 3 Yes Adventurer's Club 1 Yes Epub
How to tell if a man is an unrepentant rogue:
1. He has no patience for frivolous debutantes
2. He kisses you after a single dance
3. He makes you forget yourself and kiss him back . . .
After years away from London, Captain Bennett Wolfe is back—and alive, much to Society's surprise. Having been presumed dead, this rugged adventurer is now much sought after by every
marriage-minded young woman . . . but Bennett only has eyes for the intriguing Lady Phillipa Eddison.
Phillipa would rather read than flirt, but she does know a thing or two about proper courtship rituals. A gentleman does not kiss a lady senseless, and he certainly does not bring his pet monkey
when he comes calling. Lady Phillipa's ever been so scandalized . . . or tempted. She simply must teach Bennett some manners—before she succumbs to temptation as wild as the man who
offers it.
615 A Lady's Guide to Improper Behaviour Enoch Suzanne Suzanne Enoch Historical To Read Yes Adventurer's Club 2 Yes Epub
The Rules:
A lady should always make polite conversation ...
Theresa Weller understands the rules of decorum, and is appalled when Colonel Bartholomew James disrupts a perfectly civilized dinner. This rude, insensitive man is the complete opposite of
everything a gentleman should be — but with one searing kiss, Tess can think of no one else.
A lady should never lose her temper ...
Aggravated beyond bearing by a man who speaks his mind, Tess wishes there was a guide to men like Bartholomew. Surely, with such an assortment of handsome, polite suitors to choose
from, Tess should not ache for him.
A lady should never pursue a gentleman.
She invites him on carriage rides and dares him to dance, and almost makes him want to return to Society. Bartholomew knows Tess wants to be seen as a proper miss, but deep down, he
knows she is precisely the sort to spark his desire ... A most improper lady.
616 Rules of Engagement Enoch Suzanne Suzanne Enoch Historical To Read Yes Adventurer's Club 3 Yes Epub
For proper young ladies, good behavior has always been the rule...
Captain Bradshaw Carroway loves the seafaring life - though he'd rather be battling brigands than his current assignment of ferrying a boatload of spoiled aristocrats. One passenger, however,
has caught his eye: a bewitching young minx who definitely distracts him from the rules of shipboard decorum . . .
Some rules, of course, are meant to be broken.
Miss Zephyr Ponsley has traveled the world, but she's completely innocent in the ways of love. She's never learned to dance or flirt. But scientific observation has taught her that the laws of
attraction have no rules, and that no adventure, on land or sea, is more dangerous - or delicious - than passion!
617 The Rake Enoch Suzanne Suzanne Enoch Historical To Read Yes Lessons in Love 1 Yes PDF
Three determined young ladies vow to give three of London's worst rakes their comeuppance -- but when these rogues turn the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love?
Once upon a time, the notorious Viscount Dare charmed Lady Georgiana Halley out of her innocence -- to win a wager, no less! -- and now he must pay dearly. The, plan is simple: She will use
every seductive wile she knows to win Dare's heart...and then break it. But his smoldering gaze once again tempts Georgiana to give in to desire -- and when he astonishes her with a marriage
proposal, she wonders: Is he playing yet another game...or could it truly be love this time?
618 London's Perfect Scoundrel Enoch Suzanne Suzanne Enoch Historical To Read Yes Lessons in Love 2 Yes PDF
A determined young lady vows to give one of London's infamous rakes his comeuppance -- but when the rogue turns the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love?
The ton gossips call him "Saint" -- but the Marquis of St. Aubyn has well earned his reputation as London's perfect scoundrel.
Evelyn Ruddick knows she should avoid him at all costs--but the strikingly beautiful lady wants to aid the children of the Heart of Hope Orphanage, and he heads the board of trustees. Evie is
determined to teach the charming, arrogant man a lesson in compassion, but it won't be so easy--especially since his touch is setting her desire aflame, making Evie yearn to submit to his
passionate instruction...
The idea of joining in her "project" is unthinkable, but this enchantress refuses to give up! So what else is there for a self-respecting rake to do but seduce the lady? Yet soon it is he who is being
seduced by Evie's tender heart and fiery blushes. Could the temptation of long, passionate nights in her arms bring about the impossible? Could the disreputable Saint at long last be reformed?
619 England's Perfect Hero Enoch Suzanne Suzanne Enoch Robert Carroway Lucinda Barrett N/A Historical Read 19.11.2013 4 Yes Lessons in Love 3 Yes PDF
Lucinda Barrett's best friends ended up married to the men to whom they delivered their "lessons in love." So Lucinda decides to choose someone who definitely needs lessons, but someone
who will not complicate her life. And that person is definitely not Robert Carroway.
Robert is nothing if not complicated, and though he is the brother of a viscount, he rarely goes about society, and finds the weather and hat fashions ludicrous subjects for discussion. Robert is
attracted to Lucinda's unpretentious ways, her serenity and her kindness. When she chooses someone for her love lessons, Robert offers to help her deliver her lessons, but sets out to convince
the woman he has fallen for to take a chance on love...and on him.
620 Forbidden Erickson Karen Karen Erickson Contemporary To Read Yes Playing With Fire 1 Yes PDF
He always wanted what he couldn't have... Playing With Fire, Book 1
Forbidden desires, secret needs...that's not what girls are made of. At least, that's what Michaela's past boyfriends told her when she revealed her darkest, dirtiest fantasies. She knows she's
better off without the exes, but she's lonely-and horny. It doesn't help that her roommate, Austin, is the most gorgeous man she's ever laid eyes on. Too bad he's bisexual...or so he says.
There's a reason Austin hasn't been with a woman in a long time. The only one he wants is Michaela. He's fought his attraction for months, waiting for a sign, desperate to show her she's
everything he wants in a lover. One illicit kiss leads to an explosive night of sex that leaves her wanting more-yet afraid. But Austin is a patient man, more than willing to tear down her boundaries
piece by piece. Exposing her to pleasures she's never known.
Trust leads her to whisper her most deeply held fantasy. One that rouses a new emotion Austin didn't expect: jealousy. Possessiveness. He's the only man he wants in her life. And he'll do
whatever it takes to prove it...
Warning: Contains m/m sex, m/f/m sex, naughty, delicious punishments and naughty, delicious everything. It's filthy good.
621 Worth the Scandal Erickson Karen Karen Erickson Alexander Worth Tessa Crawford N/A Contemporary Read 23.07.2013 3 Yes Worth It 1 Yes PDF & Word
"Strictly business? Try telling that to her heart..."
"Worth It, Book 1"
Alexander Worth, President and CEO of Worth Luxury Goods, is a man never to be crossed. His unwavering sense of responsibility to the family business requires him to always be in complete
and utter control. Until it comes to Tessa Crawford.
She's quietly professional, shy, voluptuous...and she works for him. Which means she is the one woman he must never touch, no matter how hard his gut twists with need for her.
After rising above her disadvantaged childhood, Tessa knows the last thing she should do is risk throwing it all away by falling into bed with her sexy boss. But on an extended European
business trip, all self-imposed barriers burn away in the heat of their sizzling chemistry.
Once back home, though, whispers of corporate espionage turn into full-blown scandal-and Tessa finds out the hard way where Alex's loyalties lie. Determined to soldier on, she picks herself up
and carries on with a secret, yet welcomed burden. Never guessing that Alex will make a reappearance in her life, ready to show her once and for all that family does, indeed, come first.
Warning: Contains a sweet-yet-strong woman, and a bossy alpha male brought to his knees by the woman he desperately loves. Involves enough begging and groveling that the reader may be
tempted to "accidentally" leave it for her significant other to "find." For instructional purposes only, of course
622 Big Girl PantiesEvanovichStephanieStephanie Evanovich Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich is a rollicking and poignant romantic comedy about a young widow who decides to get in shape...and winds up getting her groove back--and a whole lot
more! Holly Brennan used food to comfort herself through her husband's illness and death. Now she's alone at age thirty-two. And she weighs more than she ever has. When fate throws her in
the path of Logan Montgomery, personal trainer to pro athletes, and he offers to train her, Holly concludes it must be a sign. Much as she dreads the thought of working out, Holly knows she
needs to put on her big girl panties and see if she can sweat out some of her grief. Soon, the easy intimacy and playful banter of their training sessions lead Logan and Holly to most intense and
steamy workouts. But can Holly and Logan go the distance as a couple now that she's met her goals--and other men are noticing?
623 His Forbidden Submissive Evans Brandi Brandi Evans Brock Vivian N/A Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
To find happiness, she must do something she swore she'd never do again. Let a man control her. After beating cancer, Vivian goes on a mission to cleanse her life. First on the list, kicking her
cheating, controlling husband to the curb. Second, discovering the answer to a question that's been haunting her. Is the love she harbors for Brock, her bad-boy brother-in-law, genuine or a
chemotherapy-induced illusion? Brock loves a woman he can't have. His brother's wife. To claim her would be a betrayal. He knows loving her is wrong but he can't help it. So when
circumstances bring them back together, he can no longer deny his forbidden attraction, and they unite in a fury of passion, lust-and bondage. But Vivian isn't prepared for Brock's BDSM
lifestyle, no matter how sexy he looks with his tats and leathers. After ten years with a controlling husband, submission is terrifying-but so is never being with Brock again. Submission or
freedom? No matter which she chooses, her life will change forever.
624 Lust, Lace & Lingerie Evans Brandi Brandi Evans Maxwell Penn N/A Contemporary Read 14.08.2013 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF & Word
I love managing the sexy Dallas boutique Red Light Lingerie-talking to people about sex, toys and bedroom wear. One of my favorite erotic benefits? My boss, Maxwell Penn, is a Matthew
McConaughey lookalike-but with a hot British accent. Okay, he can be domineering and I spend most of my time on the clock fluctuating between "I want to bed him" and "I want to strangle
him." But still . . . yum. Tonight, however, everything will change. An old friend of Max's from Britain, a lingerie designer, has flown in to show Max a couple of possible pieces for our new Risqué
line of bedroom wear-but their model canceled. Can you see where this is going? Yep. I go from manager to model, and before I can say G-string, this spur-of-the-moment modeling gig ignites in
passion and little ol' me finds herself sandwiched between Max and his dark-n-sexy best friend. I'd be in heaven if it wasn't for the guilt swirling in Max's blue eyes. But guilt for what?
625 Seducing JasonEvans Brandi Brandi Evans Jason Maggie N/A Contemporary Read 15.08.2013 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF Maggie wants her brother's best friend, and tonight, she's gonna make her move...
626 Tempted Evans Brandi Brandi Evans Seth Lyndi Garrison N/A Contemporary Read 26.09.2013 3 Yes PDF
The only thing standing between this fallen angel and redemption? The woman he loves. Eons ago, Seth fell for another angel-literally-and was cast down from the Heavens. Seeking redemption,
he works for the Angels of Death, taking the lives of those destined to die, his only desire to return home. But everything changes when a beautiful brunette explodes into his life and plunges his
ordered world into chaos, tempting him with something he hasn't experienced in millennia. Love. A busted radiator strands Lyndi Garrison on a deserted stretch of coastal Maine and shoves her
directly into the path of a sexual predator. She fends off her attacker until an NFL-sized stranger appears from the darkness to help. She's instantly enamored of her quiet hero, and before the
evening ends, they share a devastating kiss and a knock-out round of sex unlike anything she's ever known. Though she can't help but wonder . . . Has she finally received a second chance at
happiness? Or is Fate being a bitch again?
627 Rod of Correction Taken & Tamed Faulkner Carolyn Carolyn Faulkner Rod SalemSunny McClure N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Meet Rod Salem and Sunny McClure - young, powerful CEOs of major corporations - each used to giving orders. But as of tonight, and for the next three days, one of them is going to be
TAKING all the orders - but not to buy and sell products. And it's not Rod. Sunny lost and now must accept that she will be spanked to tears, with rows of crimson stripes decorating her
blistering-hot backside, kneeling to pleasure her man orally, accepting the most humiliating bottom-play possible, - in short, obeying his every whim.
This story contains elements of non-consensual oral, vaginal and anal sex, enemas, spankings and paddlings. If you are offended by such material, you are urged to not buy this book.
Anything He
Dominated by
The Meeting Fawkes Sara Sara Fawkes Jeremiah Hamilton Lucy Delacourt N/A Contemporary Read 12.02.2013 5 Yes Anything He Wants 1 Yes PDF
Lucy Delacourt's temp position isn't quite her dream job but it pays the bills...barely. The highlight of her day is riding the elevator in the mornings: she always manages to time it so that she
sees the handsome stranger every day. He's fuel for her fantasies and way out of her league, but a girl can look, right?
Everything changes however the day the handsome stranger seduces a stunned Lucy, first in the elevator then again in the parking garage after work. Completely out of character, she yields
without a fight, but she has no idea her wanton acts with a man whose name she doesn't know will start a sensual chain of events that forever change her life. Because the sexy stranger is none
other than Jeremiah Hamilton, billionaire CEO of Hamilton Industries, and one taste of the hot little temp isn't near enough to satisfy his need.
The billionaire has big plans for the wayward temp, plans that have nothing to do with filing paperwork...
Anything He
Dominated by
The Contract Fawkes Sara Sara Fawkes Jeremiah Hamilton Lucy Delacourt N/A Contemporary Read 12.02.2013 5 Yes Anything He Wants 2 Yes PDF
Seduced then coerced into a job as ―personal assistant‖, Lucy Delacourt has all but signed her body over to CEO Jeremiah Hamilton, promising to do anything he wants. Now she's Paris-bound
and determined to resist him and the diamond-studded world of the ultra-rich.
Jeremiah isn't interested in forcing Lucy to obey a simple contract. He knows exactly what he wants: his new assistant's complete surrender. A man used to getting his own way, Jeremiah won't
hesitate to do whatever it takes to sway his assistant and Lucy finds, to her horror, that the price she has to pay might be something she secretly craves.
Anything He
Dominated by
The Secret Fawkes Sara Sara Fawkes Jeremiah Hamilton Lucy Delacourt N/A Contemporary Read 12.02.2013 5 Yes Anything He Wants 3 Yes PDF
The glittering life of the ultra-rich is overwhelming, and more than a little treacherous. Serving as the date/escort to a charity gala in Paris, France, one-time temp Lucy Delacourt must learn to
navigate the turbulent waters in which her billionaire boss Jeremiah Hamilton swims. Easier said than done -- Jeremiah is keeping secrets, including a deeply possessive streak that comes out
when Lucy is introduced to his enigmatic brother, Lucas. Caught in their little family war, it is Lucy's own personal discovery that she might be forming an attachment to her hard boss that really
rocks her world.
But some secrets held by the Hamilton men are more dangerous than others, and Lucy may have stumbled into a trap meant for another with potentially deadly consequences.
Anything He
Dominated by
The Rescue Fawkes Sara Sara Fawkes Jeremiah Hamilton Lucy Delacourt N/A Contemporary Read 12.02.2013 5 Yes Anything He Wants 4 Yes PDF
She never expected her new life would be so deadly...
When Lucy Delacourt signed a contract with Jeremiah Hamilton, she had no idea she'd be caught up in an assassination plot against the billionaire. Barely surviving poisoned champagne, she is
whisked away to a beachfront estate in the Hamptons that is fortified like Fort Knox. Safety comes at a price however - even as she learns more about her enigmatic boss, the billionaire's refusal
to let her in on the investigation confuses the still-recovering Lucy. To compound matters, family members seek to drive them apart, straining their tenuous relationship to the breaking point. All
the while, a deadly threat lurks in the background...waiting...
Anything He
Dominated by
The Betrayal Fawkes Sara Sara Fawkes Jeremiah Hamilton Lucy Delacourt N/A Contemporary Read 12.02.2013 5 Yes Anything He Wants 5 Yes PDF
In the explosive fifth and final installment of Anything He Wants, Lucy Delacourt continues her scorching affair with a powerful billionaire who always gets what he wants. And as she navigates
his world of glittering opulence and all-consuming passion, she explores the darkest reaches of her own desire.
Lucy‘s understanding of the enigmatic Jeremiah Hamilton has grown deeper, and now she finds herself craving not only his sinful touch but his guarded heart. But happily ever after may be further
than ever before, because Jeremiah is being hunted by an assassin known as the Archangel…an assassin who will stop at nothing to bring the billionaire down. But despite the danger closing in
on them, her greatest threat is her own desire to surrender completely to Jeremiah—body, heart and soul.
Anything He
Castaways 1 Fawkes Sara Sara Fawkes Jeremiah Hamilton Lucy Delacourt N/A Contemporary Read 12.06.2013 5 Yes Anything He Wants 6 Yes PDF
Enigmatic billionaire Jeremiah Hamilton plucked twenty-four year old Lucy Delacourt from an existence spiraling down into darkness. Seduced and brought into the extravagant lifestyle of the rich
and powerful, Lucy was swept up into the highest highs, and experienced dangerous lows, but always there was her billionaire protector. Safe in his arms, she thought for sure her life had finally
found the right track.
Until she couldn‘t hold back saying those three little words, and found out how fragile her new position was.
Her affections spurned by the man she loves, the dejected young woman is kidnapped from Jeremiah‘s home and discovers more about another facet of the Hamilton family legacy. Lucas
Hamilton, known in darker company as Loki, is an arms dealer and Jeremiah's brother. He needs Lucy for his own purposes, but makes it no secret that he wants to get back at his brother any
way he can for stealing the family empire. Dangerous outside forces seem intent on taking the proud and wealthy New York family down. But what will broken-hearted Lucy do when her new
captor sets his sights on seduction?
No matter what happens, Lucy‘s life will never again be the same.
Anything He
Castaways 2 Fawkes Sara Sara Fawkes Jeremiah Hamilton Lucy Delacourt N/A Contemporary Read 12.06.2013 5 Yes Anything He Wants 7 Yes PDF
Tensions escalate in the second part of the new Anything He Wants: Castaway series!
Reunited with Jeremiah, Lucy is forced to come to grips with the decisions she's made in his absence. The billionaire is as insufferable as ever, but just as determined to protect Lucy. From the
Caribbean seas of Jamaica to the man-made islands of Dubai, they must travel halfway across the world to find out who is trying to bring down the Hamilton family.
But it may be the woman who comes between them that tears the two brothers apart forever. And can Lucy bear to live with the consequences of her actions?
Anything He
Castaways 3 Fawkes Sara Sara Fawkes Jeremiah Hamilton Lucy Delacourt N/A Contemporary Read 30.09.2013 5 Yes Anything He Wants 8 Yes PDF
Secrets are revealed in the thrilling third part of the Anything He Wants: Castaway series!
Every action has its consequences, and the day of reckoning has come. Jeremiah Hamilton is not a man inclined to forgive, and a broken-hearted Lucy is left shattered and desperate to get back
home to her mundane life. There, she can nurse a broken heart and try to go back to normal far away from danger.
But the promise of safety is an illusion. Someone has marked her as much a target as surely as any Hamilton male, and believes her to be their key for revenge against the family. There is
nowhere Lucy can hide, but her help comes from a most unlikely source.
With lives on the line, can they outwit a predator who is constantly one step ahead of them?
636 Sinful Featherstone Charlotte Charlotte Featherstone Matthew Jane N/A Historical Read 13.11.2013 3 Yes Addicted 2 Yes PDF & Word
He must find redemption in the most unlikely bedroom...In Victorian England vice of every kind can be purchased, and Matthew, the Earl of Wallingford, makes certain he avails himself of every
possible pleasure. Bored and jaded, he is as well-known for his coldness as for his licentious affairs with beautiful women. While these numerous dalliances fulfill Matthew's every physical need,
they secretly leave him numb and emotionally void. Until one night when he finds himself beaten, eyes bandaged and in the care of a nurse with the voice of an angel - and a gentle touch that
soothes the darkness in him and makes him yearn for more. Yet Jane Rankin is a lowly nurse, considered shy and plain by most. There is no place for her amongst the lords and ladies of the
aristocracy - despite Matthew's growing craving for the fire that burns behind her earnest facade. And then there is Matthew's secret. A secret so humiliating and scandalous is could destroy
everyone he loves. A sin, he fears, not even the love of a good woman can take away...
637 Sinful EpilogueFeatherstone Charlotte Charlotte Featherstone Matthew Jane N/A Historical Read 13.11.2013 3 Yes Addicted 2.1 Yes PDF & Word
Author Charlotte Featherstone treats her readers to a lovely epilogue, featuring Matthew, Earl of Wallingford, and his beloved, Jane Rankin, from her book Sinful, where they finally find their little
slice of happily ever after.
638 A Very Sinful Valentine Featherstone Charlotte Charlotte Featherstone Matthew Jane N/A Historical Read 13.11.2013 3 Yes Addicted 2.2 Yes PDF & Word A Very Sinful Valentine From Matthew to Jane...his beloved...
639 Tutoring Lady Jane Featherstone Charlotte Charlotte Featherstone Gavin Reynolds Jane Westbury N/A Historical Partially No N/A N/A Yes PDF & Word
In Georgian London anything goes, and Gavin Reynolds, Viscount Grayson makes certain he experiences everything life amongst the ton affords him. Lady Jane Westbury is an unassuming
wallflower who harbors a secret desire for the rakish and masterful viscount. Yearning to be the type of the woman to attract male attention, Jane bravely enlists the viscount's assistance.
Together they embark upon an agreement to turn the unremarkable caterpillar into a glittering butterfly. But as Jane emerges from their lessons, confident and garnering the attentions of some
very notorious men, Gavin realizes that his lessons may have cost him the affections of the one woman who can make his jaded heart beat once again. Rating: Contains graphic sex and explicit
640 Dark Prince Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Contemporary To Read Yes Dark 1 Yes PDF
Prince of the night...He came to her in the night, a predator -- strength and power chiseled his features. The seduction was deep and elemental; he affected her soul. His need. His darkness. His
terrible haunting loneliness. Her senses aroused, she craved the dangerous force of his body. Burned for him. And he had only touched her with his mind. Lady of the light...She came to him at
dawn, his bleakest hour. As the beast raged inside him, threatening to consume him, he vented his centuries-old despair in an anguished cry that filled the waning night. And she answered, a
ray of light, piercing his darkness. A beautiful angel. Her compassion, courage, and innocence awakened in him an exquisite longing and tenderness. He knew he must possess her, for only she
could tame his savage side and lift the dark shadow from his soul. Apart they were desolate, bereft. Intertwined physically and spiritually, they could heal one another and experience an eternity
of nights filled with love.
641 Dark Melody Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Dayan Corrine Wentworth N/A Contemporary Read 3 Yes Dark 12 Yes Epub
Lead guitarist of the Dark Troubadours, Dayan was renowned for his mesmerizing performances. His melodies stilled crowds, beckoned, seduced, tempted. And always, he called to her. His
lover. His lifemate. He called to her to complete him. To give him the emotions that had faded from his existence, leaving him an empty shell of growing darkness. Save me. Come to me.
Corinne Wentworth stood at the vortex of a gathering storm. Pursued by the same fanatics who'd murdered her husband, she was risking her life by keeping more than one secret. Fragile,
delicate, vulnerable, she had an indomitable faith that made her fiery surrender to Dayan all the more powerful. This was the one woman whose loss would destroy him, even as her love promised
to heal his soul.
642 Dark Peril Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Dominica Solange N/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Dark 21 Yes Epub
Dominic of the Dragonseeker lineage, one of the most powerful lines the Carpathian people has, ingests vampire blood laces with parasites in order to be able to go the very heart of the enemy
camp and learn their plans. It is a one way mission. He knows he has little time once the parasites and the blood go to work. He plans to get in fast, relay the information to the leader of the
Carpathians living in the area and go out fighting -- an honorable way to end his life. Solange Sangria is one of the last of the jaguar people, a royal pureblood. Her people, once many are now
nearly extinct, a dying species that cannot recover from the choices they made over hundreds of years. She has long been alone, fighting to save the remaining women who are able to shift, from
the hands of Brodrick the Terrible, her own father who slaughtered her family and everyone she loved. Wounded, weary, she plans one last battle, hoping to stop the man who has made an
alliance with the vampires, accepting she will not come out alive. They are two warriors who have lived their lives alone. Now, at the end of their time, they find each other, a complication, neither
saw coming.
643 Dark Predator Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Zacarias N/A Contemporary Read 4 Yes Dark 22 Yes Epub
As brutal as the undead he hunted, Zacarias De La Cruz was a master executioner. Now his stark and savage journey has ended. For his brothers, Zacarias had walked to the edge of madness,
but with centuries as a killing machine now left to the past and without a hunt to define him, Zacarias wonders, for the first time in his life, who he really is. The answer awaits him back home, in
Peru, in the betrayal of a woman who is readying her trap, in the vengeance of an old enemy, in the inevitable consequences of a bloody family legacy-and in the deliverance of a lifemate he never
could have imagined...
644 Magic in the Wind Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Damon Wilder Sarah Drake N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Drake Sisters 1 Yes PDF
Sarah's coming home. Ever since Damon Wilder sought refuge in Sea Haven, he's heard the same breathless rumor pass the lips of nearly every local in the sleepy coastal town. Even the wind
seems to whisper her name - a reverie so powerfully suggestive that it carries the curious Damon to Sarah's clifftop home, and seeks to shelter him there.But Damon has not arrived alone. Two
men have tracked him to Sea Haven, and into the shadows of Drake House, where Sarah hides her own secrets. And danger- as well as a desire more urgent than either has ever known- is just
a whisper away...
645 The Twilight Before Christmas Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Matt Granite Kate DrakeN/A Contemporary Read 2012 2 Yes Drake Sisters 2 Yes PDF
Bestselling novelist Kate Drake, one of seven sisters with amazing powers of witchcraft, wants to open a bookstore in a charming but run-down mill in her California hometown. Decorated former
U.S. Army Ranger Matt Granite, now a contractor, doesn't mind helping -- and getting closer to Kate. But when an earthquake exposes a crypt in the mill's foundation, a centuries-old evil
threatens to destroy both Christmas and the gift of soul-searing passion Kate's hometown hero wants her to keep forever....
646 Oceans of Fire Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Aleksandr Volstov Abigail Drake N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Drake Sisters 3 Yes PDF
Called ―the reigning queen of paranormal romance‖ by Publishers Weekly, New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan offers an imaginative blend of sensual romance, fast-paced
adventure and the paranormal that has thrilled countless readers. Now, she tells the story of Abigail Drake, of the magical Drake sisters — seven elementally gifted sisters, and their prophecy of
love… As the third daughter in a magical bloodline, Abigail Drake was born with a mystical affinity for water, and possessed a particularly strong bond with dolphins. She spent her entire life
studying them, learning from them, and swimming among them in the waters off her hometown of Sea Haven … Until the day Abby witnessed a cold-blooded murder on shore, and found herself
fleeing for her life — right into the arms of Aleksandr Volstov. He‘s an Interpol agent on the trail of stolen Russian antiquities, a relentless man who gets what he goes after — and the man who
broke Abby‘s heart. But he isn‘t going to let the only woman he ever loved be placed in harm‘s way — or slip away from his embrace…
647 Dangerous Tides Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Ty Derrick Libby DrakeN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Drake Sisters 4 Yes PDF
With her sensual blend of paranormal romance and breathless suspense, New York Times bestselling author ―Christine Feehan boldly goes where no writer has ever gone‖*. Now she introduces
Libby Drake, of the magical Drake sisters—each mysterious, gifted, and enchanted by prophecies of love… Dr. Libby Drake is sensible and practical. To her more adventurous sisters, she‘s
always been the ―good girl‖. Certainly not the kind to attract the attention of a genius like Ty Derrick—until a tragic accident leaves the handsome biochemist at her mercy. Acting on her
uncanny ability to heal, she stirs in the reawakened Ty his own long-suppressed desires for the woman who saved his life. But he‘s not the only man with designs on Libby Drake. Her miraculous
and selfless power has also captured the attention of a dangerously influential admirer. He‘s pursuing the elementally gifted beauty for his own wicked purpose. And he‘s willing to go to deadly
lengths to make it happen.
648 Safe Harbor Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Jonas Harrington Hannah Drake N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Drake Sisters 5 Yes PDF & Word
One of seven daughters in a line of extraordinary women, Hannah Drake has been the elusive object of affection for Jonas Harrington for as long at the young man can remember. If only the
stunning super-model was driven by a passion other than her career. But Jonas isn t the only one with desires for Hannah. From the shadows has emerged a vengeful figure who stalks the
beauty with one terrifying purpose: to strip her of all she is and destroy her. Only one man was destined as her protection. Now, out of a storm of danger, Jonas must guide the woman he loves
from a sinister darkness that threatens not only Hannah, but the entire Drake family.
649 Turbulent Sea Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Ilya Prakenskii Jolie DrakeN/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Drake Sisters 6 Yes PDF & Word
The star: Joley Drake was born with a legacy of unexpected magical gifts, but it was the gift of singing that made her an overnight sensation—a rock and roll goddess trapped by fame, fortune,
and ambition. Heated by the flush of success, Joley could have any man she wanted. But there‘s only man who can give her what she really needs. The bodyguard: Ilya Prakenskii, cool,
inscrutable, dangerously sexy, and working in the shadow of his infamous reputation—that of a secret Russian hit man on the payroll of a notorious mobster. He‘s the last man Joley should get
close to, yet when her life is threatened on tour she has nowhere left to turn. But in the seductive safe keep of Ilya‘s embrace, is Joley really as secure as she imagines?
650 Hidden Currents Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Jackson Deveau Elle Drake N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Drake Sisters 7 Yes PDF & Word
From afar, Sheriff Jackson Deveau has always loved Elle Drake, the youngest telepath of seven sisters. After a long time away she‘s finally returning home to the small coastal village of Sea
Haven. But someone has been following Elle, someone who doesn‘t want her to make it back. And when Elle fails to arrive, her disappearance strikes fear in the hearts of everyone who loves her.
Now it‘s left to Jackson to uncover the mystery of Elle‘s vanishing, and rescue her from an unseen danger. But Sea Haven is no longer safe for anyone, and it‘ll take the powers of all the Drake
sisters and their men to survive the coming storm.
651 Shadow Game Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Ryland Lily N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Ghostwalker 1 Yes PDF & Word
The classified experiment is the brainchild of renowned scientist Peter Whitney and his brilliant daughter, Lily. Created to enhance the psychic abilities of an elite squadron, it can transform their
natural mental powers into a unique military weapon. But something goes wrong. In the isolated underground labs, the men have been dying-victims of bizarre accidents. Captain Ryland Miller
knows he is next. When Dr. Whitney himself is murdered, Ryland has only one person left to trust: the beautiful Lily. Possessed of an uncanny sixth sense herself, Lily shares Ryland's every
new fear, every betrayal, every growing suspicion, and every passionate beat of the heart. Together, they will be drawn deeper into the labyrinth of her father's past and closer to a secret that
someone would kill to keep hidden.
652 Mind Game Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Nicolas Dahlia N/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Ghostwalker 2 Yes PDF & Word
Possessed of an extraordinary telekinetic gift, Dahlia Le Blanc has spent her life isolated from other people. And just when she thinks she‘s finally achieved some semblance of peace, her well-
orchestrated world comes crashing down... For a reason she cannot guess, she has become the target of deadly assassins. Suddenly no place is safe - not even the secret refuge she‘s
established long ago. Now she must rely on Nicolas Trevane - a dangerous warrior sent to track her down and protect her. Together they generate a scorching heat Dahlia never imagined was
possible. But can she trust this man with her secrets – especially when some people would kill to get their hands on them?
653 Night Game Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Gator Iris (Flame)N/A Contemporary Read 08.06.2013 4 Yes Ghostwalker 3 Yes PDF & Word
Gator Fontenot of the Special Forces paranormal squad must reel in the elusive Iris "Flame" Johnson, a victim of the same horrific experiments that warped Gator--and a red-haired weapon of
unimaginable destructive powers bent on revenge in the sultry bayous of New Orleans. But can two people haunted by violent betrayals trust the passion that soon ignites between them? Or is
one of them just playing another seductive and deadly night game?
654 Conspiracy Game Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Jack Briony N/A Contemporary Read 10.06.2013 4 Yes Ghostwalker 4 Yes PDF & Word
Jack Norton is a GhostWalker, a genetically enhanced sniper with a merciless sense of justice, a phantom welcomed by the anonymity of the night. But a mission to rescue his brother in the
jungle has left him vulnerable to rebel forces. His only salvation is his power of telepathy. Then he meets Briony, an unusual beauty on a mission of her own. But they share more than the
sweltering heat...Briony shares the GhostWalker powers. Yet she‘s different. She doesn‘t know what she is, or what she‘s capable of. But her enemies do. And Jack and Briony‘s flight will take
them into frightening conspiracy of mind and body--across the globe and into the heart of darkness, where the shocking truth is something neither of them could have foreseen--or can escape..
655 Deadly Game Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Ken Mari N/A Contemporary Read 25.06.2013 4 Yes Ghostwalker 5 Yes PDF & Word
It begins as a mission to protect a politician from an assassination threat. But the operation takes an unexpected turn when Mari, a mysteriously beautiful GhostWalker, is taken hostage. At the
same time, Ken Norton, expert assassin and himself a GhostWalker warrior, is on a mission of his own—one that reaches into Mari‘s own past. No stranger to the ways of violent warfare, Mari
must join forces with Ken and trust his every move—each one more intimate than the last.
656 Predatory GameFeehan Christine Christine Feehan Jess Saber N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Ghostwalker 6 Yes PDF & Word
Saber Wynter is running from her past when she meets Jess Calhoun, an ex-Navy SEAL who is physically and emotionally compromised by his own mysterious and violent history as a
GhostWalker. What Jess senses in Saber is a kindred spirit, a lost soul desperate for sanctuary. He offers her a home, job, and a haven where she can safely reveal the secrets that shadow her.
But danger follows her, too. Now, the riddles of both their pasts are about to collide, shattering the promise of their future with the ultimate betrayal.
657 Murder Game Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Kadan Tansy N/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Ghostwalker 7 Yes PDF & Word
Games should be fun, but for two expert teams across the country, they‘re murder – because the winning team is the one that gets the most kills. The participants in this violent challenge
rumored to be GhostWalkers. And Kadan Montague isn‘t happy about it. Kadan is a GhostWalker and he‘s determined to clear the GhostWalker name of the rumors. To do it, he‘s going to
need the help of psychic Tansy Meadows. But as soon as he sees her, he knows his mission will be more complicated than he imagined – and the ―murder game‖ may not be at all what it
658 Street Game Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Mack Jaimie N/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Ghostwalker 8 Yes PDF & Word
For Mack McKinley and his team of GhostWalker killing machines, urban warfare is an art. But despite a hard-won knowledge of the San Francisco streets, Mack knows from experience that
too many things can still go wrong. Danger was just another part of the game—and now he‘s come face-to-face with a woman who can play just as tough. She‘s Jaimie, a woman with a
sapphire stare so potent it can destroy a man. Years ago she and Mack had a history—volatile, erotic, and electric. Then she vanished. Now she‘s walked back into Mack‘s life, as a spy with
more secrets than are good for her. Against all odds, she‘s hooking up with Mack one more time to take on an enemy that could destroy them both, or bring them back together in one hot, no-
holds-barred adrenaline rush.
659 Ruthless GameFeehan Christine Christine Feehan Kane Rose N/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Ghostwalker 9 Yes PDF & Word
Ghostwalker Kane Cannon is pure male—animalistic, sexual, protective, instinctive—and his past missions have prepared him for anything. But his newest assignment, to rescue hostages in
Mexico , plunges him into a hot zone he never anticipated: the hiding place of Rose Patterson—fugitive, ex-lover, a fellow Ghostwalker pregnant with his child. Rose is in flight from the insidious
experiments that still live in her dreams, and from the madman who‘d do anything to take her child. Of all the Ghostwalkers enlisted to hunt her down, Kane is the only one she can trust. But as
their passion reignites, the stakes are raised. Because Kane is now a wanted man as well. And together they‘re about to face the most desperate challenge of all: staying together and staying
660 Samurai GameFeehan Christine Christine Feehan Sam Thorn N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Ghostwalker 10 Yes PDF & Word
In an underground club, a high-ranking public official spends his secret nights indulging in fantasies as exciting as they are depraved. For a seductive employee of the Dungeon, it‘s her job to
fulfill them. But she‘s playing a far more dangerous game -- one of blackmail, politics, and murder that reaches into the shadow world of the Ghostwalkers, and the creation of a spectacular, one-
of-a-kind new weapon of defense. But when a dictator makes his own catastrophic moves, the Ghostwalkers have no choice but to bring in two major players -- a man and woman both driven by
passion and revenge. Both expendable. Both with nothing left to lose.
661 The AwakeningFeehan Christine Christine Feehan Brandt Maggie N/A Contemporary Read 04.11.2013 3 Yes Leopard Series 1 Yes PDF & Word
In this Penguin eSpecial, under the blazing heat of the Borneo sun, a beautiful naturalist's dream comes true--to live among the feral jungle creatures. But an untamed, irresistible beast of
another sort forces her to explore her own wild side.
662 Wild Rain Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Rio Rachael N/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Leopard Series 2 Yes PDF & Word
To escape an assassin, Rachel finds sanctuary in the rainforest, where the most exotic of all creatures walks: Rio. But when he unleashes his secret animal instincts, Rachel fears that her
isolated haven could become an inescapable hell...
663 Burning Wild Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Jake Emma N/A Contemporary Read 06.11.2013 5 Yes Leopard Series 3 Yes PDF & Word
Born into a world of twisted monsters, Jake Bannaconni is shaped and molded into a cold, revenge driven man. Honed in the fires of hell, he controls his world and rules with an iron hand. He has
everything and anything money can buy. He‘s ruthless, merciless and considered a man to leave alone. His hidden legacy, that of a shapeshifter, makes him doubly dangerous in the corporate
world. Emma Reynolds is a woman who knows how to love and love well. When their two worlds collide, Jake‘s plans for a complete take over, may just come tumbling down.
664 Wild Fire Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Connor Isabeau N/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Leopard Series 4 Yes PDF & Word
Called on a dangerous assignment, leopard shifter Conner Vega returns to the Panama rain forest of his homeland, looking every bit the civilized male. But as a member of the most lethal of the
shifter tribes, he doesn't have a civilized bone in his body. He carries the scent of a wild animal in its prime, he bears the soul-crushing sins of past kills and he's branded with the scars of shame
inflicted by the woman he betrayed. Isabeau Chandler is a Borneo shifter who's never forgiven Conner--or forgotten him. The mating urge is still with her, and when she crossed Conner's path,
passions burn like wildfire. But as Conner's mission draws Isabeau closer, another betrayal lies waiting in the shadows--and it's the most perilous and intimate one of all.
665 Savage NatureFeehan Christine Christine Feehan Drake Saria N/A Contemporary Read 11.02.2014 4 Yes Leopard Series 5 Yes PDF & Word
When Saria Boudreaux finds a dead body in the Louisiana bayou near her home, her first instinct is to go to the police. But there's a problem: it looks like the victim may have been killed by a
big cat - and her brothers are all shape-shifting leopards. Sent by the land's owner to investigate, leopard-shifter Drake Donovan is ready for anything - except the insatiable hunger that rocks him
when he meets Saria. Deep in his soul he knows that she is destined to be his mate. Torn between protecting her brothers and finding the truth, Saria treads warily around the powerful shifter.
Yet as they venture deep into the mysterious bayou on a hunt for the killer, Saria finds herself longing for Drake's touch and the sweet release of surrender ...
666 Water Bound Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Lev Prakenskii Rikki N/A Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes Sisters of the Heart 1 Yes PDF & Word
Off the shores of Sea Haven, a beautiful diver rescues a man from drowning, a man with no memory of who he is-or why he seems to possess the violent instincts of a trained killer. But soon, he
and his savior will be engulfed in a storm of dizzying passion and inescapable danger...
667 Spirit Bound Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Stefan Prakenskii Judith N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Sisters of the Heart 2 Yes PDF & Word
Lethal undercover agent Stefan Prakenskii knew a thousand ways to kills a man—and twice as many ways to pleasure a woman. That‘s what made him look forward to his new mission: arrive in
the coastal town of Sea Haven and insinuate himself in the life of an elusive beauty who had mysterious ties to his past, and a link to a dangerously seductive, and equally elusive master criminal
who wanted only one thing: to possess her. Judith Henderson was an artist on the rise—an ethereal, and haunted woman whose own picture-perfect beauty stirred the souls of two men who have
made her their obsession. For years she has been waiting for someone to come and unlock the passion and fire within her—waiting for the right man to surrender it to. But only one man can
survive her secrets, and the shadow she has cast over both their lives.
668 After the Music Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Contemporary Read 2012 3 Yes PDF
Terrified by mysterious threats, Jessica Fitzpatrick spirits away her twin wards, Tara and Trevor, to the remote island mansion of their estranged father, world-famous musician Dillon Wentworth.
Ever since the fire that claimed his troubled wife's life and left him horribly disfigured, Dillon has shut out the world. With Christmas approaching, the spark between him and Jessica might light
the future, but there are those who shared Dillon's wife's love of the occult . . . and their evil machinations may plunge the family into darkness -- unless a Christmas miracle occurs. . . .
669 The Scarletti Curse Feehan Christine Christine Feehan Don Scarletti Nicolettaa N/A Historical Read 10.01.2013 3 No N/A
The Beast
Strange, twisted carvings and hideous gargoyles adorned the palazzo of the great Scarletti family. But a still more fearful secret lurked within its storm-tossed turrets. For every bride who entered
its forbidding walls was doomed to leave in a casket.
The Bride
Mystical and unfettered, Nicoletta had no terror of ancient curses and no fear of marriage...until she looked into the dark, mesmerizing eyes of Don Scarletti. She had sworn no man would
command her, had thought her gift of healing set her apart, but his was the right to choose a bride from among his people. And he had chosen her.
The Bargain
Compelled by duty, drawn by desire, she gave her body into his keeping, and prayed the powerful, tormented don would be her heart's destiny, and not her soul's demise.
670 Restoring Jordan Finn Elizabeth Elizabeth FinnJordan Ellinwood Adeline Parker N/A Contemporary Read 15.09.2013 3 Yes PDF
When Adeline Parker decides to celebrate landing a coveted internship at one of Chicago's most prestigious architectural firms by indulging in a brutally dark and handsome man, she gets more
than she bargained for. Lost in a maze of hallways on the first day of her new position, she stumbles headlong into a boardroom of suits. Very expensive suits. They are the somebodies of this
prestigious firm, and she is, by all accounts, the very definition of a nobody. And sitting at the table with the rest of the principals from the firm is a man-the very man who unwittingly deflowered
her only days before. From the look of it, Jordan Ellinwood is none too happy to see her again; by his own admission, he's a one-night-stand man, and the fact she conned him into taking her
virginity isn't sitting well with him either. But as her path is inextricably attached to his, their closeness will no longer be a choice. As an intern, she's off-limits, and that says nothing of the fact
he's twelve years older than she is. But when coworkers bent on jealousy and resentment threaten her reputation and internship, the long-dormant emotions Jordan has so effectively stifled fight
to break free. And as he struggles to get out of his own way long enough to let her see his compassion, her career is jeopardized and leaves him fighting with every last ounce of himself to save
her. Will it be enough? Can he overcome his emotional shortcomings in time to rescue her future and his own-now so very attached to hers?
671 Beautifully Damaged Fiore LA LA Fiore Trace Montgomery Ember Walsh N/A Contemporary Read 03.08.2013 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF & Word
Ember Walsh was always the quiet one, enjoying a book and a glass of wine over the noise and crowds of a club, but when her best friend asks her to come out and meet the boy she likes
Ember's world is turned upside down. He appears like a mythical avenging angel, inked, gorgeous and completely out of her league but one look and Ember no longer wants the quiet, she wants
him. Trace Montgomery has buried his damaged past with women and fighting until one day he meets an angel and suddenly he wants more, he wants her. For her, he's determined to overcome
his demons but will the dark secret that links their pasts bring them closer or will it tear them apart.
672 The Pirate Prince Foley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Lazar di Fiori Allegra Monteverdi N/A Historical To Read Yes Ascencion Trilogy 1 Yes PDF
When Allegra Monteverdi, the daughter of Lazar's sworn enemy, throws herself on his mercy, the pirate prince Lazar di Fiori agrees to spare the lives of her family but only if she sails away with
him. Alone at sea with this dark, intriguing man, moving between seduction and fear, Allegra realizes it will take more than her growing love for this pirate prince to bring peace to her beloved
home. For Lazar must face the demons of his shattered past - if he is to forge the destiny that is theirs to claim..
673 Princess Foley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Darius Santiago Princess Sarafina N/A Historical To Read Yes Ascencion Trilogy 2 Yes PDF
Darius Santiago is the King's most trusted man, a master spy and assassin. He is handsome, charming, ruthless, and he has one weakness--the stunning Princess Serafina. She is all he has
ever wanted and everything he cannot have. Serafina has worshipped Darius from afar her whole life, knowing that deep in the reaches of her soul, where she is not royalty but a flesh and blood
woman, she belongs to this dangerous, untouchable man. Unable to suppress their desire any longer, they are swept into a daring dance of passion destined to consume them both until a
deadly enemy threatens to destroy their new love. PRINCESS is historical romance at its best--full of adventure, intrigue, and pageantry--from an amazingly talented new author whose
storytelling career is just beginning. . . .
674 Prince Charming Foley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Prince Rafael Daniela Chiaramonte N/A Historical To Read Yes Ascencion Trilogy 3 Yes PDF
Destiny casts its hand one perfect moonlit night when Ascencion's most elusive highwayman, the Masked Rider, chooses the wrong coach to rob. For inside is Rafael, the prince of the
kingdom, renowned for his hot-blooded pursuits of women and other decadent pleasures. The failed raid leaves the equally notorious Masked Rider wounded and facing a hangman's noose. Then
Rafe realizes his captive criminal is Lady Daniela Chiaramonte, a defiant beauty who torments him, awakening his senses and his heart as no woman has before. Dani can only wonder if she's
been delivered to heaven or hell once she agrees to marry the most desirable man in the Mediterranean--until forces of treachery threaten to destroy their tenuous alliance and bring down the
throne itself. . . .
675 The Duke Foley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Duke of Hawkscliffe Belinda Hamilton N/A Historical To Read Yes Knight Miscellany 1 Yes PDF
Driven to uncover the truth about the mysterious death of his ladylove, the Duke of Hawkscliffe will go to any lengths to unmask a murderer. Even if it means jeopardizing his reputation by
engaging in a scandalous affair with London's most provocative courtesan--the desirable but aloof Belinda Hamilton. Bel has used her intelligence and wit to charm the city's titled gentlemen,
while struggling to put the pieces of her life back together. She needs a protector, so she accepts Hawk's invitation to become his mistress in name only. He asks nothing of her body, but seeks
her help in snaring the same man who shattered her virtue. Together they tempt the unforgiving wrath of society--until their risky charade turns into a dangerous attraction, and Bel must make a
devastating decision that could ruin her last chance at love. . .
676 Lord of Fire Foley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Lucien Knight Alice Montague N/A Historical Read 23.11.2013 3 Yes Knight Miscellany 2 Yes PDF & Word
After years of preparation, he has baited his trap well, luring the depraved members of Society into his devil‘s playground so he can earn their trust and uncover their secrets. Yet no one in
London suspects that Lord Lucien Knight is England‘s most cunning spy, an officer who has sacrificed his soul for his country. Now an unexpected intruder has invaded his fortress of sin,
jeopardizing his carefully laid plans–and igniting his deepest desires. Beautiful, innocent, Alice Montague finds herself at the mercy of scandalous Lord Lucien. But as he begins his slow
seduction to corrupt her virtue, Alice glimpses a man tormented by his own choices, a man who promises her nothing except his undeniable passion. . .
677 Lord of Ice Foley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Damien Knight Miranda FitzHurbert N/A Historical To Read Yes Knight Miscellany 3 Yes PDF
Damien Knight, the earl of Winterley, is proud, aloof, and tormented by memories of war. Though living in seclusion, he is named guardian to a fellow officer‘s ward. Instead of the young
homeless waif he was expecting, however, Miranda FitzHubert is a stunning, passionate beauty who invades his sanctuary and forces him back into society. Struggling to maintain honor and
self-control, Damien now faces an even greater threat: desire. A bold, free spirit, Miranda has witnessed the darkest depths of Damien‘s soul–and has seen his desperate need for love. But
before she can thaw his unyielding heart, she must endure a terrifying nightmare of her own. . .
678 Lady of Desire Foley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Billy Blade Jacinda Knight N/A Historical To Read Yes Knight Miscellany 4 Yes PDF
Impetuous Lady Jacinda Knight is the daughter of a scandalous woman. Though society predicts she‘ll follow in her mother‘s footsteps, the spirited beauty stands unashamed of her passionate
nature. Then one night, in flight from a safe but loveless marriage arranged by her strict older brother, Jacinda finds herself alone on a dark and dangerous street face-to-face with Billy Blade, the
notorious leader of a band of thieves. His stolen kisses awaken in her a longing for a man she can never possess. A handsome scoundrel running from a secret past, Billy Blade has never met a
woman like Jacinda–her fiery innocence and blossoming sensuality set his rebel‘s heart ablaze. Having turned his back on the privilege and power of his tyrannical father‘s house years before, he
vows to return to his rightful place and reclaim his title, Earl of Rackford–to win the love of the ravishing beauty who has stolen his heart . . .
679 Devil Takes a Bride Foley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Devlin Kimball Lizzie Carlisle N/A Historical To Read Yes Knight Miscellany 5 Yes PDF
In the quiet English countryside, far from the intrigues of London, Lizzie Carlisle slowly mends her broken heart, devoting herself to her new position as lady‘s companion to the Dowager
Viscountess Strathmore— until her peaceful life is turned upside down by a visit from ―Devil‖ Strathmore, the old woman‘s untamed nephew—a dangerously handsome man whose wicked
reputation hides a tortured soul. Devlin Kimball, Lord Strathmore, has spent years adventuring on the high seas, struggling to make his peace with the tragedy that claimed the lives of his family.
But now he has uncovered the dark truth behind the so-called accident and swears retribution. He has no intention of taking a bride—until his eccentric aunt‘s will forces he and Lizzie together,
and Devlin finds his path to vengeance blocked by the stubborn but oh-so-tempting Miss Carlisle. Her passionate nature rivals his own. But disillusioned once by love, Lizzie will accept nothing
less than his true devotion. . . .
680 One Night of SinFoley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Alec KnightBecky WardN/A Historical To Read Yes Knight Miscellany 6 Yes PDF
Lord Alec Knight, the most daring and handsome rogue in all of London, is a smooth-talking aristocrat with an abundance of high-society lady admirers. With his irresistible wit, lucky hand at the
gaming tables, and enticing charisma, he can have any woman he wants. But when the only girl he would have considered marrying ties the knot with someone else, Alec realizes he doesn‘t
want to be with just any lady–he wants to find the love of his life. The boldly spirited, beautiful Miss Becky Ward takes his life by storm after he rescues her from peril. Alec soon learns that she
is on the run from her cousin, the murderous Prince Mikhail Kurkov. Becky has uncovered a menacing secret about the prince–now nothing will stop him from hunting her down. In the midst of
danger, Alec and Becky find themselves deeply drawn to each other. After the two spend an all-consuming night of sin, Becky‘s knight in shining armor vows on his honor to protect her until the
end. But before long, Alec is protecting her with more than honor–and it seems the once untamed rake of London just may have found what he has been searching for all along . . . true love.
681 His Wicked KissFoley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Jack KnightEden Farraday N/A Historical To Read Yes Knight Miscellany 7 Yes PDF
From emerald jungles to the high seas to the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, beloved author Gaelen Foley tells a sweeping, sensual tale of the ruggedly handsome Lord Jack Knight and
the passionate beauty who lays claim to his heart. An English rose blooming in the untamed jungles of South America, Eden Farraday lives a life of independence-unheard of for a lady-with her
doctor-turned-scientist father. But Eden misses England desperately. When the dangerous and darkly charming Lord Jack Knight sails into her life, she seizes her chance to return to civilization,
stowing away aboard his London-bound ship. Roguish and charismatic, a self-made shipping tycoon with a shadowy past and a well-guarded heart, Jack is sailing on a vital secret mission.
When the redheaded temptress is discovered aboard his vessel, he reacts with fury-and undeniable lust. Forced to protect her from his rough crew, the devilish Lord Jack demands a scandalous
price in exchange for Eden's safe passage across the sea. As his wicked kiss ignites an unforgettable blaze of passion between them, Jack and Eden confront a soul-searing love that cannot be
682 Her Only DesireFoley Gaelen Gaelen Foley Marquess of Grifith Gorgiana Knight N/A Historical To Read Yes Spice Trilogy 1 Yes PDF
Born into the wealthy British ruling class of India, Georgiana Knight is as unconventional as she is beautiful. She has sworn not to marry till she meets a man who will treat her as an equal-but
that vow doesn't appease her sensual curiosity. When Ian Prescott, the Marquess of Griffith, arrives on a mission to defuse the threat of war, she is immediately drawn to the mysterious and
darkly handsome diplomat, and cannot resist provoking the hidden lust that smolders beneath his cool surface. Ian is mesmerized by Georgie's alluring mystique but burdened by a dark secret.
And she is a temptation he cannot afford. But when she becomes entangled in his mission, she must be secreted away to England for her own safety. Georgie finds herself in the unfamiliar world
of aristocratic London, where Ian becomes her guide, her confidant . . . her seducer. His incendiary kiss sets her soul on fire, and Georgie knows she will never be satisfied until she has made
this magnificent man her own.
683 Samson's Lovely Mortal Folsom Tina Tina Folsom Contemporary Partially Yes Scanguards Vampires 1 Yes PDF
Vampire bachelor Samson can't get it up anymore. Not even his shrink can help him. That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly random attack.
Suddenly there's nothing wrong with his hydraulics - that is, as long as Delilah is the woman in his arms.
His scruples about taking Delilah to bed vanish when his shrink suggests it's the only way to cure his problem. Thinking all he needs is one night with her, Samson indulges in a night of pleasure
and passion.
However, another attack on Delilah and a dead body later, and Samson has his hands full: not only with trying to hide the fact he's a vampire, but also with finding out what secrets Delilah
harbors for somebody to want her harm.
684 Letting Go Foor Jennifer Jennifer Foor Contemporary To Read Yes Mitchell Family 1 Yes Epub
Savanna Tate has loved the same guy since she was 14yrs old. Now she and Tyler are in their second year of college. While Savanna is concentrating on maintaining her high grade point
average and academic scholarship, Tyler is busy partying with his frat brothers and screwing around on his girlfriend behind her back. Savanna decides they need a break, just so she can focus
and maybe change his mind about his priorities.
One night at a party Savanna catches Ty in the act and after a heated argument, she leaves. In fear of losing her forever, Tyler steals a car and proceeds to follow her even after he had too much
to drink. He loses control of the vehicle and from the injuries of the accident he goes into a coma. Everyone blames Savanna for Ty's accident. She loses her friends. His family disowns her. She
stops being around people and spends most of her time at the hospital waiting for Ty to wake up so that they can start over and have the future she always wanted.
Then his cousin Colt comes back to town to help with the Mitchell family's farm. The chemistry between them is electric, but is Savanna willing to let go of Ty to explore her feelings for Colt?
685 Folding Hearts Foor Jennifer Jennifer Foor Contemporary To Read Yes Mitchell Family 2 Yes Epub
Ty and Miranda have always considered themselves cousins, due to the fact that they both share a common relative - Colt - even though they aren't really related at all. After helping Miranda
deliver her baby in the backseat of a car, Ty becomes closer to both she and her baby. Their long distance friendship keeps them plutonic, even though in the past they both have wondered if
there was something more happening between them. When something happens and Miranda is forced to leave Kentucky and stay at Ty's parents farm, sparks start to fly. Can bad boy Ty
change his ways in order to be with the one person that knows him better than anyone?
686 Raging Love Foor Jennifer Jennifer Foor Contemporary To Read Yes Mitchell Family 3 Yes Epub
This is book three in a continued series. Check out Letting Go and Folding Hearts first for full enjoyment of this series.
As Savanna and Colt prepare for their wedding, something horrible happens, leaving them to reconsider where and when to get married.
After everything seems to go back to normal, something else threatens the happy couple, causing greif, panic, remorse and pain.
Colt will stop at nothing to protect his wife and their future together.
Savanna must face all of her demons if she wants that beautiful future she always dreamed of.
This is a love conquers all installment of The Mitchell Series. To better enjoy the characters it is best to start with book one Letting Go.
Contains explicit sexual content and language**
687 Risking Fate Foor Jennifer Jennifer Foor Contemporary To Read Yes Mitchell Family 4 Yes Epub
He may not have the last name Mitchell, but he is a big part of the family. When Conner moved to NC to help out the family with a new business venture, he never saw himself becoming
interested in his sister's boss, Amy. Their first meeting was not ideal and both were left with little interest in even becoming friends. After Conner learns about Amy's secret life, by accident,he
becomes the only person to help her through it. Every time they get near each other their love/hate relationship fuels for a heated encounter.
688 Wrapping Up Foor Jennifer Jennifer Foor Contemporary To Read Yes Mitchell Family 4.5 Yes Epub A Thanksgiving and Christmas novella with all your favorite Mitchell Family characters.
689 Wanting More Foor Jennifer Jennifer Foor Contemporary To Read Yes Mitchell Family 5 Yes Epub
When Conner moved to NC to help out the family with a new business venture, he never saw himself becoming interested in his sister's boss, Amy. Their first meeting was not ideal and both
were left with little interest in even becoming friends.
After Conner learns about Amy's secret life, by accident,he becomes the only person to help her through it. Every time they get near each other their love/hate relationship fuels for a heated
690 Saving Us Foor Jennifer Jennifer Foor Contemporary To Read Yes Mitchell Family 6 Yes Epub
Book six in the Mitchell Family Series starts off right where #5 left off.
As Conner and Amy hope for a future together, they are faced with troubles standing in their way.
With a baby in their near future, Conner takes charge and will stop at nothing until he can claim Amy as his, forever.
There is only one thing stopping them...
Amy's ex.
691 Jamie Foster Lori Lori Foster
Creed Faith N/A 2005 195 Contemporary Read 11.04.2014 3 Yes Visitation, North Carolina 5 Yes PDF Human Human N/A
Black eyes, beard, long black hair, tall,
lean, strong, broad shoulders
5.6" tall, curly red hair, pale skin, few
freckles, cobalt blue eyes, plain face, lush
body, small waist, long legs N/A
Telepathic, clairvoyant, pre-cognitive,
intelligent, caring, confident Tenacious, clumsy, overly chatty, smart N/A Self made Waitress?? N/A Visitation, North Carolina,USA Mountain forest Cold, rainy, thunder storm Paranormal Psychic, Telepathic
Jamie finds Faith outside his cabin and knows she's searching for him. He strips her and takes her to his cabin in case she has tracking devices and because she's injured. He is telephathic
but she is able to block him. She's there for his help but wont give him all the details except that she has a daughter who has his abilities. She's been in love with him since he was held at the
institution for testing. They become lovers. Her daughter told her he had to care about her before they needed the help. He knows she's never had a baby, no stretch marks and she was a virgin.
She adopted. When her daughter arrives he instantly knows that its his daughter and the mother can only be his ex, who only pretended to love him at the institute as part of an experiment. He's
shot when the head scientist's daughter tracks them down in the hopes of getting the documents and files on him that his ex gave to Faith but Faith destroyed. He thinks Faith is shot and
realises how much he loves her. They live happily ever after.
Carrying a naked woman up a mountain in a driving storm-- now there's a way for a man to start the day. But for Jamie, the unconscious redhead in his arms is an intruder, one who could bring
him harm. He has his reasons for hiding out in this mountain cabin; for keeping his emotions hidden; for never, ever getting too close to anyone. And he's not about to stop now.
Before she passed out in his bed, she said her name was Faith-- an appropriate name since he has to take her at her word. Who is she? Why is she here? Who sent her? And what is she doing
to him? Jamie's used to feelings of wariness, isolation, of being on guard. What he's not used to is this dangerous, nearly uncontrollable new emotion raging through him.
Jamie wants Faith, as a man wants a woman... and it may already be too late to turn back... Expected more.
692 Melt Me Fox Calista Calista Fox Finn Yvette N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Body Scenes 2 Yes Epub
Trendy columnist Yvette has wanted Finn for years. The feeling is mutual, but Finn, a renowned artist, has yet to let pleasure come before business. He wants Yvette to model for a series of
paintings for his next showing at the exclusive nightclub and naughty art gallery, Body Scenes. Unfortunately, the perfect theme hasn‘t materialized in his usually creative mind. That is, until a
heat wave hits Manhattan and the idea of hot, slick, naked body parts causes inspiration to strike.
Armed with custom ice sculptures, Finn turns a steamy photo shoot into a wet and wicked affair to remember!
693 Seduce Me Fox Calista Calista Fox Drake Shana N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Body Scenes 3 Yes Epub
Drake is the mysterious, sexy British owner of the exclusive Manhattan nightclub and naughty art gallery, Body Scenes. He's also a vampire. One who has a mad crush on-or rather, a burning
need for-a human. Shana, the object of his blazing desire, is a sultry, curvaceous woman who oozes animal magnetism, though she doesn't know it. For Shana, who spent her youth feeling
inferior to the petite and dainty women she toured with when headlining an international orchestra, body image issues are the order of the day. Every day. But then she meets the wildly
charismatic and devilishly handsome Drake, along with his desirable assistant, Jane, and finds herself the star of a highly erotic three-way. But can she overcome her insecurities and accept that
Drake's lust for her is of the eternal variety? And can a vampire really have a happily-ever-after ending with a human? Reader Advisory: Seduce Me features both female/female and male/male
scenes. We love it when there's something for everyone...
694 ClaimMe Fox Calista Calista Fox Jude/Cray Jane N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Body Scenes 4 Yes Epub
Book 4 in the Body Scenes series.
Jane longs for a human‘s touch. Being a vampire precludes
her from seeking an elusive fulfillment and ever-burning craving. Then, one unexpected night, two devastatingly handsome and intensely passionate shapeshifters imprint on her.
Werewolf alpha Jude isn‘t accustomed to sharing a mate, but what choice does he have when both he and his second, Cray, pick up the beautiful British vampire‘s seductive scent and are
innately and physically drawn to her? What starts out as a sticky situation turns into a touchy-feely one that results in a scorching-hot three-way love affair. But the wolves are being hunted by
an ousted pack member looking for revenge and they‘ve already suffered one loss—Jude‘s former lover.
Suddenly, more than Jane‘s heart is on the line—the fate of her very existence is in the hands of her sexy shifters.
695 Broken Hart Fox Ella Ella Fox Dante Hart Sabrina Tyler N/A Contemporary Partially Yes The Hart Family 1 Yes PDF
Sabrina Tyler is head over heels in love with her boss and best friend, Dante Hart. Sabrina thinks that Dante has no romantic interest in her but she's wrong. Dante doesn't believe in love or
commitment or any kind. Sabrina has gotten under his skin but Dante has no intention of acting on it. One wild night changes their relationship forever, but Dante lacks faith in love and doesn't
believe in Happily Ever Afters. Can Sabrina break through and fix what's broken in Dante Hart? This is an erotic romance for adults only! Contains super hot, one on one sex between two great
696 Exquisite Frank Ella Ella Frank Mason Langley Lena O'Donnell N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Exquisite 1 Yes PDF & Word
Her heart was guarded...Tormented by self-imposed guilt, Dr. Lena O‘Donnell has spent the last nine years in survival mode. Struggling through days that seem to blend together and battling her
way through each horrifying night, she‘s determined that this is what she deserves…Until he tore down the walls...Mason Langley‘s life is going exactly the way he planned it, until her. A
confirmed bachelor and the successful owner of the hottest restaurant to hit Chicago, he never expects to be blindsided by an angry woman in a pair of scrubs. No matter how hard he tries, he
can‘t seem to shake the doctor, and he finds himself liking the way she makes him feel. Almost over night Lena finds her world turned upside down by Mason and the sexual desire they discover
together. Slowly, she lowers her guard and invites him inside but when tragedy strikes she begins to believe that sometimes it‘s better to be alone and safe than to love and lose.
697 Entice Frank Ella Ella Frank Joshua Daniels Shelly Monroe N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Exquisite 2 Yes PDF & Word
What if everything you think you want isn't what you actually need...Dr. Shelly Monroe is a woman who doesn't shy away from going after what she wants, but lately good sex has been hard to
find. Shelly's become increasingly frustrated with the men she's been dating and the men she believes are the right choice. Joshua Daniels is certainly not even close to the right choice. In fact
he is exactly the wrong choice. For one thing, he's Mason Langley's best friend and best man. Second he's too much of a risky complication for Shelly to even consider. Then why can't she stop
thinking about how delicious he looked that first night she met him at Exquisite? Why is it so imperative to keep her lusty desire for a man that doesn't meet her preconceived mold hidden from
Lena and Mason, her trusted friends? It seems unreasonable that being with a man completely wrong in theory could somehow feel so right. Then why is it the more she sees him the more
enticing he becomes?
698 Edible Frank Ella Ella Frank Cole Madison Rachel Langley N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Exquisite 3 Yes PDF & Word
Edible, delicious, delectable. Rachel Langley is more than familiar with those three words in her line of work. After all, she spends her afternoons and evenings creating desserts so divine that
your mouth will water and your taste buds will tingle. They aren't, however, the words she would have ever expected to think of when she locks eyes with a certain lawyer she knows only as
Cole. With each encounter, the infuriatingly persistent man becomes more impossible to resist, and edible is the exact word that comes to mind. Crave, demand, covet. Cole Madison knows
exactly what he wants, and Rachel Langley is it. From the moment he spotted her at Whipped, he knew he wanted to grab hold and take a bite. However, the woman has enigmatic moves,
avoiding him at every turn. But not for much longer. Rachel's time is up, and as far as Cole is concerned, he's waited too long for a taste of what he desires. Nothing, including the woman herself,
will stop him from consuming what he hungers for. The only question left is: Who will take the first bite?
699 Jacob Frank JacquelynJacquelyn Frank Contemporary To Read Yes Nightwalkers 1 Yes PDF & Word
Since time began, there have been Nightwalkers - the races of the night who live in the shadows of the moonlight. Love with humans is absolutely forbidden, and one man makes certain to
uphold this ancient law: Jacob, the Enforcer...
For 700 Years, He has resisted temptation. But not tonight...
Jacob knows the excuses his people give when the madness overtakes them and they fall prey to their lust for humans. He's heard every one and still brought the trespassers to justice. Immune
to forbidden desires, uncontrollable hungers, or the curse of the moon, his control is total...until the moment he sees Isabella on a shadowy New York City street. Saving her life wasn't in his
plans. Nor were the overwhelming feelings she arouses in him. But the moment he holds her in his arms and feels the soft explosion of her body against his, everything changes. Their attraction
is undeniable, volatile, and completely against the law. Suddenly everything Jacob has ever believed is inflamed by the heat of desire...
Bring on the night.
700 Gideon Frank JacquelynJacquelyn Frank Contemporary To Read Yes Nightwalkers 2 Yes PDF & Word
They're called the Nightwalkers--proud, ancient beings who live in the shadows, existing just beyond the human world. But there are also dangerous humans who hunt them--necromancers who
use the blackest magic to manipulate them. And for a Demon named Gideon, the battle against these evil forces will soon be all too personal...
For a thousand years, Gideon has healed his people. And as the oldest surviving male of his race, his wisdom has always been respected without question. But Gideon knows that even he is
vulnerable to the powerful, primitive desires that befall his kind during Hallowed moons--and nine years ago that truth was hammered home when he found himself claiming Magdalegna, the
Demon King's sister, in a wild embrace. Horrified by his lack of control, he left her wanting and furious--and then exiled himself for the better part of a decade. Now, with necromancers threatening
his people--and Magdalegna nearly their victim--Gideon must face another truth. He and the beautiful, stubborn Magdalegna are destined to be together, to share a love as deep and old as time
itself. But first he needs to regain her trust. Then he'll have to save her life...
Every night holds secrets.
701 Elijah Frank JacquelynJacquelyn Frank Contemporary To Read Yes Nightwalkers 3 Yes PDF
They are called the Demons, one of the elusive Nightwalker races living in shadow and struggling for survival against their human enemies. Their proudest warrior is Elijah, a man who bends for
nothing and no one...until one woman brings him to his knees...
Some Feelings You Just Can't Fight
He is known as the Warrior Captain--a master of every weapon, a fierce soldier sworn to protect his kind. Powerful, relentless, merciless, Elijah has always won every battle he's ever taken on--
until now. Ambushed by necromancers, he is left for dead only to be discovered by the woman who could very well deliver the final blow...Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen.
With three centuries of warring, little more than a decade of uneasy peace has existed between the Lycanthropes and Elijah's people. Now, after a lifetime of suspicion, the warrior in Elijah is
consumed with a different battle--winning Siena's heart by giving her pleasure beyond all boundaries. What starts as attraction and arousal soon burns into a passion with consequences that will
echo through the ages for both their people. And as would-be enemies become inseparable lovers, another threat approaches, one with the power to destroy them all...
Surrender to the night.
702 Damien Frank JacquelynJacquelyn Frank Contemporary To Read Yes Nightwalkers 4 Yes PDF
They are the Nightwalkers, mysterious beings who dwell in the shadows of our world, and Damien, the Vampire Prince, is among the most powerful of them all. But one woman will tempt him
with a desire unlike anything he has known, and together they will face a terrifying and relentless foe...
As reigning Vampire Prince, Damien has tasted every pleasure the world has to offer--consorting with kings and queens and delighting in sensual adventure. Now, tired of such pursuits, he
devotes his energies to protecting his people. The war between human necromancers and Nightwalkers has escalated, and when the enemy makes a daring move, kidnapping Syreena, a
Lycanthrope Princess, Damien boldly follows. He succeeds in rescuing her, but is unprepared for the erotic longing her lush sensuality awakens in him.
Gifted with rare abilities, Syreena grew up in a cloistered setting and was forbidden to form attachments to others, yet the connection Damien feels with her is immediate, intoxicating, and
impossible for either to resist. But claiming Syreena as his mate could have shattering repercussions for every Nightwalker--and leave their enemies more dangerous than ever before...
Temptation tastes sweetest at night.
703 Noah Frank JacquelynJacquelyn Frank Contemporary To Read Yes Nightwalkers 5 Yes PDF
The Nightwalkers have lived in the shadows of our world for centuries, gifted with abilities few humans can comprehend. For Noah, duty is all--until he meets the woman who is his destiny...
As Demon King, Noah is dedicated to protecting his kind from their human and Nightwalker enemies. Yet for six months he has struggled with vivid dreams that threaten his very sanity. Every
night he's tormented by images of a woman both achingly real and tantalizingly beyond his grasp. And his bone-deep need leaves him no choice but to force her to leave the life she's known and
enter a world beyond her imagining...
Every day, Kestra risks her life in perilous missions that veer just shy of the law, but she instinctively knows that the imposingly sensual figure before her is a danger unlike any she's ever faced.
Kestra has sworn never to trust or need another man, but Noah's lightest touch scorches her with fevered desire, branding her as his mate, blinding them both to the terrifying truth. For within the
ranks of their own people lies an adversary growing in number and power. And nothing and no one will be safe again...
Desire awakens at night...
704 Adam Frank JacquelynJacquelyn Frank Contemporary To Read Yes Nightwalkers 6 Yes PDF
Haunted by magic, beset by evil, the Nightwalkers face their darkest hour yet. And when they unthinkable happens, only one legendary male has the power, the will, to save them:
From their first tantalizing touch, Jasmine knows he is different. What other lover could unlock her tight control, flood Vampire senses jaded by a lifetime of decadent self indulgence? Centuries
ago, when he disappeared without a trace, she had given up hope of ever fulfilling the promise of incomparable passion. But here he is, against the very laws of nature, ready to bring down their
most vicious enemy, ready to bring her blood to the boiling point.... If she will only let him.
705 Just the Way You Are Freethy Barbara Barbara Freethy Sam Alli N/A Contemporary Read 05.02.2013 3 No N/A N/A Yes LIT
A baby brought them together -- and even though Alli has always loved her strong, sexy husband Sam and the life they've made together, she's now decided to set him free to follow his youthful
dreams. For although she worships Sam, it's no longer enough for her to be wife and lover when she knows she holds so little of his heart. Sam has always dreamed of a life away from the close-
knit world of Tucker's Landing, but marriage and fatherhood ended all that. Now Sam is torn between what was and what was meant to be. He must decide if it's time to rekindle the dreams of
the past...or accept Alli, and her love, just the way she is.
706 Knight & Play French Kitty Kitty French Contemporary To Read Yes Knight 1 Yes ePub
There's only one thing in life Lucien Knight really hates, and that's husbands who cheat on their wives.
There's only one problem in Sophie Black's life. Her cheating husband...
From the moment Lucien & Sophie meet, the seal is set.
Romantic, emotional & intensely erotic, Knight and Play is the perfect read for lovers of international bestsellers Fifty Shades & Bared To You. Let yourself be swept away by Part One of the
Knight series from Kitty French, a romance so hot it'll burn your fingers...
CEO of Knight Inc. Lucien Knight is catch-your-breath gorgeous and damaged by his troubled past in Norway. All grown up and relocated to London, he's built his empire of adult clubs from the
ground up to become the gorgeous patron saint of the sex industry. No one knows the dark childhood secrets that have given Lucien a backbone of steel and a heart encased in ice. No one until
Sophie Black, that is...
From the moment girl-next-door Sophie accepts the job as Lucien Knight's PA, she understands how Alice must have felt when she tumbled down the rabbit hole. Lucien takes her safe, vanilla
life away and plunges her head first into a huge dish of fantasy flavours. Rich, spicy chocolate covered with dark, oozingly lickable sauce? Check. Tutti-frutti with indecently red, glistening
cherries on the top? Yes please.
Lucien strips away all of Sophie's inhibitions, and when he instructs her to select three new toys, she soon realises he has more than a game of Monopoly on his mind...
He's opened the door to a whole new pleasure packed world without limits, and Sophie is utterly intoxicated. But how far is she willing to go? And what happens when she has to step back into
reality again?
Lucien & Sophie's is a story of star crossed love and forbidden passion, a sexual odyssey that spans the globe and changes both of their lives forever. Let it change yours, too.
707 Once Burned Frost Jeaniene Jeaniene Frost Contemporary To Read Yes Night Prince 1 Yes PDF
She's a mortal with dark powers...
After a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams, Leila never imagined that the worst was still to come: terrifying powers that let her channel electricity and learn a person's
darkest secrets through a single touch. Leila is doomed to a life of solitude...until creatures of the night kidnap her, forcing her to reach out with a telepathic distress call to the world's most
infamous vampire...
He's the Prince of Night...
Vlad Tepesh inspired the greatest vampire legend of all—but whatever you do, don't call him Dracula. Vlad's ability to control fire makes him one of the most feared vampires in existence, but his
enemies have found a new weapon against him—a beautiful mortal with powers to match his own. When Vlad and Leila meet, however, passion ignites between them, threatening to consume
them both. It will take everything that they are to stop an enemy intent on bringing them down in flames.
708 Going Deep Gardner BernadetteBernadette Gardner Del Celia Weston N/A Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Going Deep Bernadette Gardner Forbidden desires plague Celia, head of the Underwater Maintenance Engineering project on Gavrel Space Station. Celia's fascination for the bio-engineered
aquatic humanoids who care for the habitat's ocean grows each day. Sleek, strong and graceful, the UMEs have begun to develop patterns of behavior and beliefs that their creators had not
planned for. When her attraction to Del leads Celia to finally indulge in her long-suppressed sexual fantasies, she endangers her job and the future of the UMEs aboard Gavrel. In order to save
their species and secure the rights they deserve, Del is urged by the leader of his people to use Dr. Weston as a pawn in a political coup. Celia risks everything for the ecstasy of Del's
electrifying touch, but can she convince two races to accept their relationship and work together to save the doomed ocean?
709 Heartbreaker GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 1 Yes PDF
Bless me father, for I will sin....
In the still shadows of the confessional, a madman tauntingly reveals his plan for a murder he is going to commit, pulling Father Thomas Madden into a twisted game by disclosing his next
intended victim: Tom's sister, Laurant. In a frantic race to protect her, Tom calls upon his best friend, elite FBI agent Nick Buchanan, to track the predator who is closing in on Laurant. Now, as
an electrifying attraction grows between Laurant and Nick, so does the danger -- and one false move will cost both of them everything that matters.
Let New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood take you on a thrilling excursion into the soaring heights -- and the darkest impulses -- of the human heart.
710 Mercy GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 2 Yes PDF
When esteemed Justice Department attorney Theo Buchanan is struck ill at a New Orleans gala, Dr. Michelle Renard works fast to save his life. Soon, Theo finds himself in a race to save her
when Michelle is targeted by a deadly crime ring. They call themselves the Sowing Club, a devious foursome driven by greed to accumulate millions in a secret bank account. Now they're dead
set on silencing Michelle, who might know the secret behind the killing of one of their wives. Dodging a world-class hit man and a band of cunning criminals, Michelle and Theo walk a narrow
path between passion and survival.
711 Killjoy GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 3 Yes PDF
Avery Delaney has always tried to put the past far behind her. Abandoned by her rapacious, conniving mother when she was only three days old, Avery was raised by her grandmother and
beloved aunt Carolyn. Then, when she was eleven, she witnessed her grandmother's violent death, before Avery herself was shot and left for dead. Miraculously she survived. The man responsible
is serving time in a Florida prison. This traumatic experience propels Avery into a life of law and order.
Her razor-sharp mind and ability to gather data and decipher evidence has made Avery an expert crime analyst for the FBI. But soon she will have to use every one of her adroit skills on a case
that hits painfully close to home.
Avery's workaholic aunt, Carolyn Salvetti, is certain her (hopefully soon-to-be ex) husband sent her the gold embossed reservation to the posh Utopia Spa in the mountains of Colorado. At first
she is resistant, but then figures it will be a welcome respite from the cutthroat advertising business, not to mention a networking extravaganza. Plus she persuades her niece to join her for the
two weeks of luxury and decadence.
But Carolyn never makes it to Utopia. Under false pretenses, she is taken to an isolated retreat by a handsome stranger with a dazzling smile, suave demeanor, and the darkest of motives. His
name is Monk, a hired assassin. Now, with scant clues and fewer resources, Avery must track down and save Carolyn--and outmaneuver a brilliant killer who is part of an elaborate plot of
madness and lethal vengeance.
712 Murder List GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Regan Madison Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 4 Yes PDF
Agreeing to attend a seminar as a favor to a reporter friend, Regan Madison takes part in an exercise in which guests identify those who have hurt them, but the exercise takes a lethal turn when
those on her list begin to turn up dead…
713 Shadow DanceGarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 6 Yes PDF
Jordan Buchanan is thrilled that her brother and best friend are tying the knot. The wedding is a lavish affair–for the marriage of Dylan Buchanan and Kate MacKenna is no ordinary occasion. It
represents the joining of two family dynasties. The ceremony and reception proceed without a hitch–until a crasher appears claiming to be a MacKenna guest. The disheveled and eccentric
professor of medieval history warns that there‘s ―bad blood‖ between the couple‘s clans, stemming from an ancient feud that originated in Scotland, and involving the Buchanan theft of a coveted
MacKenna treasure.
Jordan has always led a cautious life and has used her intelligence and reason to become a successful businesswoman. So she is intrigued but skeptical of the professor‘s claims that the feud
has been kept alive by the grave injustices the Buchanans have perpetrated over the centuries. But when Noah Clayborne, a close family friend and a man who has never let a good time or a
pretty girl pass him by, accuses Jordan of being trapped in her comfort zone, she determines to prove him wrong and sets out on a spontaneous adventure to the small, dusty town of Serenity,
Texas, to judge the professor‘s research for herself.
Maneuvering through a close-knit community in which everyone knows everyone else‘s business, Jordan never anticipates the danger and intrigue that lie in her path, nor the threat that will
shadow her back to Boston, where even in familiar surroundings, her life is at risk.
A powerful thug who rules by fear, a man who harbors a simmering secret, and an unexpected romance that pierces all defenses–beloved author Julie Garwood weaves these dazzling elements
into a brilliant novel of romantic suspense. Shadow Dance is a searing tango of passion and peril.
714 Fire & Ice GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 7 Yes PDF
Fresh from her incredible smash-hit historical romance Shadow Music New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood returns to contemporary romantic suspense with this wonderfully sexy,
exhilarating blockbuster. Filled with sizzling passion and breathless adventure, Fire and Ice features a feisty heroine whom Garwood s devoted readers already know and love from her hugely
popular novel Murder List. Sophie Rose, a tough and determined newspaper reporter, is the daughter of Bobby Rose, a suave, charming, and handsome gentleman who also happens to be a
notorious big-time thief sought by every law-enforcement agency in the country. When the major Chicago daily where she works insists she write an exposé about her roguish father, Sophie
refuses, quits her job, and goes to work at a small newspaper. Far from her onetime high-powered crime beat, she now covers local personalities such as the quirky winner of several area 5K
runs whose trademark is goofy red socks.Those red socks with Sophie s business card neatly tucked inside are practically all that s found after runner William Harrington is killed near Prudhoe
Bay, Alaska, seemingly the victim of a brutal death by polar bear. The Alaska cops want to know why Harrington carried Sophie s card. With an unerring nose for a good story, she heads
north.What Sophie doesn t realize is that on her journey from Chicago to Prudhoe Bay, danger follows in her wake. After one attempt on her life, she s been assigned brash but sexy Jack
MacAlister as a bodyguard by the cautious FBI. Amid great peril and deadly intrigue in the unforgiving Alaskan terrain, she and Jack form an uneasy alliance sparked with sensual attraction. But
they will soon be fighting more than their growing passion for each other. Powerful forces will stop at nothing to prevent the exposure of the sinister conspiracy Sophie and Jack are about to
715 Sizzle GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 8 Yes PDF
Lyra Prescott, a Los Angeles film student, is closing in on graduation and facing important decisions about her future. She's already been offered a job at her hometown TV station, an
opportunity that could ultimately launch her dream career as a film editor. But heading back home would also mean dealing with her overprotective brothers, social-climbing mother, and eccentric
grandmother. Unsure of her future, Lyra dives into work on her final school assignment: a documentary transformed by a twist of fate into a real-life horror film.
After she unwittingly captures a shocking crime on camera, a rash of mysterious, treacherous incidents convince Lyra that she's trapped in a sinister scenario headed for a violent ending.
Running scared, she turns to her best friend, Sidney Buchanan, whose connections bring dauntless and devilishly handsome FBI agent Sam Kincaid into Lyra's life. As the noose of deadly
intrigue tightens and the feelings between them deepen, Lyra and Sam must place their faith in each other's hands�and stand together against the malevolent forces about to break loose.
No one mixes life-and-death suspense with feverish desire better than Julie Garwood. In Sizzle she burns hotter and brighter than ever, keeping the action and passion blazing till the incredible,
unforgettable end.
716 The Ideal Man GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 9 Yes PDF
Sometimes you find love in the deadliest of circumstances... After completing her residency at a large urban hospital, Dr Ellie Sullivan's life is turned upside down when she witnesses the
shooting of an FBI agent in pursuit of a ruthless modern day Bonnie-and-Clyde duo known as the Landrys. The only person to see the shooter's face, Ellie is suddenly at the center of a heated
criminal investigation... an investigation headed by the tantalizingly handsome Agent Max Daniels. Julie Garwood is among the most critically acclaimed - and popular - romance authors around,
with thirty-six million copies of her books in print. She is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, including Sizzle, Fire and Ice, Shadow Music, Shadow Dance, and Slow Burn.
717 Sweet Talk GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Contemporary To Read Yes Buchanan-Renard 10 Yes Word
Attorney and IRS agent Olivia Mackenzie is the kind of tough, wise-cracking, powerful woman fans expect from a Garwood protagonist—but this time she has outdone herself. Olivia is not just
any woman, she is every woman; flawed in the familiar ways so many of us are.
On the trail of an elaborate Ponzi scheme, one that threatens to ruin the lives of naïve and unsuspecting victims, Olivia suddenly finds her own life is in danger after she asks questions of the
wrong people. She is accustomed to fighting for the underdog, but being vulnerable herself is a very different story. Smart enough to know when enough is enough, Olivia calls for reinforcements.
When she meets FBI Agent Grayson Kincaid there is an immediate and obvious attraction, palpable on both sides. Together they make an excellent team to fight corruption but Olivia is also
fighting the immediate and intense attraction she feels for Agent Kincaid, and that may be a battle she is bound to lose.
718 For the Roses GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Clayborne's Brides (Rosehill) 1 Yes PDF
1879. In Blue Belle, Montana, everyone knew better than to mess with the Claybornes. The brothers had once been a mismatched gang of street urchins -- until they found an abandoned baby
girl in a New York city alley, named her Mary Rose, and headed west to raise her to be a lady. They became a family -- held together by loyalty and love if not by blood -- when suddenly they
faced a crisis that threatened to tear them apart....
Trouble came to town with one Lord Harrison Stanford MacDonald. Armed with a swagger and six-shooter, he cut a striking figure -- but it soon became apparent to Mary Rose that he was too
much of a gentleman to make it in her rough-and-tumble town. She asked her brothers to teach him the basics of frontier survival, which he acquired with ease. And soon he possessed a deep
and desperate love for Mary Rose. She returned his affection wholeheartedly... until MacDonald revealed a secret that challenged everything she believed about herself, her life, and her newfound
love. Now her search for identity and meaning would begin, raising questions that could only be answered if she listened to the truth within her heart....
719 One Pink RoseGarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Clayborne's Brides (Rosehill) 2 Yes PDF
THE CLAYBORNES ARE BACK! AND LOVE IS IN BLOOM! — First introduced in Julie Garwood's magnificent New York Times bestseller For the Roses, which inspired the Hallmark Hall of
Fame television film Rose Hill, the Clayborne brothers of Blue Belle, Montana, have been embraced by millions worldwide. Now Julie Garwood spins the individual stories of these three spirited
brothers -- once a mismatched gang of street urchins -- in a trio of special novels that begins with One Pink Rose.
Travis Clayborne may be the youngest of the Clayborne brothers, but he's most definitely his own man. Unless it means saying no to his beloved Mama Rose. And that's why Travis is escorting
young Bostonian Emily Finnegan to Golden Crest, Montana -- where she'll discover what awaits her as a mail-order bride. Emily has made it perfectly clear that she's taken charge of her destiny
and nothing is going to interfere. Falling in love with the perfect stranger isn't part of her plan, but the journey with Travis across this beautiful, rugged land opens her eyes... and her heart.
Perhaps her destiny isn't exactly as she imagined.
720 One White RoseGarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Clayborne's Brides (Rosehill) 3 Yes PDF
Douglas Clayborne will never turn his back on anyone in need, and everyone in Blue Belle knows it. Time and again, his intolerance of cruelty of any kind has made him a champion of the
defenseless ... but his quiet strength faces its ultimate battle when he meets Isabel Grant. He arrives at her ranch to pick up the magnificent Arabian stallion he's purchased, but he cannot leave
the vulnerable woman behind when he discovers the danger that threatens her. Convincing the stubborn, strong-willed beauty that she needs him is another matter. Douglas can stop the men
from stealing her ranch and her horses, but he cannot stop Isabel Grant from stealing his heart.
721 One Red RoseGarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Clayborne's Brides (Rosehill) 4 Yes PDF
The Claybornes are back -- and love is in bloom! First introduced in Julie Garwood's magnificent New York Times bestseller "For the Roses," which inspired the Hallmark Hall of Fame television
film "Rose Hill," the Clayborne brothers of Blue Belle, Montana, have been embraced by millions worldwide. Now Julie Garwood spins the individual stories of these three spirited brothers -- once
a mismatched gang of street urchins -- in a trio of special novels that continues with "One Red Rose." Adam Clayborne has always put great stock in the power of books. As an escaped slave --
and a wanted man -- reading has been his only ticket to the wonders of distant lands. Adam is content with his life as a confirmed bachelor, which is why his Mama Rose has summoned the
irresistible Genevieve Delacroix to Montana. Also a former slave, Genevieve shares his dream of seeing the world, but she arrives to find Adam unfailingly polite...and just as distant. Undaunted,
Genevieve determines to teach Adam what he'll never learn from a book -- that true freedom only comes when you open your heart.
722 The Lion's LadyGarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Crown's Spies 1 Yes PDF
Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm. The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood, stole a searching, sensuous
kiss. An arrogant nobleman with a pirate's passions, he tasted the wild fire smoldering beneath Christina's cool charm and swore to posess her...
But the fiesty and defiant Christina would not be so easily conquered. Mistress of her heart and of her fortune, she resisted Lyon's sensuous caresses. She dared not surrender to his love...for
then, she must also forsake her precious secret...and her promised destiny!
723 Guardian AngelGarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Crown's Spies 2 Yes PDF
The Emerald flew across the seas, carrying the pirate Pagan -- despised by the ton, whose riches he plundered, and beloved by the poor, whose plight was eased by his gifts.
The Marquess of Cainewood vows to hunt down the pirate wretch in revenge for his brother's death. But when Jade, an enchanting vision of rippling red hair and eyes of jewel-green, appears at his
door to beg desperately for his protection, the Marquess agrees to keep her safe from the villains who want her dead. Jade is infuriating, exasperating, and gorgeous; Caine is noble, strong-
willed, and powerful. No woman has ever befuddled him so, nor so deeply aroused his desire. But as Jade answers his knowing caresses with an innocent, wild abandon, they are drawn into a
web of treachery that will test the very heart of their love!
724 The Gift GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Crown's Spies 3 Yes PDF
A child bride, Sara Winchester had grown into a winsome beauty, joyfully anticipating the day when her husband Nathan, Marquess of St. James, would return to claim her heart at last.
Charmingly innocent, she dismissed the ancient feud that divided Nathan's family from her own...and she was totally unaware of his past exploits as the notorious pirate, Pagan. The man who
now stood before her was perplexing, arrogant and powerfully handsome...a warrior-gentleman whose gentle touch aroused her to the wildest, deepest pleasures of love.
Nathan had never bared his soul to any woman, but he was soon utterly beguiled and exasperated by Sara's sweet, defiant ways. Aboard his ship, The Seahawk, she was brave, imperious and
determined to win his heart completely -- yet upon their return to England, her love would be sorely tested as a vile conspiracy tried to tear them apart. With their future at stake, they would
discover the true destiny of their passion...for all time!
725 The Secret GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Highlands' Lairds 1 Yes PDF
It is the late 12th century and lovely Lady Judith Hampton is making plans to leave her home in England for a dangerous journey to Scotland. She is keeping a childhood promise to attend her
dearest friend, Frances Catherine, in childbirth. But Judith has a private reason for visiting the Highlands: to locate the father she has never known.
Nothing has prepared Judith for the sight of Iain Maitland, Frances Catherine's brother-in-law, the Scottish warlord who comes to escort her to his land. The Laird of his clan, Iain is the
handsomest, most compelling man Judith has ever met.
Though he finds Judith as stubborn as she is enchanting, passion rages between them from their first kiss--and grows into a love so great that he fears for their future together... for her father's
identity is a devastating secret that could shatter the boldest alliance and the most glorious of loves!
726 Ransom GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Highlands' Lairds 2 Yes PDF
As a child, Gillian lost her sister and saw her father killed by Baron Alford, a man driven by greed, determined to obtain a jewelled box belonging to King John. Years later, while searching for her
sister, Gillian enlists the aid of Scottish Lairds Ramsey Sinclair and Brodick Buchanan, as well as a new friend, Brigid Kirk Connel. The four unite to face the terrifying and powerful baron who
has stolen Gillian's home. But in the process of regaining her heritage, will Gillian lose her heart?
727 The Bride GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Lairds' Fiancees 1 Yes PDF
By the king's edict, Alec Kincaid, mightiest of the Scottish lairds, must take an English bride. And Jamie the youngest daughter of Baron Jamison, is his choice. From his first glimpse of the
proud and beautiful English lady, Alec felt a burning hunger stir within him. This was a woman worthy of his fearless warrior's spirit. And he aches to touch her, tame her, possess her...forever.
But with the wedding vows, Jamie pledges her own secret oath: She will never surrender her love to this Highland barbarian. He was everything her heart warned her against -- an arrogant,
brooding scoundrel whose rough good looks and seductive embrace fire her blood. But when strange accidents begin to threaten Jamie's life and an old rumor that Alec killed his first wife
spreads anew, something far more dangerous than desire threatens to conquer her senses.
728 The Wedding GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read Yes Lairds' Fiancees 2 Yes PDF
It's a classic plot: a marriage of convenience that lays the groundwork for true love.
1119. Journeying from England to Scotland to wed a highlander, Lady Brenna had resigned herself to the arranged match. But when a band of fierce, painted warriors captured her en route, she
fearlessly met their demand to marry their leader -- the quick-tempered laird Connor MacAlister. She couldn't know that her capture was merely the first act of vengeance against her betrothed,
Connor's sworn enemy.
Brenna harbored no illusions that her husband was in love with her; after a hasty forest wedding, MacAlister assured her she could return home once she had borne him a son. But she could not
deny that she had once proposed to MacAlister -- ten years ago, when she was just a child, and the visitor to her father's castle charmed her with his dazzling, unexpected smile. Now, as she
sets out to win the brave chieftain whom she has come to adore, a legacy of revenge ensnares Brenna in a furious clan war -- and only her faith in her gallant hero can save her....
729 Saving Grace GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
When Lady Johanna learned that she was a widow, she vowed she would never marry again. Only sixteen, already she possessed a strength of will that impressed all who looked past her
golden-haired beauty. Yet when King John demanded that she remarry and selected a bridegroom for her—it seemed she must acquiesce, until her beloved foster brother suggested she wed his
friend, the handsome Scottish warrior Gabriel MacBain.
At first Johanna was shy, but as Gabriel tenderly revealed the splendid pleasures they would share, she came to suspect that she was falling in love with her gruff new husband. And it was soon
apparent to the entire Highlands clan that their brusque, gallant laird had surrendered his heart completely. But now a desperate royal intrigue threatened to tear her from his side—and to destroy
the man whose love meant more to her than she had ever dreamed!
730 The Prize GarwoodJulie Julie Garwood Historical To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
In the resplendence of William the Conqueror's London court, the lovely Saxon captive Lady Nicholaa was forced to choose a husband from the assembled Norman nobles. She chose Royce, a
baron warrior whose fierce demeanor could not conceal his chivalrous and tender heart. A resourceful, rebellious and utterly naive, Nicholaa vowed to bend Royce to her will despite the whirlwind
of feelings he aroused in her. Ferocious in battle, seasoned in passion, Royce was surprised by the depth of his emotion whenever he caressed his charming bride.
In a climate of utmost treachery, where Saxons still intrigued against their Norman invaders, Royce and Nicholaa revelled in their precious new love ... a fervent bond soon to be disrupted by the
call of blood, kin and country!
731 Tucker's Fall Gayle Eliza Eliza Gayle Contemporary To Read Yes Purgatory Masters 1 Yes Epub
Scandalized professor Maggie Cisco returns to her hometown to lick her wounds and reconsider her future. Her years of personal and professional research into the BDSM lifestyle has landed
her in jail, in divorce court and now in the headlines of more newspapers than she cares to count. The worst of all? The entire debacle is being blamed on a bestselling book she hasn‘t even read!
Just when she thinks her only solution is a tell all memoir, a snowstorm puts her in the path of stunningly handsome, insanely rich and equally intense, Tucker Lewis.
Tucker remembers Maggie well. They once shared a mind-numbing kiss at the annual St. Mary‘s carnival when her boyfriend wasn‘t looking. No stranger to scandal, he looks past public opinion
to the submissive craving a master‘s touch and decides then and there what he wants. He‘s going after Maggie and her heart‘s kinkiest desires.
Unfortunately, no amount of money can change the sins of the past and when they‘re certain they know everything there is to know about each other, one discovers a secret they aren‘t prepared
732 Lady of the Locket George Melanie Melanie George Timetravel Read 2012 3 Yes PDF
The echoes of history and romance lure Rachel Hudson to Glengarren, the Scottish castle where her parents met many Christmases ago. But it is the portrait of fierce Highlander Duncan
MacGregor that sparks an inexplicable yearning inside her. On a storm-tossed night, as lightning cracks across the castle's turrets, Rachel finds herself face-to-face with MacGregor himself,
astride a mighty stallion. Now, stepping into Rachel's time -- and her heart -- the warrior from the past is pursued by an ancient, evil enemy. . . .
733 Show No MercyGerard Cindy Cindy GerardGabriel Jones Jenna McMillan N/A Contemporary Read 22.08.2013 3 Yes Black Ops Inc 1 Yes PDF & Word
THE SULTRY HEAT... Only two things can compel journalist Jenna McMillan back to Buenos Aires after terrorists held her captive there just months before: a rare interview with a shadowy
billionaire and the memory of the dark and dangerous man who saved her.... HIDES THE DEADLIEST THREATS... Bad guys, bombs, and bullets are Gabriel Jones's way of life. But he'll never
forget the brash redhead he rescued not so long ago...or the passionate kiss they shared before he sent her packing....AND EXPOSES THE DEEPEST DESIRES. Now, forced together by a
bombing at the National Congress, Jenna and Gabe confront the urgent longings that simmer between them. But this surprise meeting is no coincidence. A ruthless enemy stalks them with
deadly precision. The question is...if they make it out alive, will Gabe turn his back on Jenna...again?
734 Take No Prisoners Gerard Cindy Cindy GerardSamLang Abbie Hughes N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Black Ops Inc 2 Yes PDF
A dangerous attraction...Abbie Hughes no longer trusts men, but despite her cool indifference, her long legs and showgirl face still draw plenty of attention. Between working as a blackjack
dealer, going to school, and keeping an eye on her younger brother, Cory, there's no time for romantic adventures -- until the night a sexy, mysterious stranger places a wager at her table.
Spurred by revenge...Sam Lang left Black Ops, Inc. when tragedy struck his family. Although he's determined to retire his M-16 rifle to lead a quiet life on his ranch, a vengeful quest will send
him on a manhunt for the ruthless multimillionaire who murdered his sister. Reveals a savage threat they can't ignore...Though Sam suspects Abbie is in on a lucrative gem-smuggling deal her
brother made with the enemy, their attraction is undeniable. Now Cory is missing, and together they search the wild Honduras backcountry to find him. With danger on their trail, they must trust
each other completely or face certain death alone....
735 Whisper No Lies Gerard Cindy Cindy GerardJohnny Duane Reed Crystal Debrowski N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Black Ops Inc 3 Yes PDF
An indecent proposal...When a high roller at the Vegas casino where Crystal Debrowski manages security makes a scandalous proposition, she flat-out refuses, especially given rumors of his
shady overseas connections. But then counterfeit bills mysteriously flood the gaming tables, and her reputation —and her life —are on the line. Reveals a simmering desire...Despite his big, flirty
grin, Texas heartbreaker Johnny Duane Reed can't get sassy Crystal off his mind. When she is abducted by an international crime lord with a threatening obsession, Reed enlists his Black Ops,
Inc. team to pursue a dangerous mission to rescue her. With deadly consequences...Between Crystal and Johnny burns a scorching flame, but as they battle her relentless abductor, they
uncover a malicious arms trafficking and white slavery ring. Together, they must destroy the tyrant's wicked enterprises or face his reign of terror themselves....
736 Feel the Heat Gerard Cindy Cindy GerardRafael Mandoza B.J Chase N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Black Ops Inc 4 Yes PDF
A race for survival...Bold, blonde Defense Intelligence officer B. J. Chase isn't exactly thrilled when she's summoned from personal leave to investigate an alarming national security breach -- until
the suspicious death of a government official blows her covert mission sky-high. Turns into a pulse pounding adventure...Gorgeous Black Ops bad boy Raphael Mendoza always feared his
family's dark history would haunt him. But he never expected it might hold the key to dismantling a rogue weapons system. Now with cool B. J. Chase posing as his hot babe fiance, he returns
to his uncle in Colombia to convince him he can be trusted with the family's dirtiest business secrets. And ignites a passionate fire...Carrying out a deception among ruthless killers brings Rafe
and B.J. too close to ignore the smoldering heat between them. Now, they must work together as the closest of partners as the countdown to international catastrophe closes in....
737 Risk No SecretsGerard Cindy Cindy GerardWyatt Savage Sophie Baylor N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Black Ops Inc 5 Yes PDF
A red-hot attraction...Twelve years of chasing bad guys didn't erase beautiful Sophie Baylor from Wyatt Savage's memory. If he had another chance, he'd never let her leave. So when she tracks
him down from El Salvador and begs for help, he doesn't ask questions -- he just goes. Starts with a terrifying threat...Sophie is grateful her daughter survived a kidnapping attempt, but she won't
forgive herself until the girl who was mistakenly abducted is safe. Wyatt is the only man brave enough to take on the mysterious terrorists behind the crime; and the one irresistible man she
wishes she had never let go. And unleashes an unforgettable adventure...Sophie knows Central America's steamy jungles and sticky politics better than anyone. Yet she refuses to hide in fear.
Then she becomes the enemy's number-one target. Wyatt lost her once, and he won't lose her again -- even if he has to fight, kill, or die to save her.
738 The Riding Crop Gerrard Karyn Karyn Gerrard Historical To Read Yes Riding Crop 1 Yes PDF
Gideon ‗Lord Craven‘, Broyles, pursues his naughty, nocturne adventures in the secret, salacious underworld of the East-End of 1887 London. The sexy and dangerous viscount will try everything
just to have any kind of emotional reaction.
Olivia Durham is known as ‗Mistress Birch‘ at the infamous club, The Riding Crop. Wielding a crop of her own, she coolly dispenses lashings to her male, aristocratic clients. Her world is shaken
when Lord Craven makes a shocking proposal.
Is it possible two emotionally closed off people can find intimacy? What lengths will they take?
739 New Game in Town Gill Cora Lee Cora Lee Gill Connor Gina N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
There‘s a new game in town, and Gina is writing all the rules. Or so she thinks. She‘s taking some drastic personal measures to turn up the heat during Canada‘s icy cold hockey season. She‘s
set on sampling life‘s finer pleasures. But where‘s a girl to start? With a list, of course. Creating a spreadsheet with her sexual wish list is just the beginning. Now she needs to cast the starring
role. What Gina doesn‘t count on is accidently emailing her secret list to Connor, the captain of the Vancouver Reign Warriors hockey team.
Imagine her shock at Connor‘s determination to make every item on her list a reality.
Not happening, Gina promises herself. But Connor has different ideas.
740 Kilgannon Givens Kathleen Kathleen Givens Historical To Read Yes Kilgannon 1 Yes PDF
A place where love and war collide--and she would be possessed by the Scottish chieftain they called . . . barbarian
Enter a world of breathtaking romance and rugged adventure. Enter the world of Kilgannon--an unforgettable story of love and treachery in a great Scottish clan. Kathleen Givens's magnificent
novel sweeps from Queen Anne's London to the Highland wilderness . . . and into the hearts of one proud, passionate family: the MacGannons of . . . Kilgannon.
Mary Lowell wasn't interested in marriage despite her aunt's determination to find her a husband by the end of the London Season. Then Alex MacGannon, Earl of Kilgannon, strode into the
ballroom and commanded her heart. They called him a barbarian, a rough-hewn Scot--chieftain of clan MacGannon. They said no woman could hold him, as he set sail on the high seas. But
Alex returned to claim Mary Lowell as his own, to carry her off to Scotland, to his magnificent ancestral castle, Kilgannon. And as the Highlands are torn by rebellion, Mary will find passion--and
danger--in the rugged land she would now call home.
Watch for the next book in the magnificent Kilgannon saga: The Wild Rose of Kilgannon, coming in November 1999 from Dell.
741 Wild Rose of Kilgannon Givens Kathleen Kathleen Givens Historical To Read Yes Kilgannon 2 Yes PDF
She came to the Highlands an innocent bride, but one man's love and two nations' enmity would make her a woman....
In her unforgettable novel Kilgannon, Kathleen Givens brought to vivid life the tempestuous romance of Mary Lowell, an English aristocrat, and the Scottish chieftain Alex MacGannon, who
claimed her as his bride. Swept into a world of ancient customs, fierce passions, and political treachery, she never expected her life to take root in the Highlands, that she'd become...The Wild
Rose of Kilgannon.
Now Mary and Alex's love story continues. As the fires of war engulf Castle Kilgannon, beautiful Mary stands fast, protecting her family and home. But when news comes of the capture of her
beloved Alex, Mary vows to rescue her brave husband, who offered his life to save his men. As a defiant Alex is tried in London as a traitor, Mary unleashes her own campaign on London society,
determined to win justice on the most dangerous battlefield of all. Even as Alex remains imprisoned in the Tower, she seeks his passionate embrace, forbidden and unforgettable, risking
everything to free the rugged freedom fighter who has claimed her, body and soul . . .
Don't miss the first novel in the breathtaking MacGannon Family Saga, Kilgannon, available from Dell.
742 Shield's Lady Glass Amanda Amanda GlassGryph Sarianna N/A Futuristic To Read Yes Lost Colony 3 Yes Html
Sarianna was a cool, confident businesswoman, an outcast from the East determined to regain her rightful status. Gryph was an intense mercenary respected and feared throughout the opulent
cities and savage frontiers of the West. But from the moment they met, fate made them one. Was it their destiny to be bound to a force that both captivated and frightened them?
743 Fallen Too Far Glines Abbi Abbi Glines Rush FinlayBlaire WynnN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Too Far 1 No N/A
To want what you're not supposed to have…She is only nineteen. She is his new stepfather's daughter. She is still naïve and innocent due to spending the last three years taking care of her sick
mother. But for twenty-four year old Rush Finlay, she is the only thing that has ever been off limits. His famous father's guilt money, his mother's desperation to win his love, and his charm are
the three reasons he has never been told no. Blaire Wynn left her small farmhouse in Alabama, after her mother passed away, to move in with her father and his new wife in their sprawling beach
house along the Florida gulf coast. She isn't prepared for the lifestyle change and she knows she'll never fit into this world. Then there is her sexy stepbrother who her father leaves her with for the
summer while he runs off to Paris with his wife. Rush is as spoiled as he is gorgeous. He is also getting under her skin. She knows he is anything but good for her and that he'll never be faithful
to anyone. He is jaded and has secrets Blaire knows she may never uncover but even knowing all of that…Blaire just may have fallen too far.
744 Never Too Far Glines Abbi Abbi Glines Rush FinlayBlaire WynnN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Too Far 2 No N/A
He had held a secret that destroyed her world. Everything she had known was no longer true. Blaire couldn't stop loving him but she knew she could never forgive him. Now, she was back home
and learning to live again. Moving on with life… until something happened to send her world spinning once again. What do you do when the one person you can never trust again is the one that
you need to trust so desperately? You lie, hide, avoid, and pray that your sins never find you out.
745 Forever Too Far Glines Abbi Abbi Glines Rush FinlayBlaire WynnN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Too Far 3 No N/A
Rush promised her forever... but promises can be broken. Torn between his love for his family and his love for Blaire, Rush has to find a way to save one without losing the other. In the end one
has to be more important. Letting go isn‘t easy. Blaire believed in her fairytale... but no one can live in a fantasy. Her love for Rush and desire to have a family keep her believing that they can find
a way for this to work. Until she has to make the right decision for her and the baby. Even if it breaks her heart. Can they find the forever that they both want or has it all just gone... too far?
746 Temptation Golland KM KM Golland Contemporary To Read Yes The Temptation Series 1 Yes Epub
**Mature Content**
Recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual situations and language.
Sometimes being happily married and completely content is not at all what it seems.
That is what 35 year old, happily married mother of two, Alexis Summers finds out when she decides it is time to return to work. After being a stay-at-home Mum for the past nine years, Alexis
now realises a complete career change is just what she needs.
She becomes a Concierge Attendant in a prestigious hotel in Melbourne working for the owner of the hotel, Bryce Clark. He resides in the penthouse, is extremely hot, and is a man who always
gets what he wants and what he wants is Alexis.
She does a relatively good job resisting Bryce at first, but the undeniable chemistry, sexual tension, and playfulness between the two of them is intense.
Bryce has copious amounts of money, sex appeal, and above all else, is a genuinely nice guy. Bryce has been waiting for his one true love to come along, and he is positive that one true love is
There is one problem, she is happily married to Rick. And, no matter how strong her feelings for Bryce are, she is adamant she will not cheat. She draws a line in the sand but finds it
increasingly hard not to cross. Will she succumb to Temptation?
747 Beck & Call Gordon Abby Abby Gordon Keith McLauren Serena Traydon N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Serena Traydon was tired of playing it safe. All her adult life, she‘d done what was expected—worked hard, went to school, cared for her aging grandfather, and ignored her own needs. Just once,
she wanted someone to take care of her and bring her passions to life. But those deeper, darker desires seemed so forbidden without the right partner.
Keith McLauren had spent years training for this moment. He was a Dom and a he‘d finally found the perfect submissive. She might be his secretary but she‘d never been at his beck and call.
Could he make her his without ruining everything?
748 Recipe for Satisfaction Gordon Gina Gina Gordon Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Being the financial caretaker for her deadbeat parents isn‘t the life professional organizer Sterling Andrews dreamed of. Tired of being the dependable—and boring—daughter, Sterling decides to
have a little fun. And what could be more fun than seducing rich bad boy chef, Jack Vaughn? Except, after one scintillating night together, Sterling‘s not only lusting for Jack, she‘s working for
him. And remaining professional becomes harder every day.
Already a major success thanks to his exclusive restaurants, Jack Vaughn is looking for something more. Ultra responsible Sterling is unlike anyone Jack has met…but she‘s his employee.
Unwilling to give her up, Jack makes Sterling an offer she can‘t refuse—for four sexy weekends, he‘ll indulge her most wicked fantasies with no professional strings attached. But will mixing
business with pleasure spell disaster? Or will they find the recipe for satisfaction?
749 Love & Curses Gould, Garland Debbie, LJDebbie, LJ Gould, Garland Andy Mitchell Calista Page N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Cursed Ink 1 Yes Epub
Calista Page always gives her heart to the wrong guy. The latest one gives her a tattoo before he dumps her to move on to his next conquest. As she falls apart from yet another failed
relationship, her sexy, steadfast neighbor holds her. Why can‘t she find a guy like him?
Successful restaurant owner, Andy Mitchell pines for the girl next door. Tired of being her go-to guy, he decides to tell her how he feels. But fresh off her latest rejection, he wonders if he can
convince her that this time love will last.
―Death is after you,‖ Calista‘s crazy aunt warns. After cursing the tattoo artist who broke her niece‘s heart, she fears the black magic has splashed over to her. Gypsy mumbo-jumbo or not,
Andy‘s instincts kick in. But with Death determined to take Calista‘s life at every turn, can Andy unravel the secret of Love and Curses before it‘s too late?
750 Kinky Boots Grace KD KD Grace Contemporary To Read Yes Epub
After a sizzling encounter in DEMON HEELS, a quirky all-night shoe store, with the store‘s hot owner, FINN MASTERS, JILL HART walks away in the most gorgeous boots ever. Her new boots
come with an unexpected bonus, a sexy demon named ELEANOR, who‘s looking for a good time. All she lacks is a body, and Jill‘s will do nicely.
Jill quits her dead-end job and, not knowing what‘s come over her stops by the nearest pub intent on doing tequila shots until she falls off the stool. Instead she does FINN MASTERS in the beer
garden, unwittingly participating in her first ever threesome. The boots were the bait, the timing was right and Eleanor has new digs. It‘s Finn job to prevent Eleanor‘s misbehaving. His failure
means he‘ll have to ride shotgun and do damage control until Eleanor moves out at the next full moon.
With Eleanor in residence, Jill‘s bolder, sexier, willing to take risks. But is she a whole new Jill, or is it just demon courage? And how will Finn feel about her when she‘s just plain Jill again? Will
the maddeningly magical ménage make Jill‘s dreams come true, or will it break her heart?
751 The Perfect Rake Gracie Anne Anne Gracie Gideon Prudence Merridew N/A Historical Read 18.11.2013 4 Yes Merridew Sisters 1 Yes PDF & Word
She ran from a brute...Fleeing violent tyranny, Prudence Merridew escapes with her beautiful younger sisters to London. One of them must marry—and fast. To act as her sisters' chaperone,
Prudence invents a secret engagement to a reclusive duke...But when the duke arrives unexpectedly in London, she needs his help to avert disaster. Into the arms of a rake...Aristocratic Gideon,
handsome, rakish and with a strong frivolous streak, casually hijacks Prudence's game, awarding himself a stolen kiss or three along the way. Used to managing sisters and elderly men,
Prudence is completely out of her depth with a charming, devious and utterly irresistible rake. And her plot goes terribly—if deliciously—awry...
752 The Perfect Waltz Gracie Anne Anne Gracie Sebastian Reyne Hope Merridew N/A Historical To Read Yes Merridew Sisters 2 Yes PDF & Word
He came in search of a convenient bride...London's Ball of the Season is hardly the milieu for society black sheep Sebastian Reyne. But his younger sisters are in desperate need of care, and
Sebastian is seeking a practical, down-to-earth wife. What he doesn't need is an effervescent sprite like Hope Merridew, a dazzling beauty and the darling of the ton. And found love
instead...Who was that mysterious man who devoured Hope Merridew with his eyes? Rumored to be dangerous, and with a mysterious family heritage, the secretive Sebastian proves absolutely
seductive to such an impetuous young lady. But was he really the one to make her dream of dancing the perfect waltz with the perfect man come true? Who'd imagine that one dance could
ignite a passion so strong that it would seduce all into a delicious intrigue of sensuality and desire?
753 The Perfect Stranger Gracie Anne Anne Gracie Nicholas Blacklock Faith Merridew N/A Historical To Read Yes Merridew Sisters 3 Yes PDF & Word
They vow to love, honor, cherish...With her signature spirit, Faith Merridew has left everything she's ever known for the man she thought was the love of her life. Instead he leaves her name—and
dreams—in the dust. That is, until she crosses paths with Nicholas Blacklock, a Waterloo veteran, who offers to save her reputation with a marriage of convenience. And then get to know one
another...A hardened soldier, Nick hides a deadly secret—and tries to keep Faith at arm's length. But even though Nick can command legions of men with a word, his orders go sweetly ignored
by his convenient bride. And as they come to know one another more deeply, she brings out in him things he thought dead: gentleness, laughter...and love.
754 The Perfect Kiss Gracie Anne Anne Gracie Dominic Wolfe Grace Merridew N/A Historical To Read Yes Merridew Sisters 4 No N/A
To rescue her friend...Grace Merridew's childhood has made it hard for her to trust men and in three years on the marriage market, her senses have never been stirred. So she makes plans for a
life of adventure instead—to see the moon rise over the pyramids of Egypt and dance amid the marble ruins of Greece. But first she has to help a friend. She must enter the lair of the
wolfe...Grace's timid friend is being forced to marry Dominic Wolfe, who stands to inherit a huge estate if he weds. The Wolfes have a terrible reputation, and if there's one thing Grace cannot
stand, it's a bully. Her friend begs for help to escape this marriage, so Grace acts as the plain and mousy chaperone on their visit to the groom-to-be. But when they arrive, nothing is as they
expect, and Grace is scandalized to find herself being pursued by a big, bad Wolfe with dishonorable intentions
755 A Savage Betrayal Graham Lynne Lynne Graham Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Destination: Revenge!
Once upon a time, Mina had fallen in love with her boss, Cesare Falcone, and into his bed - only to find herself dismissed by him as a gold-digging tramp.
But the story didn't end there: four years later, Mina and Cesare were reunited, and he discovered that she had kept the consequences of their one night of passion to herself.
Could there ever be a happy ending, now that Cesare had discovered Mina's betrayal? For Cesare, perhaps: he proposed, and Mina discovered that his offer of marriage was just a savage
charade, designed to give their daughter a name and allow him to pursue his revenge at leisure?
756 Tempestuous Reunion Graham Lynne Lynne Graham Contemporary To Read Yes Epub
Once, Luc Santini's inherent sensuality had proved to be Catherine Parrish's downfall. For two years she had loved him unconditionally, until she realized that this rich, powerful man regarded her
as a possession--not a woman he loved enough to marry.
She fled her gilded cage--pregnant with his child. And then fate placed Luc back in her life. He didn't know about Daniel... and Catherine intended to keep it that way. But would she surrender to
his erotic demands--and risk losing herself in a whirl of desire--to protect her son?
757 The Pregnancy Shock Graham Lynne Lynne Graham Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
The convenient bride?with a shocking secret When his PA asked for extended leave, Greek billionaire Alexei Drakos was extremely inconvenienced. He relied on Billie Foster for everything ?
running his life, even getting rid of his girlfriends. Little did Alexei know that Billie had left to have his baby! In fact, he didn?t even remember their passionate night and he had no idea she was
pregnant! With Billie gone, there was something missing in Alexei?s glittering existence. When she returned, he needed to offer her something special to make her stay?like a wedding ring of
convenience?? The Drakos Baby PART ONE: THE PREGNANCY SHOCK Look out for A Stormy Greek Marriage, part two of The Drakos Baby, next month.
758 Island Pleasures Grant KT KT Grant Contemporary To Read Yes Epub
Carly Kimball, columnist for the popular magazine Chit-Chat Weekly, is going undercover to reveal the truth behind Madame Evangeline and 1Night Stand. She‘ll infiltrate the Grand Turk Castillo
hotel and resort for her tell-all article. But Carly is in for an even bigger shock when she comes in contact with a man from her past, Quinn Alfasi, who she shared one passionate night with back
in college.
Quinn never thought he‘d see Carly again, and now six years later she‘s come back into his life. He‘ll do whatever he has to in order to expose her as a liar and a fraud. But then his best friend
Woody shows an interest. Quinn won‘t allow her to fall for Woody‘s charms even if he has to team up with his Lothario best friend to claim Carly as his own.
759 Tall Tales & Wedding Veils Graves Jane Jane Graves Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Accountant Heather Montgomery is a planner. So never in her wildest dreams did she think she'd run into sexy charmer Tony McCaffrey in Vegas, play lady luck, and celebrate his jackpot with a
champagne-soaked night. And she certainly never expected to wake up the next morning married! How could this good girl pick a man whose fridge is empty and whose apartment is a disaster
zone, yet still drives her so crazy with lust she can't see straight?
Quickly hitched and happily ditched, Tony can't wait to get back to his playboy ways. But when Heather's family is thrilled that their no-nonsense daughter is finally in love, he proposes a plan:
stay married for a month to repay his good luck charm, even though she sterilizes his toothbrush and forbids anything between the sheets. But Heather is more than he bargained for--a sharp-
witted, passionate woman who just might turn his near miss into wedded bliss!
760 The Best Revenge Graves Tacie Tacie Graves Contemporary To Read Yes Making Mina 1 Yes Epub
Sex with a handsome stranger seems like the perfect revenge after Mina Hemingway walks in on her fiancé redefining the term "personal assistant." Marco Genovese has come to Miami from
Italy to expand his resort empire. What happens when Mina decides the handsome billionaire is exactly what she needs to get back at her ex? Marco will have to decide either to play by her
rules, or turn the tables and teach her that the best revenge is more than a one-night stand!
This is an erotic short story of approximately 8,500 words. For mature audiences only.
Their story is continued in Making Mina: Strings Attached
761 Strings AttachedGraves Tacie Tacie Graves Contemporary To Read Yes Making Mina 2 Yes Epub
Mina Hemingway got her revenge and it was even sweeter than she‘d dreamed. Marco Genovese was rich, ruthless, and his Italian good looks made him the perfect weapon to strike back at her
philandering ex-fiance. Even more important was the fact that he actually seemed to want her! She knew that a night with him was probably playing with fire, but Mina figured… how much
damage could a one night stand do?
What looked like the perfect revenge in the heat of the night, though, looked absolutely insane in the harsh light of day. Marco Genovese was way too much man for her to handle, and staying
around would only be asking for more heartache, so… Mina ran, leaving only a broken promise and an empty bed behind her.
Marco Genovese never expected to be used and tossed aside. Now he‘s plotting his own revenge, determined to make Mina sorry for running out on him. He intends to use every tool at his
disposal to get Mina exactly where he wants her—back in his bed—even if he has to blackmail her to do it.
Follow Mina and Marco through the erotic tale of their deepening romance--this 20K word novella is recommended for mature audiences only.
762 Compromising Positions Graves Tacie Tacie Graves Contemporary To Read Yes Making Mina 3 Yes Epub
Mina Hemingway should feel like Cinderella. She's been given a dream job, flown to Italy, and swept off her feet by a modern Prince Charming, but things aren't always what they seem. The
reality of it is that the Genovese matriarch hates her, no one believes she can do the job she's been hired to do, and her ego is in tatters. The only thing giving her confidence is Marco
Genovese's faith in her.
His promises are seductive, and the sexual attraction between them explosive, but when Mina finds Marco in the arms of another woman she has to choose: believe what he says, or what she
saw with her own eyes, and the battle between heart and mind leaves both of them in danger of losing the most important thing in their lives.
763 Skin Game Gray Ava Ava Gray Reyes Kyra N/A Contemporary Partially Yes PDF
A beautiful fugitive—wanted dead or alive. Kyra is a con woman and a particular kind of thief. She steals with a touch, but she only takes one thing: her target‘s strongest skill. Which means she
can be a fighter, an athlete, a musician, an artist—anything she wants… for a limited time. Heartbroken, she turns her gift toward avenging her father‘s murder; with deadly patience, Kyra works
her way into casino owner Gerard Serrano‘s inner circle. After pulling off the ultimate con, she flees with his money and his pride. A hit man who never misses the mark.
Reyes has nothing but his work. Pity for Kyra, he‘s the best and mercy never sways him once he takes a job. He‘s been hired to find out where Kyra hid the cash—and bring her back to face
Serrano‘s ―justice.‖ Dead will do, if he can‘t locate the loot. He‘s never failed to complete a contract, but Kyra tempts him with her fierce heat and her outlaw heart. So Reyes has a hell of a
choice: forsake his word or kill the woman he might love.
764 Skin Tight Gray Ava Ava Gray Addison Foster Mia Sauter N/A Contemporary To Read Yes ePub
Uncovering the truth is her specialty As a forensic accountant, Mia Sauter could usually tell when people had something to hide. She made her living exposing secrets while concealing her own.
Then, in Vegas, she met a clever, ruthless man who called himself Addison Foster. One year later, she‘s still haunted by his betrayal. He's a natural born liar...The truth of him had long ago been
buried. Foster was only one name of many; he‘d been so many men, he‘d lost count. Reinvented as Thomas Strong and hell-bent on revenge, his mission is about to be compromised by the one
woman capable of exposing him…Reunited, they confront the explosive chemistry still crackling between them. But their chance meeting will have consequences, for a ruthless madman has his
own deadly agenda. The question is—if they survive the fallout, will he choose love over vengeance?
765 The Warrior Within Green Sharon Sharon Green Contemporary To Read Yes Terrilian 1 No N/A
Long out of print, the Terrilian series earned Sharon Green the appellation of "the female John Norman" from its large and appreciative following. Greenery Press will be issuing the remaining four
books in the series in quality trade bindings in coming seasons.Terri is one of Central's most respected psychics and ambassadors. Powerful, intelligent and imperious, she is in charge of every
situation she encounters. Yet on assignment to a primitive planet where women are valued for their pliancy and eroticism, she encounters the huge barbarian Tammad -- a blond behemoth who
appreciates her in an entirely different way from the men on her home world. Torn between attraction and rebelliousness, she begins a journey that will shape her life, and the lives of those
around her...
766 The Warrior Enchained Green Sharon Sharon Green Contemporary To Read Yes Terrilian 2 No N/A
The further adventures of empath/ambassador Terrilian and Tammad, the huge blond barbarian who claims her body but struggles to take control of her heart -- including a heartstopping rescue
from the clutches of the murderous slaveholding Hizah. Another exciting tale of submission, rebellion and lust from the pen of bestselling science-fiction author Sharon Green!
767 Lovely Wicked Gregg Kari Kari Gregg Mitch McAllister Liv WinslowSamLawson Contemporary Read 06.02.2014 3 No N/A N/A Yes Html
Mitch McAllister and Liv Winslow grew up in the same squalid trailer park, turning to each other for comfort as scared kids. When they meet there again while visiting their dysfunctional families
as adults, Mitch and Liv escape the ghosts of their past in sexual excess. They ultimately include Mitch's neighbor Sam Lawson in their giddy, extravagant play. It was only supposed to be sex:
hot, dirty, spine-melting sex.
None of them wanted to fall in love. If life has taught Liv, Mitch and Sam anything, though, it's that we don't always get what we want. But if we're very lucky, sometimes we get exactly what we
Special Content Alert: M/F/M, menage, M/M, bisexual, anal, BDSM
768 Highland JewelGreiman Lois Lois Greiman Historical To Read Yes Highland Brides 1 Yes PDF
A Peaceful Warrior
The dashing young Laird of the Forbes clan can finally bring a generations-old feud to an end -- by returning the long-lost daughter of his dying enemy to Scottish soil. But the discovery that the
vanished child perished in infancy seventeen years earlier threatens Leith's mission -- unless he can fool the ailing chieftain with a beautiful impostor.
An Unspoiled Beauty
At first, lovely and spirited Rose Gunther is incensed by the arrogant Scotsman who whisks her away from her English convent. But protest as she might, Rose is helpless to resist the
handsome warrior -- whose sensuous touch promises a different kind of heaven. And soon even a perilous deception seems but a small price to pay to savor fully the sweet, forbidden nectar of
Leith's love.
769 The Fraser Bride Greiman Lois Lois Greiman Historical To Read Yes Highland Rogues 1 Yes Html
From the moment he first encounters the ravishing sleeping beauty on his land, Ramsay MacGowan is bewitched -- and the tale she spins upon waking convinces him to be her protector. But
Anora Fraser's stories of bandits and terror are falsehoods meant to mask a dangerous truth. And though Ramsay has had his fill of beautiful, conniving lassies, he can't resist the exquisite
deceiver his strong arms ache to enfold.
Anora is desperate when she tricks Ramsay into escorting her to her home and pretending to be her lover. With no clansman to defend her, she's forced to turn to this courageous scion of the
mighty MacGowans to thwart her dreaded marriage to a cruel foe. For proud Anora will surrender to no man -- not even to the bold, brazen highlander whose gentle yet passionate caresses
weaken her resolve. But can either defy their own yearning hearts -- or the ancient prophecy that signifies Ramsay as the perfect husband for a Fraser bride?
770 The Warrior Bride Greiman Lois Lois Greiman Historical To Read Yes Highland Rogues 3 Yes Html
Lachlan MacGown has been long suspicious of the mysterious warrior "Hunter" and when he discovers that "he" is a she, Lachlan couldn't be more stunned...or delighted! But no matter how
lovely the lass is, he's seen her conferring with an enemy of his clan, and he doesn't trust her an inch. Especially when she takes a job as nursemaid to that enemy's young children. So Lachlan
appoints himself her escort, refusing to leave her side�which makes for very interesting days...and nights!
771 At the Argentinean Billionaire's Bidding Grey India India Grey Alejandro D'Arienzo Tamsin Calthorpe N/A Contemporary Read 15.01.2013 3 No N/A
Argentinean billionaire Alejandro D'Arienzo has fresh prey: heiress Tamsin Calthorpe. He sees her as a ravishing but spoiled beauty who destroyed his past--and he's ready to settle the score!
What Alejandro doesn't know is that Tamsin loved him, hiding her naivete under the guise of willful sophistication. Now a talented designer, she's working hard to prove herself, despite her
pedigree. But her credibility is in the hands of merciless Alejandro, who offers an ultimatum: her name in ruins, or her body in his bed....
772 Untraceable Griffin Laura Laura Griffin Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Private investigator Alexandra Lovell uses computer skills and cunning to help clients drop off the radar and begin new lives in safety. Melanie Bess, desperate to escape her abusive cop
husband, was one of those clients. But when Melanie vanishes for real, Alex fears the worst, and sets out to discover what happened. Using every resource she can get her hands on -- including
an elite team of forensic scientists known as the Tracers, and a jaded, sexy Austin PD detective -- Alex embarks on a mission to uncover the truth.
As far as homicide cop Nathan Deveraux is concerned, no body means no case. But as much as he wants to believe that Alex's hunch about Melanie's murder is wrong, his instincts -- and their
visceral attraction -- won't let him walk away. As a grim picture of what really happened begins to emerge, Nathan realizes this investigation runs deeper than they could ever have guessed. And
each step nearer the truth puts Alex in danger of being the next to disappear....
773 The Billionaire's BBW Secret Griffin Mallorie Mallorie Griffin Contemporary To Read Yes Epub
Denny Richardson is trying as hard as she can to put her life back together after a terrible divorce, but she finds the process a little more difficult for her than most people. After all, it's hard to
find a job in a new city, especially at her age and her weight. Most companies won't give her an interview, much less a job. Luck finally finds her when she applies to an ad asking for a personal
assistant, and she soon finds herself in the employ of none other than playboy billionaire Brandon Larson. Larson is no ordinary taskmaster though; he runs her ragged and nothing Denny does
is ever good enough for him.
A mere week into the job, Denny contemplates quitting, but just as she's about to pull the plug, Larson reveals a huge secret to her, one that sends her and him both reeling into his bed. But
how can Denny make this work? It's never good business to sleep with one's boss, after all...
774 Guilty PleasuresGuhrke Laura LeeLaura Lee Guhrke Anthony Daphne Wad N/A Historical Read 16.11.2013 3 Yes Guilty 1 Yes PDF & Word
For prim and shy Daphne Wade, the sweetest guilty pleasure of all is secretly watching her employer, the Duke of Tremore, as he works the excavation site on his English estate. Anthony hired
Daphne to restore the priceless treasures he has been digging up, but it's hard for a woman to keep her mind on her work when her devastatingly handsome employer keeps taking his shirt off.
He doesn't know she's alive, but who could blame her for falling hopelessly in love with him anyway?
Anthony thinks that his capable employee knows all there is to know about antiquities, but when his sister decides to turn the plain young woman in gold-rimmed glasses into an enticing beauty,
he declares the task to be impossible. Daphne is devasted when she overhears...and determined to prove him wrong. Now a vibrant and delectable Daphne has emerged from her shell, and the
tables are turned. Will Anthony see that the woman of his dreams has been there all along?
775 And Then He Kissed Her Guhrke Laura LeeLaura Lee Guhrke Harry (Viscount Marlowe) Emmaline Dove N/A Historical Read 11.08.2013 4 Yes PDF
Supremely sensible Emmaline Dove wishes to share her etiquette expertise with London's readers, and as secretary to Viscount Marlowe, Emma knows she's in the perfect position to make her
dream come true. Marlowe might be a rake with a preference for can-can dancers and an aversion to matrimony, but he is also the city's leading publisher, and Emma is convinced he's her best
chance to see her work in print...until she discovers the lying scoundrel has been rejecting her manuscripts without ever reading a single page!
As a publisher, Harry finds reading etiquette books akin to slow, painful torture. Besides, he can't believe his proper secretary has the passion to write anything worth reading. Then she has the
nerve to call him a liar, and even resigns without notice, leaving his business in an uproar and his honor in question. Harry decides it's time to teach Miss Dove a few things that aren't proper. But
when he kisses her, he discovers that his former secretary has more passion and fire than he'd ever imagined, for one luscious taste of her lips only leaves him hungry for more.
776 Sins & NeedlesHalle Karina Karina Halle Contemporary To Read Yes The Artists 1 Yes Epub
Ellie Watt is used to starting over. The daughter of a grifting team, Ellie spent her childhood being used as a pawn in her parents' latest scam. Now she‘s much older, wiser and ready to give her
con artist life a rest. But returning to the dry desert town of Palm Valley, California means one more temptation than she bargained for – Camden McQueen. Once known as the high school
weirdo, Camden is bigger and badder than the boy he used to be and a talented tattoo artist with his own thriving business. Ellie‘s counting on Camden still being in love with her but what she‘s
not counting on is how easily unrequited love can turn into obsession over time. When Camden discovers Ellie‘s plan to con him, he makes her a deal she doesn‘t dare refuse, but her freedom
comes with a price and it‘s one that takes both Ellie and Camden down a dangerous road.
***The Artists Trilogy is a dark and sexy contemporary ride about three flawed individuals caught in a world where it's so easy to justify the bad things we do. This is a pure adult read (Not YA or
777 A Kiss of Shadows Hamilton Laurell K Laurell K Hamilton Contemporary To Read Yes Merry Gentry 1 No N/A
My name is Meredith Gentry, but of course it's not my real name. I dare not even whisper my true name after dark for fear that one hushed word will travel over the night winds to the soft ear of
my aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness. She wants me dead. I don't even know why...I fled the high court of Faerie three years ago and have been in hiding ever since. As Merry Gentry, I am a
private investigator for the Grey Detective Agency: Supernatural Problems, Magical Solutions. My magical skills, scorned at the courts of Faerie, are valued in the human world. Even by human
standards, my magic isn't flashy, which is fine by me. Flashy attracts attention and I can't afford that. Rumour has it that I am dead. Not quite. I am Princess Meredith NicEssus. To speak that
name after dark is to call down a knock upon your door from a hand that can kill you with a touch. I have been careful, but not careful enough. The shadows have found me, and they are going to
take me back home, one way or another. So the running is over. But the fighting has just begun... Rich, sensual, brimming with dangerous magic, A Kiss of Shadows is a dazzling tour-de-force
where folklore, fantasy and erotically charged adventure collide.
778 Anita Baker Hamilton Laurell K Laurell K Hamilton Contemporary To Read Yes Vampire Hunter 1-10 Yes PDF
Published over ten years ago by Ace, Guilty Pleasures marked the debut of a series that was destined to grow from cult favorite to a major New York Times bestseller. Now, for long-time Anita
Blake junkies and newfound fans, Guilty Pleasures makes its trade paperback debut. Readers will learn how Anita Blake started raising the dead-and killing the undead. And how she met Jean
Claude, the master vampire destined to become not only her biggest nemesis, but her greatest lover...
779 Surrounded by Temptation Harbin Mandy Mandy Harbin Contemporary To Read Yes Woods Family 3 Yes Epub
When Krista needs Ariel‘s biochemical expertise because her new boyfriend can turn into a mountain lion, Ariel thinks her sister has lost her mind. But the possibility of a major discovery like
this is too much of a temptation to ignore. Create a drug to stop a shifter from forcing a mating? Only if she got to test his sexual limits herself.
Rob thinks Ariel is an angel in disguise, and he immediately knows she‘s the one for him. But is he strong enough to resist his animal‘s need to claim her once the temptation begins?
780 Surrounded by Secrets Harbin Mandy Mandy Harbin Contemporary To Read Yes Woods Family 4 Yes Epub
Lillian Caldwell has eyes on the hottie with the body, Jack Woods, one of the men who bought her family land and now new boss. She has big plans for Jack, including the getting-him-horizontal
variety, and she always gets what she wants.
Jack is the family hard ass who‘s trying to make amends. His plans of digging into the family secret he discovered are thwarted when he‘s forced to work with Lillian, his gorgeous, pain-in-the-
ass neighbor.
But a night of passion will unlock the secrets surrounding them and change both their lives forever.
781 Art of Desire Harker Helena Helena Harker Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
When Jenna runs into a former student she used to have a crush on, she decides to make her lusty fantasies a reality. Justin is studying Fine Arts in university, and when he asks Jenna to pose
nude for a sculpture, her inner cougar tells her to go for it. But while Jenna can‘t wait to teach him how to pleasure an older woman, Justin turns the tables and decides to teach her the art of
782 The MacLean Groom HarringtonKathleen Kathleen Harrington Historical To Read Yes Highland Lairds Trilogy1 Yes PDF
Married by Decree
He is her family's ancient foe, but never has Lady Joanna Macdonald seen a man she wants more. Still, she hides from Rory MacLean--the dashing laird whom King James has ordered her to
marry--hoping to save her family's honor. For the pretty young lass knows that once she is wed, her trembling passion will be a difficult secret to keep hidden from her determined bridegroom.
Bound by Desire
For Rory MacLean, this marriage was merely a means to secure his fortune. But when he finally sets eyes upon his heiress bride, Rory is enraptured, and determined to have her, body and soul.
But first the rugged Highlands warrior has to make the spirited, innocent beauty desire the man she has been taught all her life to hate. And by slow and sinful seduction, Rory MacLean will
show sweet Janna that he is truly the husband her heart is destined for.
783 Dragon Bound Harrison Thea Thea Harrison Contemporary To Read Yes Elder Races 1 Yes PDF
Half-human and half-Wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies. But after being
blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful—and passionate—of the Elder Races.
As the most feared and respected of the Wyrkind, Dragos Cuelebre cannot believe someone had the audacity to steal from him, much less succeed. And when he catches the thief, Dragos
spares her life, claiming her as his own to further explore the desire they've ignited in each other.
Pia knows she must repay Dragos for her trespass, but refuses to become his slave—although she cannot deny wanting him, body and soul.
784 Taming the Vampire Hart Chloe Chloe Hart Jack Morgan Liz MarloweN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Blood & Absinth 1 Yes rar
An unlikely partnership…
Demon hunter Liz Marlowe and vampire Jack Morgan have hated each other from the moment they met. But when a powerful enemy threatens their beloved city of Boston, they form a reluctant
alliance. It‘s supposed to be temporary—just one night, in fact. But as the tension between them builds to the breaking point, neither is prepared for what happens next.
Taming the Vampire is Book 1 of the Blood and Absinthe series.
785 Tempted Hart Megan Megan Hart James Alex Contemporary Read 11.02.2013 Yes Alex Kennedy 1 Yes PDF
I had everything a woman could want. …My husband, James. The house on the lake.
My life. Our perfect life.
And then Alex came to visit.
The first time I saw my husband's best friend, I didn't like him. Didn't like how James changed when he was around, didn't like how his penetrating eyes followed me everywhere.
But that didn't stop me from wanting him. And, surprisingly, James didn't seem to mind.
It was meant to be fun. Something the three of us shared for those hot summer weeks Alex stayed with us. Nobody was supposed to fall in or out of love. I didn't need another man, not even one
who oozed sex like honey and knew all the secrets I didn't know, the secrets my husband hadn't shared. After all, we had a perfect life.
And I loved my husband.
But I wasn't the only one.
786 Everything Changes Hart Megan Megan Hart Contemporary To Read Yes Alex Kennedy 1.5 Yes PDF
In Tempted, Anne gave in to her passion for both her husband, James, and his friend, Alex. Now it‘s time for Alex‘s side of the story…
When Jamie tells Alex he wants him to sleep with his wife, Alex thinks it will only lead to trouble. Sure, Alex thinks Anne is hot and they‘ve talked about sharing a woman before, but that was a
long time ago. Before Jamie knew what Alex really wanted.
Still, Alex can‘t resist the pleasure of being with Anne– and with Jamie….
787 Naked Hart Megan Megan Hart Contemporary To Read Yes Alex Kennedy 2 Yes PDF
No strings. No regrets. And no going back.
I didn't think he wanted me. And I wasn't about to get involved with him, not after what I'd heard. Sure, Alex Kennedy was tall, dark and unbearably hot, but I've been burned before. When I
solicited him to model for my erotic photography book, I didn't expect such a heated, passionate photo session. And now that we've crossed that line, our bodies aren't the only things that have
been exposed.
But I can't give my heart to a man who's so… unconventional. His last sexual relationship was with a married couple. It's enough that my ex-fiancé preferred men, I can't take that chance again
no matter how much my body thrives on Alex's touch. I can't risk it, but I can't resist it, either.
Alex can be very convincing when he wants something.
And he wants me.
788 Broken Hart Megan Megan Hart Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
This month my name is Mary. My name is different every month—Brandy, Honey, Amy…sometimes Joe doesn't even bother to ask—but he never fails to arouse me with his body, his mouth,
his touch, no matter what I'm called or where he picks me up. The sex is always amazing, always leaves me itching for more in those long weeks until I see him again.
My real name is Sadie, and once a month over lunch Joe tells me about his latest conquest. But what Joe doesn't know is that, in my mind, I'm the star of every X-rated one-night stand he has
revealed to me, or that I'm practically obsessed with our imaginary sex life. I know it's wrong. I know my husband wouldn't understand. But I can't stop. Not yet.
789 Dirty Hart Megan Megan Hart Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
This is what happened…
I met him at the candy store.
He turned and smiled at me and I was surprised enough to smile back. This was not a children's candy store, mind you�this was the kind of place you went to buy expensive imported
chocolate truffles for your boss's wife because you felt guilty for having sex with him when you were both at a conference in Milwaukee.
Hypothetically speaking, of course.
I've been hit on plenty of times, mostly by men with little finesse who thought what was between their legs made up for what they lacked between their ears.
Sometimes I went home with them anyway, just because it felt good to want and be wanted, even if it was mostly fake.
The problem with wanting is that it's like pouring water into a vase full of stones. It fills you up before you know it, leaving no room for anything else. I don't apologize for who I am or what I've done
in�or out�of bed.
I have my job, my house and my life, and for a long time I haven't wanted anything else.
Until Dan. Until now.
790 Stranger Hart Megan Megan Hart Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
I pay strangers to sleep with me. I have my reasons....
But they're not the ones you'd expect.
For starters, I'm a funeral director taking over my dad's business. Not exactly the kind of person you'd expect to fork over cash for the lust and urgency only live skin-to-skin contact can create.
Looking at me, you wouldn't have a clue I carry this little secret so close it creases up like the folds of a fan. Tight. Personal. Ready to unravel in the heat of the moment.
Unsurprisingly, my line of work brings me face-to-face with loss. So I decided long ago that paying for sex would be one of the best (and arousing) ways to save myself from the one thing that
would eventually cut far too deep.
But Sam was a mistake. Literally. I signed on to "pick up" a stranger at a bar, but took Sam home instead. And now that I've felt his heat, his sweat and everything else, can I really go back to
Let's just hope he never finds out about my other life....
791 Switch Hart Megan Megan Hart Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
Don't think.
Don't question.
Just do.
The anonymous note wasn't for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the habit of reading other people's mail, but it was just a piece of paper with a few lines scrawled on it, clearly meant for the
apartment upstairs. It looked so innocent, but decidedly-- deliciously--it was not.
Before replacing the note--and the ones that followed --in its rightful slot, I devoured its contents: suggestions, instructions, summonses, commands. Each was more daring, more intricate and
more arousing than the last... and I followed them all to the letter.
Before the notes, if a man had told me what to do, I'd have told him where to go. But submission is an art, and there's something oddly freeing about doing someone's bidding...especially when it
feels so very, very good.
But I find that the more I surrender, the more powerful I feel--so it's time to switch up roles.
We play by my rules now.
792 Closing the Deal Harte Marie Marie Harte Contemporary To Read Yes PDF
When stubborn meets sexy, love is up for grabs…but one of them is playing for keeps.
Derrick Warren has lusted after Sydney Fields ever since he first spotted her, and after months of intense phone conversations, he‘s finally got the delectable redhead all to himself.
All he has to do is let the old Warren magic do its thing…until an ex with an axe to grind shows up. Before he knows it, the perfect date ends with Sydney‘s wine in his lap. Now she‘s not taking
his calls. To his utter shock, he realizes he‘s going to have to work to win her over.
Thanks to her mother‘s bad example, Sydney is determined to never need a man. Just when she‘s moved Derrick to her ―loser‖ column, though, she‘s tricked into giving him another chance. To
her surprise, he not only satisfies her deepest sexual fantasies, she finds herself actually craving his company.
But when she realizes they‘re making love, not just having sex, her old instincts kick in. Because she‘s starting to like the man, not just his body.
And that, more than anything else, scares the hell out of her…
Warning: Look out for a stubborn redhead who‘s not afraid to throw her wine, her opinion, or her body at the annoyingly sexy architect determined to keep her for his own.
793 Victorious Star Hawke Morgan Morgan Hawke Futuristic Read Yes Word
Victoria Stark is an Imperial Navigations Pilot known among the sentient battleships as the Victorious Star—for sacrificing her captains to save her ships. Strong-willed and resourceful, she has
never lost a ship she's flown—and never serviced a captain she's had.
Captain Ravnos of the Mercenary dreadnaught Hellsbreath rules his crew with an iron will. First Officer Seht is a skeldhi prince whose specialty is erotic discipline. They're on a mission, and in
need of a nav-pilot.
Kidnapped into service on the Hellsbreath, Victoria is caught between two very different men locked in their own private and erotic power struggle. And then there's the mission…
The Moribund Company has captured the Imperial Dreadnaught Arcane, and intends to auction the sentient ship to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, Moribund himself is attending the auction
and Ravnos is forced to remain onboard the Hellsbreath for Moribund has a personal vendetta against the handsome captain. It is up to Victoria and First Officer Seht to go deep undercover at
the Mordred Space Station to rescue the Arcane.
To complete the mission and return to her duties as an Imperial Officer, Victoria must become Prince Seht's rehkyt—a pet, literally and figuratively. Not allowed on the furniture and kept at the
end of a leash, Victoria discovers that there are worse things than servicing your captain. Or are there?
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM (including bondage,
domination/submission, whipping), menage (m/m/f), and homoerotic sexual situations (m/m, f/f).
794 Seduced by the Gladiator HawkeyeLauren Lauren Hawkeye Historical To Read Yes Epub
Lilia is the rarest of commodities—a champion female gladiator. But success has come with a price: shunned by her peers and desired by hateful men like Gaius, the brother of the emperor,
Lilia is at the mercy of those around her. Only her heart is impenetrable.
After Christus, a warrior with the body of a god, is sold to the ludus that owns Lilia, she finds herself forced to defend her position and to guard her body and heart against the erotic sensations
only he can bring. Beneath the tantalizing flesh of the gladiator, Lilia finds a man determined to protect her, to love her.
But when Gaius reveals a challenge for the gladiators of Rome—an epic battle to the death—Christus and Lilia must fight to win their freedom, their lives . . . and each other.
795 All Night with a Rogue Hawkins Alexandra Alexandra Hawkins Alexius Braverton Juliana Ivers N/A Historical Read 12.12.2013 4 Yes Lords of Vice 1 Yes PDF & Word
Seduce Lady Juliana Ivers and then cast her aside: Those are his sister‘s instructions. Alexius Braverton, Marquess of Sinclair—known as Sin to the ton—is happy enough to oblige, especially
when he catches a glimpse of his target. Juliana is completely unlike the empty-headed chits who barely hold his attention for a week. A true gentleman would leave her to find a worthy suitor.
But then, a Lord of Vice would never claim to be a gentleman. Juliana is expected to marry well to improve her family‘s finances, even if she secretly longs to make a living through her musical
compositions. A dalliance can only complicate matters, though not even practical Juliana can help succumbing to the aptly named Sin. But one unforgettable night will draw her into a
scandalous affair—and a seduction begun as sport will soon become deliciously, dangerously real…
796 Till Dawn with the Devil Hawkins Alexandra Alexandra Hawkins Gabriel ―Reign‖ Housely Lady SophiaN/A Historical To Read Yes Lords of Vice 2 Yes PDF
Few women can resist a man like Gabriel ―Reign‖ Housely, the Earl of Rainecourt. With divine good looks, delectable charms, and delicious wealth, he would seem to be every marriage-minded
mother‘s dream match for their daughters. But not so, given the mysterious death of his first wife. Fortunately for Gabriel, he has no plans to seriously court any of the London ladies ever again.
That is, until he shares one unforgettable dance with a mysterious stranger…
Exquisitely beautiful though decidedly modest, Lady Sophia usually shuns the festive ballrooms of London society. But when a man who calls himself ―Reign‖ enters her life—seemingly from out
of nowhere—and shows her true kindness, her wary young heart begins to melt. Of course, Sophia would be shocked to learn the truth about Reign‘s past. But when scandal strikes, this devilish
stranger may be her only salvation…
797 After Dark with a Scoundrel Hawkins Alexandra Alexandra Hawkins Lord Hugh Mordare (Dare) Regan N/A Historical Read 14.12.2013 4 Yes Lords of Vice 3 Yes PDF
One Stolen Kiss
Young, tender, and highly impressionable, Lady Regan can‘t help but be intrigued by her brother‘s wayward friends—the wickedly charming Lords of Vice. One man in particular, the dashing Lord
Hugh Mordare (known simply as ―Dare‖ among the ton), utterly captivates her—in spite of his reputation as a notorious womanizer. But when she steals an innocent kiss from Dare, Regan is
swiftly packed off to boarding school, safely away from danger…and desire.
One Sweet Seduction
Five years later, Regan returns—a proper lady and ravishing beauty. Miss Swann‘s Academy for Young Ladies has taught her how to behave in polite society. But all the training in the world
cannot extinguish her love for Dare. Now, she hopes to beat the master of seduction at his own game—by daring Dare to love her in return. This time, both of their hearts are on the line…and
winner takes all.
798 Sunrise with a Notorious Lord Hawkins Alexandra Alexandra Hawkins Christopher Courtland (Vane) Isabel Thorne N/A Historical Read 18.12.2013 4 Yes Lords of Vice 4 Yes PDF
Christopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright—known around London as ―Vane‖—is the very picture of a rich, handsome ladies‘ man. Why shackle himself to just one lady when he‘s free to sample
them all? In spite of his own mother‘s attempts at matchmaking, Vane has sworn to stay single. Until he has a chance run-in with Miss Isabel Thorne…
A modest and refined beauty, Isabel is a lot more brazen than she appears. When a pickpocket tries to make away with Vane‘s bejeweled snuffbox, Isabel attempts to thwart his escape…and
manages to steal Vane‘s heart. But the harder he tries to seduce the sharp-tongued, strong-willed Isabel, the more she resists. Now it‘s up to this tried-and-true bachelor to find a new way to
play the game…or risk losing the one woman who‘s ever captured his heart.
799 All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess Hawkins Alexandra Alexandra Hawkins Simon Jefferes (Saint) Madame Venna N/A Historical Read 16.12.2013 4 Yes Lords of Vice 5 Yes PDF
Simon Jefferes, the Marquess of Sainthill, has done the unthinkable—he‘s fallen in love. The so-called ―Saint‖ has spent his life gambling, dallying with women, and satisfying his every whim. And
he fully intended to continue his wicked ways, until he met the mysterious, exotic, and irresistible Madame Venna—the one woman he can‘t have…and the only one he‘s ever wanted for more
than an evening.
The proprietress of the Golden Pearl, one of London‘s most exclusive brothels, Madame Venna takes pride in the lush, decadent club she‘s created. With a half-mask to conceal her identity,
she‘s careful to safeguard something even more valuable—her heart. But Saint is determined to tear down the walls she‘s built around herself, and to finally expose the truth—that Madame
Venna is a woman very much in love…with him.
800 Dusk with a Dangerous Duke Hawkins Alexandra Alexandra Hawkins Duke of Huntsley (Hunter) Grace Kearly N/A Historical To Read Yes Lords of Vice 6 Yes PDF
They were children when the Duke of Huntsley was introduced to Lady Grace Kearly. The young duke—nicknamed ―Hunter‖—took one look at his future bride and thought only of escaping his
responsibilities to his family. Marriage was for grown-ups and Hunter still had years of skirt-chasing ahead of him. But now the time has come for Hunter to heed the call: if this Lord of Vice
hopes to keep all of his inheritance, he‘ll have to claim his long-neglected betrothed…
With her twenty-first birthday approaching, Lady Grace dreads the thought of marrying the duke she has met only once—especially since he‘s grown into a notorious rake who will probably beget
his heir and abandon her in the country while he pursues fresh game in London. So when Lady Grace coolly decides to call the wedding off, even Hunter is surprised by his refusal to let her go.
Suddenly, the notion of claiming and taming this green-eyed beauty is one challenge he cannot resist…
801 Twilight with the Infamous Earl Hawkins Alexandra Alexandra Hawkins Lord Chillingsworth (Frost) Emily Cavell N/A Historical Read 17.12.2013 4 Yes Lords of Vice 7 Yes PDF
Luck Be A Lady
Lord Chillingsworth‘s reputation precedes him—the infamous ―Frost‖ is as legendary on the field of honor as he is in the bedroom. Which makes it surprising that young Emily Cavell has taken
up the cause of closing Frost‘s favorite gambling hell. Who does this brazen, flame-haired beauty think she is?
Love: A Roll Of The Dice?
Emily‘s vendetta is personal: She is determined to take a pound of flesh from Frost, who ruined her sister. But the man she meets is not the cold-hearted devil she imagined—and is twice as
handsome to boot—and soon Emily finds herself falling for him. Their battle of wills quickly ignites into blazing desire. Could it be that the most jaded Lord of Vice is finally willing to risk
everything and gamble on her heart? Or is true love only a fool‘s game?
802 Fire in Her EyesHeath Amanda Amanda HeathSpencer Harley Maxton N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Summer Love 1 Yes Epub
Spencer and I have been enemies for as long as I can remember. Though it wasn't hard to fall into lust with him. And things seemed to be headed to love before unspeakable things happened to
Spencer was supposed to be my rock. My angel. He turned out to be none of those things. What he did hurt more then the tragedy. I don't think I will ever be able to forgive him...
Not that he hasn't tried to win me back over. His new actions leave me wondering if love can really forgive anything?
My name is Harley Maxton and this is my story.
803 Between the Devil and Desire Heath Lorraine Lorraine Heath Historical To Read Yes Scoundrels of St James2 Yes PDF
London's most notorious rogue—decadent, depraved, forbidden...
The ladies of the ton won't stop whispering about deliciously wicked Jack Dodger—once a thieving street urchin, now the wealthy owner of London's most exclusive gentleman's club. There's no
pleasure he hasn't enjoyed, no debauchery the handsome scoundrel won't provide for the lords who flock to his house of carnal intrigue.
London's most virtuous lady—honorable, uncorrupted, and all too human...
Olivia, Duchess of Lovingdon, would never associate with such a rogue. So when Jack is named sole heir to the duke's personal possessions, the beautiful, well-bred lady is outraged. Now,
Olivia is forced to share her beloved home with this despicable man.
Caught between the devil and desire...
But Olivia's icy disdain is no match for Jack's dangerous charm. His touch awakens desire. His kiss demands surrender. She will struggle to bar Jack from her heart...but her body, coveting
divine release, will not let her bar him from her bed.
804 Texas Destiny Heath Lorraine Lorraine HeathHouston Leigh Amelia Carson N/A Historical Read 10.01.2014 4 Yes PDF
She was his brother's wife...
Arriving on the Fort Worth train, Miss Amelia Carson, mail-order bride, had never met Dallas Leigh, the Texan she promised to marry. The tall cowboy at the station wasn't Dallas. He was
Houston, Dallas's brother, sent to escort her on the rugged three-week trek to the ranch where Dallas waited. Brought up in war-ravaged Georgia, Amelia thought Dallas's letters made Texas
sound like heaven, a place for her dreams to grow with the right man beside her.
And his only love...
By all appearances, Houston Leigh would hardly be considered the "right man." The war he survived had scarred him inside and out, and he was little competition for his handsome brother. But
from the moment Houston met Amelia, he knew she possessed the courage this wild land needed. She had eyes that could see past his wounded face to his soul. And he would fight any
man—except his brother—for her heart. Now he and Amelia were riding down dangerous trails, sleeping under the stars, and God help them, they were falling in love.
805 Covet Heaton Felicity Felicity HeatonJavier Lilah N/A Contemporary Partially Yes Vampire Erotic Theatre1 Yes PDF & Word
They've burned for each other for two years, the forbidden attraction between them growing each night. Now resisting the sinful desires of their hearts is becoming impossible. Javier knows better
than to succumb to his hunger for Lilah. The mortal female belongs to a powerful aristocrat patron of Vampirerotique, the theatre he runs with three other vampires. A single touch is all it would
take to break the sacred law of his kind, sentencing himself to death, but his passion for her has become too fierce to ignore and he will risk everything to make Lilah his. Lilah has fought her
desire for Javier since arriving at his theatre as a servant but each glance he has stolen, his eyes promising pleasure that will satisfy her longing for him, has chipped away at her defences and
she can no longer deny her need and her forbidden feelings for the powerful vampire male. When they find themselves alone in a private box during one of the erotic performances, will they
surrender to their passion and live out their wildest fantasies in a night of wicked pleasure or will the threat of Lilah's master keep them apart forever?
806 Crave Heaton Felicity Felicity Heaton Contemporary To Read Yes Vampire Erotic Theatre2 Yes Epub
His mind has been set on his work for the past one hundred years. Now a forbidden beauty has stolen his attention and is threatening to steal his heart too.
Callum has come to the city of romance on business, not pleasure, but when he sets eyes on a gorgeous werewolf in a nightclub, he can‘t ignore the dark carnal craving she ignites in him. His
work for Vampirerotique, the erotic theatre he runs with three other vampires, can wait. The only thing that matters now is satisfying his sinful hunger for a woman who most vampires would
consider an enemy.
Kristina is on the run from her pack. Her alpha is intent on forcing her to bear his child and she‘s not about to live through the same nightmare as her mother had. When a tall, dark and sexy
vampire catches her eye, she can‘t believe the ferocity of the desire he unleashes in her or the fact that she enjoys the feel of his eyes on her and his silent pursuit of her in the clubs each night.
When Kristina finally gets a taste of Callum in a forbidden kiss, will she be strong enough to resist the allure of the vampire and his offer to share his bed for a week of unbridled, wild sex, or will
she surrender to her own craving for the safety and passion she finds in his embrace?
807 Seduce Heaton Felicity Felicity Heaton Contemporary To Read Yes Vampire Erotic Theatre3 Yes Epub
Bloodlust runs in his veins, a dark master waiting for the day it will reign over him. Now a woman with a pure soul and wicked intentions has him in her sights and is determined to crack the ice
around his heart, and she might save or damn him.
Antoine stands apart from the world around him, a dangerous and broken soul who must maintain rigid control at all times or risk his dark addiction finally seizing hold of him. The shadows of his
past haunt him and he sees his bleak future each night when his brother wakes screaming, his blood addiction turning him savage. He cannot allow himself to feel, but when Sera walks into
Vampirerotique, the erotic theatre he runs with three other vampires, to audition, she awakens dangerous desires in him—hungers that could spell the end of both of them.
Sera has wanted Antoine since the night she first saw the gorgeous aristocrat vampire. She can‘t ignore the deep carnal hunger he stirs in her or the ache to know the heat of his touch. With the
help of her sire, an ex-performer at Vampirerotique, she sets in motion a game of seduction, one designed to thaw the ice in Antoine‘s veins and make him burn for her.
When Sera discovers the shocking truth about his past and the darkness that lurks within him, will she be strong enough to seize his heart with both hands and win him forever or will she lose
him to the ghosts that still haunt him?
808 Enslave Heaton Felicity Felicity Heaton Contemporary To Read Yes Vampire Erotic Theatre4 Yes Epub
His determination to succeed in business has left no room in his life for love. Now, a beautiful and deadly succubus has teleported into his dark, decadent world and is in danger of enslaving his
Andreu‘s future entails opening an erotic theatre like Vampirerotique, gaining wealth, women and power, not shackling himself to a single female, but he cannot deny the dangerously seductive
succubus who stirs his anger and passion, and tempts him like no other—he will have her.
The moment their eyes meet, Varya knows she cannot have the exotic dark vampire who sets her pulse racing. His shadowed aura marks him as forbidden, but the hungers he awakens in her
are too intense to resist—she must have a taste.
When an erotically-charged kiss ignites their soul-searing passion and reveals something dangerous about Andreu, will Varya leave forever or will she dare to risk all in pursuit of something she
thought was beyond her reach?
809 Bewitch Heaton Felicity Felicity Heaton Contemporary To Read Yes Vampire Erotic Theatre5 Yes Epub
A vampire with a past stained with blood and a soul tainted with darkness, he is perfect in his self-control, never surrendering to his darkest desires. Now a beautiful witch in the shadowy fae
underworld threatens to reawaken long denied hungers and tempts him with carnal pleasure.
Payne despises the incubus side of his mixed genes and refuses to give it free rein, but when the wickedly sexy Elissa offers him a possible way to help a friend, he finds it difficult to resist
paying the price, even if it will be his undoing—one night of passion at her command.
Elissa is a witch down on her luck until Payne comes crashing into her life. The dangerously handsome male is the key to fulfilling a promise she made, but he is also forbidden, and
surrendering to the wildfire passion he stirs within her means risking ruin and death.
When one incredible night of fulfilling their deepest fantasies leads to more than just a pathway to keeping a promise and saving a friend, will they be able to overcome the barriers that stand
between them and forever?
810 The Border Hostage Henley Virginia Virginia Henley Historical To Read Yes Clan Kennedy 2 Yes PDF
New York Times bestselling author Virginia Henley brings her trademark passion, power, and steamy sensuality to this dazzling work of romance fiction–an unforgettable tale of a headstrong
Englishwoman abducted by a Scotsman seeking passionate revenge....
Raven Carleton is every inch the English lady. But on this glorious morning, as she gallops along the seacoast, Raven is thinking about her freedom, not her imminent betrothal to aristocratic
Christopher Dacre. Suddenly Raven is forced to draw rein when a man appears directly in her path. Silhouetted against the predawn sky, he is magnificent–a darkly powerful stranger who will
alter the course of her life.
When Scotsman Heath Kennedy first glimpses Raven Carleton, he sees a creature of such infinite loveliness, she takes his breath away. But in a land divided, Raven is about to become a pawn
in the bitter border wars between England and Scotland. Abducted by Heath and held for ransom, Raven finds herself attracted to him in ways she never could have imagined...and Heath is
utterly beguiled by his headstrong captive. Risking the wrath of two realms, the Scotsman does the unthinkable: He offers Raven her freedom. He asks only one thing in return.
811 Crow's Row Hockley Julie Julie Hockley Contemporary To Read Yes Crow's Row 1 Yes PDF & Word
For college student Emily Sheppard, the thought of spending a summer alone in New York is much more preferable than spending it in France with her parents. Just completing her freshman
year at Callister University, Emily faces a quiet summer in the city slums, supporting herself by working at the campus library. During one of her jogs through the nearby cemetery while visiting
her brother Bill's grave, Emily witnesses a brutal killing-and then she blacks out. When Emily regains consciousness, she realizes she's been kidnapped by a young crime boss and his gang.
She is hurled into a secret underworld, wondering why she is still alive and for how long.
Held captive in rural Vermont, she tries to make sense of her situation and what it means. While uncovering secrets about her brother and his untimely death, Emily falls in love with her very rich
and very dangerous captor, twenty-six year- old Cameron. She understands it's a forbidden love and one that won't allow her to return to her previous life. But love may not be enough to save
Emily when no one even knows she is missing.
812 Delivering Kadlin Holly Gabrielle Gabrielle Holly Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Still mourning the death of her beloved father, Kadlin is sent to live with her only remaining family and soon finds herself offered up to an aging jarl as payment for her uncle‘s gambling debt. The
handsome, enigmatic Viking who is tasked with bringing Kadlin to her future husband is harboring painful secrets of his own. Will the Viking be able to heal both of their hearts while delivering
813 Jungle Inferno Holt Desiree Desiree Holt Mark Faith N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Pheonix Agencies 1 Yes PDF
For Faith and Mark, the telepathic connection they'd shared for years was nothing compared to the scorching physical connection they realized as adults. From the first moment they came
together, "erotic" was too pale a word to describe their relationship. Together they explored each other's deepest, darkest desires.But now Mark, survivor of an ambush to his Delta Force team,
is a prisoner of a terrorist group in the Peruvian jungle, and his telepathic communication with Faith is his only contact with the world. While she searches for help to save him, they survive on
dreams that take them beyond all sexual boundaries.
814 Coyote Heat Holt Desiree Desiree Holt Miguel ―Coyote‖ Cruz N/A Contemporary To Read Yes Seals on Fire 1 Yes Epub
Miguel ―Coyote‖ Cruz is happy to join his SEAL Team Arapaho teammates for a wild weekend at Key West. After all, they just came off a particularly tough mission and Coyote is ready to let it
all hang out. The love ‗em and leave ‗em Cruz sees the female population of the tourist town as a veritable banquet for him. The last thing he expects is to meet a woman who gives new meaning
to hot sex but who also singes his heart. What‘s a no-commitment SEAL to do?
815 All for Quinn Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Men of Mysteries Past 1 Yes Rar Morgan West takes a tremendous risk when she falls for the mysterious Quinn, the man who is expected to rob the Mysteries Past exhibit at the museum she runs.
816 Hunting the Wolfe Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Men of Mysteries Past 2 Yes LIT
WOLFE--A Man of Danger Who'd Always Be Untamed...
Security expert Wolfe Nickerson towered over her, but Storm Tremaine wasn't easily intimidated! She was the best at what she did--designing state-of-the-art security systems--even if her fierce
green eyes and wild blond hair convinced Wolfe shed be trouble... and irresistible! Storm challenged him to decipher her mysteries, promising him the chase of his life-and hinting she was fast
enough to catch him!
Secrets in the Shadows of Her Eyes
Wolfe warned her she was playing with fire, told himself touching her was madness; but once his fingers tangled in her glorious hair he was lost. Surrendering to overpowering desire, possessed
by a force of nature, Storm was stunned by her need for Wolfe--and terrified he'd never forgive her for betraying his trust. Ensnared by love but forced to hide the truth, could Storm capture Wolfe's
soul by yielding her heart
817 The Touch of Max Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Men of Mysteries Past 3 Yes Rar
He was rich, mysterious, and shockingly obsessed with a lady of secret sorrows, but was Maxim Bannister endangering his priceless gem collection by letting beautiful, haunted Diana Layton
distract him from unseen perils? She was his love at first sight, the mate destiny had molded only for him - but it would take more than courage to silence the terrors that nearly seduced her into
endless night...
Vowing to love her until tragic memory surrendered to sweet ecstasy, Max unleashed his own hunger, treasuring Dinah with lips and hands that commanded and caressed until she exploded in
heat and need...Once he'd made her forget any other man, made her understand she had always deserved to be loved, could Dinah open her heart completely to the man who'd healed her soul?
818 The Trouble with Jared Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Men of Mysteries Past 4 Yes Rar
JARED - Mysterious, Savage, a Fierce Lover Who Made Her Tremble and Yearn,,,
Years before, Jared Chavalier had been obsessed by her innocence, desperate to possess the beautiful young gemologist--but his forcing Danica Gray to choose between her career and him had
driven the lovers apart. When she arrived to work on the renowned Mysteries Past exhibit, Dani was stunned to discover Jared there--and devastated to feel herself more potently attracted than
His Hypnotic Eyes Compelled Her Surrender
Dani insisted she wouldn't let Jared sweep her off her feet this time, but she couldn't deny her helpless response to the seductive man who'd haunted her dreams. Shed made him long to slay
dragons, to master the sweet enchantress whose body had never known another man. Enthralled by need so intense it made them believe in a second chance, could Dani and Jared finally
confess their love?
819 The Glass ShoeHooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Once Upon a Time 1 Yes LIT
Beautiful heiress Amanda Wilderman insisted she didn't believe in princes, yet shed agreed to attend the masquerade ball as Cinderella.
Dashing entrepreneur Ryder Foxx had no use for fairy tales but made an impossibly handsome Prince Charming. He never expected to meet a mysterious, masked enchantress who would steal
his heart in a moonlit garden—and leave only a glass slipper behind to persuade him she'd been magically, passionately real!
Amanda reveled in Ryder's fierce possession, adored being pursued for herself alone and not her wealth, but she knew the fantasy would end as the clock struck midnight...or would it?
When Ryder arrived without warning at her Wyoming, ranch Amanda wondered how long her secrets would be safe from this hero whose caress overwhelmed her—and made her dare to dream.
Ryder's love was a prize worth winning, but could she trust this dangerous, irresistible knight enough to admit she longed for happily ever after?
820 Golden ThreadsHooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Once Upon a Time 2 Yes LIT
Lara Callahan has come to the small town of Pinewood to start over --- and to hide. Devon Shane has come looking for answers. When the wary woman and mysterious man take roles in a
community theater production, they risk far more than the judgment of an audience. They risk their very lives.
Because both of them have secrets. Both are living a lie. And both know the first rule of survival is Tell no one. It's a rule they'll have to break.
821 The Lady & the Lion Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Once Upon a Time 3 Yes LIT
The Mysterious Spellbinder...
At first she was only a voice in the darkness before dawn, but soon Keith Donovan was haunted, obsessed by the woman who'd listened to his cynical, desperate murmurings, and shared
secrets of her own troubled heart. He'd never expected her to be so impossibly lovely, nor did Erin Prentice imagine that her powerful, anonymous companion of the night could fill her with
recklessness...and sweep her into his dangerous quest for revenge. Something beyond reason bound her to this man, whose ruthless passion overwhelmed her in a tidal wave of primitive
demand that thrilled and terrified her. Keith was her destiny, her crossroads -- and Erin knew she had no choice but to welcome the fire that flared between them, even if he could never promise
her always. But when he was forced to choose between love and rage, between tomorrow and yesterday, would the untamed spirit that first drew her to him find the courage to surrender his
822 Through the Looking Glass Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Once Upon a Time 4 Yes LIT
The Man In Her Mirror...
He was a financial wizard, a driven rogue with a Midas touch, but Gideon Hughes had no interest in keeping the run-down Wonderland carnival he'd inherited-until an enchantress with spun-silver
hair presented him with a puzzle he had just had to solve! Maggie Durant intrigued him, unnerved him--and made him yearn to storm the fortress of her mystery. But he found it almost impossible
to conduct a courtship in the midst of clowns, gypsies, and magicians, even when the angelic siren who knew his secrets announced she was in love with him! Maggie hoped it was only
chemistry between them, but the brave man who'd entered her sanctuary was destiny's knight. Gideon had always played by his rules, but in Maggie's world he had to feel his way. Would she
show him the real woman who'd love him forever, instead of the shimmering reflection she made in his eyes?
823 Star-Crossed Lovers Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Once Upon a Time 5 Yes Html
Perhaps if she'd stayed in Atlanta, Michele Logan would never have had to face Ian Stuart, the ruggedly handsome architect whose family had feuded with hers for centuries. But in the sultry
paradise of Martinique fate threw them together and tempted them to end the deadly struggle that had caused so much tragedy. Shocking, urgent desire swept away reason on a tide of need,
and suddenly Michele lay in the arms of her enemy, the last man in the world she must ever love. Ian vowed that she could trust him, insisted that the war was over, but could this consuming
madness, this sweet ecstasy, be the ultimate revenge, the perfect betrayal of those she cherished most? Bound by ties of love to opposite sides, they struggled to believe in each other's
promises, but both were haunted by shadowy evil that seemed determined to destroy all they had. Could it be that love was stronger than hatred, that destiny had joined their hands to heal old
824 What Dreams May Come Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Once Upon a Time 6 Yes LIT
He'd been her first and only love, but when a tragic accident left John Mitchell in a coma a week before their wedding day, Kelly Russell was devastated. When the doctors told her he'd never
come out of it, she refused to believe him... until the years began passing, and hope vanished. Now, shockingly, Mitch stood at her door -- determined to rekindle the love that fate had stolen
from them a decade before! Kelly insisted that the girl he'd loved was gone, that the woman who'd mourned him and built a new life wasn't his any longer -- but she still wore the perfume he'd
chosen for her... and she'd never stopped yearning for the enigmatic man who'd branded her soul with his fire. Mitch was even more drawn to this brave survivor, but did he want to cherish her so
fiercely that he was holding on too tight? When unknown danger shadowed their reunion, Kelly vowed she wouldn't lose her beloved again. Could the power of love vanquish their ghosts?
825 The Matchmaker Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Once Upon a Time 7 Yes Rar
His name was Cyrus Fortune. As enigmatic and elusive as the mysterious forces that had brought him to Richmond, he was secretly desired by a score of women and openly envied by dozens
of men. But only the ravishing Julia Drummond ignited his restless soul. She was the beguiling society beauty who had never known the thrill of true passion. A strange and wonderful fate had led
him to her door. Now Fortune would win her tender heart.
Something about the mesmerizing, black-eyed stranger aroused Julia as no man had ever done. Powerfully drawn to him, she would defy convention and scandalize society by breaking her most
sacred vows. But dangerous forces beyond her control soon threatened her newly won happiness.... Lady Luck had smiled on her once. Would she now lose the only man she could ever love --
before they'd fulfilled their rapturous destiny?
826 Once a Thief Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Quinn 1 Yes Rar
With a priceless collection at stake...Is everything for the taking?
It had taken centuries for Max Bannister‘s family to acquire their treasures, and now he‘s been asked to risk his collection as bait for a master criminal. For his own reasons, Max allows a public
exhibition, and to protect the family fortune he must rely on the skills of his half brother—a world-class security expert—and his smart and savvy exhibit director, Morgan West.
But almost immediately, Morgan comes face-to-face with the mysterious Quinn, Interpol‘s most wanted thief for the past decade—and a man who makes it very clear he has an eye on the
Bannister collection. And if that‘s not enough, Morgan begins to realize that she‘s surrounded by secrets and lies, and that someone very close to Max is moving behind the scenes, intent on
murder as well as robbery...someone whose ultimate plan threatens to ruin them all.
827 Always a Thief Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Quinn 2 Yes Rar
In a deadly game of skill and deception...A master thief is just the first wild card...
The priceless, rarely displayed Bannister collection is about to be exhibited-- and the show' s director, Morgan West, can' t ignore her growing uneasiness. She' s certain she hasn' t seen the
last of the infamous cat burglar Quinn. But she never expected him to turn up at her apartment one dark night in desperate need of her help-- help she can' t refuse. The mysterious master thief
is playing a dangerous game, and it' s a game that just might get him killed.
With Morgan' s help, Quinn sets a trap intended to catch someone far more elusive... and more deadly... than a thief. But an unseen threat shadows him in the fog-shrouded San Francisco night,
an unknown adversary more cunning than any he has yet encountered. Now, just when the stakes are higher than even Quinn can imagine, no one can be trusted-- and everything' s at risk.
828 Stealing Shadows Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Cassie Neill Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 1 Yes Rar
What if you can enter a madman's cruel mind as he plans his vicious crimes?
What if you can see the terrified face of his prey as he moves in for the kill - but you can't stop his frenzy once he strikes?
Psychic Cassie Neill helps the L.A. police catch killers - until she makes a terrible mistake and an innocent child dies. Cassie flees to a small North Carolina town, hoping that a quiet life will
silence the voices that invade her unwilling mind. But Cassie's abilities know few boundaries. And she's become certain - as no one else can be - that a murderer is stalking Ryan's Bluff.
It's his fury that Cassie senses first, then his foul thoughts and perverse excitement. Yet she doesn't know who he is or where he will strike. The sheriff won't even listen to her - until the first body
is found exactly where and how she predicted. Now a suspect herself, she races desperately to unmask the killer in the only way she knows: by entering his twisted mind. Her every step is
loaded with fear and uncertainty... because if he senses her within him, he'll trap her there, so deep she'll never find her way out.
829 Hiding in Shadows Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Faith Parker Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 2 Yes Rar
Terror waits just out of sight
Hiding In The Shadows
Accident victim Faith Parker has done what her doctors feared she never would: awakened from the coma that held her prisoner for weeks. But she has no memory of the crash that nearly killed
her or the life that led up to it. Nor does she remember journalist Dinah Leighton, the steadfast friend who visited her in the hospital...until she disappeared without a trace. Now as Faith begins to
regain her strength, she's shocked by intimate dreams of a man she doesn't recognize and tortured by visions of violence that feel painfully real. Something inexplicable ties her lost memories to
Dinah's chilling fate. But even as Faith tries to understand the connection and reach out to save Dinah, death is stalking both women. And one of them will not escape its lethal grasp.
FBI agent Noah Bishop has a rare gift for seeing what others do not, a gift that helps him solve the most puzzling cases. Now, read more of his electrifying adventures in two stand-alone tales of
psychic suspense.
830 Out of the Shadows Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Noah Bishop Miranda Knight N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 3 Yes Rar
A picture-perfect Tennessee town has just become a monster's hunting ground. Two bodies are found tortured to death. A third person goes missing. What little evidence is left behind defies all
explanation. Is the terror just beginning? Or have the good citizens of Gladstone harbored a dark secret for a long time? Sheriff Miranda Knight is determined to make her small town safe once
more. And she does what she swore she would never do: involve FBI profiler Noah Bishop. He's the one man who knows about her unique abilities, and that knowledge almost destroyed her and
her sister years ago. Now, as Bishop arrives with his team of agents, Miranda must learn to trust him and use her abilities once more. For they're about to go on the hunt for a killer whose
madness has no bounds, a killer who knows exactly how to destroy Miranda: by preying on her sister.
831 Touching Evil Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Maggie Barnes Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 4 Yes PDF
Sometimes evil lingers so close, you can feel it....
Seattle police sketch artist Maggie Barnes has an extraordinary gift. She listens as traumatized crime victims describe their ordeals and then uses those horrifying recollections to draw dead-on
sketches of the assailants.
Some cops think Maggie is telepathic, that she can actually enter the victims minds. Only Maggie knows the truth behind her rare talent ... and she isn't telling.
But her secret may be exposed when a madman seizes Seattle in his terrifying grip. He abducts women and blinds them, leaving them barely alive.
The police have one hope: the lone victim who might recover her sight. But they don't know that Maggie has her own dark connection to the monster; an eerie link that may stretch back to a
string of unsolved murders.
To stop the escalating terror, Maggie will have to push her abilities to the breaking point; even if it means confronting a predator whose powers seem to have no bounds....
832 Whisper of Evil Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Nell Gallagher Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 5 Yes PDF
Someone is stalking the little town of Silence...
Three victims have fallen to a killer‘s savage vengeance. Each of the dead men was a successful and respected member of the community—yet each also harbored a dark secret discovered only
after his murder. Were their deaths the ultimate punishment for those secrets? Or something even more sinister?
Nell Gallagher has come home to Silence more than a decade after leaving one dark night with her own painful secrets. Forced now by family duty to return, she has also come home to settle
with the past. But past and present tangle in a murderer‘s vicious attacks, and to find the answers she needs, Nell must call on the psychic skills that drove her away years before. She must
risk her own life and sanity, and regain the trust of the man she left behind so long ago.
For the killer she seeks is seeking her, watching her every move, preying upon her every vulnerability—and already so close she‘ll never see death coming...
833 Sense of Evil Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Rafe Sullivan Isabel Adams N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 6 Yes PDF
The victims are always the same: beautiful, successful, and blond. Someone was able to coax these intelligent and confident women away from safety. Someone was able to gain their trust long
enough to do the unthinkable. Their shocking murders have terrified the inhabitants of a small, peaceful town where such heinous crimes are simply not supposed to happen. Police Chief Rafe
Sullivan knows he has to find answers fast before another woman is lured to her death--but Sullivan literally doesn‘t have a clue. And when the FBI sends one of their top profilers to help, he‘s
more than a little surprised that his new partner is nothing like the straight-by-the-book ―suit‖ he expects.Special Agent Isabel Adams is tough, fearless, determined, and every bit Sullivan‘s
equal. She‘s also psychic. And blond.Skeptical of his new partner‘s ability to get inside the mind of a killer, Sullivan can‘t deny that Isabel has tuned in to the killer‘s wavelength, is following the
twisted thoughts of a murderer obsessed with stalking, seduction, and death. But in getting so close, Isabel has set herself up as the next victim. Now, with time running out, she and Rafe will
find themselves forced to take the greatest risk of all, because this psychopath is playing for keeps and Isabel is the perfect trophy. Unable to turn back, Isabel may have already gone too far.
Smart, savvy, and confident, she may find that the very qualities that have kept her alive could turn out to be her undoing. For Isabel has entered the world of a cold-blooded monster who kills
without mercy and eludes every sense but one...the sense of evil.
834 Hunting Fear Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Lucas Jordan N/A Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 7 Yes PDF
There's a new psychic on the scene, and he's ready for action: introducing Lucas Jordan, the latest addition to Noah Bishop's crackerjack Special Crimes Unit.
Lucas Jordan has an extraordinary psychic skill that police all over the country find invaluable: he locates missing people. And since being recruited by Noah Bishop for his FBI Special Crimes
Unit, Lucas has learned to hone his remarkable ability so that what he does seems little short of miraculous.
He's called in on what appear to be a series of ordinary kidnappings-for-ransom, but almost immediately Lucas realizes the situation is far from ordinary and more deadly than anything he's ever
faced before. Because a brilliant, twisted madman is out to win a sick game, matching his wits against the best hunter he can find: Lucas.
835 Chill of Fear Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Quentin Hayes Diana Brisco N/A Contemporary Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 8 Yes PDF
FBI agent Quentin Hayes always knew he had an unusual talent, even before he was recruited by Noah Bishop for the controversial Special Crimes Unit. But, as gifted as he is, for twenty years
he's been haunted by a heartbreaking unsolved murder that took place at The Lodge, a secluded Victorian-era resort in Tennessee. Now he's returned one final time, determined to put the
mystery to rest.
Diana Brisco has come there hoping to unlock the mystery of her troubled past. Instead, she is assailed by nightmares and the vision of a child who vanished from The Lodge years ago. And an
FBI agent is trying to convince her that she isn't crazy but that she has a rare gift, a gift that could catch a killer.
Quentin knows that this is his last chance to solve a case that has become a dangerous obsession. But can he persuade Diana to help him, knowing what it could cost her? For something cold
and dark and pure evil is stalking the grounds of The Lodge. Something Diana may not survive. Something Quentin never felt before: the chill of fear.
836 Sleeping with Fear Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Ash Prescott Riley CraneN/A Contemporary Read 3 Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 9 Yes PDF
Riley Crane woke up fully dressed, a gun under her pillow, and covered in blood. Even more frightening, she didn‘t remember what happened the night before. In fact, she barely remembered the
previous three weeks.
An ex—army officer, now a federal agent assigned to the Special Crimes Unit, Riley was a chameleon–a clairvoyant who could blend in with her surroundings, be anyone or anything she chose
to be. The SCU‘s expert on the occult, she‘d been sent to the beachfront cottage on Opal Island by her enigmatic chief, Noah Bishop, to investigate reports of dangerous occult activity.
But that was three weeks ago. Now she‘s awoken to discover that she‘s got a sexy new man in her life and an unreliable memory, and that the clairvoyant abilities she‘s always depended on to
protect her are MIA. Worse yet, with SCU resources stretched thinner than ever before, Riley is alone and without backup, feeling her way through a deadly game of blindman‘s buff, where no
one around her is quite who or what they seem. And a bizarre murder is only the first jarring reminder of how high the stakes really are.
Bishop wants Riley off the case. So does powerful local D.A. Ash Prescott. Both her old retired army buddy Gordon Skinner and Sheriff Jake Ballard believe she can catch a vicious killer. But
one of these four men knows exactly what‘s going on in this coastal community, and that‘s knowledge Riley desperately needs. For what Riley can‘t remember is more than enough to cost her
her life. This time evil isn‘t just closer than she thinks–it‘s already there.
837 Blood Dreams Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Dani Justice Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 10 Yes PDF
THIS KILLER DREAMS IN SHADES OF DEATH... He's the kind of killer we instinctively fear the most. A killer without boundaries, without conscience, without any feat of being caught. And his
latest victim is terrifying proof that no one is safe: The daughter of a powerful U.S. senator. Now, with the national media calling for justice and a grief-stricken father seeking vengeance, Bishop
and his FBI Special Crimes Unit find themselves in a unique situation. This time even psychic cops aren't enough to stop evil. Aid comes in the form of a fledgling civilian organization of
unorthodox crime stoppers. Dani Justice knows all about monsters. ...
838 Blood Sins Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Sawyer Cavenaugh Tessa GrayN/A Contemporary Read 2012 3 Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 11 Yes PDF
Young, vulnerable, attractive, Tessa Gray made the perfect victim. Which was why Noah Bishop of the FBI's Special Crimes Unit recruited her to play the role of grieving widow. As the supposed
new owner of property coveted by the Church of the Everlasting Sin, she?d be irresistible bait for the reclusive and charismatic Reverend Samuel. His fortified compound in the mountains near
Grace, North Carolina, had been the last known residence of two women murdered in ways that defied scientific explanation. Though hardly as naive or as vulnerable as she appears, Tessa
knows she has a lot to learn about using her unique gift. She also knows that Bishop and the SCU have to be desperate to rely on an untried psychic agent in an undercover operation so
dangerous. And desperate they are. For the killer they?re hunting is the most terrifying they?ve ever faced and shakes even the most seasoned agents: a soulless megalomaniacal cult leader
who can use their own weapons, talents, and tactics against them. By entering the cult's well-guarded compound, Tessa will be exposing herself to the dark magnetism of a psychopath on an
apocalyptic crusade of terror that spares no one, not even the youngest victims. And Samuel has protected himself within a fanatically loyal congregation, many of whom occupy surprising
positions of power within the community. Even Grace's chief of police, Sawyer Cavenaugh ? a man Tessa will have to trust with her life ? may be unable to protect her. Because no one, not even
Tessa herself, can guarantee she's strong enough to resist ? or powerful enough to battle ? a killer who's less than human.
839 Blood Ties Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 12 Yes PDF
A series of grisly murders has left a trail of blood across three states, bringing the Special Crimes Unit to a small Tennessee town. There, two more brutal killings lure Noah Bishop and the SCU
into what may be the ultimate trap, and lead Special Agent Hollis Templeton into a dangerous attraction—and a serial murder investigation that turns very, very personal. In her time with the
SCU, Hollis has shown an uncanny ability to survive even the deadliest attacks. But what she can‘t know is that this killer intends to destroy the team from within. As the body count climbs, and
Bishop and his agents race to uncover the true identity of their enemy, not even their special senses can warn them just how bloody, and how terrifyingly close, the truth will be.
840 Haven Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 13 Yes Epub
Another nightmare, in the woods this time. Different: She was running. Trying to escape.
But the same ending. Always the same ending. Another dead girl…
Emma Rayburn was born and raised in Baron Hollow, North Carolina, and it was a quiet life. Then came the accident…and the nightmares—each filled with unshakable visions of darkness, blind
panic, and desperate women chased toward inevitable death. With no reports of local women missing or found dead, Emma has written it off to troubled imaginings—night after dreaded night.
Until her sister arrives.
Jessie Rayburn, psychic investigator for a firm called Haven, has been estranged from Emma for years. Unresolved issues from Jessie‘s past have not only kept them apart but have been
clouding Jessie‘s unique abilities. A return to her hometown to face a dark and violent incident from years gone by is her chance to regain them. But reconciliation with the past comes with a
price. Few people in Baron Hollow are welcoming Jessie back. No one dares to breathe a word. And in this conspiracy of silence, Emma‘s nightmares are becoming more vivid than ever.
Even with the help of Noah Bishop, head of the FBI Special Crimes Unit and co-founder of Haven, Jessie and Emma soon find themselves outnumbered by the secrets buried in Baron
Hollow—and outrunning an evil that has been festering for years, one that‘s targeting Jessie and Emma one last time.
841 Hostage Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes The Bishop_SCU Series 14 No N/A
Haven operative Luther Brinkman has been sent into the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee to locate escaped felon Cole Jacoby, a mentally unstable bank robber.
Supposedly, Jacoby hid more than ten million dollars from his last heist before he was captured—and rather mysteriously escaped federal custody. And once Brinkman finds Jacoby, the agent
is left severely wounded, with no way to convey his location to Haven.
Callie Davis, an agent with the FBI‘s Special Crimes Unit, has been in the area for some time, due to the foresight of her boss and unit chief, Noah Bishop. But when she finds the wounded
Brinkman, her rescue mission turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.
What neither Luther nor Callie know is that their quarry is far more than an escaped bank robber. And that in hunting him, they will find themselves being hunted by him, and will discover him to
be the worst monster either of them has ever known.
842 Belonging to Taylor Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Belonging to Taylor
Trevor King would do anything for a woman in tears - anything but marry her! When he gallantly offers a hankie to a weeping Taylor Shannon, he's drawn into her world faster than he can say "I
do," and is determined to resist her tearful marriage proposal. But how can a man keep from falling for a sexy spitfire who feminine wiles are coupled with mind-reading mischief?
843 Breathless Surrender Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
They called her the Ice Princess. Drawn to her like a magnet, men gazed into her violet eyes and longed to shatter the beautiful porcelain mask she wore. But Heather felt nothing.
Once it had been different--before her mysterious disappearance from L.A., before the accident. She remembered another Heather -- a girl with a fiery temper, ready laughter, an open, trusting
heart. But all that was gone. And she knew it was hopeless... until, without warning, she found herself thrust into the arms of a compelling stranger whose demanding kisses burned her, whose
jet black eyes challenged her, dared her to remember... to open the door to love she had locked so long ago.
844 C.J.'s Fate Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Librarian C. J. Adams thinks marriage is a fine tradition—for somebody else. The love of her life is history, and in her experience, few men compare with the daring heroes who shaped civilization.
Well-traveled, well-educated, and content to stay single, C.J. is convinced she isn‘t missing anything. But her close friends disagree. When they resolve to find her soul mate during a trip to
Aspen, C.J. stays a step ahead of them by enlisting a gorgeous stranger to pose as her lover. But the man proves to be far more charismatic—and convincing—than she expected, and C.J. soon
discovers a side of herself she didn‘t know existed. She never imagined that the Rockies had more in store for her than a skiing trip with friends, but whether she likes it or not, C.J.‘s fate is
about to be sealed.
845 Elusive Dawn Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Html
Though Robyn Lee knew the risks when she married a race-car driver, she's shattered when he dies in a crash. Robyn feels as if her life is over, too--until she meets handsome Shane Justice . .
. who also races cars. Originally published under the pseudonym Kay Robbins.
846 Eye of the Beholder Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Love walks in Tory Michaels' door one day in the form of Devon York. The handsome and fun-loving man asks her to marry him on the spot. Caught in a whirlwind of passion and surprise, Tory
can't help but fall in love with Devon, and only by taking a chance will she find the pleasures of love at first sight.
847 I'd Kill for That Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Html
On the banks of the scenic Truxton River, nestled in rolling woodlands just minutes from the nation's capital lies Gryphon Gate. Drawn to its breathtaking view of the Chesapeake Bay, Henry
Drysdale selected this waterfront location to create a premier gated community where the rich and privileged residents live, work, and play. Tempers flare when Vanessa, Henry's ex, decides to
build Forest Glen, a 300-unit condominium development on an adjoining tract of land. The Gryphon Gate town meeting disintegrates into a free-for-all as environmentalists, developers, residents,
and the media clash.
848 If There be Dragons Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Html
What was a woman like Brooke Kennedy doing running a guest lodge alone in the Montana wilderness? And why was her best friend so worried about her? Those were the questions Cody Nash
asked himself after agreeing to cancel his tropical vacation to go on a mission of mercy into blizzard country. For the strong and self-assured woman he found didn‘t need or want his help—but
she was in trouble. Brooke had isolated herself from the world for reasons she wouldn‘t or couldn‘t say. But Cody didn‘t need to be a psychic to sense that Brooke was afraid. Even more, her fear
had intensified from the moment he arrived. Now, as a dangerous storm strands them together, Cody must learn the well-guarded secret of this beautiful, gifted woman—if he can convince her to
give him the one thing he needs to save her from a self-imposed exile: her trust.
849 Illegal Possession Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
What she was doing was immoral, illegal, and could easily get her killed—but Troy Bennett wasn‘t apologizing to anyone. She‘d been caught red-handed in the middle of a felony and she
couldn‘t have picked a more dangerous man to be holding her fate in his hands. Not that straitlaced businessman Dallas Cameron intended to turn her over to the law. He had far more devious
intentions for the sexy cat burglar. He planned to uncover the secrets of this complex and mysterious woman who broke into homes and yet had connections with Interpol, who rejected his
interest but seduced him at every turn. Thief, security expert, art aficionado, Washington, D.C., hostess to the rich, famous, and immensely powerful—who was Troy Bennett? Would answering
that question take Dallas over the line he always drew between good and evil and plunge both of them into the darker side of desire?
850 In Serena's WebHooper Kay Kay Hooper Joshua Long Serena Jameson N/A Contemporary Read 2 No N/A
At twenty-six, Serena Jameson is a handful—brilliant, manipulative, and passionate, at least when it comes to righting the wrongs of the world. Her father, a renowned computer magnate, is
worried about Serena‘s impetuous nature—as well as a far more tangible threat—and entrusts a colleague, handsome Brian Ashford, to ferry her on a trip across the country. But as usual,
Serena has ideas of her own.
A novice in affairs of the heart, Serena asks Brian to give her a crash course in seduction so that she can tame the notorious womanizer Joshua Long. But what starts as a simple lesson in love
becomes a complex erotic dance, as both men find themselves caught in the snares of Serena‘s undeniable wiles. Is Serena trying to attract her declared target or her teacher? Who is really
ensnaring whom? And can she finish weaving her web before the mysterious cabal eager to kill Serena‘s father manages to succeed—over her dead body?
851 It Takes a ThiefHooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Rar
Dane Prescott was charming, gallant, a man of mystery and shadows whose smile could make a woman forget her name! Jennifer Chantry was terrified when he caught her with a pilfered
diamond bracelet, stunned when he kissed her breathless, and delighted when he helped her escape with her prize! But when her dashing hero turned out to be a professional gambler, she had
to resist him. Her father had lost Belle Retour, their beautiful old home, in a poker game-how could she risk loving another man who might cost her everything? Until now she'd never been
tempted to stray from say byways...but the promises in Dane's eyes filled her with wild yearning for passion and danger. Dane knew the odds were against Jenny loving him, but he'd dare hell to
risk heaven in his lady's arms. He'd never bet everything before, but the stakes were so high. Could he make her believe that a man of honor would never gamble with her heart?
852 Kissed by MagicHooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Kissed by Magic
Mixing business with sensual pleasure was the last thing beautiful Rebel, a confident executive, expected. But when she finds herself in the seductive embrace of her devastatingly handsome
assistant, Donovan, she's not sure if it's love that's in his eyes - or a hungry desire to climb the corporate ladder.
She only knows she's fallen under his spell ...
853 Larger than LifeHooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Html
What makes Saber Duncan sing with such passion? Her sensual voice moves women to tears and makes men want to go out and slay dragons to get close to her. Yet a few years ago this
budding superstar was just another lightweight pop diva. So what changed? As her would-be biographer Travis Foxx embarks on a quest to uncover the painful secret in Saber‘s past, a mutual
attraction intensifies. But he finds himself blocked at every turn by the walls she has thrown up to guard herself from outsiders. On a visit to her friend‘s Arizona hideaway for some much-needed
R&R, Saber finds her carefully constructed defenses crumbling as bonds of trust begin to form between her and headstrong, persistent Travis. But will the arrival of a mysterious man from
Saber‘s former life wreck the new one they hope to build together? Sometimes starting over means revealing everything about your past. Visit
854 Masquerade Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Rar
Out of print for 20 years, this first novel written by "New York Times" bestselling author Kay Hooper includes a bonus novella, "Masquerade," which originally appeared in the anthology "Hearts of
855 On Her Doorstep Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
Finding a devastatingly handsome man at her isolated Colorado cabin throws the reclusive Erin Scott off balance. His tenacity and obvious interest in her disturbs her hard-won tranquility. Erin
fears the heart he is seeking, her heart, is buried far too deep to see the light of day again.
856 On Wings of Magic Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
She breezed into the Bahamas as lightly as a silver-blond cloud in a clear blue sky. Looking as harmless as a hummingbird, hiding behind a facade of featherbrained chatter, she was determined
to rest, to let no one -- nothing -- ruffle her sleek feathers.
A deceptively beautiful, brainy, self-possessed world traveler, Kendall James had weathered war and revolution with scarcely a quiver. Surely a whirlwind romance was the last thing she was
looking for. But now, gazing up into Hawke Madison's steely gray eyes, she was suddenly afraid -- afraid because the predatory heat of his desire echoed her own nameless yearnings, warning
her she had met her match, and that had never--ever-- happened to her before.
857 Pepper's Way Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
The classified ad was provocative yet innocent, and the man who read it on a whim felt compelled to meet its creator. But Thor Spicer was unprepared for Pepper, the beguiling dynamo who
checked him out, liked what she saw -- and warned him that she had designs on his heart. Intrigued by her challenge, Thor decided to take her dare -- even though it meant constantly tripping
over her gentle Doberman and outwitting the Chihuahua who guarded her door. It wouldn't be easy to strip away the layers of mystery surrounding their very private selves -- but Pepper declared
that it was the only way....
858 Rebel Waltz Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
With its antebellum setting and gallant history, Jasmine Hall was more than just a business for Banner Clairmont. The lovingly preserved plantation-era inn had been home to the Clairmont family
for generations. But the realities of modern real-estate had made it time to sell even the most priceless treasures. So it was hardly with a great deal of enthusiasm that Banner led real-estate
speculator Rory Stewart around the property. How could this stranger—whose southern charm and universal good looks made it impossible to entirely distrust him—have any idea of Jasmine
Hall‘s true value? Yet what was Banner to make of the fact that Rory had seen the ghosts that never showed themselves to outsiders? Was he destined not only to save the Hall but to live there?
Was his fate entangled with hers? Or was she banking too much on an old family legend … and wishful thinking?
859 Summer of the Unicorn Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
They were of two different worlds and during one fateful summer, those worlds would converge in a spectacular mountain valley. Siri, warrior, sorceress and siren, the gorgeous Keeper of the last
herd of golden unicorns. And Hunter Morgan, myth-seeker, whose ordained quest has led him to this strange place and to Siri. She is woman incarnate, whose purity is akin to her life. He is
man personified, whose needs run deep. They were born to be lovers, to come together at this time of enchantment to solve the riddle of their doom--each other's touch--and to fight alone and
together against a powerful foe whose evil menace threatened them ... and their worlds.
860 The Fall of Lucas Kendrick Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Rar
Kyle Griffon has done more than flirt with danger over the past ten years; she‘s embraced it with careless abandon. The rebel daughter of a powerful family, she‘s walked on the wild side of
everything from car racing to hang gliding—anything to fill the emptiness left by the man who loved and left her. Now Lucas Kendrick is back, needing Kyle‘s help to catch an art thief. Is a woman
game for adventure ready to trust the man who left her with so many unanswered questions?
Lucas was an undercover cop working a college drug ring when he fell for the beautiful coed. It was a mistake to leave, but he would have hurt her more if he had stayed. Now she‘s his best shot
at getting close to a man trading illegal guns for stolen artwork. Danger and desire are a reckless mix—but this time Lucas is staying close to protect the woman he loves . . . no matter what.
861 The Haunting of Josie Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes LIT
Before writing such New York Times bestselling thrillers as Blood Dreams and Sleeping with Fear, Kay Hooper made her mark with novels uniquely blending romance and suspense. In this new
edition of The Haunting of Josie, Hooper brings together the themes that have remained at the heart of all her work—passion, danger, and a touch of the paranormal—in this classic story of a
woman haunted by the past and tempted by a man too irresistible to trust.…
Josie Douglas came to the isolated country cottage with her research, a good alibi, and a gun. She hoped that she‘d have enough time to unravel the facts behind the tragedy that years before
shattered her life. Instead she found herself in a house haunted by its own dark history. A series of strange coincidences, a ghostly visitor, and a mysterious brass key provide Josie with
tantalizing clues to a mystery that keeps her guessing at every turn. As does Marc Westbrook—a landlord who embodies the meaning of the term drop-dead gorgeous. Soon she‘ll have to trust
him with the secret that drove her into seclusion—a secret that has already cost one man she loved his life.
862 The Haviland Touch Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
It's been ten years since Spencer Wyatt jilted Drew Haviland for another man. Now she is free--and Drew will do anything to get vengeance and take what's been promised to him. But closer
inspection tells him that Spencer is in dire straits--and in desperate need of his help.
863 The Wizard of Seattle Hooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Rar
Time travel romances are hot . . . now romance superstar Kay Hooper pens her own fabulous, magical story of timeless love and mesmerizing fantasy. Set in modern-day Seattle and ancient
Atlantis, Hooper spins a tale of a young woman with a wild talent and the handsome wizard who would risk everything to teach her a forbidden art--and taste a forbidden love.
864 Time After TimeHooper Kay Kay Hooper Contemporary To Read Yes Word
They first met in a darkened loft, in the middle of a blackout, but the power of attraction supplied all the juice that Alex Bennet and Noah Thorne required. Noah was Alex‘s match in every way,
while the onetime lion tamer turned world-class interior designer possessed just the air of wildness that Noah preferred in a woman. Inexorably, they found themselves drawn together. So why
was each haunted by dreams of the other that seemed to hint at secret lives in bygone times and places–and a relationship fated to end in separation? For Alex, the solution may lie in a Gypsy
fortune-teller‘s prophecy. To repeat the past is the one thing neither of them wants–but how do you overcome the pull of a destiny that is stronger than time itself?
865 A lady of the west (1990) Howard Linda Linda HowardJake Victoria N/A 1990 Historical Read 4 Yes A Lady of the West 1 Yes PDF
Only true love could redeem....Victoria Waverly, noble daughter of the war-ruined South, is sold in marriage to a ruthless rancher. Honor and pride help her endure life as a wife in name only but
nothing can quench her forbidden desire for hired gunman Jake Roper. His gaze is hard, but tenderness he can't hide promises to unveil to Victoria the mysteries of love.....Only true love can
destroy....Jake curses his burning need for Victoria, for he wants nothing to stand in the way of his drive to reclaim Sarratt's Kingdom -- the ranch that is his legacy and obsession. But ancient
wrongs and blazing passions will bind together the aristocratic beauty and the powerful cowboy. In a bloody Jake curses his burning need for Victoria, for he wants nothing to stand in the way of
his drive to reclaim Sarratt's Kingdom -- the ranch that is his legacy and obsession. But ancient wrongs and blazing passions will bind together the aristocratic beauty and the powerful cowboy.
In a bloody land war, they will fight for Jake's birthright...and seize at all costs the love that is their destiny.
866 Angel creek (1991) Howard Linda Linda HowardLucas Dee N/A 1991 Historical Read 05.01.2014 2 Yes A Lady of the West 2 Yes PDF
For five years after her father died, lithe, beautiful Dee Swann held on to Angel Creek valley and her independence. The homestead was hers, and she vowed no one else would ever own it...or
her. Then Lucas Cochran came back to Colorado. In the drought-cursed high country, he needed Angel Creek and its cool water to turn his Double C ranch into the cattle dynasty he craved. His
ruthless ambition guaranteed he would fight to take it away from the black-haired, green-eyed spitfire who claimed it.....But the passion that blazed when Dee Swann and Lucas Cochran met
shocked them both. Unbidden, unexpected, their kisses swept them toward a dangerous destiny where dreams might be could be killed...or love would be born as wild and
unfettered as this glorious frontier.
867 The touch of fire (1992) Howard Linda Linda HowardRafe Annie N/A 1992 Historical Read 04.01.2014 4 Yes A Lady of the West 3 No N/A
Annie Parker came to Silver Mesa, Arizona, because it was the only place she'd found where folks thought a woman doctor was better than no doctor at all. Her lonely life became harder still on
the winter night Rafe McCay broke into her office with a bullet in his side and a bounty hunter at his back. With a gun aimed at her heart, he led her deep into the Arizona mountains, and into a
world of danger and passion, for Annie discovered in Rafe not only a wounded man, but a soul betrayed...and Rafe, healed by her skill and the magic in her hands, awakened in Annie a woman's
tender longing and hungry desire. Pursued by dangerous secrets of the past, they are swept into a thrilling odyssey of the heart -- a bold, exhilarating journey that rekindles Rafe's lost hope and
transforms Annie's healing gift into a deep, enduring love.
868 To Die For (2004) Howard Linda Linda HowardWyatt Blair N/A 2004 Contemporary To Read Yes Blair Mallory 1 Yes PDF
Blair Mallory lives the good life. She‘s pretty, confident, and the owner of a thriving up-scale fitness center. But in the shadow of success, a troubled member of the club develops a strange
fixation on Blair, imitating her style and dress. Matters take a darker turn when the look-alike is shot dead–and Blair witnesses the horror...As the media speculates on the tawdry details of the
homicide and pushes Blair into the harsh spotlight, she locks horns with police lieutenant Wyatt Bloodsworth. He wants to lead an investigation without interference, while Blair is determined to
probe the dead woman‘s life on her own. But when someone begins to menace Blair with mounting threats, Wyatt takes notice: Was this murder indeed a lethal case of mistaken identity–and
was Blair the intended victim?
869 Drop Dead Gorgeous (2006) Howard Linda Linda HowardWyatt Blair N/A 2006 Contemporary To Read Yes Blair Mallory 2 Yes PDF
Blair Mallory has already survived one murder attempt. Now, while planning her wedding and dealing with holiday-season madness, Blair once again dodges a bullet. Or more precisely, a Buick.
And though the driver‘s identity remains a mystery, his or her murderous intentions are all too clear...Or are they? After all, Blair‘s homicidal ex-husband and his partner in crime/wife are safely
behind bars. And even Wyatt Bloodsworth, her police detective groom-to-be, isn‘t inclined to believe she‘s being targeted again. All of which makes Blair wonder if her close call was simply a
mishap. But the wondering stops when she narrowly cheats death again in another seemingly innocent accident. Two strikes is all it takes to convince Blair that she‘s back in someone‘s
crosshairs. And the only thing more frightening is that Wyatt still doubts her. That means this time, no one will be watching Blair‘s back when she sets out to get the drop on her would-be
killer–before whoever it is finally drops her.
870 Kill and tell (1998) Howard Linda Linda HowardMarc Karen N/A 1998 Contemporary Read 13.01.2014 4 Yes CIA Spies 1 Yes PDF
Some secrets need to be told... Still reeling from her mother's recent death, Karen Whitlaw is stunned when she receives a package containing a mysterious notebook from her estranged father,
whom she has barely seen since his return from the Vietnam War decades ago. Then, a shocking phone call: Karen's father has been murdered on the gritty streets of New Orleans....Even if
they lead to murder....For homicide detective Marc Chastain, something about the case of a murdered homeless man just doesn't add up -- especially after he meets the victim's daughter. Far
from the cold woman he expected, Karen Whitlaw is warm and passionate. She is also in serious danger. A string of "accidents" have shaken Karen to the core, and forced her into the protective
embrace of the charming detective she vowed to resist. Together they unravel a disturbing story of politics, power, and murder -- and face a killer who will stop at nothing to get his hands on her
father's secrets.
871 All the Queen's men (1999) Howard Linda Linda HowardJohn Niema N/A 1999 Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes CIA Spies 2 Yes PDF
THE PAST PROVED DEADLY...No one knows the dangers of getting close to legendary CIA Black Ops specialist John Medina better than communications expert Niema Burdock. Five years
ago, she and her husband worked with Medina on an explosive mission that ended in a tragedy. Although she has slowly recovered from her terrible loss, Niema planned never to see Medina
again. Until now...HISTORY IS ABOUT TO REPEAT ITSELF...A French arms dealer is supplying international terrorists, and only Niema can plant the bugs needed to crack the deadly ring.
Against her best instincts, she infiltrates the dealer's glamorous world. But when the plan goes awry, Niema and Medina must take flight in a strange land--and soon find their partnership sparked
by an erotic charge. In a world of deception. John Medina has once again set Niema on a free fall into danger...and into desire like she's never known. Spy, CIA
872 Kiss me while I sleep (2004) Howard Linda Linda HowardLucas Lily N/A 2004 Contemporary Read 2012 4 Yes CIA Spies 3 Yes PDF
If you sense someone‘s watching you from afar, or if you feel a shadow other than your own at your back, I might as well pack it up and call it a day…It‘s a job that makes a killing. Efficient,
professional, and without apology, Lily Mansfield is a hired assassin, working as a contract agent for the CIA. Her targets are the powerful and corrupt, those who can‘t be touched by the
law...Now, after nineteen years of service, Lily has been drawn into a dangerous game that hasn‘t been sanctioned, seeking vengeance for her own reasons. Each move bolder than the next, she
is compromising her superiors, drawing unwanted attention, and endangering her very life. Though stress and shock have made her feel somewhat invincible and a little cocky, Lily knows that
she too can be taken out in an instant. And if it‘s her time, so be it. She intends to go down fighting...A CIA agent himself, Lucas Swain recognizes the signs of trauma in the line of fire. His
orders: either bring her in or bring her down. Yet he too is drawn into the game with Lily Mansfield, dancing on a tightrope as he tries to avoid a major international incident while still battling a
tenacious foe who is dogging their every step. Keeping laser focus on the task at hand while vigilantly watching her back, Mansfield never sees the lethal peril that lies directly in her path . . . and
how loyalty has a price. Spy, CIA
873 Duncan's bride (1990) Howard Linda Linda HowardReese Madelyn N/A 1990 Contemporary To Read Yes Duncan & Evangeline 1 Yes PDF
Reese Duncan wanted a wife, pure and simple. Someone to have children with, someone to help him rebuild his ranch, someone uncomplicated...and someone very different from his first wife,
the woman who'd destroyed his life. But he hadn't bargained on Madelyn Patterson. She was sophisticated and citified, and she was willing to herd cattle, keep house and start a family with
Reese. The only thing she asked for in return was love - the one thing Reese refused to guarantee.
874 Loving Evangeline (1994) Howard Linda Linda HowardRobert EvangelineN/A 1994 Contemporary To Read Yes Duncan & Evangeline 2 Yes PDF
Evangeline Shaw is the key to the conspiracy that threatens Robert Cannon's company. Classified software developed by Cannon's group is being sold to a foreign government without his
approval. It isn't just theft or a case of corporate espionage -- it's treason. And the trail leads straight to Shaw -- who by all accounts has both the means and the motives....Determined to handle
his own investigation, Cannon tracks her to a small town in Alabama. But as he tries to untangle the knot that surrounds her, he finds himself questioning he's believed. The facts still seem
pretty black-and-but his heart tells him she's no Mata Hari....
875 Midnight rainbow (1986) Howard Linda Linda HowardGrant Jane N/A 1986 Contemporary Read 03.11.2013 4 Yes Kell-Sabin 1 Yes PDF
Grant Sullivan had been one of the government's most effective agents, and he's agreed to rescue Jane Hamilton Greer, a wealthy socialite possibly engaged in espionage. In the time they spent
together, questions of guilt and innocence began to fade against the undeniable reality that two people from such different worlds should never have met. Spy, CIA
876 Diamond Bay (1987) Howard Linda Linda HowardKell Rachel N/A 1987 Contemporary Read 25.08.2013 4 Yes Kell-Sabin 2 Yes PDF
He was barely alive. Someone had shot him twice. Trusting her instincts, Rachel didn't call the police. Her sixth sense told her that she was his only hope. With him lying unconscious before
her, Rachel had to decide his future, as well as her own. Spy, CIA
877 Heartbreaker (1987) Howard Linda Linda HowardJohn Michelle N/A 1987 Contemporary Read 09.03.2014 4 Yes Kell-Sabin 3 Yes PDF
Michelle Cabot has inherited her father's Florida cattle ranch -- and a mountain of debt. To make matters worse, a huge chunk of that debt is owed to the neighboring rancher, her nemesis John
Rafferty...Nothing shocks Rafferty more than discovering that the spoiled, pampered rich girl he once despised is painstakingly trying to run the Cabot ranch herself, working the land with
desperation the only thing she has left. He likes this new Michelle and decides to make her his woman. What he doesn't know is that underneath Michelle's cool, polished façade lies heartache,
secrets and the raw determination to live life as her own woman. But Rafferty isn't about to take no for an answer.
878 White lies (1988) Howard Linda Linda HowardSteve Jay N/A 1988 Contemporary Read 10.03.2014 4 Yes Kell-Sabin 4 Yes PDF
When Jay Granger's ex-husband is seriously hurt in an accident, she is asked to confirm his identity at the hospital. But the man before her is almost unrecognizable from his injuries. Tentatively
she identifies him as Steve Crossfield, the man she was once married to. When he awakens from his coma, Steve cannot remember anything of their life together. Is this the man Jay once loved
intensely, or is she attracted to a complete stranger? Spy, CIA
879 MacKenzie's mountain (1989) Howard Linda Linda HowardWolf Mary N/A 1989 Contemporary Read 02.03.2014 3 Yes MacKenzie 1 Yes PDF
Wolf Mackenzie is a loner with a way with horses and a deep distrust of outsiders -- until one woman dares to venture onto Mackenzie's Mountain. Schoolteacher Mary Elizabeth Potter is
determined to keep Wolf's teenage son from abandoning his dreams -- and finds herself rescuing Wolf along the way.
880 MacKenzie's mission (1992) Howard Linda Linda HowardJoe Caroline N/A 1992 Contemporary Read 03.03.2014 3 Yes MacKenzie 2 Yes PDF
Night Wing -- the revolutionary test plane with a top-secret weapons system -- was Colonel Joe Mackenzie's number-one priority. And weapons expert Caroline Evans was his number-one
distraction. True, the stubborn blonde was giving him the cold shoulder, but Joe hadn't become the best of the best by giving up. Then he discovered someone on the inside was sabotaging Night
Wing, and with her late hours and specialized expertise, Caroline seemed the obvious choice. Now Joe had to choose between allegiance to his country and love for his prime suspect.
881 MacKenzie's pleasure (1996) Howard Linda Linda HowardZane Barrie N/A 1996 Contemporary Read 05.03.2014 3 Yes MacKenzie 3 Yes PDF
No mission had ever gotten the better of navy SEAL Zane Mackenzie -- until now. Barrie Lovejoy needed a savior, before the terrorist group holding her hostage lost patience and silenced her --
forever. Rescuing Barrie would be the most important mission of his life. For he would sooner die than let the enemy harm the mother of his child.
882 MacKenzie's magic (1996) Howard Linda Linda HowardAlex Maris N/A 1996 Contemporary Read 06.03.2014 3 Yes MacKenzie 4 Yes PDF
Meet Maris Mackenzie and the sexy stranger she woke up to find in her bed! Unfortunately, she had no memory of Alex MacNeil, the previous day...or the prize Thoroughbred she'd apparently
883 A game of chance (2000) Howard Linda Linda HowardChance Sunny N/A 2000 Contemporary Read 02.03.2014 3 Yes MacKenzie 5 Yes PDF
In an attempt to lure a vicious criminal out of hiding, agent Chance Mackenzie uses his quarry's estranged daughter, Sunny, as bait. It doesn't take long for him to win her trust -- and her heart --
but what Chance hadn't guessed was that Sunny had reasons of her own to be hiding from her father. Now his deception has brought them both one step closer to danger.
884 Blue Moon Howard Linda Linda HowardJackson Brody Delilah "Lilah" Jones N/A 2001 Contemporary Read 10.03.2014 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF Human Human Human
6 feet Tall, 200 pounds, broad-shouldered,
big, muscular, Short dark hair, bright blue
eyes, strong jaw, soft lips, 37 years old
Dark green eyes, smooth, tanned,
unblemished skin, curly brown hair, slim,
toned, in her twenties, pleasant-looking,
Courteous, ex Army Sergeant, impatient,
doesn't suffer fools well, stern, authorative,
sensual, calm, dynamic personality,
powerful, straightforward, confident, sense
of humour, honest
Quiet, efficient, psychic, honest, witty,
gutsy Sheriff Folk Healer Alabama, USA Woodlands, river Hot summer, thunderstorm Paranormal
It's the full moon, and weird things tend to happen during this time. Brody, the Sheriff is attending to many accidents and weird crimes (mediocre). He is dispatched to go check out a resident
who lives in the area as the local thug, Thaniel was seen heading that way with a shotgun. The only way to reach her house is by boat. He's surprised because he's lived in the area for 3 years
and has never heard of her but every seems to know her. There are rumours that she is a witch. He borrows a boat from one of the citizens and heads out to her place. Thaneil and Lilah and
firing at each other. He gets Thaniel to drop his weapon and then Lilah fires hers again and Thaniel runs off. Brody is instantly attracted to Lilah and Lilah is shocked when she has a "knowing'
that Brody will be her love. Lilah lives in a house with no electricity, its like living in a bygone era. Meanwhile Thaniel steals both her both and the one Brody borrowed and leaves. A
thunderstorm is on the way and they are trapped until backup arrives which will only happen when the storm ends. They become lovers. The next morning, he is rescued and when he returns
has a lot to deal with due to the storm and doesn't locate Thaniel that day or get back to Lilah although he wants to. Next morning he finds Thaniel shot to death by a shotgun. He's worried that
Lilah killed him because she had said "You're dead" when he was shooting at her at her house. He thinks it was self-defence but is worried she might be injured and stranded and rushes back
to her. Discovers she's alright and proposes. The guy whose boat Brody borrowed the first time confesses to killing Thaniel in a mad rage because Thaniel admitted to sinking the boat.
Blue Moon...Sheriff Jackson Brody knows folks get a little crazy under a full bayou moon. But on the trail of a scorching murder mystery, it's the lawman himself who succumbs to the spell of a
beautiful, mysterious stranger. It was nice. Too fast. The love at first glance was a little unbelievable. But it was nice. No real suspense.
885 Shadow WomanHoward Linda Linda Howard
Ebert) Lizette "Lizzy" Henry N/A 2013 308 Contemporary Read 13.03.2014 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF Human Human Human
Striking looks, 6.4 feet tall, muscular,
athletic grace, broad-shouldered, tough,
lean angular face with chiselled high cheek
bones, thin high-bridged nose, thick dark
straight hair, olive skin, brown eyes almost
black, predatory
Shoulder-length dark brown hair, attractive,
deep-set blue eyes, thin aquiline nose,
prominent cheekbones, square jaw line,
defined chin
Bold, careful, remote, authorative, solitary,
cautious, always prepared, always has a
back up plan
Lizette - Stickler for routine, regimented,
calm, predictable
Lizzy - Able to think on her feet,
intelligent, curious, strong, calm, decisive Government operative
Lizzy -
Lizette -
Office Job Washington DC, USA City Hot Suspense
Lizette wakes up one morning and realises that the face in the mirror isn't hers. She becomes violently ill, vomiting and having a terrible headache. When she calls in sick, her supervisor says
that she's never been sick in three years. She thought she worked there for five years. She doesn't react to the comment. Slowly her memories start to come back and she discovers that she
knows strange things like defensive driving, situational awareness, about bugs and surveillance, and self-defence. She realises that the drab person she's been these past 5 years, 2 of which
she can't remember is not like her at all. There's no spontaneity, just the same boring routine day in and day out. As bits and pieces of her memory return she feels that "they" are watching her
and becomes suspicious about being followed and bugged and starts doing things outside her routine. This causes the people watching her to become suspicious that she is regaining her
memory. Xavier is also watching her and we learn that they were lovers before she became this robot. The "they" are Al and Felice and their surveillance team monitoring Lizette (known as
Subject C) 24/7. Felice becomes suspicious and without informing Al sends in two hit teams to take out both Xavier and Lizette at the same time, however both missions fail. Now, Lizette is
fully aware she is being targeted and goes on the run. Xavier has additional trackers/bugs on her and is able to find her. She thinks he wants to kill her and at first evades him. When he finally
catches up to her, her memories of him return in a rush. She wants to know who "they" are and why "they" want her dead.
He tells her everything: There was a special team put together five years ago to investigate the president for treason. The team was made aware of Lizette and her striking similarity to the first
lady. So they trained her to swop places with the first lady and get the damaging information from her. But one of the secret service agents on their team was a traitor and informed the first lady
of Lizette being in her room and getting the information and gave her his gun. The president and first lady walked into the room and confronted Lizette. A struggle ensued between the first lady
and Lizette and the gun went off 3 times killing the president. The FL was shocked by this and momentarily distracted and Lizette was able to knock her head, hand her the gun and hid in the
closet. The secret service burst into the room and the FL started firing at them, killing one agent and wounding another. Xavier killed the FL. The found the evidence of the treason. But decided
that it was better to let the nation believe the FL had shot the president in a fit of jealousy than reveal that he was a traitor. Lizette became distraught at having killed the president and couldn't
handle it. As she wasn't a part of the team, it was decided that she be executed or undergo the brain wipe procedure and monitored. She chose the brain wipe.
Back to the present, Al decides that he'd rather stand with Xavier than end up dead so he kills Felice and tapes it and hands the tape to Xavier so that they both have damning evidence against
each other and therefore wont attack each other. Al tells Xavier to get out of the life and find a new job. Lizette and Xavier get married and opens up a security training company and a year later
she remembers the president's death. But because of the 3 years living as a shell of herself she is able to overcome the depression this time.
Lizette Henry wakes up one morning and makes a terrifying discovery: She doesn‘t recognize the face she sees in the mirror. She remembers what she looks like, but her reflection is someone
else‘s. To add to the shock, two years seem to have disappeared from her life. Someone has gone to great and inexplicable lengths to keep those missing years hidden forever. But the past
always finds a way to return.....Strange memories soon begin to surface and, along with them, some unusual skills and talents that Lizette hasn‘t a clue about acquiring. Sensing that she‘s
being monitored, Lizette suddenly knows how to search for bugs in her house and tracking devices in her car. What‘s more, she can elude surveillance—like a trained agent.....Enter a
mysterious and seductive stranger named Xavier, who claims he wants to help—but who triggers disturbing images of an unspeakable crime of which Lizette may or may not be the perpetrator.
With memories returning, she suddenly becomes a target of anonymous assassins. On the run with nowhere to hide, Lizette has no choice but to rely on Xavier, a strong and magnetic man she
doesn‘t trust, with a powerful attraction she cannot resist. As murky waters become clear, Lizette confronts a conspiracy that is treacherous and far-reaching and a truth that, once revealed, may
silence her and Xavier once and for all.
This book focused more on the suspense than any romance. The Hh only got together around the last 60 pages and there was no build up to the relationship and very little focus on the actual
romance. However, the story got me thinking that I'd like to read more suspense/thriller books with a dash of romance. The romance in this book was sufficient for more.
886 Sarah's child (1985) Howard Linda Linda HowardRome Sarah N/A 1985 Contemporary Read 21.08.2013 3 Yes Spencer-Nyle Co 1 Yes PDF
A tragic accident took everything that mattered to Rome Matthews -- his wife, Diane, and their two little boys. And it robbed Sarah Harper of her best friend. In the two years since the tragedy,
Sarah has wanted to reach out to Rome, but she knew she needed to stay away, guarding the secret she had kept from him and Diane all those years -- that she was in love with her best
friend's husband. But now Rome needs her. And though another woman will hold his heart forever, Sarah agrees to be his wife, knowing that everything has a price, including love. Then
something totally unexpected rekindles her hidden hope that a marriage of convenience will become a union of love. Will Rome keep fighting his own growing need for a woman who dares him to
believe there are second chances in life... or will he give in to the healing power of love and miracles? Cruel hero
887 Almost forever (1986) Howard Linda Linda HowardMax N/A 1986 Contemporary To Read Yes Spencer-Nyle Co 2 Yes PDF
She didn't let any man close enough. He didn't let anything get in the way of his job leading corporate takeovers. But he needed information and planned to seduce her. It was simple, until his
loyalties were put to the test and she dared to let down her defenses. Now they're playing for the highest stakes of all.
888 Bluebird WinterHoward Linda Linda HowardDerek Taliferro Kathleen Fields N/A 1987 95 Contemporary Read 11.03.2014 3 Yes Spencer-Nyle Co 3 Yes Word Human Human
Big, tall, strong, golden brown eyes,
masculine beauty, 32 years old Green eyes, thick black hair, beautiful Gentle, authorative, intelligent, calm Shy, wary, strong, a fighter, brave Doctor (Paediatrician) Waitress Dallas, USA Mountains Blizzard, winter
There's a blizzard out and Kathleen goes into labour a month early. While trying to get to the clinic to deliver the baby, her truck goes off the road into a ditch. Derek is driving back home to
Dallas in the blizzard and sees the truck in the ditch and checks it out. He finds Kathleen. He is a paediatrician and he drives her back to her cottage and delivers the baby for her. When he
hands the baby to Kathleen, he sees such love on her face and decides that he wants that love from Kathleen also. The baby needs to be in an incubator as she is premature. But Kathleen has
no money or medical insurance so Derek convinces her to marry him so that he can provide for the baby. He states his reasons as wanting the baby as his own. They go to Dallas. The baby is
in hospital for a few weeks and they get married. He does so much for her and treats her so well and she falls in love with him. He thinks she's finally agreeing to sleep with him in gratitude and
repayment and loses his temper and storms out of the room. She comes to him and tells him that she loves him but wont bother him with her feelings again because she doesn't know he loves
her. The next day he tells her he loves and the real reason he married her and they live happily ever after. Kathleen Fields, pregnant and alone during a blizzard on Christmas Day, finds her life changed after Derek Taliferro rescues her and helps deliver her baby. It was nice. Love at first sight not so believable.
889 After the Night (1995) Howard Linda Linda HowardGray Faith N/A 1995 Contemporary Read 18.02.2014 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
FAITH DEVLIN: A poor, outcast child in Prescott, Louisiana, she'd always adored the town's golden boy from afar. But he called her white trash that sultry Southern night when his rich,
respected father disappeared, along with her pretty Mom. Now Faith wanted to hate Gray Rouillard...not to feel a powerful surge of desire. But she couldn't quench her passion, any more than
she could hide the truth about the past she had waited so long to unravel. GRAY ROUILLARD: Even when he raised hell, he did it with style. Reckless, charming, and backed by Rouillard
money, Gray controlled the town of Prescott -- and Devlin was a name he never wanted to hear again. But when he gazed at Faith Devlin, all he saw was a swirl of tangled sheets and her silken
flesh beneath him. To care for her was impossible, unthinkable...because Gray Rouillard planned to use all his power to ruin her.(less)
890 Against the Rules (1983) Howard Linda Linda HowardRule Cathryn N/A 1983 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
SHE WAS THE PRIZE HE HAD ALWAYS SOUGHT...At seventeen Cathryn Ashe had fought Rule Jackson and lost her innocence, then fled to the anonymity of the city. At twenty-five she was
back, sure of herself and her newfound independence and ready to challenge him again….But Rule had raised the stakes, and if she lost now the penalty would be high: her heart, the heart that
she finally knew had always been his for the taking.
891 All That Glitters (1982) Howard Linda Linda HowardNikolas Jessica N/A 1982 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Greek billionaire playboy Nikolas Constantinos intended to conclude the business deal with Jessica Stanton, a.k.a. The Black Widow, as quickly as possible. Love hadn't been part of his plan. A
hot affair or a one-night stand was all he'd allow. Because love would lead to marriage. And marriage to Jessica, a woman with a scandalous past, could ruin him. But love was the one thing he
couldn't control.
892 An Independent Wife (1982) Howard Linda Linda HowardRhy Sallie N/A 1982 Contemporary Read 14.01.2014 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Sallie wondered if Rhy would recognize her after seven years. She'd lost weight, loosened up and turned her talents to news reporting for one of the nation's leading magazines. After all this time,
would Rhy Baines, the news publisher, recognize his wife? Sallie Jerome, a.k.a. Mrs. Baines, had picked up the pieces of shattered dreams after Rhy walked out. She'd become the
independent, self-possessed woman he'd always wanted. Only now, she didn't want him. . . . Or did she?
893 Burn (2009) Howard Linda Linda HowardCael Traylor Jenner Redwine N/A 2009 Contemporary Read 2012 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Money certainly changes Jenner Redwine‘s life when she wins a lottery jackpot. But it also costs her plenty: Her father rips her off and disappears, her fortune-hunting boyfriend soon becomes
her ex, and friends-turned-freeloaders give her the cold shoulder when she stops paying for everything...Flush with new money, Jenner can‘t imagine ever finding a place in the world of the
wealthy. Seven years later, though, she‘s rubbing elbows with the rich, despite the fact she still feels like a party crasher. Luckily she finds an ally–-and a guide to the rarefied realm of privilege–-
in shy, kind-hearted heiress Sydney Hazlett, who quickly becomes Jenner‘s confidante and surrogate sister...When Sydney invites Jenner on a charity cruise aboard a luxury liner, Jenner
reluctantly agrees. But while she‘s expecting–-and dreading–-two weeks of masquerade balls, art auctions, and preening glitterati, what she gets is more like a Hitchcock movie than a Love Boat
episode. Taken hostage by a menacing stranger, Jenner must cooperate in a mysterious cloak-and-dagger scheme-–or else. With nowhere to run, and with Sydney‘s life as well as her own at
risk, Jenner is drawn into a game of dizzying intrigue and harrowing danger. But as her panic gives way to exhilaration, and fear of her captor turns to fascination, Jenner rediscovers feelings she
hasn‘t had in years–-and realizes she‘s found a life worth living. If she survives.
894 Come Lie With Me (1984) Howard Linda Linda HowardBlake Dione N/A 1984 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Blake Remington lives life to the fullest. So when a terrible accident robs him of his ability to walk, it also takes away all of his desire to live…...Dione Kelly, a physical therapist, takes on his
case and begins to heal this broken man and help him realize there is so much more to gain from living. While forcing Blake to face his inner demons, Dione begins to face her own
fears…...Together, the two of them gain a new respect for life—and a love that could last a lifetime!
895 Cover Of Night (2006) Howard Linda Linda HowardCalvin Cate N/A 2006 Contemporary Read 27.05.2013 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
In the charming rural town of Trail Stop, Idaho, accessible to the outside world by only a single road, young widow Cate Nightingale lives peacefully with her four-year-old twin boys, running a bed-
and-breakfast. Though the overnight guests are few and far between–occasional hunters and lake fishermen–Cate always manages to make ends meet with the help of the local jack-of-all-trades,
Calvin Harris, who can handle everything from carpentry to plumbing. But Calvin is not what he seems, and Cate‘s luck is about to run out...One morning, the B&B‘s only guest inexplicably
vanishes, leaving behind his personal effects. A few days later Cate is shocked when armed men storm the house, demanding the mystery man‘s belongings. Fearing for her children‘s lives,
Cate agrees to cooperate–until Calvin saves the day, forcing the intruders to scatter into the surrounding woods...The nightmare, however, is just beginning. Cate, Calvin, and their entire
community find themselves cut off and alone with no means to call for help as the threat gathers intensity and first blood is drawn...With their fellow residents trapped and the entire town held
hostage, Cate and Calvin have no choice but to take the fight to their enemies under the cover of night. While reticent Cal becomes a fearless protector, Cate makes the most daring move of her
life . . . into the very heart of danger.
896 Cry no More (2003) Howard Linda Linda HowardDiaz Milla N/A 2003 Contemporary Read 2012 5 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Fueled by an obsession to fill the void in other people‘s lives, Milla Edge finds lost children—all the while trying to outrun the brutal emotions stemming from a tragedy in her past. Traveling to a
small village in Mexico on a reliable tip, Milla begins to uncover the dire fate of countless children who have disappeared in the labyrinth of a sinister baby-smuggling ring. The key to nailing down
the organization may rest with an elusive one-eyed man. As Milla‘s search for him intensifies, the mission becomes more treacherous. For the ring is part of something far larger and more
dangerous, reaching the highest echelons of power. Racing into peril, Milla suddenly finds herself the hunted—in the crosshairs of an invisible, lethal assassin who aims to silence her
permanently. Assassin
897 Death Angel (2008) Howard Linda Linda HowardSimon Drea N/A 2008 Contemporary Read 2012 5 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
A striking beauty with a taste for diamonds and dangerous men, Drea Rousseau is more than content to be arm candy for Rafael Salinas, a notorious crime lord who deals with betrayal through
quick and treacherous means: a bullet to the back of the head, a blade across the neck, an incendiary device beneath a car. Eager to break with Rafael, Drea makes a fateful decision and a
desperate move, stealing a mountain of cash from the malicious killer. After all, an escape needs to be financed...Though Drea runs, Salinas knows she can‘t hide–and he dispatches a cold-
blooded assassin in hot pursuit, resulting in a tragic turn of events. Or does it?...Left for dead, Drea miraculously returns to the realm of the living a changed woman. She‘s no longer shallow and
selfish, no longer steals or cheats or sells herself short. Both humbled and thrilled with this unexpected second chance, Drea embraces her new life. But in order to feel safe and sound–and stop
nervously looking over her shoulder–she will need to take down those who marked her for death...Joining forces with the FBI, supplying vital inside information that only she can provide, Drea
finds herself working with the most dangerous man she‘s ever known. Yet the closer they get to danger, the more intense their feelings for each other become, and the more Drea realizes that
the cost of her new life may be her life itself–as well as her heart. Assassin
898 DreamMan (1995) Howard Linda Linda HowardDane Marlie N/A 1995 Contemporary Read 13.02.2014 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Detective Dane Hollister of the Orlando police department has never met anyone quite like Marlie Keen. While he has doubts about her supposed clairvoyant powers, she sees crimes as they're
being committed, there is no doubt about how much he desires her. To Marlie, Dane is all heat and hard muscle, and he makes her body come alive as it never has before. But not even she can
foresee that their passion will lead them on a dangerous journey into the twisted mind of a madman who will threaten their happiness and their lives.
899 Dying to Please (2002) Howard Linda Linda HowardThompson Cahill Sarah Stevens N/A 2002 Contemporary Read 2012 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Loyal. Beautiful. Professional. Impeccably organized. Potentially lethal. Sarah Stevens is a woman with many distinct qualities. First and foremost a butler par excellence, skilled at running large
households smoothly and efficiently, she is also a trained bodyguard and expert marksman–indispensable to her elderly employer, a courtly gentleman whom Sarah has come to respect and
love as a father...Then one night she thwarts a burglary in progress, a courageous act that rewards Sarah her requisite ―fifteen minutes of fame‖ with the local press. But the exposure is enough
to catch the attention of a tortured soul who, unbeknownst to Sarah, will stop at nothing to have her for himself
900 Heart of Fire (1993) Howard Linda Linda HowardBen Jillian N/A 1993 Contemporary Read 2012 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
A fabulous lost Amazon city once inhabited by women warriors and containing a rare red diamond: it sounded like myth, but archeologist Jillian Sherwood believed it was real, and she was
willing to put up with anything to find it -- even Ben Lewis. Ruffian, knock-about, and number one river guide in Brazil, Ben was all man -- over six feet of rock-hard muscles that rippled under his
khakis, with lazy blue eyes that taunted her from his tanned face. Jillian watched him come to a fast boil when she refused to reveal their exact destination upriver in the uncharted rain forests --
and resolved to stand her ground. Neither of them could foresee what the days ahead promised: an odyssey into the fiery heart of passion and betrayal, and a danger that would force them to
cast their fates together, immersed in the eternal, unsolved mysteries of love....
901 Ice (2010) Howard Linda Linda HowardGabriel Lolly N/A 2010 Contemporary Read 2012 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
‘Tis the season for mistletoe and holly, Santa . . . and suspense. And the gift that keeps on giving is Ice: premier thriller author Linda Howard‘s breathless tale of a man, a woman, and a battle for
survival against an unforgiving winter–and an unrelenting killer. Oh what fun it is to read...Gabriel McQueen has only just arrived home on holiday leave from the service when his county-sheriff
father sends him back out again with new marching orders. A brewing ice storm, and a distant neighbor who‘s fallen out of contact, have the local lawman concerned. So he enlists Gabriel to
make the long haul to the middle of nowhere, and make sure Lolly Helton is safe and sound. It‘s a trip the younger McQueen would rather not make given the bitter winter weather–and the icy
conditions that have always existed between him and Lolly...But there‘s no talking back when your dad is the town‘s top cop. And there‘ s no turning back when night falls just as Gabriel
arrives–and discovers that the weather outside isn‘t the only thing that‘s frightful. Spotting strangers in Lolly‘ s home–one of them packing a weapon–is all it takes to kick Gabriel into combat
mode. And his stealth training is all he needs to extract Lolly from the house without alerting her captors. But when the escape is discovered, the heat–and the hunt–are on. And the winter
woods are nowhere to be once the ice storm touches down, dropping trees, blocking roads, and trapping the fleeing pair in the freezing dark.
902 Killing Time (2005) Howard Linda Linda HowardKnox Nikita N/A 2005 Contemporary Read 2012 2 No N/A N/A No N/A
In 1985, with much fanfare, a time capsule was buried under the front lawn of a small-town county courthouse, to be reopened in 2085. But just twenty years later, in the dead of night, the
capsule is dug up, its contents stolen. That same night, one of the contributors to the capsule is brutally slain in his home–with no sign of forced entry or indication of a struggle. One by one,
others who had placed items in the time capsule are murdered...Besides his suspicions about the sudden, mysterious appearance of Nikita Stover, the chief investigator, Knox Davis, has
absolutely no leads. And while Nikita‘s no murderer, she seems to be hiding plenty of secrets. With more at stake than anyone else realizes, the smart-talking Nikita is determined to catch this
cunning killer–while at the same time battling her own deepening feelings for a man and for a world in which she doesn‘t belong.
903 Lake of Dreams (1995)Strangers in the Night Howard Linda Linda Howard Thea 1995 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Lake of Dreams...Thea Marlow had encountered her soul mate in the depths of her overpowering, frightening dreams. Now, on the shores of a country lake, the stranger comes to her in the flesh -
- and lures her into a timeless love.
904 Mr. Perfect (2000) Howard Linda Linda Howard Jaine Bright 2000 Contemporary Read 27.08.2013 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
What would make the perfect man? That's the delicious topic heating up the proceedings at a certain table of professional women at their favorite restaurant, Ernie's, tonight: Mr. Perfect. What
qualities would he have? Would he be tall, dark, and handsome? Caring and warmhearted -- or will just muscular do? Jaine Bright and her three girlfriends start off with the basics -- he'd be
faithful and reliable, the responsible type, with a great sense of humor. But as the conversation picks up momentum, so do the quartet's requirements for Mr. Perfect -- and they write down a
tongue-in-cheek checklist that's both funny and racy. The next thing they know, the List, as it has come to be called, spreads like wildfire throughout their company and sizzles along e-mail
lines. And it doesn't stop there: the List becomes an overnight sensation, grabbing the interest of local newspapers and television coverage. No one expected this avalanche of attention for
something that began as a joke among friends. And the joke turns deadly serious when one of the four women is murdered...
The prime suspect in the case is the victim's boyfriend, who was one of a number of men who found the List sexist and offensive. But an impenetrable alibi gets him off the hook. Now, with the
help of Jaine's neighbor, an unpredictable police detective, the puzzle must be solved -- and time is running out as a deadly stalker targets the three remaining friends. Now, knowing whom to
trust and whom to love is a matter of survival -- as the dream of Mr. Perfect becomes a chilling nightmare.
905 Now You See Her (1998) Howard Linda Linda Howard Paris 1998 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Up-and-coming painter Paris Sweeney finds herself painting a vivid murder--based on a series of disturbing dreams. But when her friend Chandra is killed in a similar fashion, Paris and her lover
become the prime suspects. Reprint.
906 Open Season (2001) Howard Linda Linda HowardJack Daisy N/A 2001 Contemporary Read 18.04.2013 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
On her thirty-fourth birthday, Daisy Minor decides to make over her entire life. The small-town librarian has had it with her boring clothes, her ordinary looks, and nearly a decade without so much
as a date. It's time to get a life—and a sex life. The perennial good girl, Daisy transforms herself into a party girl extraordinaire—dancing the night away at clubs, laughing and flirting with
abandon—and she's declared open season for manhunting. But her free-spirited fun turns to shattering danger when she witnesses something she shouldn't—and becomes the target of a killer.
Now, before she can meet the one man who can share her life, first she may need him to save it.
907 Overload (1993) Howard Linda Linda HowardTom Elizabeth N/A 1993 Contemporary Read 2012 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Blackout! The entire Southeast was without power ~ but there was still more than enough electricity between Elizabeth Major and Tom Quinlan! They were stranded together in a Dallas high rise
for the duration ~ and setting off enough sparks to light up the darkest night.
908 Prey (2011) Howard Linda Linda HowardDare Callahan Angie Powell N/A 2011 Contemporary Read 19.04.2013 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Thirty-two-year-old Angie Powell has always spoken her mind, but in the presence of Dare Callahan she nurses a simmering rage. After all, why give Dare the satisfaction of knowing he can push
her buttons and push her to the edge?...Three years ago, Dare returned home to rural western Montana and opened a hunting business to rival Angie‘s. Complicating matters is the fact that Dare
has asked Angie out (not once but twice) and has given her a gift of butterflies in the process. Angie has no patience for butterflies. They only lead to foolish decisions. And now the infuriatingly
handsome Iraq war vet has siphoned away Angie‘s livelihood, forcing her to close up shop...Before Angie is to leave town, she organizes one last trip into the wilderness with a client and his
guest, who wants to bag a black bear. But the adrenaline-fueled adventure turns deadly when Angie witnesses a cold-blooded murder and finds herself on the wrong side of a loaded gun. Before
the killer can tie up this attractive loose end, a bear comes crashing through the woods—changing the dark game completely...Luckily, Dare is camping nearby and hears the shots. Forced
together for their very survival, Angie and Dare must confront hard feelings, a blinding storm, and a growing attraction—while being stalked by a desperate killer and a ferocious five-hundred-pound
beast. And neither will stop until they reach their prey.
909 Shades of Twilight (1996) Howard Linda Linda HowardWebb Roanna N/A 1996 Contemporary Read 08.03.2014 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Roanna Davenport was raised a wealthy orphan on her grandmother's magnificent Alabama estate, Davencourt, where she had a passion for horses, a genius for trouble, and a deep love for her
cousin, Webb. But everyone expected Webb to marry their ravishing cousin, Jessie. When he did, Roanna's desire became no more than the stuff of dreams -- until the night Jessie was found
bludgeoned to death. After the shocking murder of his wife, Webb left for Arizona, abandoning the legacy that he had once believed was all he wanted. But then an all-grown-up Roanna walked
into a dingy bar in Nogales to bring him home; the mischievous sprite he had known ten years earlier was no more. Gone, too, was her fire. In its place was ice that melted at his touch. Webb is
drawn back to Davencourt, to Roanna, and to the killer that once destroyed his life and waits only for the chance to finish the job....(less)
910 Son of the Morning (1997) Howard Linda Linda HowardBlack Grace N/A 1997 Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A No N/A
A scholar specializing in ancient manuscripts, Grace St. John never imagined that a cache of old documents she discovered was the missing link to a lost Celtic treasure. But as soon as she
deciphers the legend of the Knights of the Templar -- long fabled to hold the key to unlimited power -- Grace becomes the target of a ruthless killer bent on abusing the coveted force. Determined
to stop him, Grace needs the help of a warrior bound by duty to uphold the Templar's secret for all eternity. But to find him -- and to save herself -- she must go back in time . . . to fourteenth-
century Scotland . . . and to Black Niall, a fierce man of dark fury and raw, unbridled desire. . .
911 Tears of the Renegade (1985) Howard Linda Linda HowardCord Susan N/A 1985 Contemporary Read 2012 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Susan Blackstone is a young widow who's held her own, running a business empire and winning the affections and support of her dead husband's family. Until the black sheep of the family, Cord
Blackstone, returns for a showdown against the family who robbed him of his birthright. Soon Susan is caught between family loyalty and desire for the man who has threatened her way of life
and her heart.
912 The Cutting Edge (1985) Howard Linda Linda HowardBrett Tessa N/A 1985 Contemporary Read 22.02.2014 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Brett Rutland was Carter Engineering's top troubleshooter, so it was only logical for him to be sent to the L.A. office to crack a case of embezzlement….Brett was a hard man--he had to be--in
his line of work, so it hit him like a sledgehammer when he fell in love with Tessa Conway. Half the men in the office had been in love with her for years, but Brett was the first she'd loved in
return….Their love was perfect, too perfect to last. One day Brett found the embezzler and on that day their world came crashing down
913 The Way Home (1991) Howard Linda Linda HowardSaxon Anna N/A 1991 Contemporary Read 21.02.2014 2 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Anna Sharp has never expected in a million years that she will get any indecent proposal from a man much more her boss. But when wealthy Saxon Malone has asked her to be either his
mistress or secretary, Anne chose the former because she knows that what she feels for Saxon is once-in-a-lifetime.
914 Up Close and Dangerous (2007) Howard Linda Linda HowardCam Bailey N/A 2007 Contemporary Read 2012 4 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Bailey Wingate's scheming adult stepchildren are surprised when their father's will leaves Bailey in control of their fortune, and war ensues. A year later, while flying from Seattle to Denver in a
small plane, Bailey nearly dies herself when the engine sputters --- and then fails...Cam Justice, her sexy Texan pilot, manages to crash-land the aircraft. Stranded in the wilderness, and
struggling to douse her feelings for the ruggedly handsome man by her side, Bailey begins to wonder whether this was a mere accident. Who tampered with their plane? Who's trying to reunite
Bailey and her husband in the afterlife? Cut off from the world, and with little hope of rescue, Bailey must trust her life --- and heart --- to Cam, as they battle the harsh elements to find a way out
of the unforgiving wilds and back to civilization ... where a killer may be waiting to finish the job.
915 Veil of Night (2010) Howard Linda Linda HowardEric Jaclyn N/A 2010 Contemporary Read 2012 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
Jaclyn Wilde is a wedding planner who loves her job—usually. But helping Carrie Edwards with her Big Day has been an unrelenting nightmare. Carrie is a bridezilla of mythic nastiness, a diva
whose tantrums are just about as crazy as her demands. But the unpleasant task at hand turns seriously criminal when Carrie is brutally murdered and everyone involved with the ceremony is
accusing one another of doing the deed...The problem is, almost everyone— from the cake maker and the florist to the wedding-gown retailer and the bridesmaids‘ dressmaker—had his or her
own reason for wanting the bride dead, including Jaclyn. And while those who felt Carrie‘s wrath are now smiling at her demise, Jaclyn refuses to celebrate tragedy, especially since she finds
herself in the shadow of suspicion...Assigned to the case, Detective Eric Wilder finds that there‘s too much evidence pointing toward too many suspects. Compounding his problems is Jaclyn,
with whom he shared one deeply passionate night before Carrie‘s death. Being a prime suspect means that Jaclyn is hands-off just when Eric would rather be hands-on. As the heat intensifies
between Eric and Jaclyn, a cold-blooded murderer moves dangerously close. And this time the target is not a bride but one particularly irresistible wedding planner, unaware of a killer‘s vow.
916 White Out (1997) in Strangers in the Night Howard Linda Linda HowardPrice Hope N/A 1997 Contemporary Read 2013 3 No N/A N/A Yes PDF
White Out...In the midst of an Idaho blizzard, Hope Bradshaw offers shelter to a stranger -- and an instant, hungry passion flares between them. When a radio bulletin warns of a dangerous
escaped convict, her blood runs cold: has desire blinded her to the risks of trusting a man who is an expert at covering his tracks?
917 Blood Born Howard, Jones Linda, Linda Linda, Linda Howard, Jones Luca Chloe N/A Contemporary Read 2012 3 Yes PDF Vampire Paranormal
When the human and the vampire worlds collide, there will be hell to pay…...Luca Ambrus is a rare breed: vampire from birth, begotten by vampire parents, blood born. He is also an agent of the
Council—the centuries-old cabal that governs vampirekind, preserving their secrecy and destroying those who betray them…..When a cryptic summons leads him to the scene of the brutal
killing of a powerful Council member, Luca begins the hunt for an assassin among his own people. But instead of a lone killer he discovers a sinister conspiracy of rogue vampires bent on
subjugating the mortal world....All that stands in their way are the conduits, humans able to channel spirit warriors into the physical world to protect mankind. Chloe Fallon is a conduit—and a
target of the vampire assassin who‘s killing them. When Luca saves her life, an irresistible bond of trust—along with more passionate feelings—is forged between them. As more victims fall,
Chloe and Luca have only each other to depend on to save the world from the reign of monsters—and salvage their own future together.
918 Total SurrenderHoyt Cheryl Cheryl Hoyt Michael Stevens Sarah Crompton N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes LIT
With the last of her family possessions gambled away by her dissolute brother, Lady Sarah Compton has traveled to a country house gala for one last moment of grace and beauty. But she is
unaware that the occasion is actually a notorious trysting event, where members of the aristocracy can indulge in their every sensual fantasy and erotic whim. Nor does she realize that the
striking man who has stolen into her bedroom is none other than Michael Stevens--a rake who gives and takes his pleasures boldly...The bastard son of an earl, Michael Stevens relishes his
reputation as London's most notorious seducer. But he has no idea what to make of the auburn-haired beauty he's nearly mistaken for new conquest or how such an innocent could possibly have
been invited to a gather where London's bored elite caters to each other's carnal desires. When the lady refuses to heed Michael's warning--to leave the house for her own protection--a powerful
attraction grows, and soon, he longs to tutor the very proper Lady Sarah Compton in the art of passion...
919 The Raven Prince Hoyt Elizabeth Elizabeth Hoyt Edward de Raaf Anna WrenN/A Historical To Read Yes Princes Trilogy 1 Yes PDF
There comes a time in a lady's life...Widowed Anna Wren is having a wretched day. After an arrogant male on horseback nearly squashes her, she arrives home to learn that she is in dire
financial straits. When she must do the unthinkable... The Earl of Swartingham is in a quandary. Having frightened off two secretaries, Edward de Raaf needs someone who can withstand his bad
temper and boorish behavior. And find employment. When Anna becomes the earl's secretary, it would seem that both their problems are solved. Then she discovers he plans to visit the most
notorious brothel in London for his "manly" needs. Well! Anna sees red-and decides to assuage her "womanly" desires...with the earl as her unknowing lover.
920 To Taste Temptation Hoyt Elizabeth Elizabeth Hoyt Samuel Hartley Emeline Gordon N/A Historical To Read Yes The Four Soldiers 1 Yes PDF & Word
The ton loves nothing more than a good scandal, and they're giddy with the appearance of wealthy Samuel Hartley. Not only is he self-made, American, and in the habit of wearing moccasins,
but he is also notorious for fleeing a battle in which several English gentlemen lost their lives. What the ton doesn't know, though, is that Samuel is in London because of this massacre. He
believes his regiment was given up to the enemy and won't rest until he finds the traitor. Lady Emeline Gordon is captivated with Samuel. Not only does he defy convention with his unusual
dress, his sensual smile, and his forthright manner, but he survived the battle that killed her beloved brother. Samuel suspects that the person responsible for her brother's death is Jasper
Renshaw, Viscount Vale, a family friend since childhood—and Emeline's fiancé. Despite Emeline's belief in Vale's innocence and her refusal to break off her betrothal, she and Samuel begin a
passionate affair. But can their relationship survive the fallout from Samuel's investigation?
921 To Seduce a Sinner Hoyt Elizabeth Elizabeth Hoyt Jasper Renshaw Melisande Fleming N/A Historical To Read Yes The Four Soldiers 2 Yes PDF & Word
Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale, has a problem: he needs to marry and produce an heir to the title. All Jasper wants is to find a lady who will put up with him long enough to wed so he can
retreat to his life of debauchery—a life that keeps the haunting memories of his past at bay. Knowing that Jasper is under pressure to marry, Melisande Fleming grasps her fate with both hands
and volunteers to wed him. Although Jasper is initially only interested in producing an heir, he soon becomes entranced by his wife—prim and proper by day, wanton by night—and vows to learn
her secrets. Melisande, however, is determined to keep her husband at a distance. She has loved, and lost, before, and will do anything to keep him from learning her terrible weakness: she's
secretly been in love with him for years. But to her chagrin, her husband pursues her, wooing her as if she were a paramour, not his lady wife. As Melisande and Jasper embark on a passionate
game of cat and mouse, secrets from the past begin to resurface...threatening to tear them asunder.
922 To Beguile a Beast Hoyt Elizabeth Elizabeth Hoyt Alistair Monroe Helen Fitzwilliam N/A Historical To Read Yes The Four Soldiers 3 Yes PDF & Word
CAN A WOUNDED BEAST . . . Reclusive Sir Alistair Munroe has hidden in his castle ever since returning from the Colonies, scarred inside and out. But when a mysterious beauty arrives at his
door, the passions he's kept suppressed for years begin to awaken. TRUST A BEAUTY WITH A PAST . . . Running from past mistakes has taken legendary beauty Helen Fitzwilliam from the
luxury of the ton to a crumbling Scottish castle . . . and a job as a housekeeper. Yet Helen is determined to start a new life and she won't let dust-or a beast of a man-scare her away. TO TAME
HIS MOST SECRET DESIRES? Beneath Helen's beautiful façade, Alistair finds a courageous and sensual woman. A woman who doesn't back away from his surliness-or his scars. But just as
he begins to believe in true love, Helen's secret past threatens to tear them apart. Now both Beast and Beauty must fight for the one thing neither believed they could ever find-a happy ever after.
923 To Desire a Devil Hoyt Elizabeth Elizabeth Hoyt Reynaud St Aubyn Beatrice Corning N/A Historical To Read Yes The Four Soldiers 4 Yes PDF & Word
Nothing Is More Intoxicating Reynaud St. Aubyn has spent the last seven years in hellish captivity. Now half mad with fever he bursts into his ancestral home and demands his due. Can this wild-
looking man truly be the last earl's heir, thought murdered by Indians years ago? Or Dangerous Beatrice Corning, the niece of the present earl, is a proper English miss. But she has a secret: No
real man has ever excited her more than the handsome youth in the portrait in her uncle's home. Suddenly, that very man is here, in the flesh-and luring her into his bed. Than Surrendering to a
Devil. Only Beatrice can see past Reynaud's savagery to the noble man inside. For his part, Reynaud is drawn to this lovely lady, even as he is suspicious of her loyalty to her uncle. But can
Beatrice's love tame a man who will stop at nothing to regain his title-even if it means sacrificing her innocence?
924 Bite My Fire Hughes Mary Mary Hughes Contemporary To Read Yes Html
At last, the perfect lover. Now what? Stake him, shoot him - or screw him?
A Biting Love story.
Elena O'Rourke lusts for two things - her detective's shield and a good lay. Sass-C gal's - Bad Girl Sex Tips - will win her the man. But keeping the shield hinges on solving a murder.
Warrior-gorgeous Bo Strongwell stands in her way.
Powerful as a Viking warship, Bo would be Elena's one-stop solution to celibacy - except for his apartment building full of mysteries. Plus, his kisses - and nibbles - and full body tongue-swipes -
keep distracting her from the case. As if a caped clown named Dracula, a hooker with a heart of gold (and boobs of steel), and Elena's own clueless partner aren't distraction enough.
Bo Strongwell is a master vampire who needs a cop snooping around like he needs a garlic enema. Fighting rogues keeps him busy enough without Elena trying to pin the murder on one of his
kind - even if she does taste like heaven.
Two fighters for justice. One incredible attraction. A terrible secret. Drunken women dancing on the bar: It all rides on Elena solving the Case of the Punctured Prick.
Warning: Jammed with hot explicit sex, graphic fanged violence, and acid cop humor. May contain donuts.
925 His Indecent Proposition Hunt Aphrodite Aphrodite Hunt
Crawford Susan Chalmers N/A 2012 45 Contemporary Read 14.03.2014 2 Yes Bound & Shackled by the Billionaire 1 Yes Word Human Human Domineering, cruel, cold, CEO Employee City Not mentioned Erotica BDSM Office Romance
Susan wants the job of VP and goes to meet with the CEO to tell him why she deserves it. He informs her that her competitor is more likely to get the position as he is going to be bringing in a
big account. He then asks what she would do to get the position, she replies anything and he makes her a proposition to do anything he says for a week. She says she'll think about in and
leaves. She comes back at lunch time after seeing her competitor with the people from the Buchanan account and agrees to his proposition. He makes her strip in his office to examine "the
merchandise" and then tells to return to his office at 6pm. At which time he makes her strip, get on a table on her hands and knees, spanks her, makes her blow him and then fucks her. It
arouses him when she cries out in pain. When they're done, she tries to kiss him and he refuses and tells her they are done for the day and to come back tomorrow.
Hardworking Susan Chalmers is 29 years old, ambitious, and desperate to be promoted to Vice-President, but her hated company rival is getting an edge on her with the boss.
Then Channing Crawford - the reclusive billionaire company CEO - makes her an indecent proposition. For one week, she must submit to his every sexual command - no matter how bizarre and
foreign to her sensibilities. In return, he will give her what she craves.
But Susan hasn't counted on Channing himself affecting her so deeply. He's extremely handsome, unpredictable, unknowable and dominant, but there are also whispers about his mysterious
and unsettling past. Susan is about to be swept into a world she has no control over.
HIS INDECENT PROPOSITION is the first volume in the 'BOUND AND SHACKLED TO THE BILLIONAIRE' BDSM series. At 10,000 words, it chronicles the beginning of a strange but compelling
erotic romance.
Ok, so I was in the mood for the sleasy, slut factor when I picked this book up. Once in a while I like to read a book, novella where the woman is treated like a slut, humiliated, used. This book
had the used factor.
926 Open Your Legs for Me Hunt Aphrodite Aphrodite Hunt
Devlin Gina Wesley N/A 2011 21 Contemporary Read 14.03.2014 2 Yes The Initiation 1 Yes Word Human Human Cruel, cold, ruthless, dominating
Freshman City Not mentioned Erotica BDSM College Romance
Gina is a freshman at college and wants to be accepted at the hottest club on campus. In order to do so, she has to go through the initiation which Max Devlin will handle. When she arrives, he
makes her remove her panties and clothes, makes her squat on a bidet, uses 6 clamps on her vagina and 2 on her nipples and then he pees on her (HUMILIATION). Afterwards he turns the
facets on and the water penetrates both her anus and vagina while cleaning off his pee. Then he takes her to a bedroom, and without preparation, sticks a 6 inch metal dildo up her ass and
attaches the chains to the nipple clamps (PAIN). The he drags her in front of the window and makes her blow him (EXHIBITIONISM). His cock is hugh and she has to really work to finally get in
fully down her throat. She can hear catcalls and whistles from the building across. Then he makes her get on the bed on all 4s and fucks her. Afterwards he tells her she's passed phase 1.
Shy freshman Gina Wesley wants desperately to get into the greatest club her college has ever known. Standing in her way is the gorgeous Max Devlin.
But Max has an interesting 'initiation' method . . . involving metal clamps, a hard shaft, some mysterious nozzles, and the most creative double penetration Gina will ever scream to. That is . . .
until she progresses to Level Two.
THE INITIATION: Open Your Legs for Me, Blindfolded and Spread-eagled, Thighs Wide Apart, Teacher, Please Spread my Pussy, The Final Initiation, The Initiation: A Bundle of 5 Stories
THE INITIATION 2: Open Your Legs for my Family, Bend Over for my Family, Publicly Display Yourself for Me, Sex Slave at Sea, Paraded before the Billionaires, Sex Slave at the Auction
THE INITIATION 3: Sex Slave to the Dictator, Shackled by the Dictator, Punished by the Dictator's Daughter, Bartering the Sex Slave's Freedom
THE ALICE BDSM SERIES: Alice: Opening my Legs at your Wedding, Alice: Slave at the Farm, Alice: Slave at the Marketplace (NEW!) Again was in the mood for the sleazy, slut factor. Ok, so the pee thing was SO NOT MY STYLE. That is so YUCK. But enjoyed the BDSM, exhibitionism factors.
927 Kiss Before Dying Hunter Aline Aline Hunter Lord Sebastian Arsov Katja N/A Contemporary Read 14.02.2014 3 No N/A N/A Yes Epub
Vampire Lord Sebastian Arsov is everything Katja has ever wanted. Unfortunately, after ten years of servitude as his blood slave, she‘s being returned to mortal society. In order to experience a
night in his bed she decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. Disguised by a hint of magic, Katja enters Sebastian‘s chambers to immerse herself in pleasures she‘s been long denied. Before the
sun rises, she‘ll discover what it‘s like to be loved by the man who‘s weaved his way into her heart, mind, body and soul—even as she succumbs to the bite that will end her life.
A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora‘s Cave
Publisher‘s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere as A Kiss Before Dying (Aline Hunter), and has been revised for Ellora‘s Cave.
928 Hidden Depths Hunter AubriannaAubrianna Hunter Josh Gia N/A Contemporary To Read No N/A N/A Yes Epub
She is pierced, dyed and tattooed, born on the wrong side of the tracks. He is a traditional white knight born of the proverbial silver spoon. Their meeting was an accident, the fact that they
became even the most tentative of friends, an anomaly. The only real thing they had in common... chemistry. Lots of chemistry. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and Gia knew it. Now, if only
she could convince her body...
Josh had always walked the line, lived the life he was expected to live. He had, by all accounts, the perfect life; a corporate lawyer, a beautiful home, a family empire to run, and the perfect
fiancee. He was well on his way. The only question he had... was that really where he wanted to go? Plagued by dreams, Josh fought all his natural instincts, denying not only what he truly
wanted but who he was deep down inside. Until one crazy night when he gave in to his desires...
Could these two polar opposites have more in common than even they realize?
929 Untouched Hunter SamanthaSamantha Hunter Daniel MacAlister Risa Remington N/A Contemporary Read 05.01.2013 3 No N/A
Superheroine Risa Remington once had the power to read thoughts and emotions with a stroke of her fingertips. Until a lab accident changed everything. Now Risa has to learn to live in the real
world--virgin territory for a girl who's never experienced life, love or sex. CIA agent Daniel MacAlister has orders to babysit gorgeous Risa. She can't fall into the wrong hands--she knows too
much. But when Risa falls into his bed one night--soft, warm and naked--he's forced to go on alert. Because his mere sexual touch seems to have triggered her superpowers. And if she finds out
what's really on his mind, it's game over. Literally.
930 La Luxure : Discover Your Blood Lust Hussey CD CD Hussey Armand Laroque Julia BrownN/A Contemporary To Read Yes Human Vampire 1 Yes rar
Deep in the heart of the French Quarter, where the Bourbon Street revelry is nothing more than a far off whisper, underground blood-bar La Luxure beckons those with darker tastes through its
narrow archway...
Level headed and practical, Julia Brown isn't normally the type of woman that runs around believing in vampires. But when she travels to New Orleans for a week long work conference and
stumbles unwittingly into La Luxure, she begins to question that assumption. After a patron is found dead on the street, drained of blood and covered in bites and marks, Julia quickly becomes
convinced the city is filled with actual, supernatural vampires.
And at the center of it all is Armand Laroque, who awakens a lust she never knew existed, and a temptation impossible to resist.
Warning: This book is adult romance and not suitable for readers under 18.
931 Pleasure Unbound Ione Larissa Larissa Ione Eidolon Tyla Mancuso N/A 2008 145 Contemporary To Read Yes Demonica 1 Yes PDF Demon Human N/A N/A N/A Doctor Demon-slayerN/A Paranormal
In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life . . .
She's a demon-slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure-but fears it will always be denied her. Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in disguise, and the head doctor, Eidolon,
makes her body burn with unslakable desire. But to prove her ultimate loyalty to her peers, she must betray the surgeon who saved her life.
Two lovers will dare to risk all.
Eidolon cannot resist this fiery, dangerous woman who fills him with both rage and passion. Not only is she his avowed enemy, but she could very well be the hunter who has been preying upon
his people. Torn between his need for the truth and his quest to find his perfect mate before a horrific transformation claims him forever, Eidolon will dare the unthinkable-and let Tayla possess
him, body and soul . . .
932 Desire Unchained Ione Larissa Larissa Ione Shade Runa Wagner N/A 2009 201 Contemporary To Read Yes Demonica 2 Yes PDF Demon Human N/A N/A N/A N/A Paranormal
Pleasure is their ultimate weapon . . .
Runa Wagner never meant to fall in love with the sexy stranger who seemed to know her every deepest desire. But she couldn't resist the unbelievable passion that burned between them, a
passion that died when she discovered his betrayal and found herself forever changed. Now, determined to make Shade pay for the transformation that haunts her, Runa searches for him, only to
be taken prisoner by his darkest enemy.
A Seminus Demon with a love-curse that threatens him with eternal torment, Shade hoped he'd seen the last of Runa and her irresistible charm. But when he wakes up in a dank dungeon
chained next to an enraged and mysteriously powerful Runa, he realizes that her effect on him is more dangerous than ever. As their captor casts a spell that bonds them as lifemates, Shade
and Runa must fight for their lives and their hearts-or succumb to a madman's evil plans.
933 Passion Unleashed Ione Larissa Larissa Ione Wraith Serena Kelley N/A 2009 175 Contemporary Read 05.05.2014 4 Yes Demonica 3 Yes PDF Demon Human N/A N/A N/A Hell-raising Archaelogist ;  Treasure Hunter N/A Paranormal
Wraith is a Seminus Demon (sex demon) with human traits (from mother); also vampire traits (from transplanted vampire eyes). While out on a killing spree of vamps and fakarie vamps he is shot
with a poisoned dart and there is no cure. His brothers are afraid this is it for him. Serena is a charmed human (a marked sentinel) in the keeping of an important charm/relic that makes her
immortal and prevents her from being hurt and she is cloaked in invisibility. Byzamoth, a fallen angel steals an ancient relic from Eidolon, Wraith's brother and uses it to scry for Serena because
she is the keeper of a mystical charm containing a piece of heaven and she, the charm and the chain are the keys to opening a portal to Heaven. When he does this Reaver, another fallen angel
who helps the Sem brothers at the hospital has a seizure and mentions Serena's name and what she is. He knows this because the reason he was kicked out of heaven was because he helped
her mother to pass the charm onto her when she was bitten by a Mara demon and her mother killed him taking the cure with him. Wraith's brothers force him to tell them about Serena and they
send Wraith to her because if she gives her virginity to him willingly then he will charmed and hence cured. He is aware that if she does this she will die shortly after because the illness she has
is terminal and incurable without the charm. Wraith goes to her pretending to be Josh, the man Val sent to give her an artifact required to obtain the two relics she's been sent to Egypt to find.
He begins to seduce her and comes to like her and can't go through with it even though he knows if it doesn't the hospital that he and his brothers built will die with him. He protects her from
Byzamoth, who is trying to get her and the charm. But he later finds out his brothers are also tied to the hospital so him dying and kills the hospital and the hospital dying kills his brothers also
because they each had to contribute something to the foundation of the hospital: blood, sweat and tears (literally). He renews his seduction but cannot go with it even knowing his brother's will
die also. And when heavy petting leads to Serena offering herself to him, he refuses and leaves. Then later reveals he is dying and there can be no future for them. Byzamouth manages to get on
the train they are on and attacks Serena and steals the chain but Wraith saves the charm then while he is still partially unconscious she initiates the lovemaking believing it is better to lose it to
Josh and save his life than to lose it to Byzamoth and destroy the world. Then she finds out that he's a demon and that he lied to her the entire time. Wraith helps the Aigias to defeat
Byzamouth and prevent to portal being opened. There's nothing he can do to save Serena. Then they realise he might be able to save her if a vampire bites her and turns her. Since he drank
Kynan, he has a fallen angel's blood flowing through his veins and is able to change her hi