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LESSON PLAN TITLE: Hawaiian Myths and Legends

Name: Roland Pendleton Date: 12/14/13 Subject: Hawaiian History

Grade: 9-10

CCSS.ELA.R.H. 9-10.2 Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary
source; provide an accurate summary of how key events or ideas develop over the course of the
CCSS.ELA.R.H. 9-10.4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text,
including vocabulary describing political, social, or economic aspects of history

Time Opening/Framing the Lesson/Introduction/Early

In order to spark my students attention, I
will tell my class a short story of how Maui
captured the Sun. (5min)

At the beginning of class, I will have my
students complete a multiple choice
assessment of the Hawaiian Myths and
Legends. My goal for the beginning of the
lesson is for students to see where they are in
their knowledge of the Hawaiian History.
The assessment will also provide me with an
idea of what the students strengths and
weaknesses. From this knowledge I will
know if I need to tweak my lesson plan.
Depending on the results, I may need to
focus less on one section and focus more on
another section. (5min)

The Lesson Structure: Activities

I will use a power point presentation to help
me perform a lecture to the class. The lecture
will cover various Ancient Hawaiian Myths.
Taking into account the Ancient Hawaiians
use of oral history, my power point will

incorporate visual and audio tools. The
power point will include videos that show
hula dancers telling stories through their
dance. The videos that will also include
chants in order for students to truly
understand the richness and the power of
Hawaiian chanting. (25min)

While lecturing I will ask students questions
on their thoughts on the various Hawaiian
myths. By doing this, I will make sure that
all students are involved with the class. This
will encourage classroom participation. I will
then have the students read their notes and
share any ideas that they think are
interesting. (10min)

In order to assess how well the students
learned during the class, I would have
students complete an assessment. The
assessment would be for students to
complete a timeline of one of the stories in
chronological order. I would hand students a
partial timeline, but I would leave a few
spaces blank. I would then have students fill
in the blank spaces. The spaces that students
would fill in would include Names, Places,
and other details. (10min)

For their homework, students will do a little
research on the early Polynesians who first
sailed and inhabited Hawaii. Whatever
students learn from their research would be
shared during the next class.

Self Evaluation of the Lesson

Before students leave class, I will have them complete a self-evaluation. For the
evaluation, students would write 5-7 sentences explaining how well they studied
and worked during the lesson and what they learned from the lesson. (5min)


Teacher needs: a computer, an overhead projector, a printer, and paper for the various
Students need: Pencils and paper.