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Cressidas northern side is at 5 degrees north, the southern side is at 3 degrees south, the

western side is at 24 degrees west, and the eastern side is at 33 degrees west . The country is next to
the northeastern side of Brazil, South America and in the South Atlantic Ocean. The countrys capital is
at 0 degrees longitude and 30 degrees latitude. The countrys capitol is called Neveah and the other
major cities are called Cycily (southwest), Leiloni (north), Tori ( northeast) and Reayln ( middle). The Nyx
Mountain Range is in the northeastern corner of the country. The Eilo Valley is right below it. The
Shadrax Forest goes from the northwestern corner all the way down to the southern coast. The Suli
Coves line the southwestern coast. And finally the Arris River runs from the northeastern corner all the
way to the southwestern corner, passing through each region and city. The country itself is right along
the equator so the climate is always hot and tropical. There is a lot of rain in the Shadrax Forest making
it exceptionally green and lively. There are a lot of animals like tigers and monkeys that live there. The
country is completely surrounded by water because it is an island.
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Basic information
Our countrys name is Cressida and it was named after the Fairy Empress, who also founded the
country, Cressida. She is the fairy featured on the nations flag. She has golden hair with pink streaks
and she wears a teal dress. There is a green background representing the Shadrax Rainforest and the
natures that fairies strive to protect. Cressida traveled to Earth from a separate magical dimension. She
went through the Bermuda Triangle and found a small inhabited island. Her fairy followers came with
her and voted to name the country after her , making her the Empress. The Empress rules for all eternity
because fairies, vampires, and unicorns are immortal.
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The natural resources that can be found in Cressida is gold, fish, silver and trees.
These natural resources can be found in the caves, surrounding oceans, tropical forests
People mostly live by the coast. Because the water source is easy to get through.
The language the people speak is Cressidian
Since Cressida is for fairies the transportation is normally flying but they do walk also. To
get to Cressida you have go by boat.
Cressida is unique because it belongs to ferries but the ferries have vampires guarding
the country. Cressida is also in the middle of the ocean.
The population of the Cressidan fairies is 2,500. The population of the Cressidian
vampires is 1,000. The population of the Cressidian unicorns is 1,500.
The ethnicity in Cressida is Cressidian

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Human-environment interaction