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Malayala Sangeetham Info

An introduction
Variath Madhavan Kutty

Malayala Sangeetha Info (or MalayalaSangeetha Vijnana Kosham), a not for profit
organization, is run by a group of knowledgeable and generous volunteers. It is
centered in Colarado, United States, but draws help of experts from around the world.

It has in its database 17000 songs and details of 4,100 movies. The database is a
searchable one, allowing users to search it with just the beginning lines of a song, or
with the name of the movie, music director, singer, or a combination of these. Lyrics for
many songs are available both in Romanized Malayalam (Manglish) and Malayalam Lipi.
In addition to this, there are several other resources related to Malayalam music: old
pattupusthakams, Picture Gallery, audio clips for more than 15000 songs, thousands of
videos of songs, archives of old literature, information about awards, profiles and
classifications of artists and innumerable other interesting data.

There is a lively discussion forum where people express opinions about movies, songs,
singers, composers, instrumental music.. There are discussions about awards won,
about the appropriateness of awards, about great composers who are forgotten..
Voracious readers in the Arabian Gulf and Kerala helpfully copy and post interesting
articles from various journals and newspapers published at home. Expert volunteers
sometimes write very useful articles covering certain genre of music.

There is no fee or charge to use the Database or join the discussion group. For those
members who take part in discussions and a lively interest in the proceedings, it is
possible to post song requests, which might be made available from the collection of
other members. The site, however, is not for pure music downloads.

The link to the database is:

The link to the discussion forum is:

There are already one or two active members in this group from Vancouver. There are
many KCABC members who are keen movie watchers and movie music fans. They would
surely find this larger forum of interest to them and their participation would add value.
Maybe some of us can volunteer to convert Manglish lyrics into Malayalam, or point out
errors that they notice. A large, error free database of Malayala Sangeetham is a
treasure for all music lovers 