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FCE Use of English Part 1: Multiple Choice Cloze Collocations

Choose the answer A, B, C or D that completes each sentence

1 !e trie" to her some a"#ice $ut she woul"n%t listen
A gi#e
B suggest
C recommen"
D ta&e
' !a#e (ou out the in#itations to the part( (et)
A poste"
B sent
C "ispatche"
D "eli#ere"
* + won"er if (ou coul" me a fa#our an" carr( this $o, for me
A ma&e
B "o
D gi#e
E hol"
- Coul" (ou .ust stan" there /uietl( without a soun")
A creating
B "oing
C causing
D ma&ing
0 1he%s slowl( getting after the acci"ent
A $etter
B o#er
C well
D impro#e"
2 3our father loo&s reall( "ifferent in this picture $ut + can it%s him
A &now
B i"entif(
C tell
D choose
4 5he recipe for #egeta$le soup has a num$er of "ifferent
A parts
B components
C ingre"ients
D elements
6 7uess who + into in the supermar&et to"a()
A &noc&e"
B $umpe"
C hit
D $ange"