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Schroeder's Opening Food Menu

Schroeder's Opening Food Menu

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Published by Allie Pape
Opening food menu for the renovated Schroeder's, San Francisco.
Opening food menu for the renovated Schroeder's, San Francisco.

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Published by: Allie Pape on May 06, 2014
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Opening Menu - May 2014
Bar Menu
Seasonal Pickles 6
Pork Cracklins - aioli 9
Pretzel - cheddar beer sauce 8
Pickled Eggs - cornichons, spicy ustard !
Sothered "ries - cheddar beer sauce, pickles, ustard seeds #$
%esperplatte - selection o& artisanal local eats and cheeses '#
(ry )ged Cheeseburger - sauerkraut, caraelized onions, ustard, rye bun,
karto&&el tots #*
Brat+urst - sauerkraut, ustard, pickles, so&t roll #,
Market Salad - seasonal -egetables, elder&lo+er -inaigrette 8
Beets - pupernickel, goat cheese, honey #'
Chantenay carrot soup - lentils, izuna, chaoile #$
Potato pancakes - apples, cheddar, beer ##
Spatzle - corn, toato, ricotta, onion blossos #$
Bee& .ongue - asparagus, caper, horseradish, cree &raiche #,
Pork Belly - peas, turnip, radish, +heat berries #/
Blut+urst - potatoes, red cabbage, dried plus #*
%esperplatte - selection o& artisanal local eats and cheeses, pickles '#
0ocal .rout - sunchokes, ku1uat, sorrel, yoghurt '!
Baby )rtichokes - garbanzo beans, cippollini, kale ''
Chicken 2oulade - cabbage, apricots, 1uinoa, dill '*
3iener Schnitzel - -eal, celery root, &a-a beans, preser-ed eyer leon ',
Pork loin - sauerkraut, spelt, ustard '6
Schitz 2anch (ry aged 45 strip
Brussel sprouts, ancho-y butter, potatoes ,*
2oasted potatoes6ustard *
"ried Brussels sprouts6&ish sauce 6

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