Finance Assistant

Danish De-mining Group

Finance ssis!an!

The Finance Assistant is responsible to the Accountant. His duties and responsibilities are
1. Prepare monthly account statements in accordance with the requirements of
donors and DDG and submit to the Proram !anaer for further action.
". #nsure the $alidity of all financial claims.
%. &n time payments to $endors.
'. Pro$ide correct data and information to the Financial Ad$isor for preparation of
budet and other statements as and when required.
(. !anae daily financial matters.
). *hec+ all bills recei$ed to ensure that they are correct.
,. *hec+ that proper codes ha$e been allocated to each bill.
-. !aintain and super$ise petty cash account.
1. Prepare salaries and other allowances statements of staff.
". Translate all bills into #nlish

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