Paul Ernest Carlson was born in Duluth, Minnesota on March 19, 1898. Paul attended St.

Paul Bible
College where he met his wife, the former uth !ee. "ollowing their marriage, the Carlsons a##lied
for o$erseas ser$ice with the C%M& and began their missionar' training at ('ac) College.
Subse*uentl', the' studied "rench in Paris "rance, before going to Saigon in December 19+,, where
the' studied -ietnamese for two 'ears.
.n addition to #reaching ministries, Mr. Carlson wor)ed e/tensi$el' on -ietnamese h'mnolog' and
was assigned to editorial res#onsibilities for literature #roduction. 0he Carlsons were forced to lea$e
-ietnam in 191+ because of the 2a#anese occu#ation but returned in 1913.
"ollowing the conclusion of their o$erseas ser$ice in 193+, the Carlsons continued to be in$ol$ed in
ministr', editing more that ,4 manuscri#ts in -ietnamese for the theological librar' in -ietnam. Paul
and uth officiall' retired in 1951, but continued to be in$ol$ed with the local -ietnamese communit'.
Paul also ser$ed as cha#lain of a nursing home for two 'ears.
e$. Paul Ernest Carlson went to be with the !ord on December 8, 1989. 6e died in St. Croi/ "alls,
7isconsin following a heart attac). 6e was 91 'ears old. Paul and uth had four children8 oger,
2o'ce, al#h, and Paul.
9 &lliance 7ee)l' :91191994
9 .M file

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