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Discussion instructions: Visit the Hawaii State Legislature at http://www.capitol.hawaii.

gov/ and
search the site for a bill either in the Senate or House related to nurses or health care. State the
bill #; describe the purpose of the bill and write a brief description on how this bill if it became
law would impact nursing or health care. f !ou find the time visit the Legislature while in
session to see how a bill is introduced and discussed. "he calendar is posted dail! on the website.
$s nursing students% am sure we all loo& forward to graduating soon and obtaining our
licenses. 'ith that said however% we &now that our education does not stop when we get out of
school. 'hen we get into the wor&force% we learn new things ever!da!. 'hat more will our
reputation as nurses be% if we ta&e it a step further than that and ma&e it a re(uirement to have all
nurses gain more &nowledge and e)perience* "hat is wh! find that Senate +ill S+,-./ SD0 is
ver! fitting because it sa!s that effective 1une 2/% ,/03% licensed registered nurses and licensed
practical nurses will be re(uired to submit evidence of continuing competenc! at each license
renewal period. "he bill states that in addition to renewal or reinstatement% each nurse must 405
6omplete a self7assessment of practice% including the dimensions of professional responsibilit!%
&nowledge based practice% legal/ethical practice% and collaborating with others; 4,5 Develop a
plan for continued learning; and 425 6ompletion of one of man! learning activities that meet the
re(uirements for continuing competence 4Hawaii State Legislature% ,/0-5. Some of these
activities are as follows: "hirt! contact hours of continuing education activities; completion of a
board7approved refresher course; fifteen contact hours of a continuing education activit! and
completion of a nursing research or evidence7based practice pro8ect as principal or co7principal
investigator; and man! more. $ccording to the bill% "he legislature further finds that continuing
that ensures continued patient health and safet! re(uires lifelong learning and ongoing
redefinition based on the individual9s e)perience% change in practice setting% and educational
advancement 4,/0-5. "o me% this basicall! means that nurses are to implement lifelong learning
and gain as much e)perience possible in order to be proficient in providing accurate and safe
care to patients.
feel that b! passing this bill% health care in general will be greatl! benefited. :urses are
ensured the maintenance of s&ill proficienc!% and &nowledge will onl! increase. :ot onl! will
nurses &now more themselves% but the! will also be able to carr! that out with their patients as
well. t is true that health care is alwa!s changing and technolog! is continuall! being updated%
so it is important as nurses to &eep up% in order to maintain the safet! of their patients. "his will
ensure patient satisfaction% as well as build trust among the nurse7patient relationship because
there is proof that the nurse &nows what he/she is doing and that the patient is receiving the best
care possible. f were to put m!self in a patients position% would definitel! prefer a nurse who
is more e)perienced and &nowledgable. would feel more safe in the care of someone who &eeps
up with updated news rather than someone who practices outdated s&ills. So now as a nursing
student% &now what is to be e)pected of me once am licensed% and it is because of &nowledge
of this bill that will be prepared of what is to come. "hat is wh!% as 6herr! ; 1acob states% t is
absolutel! essential that nurses sta! activel! engaged in trac&ing these important pieces of
legislation and advocating for passage of legislation that will improve access to care% patient
safet!% (ualit! of care% and the wor& environment of nurses 4,/005. $fter all% our patients are
alwa!s our top priorit!.
6herr!% +. ; 1acob% S. 4,/005. 6ontemporar! nursing: issues% trends% and management 43thed5.
St. Louis: <lsevier
Hawaii State Legislative 4,/0-5. S+,-./ SD0. #etrieved from:,/0-/+ills/S+,-./=SD0=.>D?