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Freeport Tutoring: Math Lesson 1;

March 11, 2014

Academic Primary Learning Target: Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike

NYS Common Core Standards:

5.NFA.1 Use equivalent fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions; Add and
subtract fractions with unlike denominators (including mixed numbers) by
replacing given fractions with equivalent fractions n such a way as to produce an
equivalent sum or difference of fractions with like denominators.

Behavioral Objectives:
After reviewing of using a number line, listing multiples, and Venn diagram
strategies to find least common multiple, student will show proficiency in
using these strategies to find LCM with 80% accuracy when presented with
5-problem sets.

Lesson Objective: As part 1 of a two-lesson series of adding and subtracting
fractions with unlike denominators, students will learn how to find the least
common multiple of two to three 1-2 digit integers to use as common denominator
for two fractions.

- Computers
- Internet access:
o Khan Academy lesson on least common multiple:

o Interactive numbers chart:

o Fruit Shoot, LCM Game:

o Snowball LCM Game:

- Pre-lesson assessment questions
- Venn Diagram/Number chart White board
- Dry erase markers

Academic Language: Fraction, Least common multiple, denominator, numerator

Freeport Tutoring: Math Lesson 1;
March 11, 2014

Procedure: Teacher will assess prior knowledge through the use of independent
practice problems. Students will watch Khan Academy instructional video on LCM,
review Venn diagram and listing multiples with teacher and peers through
modeling. Students will use interactive number chart and whiteboards to complete
guided practice problems. For independent practice, students will revisit initial
activating prior knowledge problems. Teacher will use this as assessment of learned
knowledge. Students will use remaining time to play online games relating to LCM.
Students will engage with online game about LCM for independent practice.

Activating Prior Knowledge: (10 Minutes)
Teacher will briefly discuss the need for LCM when adding and subtracting
fractions when they have unlike denominators.
Students will be asked to complete 5 LCM problems to help formulate
questions and misconceptions they have about the task prior to beginning
the lesson.
Students will watch a Khan Academy video on finding the Least Common
To promote individual perspectives and backgrounds, students will have the
opportunity during activating prior knowledge to express their own
experience with finding LCM and how they have used it in their own life.
Teacher will include examples of how she has used fractions and LCM in the
real world.

Modeling: (5 Minutes)
Teacher will provide a double-sided white board organizer a blank Venn
diagram on each side to each student. Teacher will model this strategys use,
thinking aloud to demonstrate their appropriate use.
Teacher will also introduce students to an interactive online number chart.
Teacher will demonstrate its use by completing a problem.
Teacher will demonstrate how to find LCM using two strategies as
demonstrated through graphic organizer and interactive resource; using a
Venn diagram/prime factorization and interactive number chart. Teacher
will think aloud to demonstrate process.

Guided Practice: (5 Minutes)
Teacher will provide practice problems for the students to complete
collaboratively. Students may choose either the interactive number-chart or
venn diagram strategy to solve the problems. Teacher will be available to
students to provide guidance and feedback.

Independent Practice: (10 Minutes)
Students will complete post-learning assessment, similar to the initial 5
problems completed during the activating prior knowledge. Students will
have the two resources (Venn diagram white board and interactive number
line) available to utilize to solve these problems.
Freeport Tutoring: Math Lesson 1;
March 11, 2014

Assessment: Teacher will gauge students ability to find LCM of two to three
2-digit integers using either the interactive number line or venn diagram

Post Assessment Activity:
Students will have choice of online game that requires them to solve LCM problems
in a multi-choice format. Those with advanced understanding will play Fruit Shoot
and those with a developing understanding will play Snowball Fight.

UDL Elements:

Multiple means of representation:

2.5: Illustrate through multiple media: LCM Strategies will be presented via videos
as well as through printed worksheets provided during teacher demonstration.

3.2 Highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas, and relationships: Teacher will
provide white board organizers (Venn Diagram and Number Chart) and online
resources (Interactive number chart) for students to use to solve the problems.

Multiple means of Engagement:

7.1 Optimize Individual Choice and autonomy: Students have the option of two
strategies (interactive number chart and venn diagram white board) to use to solve
problems including interactive technology.

9.2 Facilitate personal coping skills and strategies: Students will have scaffolded
assistance to complete problems; teacher modeling, videos, interactive resources
(online number chart), tangible resources (Venn diagram graphic organizer), and
independent practice. Students will work with other peers to solve problems and
have the opportunity to take notes and ask questions during teacher demonstration.

Multiple means of Expression:

4.2 Optimize access to tools and assistive technologies: While working on guided
and independent practice, students will have access to double sided white board as
well as online technologies to use as resources.

6.3 Facilitate managing information and resources: Students will be given
organizers (double sided white board) to help organize information and guide
thinking. Students will also have the opportunity to use interactive resources to
guide problem solving.