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Title: Undergraduate Education Portfolio

Date: Fall 2013

Artifact Description:
My artifact for this experience is my education portfolio that shows my experiences Ive had thus far in
my teaching career and what I have learned from those experiences.
Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment
This experience best aligns with standard nine of the Wisconsin Teacher Development and Licensure
Standards which states: the teacher is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates the effects of
his or her choices and actions on pupils, parents, and professionals in the learning community and
others and who actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.
The objective of the education portfolio is to prepare prospective teachers for everything they
are required to do when they are in the classroom. My education portfolio has been a journey of self-
reflection and discovering my strengths and weakness as a teacher. Each standard in my portfolio has
required me to look at myself critically to understand how the experiences I have had are preparing me
to be a better teacher. Whether it is looking at lesson plans Ive made or reflecting on the interactions
Ive had with children or community members, my portfolio make me identify very specific things I need
to become a teacher. When I reflect on my lesson plans, I have to think about the aspects of my
teaching that worked well and what things I need to improve on. Specifically, from reflecting on a lesson
where I had to teach students a song by rote, I learned that I could use different techniques, such as
having pictures and movement, to teach students with different learning styles. I also learned that I
might need to adjust lessons while Im teaching in case students are having difficulties. This observation
was important because in the future, I can be thinking of ways to adjust a lesson as Im creating it in case
there are difficulties again. Having experience in working with others, such as community members, give
me practice on working with parents of students, co-workers, and member of the community in which
Ill be teaching. Understanding how to interact with these people and reflecting on what has happened
in the past is beneficial in how I will act and react in the future.
UW-Platteville School of Education Knowledge, Skill, and Disposition Statements Alignment
This experience best aligns with KS4.a of the UW-Platteville School of Education Knowledge, Skill, and
Disposition Statements which states: the candidate makes an accurate and thoughtful reflection of
his/her teaching effectiveness, is aware of specific elements of his/her teaching that contributed to
successful instruction, and can offer alternative teacher action to predict the future success of alternate
This artifact best address KSD4.a because as I work on my portfolio, I am required to reflect on
the aspects of my teaching that were successful and what things needed work. I can then take my
reflections and apply them to future teaching endeavors to continue growing as a teaching and better
myself. Because I have reflected on lesson plans I created during my college career, I can continuing
working on the things I struggle with, such as teaching by doing, and growing on the things I was
successful with, like thinking of multiple ways to teach students so students with different learning
styles can get the most out of a lesson.
Secondary KSDs:
KSD4.e Grows and Develops Professionally
What I learned about teaching/learning:
Teaching and learning are never ending. As I continue my career, I can always continue learning about
teaching by reflecting on the work Ive done, observing others, and going to conferences to learn from
other about new subjects, styles, and topics of teaching. Reflecting through my portfolio, Ive reinforced
the things in teaching I am good at and understand the things I need to improve on. I can take these
things Ive gained and apply them into my student teaching and, eventually, teaching in my own
What I learned about myself as a prospective educator:
Through reflection, Ive learned my strengths and weaknesses. I know that I am creative, but I need to
have the confidence and preparation to be sure the lessons I am teaching make sense to my students.
Ive learned how reflections can help me and I need to continue to look back on the things I have to
done get better for the future and continue progressing in my career.