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Learning Experience Plan

Subject: Spanish Grade level: 10

Unit: Oral Expression Length of LEP (days/periods/minutes):
Topic: Reading Information Text
Content Standards: (include only standards addressed in this LEP)
Read and comprehend materials written for native speakers when the topic
and language are familiar
Use cognates and contextual and visual cues to derive meaning from texts
that contain unfamiliar words, expressions, and structures
Literacy Standards: (include only standards addressed in this LEP)
Learning Experience Outcomes
Students will: Effectively use a KWL
template to comprehend an
informational text
Learning Experience Assessments
A worksheet with an informational text
and a KWLS worksheet
Differentiation (What will you do to meet the needs of students at these different
Approaching On-level Beyond

Curriculum Integration (Does this lesson correlate with any other content area?
Social Studies: The informational text is about an essential element of Spanish
Link to
Day 1 (add additional days as needed)
Sponge Activity (activity that will be done as students enter the room to
get them into the mindset of the concept involved)
Do now: What is your favorite tapa? Have you eaten any Spanish
tapas? Could we consider any American foods to be tapas?
Anticipatory Set (focus question/s that will be used to get students
thinking about the days lesson)
KWLS worksheet. I will give them the KWL worksheet and explain that
what you already know goes in the K column, what you want to know
goes in the W column, what you learned goes in the L column, and what
you still want to know goes in the S column.
Activating Prior Knowledge (what information will be shared with/among
students to connect to prior knowledge/experience)
We will briefly review Tapas as a class. I will ask for some volunteers to
share what they know about Tapas. Then I will instruct the students to
fill out their K and W columns on their KWL sheet.
Direct Instruction (input, modeling, check for understanding)
After about 6-9 minutes, I will put the informational text on the
smartboard and hand out the sheet with the text on it. I will give them
15 minutes to read it. After this, we will go over the text and students
will have the opportunity to ask questions about the words or phrases
they didnt understand in the text. We will go over each word and
phrase. Then, I will ask questions about the reading to see how well they
comprehended the text. I will write their answers on the board so they
can reference them when it comes time to write what they learned from
the reading.
Guided Practice (how students will demonstrate their grasp of new
Students will write what they learned about Tapas on their sheet under
the L column. Then they will write what they still want to know about
Closure (action/statement by teacher designed to bring lesson
presentation to an appropriate close)
I will ask the students what they now know about tapas after the lesson.
Independent Practice (what students will do to reinforce learning of the
I will ask them to write a short summary of the article about Tapas and
hand it in for homework.