Strategy # 2

Identifying Similarities and Differences
Venn Diagram
Time Allotted 5-10 minutes depending on content
Room Arrangement Normal seating arrangement, independent work
Materials Venn-Diagram handouts
Process Directions:
1. Choose items to be compared.
2. Provide students with Venn Diagram handouts.
3. Students will label each circle with the item to be compared.
4. In the larger circle, students will list the differences between items.
5. In the small common circle, students will list the similarities between items.
6. As a class discussion, fill in a large Venn Diagram using what students wrote in their
individual diagrams.
 Takes place after instruction on material.
 Use when students need to compare items
In a math class, a Venn Diagram could be used in the following ways:
 Compare geometric figures
 Find different and common elements in sets
 Compare characteristics of different graphs
Source: Bellanca, J. (2007). A guide to graphic organizers. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.