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Leota Douglas

Prof: Lago
Reflective Essay
Coming into College Writing I was confident in my writing skills, maybe its due to the
fact my lowest grade on a paper is a B. Im in my junior year so I have experienced writing
papers. Before transferring to William Paterson I took a developmental reading and writing
course at Ramapo College. These factors added to my level on confidence I had coming into the
class. I must say that quickly changed after receiving my first essay grade which is a C. This
came as a shock because I honestly thought to myself my paper was quality writing.
My introduction to the parenting essay Parenting is a topic that can be seen as a
controversial issue when discussed, because there is no formula used to become a perfect
parent. The free dictionary defines a parent as one who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and
raises a child; a father or mother. This is a generalized overview of what a parent is, to determine
the deeper complex meaning of a parent we look to experiences, society and the overall nature of
the child. After completing College Writing I honesty laughed in disbelief that I wrote that
paragraph as part of my introduction, but thats what the course was designed to do help students
in the transition and become quality writers.
During class Ive learned that to avoid using dictionary definitions, the correct way to cite
sources and integrate quotes into my writing. Quotes are used to support the information
contained in a paragraph, using a quote the correct way will allow the paragraph to flow easily
and not confused the reader. Which is what often happened during my writings, I added a quote
without explaining it, providing sentences that will support and explain the quote so it didnt help
me because it was not properly integrated.
College Writing challenged everything I thought I knew and in the end helped me to
become a better writing and produce a quality paper. Every class provided new information on
how to make writing a paper better. I did not think about connecting my paragraphs, everything
was not always grammatically correct and Im not at the level yet where every sentence will be
but I am happy with the progress Ive made throughout the semester. I took the knowledge
gained during the semester and the advice from my professor and applied it to the rumors essay,
this helped me to receive a higher grade which showed my growth and improvements.
The integration of quotation into my writing was one of my weaker areas. During
revision I applied what I learned. This excerpt displays how I used those tools to build my
paragraph People can be guilty of participating in a rumor and we have all read rumors and
question the accuracy. However, sometimes we fall victim to believing that the rumor could be
true even after factual information about the rumor being false is provided. The William Paterson
University rumor, which states laxatives are being put into the food, is believed by many of the
students who attend the institution. Sunstein wrote, Informational Cascades happen every day,
and even when they involve baseless rumors, they greatly affect our beliefs and our behavior.
(388) Different reasons are given for the belief of this rumor ranging from personal experience
with eating the food or the testimony of close friends or family of the institution.
The application of the knowledge I received has helped me into becoming a better
writing. The journey still continues beyond this class but my willingness to learn and improve is
what helped me to overcome the thinking that my writings were great and didnt need
this class. I now have a new horizon and challenge ahead of me.