Strategy # 4

Identifying Similarities and Differences
Compare and Contrast Chart
Time Allotted 10-15 minutes
Room Arrangement Normal seating arrangement, independent work
Materials Compare and Contrast Chart
Process Directions:
1. Provide students with two items (images of graphs, images of shapes, 3D shapes, etc.)
2. Students observe items.
3. Students record similarities and differences of the two items on the chart.
4. When students complete their charts, the teacher and students will discuss the similarities
of the items.
5. Then, the teacher and students will discuss the differences of the items.
 Students have a difficult time distinguishing between two concepts/objects.
 Students need to compare two items/ideas.
 In a math lesson dealing with area and volume, students could use this chart to compare
the two concepts in order to better understand the use of each.

Source: Moore, D. W., & Readence, J. E. (1984). A quantitative and qualitative review of
graphic organizer research. Journal of Educational Research, 78(1), 11-17.