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English IV Edition Due - April 28, 2014

About Mary Shelley
by: Jocquarius Pope

in the early 1800s Mary Shelley
created a science fiction tale about
a mad scientist named Victor
Frankenstein who became
obsessed with his work. In her
classic tale, Mary piece together a
terrifying implications of the
determine scientist thinking that
he can create life. He becomes
horrified of his own creation after
it comes alive. It is up to Victor to
watch over his creation and make
sure it does no harm to the

Frankenstein is coming to life.

“Life, although it may only be an
accumulation of anguish, is dear
to me, and I will defend it.”
― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

MLA Sources
by:Shacoya Edwards

Time Line About Frankenstein

The Creation Of The
by: Terryontay Turnage

In the article and in the story its
different thoughts about the
creator and its creation. There’s an
image of what the creator has a
mind or its desire of something.
When the creator creates its
creation it’s also an expression of
how he or she feels. So basically
some has influenced them to make
such creation. When you create
something and it comes to life, it’s
like you’re their, god because you
are really what they know. Creator
is its creation.

"I feel my heart glow with an
enthusiasm which elevates me
to heaven, for nothing
contributes so much to
tranquillize the mind as a steady
purpose — a point on which the
soul may fix its intellectual eye."
Letter 1

The Intelligence
by: Jamisha Tucker

There are many powerful and
intelligent human beings. That has
the ability to think and learn the
process of thoughts that have been
driving force and has allowed
immense growth of a human
culture and society. The fanatic
quality of our intellectual growth
has not always produced safe
results. Victor Frankenstein
provides a superb example she had
only to read the headlines of the
newspaper of the human mind.

Victor is done creating Frankenstein

Novel Themes
by: The Group

● Taking Responsibility
○ Frankenstein of the
○ "Frankenstein -- A

MLA Sources Quote:

T. Turnage
J. Tucker
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Cautionary Tale of
Bad Parenting”
○ “Luddite Influence
in Mary Shelley’s
● Science and Exploration
○ Frankenstein: The
Man and the
○ Frankenstein of the
○ “Frankenstein:
Penetrating the
secrets of Nature.
○ “The Origin of a
Myth: Mary
Shelley’s Novel

● Creator & Creation
● The Author is
Become a Creator-God of
Creativity in Frankenstein

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