Can anyone explain the b/m 2 features related to GPRS (ALU)? EN_PFC_FEATURE and EN_STREAMING.

Should they be enabled on a network as most of the networks have this feature disabled.
- PFC feature allows the MFS to handle the Packet Flow Context: this is the QoS context provided
by the GGSN at PDP Context Activation. Thanks to the PFC, some MS could enjoy higher priority
than others. When Radio resources are congested, these MSs will be served on priority. In other
words, there is a distinction between Best Effort and interactive class. The Streaming Feature
comes on top of the PFC. A third kind of MS is considered. Those MS would get a Guaranteed Bit
Rate and the highest priority. These 2 features are seldom activated because they add serious
amount of complexity to the network, and these features must be activated at the core end as