Denisse Fregozo

Mrs. Wilhelmus
AP Literature
15 April 2014
Training for a alf Marathon
At the !eginning of the "ear# $ %as tal&e' through %hat a senior pro(e)t is. $ learne' that the
senior pro(e)t is a learning e*perien)e for "ourself or an opportunit" to gi+e !a)& to others# su)h as
'oing )ommunit" ser+i)e for raising mone" for a )harit". ,pon hearing an' learning a!out the
en'less possi!ilities of %hat to 'o# $ !egan to thin& a!out %hat $ )oul' 'o. $ !egan to thin& a!out
things $ ha+e al%a"s %ante' to learn an' things that $ lo+e to 'o. After a series of i'eas# $ narro%e'
m" i'eas to less an' less. $n the en'# $ 'e)i'e' to )enter m" senior aroun' one of a)ti+ities $ lo+e to
'o the most# running. $ 'e)i'e' that $ )oul' either train m"self for a running e+ent su)h as a half
marathon or a full marathon or $ )oul' host a running e+ent. After 'e)i'ing that $ 'i' not %ant to put
that mu)h %or& into hosting an e+ent# $ 'e)i'e' to train for a running e+ent. $n the en' $ 'e)i'e' on
a half marathon. $ )hose to train to ra)e in a half marathon ra)e. M" training %oul' ta&e at least -
months# an' %oul' )onsist of man" long runs an' )ross training.
Throughout m" e*perien)e of m" half marathon $ hope' to learn to %hat is reall" li&e to train
for a real non.high s)hool ra)e. $ %ante' to e*perien)e %hat it %as li&e to ra)e %ith real runners#
%ho are either first timers or e*perien)e'. When $ %as )hoosing a ra)e to )ompete in $ %ante' to
pi)& one that %as relati+el" )lose to /+ans+ille# !e)ause $ 'i' not %ant to tra+el a)ross the )ountr"
to run 1-.1 miles. $ loo&e' for ra)es in $n'iana# an' trie' to narro% the ones that %ere the )losest to
/+ans+ille. $ also too& into )onsi'eration that $ %oul' starting tra)& an' $ 'i' not %ant to !e too into
the season# %hile still training for the half marathon. $ )onsi'ere' a num!er of ra)es that $ )oul' run
in# su)h as a ra)e in 0anuar"# some ra)es in Fe!ruar"# an' some in Mar)h. $ 'e)i'e' to rule out
April# sin)e that is %hen tra)& meets start up. $ loo&e' into running a ra)e in $n'ianapolis )alle' the
Winter 1ight Trail# The 2t. Louis Tra)& 3lu! Frost!ite 2eries alf Marathon# in 2t. Louis# an' the F-
La&e alf marathon in 3hi)ago# $llinois# all on 0anuar" 25# 2014. $ also loo&e' into ra)es in
Fe!ruar"# su)h as the $)e 3u!e alf Marathon on Fe!ruar" 15.Then finall" $ loo&e' at ra)es in
Mar)h# su)h as the 3hi)ago 4et Lu)&" alf Marathon an' 56 in 3hi)ago# $llinois. At first )hose the
Winter 1ight Trail in $n'ianapolis on 0anuar" 25. Then $ )hange' m" min' an' $ ultimatel" )hose the
3hi)ago 4et Lu)&" alf Marathon# !" some persua'ing from m" !rother# %ho at the time ha'
agree' to train %ith for the half marathon.
$ %as no% set on a 'ate to anti)ipate to run on. $ %as e*)ite'# !e)ause $ )oul' no% stop
%orr"ing a!out fin'ing a ra)e 'ate. 7efore $ 'e)i'e' on ra)e 'ate# $ ha' to as& m" )oa)h to a'(ust
m" running s)he'ule# t%i)e. The first time he planne' the s)he'ule# %as for the 0anuar" 25th ra)e
'ate# then after $ )hose the 4et Lu)&" ra)e# he rea'(uste' it again. Along %ith running# $ %oul' ha+e
to !e 'oing )ross training %hi)h )an )onsist of !i&ing# s%imming or )rossfit. For m" )ross training# $
)hose )rossfit at home# %hi)h $ (ust loo&e' %or&outs on Pinterest# an' 'i' %hi)he+er one soun'e'
less )ompli)ate'.
For m" )hoi)e for m" mentor# $ )hose to as& m" )ross )ountr" )oa)h an' tra)& )oa)h# Mr.
Lonnie Wilson. $ )hose him# !e)ause $ he is one of the !est people that $ &no% of# that &no%s a lot
a!out running. $ also )hose him# !e)ause he8s &no%n me for a fe% "ears no%# so he &no%s ho% to
)oa)h me# (ust li&e he has 'one for )ross )ountr" an' tra)&. For the pro(e)t# he )reate' a )alen'ar
for the months that $ %oul' training# an' in ea)h s9uare# it represente' a 'a". $t ha' the amount of
miles that $ %oul' !e running e+er"'a". $f $ %asn8t running on a 'a"# $ %as free to 'o %hate+er t"pe
of )ross training that $ %ante' an' on some 'a"s# $ %oul' ta&e the 'a" off. $f $ ha' an" 9uestions# $
%oul' as& him# an' he %as a!le to ans%er an' gui'e me through the en'less amount of 9uestions
that $ as&e' him.
After m" )ross )ountr" season en'e'# $ too& an appro*imate of t%o %ee&s of no running.
This allo%e' m" mus)les to heal an' reset# so that %a" %hen $ starte' to train for m" half marathon#
$ %oul' not get mentall" !urnt out an' get in(ure'. After the t%o %ee&s %ere up# $ starte' to ease into
running again.$ starte' to run - miles# for 4 'a"s a %ee&. :n the other 'a"s# $ )ross traine' on t%o
'a"s# an' reste' one 'a". This )ontinue' for a fe% %ee&s. 4ra'uall" $ in)rease' the 'a"s $ ran an'
the amount of miles. The mileage in)rease %as su!tle an' eas"# going from - to 4 # then 4 to 5.
When $ initiall" pi)&e' a 'a" to ra)e# $ pi)&e' a 'ate in 0anuar". $ later 'e)i'e' to pi)& a later 'ate to
allo% more time for training so that $ )an run the half marathon !etter. $ set for Mar)h 15# 2014# the
4et Lu)&" alf an' ;uarter Marathon ra)e in 3hi)ago# $llinois. For a )ouple of months m" training
program %as set for that 'a".
As $ )ontinue' to train# m" mileage got higher an' higher. $ starte' to 'o long runs almost
e+er"'a". These long runs )onsiste' of <.= miles e+er"'a". $# at first %as feeling ph"si)all" an'
mentall" 'raine' from running so man" miles.The furthest that $ ha+e e+er ran %as > miles# !ut that
%as onl" on)e. 1o% to !e 'oing that !ut almost e+er"'a"# %as %earing me out in more %a"s than
one. $ )onsulte' m" mentor a!out running so mu)h# an' he sai' that it %oul' ma&e me stronger an'
a!le to sustain running 1-.1 miles. e also sai' that if $ nee'e' to ta&e a fe% 'a"s off# $ )oul' an' to
listen to m" !o'"# an' 'o not o+er 'o it. $ en'e' up not !eing a!le to run on some 'a"s 'ue the
sno%# %hen $ %as stu)& insi'e. :n some 'a"s# %hen $ %as either too )ol' or there %as i)e on the
roa's# $ %oul' go o+er to a frien'8s house an' run on her trea'mill.
As ra)e 'a" got )loser# $ starte' to loo& into hotels an' restaurants in 3hi)ago %ith the help
of a frien'. $ !egan to realize that going to 3hi)ago an' !a)& %as going to !e 9uite e*pensi+e. $
starte' to loo& into other ra)es that %ere )lose an' ultimatel" )hose The 2am 3osta ;uarter an'
Full Marathon in 3armel# $n'iana on Mar)h 22#2014. The onl" mone" that %as spent for m" pro(e)t
%as mone" to register for the ra)e# %hi)h %as a!out ?5<.00. With this# $ %oul' get a t.shirt %hen $
)he)&e' in. The )ost of gas %as another e*pense# %hi)h %as all pai' !" m" 'a'. 2in)e $ )hose m"
ra)e to !e in Mar)h# $ starte' to 'o Tra)&. $ 'i'n8t %ant to not 'o tra)&# sin)e $ ha+e !een 'oing it
sin)e m" freshmen "ear. At pra)ti)e# $ %oul' run %ith the team# then on m" o%n# $ %oul' run e*tra#
usuall" a!out 2.- miles. $ 'i' this for a fe% %ee&s until $ ra)e' on Mar)h 22.
@unning more %as a !it ris&" sin)e $ %as half marathon training an' tra)& are t%o 'ifferent
things. The half marathon is set on pa)ing an' finishing the ra)e an' as for tra)& it8s a!out pa)ing
an' spee'. $ manage' to ma&e !oth tra)& an' training %or& out. $n the pro)ess of training $ ha' to
'eal %ith running in reall" )ol' temperatures ranging from 11.50 'egree %eather. To sta" %arm in
reall" )ol' temperatures# $ put as man" la"ers as $ )oul'. M" la"ers )onsiste' of running pants# a
)ompression shirt# a long slee+e an' or a flee)e %ith another flee)e on top of it or a hoo'e'
s%eatshirt on top of that. $ also %ore glo+es an' a thi)& hea'!an' to &eep m" ears %arm.
:ne the 'a" of the ra)e# m" 'a' m" !rother an' $ left at a little after -A00 in the morning to
'ri+e to 3armel. $ 'resse' %arm %earing tight running )ompression pants# a )ompression shirt# a a
long slee+e shirt an' a zip up running (a)&et. :n the %a" there# $ put s%eatpants an' a )re% ne)&
o+er m" running outfit. $ also pa)&e' for %armer %eather# an' pa)&e' shorts into a 'uffel !ag. The
ra)e %as lo)ate' at 1orth+ie% 3hristian Life 3hur)h in 3armel. After %e arri+e'# $ )he)&e' in an'
re)ei+e' a t.shirt an' an en+elope %ith a ra)ing !i! an' a ra)ing )hip that has to !e ent%ine' "our
shoe la)es. $ %aite' aroun' for a %hile# ta&ing )are of !athroom !usiness an' then $ starte' to
stret)h. After $ ha' stret)he'# $ %ent an' ran a %armup for 10 minutes. After %arming up# $ starte' to
stret)h again# an' 'o form running# %hi)h is a)ti+el" stret)hing the mus)les.
2oon# a la'"# %al&e' into the room $ %as in an' sai' that the ra)e %oul' start in 5 minutes. $
noti)e' that man" people ha' ipo's an' musi) to listen to %hile the" ra)e'. $ ha' !rought an ipo'
an' 'e)i'e' to ha+e mine to listen to. $ then as&e' m" !rother to go to the )ar an' get it for me. 1ot
pa"ing mu)h attention# $ 'i' not noti)e an"!o'" lea+ing# %hen the" announ)e' that the ra)e %oul'
start. After 5 minutes passe'# $ )ontinue' to %ait# no% %ith m" ipo' on han'. Then $ finall" noti)e'
people lea+ing. When $ %ent out to the starting # $ loo&e' aroun' at e+er"!o'"8s !i!s# an' noti)e'
that the font %as !lue an' mine %as orange. $ &ne% right a%a" that something %as not right. $t
turne' out that the half marathon ha' alrea'" starte'. $# at first starte' to frea& out an' m" !rain
starte' to rattle aroun'. M" 'a' $ approa)he' the man %ho announ)e' the starting of the ra)e# an'
he tol' to (ust )at)h up %ith the half marathoners# an' that the trail %as mar&e'. 2till frea&ing out# $
(ust 'e)i'e' to start %ith the 9uarter marathoners. When the ra)e starte'# m" anger fuele' m" run. $
%as angr" at m"self for not pa"ing more attention to m" surroun'ings# an' $ %as thin&ing to m"self#
B$ 'i' not (ust go through months of training (ust to run < miles# instea' of 1-CD this anger )ontinue'
for a!out 20 plus minutes.
A!out 2.- miles into the ra)e# there %ere signs an' people telling us %hat 'ire)tion to go to#
'epen'ing on the ra)e. The" tol' the 9uarter marathoners to turn left an' the half to &eep going
straight. $ then too& the opportunit" to &eep going straight an' run the full 1- miles. When $ (oine'
the half marathon ra)e# $ felt relie+e' an' happ" that $ %as getting to run# %hat $ traine' to run for. $
manage' to pass a han'ful of people in the pro)ess. As $ )ontinue' to run the ra)e# $ (ust &ept
thin&ing to m"self# ho% great $ felt an' ho% happ" $ felt. $n that moment# $ %as gla' to !e running#
an' felt fantasti) to !e 'oing so. This feeling sta"e' %ith me for a fe% miles. As $ ran mile after mile#
$ felt that ea)h mile %as 'ragging on# !ut $ (ust trie' to &eep a stea'" pa)e.
The )ourse )onsiste' of running on roa's# li&e on si'e%al&s of high%a"s# a)tual roa's# an'
through neigh!orhoo's. $t %as prett" pea)eful for the most part. $ sta"e' rela*e' an' moti+ate' an'
%ith the help of m" musi)# it o))upie' m" min'. $ ran ea)h %ith ease# %hen e+entuall"# $ starte' to
get near the finish line. There is a parti)ular song on m" ipo' that gets me reall" moti+ate' an'
someho% empo%ers to run faster. $ 'e)i'e' that $ %oul' pla" that song %hen $ %as getting rea'" to
finish the ra)e. The finish line )ame a lot sooner than $ thought# an' 'i' not get to hear as mu)h of
the song as $ hope'# !ut $ finall" finishe' the ra)e# at 2 hours an' < minutes. 2in)e $ starte' the
ra)e late# an' 'ue to the fa)t that the half marathon %as 10 minutes sooner than the 9uarter
marathon# $ figure' that $ ran it at a!out 1 hour an' 5< minutes.
After $ finishe'# m" !rother an' 'a' met me at the finish line an' $ !ent 'o%n to remo+e the
)hip in m" shoe an' return it. A fe% minutes after finishe'# $ got a )ramp in m" left leg# an' )oul' not
reall" stan'# so m" !rother ha' to )arr" me to the )ar. $ later 'e)i'e' to ta&e pi)tures of the )hur)h
to a'' to m" %e!site for m" senior pro(e)t. :n the %a" home# $ replenishe' !" eating a !anana# an'
$ prett" mu)h slept the rest of the %a" home. $ felt so happ" a!out %hat $ a))omplishe' an' that $
finall" ran the ra)e. $ &ne% that $ %as going to miss training for the ra)e# !ut $ %as prou' of %hat $ 'i'
an' left it at that.
The ra)e too& pla)e on the first 'a" of spring !rea&# so $ %as a!le to spen' a fe% 'a"
re)o+ering from the half marathon. $ ran 20 minutes the ne*t 'a" in or'er to !rea& the la)ti) a)i' an'
then 'i' "oga an' stret)hing Mon'a" an' We'nes'a". $ ran on Tues'a" for 15 minutes. :n
Thurs'a"# $ %as a!le to start a !it more regularl"# an' ran 4 miles the rest of the %ee&. M"
re)o+ering time# %ere the or'ers from m" mentorE )oa)h. $ am gla' that $ too& it eas" for a fe% 'a"s#
!e)ause $ %as a ta' sore for a )ouple of 'a"s# !ut surprisingl" $ %as a!le to !oun)e !a)&
9ui)&l".During m" re)o+er" time $ %as a'+ise' !" m" mentor to ma&e sure $ eat plent" of protein to
allo% m" mus)les to heal properl". $ ate eggs# meat# peanut !utter# an"thing %ith protein that $ )oul'
get m" han's on.
$n )on)lusion# $ reall" en(o"e' the e*perien)e of training for a half marathon. $t allo%e' to run
further than $ ha+e in the past. $t pushe' through ne% limits# an' $ learne' that it ta&es a lot to run a
!ig 'istan)e ra)e. 2ure# to some people it 'oes not soun' too !a'# !ut !elie+e me# it )an !e intense.
$t %as 9uite the e*perien)e running through reall" )ol' temperatures# !e)ause m" fa)e %oul' often
go num!. @unning in the )ol' %eather %as prett" horren'ous# !e)ause $ %oul' often run reall" slo%#
su)h as 11.14 minute miles# prett" a%ful times. $ often 'rea'e' going running at times# !e)ause it
%as so )ol'. $ someho% ma'e it through it all. $f $ )oul' go !a)& an' 'o some things 'ifferentl"# $
%oul'. $ %oul' pi)& the 'ate more %isel"# an' $ %oul' 'o more resear)h on the lo)ation of the half
marathon an' the )ost of it all.:ther than this# $ reall" lo+e' training for m" first half marathon# an' $
hope that one 'a"# $ )an 'o a full marathon.