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Ariana Newcombe
May 5, 2014
Professor Lago
My Growth as a Writer
As a writer I have grown to learn many things this semester. I’ve always thought that
writing was my strongest subject. After taking this course I have learned a lot about my writing
and what can be improved. I learned many techniques and applied them to all my papers. I feel
that I am strongest at writing thesis statements. A thesis statement is where I state my central
claim and tells the reader what the rest of my paper will be about. In Essay one, The Goal of
Parenting my thesis statement was clear “The main goal of parenting is to raise a successful well-
rounded individual while still allowing a child to have fun”(1). My thesis statement lets the
reader know what the rest of my paper will be about. I struggled with a few things while writing
the required papers for this course. Mainly, I had trouble with organizing my ideas and putting
them into paragraphs that made sense and flowed nicely. I also struggled with using words that
referred to my reader, instead of making a general statement. I am proud of all my work because
I put time and effort into my essays. The essay I am most proud of is essay four. In this essay we
had to conduct our own research on a topic that affects a larger community or population. I feel
that this essay shows how much I’ve grown as writer through this semester.
In my first essay, The Goal of Parenting, I struggled with using words like “I” and “you”
which made it seem like I was referring to the reader. In the middle of my first paragraph I wrote
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“there are many goals in parenting like showing your child right from wrong and making sure
you provide an education for your child”(1). In this sentence it sounds like I am only addressing
the reader and telling them what to do. I made a huge improvement of this in my second essay,
Changes in the Workplace. “Today, college students need to focus on a major that will ultimately
guarantee them a job when they graduate”(1-2). Instead of using “you”, I made my sentence
more general referring to my audience.
In the papers I have written I struggled to organize my ideas and make connections
therefore it seem as if my essay were all over the place. In essay three, Cycle of a Rumor, My
first draft and my final draft were very different. I failed to make the connection between rumors
on the internet and the Wayne Hall rumor that spread by word of mouth. In my final draft I
Stated “ Commonly, people read a rumor off the internet and begin to spread the rumor by word
of mouth. I believe that the Wayne Hall laxative rumor originated off the internet. There are
many claims and websites that say all colleges put laxatives in the food they serve students.
Although this is an old rumor, someone could have read the many things posted online about
laxatives in college food, and applied it to Wayne Hall”(2). I clearly made the connection
between the internet rumors and word of mouth rumors.
My best work overall was Essay 4, Sleepy College Students. I took everything I learned
during the semester and applied it to this paper. This was my best work because I was very
interested in this topic and had to conduct my own research to build my paper. My Essay made
many connections about the lack of sleep in college students. It also has a nice flow to it, going
from one topic to another. I also integrated transition phrases to help introduce my quote. In my
third paragraph I wrote “Today, it is very easy to find ways to cope with excessive fatigue.
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Harris writes…..”(2). I use the transition phrase Harris writes to introduce my quote. I utilized
this technique throughout my whole paper.
As a writer I learned many things that will help with my writing for the rest of my life. I
learned how to make connections in my writing and how to write clear thoughtful paragraphs. I
also learned that transition phrases can help with the flow of my essays. To organize my thoughts
I always start with outline before I start writing. This helps me to see all my ideas and connect
them before I start writing an essay. Overall I am very proud of my work and how my writing
has noticeably changed. I am excited to apply all that I have learned to my future papers in my
future classes.

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