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!ebruar" 1#th, 201$
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'ni(ersal )ealthcare in the 'nited *tates
+nderson, Lisa, -)ealthcare, %e.roducti(e %i/hts 0i(ide ',*,, Canada in 1oll,- Chicago
Tribune, Tribune", 12 June 2012, Web, 12 !eb, 201$,
Gold6arb, :achar" +,, and +m" Goldstein, -)ealth-care La& Will 1rom.t o(er 2 Million to ;uit
Jobs or Cut )ours, a C<= %e.ort *a"s,- Washington Post, The Washin/ton 1ost, 0$ !eb,
201$, Web, 12 !eb, 201$, 2htt.344&&&,&ashin/ton.ost,com4business4econom"4cbo-
This source is an electronicall" .ublished article that &as .ublished b" the Washington Post, The
Washington Post is a .o.ular ne& in the Washin/ton 0C area, :achar" +,
Gold6arb is a &riter 6or the .ost &ho 6ocuses on 1resident =bama@s economic .olicies,
+m" Goldstein is a &riter 6or the .ost that 6ocuses on National *ocial 1olic" Assues,
This is a credible source because o6 the .ublisher@s credibilit", The Washington Post is a .o.ular
and &ell res.ected in the Washin/ton 0C area, The article is a collaboration
bet&een t&o &ell res.ected Bournalists,
=bama@s +66ordable Care +ct is a ste. in the direction o6 !ree )ealth Care 6or the 'nited *tates,
)o&e(er, a lot o6 .ossible issues .resent themsel(es &ith this la&, =ne o6 the
a6orementioned issues is that in(esti/ati(e re.orts claim that &ith a 6ree health care
o.tion, u. to t&o million .eo.le &ill no lon/er ha(e a reason to &orC and &ill Duit their
Bobs or cut their hours, 0ue to the ne& la&s, man" .eo.le &ill choose to become
com.letel" unem.lo"ed or &ill reduce their hours (oluntaril", +lso im.lied &ith this ne&
la& is the 6act that em.lo"ers ma" hire less .eo.le or cut hours in order to maCe u. 6or
the ne& 6ine 6or em.lo"ers that do not o66er insurance o.tions 6or an" o6 their em.lo"ees
that &orC more than ?0 hours a &eeC, At is .redicted that a..roEimatel" 5 million .eo.le
&ill be enrolled in .ri(ate health .lans throu/h the ne& la& b" the end o6 the deadline
this "ear, The C<= states that enrollment should reach u. to bet&een 2$ and 2 million,
Throu/h all this, the C<= .redicts that #2 .ercent o6 +merican citiFens &ill ha(e
insurance b" 201>,
Gri66in, Jean L, -<i/ *a(in/s *een An 'ni(ersal )ealth Care,- Chicago Tribune, Tribune", 12 Ma" 1##2, Web, 11 !eb, 201$, 2htt.344articles,chica/otribune,com41##2-
This source is a ne& article that &as electronicall" .ublished b" the Chicago Tribune, The
Chicago Tribune is a maBor .ublication in the Great LaCes re/ion, At is also the ei/hth
lar/est ne& in the 'nited *tates, The author, Jean LatF Gri66in, is a .ublic health
This is a credible source because it is a &idel" .rinted ne& &ith a lar/e acce.tance, At is
the most read ne& in the Great LaCes re/ion, !or man" "ears, the articles 6rom the
Chicago Tribune ha(e had &ell-&ritten and rele(ant articles, The authors 6or this
are also re.utable, The content in the articles is (er" rele(ant, concise, and obBecti(e,
This article 6ocuses around citiFens in Allinois ha(in/ the .ossibilit" to sa(e mone" &ith
uni(ersal healthcare, The ne& .lan that &as .ro.osed in Allinois &ould eliminate
unnecessar" administrati(e costs that increase the cost o6 healthcare, The .lan &ould
chan/e the source o6 income 6or healthcare to more (isible sources such as taEes, The
.ro.onents o6 this .lan &anted to mo(e the mone" 6rom the bureaucrats to the actual
healthcare .ro(iders, dri(in/ costs do&n, This ne& .lan &ould sa(e an estimated 6our
billion dollars in its 6irst "ear, and eEtend the co(era/e o6 healthcare to all citiFens &ho
ha(e li(ed in Allinois 6or at least siE months,
-)ealth Ansurance,- The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal, N,.,, 1 No(, 2011,
Web, 1 !eb, 201$, 2htt.344&&&,usa,/o(4CitiFen4To.ics4)ealth4)ealthAnsurance,shtml9,

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ideas to /o(ernment,
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/o(ernmentGs o66icial &ebsite, the in6ormation that is .ro(ided on it is credible

This source eE.lains &hat health care is3 the maintenance and o6 .h"sical and
mental health, es.eciall" throu/h the .ro(ision o6 medical ser(ices, +6ter it tells readers
&hat health care is, it /oes into talCin/ about a 6e& o6 the di66erent t".es o6 health care
that can be .ro(ided to .eo.le, At talCs about Medicare and &hat it is, &ho is eli/ible 6or
it, and &hat bene6its it .ro(ides, Medicare is a 6ederall" administered s"stem o6 health
insurance a(ailable to .eo.le a/ed 5 and o(er, NeEt, it talCs about &hat Medicaid is,
&ho can be eli/ible 6or it, and the di66erent bene6its .ro(ided to the users, Medicaid is
health care 6or the im.o(erished and is a 6ederall" and state-6unded .ro/ram, +s "ou can
see, in order to be eli/ible 6or certain t".es o6 health care, "ou ha(e to be a certain a/e,
maCe a certain amount o6 mone", or be im.o(erished, 1eo.le that are classi6ied as
middle-class but cannot a66ord health care are not as eli/ible 6or these .ro/rams as much
as .eo.le that are more un6ortunate, There6ore, health care should be 6ree to all .eo.le to
be eDual and 6air to all citiFens,
Ja(ors, Jonathan %, -+ Call !or 'ni(ersal )ealth Care,- Chicago Tribune, Tribune", 21
=ct, 2000, Web, 17 !eb, 201$, 2htt.344articles,chica/otribune,com42000-10-
%o", +(iC, -The M"th o6 G!ree-MarCetG +merican )ealth Care -- +nd The %ealit" o6
*in/a.oreGs,- Forbes, !orbes Ma/aFine, # Mar, 2012, Web, 15 !eb, 201$,