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Main product- Short film:
- The British board of film classification is an independent company who regulate the likes of
games, trailers, DVD’s and films. In order to reach out to the target audience that we would
like the certification of our product needs to be at a 12A, this enables younger viewers to
watch the product with parental guidance, forming a mass audience as a range of people are
able to watch the product, therefore, gaining a mass audience. Our product ‘venture’
contains an emotional content, upheld by the mother dying; however, this does not breech
12A guidelines as we will not be representing the violence portrayed through the mother
- In order to stay within the guidelines of a 12A production we must not contain any
discriminatory language such as racism and cannot glamorize weapons that may be easily
accessible for 12 year olds. In our film none of these issues will be raised as there will be no
weapons evident within the product. Furthermore, BBFC state that there should not be no
emphasis on blood or injuries, however, injuries can be justified by the context of the
product. In addition dangerous behaviour and drug taking cannot be evidently represented;
conversely, this will not be portrayed within our product ‘venture’.

Ancillaries – Magazine review page and Poster:
- The press complaints commission regulates magazine newspapers, while the advertising
standards authority regulates advert. In order for our product to be authorised we must
follow the editing code which protects the public interest from harmful or offending
material. When creating our magazine and poster, we must not breech these codes, for
example, not harassing or intimidating others for information on the film; photographing
individuals privately without their consent and publishing without consent. Therefore, in
order to not breech these guidelines we will need to follow these guidelines.