Hyerim Lee

PROV 502
April 30, 2014

Research Resource List of Sport and Recreation Studies
I am currently majoring in Sport and Recreation Studies (SRST) in the College of
Education and Human Development. It has five concentration courses in area of international
sport management, recreation administration, sport and leisure studies, sport coaching, and sport
management. Among these areas, I am pursuing a master's degree in international sport
management (ISM) as concentration course.
Because of my experience as a triathlete, I have been contemplating how I could
introduce a triathlon widely to the public. However, I realized the lack of research and study on
triathlon in South Korea which it is necessary to build a strong foundation of sports industry.
Pursuing the study of international sport management will help me gain the skills required to
increase the number of youth triathletes, resulting in an increase in the number of quality
triathletes in the near future. Hopefully, these efforts help triathlon receive a lot of public
attention so more sport will receive a great public attention.

Here is the research resource list below

I. Reference, Handbook, Encyclopedias
A. The encyclopedia of North American sports history
B. Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing
C. Encyclopedia of ethnicity and sports in the United States
D. Routledge Handbook of Sport Management
E. Routledge Handbook of Sport and Corporate Social Responsibility
F. Encyclopedia of International Sports Studies
G. Handbook of Sports Studies
H. Sport Management Handbook
I. World Sports Encyclopedia

The requirements courses include not only sport related subjects, but also some liberal arts
courses so I selected resources that related to my concentration courses and liberal arts courses as
well. I found them at GMU library with a librarian, and Taylor & Francis website which is
commonly used in my discipline.

II. Journals
A. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics
B. International Journal of Hospitality Management
C. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
D. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
E. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management Journal of sport management
F. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration
G. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
H. Obesity Reviews
I. Communication Education
J. International Journal of Sport Management
K. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing
L. Journal of Sport Management
M. Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy,
N. New Directions for Student Services
O. Sociology of Sport
P. Sport Business and Management
Q. Quest
R. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics
S. Sport, Education and Society
T. Journal of Sports Sciences
U. Journal of College Counseling
V. Journal of Intercollegiate Sport
W. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics
X. Journal of College Student Development
Y. Journal of American College Health
Z. Contemporary Education Psychology

The journals I selected have already been used in my class several times, and my professor
required students to read articles and write critique essays from these journals. Also, Mr. Holt, a
Bridge scholar provided me with some of journals that I need to become familiar with. Indeed, I
asked my professor to provide the journals that are commonly used in my discipline. In addition,
I added journals which I have used in my class both in my discipline and Bridge courses for my
research. These journals will be beneficial to remember because they focus on my research topic.
Therefore, the journals would be reliable and it would aid me in understanding of sport.

III. Books
A. Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology
B. Sports finance and management: Real estate, entertainment, and the remaking of the
C. The Fantasy Sport Industry
D. Sports Law and Regulation: Cases, Materials and Problems
E. Volunteers in Sport: International perspectives
F. Writing research critically: developing the power to make a difference
G. The Field, truth and fiction in sport history
H. Joy of Sport
I. Sport and Exercise Psychology: The Key Concepts
J. Sport, Fun and Enjoyment
K. Sports Law: Governance and Regulation

The website “Taylor & Francis” is a major one that students and professor in my discipline use
to collect journal articles. Thus, the books from this website are also trustworthy. I selected some
newly published book to see the current interest in sport industry. I also have reached out to a
couple of professors to seek input on a must read book for international sport management.
Finally, I added the book that I used in my sport law class.

IV. Professional Associations
A. North American Society for Sport Management
B. American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation
C. The North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
D. Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
E. World Association for Sport Management
F. North American Society for the Sociology of Sport
G. North American Society for Sport History
H. Sport and Recreation Law
I. National Recreation and Park Association
J. The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
K. International Olympic Committee
L. Korean University Sport Federation

Students are required to read articles are published in these associations. Therefore, I need to pay
attention to the associations’ website to see upcoming resources or events. Also, these
associations were in the list of my librarian. In addition, I have reached out to a couple of
professors in sport management to get their take on associations and organizations that focus on
sport management. Indeed, professors in the School or Recreation, Health and Tourism are
involved in these associations. I might have an opportunity to observe a conference from one of
the associations in the future. I also added two organizations, and the first one is the major
association that manages international sport events and the second one is in South Korea which
promotes college sport.