The Situation

Makeup is constantly being
purchased. Women want quality
makeup for cheap prices, which
they can get at their own
convenience. Though makeup is
sold through various media, in-
store purchasing is the most
common way to buy the product.
With trends constantly changing
and the value of self expression
on the rise, makeup companies
need to be aware of what
products women want, and the
easiest way to get it them.

The Industry
Mary Kay is a brand people trust.
Although Mary Kay has quality,
long lasting makeup, it is not
doing well in the makeup
industry. The way of purchasing
Mary Kay is different from its
competitors and is not for those
who wait until the last minute to
buy mascara. Mary Kay’s At Play
line is designed to target younger
women, who are currently being
targeted by competitors. Mary
Kay can bring color and
confidence to any woman who
wears it, while being the quality
product everyone desires.

The Brand
Mary Kay’s biggest competitors are Avon,
Maybelline, CoverGirl, L’Oreal, and
Clinique. Mary Kay’s main competitor is
Avon. Avon is typically targeted toward an
older age group than our target audience,
but sells their products the same way as
Mary Kay, and ranks higher in sales.
Maybelline, CoverGirl, L’Oreal, and
Clinique are all sold in stores, something
not offered by Mary Kay. By selling in
stores, these brands are gaining the
clientele who wait until the last drop of
eyeliner is gone before purchasing
another. Because of the convenience and
cheap prices of these products, they are
ranked higher and are better known than
the Mary Kay brand. Advertisements of
the four brands above have also been
directed towards the age group of our
target audience. Mary Kay is a quality
brand, but is not as easily accessible as
its competitors.

The Competition
The Target
VALS: Makers, Strivers, Experiencers
PRIZMs: Young Influentials, Mobility Blues

Jill is a freshman at a 4-year
university away from home. She is
constantly on social media, keeping
up with high school friends and
meeting new ones. Making all these
first impressions, makeup is the last
thing Jill wants to worry about. She
likes to feel confident about herself
and a factor in that is finding the
right makeup for her. She is starting
a new chapter in her life, and wants
something to express herself.

Transitioning Teen
VALS: Strivers, Experiencers,
PRIZMs: City Startups, Bohemian Mix

Claire is a 22-year old recent
college graduate, living on her
own. She is having a hard time
balancing the working world and
her friends. A lot is changing in
Claire’s like, and she is looking
for something familiar to fall back
on – like her daily makeup
routine. She wants something
that can be adjusted for her plans
for the day. A variety of colors
and shades are essential for
Claire’s busy life.

Adjusting Adult
VALS: Thinkers, Achievers, Makers
PRIZMs: Up-and-Comers, New
Beginnings, Boomtown Singles

Lisa is a business-woman with a
steady job. Trying to climb the
corporate ladder, this ambitious,
25-year-old woman doesn’t have
time to think about little things
throughout her busy day like
makeup. She is on the go from
when she gets up in the morning
until her head hits the pillow at
night. Lisa needs quality makeup
that will stay on all day, and help
her feel confident in her work.

Working Woman
The target audience is women aged 18-25. These women are going through different stages in their lives
and can use makeup for different reasons of expression. The audience should be split into three groups:
Transitioning Teen (18-20), Adjusting Adult (21-22), Working Woman (23-25). Whether they wear makeup to
express their mood, make it last all day or feel confident when meeting new people, makeup plays a major
role in their day-to-day activities. Research shows women can sometimes look to makeup for comfort, as it
is a personal, daily routine for most.


The Target
Waco-Temple-Bryan, TX
Tallahassee-Thomasville, FL
Lansing, MI
Columbus, OH
Lafeyette, IN
Johnstown-Altoona, PA
Santa Barbara-Santa Maria- San Luis Obispo, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Boston, MA
Los Angeles, CA
Austin, TX
Syracuse, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA
Atlanta, GA
Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA
Detroit, MI
Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI
Harrisonburg, VA
Peoria-Bloomington, IL-IN

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The Market
Marketing Objectives:
Increase awareness among female consumers ages 18-25
Increase positive perception among female consumers ages 18-25
Increase consideration for product purchase and for the Mary Kay
business opportunity among female consumers ages 18-25

Opportunities Threats
Developed an established, well respected brand
Obtain a loyal customer base
Employ more than three million IBCs in more
than 35 countries
Ranked number two in the beauty and personal
care market
Provide 100% satisfaction guarantee
Includes skin care for all skin types and colors
in product line

Is not sold in stores, only online or through an
Require attendance to a party to try makeup
before purchasing
Has little recognition within the target market
Not easily purchased on impulse
Perceived as a brand for “older women”

Use greater social media platforms to create
Enhance the buying experience for target
market by creating more convenient ways for
Partner with online retailers for sampling
purposes to reach target market

80% of purchases are store based, and only
16% are E-Commerce and Direct Selling
Most in-store beauty products are ranked higher
in the United States than Mary Kay
Avon is a direct selling beauty product line
ranked higher than Mary Kay in fragrance.

The Advertising
Advertising Objectives
To increase knowledge of the brand among the target market
To position the Mary Kay brand as a way for members of the target market to define themselves
and their actions in a way to express individuality.
To present the Mary Kay brand as a makeup for all ages, not just older women.
To expand the presence of Mary Kay among social media to better reach our
target market
We plan to advertise in the following:
TV Magazines Internet Mobile
Movie Placement ScreenVision Mall Displays