Leanne Brown

iPad Training Program Plan
Fall 2014

Orland School District 135 (OSD 135) will be adopting a one-to-one technology initiative
beginning with the 2014-2015 school year in the effort to integrate the use of technology more
fully into the curriculum. Every 3
, 4
and 5
grader will be issued an iPad Mini while 6
, 7

and 8
graders will be issued a Mac Book Air. Rolling out this initiative will be a tremendous
undertaking; policies, procedures, and infrastructure will need to be developed to support this
massive change in curriculum. During the fall of the 2013 a Technology Task Force was formed
in order to facilitate this transition. In order for this initiative to be successful, significant training
will need to be provided for teachers, staff, students, and parents in how to use and manage this
technology. Mary Adamowski, the Youth Services Director of the Orland Park Public Library
(OPPL), has expressed interest in providing training for these devices on the OPPL campus for
both teachers and students. The OSD 135 Technology Task Force has not yet provided any
information on the training that will be offered. Keeping this in mind, the program outlined
below is intended to supplement, not replace, District 135 training, and assumes that student
already have a foundation in basic iPad functions such as adjusting settings and downloading
apps, as provided by OSD 135.

Orland Park Public Library: Mission Statement
The library will provide patrons of all ages with a center that will enhance their sense of
community and togetherness.
Patrons of all ages will have access to innovative library services, delivered in an efficient and
effective manner, that will:
 Assist them to enhance the quality of their lives
 Provide materials, programs and services to help meet their educational needs
 Provide opportunities to develop technological proficiencies and improve the ability to
access information
 Provide a source for recreational reading, viewing and listening, as a means to stimulate
imagination and expand literacy.

App-tastic iPad Training

Audience: 3
, 4
, and 5
grade students from School District 135

Objectives & Goals:
 The primary goal of this program is to instruct 3
, 4
, and 5
grade students on how to
use apps taken from the Technology Task Force’s list of suggested apps as well as the
American Association of School Librarians 2013 Best Apps for Teaching and Learning.

 The program was written with the assumption that librarians will adjust the program’s
curriculum to compliment the training offered by OSD 135 as needed.
 Patrons will be trained to use apps that can help them scholastically, particularly with the
subject areas of math, language arts, and science. The OPPL will communicate with OSD
135 in order to offer apps that students are not already taught to use.
 This program will meet the needs of District 135 students and uphold three of the four
tenants of the OPPL mission statement: “Patrons of all ages will have access to
innovative library services, delivered in an efficient and effective manner, that will: assist
them to enhance the quality of their lives…provide materials, programs and services to
help meet their educational needs…and provide opportunities to develop technological
proficiencies and improve the ability to access information.”

Time Frame & Procedures:
 This program will be broken up into three 90-minute sessions offered after school from 4
p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
 There will be one 90-minute session offered each week for three weeks in a row.
 This program will have a 25-person limit on each session.
 Week 1 will be the math session, Week 2 will be the language arts session, and Week 3
will be the science session.
 These sessions will be repeated and different time frames offered (a weekend session as
opposed to a weeknight session, for example) to suit patron needs. Program numbers
from the first series can be evaluated to determine if offering more sessions is needed.
 This program will be offered during the second quarter of the school year to allow for
students to have time to adapt to the new technology within the classroom setting.
 Patrons can sign up for as many sessions as they choose using their library card.
Residents will be given first priority.
 The apps presented will be free from the Apple App Store so this training will be free to
 A certificate of completion will be issued to each patron when they complete each
 The media specialist at each school will be notified of the patrons who complete training
sessions as well as a list of the apps that were taught.
 Three OPPL Youth Services librarians will instruct these sessions; one will demonstrate
the app on the Apple TV, then the three will circulate to help the patrons get started.

Resources & Materials:
 District-issued iPad (patrons bring these with them)
 Computer lab at OPPL with screen and Apple TV to mirror instructor’s iPad
 Printed step-by-step instructions on how to use each app
 A list of similar apps related to the subject area addressed that day (for example, if you
were addressing three language arts apps, offer a list of other free apps)

 Session 1: Math apps: Equivalent Fractions, Bubble Pop! Math Challenge Grade 3-4,
Geometry Patterns
 Session 2: Language Arts apps: Build a Word Express, One Minute Reader, Poetry
 Session 3: Science apps: Sky Orb, Moon Glow, 3D Cell

Lesson Plan Outline:
 Introduction (15 minutes)
o Sign in
o Help students get connected to the Wi-Fi
o Present the goals of the session and the three apps to learn
o Help students to download the apps
 App #1 (15 minutes)
o Demonstrate on Apple TV
o Patrons investigate app with librarians circulating to help
 App #2 (15 minutes)
o Demonstrate on Apple TV
o Patrons investigate app with librarians circulating to help
 App #3 (15 minutes)
o Demonstrate on Apple TV
o Patrons investigate app with librarians circulating to help
 Time to investigate (20 minutes)
 Rate apps, choose favorites (10 minutes)

Marketing & Promotion
The Orland Park Public Library has several methods of promoting programming: a
monthly newsletter mailed to residents’ homes which provides an overview of the happenings in
the library as a whole; a seasonal newsletter that focuses only on one department, such as Youth
Services, and is available for pick up at the library; display posters made by the graphics
department that are displayed on the walls of the library; and the OPPL website. An advantage
with this program is it can be promoted directly in the District 135 schools through mailings sent
home and announcements made in the classrooms. School librarians can advertise the program
on their school’s website and hand out informational flyers as well.
Participants can evaluate the apps investigated at the end of the session with an informal
1-5 star rating (similar to the way apps are rating in the Apple App store), evaluating them based
on both user-friendliness and usefulness. An evaluation tool can be sent to the school librarians
asking them to try the apps and rate them as well; the school librarians can also suggest apps to
include in future sessions. The OPPL Youth Service librarians who run these sessions can
compile apps that they have tried and found useful and offer tutorials on these for teachers as
well. The OPPL regularly makes book marks that focus on particular book genres (fantasy,
sports, etc.) Creating book marks for apps would be an excellent idea; grouping the apps by both
grade level and subject area would make the book mark efficient to use, easy to hand out to
patrons, and eliminate young patrons on being overwhelmed by all the apps available. In the
“Tie-In Resources” section below there are links to many credible sources on which educational
apps are best, but the OPPL librarians can evaluate and trim these down even further because
they can talk with D135 librarians and get a better sense of which apps meet the needs of OSD

Community Partners
Mary Adamowski, the Youth Services Director of the OPPL, has expressed interest in
partnering with District 135 by offering training programs for iPad and Mac Book for both
students and teachers. It is important to Ms. Adamowski that the students and staff of District
135 more fully use the resources that the OPPL has to offer since she has noticed a decline in
use, and one of her goals is to reach out to Lynn Zeder, the Assistant Superintendent of the
district, about ways to build a stronger partnership. The school librarian from each school that
has 3
, 4
, and 5
graders should be included in this partnership as they can advertise this
program, advise OPPL librarians in developing the curriculum, and support OPPL’s efforts by
utilizing the apps that were taught in library instruction.

Tie-In Resources
 List of apps for teaching and learning, organized by subject area and grade level, compiled
by the OSD 135 Technology Taskforce (see separate attachment)
 “App Petting Zoo” lesson plan, created by Leanne Brown in January 2014 (see separate
 Pine Glen Library & Technology Center’s iPod training lesson plan: http://pineglen.info/for-
 Orland Park Public Library mission statement: http://www.orlandparklibrary.org/about.htm
 American Association of School Librarians 2013 best Apps for Teaching and Learning:
 50 Fab Apps for Teachers: http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/article/50-fab-apps-teachers
 Edudemic 70 Best Apps for Teachers and Students: http://www.edudemic.com/70-best-apps-