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Leota Doulas
Eng- 1100-61
Prof: Lago
Changes in the workplace
Over time change is something that occurs whether physically or internally. As this
happens, we must be able to adapt to the conditions. Some may try to ignore or resist the need to
change with their surroundings. In the workface, change can be seen in terms of physical
improvements to increase the performance level of workers and provide a convenient way for the
consumers to complete transitions. Something we have no control over is the future and how
things will change, especially with the increase of technology; the workplace can sometimes be
forced to evolve to maintain its standards and functionality. I have witnessed the advantages of
technology in retail. The improvement has made shopping easier by shortening the time to
complete a check out. Some businesses have even eliminated the requirement of a receipt to
perform a return. With this change, consumers can shop freely without the worry of a hassle in
the future in the event something needs to be return. Change in the workplace is to ideally to
benefit workers and consumers, therefore it should be embraced.
All careers have overtime experienced change either in a major way or just minor details.
Change can take place for financial reasons also. In Carnevale’s writing he explains the
importance of researching a major and the financial side to it. The changes that have occurred in
a specific field are often times done on a financial basis. He further examines the popular majors
chosen by students and analyzed the financial background, which is a driving force for change.
During college years, students may choose a major depending on the childhood dream they had.
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Personally, I did not research the career and income potential when deciding what I would major
in. I came across a section of Carnevale’s writing which sparked a new interest, he states
“Unemployment for students with new Bachelor’s degrees is an unacceptable 8.9 percent.”
(Carnevale 297) This piece of information I was not aware of. With changes lurking around the
corner the work force can become difficult in securing a career and future. The choice of a
particular major will determine the field in which a student will be employed in. Carnevale’s
piece gave the reader much needed information into the workforce and the expected growing
changes that are expected to take place.
The career chosen by an individual can sometimes change person as depicted in Sennett’s
writing, this relates to internal changes experienced by someone as a result of the career choice.
The character is transformed based on the career he chose, Sennett goes on to say “Rico, I
learned, has fulfilled his father’s desire for upward mobility, but has indeed rejected the way of
his father.” (309) He described the change in Rio’s character as if he was raised in a family of
wealth. The career he was in caused a change in his demeanor that of which was different from
his father and the boy Sennett once knew. With his character and being surrounded by wealthy
individual he himself started to assume the lifestyle of the wealthy elite.
The job market is a fast changing world; with the increase in technologically advances a
career can be on top having the most potential for growth in the future. However this can
certainly change without notice as it happened with the recession in recent years, the author
writes “at the same time, majors that are closely aligned with occupations and industries can
misfire” (Carnevale,298) Choosing wisely is a key role in career path, if a major is only
beneficial to a particular career then it can sometimes lead to a downfall. The possibility of
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transitioning into a different field with the same major should be an option. When choosing a
major, consider one that can be used across many fields.
During my years in the work place I worked as a cashier and customer service
representative, my duties included checking out customers and processing returns or answering
questions a customer might have. I have experienced numerous changes, that both benefited the
employees and consumers. I worked in retail for five years where the company implemented
changes that would make the checkout process easier for the customers and also employees. The
steps to get a customer out the door became faster and easier with the changes in software which
the company saw as beneficial to the earning potential also. I was able to check out customers in
a short time which generated more revenue for the company. With this speedy process customers
were satisfied and were likely to return or recommend the business to a others. Also in hopes of
providing a more comfortable work environment for the employees, changes were made in the
staff lounge which included better furniture, a television and updated appliances.
Over the years the visible effects of the changes in the workforce is evident, we encounter
the modern unveiling of buildings or new equipment or the discovery of new techniques which
will transform the job market to meet the needs of the future, and to continue being a competitive
force. As stated change is something we cannot avoid, therefore confirming to the changes is
often the best way. Change can be seen as good or bad it all depends on the individual
interpretation of the change.
During my interview process I was afforded the opportunity to speak with two
individuals that choose their career path in completely different ways. Ms. Lipscomb who is a
second grade teacher explained that teaching was always a passion of hers, so therefore during
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her college years she knew the path in which she wanted to take. She has been teaching for
fifteen years and says she has witnessed changes over the years in the education field also. She
says with technology a lot of the focus is on getting children ready for testing, and with the age
of technology the computer plays a role in the educational system. They incorporate the
computer programs into the lesson plans. Ms. Lipscomb said teaching has come a long way, the
way in which the information is being relayed to the children are often open to modification.
With weekly training at her school they are constantly learning way s to approach teaching. She
remembers first starting out as a teacher with little experienced so trial and error played a big
role in improving her craft. Before the projectors, smart boards and computers they were the
chalkboard and chalk used as tools of teaching. While she explains the financial earnings of
teachers are considerable low she still thinks she chose the right field and is currently pursusing
her master’s degree at William Paterson University. This is her passion and she sees herself
staying in the field until she retires.
Lesley an immigrant who came to the United States fourteen years ago in hopes
of securing a better life for herself and her family. With no college education she started in the
retail field where she remained to this day. She explains the difficulties that come with not
having a degree. The selection process in the world field is minimal, she is not able to be in the
field she wants to right now but admits she is working on leaving the retail field and start a
career in the health aid field, which she thinks is the closet she will come to her dream career of
being a nurse. Lesley spoke about not always being financially able to afford the things she
wanted because she needed to take care of her family. Working in retail is a constant adjustment,
in this industry everything is a season ahead and the changes are often, so therefore I’m always
learning something new whether it’s with the new system software the company is introducing or
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the physical changes that are being made around the store. She has been with the same company
for thirteen years and have experienced a lot of changes in management style, employees, store
lay out, and the technological side.
The freedom of choice is an advantage when it comes to the career path one will embark
upon. Researching the work field is a necessity in deciding what major to pursue. College Majors
provided statistics on what should be expected with each major as it pertains to the career field.
Mr. Lipscomb chose a career that will provide job security, her earning potential may not be at
the highest level but she will be able to work in a field related to her major.

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Douglas 7

Interview questions
1. What is your current occupation?
2. How did you get into your current field?
3. Is this always your career choice?
4. Are you interested in another career field?
5. Do you see yourself changing career path?
6. What changes have you experience since the start of career?
7. Do you think the changes have improved the overall functionality of your work?
8. Can you compare the changes in your career field from the past to current?
9. Do you think you will remain in your current career field?
Interview candidates: Lesley Marques, Cynthia Lipscomb

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