Engaged Learning Unit Template

Title of Project: Are YOU Ready for College?
Subject(s): Mat ! su""ort
#rade $e%el(s):#rade &'
This assignment will take eight to ten weeks; the students will approximately work for sixty minutes a day, two to
three days a week (we are on a traditional AB blok shedule!" The students are in #ath $ support lass; so they
ha%e failed the E&'T in #ath ( but obtained a #ath ( redit" )tudents will be researhing their futures and
determining if their *+A is on trak for the olleges they wish to go to" They will alulate *+A and use standard
de%iation to ompare their results with the rest of the lass" By dealing with their own independent grades and *+A
to outline their futures, the task will be authenti and indi%idual to them"
$ear(er )escri"tio(*+(%iro(,e(t:
These students are in math $ support, meaning they ha%e failed the #ath ( E&'T but obtained a #ath ( redit
through passing the lass" They are typially slower to proess information and retain onepts" #uh of this
pro,et will re-uire diret instrution and fre-uent diret remediation and re%iew" The researh aspet will be
ompleted on our department lass set of netbooks pro%ided by our shool so eah student will ha%e aess to a
netbook during their researh of their ollege" #a,ority of the unit will take plae in the lassroom" The last two
lasses will be in the ollege and areer enter to disuss their hoies, and their futures" )tudents will ha%e the
opportunity to pair up with other students with similar *+As and ollege goals to omplete researh on admission
re-uirements for their hosen olleges"
Ti,e -ra,e: &ur shool is on a traditional AB blok" .e see eah lass e%ery other day; alternating e%en with
odd lasses" /or example we would see e%en lasses twie a week one week then three times a week the following
week" .ith diret instrution being neessary, as well as onsistent re%iew and remediation on *+A alulations
and standard de%iation, the students will work ( hour per day, two to three days a week for approximately eight
weeks" The final two lasses will take plae in our shool0s ollege and areer enter and will be gi%en the
opportunity to speak with our ollege and areer speialist"

$ear(er Perfor,a(ces:
.hen this pro,et is omplete 1 expet the students to alulate *+A and use standard de%iation to alulate and
ompare data results" The le%el of Bloom0s that will be ahie%ed will be appliation and analysis" The analysis will
ome when they ompare their data to other students in the lass and the appliation will be when they determine if
these results are aeptable for the olleges they hoose" Attahed is a rubri 1 will use" 1 expet students to
demonstrate mastery with mathematial mehanis, understanding the problem being asked, using %isuals to explain
their answers, and refleting on the proess"
Sta(dards Assessed:
The 2ET3) standards that will be addressed will inlude 2ET)3) 4a where the students will use tehnology to
loate, e%aluate, and ollet information from a %ariety of soures" This will be demonstrated when the students
researh their olleges using a %ariety of searh engines and websites" )tudents will also address the 2ET)3)
standard 5a where students will use teleommuniations to ollaborate, publish, and interat with peers, experts, and
other audienes" This will be demonstrated when the students will work ollaborati%ely with eah other to researh
their olleges and ompare data we well as onsult with outside experts" )tudents will also address 2ET)3)
standard 6a where the students will use tehnology resoures for sol%ing problems and making informed deisions"
&ne the students ha%e alulated their *+A and ompared their data, they will use tehnology to determine if they
are on trak to graduate and enter the ollege of their hoie" /urther 2ET)3) 5b will be addressed with student
researh and information flueny will be addressed as the students will loate, e%aluate, analyses and apply data
found from %arious eletroni soures" The state standards that will be address are students ##$7(a3d with
students omparing data, students alulating standard de%iation, student using random sampling to determine
parameters to data, and ompare data sets"
Te .oo/0 or 1(troductio(8
The unit will be introdued by showing a slide show (attahed below! whih will disuss the benefits of ollege"
The slide show disusses salary potential with a ollege degree, soial benefits, networking and sport and lub
opportunities" Then the students will take a sur%ey using Ati%e 1nspire Ati%e9ote de%ies regarding moti%es to go
to ollege"
:o .illiamson, ;ennesaw )tate Uni%ersity, <A27&UT )E9E2
Engaged Learning Unit Template

The goal of this assignment is to get students thinking about their futures" To do this, they must analy=e their past
aademi beha%iors and e%aluate their future plans" 7ue to the personal nature of this assignment, students will
in%estigate their own paths" #astery will be demonstrated through the use of tehnology, indi%idual goal setting,
data omparison with peers, and disuss indi%idual future ob,eti%es" To ahie%e this students will alulate their
indi%idual *+As, both urrent and past, based on their transripts, ompare their *+As with members of the other
lass and omplete a normal ur%e graphi organi=er (attahed below!, researh the ollege of their hoie to
determine if they are on trak to reah their goals, and finally omplete a refletion on this proess" The teaher will
take on the role of failitator whene%er diret instrution is not neessary, as well as helping with error analysis
during the proess" &ne aspet of the rubri (attahed below! will inlude students demonstrating understanding of
the problem" The teaher will monitor student progression through the initial stages of the pro,et to determine
whih students understand the onepts being asked, and whih student re-uire additional support" 7ue to the
indi%iduali=ed nature of this task, students will need to diret their own pae while still meeting deadlines gi%en by
the teaher" Eah task will ha%e a portion that will be turned in by the student (*+A alulation, standard
de%iation>normal ur%e graphi organi=er, refletion! and eah will monitor student learning throughout the proess"
The end produt that the students will use will onsist of their independent alulations of their *+A, the normal
ur%e and standard de%iation of *+A lass omparison, and their refletions" )tudents will be graded based on their
mathematial mehanis, their normal ur%e graphi organi=er, and their refletion answers" &ne students grasp the
mathematial onepts through diret instrution and pratie, tehnology will be used to researh and analysis the
results and apply these results by researhing olleges" To assess the produt, rubri has been reated (attahed
Tec(ology Resources*Ma(age,e(t:
The tehnologies that will be re-uired inlude an interati%e white board for diret instrution of alulations for
*+A and standard de%iation" The ollege sur%ey will re-uire the interati%e %oting de%ies" The use of our lass set
of netbooks will be re-uired for researh of olleges" The tehnology that will be implemented in this lesson will
help the students learn math onepts through the use of the 1.B beause the students an interat with the lesson
and the teaher" The netbooks allows students to reah beyond the lassroom in terms of what they an researh and
who they an ontat" The netbooks are also proteted with firewalls to pre%ent the students from aessing
undesirable websites, as well as their internet ati%ity is monitored so it is easily determined when students get off
task" .e will be meeting with our ollege and areer speialist to disuss future goals pertaining to ollege so that
will satisfy the standard assoiated with ollaboration with experts"
Stude(t S/ill )e%elo",e(t:
The skills that students will need to de%elop during this ati%ity are mostly mathematial mehanis" They will need
to be able to alulate *+A and standard de%iation" They will also need to be able to use that data and ompare
populations" They will also need to be able to omplete guided readings and graphi organi=ers" /inally they will
need to be able to reflet on their experiene" Tehnologially speaking, they will need to show profiieny on the
ati%e%ote de%ies while they take the sur%ey pertaining to ollege interest" They will also need to be able to
na%igate the internet for researh purposes and na%igate a gi%en web page" /inally, they will need to be able to use
the internet to ontat outside experts through e3mail to disuss their future goals"
Ada"tatio(s for S"ecial 2eeds:
Adaptations that will be re-uired for students with speial needs inlude annotated harts and graphs" These will
make it easier for students with limited English to understand" .hen gi%en the graphi organi=er, the print will be
large and the indiated boxes to be filled in will be easily found to assist students with limited sight" Also, when
ompleting their refletion, students may use #) word whih will help students with limited English profiieny"
/inally, students will ha%e the opportunity to extend this pro,et to inlude +)AT sores and omparing data
nationwide whih will assist gifted students"
Assessments throughout this assignment will be ongoing" There will be a final grade gi%en based on the rubri
pro%ided; howe%er, students will need to master eah onept as we ad%ane through this task" /or example, to
demonstrate mastery of *+A alulation students will omplete the *+A alulation worksheet" /or mastery on
:o .illiamson, ;ennesaw )tate Uni%ersity, <A27&UT )E9E2
Engaged Learning Unit Template
standard de%iation and the normal ur%e, students will need to omplete the normal ur%e graphi organi=er" /inally
students will write a refletion regarding what they learned throughout this proess" This refetion will inlude
-uestions suh as ?is your *+A good enough for you to meet your future goals@ .hy or why notA and ?<ow did
your *+A ompare to your peers@ 7isuss speifi examplesA and finally ?.hat do you need to do to ensure you
an meet your post3seondary goals@ *i%e B examplesA"
Su""orti(g Materials 8
To begin my lesson, 1 will show the Are Cou Deady for 'ollege +ower+oint whih will guide the students to open a
disussion about the benefits of ollege and the opportunities it offers" .e will then disuss *+As, ompare data,
and researh olleges through ;ids0 Eone whih will help kids rank their abilities, ompare data, and researh
olleges" )tudents will ha%e aess to %ideo tutorials suh as standard de%iation, the normal ur%e, and =3sores"
This will help them progress through the assignment
:o .illiamson, ;ennesaw )tate Uni%ersity, <A27&UT )E9E2
Engaged Learning Unit Template
2e3 Ma(cester 4ig Scool
Are YOU Ready for College?
Criteria Poi(ts
5 6 ! &
of Proble,
1dentifies speial
fators that influenes
the approah before
starting the problem
Understands the
problem, but does
not demonstrate
enough to sol%e
part of the problem
or to get part of the
7oesnGt understand
enough to get
started or make
Use Of 7isuals
'lear diagram or sketh
with some detail"
'lear diagram or
1nappropriate or
unlear diagram"
2o diagram or
Meca(ics 2o math errors"
2o ma,or math
errors or serious
flaws in reasoning"
#ay be some
serious math errors
or flaws in
#a,or math errors
or serious flaws in
)hows omplete
understanding of the
-uestions, mathematial
ideas, and proesses"
)hows substantial
understanding of the
problem, ideas, and
Desponse shows
understanding of
the problem"
Desponse shows a
omplete lak of
understanding for
the problem"
*oes beyond the
re-uirements of the
#eets the
re-uirements of the
<ardly meets the
re-uirements of the
7oes not meet the
re-uirements of the
7emonstrates a
understanding of the
writing prompt and the
sub,et matter"
7emonstrates a
basi understanding
of the writing
prompt and the
sub,et matter
7emonstrates a
understanding of
the writing prompt
and sub,et matter"
This refletion
needs re%ision"
7emonstrates little
or no
understanding of
the writing prompt
and sub,et matter"
This refletion
needs re%ision"
Teacer Co,,e(ts8
:o .illiamson, ;ennesaw )tate Uni%ersity, <A27&UT )E9E2
Engaged Learning Unit Template
:o .illiamson, ;ennesaw )tate Uni%ersity, <A27&UT )E9E2