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PROGRAM (check one): Block Placement (one semester) Concurrent Placement (two semesters)

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BSW/MSW Field Instructor Date On-site Supervisor (if applicable) Date

Student Date Field Liaison Date

Allison Hamm Spring 2014
Serve 6.8 Joni Handran
Lisa LaDue Chelsea Green
4/23/14 209.75
Lisa LaDue, LCSW
Digitally signed by Lisa LaDue, LCSW
DN: cn=Lisa LaDue, LCSW, o=Colorado State University,
ou=School of Social Work,, c=US
Date: 2014.05.06 23:45:10 -06'00'
Chelsea Green
Digitally signed by Chelsea Green
DN: cn=Chelsea Green, o=SERVE 6.8, ou,, c=US
Date: 2014.05.05 11:12:05 -06'00'
Allison Hamm
Digitally signed by Allison Hamm
DN: cn=Allison Hamm, o, ou,, c=US
Date: 2014.04.23 18:48:04 -06'00'

BSW/MSW Field Instructor/On-site Supervisor Assessment of Student Student’s Comments

Areas for Growth
BSW/MSW Field Instructor/On-site Supervisor Assessment of Student Student’s Comments

Additional Comments (optional)
BSW/MSW Field Instructor/On-site Supervisor Student’s Comments

Allison has a great, logical approach when it comes to working with clients. She is able to look at the bigger picture
and take in every aspect of working with the case. She is also very organized and a task-oriented worker. Allison
also has a great calming personality, that works well when she is meeting with clients. -CG
Allison could work on more open communication with me (on-site supervisor) in regards to working with cases and
self-growth. -CG

Allison is self-motivated and will benefit from more experience that allows her to build self-confidence. LL
The concurrent placement has been a challenge when working with Allison, to feel like I get enough time to work with
her one-on-one. However, the time that I do have with her is always very professional and successful.-CG

Allison is dependable, responsive, has effective relationship-building skills and brings a sense of calm and stability to
those with whom she interacts. LL