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Forbidden Love (Chapter 11)

Forbidden Love (Chapter 11)

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Published by Charlene Taylor
They get a surprising visit once Hailey and Chase get back to the condo. . .
They get a surprising visit once Hailey and Chase get back to the condo. . .

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Published by: Charlene Taylor on Nov 08, 2009
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Chapter 11

---Once we get back to the condo, Nathan immediately jumps up off of the couch. “Where have you been?” he sounds concerned, with a streak of jealousy in his voice. “We were on a date.” Chase replies firmly. “Hailey, did you notice that you were gone all night?” he slightly tilts his head to the side, ignoring Chase’s smart remark. He looks really intimidating at this moment. “Nathan, don’t take it seriously. We- it was just a . . . you know. . .” I trail off. I try to break it to him with a warm smile, but I know that this is hopeless. “Look, how many times do we have to tell you that it was- hold on. Why am I explaining myself to this freak? It was none of your buisne-” Chase gets cut off by the impact of Nathan jumping on him in werewolf form. “Nathan, get off of him!” I scream in disbelief. I can’t believe that two guys are fighting over me, again. In a way, I am flattered, but hey! They might kill each other over me. Chase and Nathan work their way into the kitchen, destroying a by standing chair over to the left of the dining room. “Stop it! That’s enough!” I attempt to break up the fight, but Nathan accidentally scratches me on the neck. Blackout Chase’s Perception “What did you do!?” I yell towards that filthy wolf. How dare he jump on me like some coward? “I didn’t mean it, and you know it!” Nathan sounds guilty. I rush over to where Hailey is lying. “What were you thinking? Why

would you cut your so called ‘love of your life’?” I say looking at the expression on his face. I am so infuriated. Why would he jump on me just because of jealousy? That is just downright crazy! “Look, let’s just drop our problems for now, and turn the subject towards Hailey.” Nathan tries to be reasonable. This is a great idea, although I am impressed that it came from such a brainless creature like himself. "Well, okay." I agree. Nathan picks Hailey up, and carries her onto the couch. "Why?" I ask. I just don't get why he jumped on me like he did. "Look. I don't want to bring that up, okay. I am trying to be as calm as I can with you, because I already don't like you. So please get off of my case." his voice slightly increases through his clenched teeth. "I don't like you either." I say stating the fact. "It was because you were jealous, wasn't it?" I say giving him a punishing glare, with a wide smirk wiped on my face. I know that this will get under his skin. That's the whole reason I said this. Nathan doesn't respond to this. He just stands across the room looking at me in the eyes; his expression is so priceless. If only I could take a picture. "Don't make me come at you again." Nathan finally replies his words still spoken through clenched teeth. "Try me." my grin is even wider with excitement. Nathan comes at me with so much fury, I can even feel it. His werewolf body almost seems bigger this time. His blows are much harder, and they actually hurt. He makes ferocious growls, as he continues to strike at me. I try hard not to give up, and to control this powerful beast. I didn't know that my words dug so deep down into his skin. I don't feel sorry for him, though. Never will I ever feel sorry for someone who tries to take my woman. Never.

I attempt to push him off, but he is too powerful for me at this moment. I don’ t know what to do. I can’t just sit here and let him kill me. I have to do something. “Get off of me!” I yell. A streak of power rushes through me. I push the creature off, but it doesn’t take long before the swine is back on top of me. No. I will not take this. Especially from the one person I envy most. I shove him almost enough to push him through the wall, and jump on him like I am one of him myself. I throw blow at him with all of my might, and I feel no shame. He jumped on me like he was crazy. I just don’t understand what Hailey sees in that filthy son of a werewolf. Nathan returns to human form, and kicks me in the stomach. It didn’t hurt as bad as it would have if he were in werewolf form. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a powerful blow that sends me kneeling on my knees holding my stomach. I have to give Nathan his props. He is pretty strong. You wouldn’t be able to tell how strong he is just by looking at his ‘sensitive’ face, though. “Stop.” I realize that we better quit before we end up messing up the condo, and accidentally hit Hailey, again. Nathan struggles to pounce on me again while ignoring what I said to him. I am too fast though. I jack him up by his orange and yellow polo, and say, “Listen up you fool. I said enough. Enough with the fighting for no real reason.”, I get so close to his face, that I can feel him breathing on my chin; due to the fact that I am like 1 and a ½ inches taller than him. “Get off of me.” Nathan says jerking away from my grip on his shirt. He walks into Hailey’s room, and slams the door shut. I take one look at Hailey, and am startled by a knock at the door. “Who is it?” I walk towards the door, and listen for an answer. “It’s, uhm, Kristina, Nathan’s mother. I can smell him in there,” she says worriedly. “Is he in there? Oh, is my Nathaniel pooh in there?” she finishes in a loud tone.

She flies in the house when I open the door. Rude, I thought. “Oh, it’s him alright! I can smell him for sure! His smell is so strong. I could never forget that smell of my Nathaniel pooh.” she starts again. “Oh dear, what are you doing with all of those cuts and bruises all over you? And why is your shirt barely dangling onto your body?” she isn’t hesitant to walk towards the kitchen. To get me a wet towel, I guess. Nathan comes in the room, and stares at the woman, who says that she is his mother, in disbelief. “Mom,” Nathan asks with a confused look on his face. The woman instantly stops when she sees Nathan come into the room. “Mom!” Nathan runs to her and hugs her with passion. “Oh, Nathaniel, I’ve missed you ever so much! You don’t know how glad I am to see my baby again!” tears run down her face, as Nathan touches her face gently. “Mom, I just can’t believe it’s you! I can’t believe you’re actually here!” Nathan hugs his mother again, only tighter this time. “Did you find Dad?” Nathan looks curiously at his mother. “That’s the bad news, sweetie. I never found your father. But I never give up hope, and you shouldn’t either. Now what are you two doing with all of those scratches and bruises all over your bodies? You too look a mess! Were you wrestling? And what the hoo-haa is this ample hole doing in this wall?” Kristina fusses while walking over and inspecting the huge hole in the plaster wall. Nathan and I look at each other, but then quickly look away. “Actually, Nathan and I sort of had an argument about him knocking Hailey unconscious.” I say. Nathan glares at me as if his eyes were saying: I didn’t mean it and you know it! “Oh my goodness, Nathan, is this true?” Kristina sounds confused, but tab bit upset at the same time.

“Yeah, but we stopped after we thought it out, and decided to be mature men.” Nathan sounds guilty, but tries to state the good facts. “I can’t believe you two would get to fighting, especially at your age. Why were you fighting in the first place?” Kristina looks at the both of us with curiosity. Nathan glances at me, and looks at his mother. “Nathan here was jealous because I went on a date with my girlfriend Hailey. When I took her home, which is here, Nathan attempted to jump on me, but he actually scratched Hailey on the neck. Therefore, Hailey passed out,” I continue, “Once again, Nathan decided to jump on me and attack me again.” I pause to look at Nathan’s wide mouth. “So then, like Nathan said earlier, we decided to stop, and act like mature men.” I finish off with a smile at Kristina. “Nathan, are you telling me that you fought this handsome young man over some scallywag?” Kristina states firmly. “She is not a scallywag. She is the love of my life.”Nathan replies defensively. “Is this her?” Kristina walks over to where Hailey is lying and examines the huge scratch on her neck. “Yeah,” I say beating Nathan to the couch. I make a grin at Nathan and watch his expression. “That’s her alright. That’s my Hailey.” I finish.

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