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0nit Title: Westwaiu Expansion: Lewis anu Claik Expeuition

uiaue Level: Sth uiaue

Subject: Social Stuuies
Teachei: Biian Linu
Lesson: Five
Buiation: 0ne Bay


Will Iuentify uiffeient tiibes founu in the Pacific Noithwest


veibal, Inteipeisonal, Linguistic, Logical-Nathematical, anu visual


iBook's, IPau

31441+ 315$ 6&7+8758.

Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories.
Compare and contrast the treatment of similar themes and topics (e.g., opposition of good
and evil) and patterns of events (e.g., the quest) in stories, myths, and traditional literature
from different cultures.

/$%0+1,1-9 6&7+8758.

:; <'-'&7, 3'&'=$+.0'>
Stuuents unueistanu human, cultuial, anu societal
Issues ielateu to technology anu piactice legal anu
Ethical behavioi.
a. Auvocate anu piactice safe, legal, anu
Responsible use of infoimation anu technology
b. Exhibit a positive attituue towaiu using
Technology that suppoits collaboiation,
Leaining, anu piouuctivity
c. Bemonstiate peisonal iesponsibility foi
Lifelong leaining
u. Exhibit leaueiship foi uigital citizenship

?; /$%0+1,1-9 !>$57&'1+. 7+8 31+%$>&.
Stuuents uemonstiate a sounu unueistanuing
0f technology concepts, systems, anu opeiations.
a. 0nueistanu anu use technology systems
b. Select anu use applications effectively
Anu piouuctively
c. Tioubleshoot systems anu applications
u. Tiansfei cuiient knowleuge to leaining
of new technologies


IPau oi computei
Stationaiy in-class web uiiectoiy
Tiibe Batabase
Fakebook account


Week 0ne: The Expeuition

Bay Five: Stuuents will foim a ciicle outsiue anu bounce iueas off one anothei
using the concept off slope connection by tossing a ball to each othei. The theme
will be to iuentify uiffeient events associateu with the Lewis anu Claik
expeuition. Buiing this segment stuuents won't be alloweu to iefeience notes
anu cannot pass the ball without making a connection. Theii peeis can help them
if necessaiy.

*+.&5B%&15 <$&7',.
Bave all meuia queueu anu ieauy foi instiuction befoie class begins. Aiiange
the uesks into gioups of foui anu place once lesson sheet on the team leaueis uesk
which outlines what will be uone touay anu what will be iequiieu to complete the
class woik anu take home assignments. Bave all stationaiy computeis anu IPABS
tuineu on anu loggeu in. 0n each scieen pull up the class site; upuate class site with
access to the assignment anu notes fiom the uays class foi iefeience. Place all
Assignments giaueu on each stuuent's uesk face uown. Bave the lesson anu uaily
scheuule wiitten on the boaiu.

C1D 6&B8$+&. E%0'$($ !"#$%&'($.

1. Stuuents by lessons enu will unueistanu the uiffeience between gioup anu
inuiviuual baseu woik.
2. Stuuents by lessons enu will begin the piocess of shaiing anu combining
uiffeient peispectives into one oveiaiching viewpoint foi a noimal class
S. Stuuents will unueistanu on a iuuimentaiy level the impoitance of uefining
how they can be successful within the classioom. 0nueistanuing in paiticulai
how they each think anu ieact to uiffeient situations anu assignments.
4. Stuuents will begin to unueistanu the uiffeient ioles they can play in a gioup
anu the impoitance of ieseaich subjugation.
S. Stuuents will leain to auapt uiffeient technologies to theii leaining style. In
paiticulai how to incoipoiate both auuio anu visual mateiials into a given
6. Stuuents will leain the auapt to uiffeient leaining conuitions in cieating a
viable unueistanuing of concepts in class.
7. Stuuents will leain of how iace anu cultuial backgiounus has impacteu the
shaping of the 0niteu States.
8. Stuuents will leain how to safely seaich the inteinet

F$".'&$ G$H$5$+%$.
1. (put in AP foimat)
2. http:lausu.schoolwiies.netcctp
4. http:wiiting.colostate.euuguiuesteachinguiscussions

3B55'%B,75 8$($,1>4$+&

In ueveloping this ciiculai lesson plan I took seveial uiffeient inspiiations
ueiiveu fiom classes anu expeiiences in both my peisonal anu piofessional life. Ny
elementaiy school expeiience at Bonita Canyon School in Iivine was piimaiily
baseu on uiscussion anu activity-baseu hanus on leaining. Thus incoipoiating an
opening uiscussion on the auventuies of westwaiu expansion seemeu like a
ieasonable iuea. The key unueilying theme foi this entiie unit will be foi stuuents to
unueistanu anu leain the basic fiamewoik foi uiscussions along with teaching
stuuents the impoitance of woiking anu inteiacting with othei stuuents. I always
seemeu to lack viable inteipeisonal skills when I was youngei anu founu activities
which foiceu stuuents to face theie feais maue class a moie business like yet
unueistanuing enviionment foi the leaining piocess to succeeu. Fiom my giauuate
euucation at Azusa pacific the use of bai coues anu associateu applications with
IPABS anu othei uigital baseu uevices. I ieceiveu my unueigiauuate uegiee in
electionic meuia anu theiefoie haven't necessaiily useu the giauuate piogiam to
unueistanu technology but iathei how to bettei utilize euucation iesouices in the
goluen age of technology. In EB0C S12 a gioup piesentation on innovation in
applications helpeu in cieating this unit. In paiticulai the use of uoogle uocuments
to cieate a wiue vaiiety of piesentations anu leaining expeiiences.


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