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Alex Ferrell

11 March 2014
Confidential Cure for Cancer
Recent regards concerning a government controlled substance rumored to cure cancer
have sparked questioning and confusion throughout the United States. Due to the technology
available today, this theory is spreading to parts of Europe and even Russia. With all of the new
discoveries in the science and medical fields across the world, this theory is not entirely
unbelievable. What is the morally correct thing to do in this situation? With the controversy
surrounding the United States government, it is safe to assume theyd prefer to keep it from the
public, and can provide the reasoning behind this method. The cure for cancer should continue to
be withheld from the general public, and all other world powers, for a prevention in an over
population of the world, to aid in the financial gains from pharmaceutical corps, and to avoid
riots and/or uprisings that could take place due to the public gaining this knowledge.
I write this to inform the people of the United States what their rulers are doing. This
knowledge comes from personal experience having worked in the field and a handful of
primary and secondary sources. First off, the theories are true. There is a formula under
extremely high surveillance in a confidential area, which is indeed the formula to cure cancer.
Now, with even more skepticism around the situation, why would a world power like the United
States choose to keep the cure to such a deadly disorder confidential? Officials have announced
numerous reasons to keep this information from the general public. The most popular reason
being the fear of overpopulation. Using a natural disease to keep the death rates steady is a
valuable resource. This way, in addition with war and famine, the world stays at a reasonable
population. Being such a powerful country, the U.S. can sustain average ratios between death
and birth with natural diseases, such as cancer. This sounds horrid, but even President Barrack
Obama states that our people are dying overseas when they could be dying in the comfort of
their homes (Obama 57). He continues by saying that the people of the United States should
be ready for disease, famine, and war because all three tend to occur naturally throughout time.
He also states that the CDC (Center of Disease Control) has been focused on contagious
diseases and the spread of infection and outbreak (Obama 42). If this statement is indeed true,
cancer is excluded from the diseases that the CDC is focusing on. It is without a doubt that
cancer is a main topic in the world today, but the cure is only known by few highly trusted
doctors, politicians, and scientists in America.
Well, does the FDA know? How can all pharmacies be okay with this? The FDA is well
aware, along with numerous pharmaceutical corporations. The answer is money. The question is
morals. A moral is the distinction between right and wrong. Obviously what the FDA lacks in
morals they make up for in savings. When I was working in this department I was shocked to
find out that the cure was going to be withheld from the public and never used as far as I know.
With the cure withheld, the FDA and other pharmaceutical corporations can prosper financially
because they do not have to distribute medicine. This method also provides the U.S. Government
with financial profit because they dont have to pay the FDA or any other pharmaceutical corp.
This reasoning and the scare of overpopulation are two excuses directly liable to the government,
and not necessarily the people because they are not aware of this going on. If the cure ever was
to surface to the general public, it is assumed theyd be pretty upset.
The last major reasoning for withholding the cure for cancer from the general public is
the worry of the people. When an important topic like this is surfaced and the people realize that
their government is corrupt it sparks mobs, riots, and other malicious activity. I do not condone
this behavior, though I believe the people should know what their government is doing. There
were two people who worked on the cure. It was me and my longtime partner, Bobby McGee.
We ran multiple experiments, and the final one, Experiment #42, was when we finally
synthesized a cure and tested it on rats, monkeys, and other animals. The cure works, but even I
dont know where it remains today, nor do I know of anyone who has that information. After I
had worked on it I was aware that it was being contained in Area 51, though Im also aware that
it has been moved countless times. Im positive that the cure has not been used on the general
public, though, for two reasons; this would spark controversy around the world, and the birth and
death rates of cancer victims has stayed along a steady route (Deaths Attributed to Cancer).
Im anxious to see the reaction of the general public once I send this out to be read by millions,
and I hope this makes the government think of their actions and their people.
In conclusion, the government has been withholding information from the public for
centuries, and I do not think it is going to stop with this information leaked to the public. The
people need to be aware and quit accepting lies that their corrupt government consistently feeds
them. Hopefully, a decline in death rates of cancer victims is present once this information is
shown, though the people must fight the government until a cure is indeed admitted. All in all, I
do not regret leaking this information and I hope it is used for the better good of the country, and
the world. If men in black suits come capture me, so be it. I hope Ive helped a few. The
government has been holding a cure for cancer in a disclosed location. Their excuses for keeping
it withheld have been the fear of overpopulation, the fear of losing money, and the fear of the
people. Wake up.

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