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TCHS Lamp Fixtures - save & restore

1 - Lantern in main entrance

2 - Lanterns in lobby
6 - medallion ceiling lights in
4 - large Lenox chandeliers in
7 - small Lenox
chandeliers in audi-
16 - Lenox wall sconces in audi-
2 - chandeliers in original library
Entrance Tile Mosaics - save & restore
The mosaics were designed by Monty Lewis, who was respon-
sible for the murals at the 1939 Worlds Fair. They were con-
structed under the Federal Arts Project and 1 donated by Classs
of 1941. They were completed in the Fall of 1941.
Plaques - save & restore
Dedication of the building - front entry
Dedication of the building -
School Board members, front
In Memory of William Bicket,
superintendent who died just
before school opened. He was
instrumental in building many
of Trentons schools. School
was to be named William
Bicket Memorial High School
- front entry

Plaque for dedication of F
wing (photo missing) found in
F Wing Greenwood Ave en-
1 - chandelier that was located in
the apartment (now stored under
the auditorium)
2 - etched glass
light fixtures found
in the apartment
Historical - to be sold
1? - sconce found in auditorium
(front balcony)
6 - school lights found in the halls
leading to the front of the audito-
1 - lantern in Hamilton Avenue
entrance to library
1 - sink & stand found in the
apartment (of interest of the Tren-
ton Museum Society)
2 - original clock cages found in
1 - clock in audito-
Save for New Building
1 - plaque found on
maintenance locker
- to 1 of donated
1 - ticket window found in main
4 - original direction s on
how maintenance is to oper-
ate the building
Of Historical Interest
1 - diagram of school found
above doors to auditorium