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TJ Chambers

Dr. Eser
EGEE 101 H
January 14, 2014

Initial Essay
Energy is illumination. Energy is power. Energy is conflict. Energy is efficiency. Energy is
everything. From the biological processes that foster life to the technological advancements that stimulate
cultural evolution, energy in all of its forms is the keystone to the world as we know it. The importance
of this subject matter cannot be exaggerated, yet I personally know very little about this life-enabling
concept. Perhaps the fact that I grew up in a modern society with readily available energy sources always
within reach has influenced me to take the idea of energy, the science behind it, and the influential nature
of this commodity for granted.
As an architecture major, I have begun to learn about subjects such as the power grid, zero or plus
energy buildings, solar energy, and embodied energies of certain materials. Because of my responsibility
to society as an architect, I would consider myself to have an ecological viewpoint. My primary concern
is sustainability and minimizing the footprint I leave behind through intelligent and informed design
decisions. Throughout this course, I hope to build upon my knowledge to aid me in making these
essential decisions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different energy sources? How can the
ecological benefits of one overcome the cost-effectiveness of another? How can I incorporate
technologies into my work to produce low impact buildings? In order to design responsibly, I need to
have a general understanding of energy and how it affects us every day, both negatively and positively,
how I can take advantage of its properties, and how we as a society should strive to move forward.