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NAME: Thelma Forcha

DATE: 4/18/2014

The message of this novel The House on The Mango Street by Sandra
Cisneros is that life is an obstacle challenge that never seems easy to any human being
but with this obstacles comes with greater expedient of surviving through ambition,
desire, and determination. And Esperanza shows it throughout her life of adolescence
maturity as she makes friends, endures sexual assault, and began to write poem and
poetry expressing herself and ways of becoming something important in her life. The
author Sandra Cisneros uses juxtaposition, tone, and symbolism to advance her
message about obstacles and challenges that Esperanza experienced over the course
of the novel.
Sandra Cisneros uses juxtaposition a poetic and rhetorical device in which two
or more ideas, places, characters and their actions are placed side by side in a narrative
or a poem for the purpose of developing comparisons and contrasts. She uses this
literary device to talk and describe the house they own on the mango street that their
mama and papa had always talked and dreamt about an all American upper class
house. But it wasnt what the house seems to be when her three siblings and her were
been told. What they saw in the house on the mango street was different ad totally
opposite from what her parent promise them. The text evidence is that, they always
told us that one day we would move into a house a real house that would be ours for
always so we wouldnt have to move each year. This was the house papa talked about
when he held a lottery ticket and this was the house mama dreamed up in the stories
she told us before we went to bed. The message is that Cisneros uses juxtaposition to
show that Esperanza juxtaposes her parents fantasies with what her parents provided
them with. What they provide as a house was too small and had no back yard with
fence around them. But all the thought of getting a house her parent dreamt of
accumulated her desires of wanting something for herself meant beneficial tall through
the novel.
Cisneros uses tone the attitude a writer takes toward the subject of a work, the
characters in it, or the audience, revealed through diction, figurative language, and
organization. The authors tone in this novel was encouraging, and hopeful, because
even thou Esperanza was faced viral injustice such as when she was sexual raped by a
group of boys at the carnival she did not despair herself from anything one or thing
around her. But plan and fantasy about her future house she will own, also most implant
never forgetting her roots. Text evidence is that One day I'll own my own house, but I
won't forget who I am or where I came from. Passing bums will ask, Can I come in? I'll
offer them the attic, ask them to stay, because I know how it is to be without a house.
One day I will pack my bags of books and paper. One day I will say goodbye to Mango.
I am too strong for her to keep me here forever. One day I will go way they will not know
I have gone away to come back. For the ones I left behind. For the ones who cannot
out. The authors tone is used to advance the message that even though she has gone
through mountain, valleys and hills, she will cross that river one day. Because she is
hopeful in what she wants as her writing leads her forward so shall she look back on the
once that are notable to dream big and be a go getter for their self. Esperanza also
show her faith of not giving up across the novel by believing in her writing ability of
poetry and poem. And during her sad and happy days she always had something to
hope for cause that got her through those days and she knew guilt was to the past as
hope was to her future.
Symbolism is the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities by giving them
symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense and it is a literary device
being used by the author to advance the message about obstacle challenges.
Symbolism is being used in this novel as the house, the three sisters, the monkey
garden, the shoes, and her poetry. Out of all those symbolisms, the ones that were
most important throughout the book was the house, shoes, and poetry. The house was
a symbol of her fantasy, shame and independence which all relates to one another in a
sense that she is ashamed of where she lives and feels embarrass showing or telling
any of her friend. But fantasy a house of her which brings her happiness and self-
independent to herself because she has seen what it looks like for a women to live
under a man. The shoes represent an image of femininity, sex, and adult hood in
Esperanza own prospective. Text evidence is that, Them are dangerous, he says. You
girls too young to be wearing shoes like that. Take them shoes off before I call the cops,
but we just run. While poetry was used as a significant way of illustrating the
importance of langue to Esperanza. Which goes back to the writing of her poems she
writes I want to be like the waves on the sea, like the clouds in the world, but Im me.
One day Ill jump out of my skin. Ill shake the sky like a hundred violins. This all show
the message that the house, shoes, and poetry are some of the challenges she face in
life but that did not take her dignity about the perception of sex, wealth, and doing once
love best a way but it made her a better person cause she learned that it takes once to
learn from mistake but amounting to your mistake is never the essence.
In conclusion, language is interesting. People today may not know the
importance of language until they get embarrassed by their mate. It a device that
function everyday through the means of communication. Literary devices is an aspects
of literature that expresses ideas through language, which we recognize, identify,
interpret and analyze. Student uses it in their essay buts asks why. To know the
fundamental of literary device is to be successful in analyzing literature form once
prospective. We use this device because it encourage and challenges our brain to
develop a theory of how and why poem, story and novel are written.