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Optimism Galore

RPs open house leaves students feeling optimistic about shaping their
futures in a Polytechnic
By Marcus Mark Ramos

The infrastructure of this
school is fascinating,
schooling here should be a
Republic Polytechnic held its 11

annual open house from 5
to 9
January, attracting thousands
of keen students to a huge variety of
intriguing booths that showcases the
38 different courses spanned across
6 schools.
Aliff, an enthusiastic 17-year-old
student expressed his fascination of
Republic Polytechnics infrastructure.
He appeared to show the most
interest in the School of Hospitality,
as he passionately talked about his
idealistic future in a hotel.
He was not only impressed by the
diversity of courses but also by RPs
modernistic outlook and its state-of-
the-art facilities.
Despite being the newest
Polytechnic in Singapore, RP did not
seem hold back for one instant.
Having a wide array of exciting
courses to choose from, the school
aimed to attract students to include
RP as one of their options.
Since the start of the open house,
the school has been completely
filled with post O-level students,
partaking in various activities that
the school has to offer.
From racing RC cars and team-
building activities to learning about
aircrafts and disc-jockeying, these
students looked to be having the
time of their lives.
A big takeaway for students like
Akshay is the newly added aircraft
hangar, which houses several aircraft
and an air traffic control simulator. This
outstanding feature allows RPs
engineering students to gain a more
hands-on learning experience, rather
than being cooped up in a class.
I have always had a keen interest for
aerospace engineering. The cool huge
plane that I saw really got me really
excited. Id really love to learn more
about them, said Akshay.
The Open House has surely revved up
these students positivity, giving them a
little taste of a poly students life.
Do what you love, not what
youre forced to do.
These were the wise words of Ayman
Serag from St Patricks secondary
school, who feels that he is confident of
making his own choices after spending
a day at the open house.
This annual norm has allowed students
to set their sights on courses that have
caught their attention and look forward
to an education in a polytechnic in their
very near futures.

Enchanting expressions. Aliff (in blue) and his
classmates listen attentively as they get a mini
run through of the School of Hospitality.

Did you know?
There are 2 exciting new courses available in the Republic

1. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering: This Diploma gives
aspiring engineers an education in areas like digital media and
communications, biomedical electronics and microelectronics.

2. Diploma in Social Enterprise Management: In this Diploma, students
will gain a strong foundation in business fundamentals, innovation and social
entrepreneurship. Promising careers such as Marketing executives and
Social entrepreneurs await successful graduates.