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English for Primary Teachers
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Practical Methodology and Language Practice
British Culture and Language
English for Primary Teachers
Typical Course Content
The course is designed for non-native primary teachers (teaching young learners up
to the age of 13 !ho !ish to gain confidence and fluency in using English in the
primary classroom"
The aim of the course is to#
develop your understanding and $no!ledge of the English language
gain confidence and fluency for spea$ing English in the primary classroom
e%perience different aspects of life and culture in the &nited 'ingdom
e%plore areas of primary ELT methodology
evaluate and e%plore teaching resources for the primary classroom
This course is eligi(le for European Union funding of up to 2500 euros through the
Lifelong Learning Programme"
)ee here for details of ho! to apply for E& funding"

Course Summary
Course code EPT1
Course name English for Primar Teachers
Start date

End date 1!"#$"%#1&
'a(imum Class
'inimum Age %1
Course duration % wee*
+essons ,er wee* -#
Hours ,er wee* %%.!#
/rom +e0el CE/1 21
To +e0el CE/1 2%
Price 3-&#.## ,er wee*
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