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Running Head: PHILOSOPHY STATEMENT Philosophy Statement 1

Philosophy Statement
By Jody Hall
EDUC 201
Foundations of Education
Instructor: Egbert

PHILOSOPHY STATEMENT Philosophy Statement 2
Philosophy Essay
Knowledge is like the sun warming the face of the earth. It has the ability to lighten the
dark recesses of our minds and reveal the truths that are waiting to be found.
The philosophies that best describe my personality are Essentialism and Progressivism.
Essentialism makes sense because I enjoy orderliness, classic literature and striving for the ideal.
But along with all the rigidness, I enjoy having a little fun! My progressive approach to teaching,
enjoys and allows for participating in groups and learning with hands on experiences. Combine
the two philosophies and you get a rigorous but exciting classroom experience. Life in my
classroom should be enriching and enjoyable as much as it should be rigorous and useful.
A well-rounded education is useful and practical for all students. The classroom
curriculum should include: math, natural science, history, foreign language and literature. These
subjects give students a great foundation for further learning experiences. This ideal is parallel to
the essentialism philosophy. However, students should enjoy and find personal enrichment in
learning about these subjects. It is important students know how to apply the knowledge learned
in the classroom to real life experience. This is in line with a progressivism approach. I would
want my students to be able to use the practical knowledge throughout their lives to be educated,
fulfilled people.
A teachers role in the classroom is to make available the knowledge and tools students
need to succeed, not only in a future career, but in their future lives. A teacher has many roles:
educator, cheerleader, advisor and mentor. Each role is important in influencing the way students
respond to and learn from instruction. This philosophy leans more toward the progressive
approach to teaching.
PHILOSOPHY STATEMENT Philosophy Statement 3

The students role is to participate and be receptive to the curriculum taught in the
classroom. It is the decision of the student to put forth effort to succeed in their studies. The
teacher can teach, but the student must also work to make their education successful. This
philosophy leans more towards the essentialism teaching philosophy.
I learn best by studying and then participating with peers or with hands on experiments.
This is why I enjoyed science so much when I was younger. I enjoy learning when it is
applicable to my life and when I can actually experience what Im learning about. Participating
in group activities gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with others and I
enjoy learning from group members thoughts and experiences.
The essentialism and progressivism philosophy combination can be very effective in a
classroom in creating a rigorous but fun learning environment. Much like my life, I strive for and
hold myself to strict values and principles, but once in a while, I enjoy kicking my heels up!