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Cardiology Camp at Mayiladuthurai

Roatry Club of Mayiladuthurai Midtown and G.S.Pillai family jointly conducted a Cardiology
Camp on 12
and 13
April at Mayiladuthurai. it was very useful to the 270 beneficiaries
who have attended the Medical Camp. This is a rare opportunity for them to get medical
advice of Specialists from Billroth Hospital at their doorsteps without any strain on their
The Chief Doctors Dr.S.Shanmugasundaram and Dr.U.Ilayaraja gave their expert opinion and
medical advice to the patients who attended the camp. Three doctors participated in the
camp and helped the beneficiaries in their preliminary examination on both two days.
The medical staff of Billroth Hospital, Aminjaikarai branch are engaged in ECG and ECHO
section and rendered excellent service throughout the camp which went on for two days.
Mr.Jayakumar,who was in Marketing assisted and guided the volunteers in conducting the
camp in a proper manner. He has given useful tips s to screen and filter the registrants so
that the service was rendered only to those who really benefit from the camp. The doctors
have also given some advice to the club in following up the referred cases.
The volunteers from the club and Karkarthar Association helped in providing food for the
doctors and staff and in regulating the crowd.
The people of Mayiladuthurai Town and villages around were very happy that M/s. Billroth
Hospitals had come forward to conduct this camp at Mayiladuthurai.
Even food was arranged for the patients who waited for examination in late evening.
Medicines were also given for the patients who needed them.