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Thursday, April 10
There has never been a good time to be a feminist.
What a total bullshit statement.
Its always a good time to be a feminist, unless you are a black woman in the 1910s, in which
case, Im had. You must have it pretty bad. I am sorry for your unlucky existence.
Feminism is by itself a strange, obdurate cause held by people who seem to find themselves in the
minority. The minority of people represent all women and gay men
. Women and gay men make up? A
majority. So feminism as a thought represents the minority of people
, who make up the majority of
From a disillusioned standpoint, being a feminist is always good because when someone says
they are a feminist automatically that comes from their version of an enlightened standpoint.
Lets give this some historical perspective before any decisions are made. Feminist movements
in America started from the second the Constitution and our Founding Fathers decided women couldnt
vote, because they didnt matter. Women protested even back then, and were taken about as seriously
as Spongebob in the context of real social commentary.
Historically, after abolition, suffrage was the next most important social issue to people in the
1800s. This is a consistently glossed over fact, because it doesnt fit in the narrative we like to believe. So
like most things, lets conceal this fact because no one likes to hear it.

A tragedy that we have a word for gay women, yet gay men are left to toil without a nickname.
This is considering in America only. I am using the assumption that 95% of people are ignorant to feminist
movements in Morroco. Maybe its a safe assumption, maybe its- ya know what? Its a safe assumption.
Jackson Kelly 2

Enter the 1910s to the 1920s, when the modern
feminist movement started. Women fought
for the right to vote and after much pressure and reluctance, Woodrow Wilson and Congress decided to
give women the right to vote. This is still the biggest success in the feminist movement, as it should be.
In the 1960s is when feminism started up again, and has slowly built up to today. Women demanded
more rights, more pay, more freedom than they had ever had before. Grand. Newspapers were
exploding with stories about the rise of feminism, how women were gaining power in the modern
world, and how the world was changing for good. Was this the most important time? No, but it was the
most media covered. Therefore, this time is the most popular to people who live in the past, like the
black woman from the joke above.
Hey youre back. Werent those last 4 paragraphs shit? I hated them.
There was recently a poll by a source
that found only about 20% of people identify as feminist,
but over 80% believe in equality for men and women. How strange that a theory that is supposed to be
about equality is thoroughly dejected by people who claim they believe in equality.
Which begs the question where did this phenomena come from, how did feminism become antithetical
to equality?

The answer to this, let me drag this out and answer the question in a few different angles.
The obvious answer is extremists, which is too simple and if this is the choice you thought you
should rethink some of your priorities, but lets indulge them anyway, because feminist extremists are
unlike any other. Absolutely hilarious.

Yes I put modern in quotes. Yes its ironic.
You arent going to look up the poll or the source, so I am not going to state either of them.
Let me put this question in perspective with regards to public interest. On the list of the top 1000 questions that
interest the public, this one ranks about 876
. Right before What is the difference between ricotta and cottage
cheese? and right after What is she going to do with all of that junk, all of that junk, inside her trunk?
Jackson Kelly 3

There exists this place called tumblr, where the residue from Susan B. Anthony now resides in
most repugnant fashion, where the vile that spreads slander and filth across the internet go to feel
serenity in their life, and the world slowly grows darker and darker because of these peoples mere
continued animation.
Askaradfem is a tremendous website if you are a masochist. The site even refers to itself as
radical, and yet intends to be taken seriously on a moral basis
The grandest point that has ever been made, is that all penis-in-vagina sex is rape, because the
Patriarchy uses it as such.
Truly a modern marvel of thought in the 21
century, and an amazing piece of rhetoric as a
And the idea is this becomes the reason feminism is not taken seriously. Which is ludicrous.
Democrats are taken seriously, even though there are extreme Democrats. Hippies have been taken as a
serious culture, even though many were ill-advised and irrational. People, as dumb as some may be, can
decipher between the consensus and the absurd.
Modern day feminism has taken form in its own pervasive subculture. The subculture has slowly
formed its own mechanism and opinions and statistics based off of the subculture itself. Some type of
This is summed up best from Beyonce. Yes, the Destinys Child singer whose biggest hit in 2001
and still one of her biggest to date is a song called Bootylicious in which she truly stated the pertinent
facts about feminism. As it turns out, we were not ready for that jelly

I will also not link this to you, but this is out of laziness. Do your own research.
Are you ready for this jelly ranked at a mere 954 on the list in the joke above. Quite the travesty, and openly
shows the disconnect we have from reality and pop culture. Surely, we should care more about the jelly.
Jackson Kelly 4

She wrote a very short essay for the Shriver Report. In the essay, she sites sources that- oh shit,
she doesnt site sources. At all. If she doesnt, I dont.
Her unsourced fake facts state that women make 77% of what men make. This is thoroughly incorrect.
This fact does not factor in education level, job, job quality for health, time off, and maternity leave.
When those are factored in, the number is about 98%. Which really puts a damper on the whole woe is
woman narrative.
Furthermore she says over half of the world is made of women, which is logically not true,
especially factoring in China. There is also a nonsensical statistic I believe made up from my preschool
about more money being made in the world the more women are paid. Brilliant.
Yet is it not interesting what Beyonce preaches, and yet how Beyonce acts. She is aware the
most diehard section of her fanbase are women, so of course this essay is brilliant. But contrary to her
awful essay, she is not a dumb person. She is after all, a woman with a net worth of 350 million dollars
who is preaching about income inequality. She knows her rhetoric. Yet she is also aware most of the
consumers who feasibly consume her product are male. Since mostly men consume pop music
. How
on Earth would one get around this quarry. She has to be a feminist, but to make money, she has to
appeal to a broad male audience. The answer? FUCK IT. And that is what she did on her new album,
I wanna play in your deep baby, your deep baby, baby deep. Then dip me under where you can
feel my river flow and flow. Hold me til I scream for air to breathe. And wash me over until my well runs
dry. Send all your sins all over me babe, over me.
No, that is not some strange fan fiction I wrote in the seventh grade. Those are the lyrics, taken
into context, in a Beyonce song called Rocket off her new album. Much of the album is about her quite
literally fucking. Fucking a man, a mop, a microphone, a Muppet. I do not care. She did what she wanted

Look it up.
Jackson Kelly 5

to sell money. The problem is not about her doing this for money. Someone can be a feminist and
attempt to sell sex as their product, from any medium.
The problem lies in her justification. The idea is basically some type of empowerment, or third
wave feminism, which is code for We just want to talk about sex but we said you couldnt. This is our
cover up. If she talks about sex because she wants to than it is different than if she talks about sex
because she thinks men want her to.
Imagine a slave in 1845. He loves picking cotton, but he hates slavery, and he hates being
. He decides he shall pick as much cotton as he can. You ask him why he picks so much cotton,
and he responds the only reason is that he likes to. Do you think the slavery factored in? It probably
factored in, regardless of what he said.
However, this is only thought of within the subculture itself, and these points do not reach a
mainstream audience.
There are more reasons from made up facts, to inconsistencies, to other absurd notions.
The best example is the Princeton Mom, Susan Patton. Her book is Marry Smart, Advice for
Finding THE ONE is about how women in college, or younger women should find at their age while they
are at their peak of attractiveness.
Men, women, birds, Otherkins
alike all screamed how she was against feminism and against
women being equal.
Sure she seems like an awful person, a vile human and a dreadful writer, but her point is
interesting. Not due to the point being astute, but the way her point was reacted to.
It is common courtesy, fact, knowledge women like to be young. Older women for the longest
time did not say their age. They liked to be called young by the standards they set for themselves. Also,

Sounds like a reasonable fellow.
Which is now considered a gender.
Jackson Kelly 6

the older people get the uglier they appear to the masses. However when this is pointed, the person is
against feminism.
This is why modern feminism falls short, because even the dumbest person, making the
blandest of points can be considered anti-anything. Her point is to tell young women how good looking
they are, and to get a man while they are at peak attractiveness. Could it be worded better? Absolutely,
this woman is not intelligent apparently. Is it any different than saying to men Get a good girl before
you get fat and lazy? No. But that would be equal, and feminism is not equality.
However even after all this, if you arent a feminist, you are an asshole. Yeah, feminism has
slowly become an incredibly awful thought process and culture. But women in America and other places
face real problems, from sexism to murder.

Sometimes to get your point across, you have to fabricate slightly, even if you mean no
harm.Sometimes people like it, sometimes they dont. The Princeton Mom found it out, Beyonce found
it out.
Hell I made the first quote up, and you probably liked it. Thats how these things work. Feminism
may not mean equality anymore, but it once did. Support that.
Or dont. You probably skipped half of this anyway. Cunt.

Fucking murder. Look at India. They murder little girls. They murder little girls. They murder little girls. And you
masturbated 3 times yesterday and called it a good day.