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Live-Able-Cities-Benefits of Urban Environmental Planning

Live-Able-Cities-Benefits of Urban Environmental Planning

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Published by: Daisy on Nov 08, 2009
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Taiyuan is a heavily polluted industrial city in the coal belt of
northern China. With mountains on three sides, Taiyuan traps
air pollutants, and particulate matter (PM) and sulphur diox-
ide (SO2) represent a serious public health threat. In 2000,
SO2concentrations averaged more than three times China’s
Class II annual standard.
The Taiyuan city government began experimenting with
emissions permits in the 1980s, including a 1985 local regu-
lation. The city conducted experiments with emissions offsets
and administratively-determined trading in the mid 1990s.
In 1998, the Taiyuan city government issued “management
rules” for Total Emissions Control (TEC), including a provision
for “permit exchange,” a form of emissions permit trading.
The Taiyuan Environmental Protection Bureau has issued
about three dozen updated permits with TEC-based limits to
large enterprises.

Source: OECD Global Forum on Sustainable Development, Emissions
Trading: Concerted Action on Tradeable Emissions Permits, OECD 2003

Street scene with children in Yangzhou, China.

Courtesy of GTZ, China

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environmental damage, and environmental per-

formance bonds.

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